Day Zero (2021) Movie Script

We hijacked more and more
water trucks.
That was the only thing
that got them to notice us.
What would you do
if you knew what I know?
When I started working for Helen
I was 28 years old.
I'm now 54 years old.
I'm doing everything at her house.
Wash, clean, iron, everything.
I cook, I do everything.
But with all those things,
I need to save water.
Because one day we are going to wake up
and we don't have water.
And then what's gonna happen
without water?
Would you like some water to drink?
I always give some people,
you know, I always give water.
There is a problem with water
in Capricorn.
We get water in the morning
at six o' clock.
Around ten or eleven,
there is no more water.
In my house
I tell them all every day.
We need to save water,
we can't just do
whatever we do with water.
We need to save water.
We wake up at five o' clock
in the morning to fetch water,
it only lasts for one hour.
Some of us working night shifts,
when we come back, there's no water.
We must wait until tomorrow.
And this water in the taps,
you can't drink it, it smells.
It's horrible.
Sometimes it's green.
But we must drink it,
there's no choice.
Sometimes there's no water to cook.
To cook porridge here,
there's no water.
Even to buy water it's expensive.
To buy water is very expensive.
I buy it for my son, it's safer
for him to drink that water.
This water that's coming out
of the tap, I don't trust it.
Capricorn just gets worse
every single day.
We are suffering in this town.
Over here, the tractor,
we found the tractor.
We managed to track down the tractor
inside the nature reserve.
You can rest assured that
you are breathing the purest air on Earth,
here in the Amazon, because
the plants take care of this as well.
The benefit of how plants work
is through another ingenious cycle...
As in the upper airways of the lung,
the air in the Amazon is free
of excess dust.
Look at the wood there.
Sometimes more than one company
uses the same sawmill
so they can obscure their activity
and avoid inspections.
Good morning. Everything OK?
Who is in charge here?
-Do you work here?
-I do.
Is the owner here?
He isn't here today, no.
Who is the timber merchant here?
The company is working here
day and night?
The office is over there, right?
Is the paperwork in there?
I don't know.
The office is over there.
Does the wood arrive in
the morning or afternoon?
I don't know.
I'm going to photograph the site
a little.
-Wellington dos Santos Oliviera.