Dayavan (1988) Movie Script

Thousands of people | are born every day...
...and thousands die too.
Some of them | create history...
...while some die | without any recognition.
At times, there are people...
...who make themselves immortal | not in history...
...but in the hearts | of people.
There was one such man. | His name was... Dayavan.
Why are you hitting him?
Sir, this boy is the son of the | murderer who is absconding.
He knows his father's whereabouts | but he refuses to disclose it.
Aren't you ashamed of beating | such a small kid?
Do not be scared, son. I won't | let your father be harmed.
Tell him to go and inform his | father that he will be spared.
Sir, the real murderer is the | village head, an influential man.
We cannot take any action against | him. And if we don't even...
...nail this boy's father, | how'll we answer our superiors?
We need not | lose sleep over it.
- Father. | - Son.
See how easily we nailed him~ Our | superiors won't question us now.
We'll report that he was | killed in a police encounter.
The son has himself closed the | chapter of his father's life.
Hey, look~ Our breakfast | has been taken care of.
Let's snatch it | from him~
Boss. See what's dangling | on his neck?
It appears to be | made of pure gold
You swine. So many of you're | hitting out at one chap?
Beware. Here I come.
Leave him, you jerk. | Get lost
How dare you | victimise a lone boy?
Show me your | guts, if you can
The creeps are running | for their lives now
Did they rob you | of your food?
I'm Shankar Waghmare. | What's your name?
I don't understand Hindi.
You don't understand Hindi? | So you're a South Indian
I can understand your | Madrasi language a little bit
Tell me your name
Yes, I understand a bit of your | mother tongue. What's your name?
So your name is Shakti.
How strange of you~ They ask for | it, and you give it to them.
You are like a Dayavan, | like a generous man.
Why were you quarelling then?
For this? Is it | made of gold?
It's made of brass. It's more | precious than one made of gold~
How can brass be more expensive | than gold? Are you new in Bombay?
You did not fail | in your exams.
Then did you have a | showdown with your parents?
You don't have a mother, a father, | or a house? That's interesting.
You're a street dweller too, | just like me.
Why have you come | to this metropolis?
You killed a policeman~
In that case, you are | much smarter than I am.
Please come, father.
Yes, daughter.
- Greetings. | - Greetings.
This is Shakti. | He is an orphan...
and a homeless like me.
The police killed his father | in a false encounter.
And he killed the policeman | in retaliation.
Even his food has been | snatched away by ruffians.
Come and sit here, son.
Eat whatever there is.
Won't you offer me | something to eat?
As it is, you always | feel free.
Give him some foodstuff.
Please take it, brother.
Why do you feel shy? | Feel free to eat what you like.
You're gobbling food like mad. | Why don't you feed him too?
- Am I meant to do every thing? | - I'll feed him myself.
Eat, brother. Please eat.
Eat it, son. | Go ahead.
Brothers. | Oome over here.
He's wants to know...
You visit the mosque daily, | read prayers 5 times a day..
.. you are so religious-minded. | And yet indulge in such activity.
Is it advisable? | He wants to know~
If your work leads to some good | for the people around you...
...I don't consider such an | activity as undesirable.
Do you understand?
What delayed you | for so long?
- Where's Shankar? | - How careless he is.
He hasn't turned up, | on this auspicious occasion too.
You know that he's happy-go-lucky. | He will come by evening.
Keep this.
Your brother is | very poor.
The Almighty will | give you lot of wealth.
I know, he'll give me.
The Almighty pays heed | to your prayers.
One day, I will give you | not 5 rupees, but 50.000.
I'll have you married | with great fanfare.
He has been sent | his weekly bribe.
What brings him here now?
He must have come looking for Tara. | The swine been eyeing her...
for quite some time now.
Come and buy my | cheap stuff.
Why are you selling | this petty stuff?
Which stuff?
You act so innocent, | you bitch.
How long can you manage | without a husband?
How many times have I told you | to come to me in the nights?
Don't you know that I can take | you away forcibly, if I so desire?
A young, ravishing widow | like you...
Sir, I believe your mother too | had been widowed in her youth.
Shut up, you swine.
I'll pluck off | your tongue.
I'll have your | business terminated.
Do you own this place?
What are you staring at?
Destroy their shops | and hutments.
Tear down this settlement at once. | Oome over, quick.
Crush down each of them.
You bastard. You swine.
You evil man. | You trouble us poor people.
May you go to hell.
These swine are proving to | be too tough.
Hit out at them | with the water-pipes.
You rush off | from here.
Speak out clearly. | Don't speak within.
Don't speak all | to yourself, you dog.
You won't speak up, | you swine.
Throw him out.
Swine. Get up.
Now you will speak out, | instead of speaking within.
Speak out with your mouth. | The bastard speaks with his eyes.
You are furious at me, | aren't you?
Aren't you furious?
Would you like to hit me?
Would you? | Hit me. Come on.
Why don't you | hit me, you bastard.
The day I hit you...'ll be dead and gone.
You'll hit me, and | I'll be dead.
He has been battered so severely, | yet his haughtiness is intact.
Even after so much of thrashing, | you refuse to mend your ways.
Let's go. | Get out of my way.
They have injured you | so badly.
Allah is watching every thing.
Have patience.
The Almighty doesn't | pardon evil people.
He punishes evil people | for every drop of blood.
Blood is oozing.
Do you know the | joy of blood?
It tastes like salt.
Shakti is losing blood.
Is this wound the curse | of our poverty or a reward?
Tell me. Please tell me.
See what I have | fetched for you?
I don't want any bangles? | - Why are you so annoyed?
You were missing for 8 days. You | didn't even come on the rakhi day.
I had landed into trouble | with the cops on that day.
What was your offence?
My life itself is | an offence, you know.
Scarcity of cash forced me | to go to gamble with cards.
The club owner hadn't paid | the cops the usual bribe.
So the cops put everyone | behind bars for a week.
It has become | a routine with me.
By the way, how's Shakti?
Shakti faced a rough time | on the rakhi day.
You too weren't present. | Shakti was left all by himself.
Nobody came to his rescue.
- That Inspector Ratan Singh... | - What did that inspector do?
What's happened? | The inspector hit you?
It's my bad luck | that hit me~
It's not a matter of good | or bad luck. That inspector...
I'm not bothered.
Getting bashed up | improves the built.
See this. You see?
Really. You really | have an iron physique~
Tell me. How much | did you make through gambling?
The money rolled out, | as fast as it rolled in.
I am bankrupt once again.
Don't act funny~ You didn't | even inform me when you went.
I was concerned about you.
The next time I go, | I'll inform you in advance.
Where are you going? | - I am going to the seas.
I've fetched medicine for you. | And you're going to the seas.
You are suffering from fever. | I won't let you go.
- You don't understand... | - You should rest and recuperate.
Why don't you understand? | I've to go at any cost.
You go home. I'll take the | medicine in the evening.
- What's the matter? | - Father is not listening to me.
- What happened? | - He's suffering from high fever...
...and he insists on | going to the seas.
Where are you going?
Gosh, no. You won't go | to the seas.
I've to go. I've | given my word.
Doraswamy will arrange for someone | else. You should not go.
I'm not referring to Doraswamy.
I've given my word to somebody else. | - Who is it?
I've given my word to Gopal. | The poor chap...
...doesn't have money even | for his mother's cremation.
If I don't fulfill my promise | to him, how can I face God?
If this is the case, | I'll go as your replacement.
I was trying to prevent him, | and now you want to go.
She's right. I don't want you | to enter this risky profession.
Whether it's your life at risk, | or mine. It's the same thing.
I'll clear Doraswamy's consignment. | - This work is not meant for you.
You are a decent chap. | Why do you enter this line?
Didn't you tell me once that | there's no harm... doing something if | it helps the people around you?
- Didn't you tell me this? | - Yes.
Let me do it then.
Doraswamy must be making lakhs of | rupees in this smuggling racket...
...whereas we are left | with peanuts.
- I have an idea. | - What is it?
How about swindling him | of some of his goods? What say?
No. We cannot do that. We are | working as Baba's replacements.
Baba does his work with honesty, | so what if it's for the cheats?
I agree he's honest. But what does | his honesty fetch him?
200 rupees. How much did I say? | just 200 rupees.
Give it a thought.
Take it. Take the 200 and | give us our goods.
- Not 200. Give us 2000. | - 2000?
What man. Didn't you | hear what he said?
Give us 2000.
But Doraswamy has always been | paying 200 rupees for the job.
Doraswamy has always been | exploiting Baba.
But you cannot continue | with your exploitation any longer.
Is it? So you are | acting smart. Are you?
You swine.
His henchmen demanded 2000 rupees, | and you gave it to them.
The old man used his men as a | front to demand more.
I'll teach him a lesson | he'll always remember.
Go and summon | Inspector Ratan Singh.
Please be seated.
It was your first time | at the seas.
Did you face any problems? | - No.
We had no problem. | Everything was fine.
Here's the payment.
- So much money? | - We've taken 2000.
2000? But I receive only | 200 towards my labour charges.
- This amount is too much. | - It's not much at all.
You are a simple man. | They were exploiting you.
2000 itself is too less an amount | for putting one's life at risk.
No. The value of one's word is | much more than what life is worth.
I'll only accept my 200.
What about the rest? | - You've earned it. Keep it.
- How can... | - Take it, friend~
If he asks you, you should take it. | Why do you have to insist?
If he had asked me to take it... | I would've taken it in a jiffy.
- You share it between yourselves. | - You see?
It's time for me | to offer my prayers.
All glories to Baba. | Let's go.
It's time to rejoice. | Let's go and gamble.
Yesterday my friend earned a lot | in the gamble. Today he'll lose.
You'll play and | I'll watch like a dumb fool.
Your bliss will | be punishment for me.
You are a dry and dumb | nincompoop.
Neither do you booze, | nor do you gamble.
What should I do with you? | Never mind...
Today, let me take | you to a place where...
...both of us can | enjoy as much.
- Let's go. | - Go where?
Let's get going. | I'll tell you.
- No. I won't go there. | - Why not? Don't you refuse.
What a style~ You've placed | yourself quite strategically.
Come over to me. I'll change | your entire strategy.
My beloved one.
Who is this new bird?
He's my friend. | Why do you ask?
You're a lucky chap.
Go and enjoy yourself.
Don't waste time. Enjoy yourself. | I'll be in the adjoining room.
In the adjoining room?
Should I remain in the same room? | What a strange fellow you're.
Go ahead.
I want to make | you a request.
What is it?
I would be highly obliged if you | leave me by 1 o'clock.
Why should I?
Do you want to | earn more money?
No. I have to appear | for my exams tomorrow.
If I can find some time, | I would be able to study.
Do you study?
Come out.
In which standard | do you study?
Is that before matriculation, | or after matriculation?
After matriculation~
- Studies must be pretty tough. | - Yes.
All right~ | I'll leave now.
If you leave, the madam | will send in another man.
Who knows what kind of | man he might be?
You are and understanding man. | Please do not leave.
After 1 o'clock, I'll prepare | for my exams here itself.
Where are your text books?
Don't worry.
I'll stay here. You carry on | with your studies.
I'm leaving.
You're a wierd romantic. | Don't bother me at this hour.
You proceed. | I'll come shortly.
The police was here last night. | They picked up Karim Baba.
He hasn't returned yet. | - Why did the police pick him up?
I am not sure.
- Where is Shama? | - She's at the police station too.
Where's Baba?
- They've murdered my father. | - Murdered him?
They've murdered my father.
They say that | he committed suicide.
Baba can never | commit suicide.
Inspector Ratan Singh | has murdered Baba.
My beloved one.
Kids should not frequent | such places.
All right.
Since you've already come, | you may drink this.
Take it.
It's foreign liquor. Your father | too mustn't have tasted it ever.
Take it.
You swine.
You brute.
Help. Save me.
Help me.
Help me.
Have mercy on me. Please.
Have mercy on me.
Don't speak within. | Speak clearly, you swine.
- A data about the killer. | - Not yet, sir.
- Suspicion on anybody? | - No. We're investigating.
Remove it.
- Who is the witness? | - Nobody.
Nobody speaks a word. | Whenever we ask anybody...
he says, he didn't see a thing | Nobody speaks a word.
You must have dealt with | them with compassion.
Now I'll ask them in | my own style.
Tell me. Who killed | the inspector?
Tell me. Why don't | you tell me?
I don't know.
The murder took place | in everybody's presence...
...and yet nobody | saw a thing?
Everybody. Listen to me.
This child will continue to be | thrashed till... of you comes forth and | confesses to witnessing the crime.
Speak up.
Speak up, | or I'll skin you alive.
I'll tell you, sir.
So you'll tell me. | You have seen everything?
I've witnessed everything, sir~ | - Who has murdered him?
Whoever it is, he is | a gutsy young fellow.
Every one of us is proud of him. | That one of us is brave enough... kill a swine | like Ratan Singh.
- What's his name? | - Why should I reveal it?
Why should I tell | you his name?
So that you are | honoured with a medal?
So that the government awards you | and the police is felicitated.
Lay off, sir. Is this the police? | Somebody like Ratan Singh?
A police which takes our lives, | instead of protecting it.
A police which robs the poor of | his rights instead.
A police which crushes us, and | dances to the tunes of the rich?
Stop your nonsense, and | tell us his name.
He doesn't have a name, sir. | Go ahead and arrest him.
I'm asking it for the last time. | Who killed him?
I killed him, sir. | - You killed him?
He has been killed by this child, | who was being thrashed by you.
He has been killed by this woman, | who was picked up by Ratan Singh.
He has been killed by him, who was | robbed of his daily bread.
He has been killed by him, | who was made homeless by him.
He has been killed by her, | who was raped by him.
We all have killed him, sir. | Arrest us all.
Hang us all till death.
You people think that by shouting, | you can conceal the truth.
How long will you | protect the killer?
A police officer has | been killed, after all.
The department will leave | no stone unturned.
Ratan Singh's killer cannot | escape our clutches.
Conduct your enquiry | very rigidly.
If you suspect anybody, | detain him immediately.
I want a report about this | case by tomorrow morning.
Let's go.
No, sir. | You need not pay.
- This is meant for the tea. | - You had tea here.
It is indeed a great | honour for us.
Didn't you understand yet? | You'll get to know soon.
Such a phenomenon | is here to stay. Let's go.
Greetings. | my father is dead.
Don't say as such, dear.
He has lost his mental | balance right from childhood.
You are his mother? | - Yes.
He wants to discuss | something with you.
I wish to give you | some money.
We don't want any money. | - I'm not obliging you.
Please convey it to her.
He had borrowed some money | from your husband.
He has come to repay | the amount.
- We don't want it. | - My father is dead.
This child needs it.
I know what a child | feels like...
...when he loses his | father in his childhood.
This child should not | experience that kind of pain.
I'll give money for | sustenance every month.
I'll repay my debts.
Please listen to what I say. | Please accept it.
My father is dead.
You have a generous | heart, Shakti.
Why are you demolishing the | homes of us poor people?
You've done | a wonderful job.
I'd promised you. | And I've done accordingly.
Do you intend to demolish the | hutments and erect factories here?
Not me. This wealthy man | will be setting up factories.
Don't worry. I'll give you all | alternate hutments elsewhere.
You behave as if | you're a generous man.
Are you a descendant | of King Harishchandra?
Try to see reason, do you hear? | He has bought over this land.
Here are the legal documents. | - See for yourself.
The documents are valid.
You take rent from us. | Yet you sold it to him.
Without bothering about us? | And how could you buy it?
Keep your mouth shut.
If you try to | deprieve us of shelter...
...I'll ensure that | you do not have a shelter.
Don't you act | smart with me~
You need not argue with them. | Isn't your task accomplished?
- Yes. | - Let's go then.
We've managed to demolish the huts. | The word "factory" was just an excuse.
Now we'll be able to construct | residential flats worth millions.
But naturally.
Shakti Dayavan states that you | cannot construct anything here.
- Everything will be destroyed. | - What did you say?
Haven't you understood yet?
Let me explain it | to you then.
Hey. You're destroying | the chandelier.
You'd better | summon the police.
Gosh. You've destroyed | the telephone now.
You've destroyed | the table now.
I'm a ruined man.
All my belongings | have been thrown away.
I'm ruined. | I'm finished.
Please forgive me. | I was mistaken.
Till now, we have only | thrown away your belongings.
Now I'll personally | throw you down.
Please forgive me. | I beg of you.
Please don't | throw me down.
We're five floors | above the ground.
Please forgive me. | I am mistaken.
Dayavan demands the documents | of the purchase deal.
Documents? | Yes. Here they are.
Why do you behave as if the | documents are your birth charts?
- Destroy those documents. | - Destroy them? All right.
I've destroyed the documents. | Please forgive me now.
All glories to Dayavan.
Have you cleared | your exams?
Won't you tell me?
- I'm going. | - No. You're misunderstanding me.
Actually, I fear that if I talk | with you, I may break into tears.
Why? | Don't you like me?
No. That's not the case.
When I saw you the other day, | I felt for the first time...
...that there is a man | who treats women with respect.
Will you marry me?
Don't cry.
Inform the priest.
Congratulations to you.
You'd better | take a bath.
Darling. Tell me...
Do you desire | a boy or a girl?
Hey. What's this?
My blood?
Your blood?
Our blood.
You're so excited.
- What is it? | - Hush. Don't tell him.
Go to sleep, baby. | Go to sleep, baby.
Our child will not be | born in this small room.
I'll give him | a big house to live in.
I know you will. | You're a big-hearted man.
- Who are you? | - I've come to meet Dayavan.
Why do you want to meet him? | - Are you his son?
Yes, I'm his son.
- And I'm his daughter. | - Is it?
What's your name?
- My name is Surya. | - And I'm Sarita.
May God bless you.
When your father had come to | Bombay years ago...
...he looked | very much like you.
- Father looked like me. | - Yes.
Please wait. I'll inform | father about your arrival.
- There's somebody to meet you. | - Is it?
Hey. Who's loving my wife?
- Your daughter. | - My daughter? I don't mind then.
Kiss her on | my behalf too.
Hey. I didn't ask you.
- What's the matter? | - The police have...
...tortured my son brutally. | They have locked him behind bars.
Please rescue him for me.
What offence did | your son commit?
He didn't do a thing.
You say he did nothing, | and yet the police nabbed him?
Tell me the truth. | What's his offence?
It doesn't matter.
Which police station? | At the Sitapur Police Station.
Who's the inspector-in-charge? | - It's Inspector Mathur.
- Inform Shankar about it. | - All right.
- But... | - Your son will be released.
I'm highly obliged.
- My work has been accomplished. | - No, please~ Don't bow down.
- Why are you crying? | - I stole some money.
My father slapped me.
It's good that he slapped you. | Sarita, give him some money.
All right. Remember not | to steal money in future.
- How did you get hurt? | - I slipped, and fell down.
Send him to the hospital.
If the doctor demands money, | refer him my name.
He won't ask | for any money then.
Do you have any problem? | What about you?
- No. | - Why've you come then?
Don't you come here | without some purpose.
Don't you see how | busy I am?
If you come meaninglessly | any time in future...
...I'll ask Shankar | to bash you up.
- Your sister is fine, I suppose. | - Yes.
- And what about your brother? | - He is fine too.
- Why didn't you attend school? | - Because my teacher scolded me.
- Why did she scold you? | - I hadn't finished my home work.
Tell Shankar to give | big slaps to the teacher.
- All right. | - What do you want?
- What do you want? | - I want to bash you up.
Let me get hold of you | once, and I'll bash you..
Why don't you take | some refreshments?
- Dayavan hasn't arrived yet? | - He should be coming any moment.
There he comes.
You've begun to wield influence | on these big shots, it seems.
They smuggle every item | you can think of.
Police from around the world are | baffled about their modus operandi.
I know about it.
Mr. Choksi and three others | are members of a group of four.
And all four of them | are masters of the game.
Welcome. | Please come.
All glories | to Lord Krishna.
How are you?
- I'm very fine. | - That's wonderful.
You speak my mother-tongue. | I had been expecting you.
Friends~ Let me introduce | to you my friend, Dayavan.
He is the kingpin of Mahim and | Dharavi. And this gentleman...
I know about him. | I know about everybody.
I know that he is the kingpin | of Kalbadevi, Byculla and Dongri.
He operates a large shipping | company, a cement factory...
...and a hotel in Dubai.
You're quite well-informed.
You're smarter than | the income tax authorities.
- He's Mr. Koli. | - Greetings.
He's the kingpin of | Versova and Madh Island.
He puts his net in the seas, | and recovers gold fishes.
- Am I right? | - You're bang on target.
Please be seated.
This is Anna, and | his two younger brothers.
I know that all you brothers | control the harbour.
You're the dock kings.
Without your permission...
No consignment can be shifted | to and fro from the docks.
- Am I right? | - Absolutely.
You know a lot about us.
Not much. just a little bit.
Please be seated.
Why don't you discuss it | with Dayavan?
Goods worth 30 lakhs belonging | to Lala, Koli and Anna...
...has been blocked | at the docks.
The goods have been all along been | cleared by Anna and his brothers.
But now they're | refusing to do it.
I know the reason.
He doesn't have | his share of 10 lakhs...
That's the reason why | he's not releasing the goods.
It's not a question | of 10 lakhs.
- It's a risky proposition. | - And you know quite well...
...that the police at the | customs are hot on the trails.
The goods cannot be released | from the docks for 2 to 4 months.
It's impossible. | It's totally impossible.
It's possible. | It's very much possible.
It's not child's play. | It's a gigantic task.
How can you attempt something which | even we cannot execute?
What's so big about releasing | goods from the docks?
Dayavan can even make a ship come | onto a dry land. Understand?
We've tolerated it long enough~ | - Did you call us to be insulted?
No. Not to insult you. | But to arrive at a settlement.
Yes. And you should | solve our dispute.
I will solve it | in one attempt.
I'll go and return | with the goods.
That's great.
It's settled then. You'll complete | this task. It's my decision.
But there's a condition.
I'll release your goods | from the docks...
Thereafter, the docks | I'll be under my...
domain, and not under Anna's.
For all times.
- Do you agree? | - We agree.
What's this that | you're doing?
Do accordingly.
Tie the salt bags and the tube | together with the goods.
Tie the salt bags with | the goods?
Hey. Since when've we | started trading in salt?
You don't seem to understand.
When the custom officers approach | us in their boats for inspection..
we'll quickly dump the goods | with the salt bags..
and the tubes | into the ocean.
Dump the goods into the ocean? | Won't we lose the goods then?
You don't understand?
What would happen if the salt | bags are immersed in the water?
- The salt will be dissolved. | - Yes.
And what would happen if | the salt gets dissolved?
If the salt is dissolved...
Wow~ What a brainwave. | Once the salt is dissolved...
...the goods will come over to | the surface along with the tubes.
- Yes. You've guessed it now. | - That's amazing, really.
We should be celebrating | the occasion.
- Go ahead. | - Do you mean it?
How'll you celebrate? You haven't | brought anything along?
Who says I haven't?
You filled the tube with | the goods.
I filled this bottle | with liquor.
You brought along the salt bags. | And I've brought a scorchy beauty.
What did you say?
What's the progress?
Your work has been accomplished.
That's great news.
- Remember my condition? | - Of course, I remember.
You're the king | of docks henceforth.
We've lost the earnings | from docks now.
We lost our status too. | Shakti has made us lose face.
He has tried to ruin us by | influencing the trio.
We should terminate him for good. | - Not so soon.
We'll take care | of him later.
For the time being, I'm worried | about arranging for the 10 lakhs.
Why do you worry? The banks are | flush with money.
We'll rob one of the banks.
Why do you sit like this? | Sit with your head lowered.
just like Shama aunty was sitting | so timidly dressed like a bride.
Let's finalise | the marriage alliance.
I find the girl | deserving and attractive.
You ape Shama's mother-in-law, | you brat. You talk like adults.
Fifty thousand.
Allah has heard your prayers.
Remember what I had | told you once?
That I'll give you | not 5 but 50.000?
You have been engaged now.
Let me buy you jewellery | and clothes for your marriage.
Hamid Lala is on the line.
He says that an urgent | meeting is on the cards.
Mr. Choksi and Mr. Koli are | present there too.
I'll talk to them.
You go to the bank in another car. | Withdraw the cash.
- I'll join you shortly. | - All right.
Yes, I'm coming over.
Hey. Where do you think | you are going?
Everybody. | Lie down immediately.
Lie down flat, or else...
Give us the locker keys.
You kill unarmed, | innocent people.
You won't go unpunished. You'll | die a miserable death.
My brother'll | cut you to pieces.
Seal her mouth. | She's a bitch.
You handle the | steering wheel.
Move away. | Quick.
One cannot | prevent death.
Take care of yourself. | Oh God.
We've solved your problem. | We looted the bank completely.
Everything progressed | smoothly, I suppose.
Shakti's sister was killed at | our hands. Nothing otherwise.
We didn't kill her deliberately.
We had just used her as a shield | to protect ourselves.
Shakti reached the spot | at the last moment.
He killed two of our people.
Deaths of our own people | are inconsequential.
What bothers me more is | what if he identified you.
No. Shakti'll always | believe that...
...his sister was accidentally | killed in a dacoit attempt.
Whether your enemy | is weak or powerful...
...never underestimate him.
Before Shakti gets suspicious | about us...
...finish him off and | his entire family.
Save my child~
What's happened | to your child?
He's dying. Only | you can save him~
The Almighty is the saviour. | What is he suffering from?
He's vomitting blood | for the past 2 days.
He isn't opening his eyes. My son | will die. He will die.
My son'll die.
- Where's the doctor? | - What's the problem?
Why are you walking in?
What is it? | - The child is having a high fever.
He vomited blood.
Please examine him. | Admit him for treatment.
My working hours are over now. | Come back tomorrow.
What is it? Why do you | block my exit?
Dayavan wants to know your name.
My name is Dr. Verma. | Why do you ask?
He wants to know where you stay.
I stay nearby.
He wants to know | how many children you have?
Children? Children... | But why do you ask?
He says that if you are | concerned about your children... had better admit | this child for treatment.
Concerned about my children?
Come here. | Quick.
Take this child in | for treatment.
The child was so serious. | He was dying...
...and you didn't even | call for an ambulance.
Ambulances do not | come in our colony.
- Why not? | - Our roads are bad.
Let's buy our own ambulances then. | How much does an ambulance cost?
Each one costs at least | fifty to sixty thousand.
Buy six ambulances immediately. | And park them in our colony.
Our ambulances will serve the poor | people, not the rich ones.
Please be seated.
How is my child? | - He is out of danger now.
But we'll have to keep him under | observation for 2 days.
Listen to me.
God has given you the | power to save lives.
If you don't care for the poor, | God will make you pay for it.
A poor man's life is worth | as much as a rich man's life.
Never forget my advice.
Excuse me for behaving | harshly with you.
Surya sleeps just | like you do.
And our daughter sleeps | like you do.
Do you know? | Surya always says that...
...he will become like you.
And I always pray that Surya | should not become like me.
It won't be the done thing if our | children become like me.
They should study | and educate themselves.
We'll send them to | residential schools.
Only then would we be able to | prevent my influence on them.
Would you manage to | stay away from them?
You love them so much.
If you can stay away from them, | why can't I?
Shall I tell you | what I really feel?
Haven't you told me | your true feelings yet?
You have made me | so happy in life...
...that even if were to die | today, I would not mind.
Don't speak like this. | - I swear, I mean it.
There is nothing more | that I desire out of life.
My life too is fulfilled.
Let me see who it is.
Please save me.
What's the matter?
Call Dayavan. | My life is in danger.
No. Please. I'm innocent. | Please forgive me.
You're asking | for something...
...which you never cared | to offer to others.
Darling. All my evenings | are equally enjoyable.
You've lived your | life already.
It's time to experience | the fruits of your sins.
The softness of your smooth | hands fills me with warmth.
just carry on with it.
No. Please. | Don't do it.
You'll study in | the residential school.
Whenever there are holidays, | I'll come to meet you.
Tara aunty will stay | with you henceforth.
Father, my mother...
Welcome, O Dayavan.
Make way for him.
This is my first child. | I want you to name him.
Is it a son | or a daughter?
Oh, it's a son.
Name him Ganeshan.
Thank you, Dayavan.
Like every year, we have offered | prayers on your children's behalf.
Your children will | be safe and protected.
Your son and daughter | have arrived.
- What? Both of them have come? | - Yes.
You saw. They came over without | immitating me in advance.
Let's go and scold them~
They are not kids anymore. | They're grown-ups now, like us.
What is this that you do?
Don't fool around.
Go slow. | Don't drive too fast.
Seems like you've | grown old.
You had better keep quiet.
Listen to what I say.
Better drive slowly.
It was exciting, really. | You rolled over.
Seems like | you've grown old.
You call me | an old man.
You've really | grown old.
You old man. | You call me old.
Who is he?
I'll tell you later.
I want to become | an inspector.
He wants to become an inspector | like his father.
Who'll accept him?
I know all the exercises | that policemen perform.
Hello~ My father is dead.
Shall I demonstrate | the exercises?
Shall I stand in attention?
Make me an inspector. | I can do everything.
From today onwards, I appoint | you my inspector.
His inspector.
Shall I salute you?
Send him to me daily.
If he keeps himself occupied...'ll not feel worried | about him then.
- I want to meet Dayavan. | - We cannot permit you, sir.
I'm the superintendent | of police. Let me go.
Don't worry. Your work will be done.
The superintendent of police is | coming. He forced himself in.
How dare he? Does this | place belong to him?
Let him in.
Please come, Mr. Superintendent.
My name is Raghavan.
I know. I know you | since 20 years.
What brings you here?
What can I do for you?
- I seek your assistance. | - My assistance?
I'm a simple man. I'll do | whatever is within my powers.
Please sit on the chair. | I always sit on the floor.
Tell me now.
I want to discuss | something in private.
My daughter's marriage had been | scheduled for next week.
It shall take place. | With great fanfare.
- Don't worry about the money. | - I don't need money.
My daughter can never | get married now.
Yesterday night, she had gone | to purchase bridal wear.
When she returned, | her clothes were torn apart.
Her body was red, | stained with blood.
It was apparent that she had | been mercilessly gang-raped.
Those dogs, the rapists, were | sons of influential men.
My daughter...
You are a powerful | police officer yourself.
You should thrash | them properly.
You shouldn't spare | those rapists.
I'm helpless.
I cannot harm them | in any way.
Had they not been ministers' sons, | I would have settled the score.
I complained about it | to the Inspector General.
He asked me to produce evidence, | or some eye-witness.
He said they have money power, | and they have reach.
They can manipulate people | in any manner they like.
He said that they can even get me | dismissed from my job.
He advised me to leave things | as they are, and forget about it.
But how can I forget it? | My only daughter...
The numerous wounds | on her body and mind...
...make me furious.
I'm a father to | a daughter too.
I can understand | your predicament.
Tell me the names of | those rapists.
Who's this pretty bird? | Find out about her.
She's the daughter of Dayavan. | Don't meddle with her.
As it is, the scandal regarding | that cop's daughter...
- ... has been hushed up. | - Why're you scared?
So what if she | is Dayavan's daughter?
As long as my father is a | minister, nobody can harm me.
So you're a | son of a minister?
You are too proud of your | father's powers.
You abuse the very womb | that gave you birth.
I won't do it again.
You were delayed.
I'm returning from the hospital. | I saw the man whom you bashed up.
He's still alive...
...but his condition is worse | than that of a corpse.
- She saw me. | - Yes, I saw you.
I also saw that you | were hitting him savagely.
He committed an offence. | So he was bashed up.
Who has empowered you | to hit him?
I did as my friend | asked me to.
I can't differentiate | between the right and the wrong.
Your father told me. | And I did accordingly.
He's right. I had | instructed him.
What do you think of yourself? | Are you a judge?
Are you God?
Who are you to decide what's | right and what's wrong?
Who are you to | punish anybody?
I had given my word | to somebody.
To whom?
Like me, he too | is a father to a daughter.
You promised somebody that you | will bash up somebody... the extent that | he would be bathed in blood?
His crime was | as ghastly.
It's the job of the police | to catch criminals.
It's the job of the court | to punish criminals.
Why don't you let them | take care of such things?
Why do you have to | commit such sins?
It's not a sin, | it's a pious deed.
It's justice.
You won't understand.
You're educated, after all.
You received all the comforts.
You don't realise | what pain is.
That's why you talk | of courts and the police.
My friend Shankar...
...had to compromise like anything | simply to earn our daily bread.
We had to confront the world | simply to bring home our earnings.
At the end of the day, | I was never too sure...
...if I would live to | see the next day.
To save myself from death, | I had to kill others.
I had to stain | myself with blood.
I had to die several deaths | to keep myself alive.
Does that make you think that | whatever you do would be right?
I do anything only | when my mind permits it...
...only when | my soul permits it.
Is it right to do what your | soul or mind permits you to?
- Yes. | - My mind feels...
...that I should beat | the man who beat the boy...
...with as much | intensity and force.
You silly girl.
How could you dare to | hit out at him?
- Leave me. | - No.
- I'll not spare her alive today. | - No. Control yourself.
How did you learn to hit | out at your elders?
Who misguided you?
Didn't you hit me because | in your opinion... was a wrong act? | That I hit out at uncle.
All that you do, thinking that | you're doing the right deeds..
...they are not the right deeds. | The world views it as offensive.
What should I do then? | What do you want me to do?
I want you to discontinue | your misdeeds.
I will discontinue. | But before that...
You'll have to tell them | to stop committing crimes...
- I'll stop too. | - Whom should I tell?
Tell that policeman who shot dead | my innocent father...
...simply because he demanded | a hike in labour charges.
Tell them to discontinue | protecting the criminals...
I'll discontinue too.
Tell that ruthless cop who | put my good-hearted Karim Baba...
...behind bars, hung him | to death...
...and then claimed that | it was a suicide.
Tell them to discontinue hurting | the weak and the aged...
...I'll discontinue too.
Tell those sinners who killed | my sister so mercilessly...
Tell those who killed your | mother at the midnight hour...
Tell them to discontinue | killing my mothers and sisters...
I'll discontinue too.
Tell all those rich people | who set ablaze the hutments...
...who burn the poor | people alive...
...who silence the law and the | police with their wealth...
Tell them to discontinue | exploiting the poor...
I'll discontinue too.
What do you think?
That I derive pleasure by | murder and violence?
Did I accept this path | out of my own free will?
Tell them to embark | on the right path...
I'll mend my ways too.
Tell me honestly...
Is all that you do | not incorrect?
No. It's not incorrect.
There's nothing wrong in | helping the poor.
An activity that helps | people around you...
...and provides for | their daily bread...
Such an activity is | not incorrect or undesirable.
Do you mean that | it's not incorrect... murder people | for your daily bread?
Try and understand | what I want to tell you.
No. I don't want | to understand it.
I don't want to understand.
Leave me alone.
Tell him to | go away from here.
Tell him to go away.
You go, Shakti.
I'll comfort her. | You had better go.
Superintendent of police. | It's you. Please come.
I want to meet Dayavan.
Father is unwell. | He is resting.
But it's very important | that I meet him.
Please wait. | I'll inform him.
The superintendent of police | wants to meet you.
- Superintendent of police? | - Yes.
I told him that you're unwell.
- No. You may let him in. | - All right.
- Welcome. Please come. | - Greetings.
- Offer him the chair. | - No, thank you. I'm fine.
Are you unwell?
No. Nothing serious.
What brings you here?
I came to thank you. | I'm highly obliged.
It's okay. | How's your daughter?
With your grace, | she's quite fine now.
I can never compensate | for your favours...
...but I've come to | caution you.
One of your men is scheduled | to testify against you.
You should be | knowing Doraswamy.
Yes. I know him | well enough.
He has agreed to testify | on behalf of the government.
I'm a police officer. | I cannot prevent him.
Neither should I.
How you can prevent him, | is your outlook.
It's okay.
I should be leaving now.
Thank you very much.
Summon Shankar.
He's not here.
You had asked him to leave the | city for a few days.
It had to do with the case | involving the minister's sons.
- Yes. I'd forgotten. | - Can I do this job?
Can't I do this much | for my father?
No. It's not | meant for you.
I won't execute the | job on my own.
Neither will any of | our men do it.
I'll engage some | outsider for this job.
Others will never get to | whom he is working for.
We'll not be involved at all | in this entire matter.
- Please, father. | - No.
Don't you have faith in me?
Doraswamy'll not be able | to reach the courts.
And even if he does | reach the courts...
...he won't be able to | open his mouth to testify.
Yes, father. | Have faith in me.
It's okay. Go ahead.
Shankar was right when he said | that you've grown up.
Come here.
A white car has made a getaway | from the sessions court.
The two passengers in the car've | committed a murder and escaped.
I'd told you earlier that | we don't know each other.
Yet you climbed into my car. | Now the police is on my trail.
What's the matter? | You haven't saluted me today?
What's the matter? | Why don't you speak?
- Has anyone troubled you? | - No.
Then what's bothering you?
Mr. Choksi, Mr. Hamid Lala and | Mr. Koli are here.
At this hour? Why didn't | you inform me earlier?
Greetings. | When did you all come?
Mr. Superintendent. Why're | you standing like this?
Mr. Superintendent.
Mr. Lala?
We're all helpless | before the Almighty.
Nothing is | within our control.
He's right.
Remember that life and death is | in the hands of God.
I don't understand. Is any | of our men in trouble?
Have courage.
Friend. My son is | as good as your son.
Yes. Your son is my son.
- Have patience. | - Have patience what?
Has anything | happened to Surya?
Has anything | happened to Surya?
Where's Surya?
No. Please don't see.
Don't you touch me.
I hate you and your world.
I'm leaving. | I'm leaving you forever.
No, please don't do it.
My mother lost her life | because of you.
And now, I lost my brother.
Your injustices, which according | to you, were rightful...
...led to my mother's death.
The laws which were | conceived by you...
...caused the termination | of my brother's life.
If I stay here any longer, | I'll die out of suffocation.
Daughter, why do you...
The desire to be addressed | as your daughter exists no more.
Our relationship has | come to an end.
- No, daughter. | - I'm not your daughter.
I'm nobody's daughter.
I've no father. | I've no home.
I'll go wherever I can.
Don't try and stop me. | Don't try to search for me.
Neither will I try to find out | whether you are alive or dead.
- No. Don't you speak like this. | - Leave me.
For God's sake, | Leave me.
The drops of blood show you the trail... | 02291315,02291825,... when a hurt persc is on the run.
Your own blood has | turned into your enemy...
...and now is proving to be | the cause of your worries.
Life has become so tedious.
Who has deprived you...
...of your purpose in life?
What a tragedy, friend.
If you wouldn't have | asked me to go into hiding...
...I would have sacrificed | my life for the sake of Surya.
No, Shankar. No...
It has been 5 years now.
Let me trace Sarita.
No. Don't search for her.
She's my daughter.
She knows how to survive | in this world.
The police is demanding to | stop the prayers.
Who's the police to | stop the prayers?
We didn't take permission | for the loudspeakers...
That's why they are objecting.
We've been conducting | prayers since 30 years...
...without taking | any permission.
If it's a new inspector...
Tell him on my behalf to | participate in the prayers.
It'll do him good.
They say that the new AOP | is very strict.
A new AOP?
It's all a farce. | It's all a front.
- Seize all these ambulances. | - Dayavan is a reputed person.
- What if he creates trouble? | - Follow my orders.
Don't be so ruthless.
These ambulances are | meant for the poor.
How dare you confront me?
Sir. | You'd better deal with me.
The ambulances that you mean to | seize is meant for the poor.
We work for the welfare | of the society.
I know very well all the illegal | activities carried out... Dayavan under the | guise of social work.
Watch your tongue, sir.
All of you tell me that Shankar | has been handcuffed and arrested?
What were you all doing then? | Watching it happening?
Since the past 30 years, nobody | dared to lay his hands on him.
I ensured that | nobody harmed him.
What does the Commissionar | want? What does he desire?
I don't know.
Didn't you ask him? Was your | mouth stuffed with sweets?
And so you couldn't | ask him about it?
That AOP starts hammering | anybody he can lay his hands on~
Hammers you.
You have become too old.
What about you? You're | young enough.
- Didn't you ask him? | - He bashes people who make enquires.
He bashes you, and | you get scared.
The man in uniform tells you | something, and you shiver.
You're very brave, indeed.
Look at me.
I've taken so many beatings | from the police.
But I was never scared.
See. Touch me and feel it.
Had I been like you, | I would have been dead by now.
Where is his house?
- I don't know. | - You don't know...
...or you're scared | to tell me.
Where is it?
Where is his house?
Why don't you speak up?
I know.
Yes, I know.
Call the officer. | At once.
The filth that smeared my body | since my birth..
I had no other option to | cleanse me of that filth.
So I married a police officer.
The filth will remain | with me all my life.
But there's one relief.
At least, my progeny'll be | spared of the filth.
Does your husband know | about your identity?
No. He believes that | I'm an orphan.
I too consider myself | to be an orphan.
Is he your son?
He's my grandchild.
I don't want him to know | that he's related to you.
Stop, father.
Please go.
I'm here.
See this.
The fruits of my ceaseless | efforts for 2 years.
The arrest warrant of Dayavan | under the National Security Act.
Where's Dayavan?
- Where's Dayavan? | - We don't know.
You don't know. | Where've you hidden him?
- We've told you, he's not here. | - Tell me where you've hidden him?
We've searched the entire place. | He's not here.
You informed him, didn't you?
- Tell me the truth. | - Yes.
- Where is he? | - I won't tell you.
Tell me where Dayavan is. | Where've you hidden him?
Tell me where Dayavan is. | Where is he?
Move aside. Make way for me.
So you haven't managed to | arrest Shakti Dayavan yet?
I've been trying my best.
But what can I do? The public | is supporting him wholeheartedly.
People are not willing to disclose | his hideout despite beatings.
People are willing to sacrifice | their lives for him.
It could also be possible that | besides the people...
...some responsible people | could be helping him?
- I don't understand. | - It's possible that...
Some police officer might be | informing him in advance...
...about the places that you | would be searching him in?
Who can it be?
Do you know that Shakti Dayavan | has two children?
Both are dead. | Perhaps, in some accident.
Only his son had died in the | accident. Not his daughter.
I have been told that his daughter | has married a police officer.
And this is her photograph.
All this for my sake?
For me alone? | Why?
For my freedom?
All my own people | paid a heavy price~
If you weep so inconsolably, | how can we contain our grief?
This is not right. | It's not right.
- You telephone the Commissioner. | - But...
Do as I say.
There goes the pigeon.
It's you father, aren't you?
I'm Shakti speaking.
What's the matter? | I hope your health is fine.
Connect me to | the Commissioner.
He's not at home, father.
The Commissioner is | searching for me.
Tell him that...
I'll be performing | religious rites of your mother.
Ask him to come there | and arrest me.
No. I won't tell him.
Tell him as I say.
Do you realise what'll happen | if you're arrested?
Yes. I know.
No. I won't be | able to tell him.
You had better tell him.
Who was it? | Who was on the telephone line?
Whom were you conversing with? | What can you not tell?
- Who was on the line? | - It was my father.
Why don't you say that | it was Shakti Dayavan?
You've cheated me by declaring | yourself as an orphan.
What was he saying? | Does he believe that...
...he can continue to | escape the police dragnet?
Even if he hides in hell, | I'll arrest him.
What did he want to know?
The places where the police'll be | searching for him tomorrow?
Or did he inform you | about his hideout?
- He didn't say any of it? | - What did he say then?
He has asked me | to take you to him.
He said that he is performing my | mother's religious rites tomorrow.
He said that you can go...
...and arrest him | there tomorrow.
All glories to Dayavan.
Release Dayavan.
Dayavan is innocent.
Arrest each of them.
A high-level case is being | filed against Dayavan.
I need your testimony | in this regard.
You need not fear. | You'll remain unharmed.
Police will protect you.
You don't realise that...
...Shakti Dayavan is the | worst enemy of the society.
I know, sir. But please | do not force me... do something | which I cannot do.
See this photograph carefully.
This is the photograph of a police | officer, who was your husband too.
He was killed mercilessly | by a ruthless killer.
Do you know who murdered | Ratan Singh?
Ratan Singh's murderer | is Shakti Dayavan.
- I know. | - What?
You know all this, and yet you | don't wish to testy against him?
- Yes. | - But why?
Because I knew my husband better | than the police department did.
He was a curse | for the police force.
He was destined to | meet a similar fate.
You may not waste your time. | You had better leave.
Please be seated.
I've come to seek | your help.
You're a senior officer.
You imprisoned me.
What can I be of any help?
All right. | Tell me.
The court will be giving | its verdict tomorrow.
It's possible that the verdict | may not go in your favour.
It's also possible that...
That I may be | sentenced to death.
It's okay.
I had already died | when I was only 10 years old.
The present life is for those...
...who're prepared to sacrifice | their lives for my sake.
I know.
But there'll be a lot of | crowd outside the court tomorrow.
People's grief and anger | continues to escalate.
We anticipate violence | and arson.
It's possible that many people | may lose their lives.
If you wish, you can | prevent this bloodshed.
I'll prevent it.
I'll prevent my people.
You may go.
Commissioner... | Release Shankar.
All glories to Dayavan.
Are you a good man or a bad | man? 02584425,02584625. I don't know.
I don't know anything.
What's your name, son?
My name is Shakti.
Do you know my name?
My name too is Shakti.
You go ahead. | You're not alone.
I'm on your side. | All the people are on your side.
All the people's good wishes | are with you.
Go ahead. You'll be safe.
You've always done | good to others.
You go ahead. | You'll be unharmed.
Listen everybody.
There was not | a single witness...
...who testified | against Dayavan.
The court has | released Dayavan.
The court has | released Dayavan.
Come over here...