Daydreamer (2007) Movie Script

(film reel clicking)
(rock music)
- [Clinton] Hi.
- Hi.
- Can I, can I sit down?
Or are you, are you waiting for someone?
- No, yes, no, I'm not waiting for anyone.
Yeah, you can sit down.
- Oh hey, sorry.
- I'm Casey.
I saw you staring at me.
- Oh, yeah.
Uh, sorry, it's just um,
you seem sort of out of
place here, you know?
- Okay.
- No, I mean, I'm serious.
Why are you here by yourself?
- Just came here to have a drink.
- There are a million places
in the city to have a drink.
And no one even comes here,
I can't believe you even found it.
This would be my last choice if you know,
I was a pretty girl.
- Well what are you doing here?
(soft rock music)
- Don't know.
- I like it here.
I like the people.
- Are you serious?
There's got to be better people in any bar
in the entire world.
- Better?
- Well.
- Trust me, I've been
to more than my share
of those places, okay?
When you go to those
places you aren't meeting
people at their truest state.
- Why would you wanna do that?
- They've got on their
favorite designer jeans and
drench themselves in their
smelliest cologne and
draw on their fakest smile and...
You can't even have a
conversation with those people
because as soon you're
looking in the mirror...
- I don't know if I buy it.
- Okay?
So what do you do?
- I'm a spy.
- Okay, look.
- Shh.
- You don't have to tell me, it's fine.
But, how am I supposed to get to know you?
- Why would you wanna do that?
- You seem interesting.
- All right, well, I was born in Hawaii
on a um, on a pineapple farm
where I spent most of my
earlier years you know,
running wild with the
natives in the rainforests.
I went off to college.
- So what'd you study?
- Uh, law.
And, uh, and medicine, so.
- So that way in case any
of your patients ever filed
a lawsuit, then you'd be covered because--
- Yep.
- Right.
- So, uh, do you feel
like you know me now?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, well, what were you
gonna do once you left here?
- I was probably uh, just gonna go home.
- Oh well, you know maybe
I could get your number
so I could call you.
- You know, I was just
gonna go watch a movie.
Maybe you'd like to come?
- Oh, uh, I don't know.
What movie is it?
- Why?
- Well because, you know,
I don't know if I wanna go
if it's a movie I've seen already.
- We'll make sure it's
something new for both of us.
- Okay.
I think I can do that.
- Okay, good.
(slow, strange music)
Uh uh.
Take off your clothes.
(slow, strange music)
(soft, eerie music)
(door closes)
(door unlocks)
(door closes)
(phone ringing)
- Wrong number.
- [Casey] Clinton?
- Who is this?
- [Casey] It's me.
We met last night.
Do you remember me?
- Uh yeah, of course.
How did you get my number?
- [Casey] Quit joking.
Are you serious?
You wrote it on that piece
of paper that you left
on top of my dresser.
Did I wake you up?
- Yeah.
- [Casey] I'm sorry.
I just wanted to say I'd really love
to see you again tonight.
- You what?
- [Casey] I'd like to
see you again tonight.
I mean, unless you're too busy spying.
- No.
- [Casey] Great.
Then I'll come by after work.
I don't know, maybe around seven?
- What, no?
- [Casey] I'll be right there.
Clinton, I'm so sorry, I've got to run.
But I'll see you tonight okay?
(call drops)
(slow, eerie music)
- What?
(birds chirping)
(chain rattling)
(electronic music)
- Oh, you like her.
Met her at the mall today.
She asked me if I knew
any good spots around
here to go party.
I told her, "Sweetheart.
"God must be looking out for you
"'cause I know just the place."
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- [Shane] Clint, you son of a bitch.
- Shane.
- [Shane] Who else would
be calling you asshole?
- Hey, are you, are you out?
I mean, when did you get out?
- [Shane] This morning.
- Where are you staying?
- [Shane] Eh, you know, at my mom's house.
You still at that same shithole?
- Uh yeah.
It's good to hear from you Shane.
- [Shane] A whole fucking year man.
- Yeah, fuck.
- [Shane] So how come
you stopped visiting me?
- Hey, I'm sorry, I
wanted to it's just, uh--
- [Shane] Yeah, yeah I understand, man.
You're a fuckin' asshole.
Listen, I gotta talk
to you about something.
I'm coming by tomorrow.
- What?
- [Shane] I'll talk to
you about it tomorrow.
- Yeah, just come by.
(call drops)
- Hi.
I like your place.
It's cute.
- Hey, uh, how did you get my address?
- How drunk were you last night?
You wrote it next to your phone number.
You left it by my dresser.
- I did?
- Mhm.
You know, it was really
nice of you to do that.
Most guys would have
left without leaving me
any way to get in touch with them.
Sort of like a um, one night stand.
You know?
- Wait.
(slow, eerie music)
(birds chirping)
- [Casey] This is Casey Green.
- Yeah, it's Clinton.
- [Casey] Hey you.
Good morning.
Did you get any sleep?
- Hey, what'd you do to my apartment?
- [Casey] What did I do to your apartment?
- Look, I don't care if
you cleaned up the place,
but you threw away things
that were important.
- [Casey] What things?
I don't understand.
- What, you don't understand?
What don't you understand?
- [Casey] Hang on.
- [Man] Faster Fixer.
You don't need lots of
money to take legal action.
- [Casey] Hi, so uh, what were you saying?
- Look, don't throw away my shit.
- [Casey] Clinton, I am so sorry.
I'm really busy, but
listen, I didn't do anything
to your apartment.
(call drops)
- Hello?
(static buzzing)
- What the hell happened here?
At least you got something right.
I thought I wandered
into another dimension
where you weren't a fuckin' loser.
Give me a light.
(lighter clicks)
Still cop from Bert?
- Yeah.
- How is that fuckin' dumb ass?
- Still a fuckin' dumb ass.
- What is this shit?
- It's shit.
- Yeah it is, I can't
believe Bert sells this shit.
- So how was it--
- I could sit here all day,
asking you how you've been
and shit, but we both know
I don't give a fuck, so,
let me tell you why I'm here.
All right, I aint got dick.
I'm sleeping on Morello's couch.
I got maybe 20 bucks to my name.
We both know I'm not the working type.
You know the electronics store down on
Third and Gardener?
- Yeah.
What about it?
- You know that that Goods is one of 228
Goods Electronic stores
across the country?
- No.
- Albert Good.
Albert Good owns them all.
He's richer than God.
He's got a house in Encino.
Now Jackson told me--
- Jackson?
- Let me finish.
Jackson's cousin works
for Goods, all right?
Anyway last year apparently
the main man himself
had a party, a big ass party.
The party's fucking
unreal from what I hear,
fuckin' chicks snorting coke
off each other's tits and shit.
More important than that, this house,
it's a fuckin' palace.
Jackson's brother said
that this place got like
five million dollars worth of shit in it.
Fuckin', fuckin' paintings, you know,
rare art pieces or some shit.
He also said, fucking get this,
there's a tree, right?
Right in the middle of the main hall,
stands over 20 feet tall, but the leaves.
They're not leaves.
Guess what they fuckin' are?
- I don't know.
- Fuckin' hundred dollar bills.
Fuckin' hundred dollar bills folded up
to look like leaves. (laughs)
- Wow, so, uh, why are
you telling me all this?
- 'Cause Jackson's been
doing a lot of research,
I think he sucked somebody off and he got
plans to the guy's house.
He got the guy's schedule
down, and he's been spending
a lot of time in the Valley
scoping this guy out.
- That's great.
- He wants to rob him, Clinton.
- That's great, Shane,
that's really great.
Hey, you know good for Jackson.
- No, not good for Jackson.
Good for us.
- What is that supposed to mean?
- I was locked up with one of
Jackson's friends, all right?
He told me about the plan he said,
"When you get out, give Jackson a call,
"maybe he'll let you in on it."
- Come on, don't tell
me you actually did it.
What are you man?
I mean are you a criminal now?
Are you a thief?
Are you nuts, man?
I know you Shane, this aint you.
- You don't know shit.
- What, so, you actually
talked to Jackson Stokes?
- I know. (laughs)
You remember how we used to talk about him
when we were kids?
- Yeah, we used to talk
about how crazy he was.
- Maybe.
But from what I hear,
Jackson has a fool proof plan
to rob this guy.
I mean the guy is going
to like Fiji or something
for a month.
The point is, he wants to do it, Clint.
- You wanna get locked up again, man?
- Dude, we're not fucking
going in there guns blazing
or shit, I mean, it's like fuckin',
you know what it's like?
It's like that fuckin' time
we robbed Jimmy Latola's house
for an ounce.
- Uh, only when you steal
weed, no one calls the cops.
- Same fuckin' thing, Clint.
- So have you actually, you know, met him?
- What, Jackson?
And you will too, this Saturday.
- No.
Not me.
- [Shane] Wait.
- Fuck that.
- No, fuck you.
Listen to me, you said
I have to bring somebody
or the deal's off.
Dude, you don't have to do anything
and I asked the guy what you had to do,
and you have to fucking
stand there and make sure
the rent-a-cop doesn't show up, that's it.
- I'm not doing it, man.
- All you have to do is
fuckin' stand there, asshole.
Dude, dude.
The guy guaranteed us $10,000 apiece.
Now you cannot tell me
you don't need that.
- Yeah.
I do.
But this is nuts, that you
just got out of prison.
You wanna go right back?
- Dude, that was fuckin' bullshit
and you fuckin' know it.
I had one less ounce, it's possession,
it's a fuckin' fluke, man.
(Clinton sighs)
How about this?
You're fuckin' doin' it,
and that's fuckin' final.
I'll pick you up this Saturday,
we're going to see him.
How long have we known each other man?
- A long time.
- A long fuckin' time.
Now you remember that.
You're like my fuckin' brother.
(slow, soft music)
Into the light, into your day
The way you face disgrace
It saturates your face, inside a space
Sound of the day, of a train
As a dusty record plays
A music box fades, into the rain
Did all those dreams turn
out the way they should be
All the hopes you've
had of what you could be
Your sorrows and your
sadness, they shine brightly
All those dreams really make you happy
Into the haze, your game
The hide away from shame
Would you like to change
her name into the blame
Driving a car for days
From fear of second place
As you rearrange your
face away from the rain
Did all those dreams turn
out the way they should be
(high pitched, eerie music)
- Ah.
(phone ringing)
- [Shane] Hey, Clint?
- Yeah?
- [Shane] What the fuck man?
- What?
- [Shane] What do you mean what?
You know he's in the fuckin' hospital?
- Who?
- [Shane] Who do you think?
- So we get back there,
and she wants to party.
The only thing is this type of party
requires monetary expenditure.
Well the only problem is,
she aint got no money.
As it turns out,
that wasn't a problem at all.
She told me she was 23.
But I checked her wallet.
She's 16.
(muted electronic music)
You like her don't you?
You'd like to squeeze
into something like that.
Feel them skinny little
legs wrapped around you.
I'm tellin' you, you aint
never had it like this.
It was so nice.
$20 and you can fuck her.
You can do anything you want.
You can put it wherever you want.
You can put it in her ear,
open her mouth up, and
shit down her throat.
She don't mind.
Hey, bitch, wake the fuck up.
She don't give a shit.
She can't feel a fuckin' thing.
(muted electronic music)
- No man, I don't know
any young chick, okay?
Whoever she is, she's lying man.
- [Shane] Oh you're so full of shit, dude.
You just told me yesterday
you're still coppin' from Bert.
- Oh yeah.
- [Shane] So what did you lie to me,
saying you weren't there last night?
What, do you think you
can't trust me or somethin'?
- It wasn't me.
- [Shane] Whatever man.
I'm down the street, I'm coming over.
(water running)
- Ah.
(heavy breathing)
(slow, eerie music)
(heavy breathing)
- I can't believe you
did that shit to Bert.
He's a big fuckin' boy,
I thought you had to use
a bat or something.
What, you're still not
gonna tell me what happened?
- I don't know what happened, man.
- God, you must've been so fuckin' high.
- What the hell are those?
- Those are guns, Clint.
- I already told you I wasn't
doing that shit with Jackson.
- And I told you you were.
(lighter clicks)
- Well even if I decided I was,
why would I need a gun, huh?
Who am I gonna shoot?
- Nobody man, all right,
it's just in case.
Now which one do you want?
You get this one then.
Got anything for me to smoke?
Dude, this fuckin' shit again?
(lighter clicks)
Dude, what's going on with you?
- Look, I don't know.
- You know, to be honest
man, it doesn't seem like
you know a hell of a lot.
You don't know what
happened to Bert last night,
you don't know what's going on with you,
what the fuck is up?
Have you been laid lately?
- Look, I don't wanna talk about it.
- 'Cause she doesn't fuckin' exist, man.
Maybe you're losing your mind.
Maybe all these drugs got you fucked up.
Maybe you got some kind of memory loss.
You know, next week,
you're not gonna remember
what happened today.
Maybe in a month, you're
gonna have to start writing
shit on top of your cock to
make sure you don't forget it.
- Maybe.
- Well whatever the fuck's going on dude,
pull yourself together, all right?
It fuckin' pains me to see
you actin' like such a pussy.
And hide that fuckin' gun.
(door opens)
(door closes)
(slow, dramatic music)
(slow, soft music)
- Son of a bitch.
(dramatic music)
Oh shit.
Who is it?
- It's Casey.
You know, you were supposed to call me.
- [Clinton] What?
- You didn't call me.
- Look, I don't, I don't
know what the hell you mean
but shit's been weird
with me lately anyway.
- How?
- I don't know, uh, I think
I might be losing my mind.
- Okay.
Do you wanna talk about it?
- No.
- Why not?
- Look, I just don't.
- Well do you just not wanna
talk to me about it, because--
- No, what?
- If you're not gonna talk to me about it,
who are you gonna--
Oh my god, what happened to your hands?
- Okay, stop.
Stop, all right?
Don't worry about me.
- I am worried, okay?
I mean, you haven't even
called me and your hands--
- Hey, hey, hey, who the
fuck do you think I am?
You think I'm like some
sweet guy or something?
Coming by my place unannounced
like we're fucking dating?
Fuck, what the hell is your problem?
- I don't get why you're being like this.
- Crazy.
- I've gotta get back to work.
I just stopped by to
say hi and you're right.
You're being really weird, um.
Look, I've got work off tomorrow so,
are you gonna be around?
(door closes)
I don't get why being like
this, you're being really weird.
If you're not gonna talk to me about,
then who are you gonna--
Then I'll just leave you here.
(sirens blaring)
Ah, fuck.
(phone ringing)
- [Shane] I'm down the street.
(call drops)
- Yeah.
(tires skid)
- Now it's probably best you let me talk
at this thing, all right?
You've been fucking weird lately,
and I don't want Jackson
telling me to fuck off
on account of you, so
keep your mouth shut.
You understand?
- All right.
- Why are you being so quiet lately man?
Are you hiding something from me?
- No.
- Oh.
Dude, I met that girl.
That girl that was over at Bert's place
that you decided to try and kill him.
She was asking me all about you dude,
wanted to know where you lived and shit.
- Did you tell her?
- Nah.
Nah, I think I should've
though, 'cause I mean
she was like, and I asked
her why she wanted to know,
and she said 'cause she
wanted to thank you. (laughs)
Man I can't believe you
didn't try to fuck her.
She's a hot piece of ass.
- All right, I just want
you assholes to know
this is no petty bullshit here.
It's a very large and very expensive house
with alarms and security.
So what I wanna know right
now is that each and every
one of you knows exactly what
you're gettin' into here.
Some of you I trust.
We've worked together before.
Some of you I'm still getting to know.
Maggot, I will tell you this,
there is no trial period here.
We are not dating.
You fuck this up and I
shoot you on the spot.
Now for those of you who
never learned how to count,
there are five of us in this room.
Each of you will have
a very specific task,
therefor stupidity will
not be an acceptable excuse
for fuckin' up.
I will start with a very simple overview,
I realize I must proceed very simply.
Our operation will have three stages.
(frenzied, strange music)
And there's good chance that
somebody is gonna get shot
and probably killed.
- You actually talked to Jackson Stokes?
I don't care if you cleaned up the place,
but you threw away things
that were important.
- [Casey] What are you talking about?
- Because she doesn't fucking exist, man.
Maybe you're losing your mind.
Maybe all these drugs got you fucked up.
Maybe you got some kind of memory loss.
- Who is it?
- You got the stomach
for that, motherfucker?
(slow, dramatic music)
- Why are you looking at me
like I'm the Anti-Christ?
What makes you any better than me?
You've heard about
things that I have done,
but am I any worse than you?
Who are you?
- What the fuck are you screaming about?
What's the matter with this guy?
Is he hard of hearing or something?
- I mean no, he's not hard of, he's fine.
- I said, all you gotta
do is keep your eyes
open for a rent-a-cop.
That's it guys.
We got two weeks to prepare.
Oh and one more thing.
If I should hear even a whisper
that anything in this
room we talked about today
hits the street,
I will take it upon myself
to personally castrate
each and every one of you,
and hang your motherfuckerin' balls
from my rear view mirror.
(dramatic synth pop music)
- Oh, fuck.
(muted electronic music)
- I'm gonna go break you off a sack, man.
You just take your time, brother.
(muted electronic music)
(electronic rock music)
- Hi.
(soft, eerie music)
- You know, I...
I think you should leave.
- [Casey] Why?
- Because I don't know why
you keep on coming here
in the first place.
- [Casey] 'Cause I want to.
- Why would a girl like
you keep coming to see
a guy like me?
- [Casey] Because I like you.
- Yeah, like flies like shit.
- [Casey] Stop beating yourself down.
- Hey well that's what I am, all right?
I'm a piece of shit.
You know what, I thought I was
the one who was going crazy,
but in reality, you're
the actual one that's
going fucking nuts.
- [Casey] I don't understand.
- Oh you don't?
Uh, all right.
You know what I like most about you?
Your pussy.
That's all you are to me.
You're not even a real person to me.
You're a fuckin' wet dream.
You know what, I don't even
think you really exist.
When I fuck you, I'm fuckin' myself.
It's the best sex I've ever
had, and that proves to me
that I'm right.
But you think I'm something that I'm not
and it's annoying, so I'm
setting the record straight
right now.
I'm a disease.
I'm worse than fucking cancer.
At least cancer is honest.
It says, "Hey, here I am.
"I'm gonna fuckin' kill you."
You know what I say?
I say nothing.
I just fuck you, and then I use you,
and then I slowly eat your fucking heart.
So if you wanna leave, then good.
Because I didn't want
you in the first place.
(door closes)
(door closes)
(water running)
(phone ringing)
- [Rachel] Is this Clinton?
- Who is this?
- [Rachel] Rachel.
- Who the hell is Rachel?
- [Rachel] You don't remember me?
- No.
- [Rachel] I just wanted
to call and thank you.
- For what?
- [Rachel] Your number wasn't
easy to track down, you know.
- Thank me for what, Rachel?
- [Rachel] For saving me from that place.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- [Rachel] Yes, you do.
You rescued me from him.
He drugged me Clinton.
He drugged me and he raped me.
- Who?
- [Rachel] Bert.
- And why should I care?
- [Rachel] Because you saved me.
Who knows what else he
would have done to me.
He even stole my charm necklace
that I got from my mom.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- [Rachel] Why are you saying this?
You came in there, I heard a fight,
and then you picked me up and you carried
me to the hospital.
You were talking to me the whole time.
Don't you remember, Clinton?
- You got the wrong number.
- [Rachel] No.
No, I remember.
- Listen, it wasn't me.
I don't know what's going
on, but don't call me again.
Okay, I don't know you and I don't know
how you got my number.
- [Rachel] Listen.
I found your address.
Maybe I could just come by
and thank you in person.
- Stay the fuck away from me!
(door opens)
(phone rings)
(door closes)
(phone ringing)
- [Man] Fact or fiction, you
need a reason to sue somebody?
- Oh my god.
Oh my god.
(dramatic music)
(slow, eerie music)
(dramatic music)
(heavy breathing)
(slow, eerie music)
(slow, eerie music)
(phone ringing)
What the fuck?
(door closes)
(sirens blaring)
Yes, yes, yes.
Oh shit.
Come on.
(heavy breathing)
Who is it?
- [Casey] Casey.
- Come in!
It's not fuckin' funny, come here.
Come on, hurry up.
- Okay.
What the hell are you doing? (laughs)
Mmm, I see.
Were you just waiting for me?
- Fuckin' uncuff me and cut me lose before
I piss all over you, please.
The key's on the floor.
- Oh no.
- Will you fucking get the key?
- Fine.
(heavy breathing)
(toilet flushes)
Hey Clinton?
What's on this tape?
So then you don't remember anything?
- [Clinton] No.
- [Casey] Not even flashes?
- [Clinton] No.
- [Casey] So you don't
remember what happened after
we went back to my place?
- No.
- I guess that's okay.
- Okay?
How is it okay?
I wasn't the one saying
those things, Casey.
Look at you.
Do you realize the only
reason you're here right now
in my apartment is because
of a bunch of things
I never even said?
- You said them.
- Don't you see?
I have been doing things,
and I don't understand why.
Okay, I can't remember having
done them, for God sake.
Yeah, I have people calling me telling me
that I kicked the shit out of
some guy who was my friend.
I have cuts and scratches
on myself and I have
no idea where the fuck they came from.
You know, who knows what
the fuck I do at night.
What if I killed someone?
- I don't think you killed anyone.
- Casey, do you know what
happened the first night we met?
- Yes.
- I know you think you know what happened,
you know, your whole
story about me coming over
and whispering a bunch
of sweet bullshit to you
while you slept.
I'm talking about what
really fucking happened.
- Yes.
- I stole your fuckin' money.
Your jewelry.
Okay, I was gonna take it
and never see you again.
I was gonna sell your
shit so I could buy drugs.
I fucking robbed you.
- I know.
- What?
- I know.
You told me.
- What'd I say?
- You came into my room,
and you told me that you
tried to steal from me,
and you told me that you were sorry.
- No.
- Yes.
- Don't you see who I am?
I mean, it's like you've got
some weird, twisted dream
version of me in your head.
- It's not a dream.
- That's not me.
Your fuckin' dream man is not me.
I'm a loser, all right?
This is me.
Shit, if you think it's really me,
why don't you pinch me
next time or something?
- Because.
You're beautiful when you come to see me.
You've been coming to see
me for the past two weeks.
- I have?
- Yeah.
- Bullshit.
How do I act?
- Confident.
And you're really loving.
And you smile.
A lot.
- And you're falling in
love with me, aren't you?
- Yeah.
- You're falling in love with him.
You know what?
I wish I did those things.
You don't understand.
I would give anything to
know how to say those things.
How to act that way.
- But it is you, Clinton.
You know how.
You're trying to forget.
- How could I forget
when I've never known?
- I think you've always known.
(soft acoustic music)
(door closes)
- Time to go, buddy.
- 1574.
- I'm gonna go over this one more time for
a motherfucker's ass.
It is simple.
We are to be in there no longer
than 15 minutes, that's it.
I aint got time to be be
holding no motherfuckin' chain.
(soft music)
You all know your jobs, you do your jobs.
- Hey.
You brought it, right?
- What?
- The gun, you fuckin' moron.
Jesus Christ.
(slow, eerie music)
(dramatic synth music)
- Don't nobody fuck this up.
(dramatic synth music)
(dramatic industrial rock music)
(dramatic music)
- Clint.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
- [Clinton] How could I forget
when I've never known?
You know what happened the
night that you and I met?
(soft acoustic music)
- [Casey] You've been coming to see me
for the past two weeks.
- [Clinton] Who knows what
the fuck I do at night?
You know what if I, you know
what if I killed someone?
Forget when I've never known?
You know what if I killed someone?
Do you know what happened
the night that you and I met?
(dramatic, frenzied music)
You weren't mad?
Don't you see the person that I am?
- [Casey] Yeah.
(heavy breathing)
- What am I doing?
(van starts up)
(soft acoustic music)
(soft acoustic music)
- Hey.
(soft acoustic music)
- Yeah.
I remember this now.
Do you know what it
feels like to know that
it was me all along?
- I told you.
- I've done so many horrible things.
- Listen to me.
You have so much time to make up for it.
You've already started to,
and you don't even know it.
- When I think about all those
awful things I said to you...
- Shh.
I forgot about them the
second they left your mouth.
I knew they weren't you.
- I remember all of this.
All of this.
- I'm so glad.
(soft acoustic music)
- Hey, hey.
I have to leave town for a while.
- Okay.
Can I come with you?
(soft acoustic music)
(soft acoustic music)
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
(dramatic music)
- You motherfucker.
- Don't shoot me, please, please.
- Go ahead and beg me motherfucker.
You thought you could fuck with me.
You were lucky I was high.
But that don't make a
difference now, does it?
- I'm begging you man.
- You better talk real fast.
- You see I met this girl.
And she's amazing.
And she really cares about me.
And I'm in love with her, man.
(slow, eerie music)
Look, I know I'm a son of a bitch,
Bert, and I don't deserve
to take another breath,
but I want to.
I want to live.
I would give anything for
you not to pull that trigger.
You see, I met this girl.
And she's amazing.
And she really cares about me.
And I'm in love with her man.
(heavy breathing)
Thank you.
(heavy breathing)
- Is he dead?
- Yeah.
(gun clatters)
(dramatic music)
- Do you remember me yet?
- Yeah.
Your name is Rachel.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Um, Rachel?
I'm wondering if maybe you
shouldn't have done that.
- [Rachel] What?
- Just, I don't know if
I deserved it or not.
- I don't understand.
Wait, where are you going?
(slow, eerie music)
You found it.
Thank you.
- I wanna tell you how I got that.
- Probably while you were
carrying me to the hospital.
- No.
(slow, eerie music)
- You see why I don't know
if you should have done that?
(Rachel sobbing)
(dramatic music)
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck.
(slow, eerie music)
Oh, fuck.
(slow, eerie music)
Let's go around
And paint
The town red
With blood
From wrists you'll slit
Our lips will split
From kissing
Too much
But you're only a crutch
But I need
Something to settle me down
And you are
A fool to think you know how
Oh, twisted lust
For the dangerous
Is a mystery
But it's all I need
To get you
Up your steps
And you will wonder where
I'll be
Waiting alone in a car
And on
To the next one
(soft acoustic music)
I'll never be
What she will want me
Oh how I try
I can't get by
(soft rock music)
And I found
For the pinch
With my sails in shame
I need
Something to settle me down
And you are
A fool to think you know you
Whether there's another for you
There's always breaking your heart
Whether there's another for you
There's always breaking you heart