Daylight's End (2016) Movie Script

# Momma's gonna buy you
a mockingbird #
# Momma's gonna buy you
a diamond ring #
# And if that diamond ring
turns brass #
# Looking glass #
# And if that looking glass
gets broke #
Mike, be careful.
# Mama's gonna buy you
a Billy goat #
Ma'am, are you okay?
# Mama's gonna buy you
a mockingbird #
Are you all right, ma'am?
# Gonna buy you a diamond ring #
Comin' around!
Don't move, bitch.
Look, take the car. Just take
whatever you want, okay?
Well, that's the idea, baby.
What's wrong with you?
Those things are the enemy.
We're all supposed
to be on the same side.
There ain't no fuckin'
sides no more.
Supplies, everything's so hard
to come by these days.
Fuck you.
Glad we got her permission.
We been watchin' you,
young lady.
You made us hungry.
You... you killed
my fuckin' men!
Hey, what do you want?
You want guns? You want ammo?
Take... take it. Take whatever
the fuck you want.
No, no, no, no don't, don't,
don't, don't.
Where you from?
Austin. Came from fuckin' Austin.
You got more of those things
There's fuckin' all kinds
of those fuckin' things...
everywhere, man.
What the fuck do you think?
She with you?
Yeah, found her wanderin' in the
woods, 'bout five days back.
Thought we could use her.
But we've been... we've been
takin' care of her, good care.
I swear.
Like she was one of our own.
Where you goin'?
You can't fuckin' leave me
out here, man!
Not with the night comin'!
I'm just tryin' to survive
just like you!
Wait! You fucking bitch!
Fuck! God!
Isn't he the most beautiful baby
boy you've ever seen?
Yeah. What's his name?
Jacob. Jacob Wallace, Jr.
And what's your name?
Okay, Annabelle.
Well, we need to get out
of here, okay?
All right, come on.
Come with me. Upsy-daisy.
Yep, you come with me.
Hey! Hey, wait up.
Where you goin'?
Just goin'.
You can't leave us out here.
We won't last the night.
Plus, you're gonna wanna be
somewhere safe...
when it gets dark.
Nowhere's safe.
I'm with a group of survivors.
A lot of them used to be cops.
We have guns, ammunition,
food, water.
We even have electricity.
Listen, if you take us there...
I promise you a safe place for
the night, plus as much food...
ammo and gas as you can
carry tomorrow.
- Where is it?
- Dallas.
It's less than an hour
and a half.
Those things, there more
of 'em there?
They've been hittin' us every
night, but we've held 'em off.
Let's go.
Come on.
I'm Sam.
It's short for Samantha, but
everybody just calls me Sam.
Is that your first name
or your last?
He's so beautiful.
What do you think's wrong
with her?
Where would you start?
Are you okay?
Look, I know I didn't say
it back there...
but thanks for what you did.
You don't meet a lot of good
people these days.
What makes you think
I'm good people?
I need to know where to go.
We're not gonna make it.
Come on, which way!
Exit right up here.
There, take a left.
This is a bad idea.
Ethan, it's Sam. Open the door.
We're comin' in.
Ethan, it's Sam. Do you copy?
Sam, what's goin' on?
Where are you?
SAM We're a block
from Commerce Street.
They're everywhere.
We need you to be ready for us.
Is it Mike?
Okay, c'mon, let's go. Let's go!
"I made myself a wooden heart
to sail the blood red sea."
Incoming! Move!
And I mean, move!
Dad, the scouts are comin'
in hot!
Lock 'em down, now!
All right, kids, let's go.
You know the drill.
Double time, let's go!
Goddamn it, Ethan,
open the door!
We're gonna be there in seconds!
We're headin' down to the garage
right now, Sam. Aim for it.
Okay, people, you know the
drill, swift, but safe!
Watch your step. Go.
I love you, babe.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Lock it up.
Go, we gotta get to the garage!
Let's go! Let's go!
Stack it up on me!
Check your weapons!
Check your weapons!
Hit it!
Which way? Come on!
Turn left. There it is.
They're coming.
Yeah, no shit.
Come on. Come on.
Sam, move it!
Come on!
Fall back!
Sam! Go, go!
Bishop, come on!
Move! Move! Move!
Come on, the door's closing!
I'm closing the fucking door!
Let's go!
- Check yourselves!
- Stay right there.
Sam, where's Mike?
I'm sorry.
Haley? Kale?
It was a group of marauders.
We were ambushed.
Sam, what the hell is goin' on
here and who the hell is he?
His name is Rourke and if it
wasn't for him I'd be dead, too.
You gotta quit bringin' back
strays, Sam.
Eventually you're gonna bring
back the wrong kind.
Are you in charge here?
Where are you from, mister?
New York.
New York? How the hell'd you get
all the way down here then?
I drove.
All by yourself?
Wait a second, you've been
on your own...
ever since the plague started?
Yeah, hunting.
Fuck you! Hunting them? What are
you gonna do, kill 'em all?
There's millions of those
goddamn things out there!
Yeah, well, there's a lot
less of 'em...
from here to the Bronx,
This fuckin' guy's crazy.
Christ, Frank, we're not gonna
let this guy stay here, are we?
What are you, ex-military
or a convict?
What does that matter?
Drew was a convict,
and no offense...
but Vlad wasn't exactly a saint
and we took him in.
No offense, I don't fuckin'
like Drew and I can't stand...
fuckin' Vlad being here either,
to be honest with you!
Fuck you!
No, no, listen to me, either.
I was promised fuel and
ammunition. She owes me.
He killed Mike and fuckin'
attacked Sam!
Give me what I need
and I'll get outta here.
This guy could be one of those
fucks that attacked you...
and killed Mike!
Hey, you!
You kill my brother,
mother fucker?
Frank, it's gonna get outta
You kill my brother,
mother fucker?
We found a plane!
We found a plane,
just outside of Fair Creek.
It's not even 100 miles from
here. It's a cargo plane.
It'll carry every single
one of us.
Hey, show me. Come on.
You come with us. Vlad?
Let's move it out, man.
This is where we got attacked
and this is where the plane is.
It's just sittin' there,
waitin' for us.
What do you think, Vince?
Can you fly us out on that?
Well, it looks fine enough.
What about the avionics?
Landing gear and the rudders
looked good.
There's nothing obstructing
the air.
The engines?
Oil looked good to me.
There's no water in the
fuel tank.
I'm only single engine
and you told me what to look
for and I looked.
This is the best option
that we have.
Well, if the plane is what
she says it is, then...
yeah, I'll make it fly.
All we have to do is survive
the night...
leave at the crack of dawn...
and let this place disappear
in our rearview.
In the meantime, I'm sorry,
but I don't trust you.
I'm not tryin' to cause
but we're gonna be needi"
your weapons.
Well, I hope you can walk
on water, old man...
'cause you're gonna need
a fuckin' miracle...
to make that happen.
Hey, just give 'em the guns,
If it's any consolation,
you will get 'em back.
We'll stick with the deal
that Sam made with you.
We'll give you fuel, ammo,
whatever you need.
But for tonight your ass is
gonna be locked in a cell.
Fuckin', thank you!
Frank, come on,
he gave you his guns.
What if it was a scam?
He works his way in here,
tries to kill us in our sleep...
take everything we have.
But he saved my life.
It is decided.
Let me show you to your room.
You'll have to excuse my old
man. He bleeds blue.
He did prior to this shit
happening, anyways.
He was chief of detectives back
when detectives still mattered.
Then we lose Mom.
My brother Evan becomes one
of those... things.
I guess he kinda lost the plot
a little after that.
There's plenty of that
goin' around.
Yeah, well, the whole world's
gone crazy, right?
So, lemme ask you,
what's crazy in a crazy world?
Do you wanna hold my baby?
Come on, follow me.
So, why don't you guys just
drive straight through?
It's at least three days'
drive to Baja.
With all the families,
the children...
we'd never have lasted
that long on the road.
And if the marauders didn't get
to us, these things would've.
It'd be like ringin' the
dinner bell.
That's why we needed that plane.
This, you know, we really
believed our defenses...
would hold, you know?
Our plan was to wait 'em out,
Figured eventually these
would starve themselves
to death.
Our mistake.
That bigger one I shot
at at the garage?
- The one in the camo?
- Yeah.
He's new... showed up
out of the blue...
maybe two, three weeks ago.
Big son of a bitch, and this
one's a little different...
he... he watches.
We're guessin' he's the one that
led the rest of these things...
to us, 'cause they've been
hittin' us hard...
every night ever since, man.
Gathering like roaches up
at that hotel.
Where's that exactly?
The Baker?
About a mile from here.
It's infested, man.
Listen, pal, my dad's good
on his word, okay?
He'll live up to the deal.
Hey, thanks for bringin'
Sam home safe.
Take a look at the bright side,
you're a lot safer in this cage.
Just keep an eye on him.
I'm sorry about them locking
you up like this.
Hey, what was New York like?
Same as everywhere else,
people dead, dying.
I never got to see it.
I always wanted to.
I was gonna go to law school
and get married...
have kids, all that stuff.
You met Ethan. I was engaged to
his younger brother, Evan.
We were at home when
everything happened.
The news said, "Stay in your
homes, lock your doors...
"you'll be safe there,"
so that's where we were.
Two of them got in and Evan told
me to go to the bathroom...
and lock the door and hide
and that's exactly what I did.
I can remember sitting on the
cold floor and just covering...
my ears like a scared
little kid...
but I could still hear
all this noise...
and then it just stopped...
and when he came in after me,
he wasn't Evan anymore.
He'd forgotten who I was.
If Ethan hadn't showed up,
I'd be dead.
He had to kill his own brother.
Nobody should have to do that,
you know?
Once they turn, it doesn't
matter who they were before.
They'll turn on you... faster
than you could pull the trigger.
How do you think it
all happened?
A lot of speculation on how it
happened, but it doesn't matter.
Pretty obvious how
it's gonna end.
No, there's a survivalist
colony in Baja.
It's... it's in the middle
of the desert.
It's remote, 150 miles
from the nearest anything.
Even as fast as those things
are, they couldn't get to it...
without burning to death first.
Listen to me, it doesn't matter
how much distance...
you put between you and them.
They will find a way.
Then why'd you even come here?
I thought you wanted to get
on that plane.
I never said that.
You know, there's been somethi"
I've been thinkin' a lot about.
Back in the garage, I saw your
face when the door closed.
This moment of recognition
between you and that thing.
You wanna tell me
what that was about?
Yeah, he took somethin'
from me...
and I'm gonna do whatever it
takes to get it back.
Hey. I thought I told you
to watch her.
Watch her do what?
Feed a fake baby a real nipple?
It's okay, get some rest.
I got her.
I could stay if you want,
keep you company.
It's okay, I got her.
All right.
There's only so many cats
left in the world, right?
You're gonna fold eventually.
I got nothin' on four.
- Try three, Chris.
- Nothin'.
- Once more, man.
- There's nothin', man.
Ethan, what do we got?
Dad, I got no feed, man.
I got no cameras. I can't see
anything outside the building.
No garage, no front entrance,
I rigged this thing hard, man.
These mother fuckers took
the cameras out.
What the fuck are they doin'?
Whatever it is, it's not good.
That's up top!
Annabelle, stay here.
I'll be right back.
Quick, babe, quick!
- You okay?
- I'm good.
Chris, get up on the fifth
and find out how they got in...
and then seal it up.
I'm on it.
Fuck me, he's bleeding.
He's bit!
Wait! Wai... it's...
It's okay, Frank.
Frank, we can just cut it off.
I'm sorry, Harker,
it's too late for that, man.
Somebody do something real
fucking quick.
We don't have much time.
I said wait.
Frank, please don't do this in
front of my little girl, okay?
Sophia, I want you to go outside
with Miss Earnesta, okay?
Sophia, Daddy loves you.
Bag him.
Please, everybody, listen up.
The sun burns in four hours,
Everybody rest up and be ready
to go at first light.
Tomorrow, we leave this place,
so rest up.
Open it up.
Okay. We're hot. Striking.
Hold it. Hold it.
Somethin's got a hold of it.
I don't know.
Try it again.
Motor's tryin'. It's engaged,
it just isn't going.
One more time.
Ho, ho, ho.
You're gonna burn the motor out.
What's goin' on?
We gotta go around.
Chris, hold the fort down.
You got it.
- Bish?
- I don't know.
Somethin's bindin' it.
Somethin's got a hold of it.
Holy shit.
So, that's what all the
noise was.
They don't do shit like this.
I'm tellin' ya,
if we don't move them cars...
the garage door ain't even
gonna budge...
with all that weight on it.
Nah, we'll never move enough
of that shit...
to get us outta here before
No, we get caught out in the
open road with all those...
people after dark, then we'll
have every one of those...
things from miles around chasi"
us all the way to the airport.
If we even made it there.
We'll just have to move
what we can today.
Leave first thing in the
This building ain't gonna
last 'til morning.
No. No way.
We move even half of that
shit today...
and they'll just move it right
back when night comes.
And they can do it all in one
night, they can do it all again.
It would take us days
to clear a path...
even if we knew how to do it
and if we had the means.
What we gotta do is get vehicles
from the outside.
Exactly. I mean, we just get
some of those...
load up our shit and be
on our way.
Nah, man, those vehicles
have been rotting...
out there for three years.
Batteries are dead,
tires are dry rotted.
We're never gonna find enough
working vehicles...
to get us outta here by sunset.
There's gotta be a way.
Take out their leader.
I kill that Alpha and the rest
of those fuckin' animals...
will be rippin' each other
apart to take his place.
How do you know that?
Because I've done it before...
and that just might give you
the chance you need...
to get to that plane.
What the hell are you talkin'
about? You wanna go after them?
Attacking those things
is the exact opposite...
of what we need to do.
You know, I'm tryin' to keep
these people alive?
I'm not askin' for any of these
people to go with me.
Well, what exactly are you
askin' for?
Gunpowder, detonators,
You give me the supplies
I need...
and I will hit that den
when they sleep.
I knew it. This guy is gonna
lead us to our grave.
Who the fuck are you...
that we should be listenin'
to you anyway?
And what the hell are you
even doin' in here?
Why don't you shut your fucki"
mouth for once?
So lemme get this straight...
you're gonna make your way down
to the heart of these things...
kill the Alpha on its own
with the hopes of leaving the
other ones distracted...
long enough so we can all hop
in our imaginary cars...
and drive this very real
90-mile trip to Sam's plane?
Cool, just checkin'.
That den, that hotel,
it's 12 stories of darkness...
night and day.
Yeah, they sleep in packs.
Lower levels, basement.
That's where I'll find 'em.
You know where they are...
why don't you just burn the damn
building down?
Yeah, I could... I could torch
the place...
but as soon as one of those
things wakes up and screams...
they'll scatter like roaches.
I have to get the Alpha.
That's all this is about for
you, isn't it? The Alpha.
You wanna get outta here, right?
Fly off to this brave new world?
Well, you give me what I want...
and I'll at least make that
a possibility.
You're not gonna get 25 feet
in that goddamn hotel.
It's a death trap.
You know it and I know it.
You're all runnin' out of time.
You will die if you stay here.
We have no other choice.
We gotta find them vehicles.
This city had two million
people in it.
We can find cars that run.
Chief, it'll never work.
Now, we may find the cars,
we'll never get to that plane
before dark.
We just gotta hang on
a little longer.
What's there to hang on to?
I mean, at least this guy's
got a plan...
that gives us a fighting chance.
Chris, what are you talkin'
What about Madeline?
What about Max?
I already lost one family.
I ain't gonna lose another.
Chief, I'd follow you to Hell
and back, you know that.
But I'm sorry, today you're
He's right, Dad.
We're not gonna make it to
that plane before nightfall.
This could be our only chance.
You wanna go? Go.
You wanna die? Go die.
The rest of us, we got
work to do.
I don't trust Rourke.
Well, let's not forget you're
the one that brought him here...
in the first place, right?
Well, maybe I shouldn't have.
Maybe I was wrong.
Listen, Sam, I know it's all
about startin' over for you...
all right? For all of us.
But we tried, right?
How can you just give up
like this?
What about Frank? I mean, what
about all these people?
They're our family now.
You know, I used to be
a lot like you, Sam...
think that maybe that somehow,
someway we could see this...
through and now, I realize
sacrifices have to be made.
Come on, Sam, we're all
just waitin'...
for the inevitable here right?
The thing is I made a decision.
I don't want one of those
things standin' over me...
when I take my final breath.
I may not be able to beat 'em...
but I'm not gonna sit here
and do nothin' either.
There, is that good?
It's good.
Madeline, now you know
when I found you and Max...
I said I'd look after you.
I'm doin' this for us,
you understand that?
I know.
Come here, young man.
Now you take care of your momma
for me, do ya hear?
Hey, Dad?
You remember when we were kids,
you used to tell Evan and I...
stories about John Hunt Morgan
and his Raiders?
They made it all the way
to Indiana...
and Ohio during the Civil War.
It was the farthest north
any of the Confederates...
had ever traveled.
They drew tens of thousands of
Federals away from their duties.
But the south lost the war
and Morgan and his Raiders...
they were all slaughtered.
Yeah, they were slaughtered,
but not on that day.
Listen, Dad, I know it's been
different since Evan.
I know that.
For what's it's worth...
I want you to know that I'm
sorry that I had to be the one.
Come to see me off?
That's sweet.
See you later, crocodile.
Don't do this, Drew.
Rourke knows what he's doin',
all right? He's got a plan.
Does he?
Kiss me and I'll stay.
I'm serious, Drew.
So was I. See ya.
Up the street is a stop sign
with the center shot out.
It's 300 yards.
Crosswind is comin' in cuttin'
through these buildings...
wreak havoc on my bullets.
So, if you find yourself
in a heap of trouble...
make it back to that marker and
I'll cover you from up top.
Sam, get those people moving.
We gotta find some vehicles.
And Weston, get that front door
camera back online.
Copy that, Chief, I'm on it.
You heard him.
What day is it?
July 27th.
I thought so.
My son's birthday is two days
from now.
I used to send him a card
every year...
but I never heard anything back.
National Guard did all they
could to protect us.
And where we're headin',
this hotel...
they made their last stand
Didn't realize they were
just packin' meat...
in one place like a goddamn
They lasted two days.
Yeah, I wanted to get down
there myself. Hell, we all did.
Luckily, Frank talked me out
of it. Kept us all together.
I remember when Frank brought
Drew in for his DUI...
right when the plague started.
Right, Drew?
Been with us ever since.
Vlad, on the other hand,
we found Vlad wandering...
the city half-naked
and starvin' to death.
You couldn't right a better
story, actually.
Him and his Russian commando
platoon jacked this airliner...
out of Moscow.
Brought it all the way to Miami
and crash landed, right?
Hey, Vlad, man, now you Russians
can fight and drink vodka...
but you can't fly planes?
What's up with that?
Don't worry, buddy.
If I lived in Russia, I'd wanna
get the fuck out, too.
They're gonna be in the deepest,
darkest hole in this place.
The basement.
Exactly, and that's where
we're gonna bury 'em.
Listen, if shit goes south, find
an exit, head towards the light.
You two with the rope, if we get
split up, head to the roof.
We'll rappel from there.
How's it going out there,
people? Any luck?
Nothin' yet.
There's nothing on my end,
either. Earnesta and I split up.
Doesn't look good. This place
is fucked up, man.
Well, why don't you just
kick it up a notch?
We don't find some
we're not gettin' outta here.
You got that?
Copy that.
We set the charges at both
We trap these fuckers down here,
crush 'em and let 'em burn.
And who's gonna put that bomb
on the other exit?
Lemme do it.
I'm serious.
Look, I can do this.
I wanna do it.
No pressure, but it's all
up to you.
Just don't fuck it up, okay?
Come on.
Not a sound.
Go! Go!
Where's Chris?
I said, "Where's Chris?"
It's over.
What? What the fuck are you
talkin' about?
What's over, Vlad? What?
It's fuckin' over. Go.
What the fuck are you
talkin' a...
Fuck! Shit!
I think they're goin' after
Chris, it's Ethan, do you copy?
Chris, it's Ethan, do you copy?
CHRIS I'm here, man,
but I'm in bad fuckin' shape.
Those things are right outside
my door...
and they're gonna get in.
Okay, listen to me. Stay put.
We may have a way to find you.
Just stay where you are.
Nah, it's too late.
Now you just tell Max and
Madeline I love 'em.
No, you hold tight, Chris. I'm
comin' to get you, you hear me?
But you're gonna need my rope.
I think I'm just below you.
I'm gonna try.
Listen, when that sun
comes down...
those fuckers are gonna be
on us again, man.
We need the rope.
We need the fuckin' rope!
Chris has the rope.
I think he's right beneath us.
Hey, wait a minute.
This thing's been after you
the whole time, right?
It's after you.
Hey, you want me? Come on!
Come on, mother fucker!
Let's go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
I'm out!
We'll hook up on that ladder.
What's the problem? We gotta go.
I ain't goin' anywhere.
Chris got me.
What are friends for, right?
Man, come on.
Come on, take a look at this,
I think I'm gonna be sick.
I tell you something.
There is a bright side.
At least I don't get eaten
by one of those things.
Rest easy, brother.
Come on, come on, come on.
Frank. Frank.
Frank, we got one. We got a car.
That a girl. Come on back
here right now.
I'll be right there.
Looks like you weren't
the only one...
able to find a ride, princess.
It's not enough.
- What are you talkin' about?
- I mean, it's not enough.
We've got close
to 40 people here.
All right, well, fuck that.
It'll take whoever we can take.
It's every man for himself
right now.
Why the hell'd you even come
back here, then?
Because I can't fly a goddamn
plane. Vince, get in the car.
- Come on, get in the car.
- You're a piece of shit, Dugan.
Vince, come on, let's go.
Let's get the fuck outta here!
Dugan, you piece of shit,
he's not gettin' in the car.
Come on, Vince. I'm not
Holy shit.
Now we're talkin'.
Vince. Vince, come on.
Think we all fit now, asshole.
Anybody need a ride?
Yeah, baby!
Take them get inside!
Come on!
Go! Come on!
We gotta go! Chief, now!
No, Max! Max! Max!
No, Max! Max! Max!
Let's go!
Max! Max!
Madeline, let's go!
Come on, come on, come on.
Wait, Jacob! Jacob!
Come on!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
They're comin', help us!
Where is my husband?
You got 'em all killed,
didn't you?
I didn't ask anybody to go
with me.
You should be layin' out
there with 'em!
My son would be here right now
if it hadn't been for you.
We're all on borrowed time,
old man.
At least he had the fucki"
guts to go with me.
- Hey.
- Chief, no!
Goddamn it!
Shut up! Just shut up,
both of you!
All right, nobody's plan worked!
Damn you.
We gotta figure this out
or we're all gonna fucking
die here!
Then what the hell are we
gonna do?
We can't fight all these
goddamn things!
I shot that Alpha three times,
right in the chest.
He just kept comin'.
- Maybe you missed.
- I didn't miss!
That thing's just different than
the others. It just won't die.
Everything dies.
Piece of shit!
My God.
Man, they're everywhere.
Never gonna get past that many.
Shit! Look! Fuckin' Dugan.
What the hell's he doing?
He's tryin' to make a run
for it.
He won't last 30 seconds
out there.
Yeah, not a chance& and we're
gonna use him.
As bait?
What do ya say, old man?
Those things will be
back here soon.
You ready to make that stand?
Those are your people out there.
They need you.
Ain't no secret I don't like
losin' a fight.
Never have, never will.
Not to nobody. Not to nothin'.
Especially when it's somethin'
really worth fightin' for...
and that's what this fight is
all about, people, survival.
So, it's really quite simple,
If we hold the line tonight,
all these people will live.
If we don't, if we fail,
they'll all die.
He's right.
If you want these people
to survive, it's up to you.
Make it count.
We'll see each other again,
Yeah, thanks for sticking
Your Katie? What was she like?
She was perfect.
She was everything.
And the Alpha killed her?
It turned her.
I couldn't leave her like that.
Wait. I wanna stay.
Lemme help you.
If we don't make it
out of here...
those people are gonna need
somebody, somebody to lead them.
Somebody with hope.
It's all right, we're good
to go, baby. Okay?
I'm sorry.
I love you!
You're not comin' with us,
are you?
There's still more of 'em
out there.
But you killed it.
You killed the Alpha.
Isn't that what you wanted?
Hang on to that hope, Sam.
# Now that I'm back again #
# Wasn't what I would call myself #
Let's go, Vince.
All right.
# Model blind by the
water's edge #
# I was born down #
# On fire cool life away #
# Disappear on blackest day #
# Cannot fear
on a wounded face #
# I was born down #
# And I will run from no one #
# I will burn brighter
than the sun #
# They want him down
They want him down #
# They want him down
I was born down #