Daytime Nightmare (2020) Movie Script

Where am I?
What's going on?
I don't understand.
"Kill Lucy."
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy.
I'm not crazy.
Oh my God, that's so beautiful.
Oh my God,
I hope I'm not too late.
No, the teacher
is not here yet, you're good.
-And I'm Amy.
- I'm Lucy.
- Nice to meet you.
I'm so excited
about these classes.
-I'm not sure what to expect.
Have you been doing this before?
No, actually,
it's my first time as well.
But don't worry.
From what I've heard,
you just listen
and you'll do fine.
Oh, that's great.
Oh yeah,
yeah, it's beautiful.
Welcome, everybody.
I am Mr. Shaw.
You may call me Mr. Shaw.
Now, first things first.
Rule number one of the theater.
You are here
to do your very best work
at all times.
We're going to begin
with some warm-up exercises
for each of you.
And after that,
we'll read
the script to our play
and break it down together.
You and you, up here.
Okay, each of you, grab a chair.
Now face them
towards each other,
again, about one meter apart.
what you're going to do here,
is you're going to describe
each other.
Use your powers of perception,
attention to detail.
All right, Lucy, you start.
You have, um...
black hair...
...perfectly shaped nose.
deep, beautiful blue eyes--
Look, I don't need to know
what you like or what you don't.
I just want to know
what you see.
I mean, come on.
Perfectly shaped nose?
Perfectly shaped for what, Lucy?
Just tell me what you see.
you have blue jeans...
blue shirt...
muscular arms...
and manly hands.
Chris, your turn.
So, Lucy...
you have very...
shiny, brown...
silky, smooth hair.
Your eyes are blue,
pink lips.
Just a charming, cute,
beautiful aura surrounding you.
Okay, um...
yeah, not-- not so terrible
for a first time.
All right?
Uh, you were way too subjective.
But, yeah, not so bad.
All right, have a seat.
Okay. And Katie, get up here.
That was awesome.
You could cut the tension
between you two with a knife.
-Was it that obvious?
My first exercise
was with such a cute guy.
Oh, lucky girl.
...sing the song
one syllable at a time.
On breath,
inhaling deeply
from the diaphragm.
All right?
Now, let's say the song is
"Happy Birthday," whatever.
One syllable at a time,
that means,
And while you're doing this...
look at the audience.
Look at one of them
right in the eyes.
Look them up and down.
And the essential part,
register your emotion.
What feelings
are coursing through you.
Okay, that about
wraps it up for the day.
For our next session, uh,
I expect you to have
your scene partners pre-chosen
and read, read,
read your scripts.
If you can be off-book,
I will be so happy.
Until then...
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
All right, see you.
there's this bar
on the beach with a pool.
We can grab some drinks.
It's quite close.
Okay, now,
that is an excellent idea.
I mean, come on,
we're gonna be working together
for a long time.
We ought to get to know
each other better.
In fact,
-this is Lucy.
Lucy, this is Ryan.
This is John.
This is Katie.
And this is Chris.
Oh, I think
you two have already met.
Hey, calm down.
So let's get going.
Um, yeah, I'm-- I'm down.
I have a day off tomorrow, so.
- Come on!
- Let's go! She's going.
Club hop.
That was a good experience,
- What?
- I think I'm the winner.
-Red wine.
-Thanks, Amy. Cheers, guys.
Nice to see everybody.
-You are a funny guy, right?
What was that today about?
Uh, grabbing the balls?
Oh, yeah. Trying to, you know,
break the ice a little bit.
Everybody was pretty serious
and a little tight.
Yeah, and I think
it worked pretty good.
- I think it did, yeah.
- Yeah.
So, what do you guys
do for a living?
tell everybody what you do.
That's actually
how we met at the gym.
I, uh, teach young adults
sparring sometimes.
And, uh, if they're good,
some, uh, competition.
Nice, nice.
You have to show us some moves.
I never met anyone
who is a martial artist.
Yeah, now you've got no choice.
You know, we all wanna see it.
- Yes.
- Show us what you got.
All right, well,
my pants is a little tight,
but, uh, let's start.
- No problem.
- Okay.
Let's see this.
You can do it.
You got it.
Here we go.
Wow! Oh!
Oh damn!
That's all right.
It was nice man,
are you okay?
Oh, man.
- Hey, you are a badass.
- Yeah.
I'm happy to have you
on the team.
What about you, Amy?
Oh, I'm a nurse.
You know, nothing interesting
about cleaning up
shit and piss all day.
And now divorced, um,
but enjoying freedom
and new beginnings.
Yay me.
And I am a vegan.
I love everything organic.
I work
in this tiny restaurant shop,
uh, where we sell
all the goodies.
You would love
my beautiful muffins.
Uh, more of a steak guy myself.
But, um,
so what I do for a living,
I do graphic design.
Pretty boring, I know.
My dream is actually
to work full-time in theater.
So, let's see where it takes me.
That's nice.
And I'm a teacher.
I love those little bastards.
But my dream
is becoming an actress one day.
- Well, what can you do?
- Amy?
-You wanna enjoy your freedom?
-Go ahead.
- Jump.
- Yes.
Yeah, why not?
Okay, I'll go
if you'll come with me.
Ah, there we go, there we go.
- Now we're talking.
- There we go.
You wanna do
the sing class together?
-Yeah, of course.
- I would love to.
- I can't wait.
Yeah, me too.
Come on, guys.
Let's go the beach.
Blend in with the fish.
-Lucy, let's go.
Such a gentleman.
Hey, Sara, Sara, Sara.
-How are you doing?
It's all right.
My day was amazing. And yours?
-Oh, it was good, yeah.
Do you wanna have
some wine with me?
-Okay, be right back.
She's so inspiring.
I wanna be like her one day.
Stand on the stage.
What are you working on?
Just another design.
It's really nice.
Would you like to model for me,
since you're an actress now?
You never know.
I might get into modeling.
The people I met today...
they're so chilled
and open-minded.
Feels like a whole new dimension
just opened up to me.
-Can I play with your hair?
How about that guy
who dropped you off?
Is he cool as well?
He's, like, the nicest guy ever.
You are the nicest.
Beautiful as ever.
Your wine?
Good morning.
-Hey, good morning.
-How are you?
-How did you sleep?
I made fresh coffee,
would you like to have some?
Oh, yeah, sure. I'd love to.
Oh, you've got some
of my lipstick on you.
Oh, really?
-There you go.
So, do you wanna do
something tonight?
We are gonna hang out
after the class.
You can join if you want.
Um, sure, maybe.
Actually, I might stay
at the studio later, so.
-I'll see how I feel, yeah.
I have a headache.
Well, I'm off.
-See you later.
I'll be offering some direction
as you run through your scene.
And so, if you're ready, begin.
All right.
-You ready?
I don't love you.
Since when?
Since now.
I don't wanna do this anymore.
I love you.
It's all that matters.
I made up my mind. Goodbye.
No, no, no, no, no, uh...
you're too rigid.
It's-- it's like
you're nervous or something.
Try to be in the moment,
and you need to know
why your characters say
what they say.
Okay, fine. I love someone else.
I knew it.
You knew?
I needed to hear it from you.
Why would you want that?
So I could see in your eyes
whether you're telling the truth
or not.
Well, now you know. It's true.
Are you happy now?
You said
we'd be together forever.
It's been two years
talking about engagements
already, and now...
now this?
I'm sorry.
Sorry doesn't mean anything.
You know, my mom died...
You're literally
the last one I have.
Okay, uh,
finally some good acting
out of you.
Only one thing.
You haven't read
the fucking script have you?
Why would you add
the bit about your father dying?
Your father's in the next scene.
Finish your scene breakdown
at home.
Next scene.
Come on, get on stage.
All right.
Okay, guys.
Uh, before we get
into your scene work,
let's try
a little improvisation.
Ryan, you are a drug dealer
who wants to pimp out
your girlfriend.
Katie, you are a woman
who's dating a drug dealer
that wants to pimp you out.
Okay? Begin.
I'm breaking up with you.
That's really bad.
All the sunsets we had together.
I don't give a shit.
Just pay me 25 bucks, yeah?
-You owe it to me.
No, Katie, use the upstage hand.
So what you gonna do now?
I wanna teach disabled children.
Huh? Teach them prostitution?
Upstage hand.
Oh, shit.
I break your face.
Uh, I'm pregnant.
That's great. How many months?
Three months.
You can still fuck
for three more months.
Upstage hand.
Mr. Shaw.
I'm dizzy.
Fine, fine, okay, um...
well, that was interesting.
Uh, Katie, good smile.
- Guys.
- What?
I have bad news.
-The bar's closed today.
What shall we do?
How about
we come over to my place?
I have plenty of everything.
- Sounds good.
- Awesome.
So, your place tonight, that's--
You did an amazing job today.
Thanks. You did too.
are you coming or what?
Yeah, sure.
Shaw was
pretty intense today.
-I know.
-What do you guys think?
I was a bit nervous
about the class today.
Never done anything like that.
Amy, you want wine?
Uh, you don't have to ask.
do you guys
wanna play "I have never"?
- Yeah, of course.
- Okay, yeah.
I gotta warn you, I play dirty.
I know you.
So, who wants to go first?
Okay, I wanna start.
I have never, uh, kissed a girl.
- Oh, come on.
- Everyone has.
The girls also. Okay.
Okay, let's do something
a little bit more hardcore.
Um, I have...
never had a threesome.
Um, I once, uh, met a guy,
and turns out
he was
in a long-term relationship.
And, um, yeah,
it was
a very interesting experience.
But I'm probably
never gonna do it again.
- Oh!
- Fair enough.
Well, I was with a man...
...and a woman.
And let's just say
things were slightly awkward
with, uh, "Hey, you wanna,
or who wanna do what?"
It's like, oh my God.
A lot of moving pieces.
Yeah, yeah. Literally, yeah.
Anyway, it was a disaster.
Amy, what about you?
Oh, um--
Okay, I-- I have never...
had sex with my boss.
Really? You seems so innocent.
Naughty girl.
One time I was late for work
and the boss called me
into his office
and he was like,
"Blah, blah, blah."
I was like, "Blah, blah."
And then I realized
he fancied me.
- And I kind of fancied him too.
- Okay, well.
So, we had a fling
for about a week.
- Oh!
- Yeah, and then I quit.
I hated that job, anyway.
There you go.
I'm going to get some snacks.
Be right back, yeah?
- Let me help you.
- Okay.
Hidden talents.
That's pretty funny.
- Right?
- Yeah.
All right, yeah, I have.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm Sara.
Hey, I'm Chris. How you doing?
You wanna hang out with us?
Um... no, it's--
it's okay, I'm fine.
-I'm gonna go to my room I've--
-I've got some stuff to do, so.
Okay, then.
Um, sorry. I'll be right back.
All right.
-What's wrong?
Obviously something.
Well, I didn't expect
a full house of friends.
I think it's nice
that we finally have
some people over.
-This house is so empty and--
-We are here.
What's wrong with you today?
Why are you so bitchy?
I can't have my own friends?
So I'm not your friend anymore.
I did not say that.
I meant, like,
new friends, other people.
Why are you twisting my words?
I know exactly what you mean.
You know what,
why don't you just go
and go to your own friends?
Jesus, you're so mean.
You are being mean.
-Now go.
Close the door behind you.
Lucy, what's wrong?
Everything is fine.
She just had a long day
or something.
-You sure?
Let's bring these to the guys.
They must be starving.
All right.
-You sure you're okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine. Yeah.
Hey, everybody.
- That's pretty good.
- Thank you.
Bye. Thank you.
- Thank you. Bye-bye.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
-See you at the boat trip.
-See you at the boat trip.
-Bye, guys.
This day was amazing.
See you later, okay?
Oh, bye.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
I thought
they would never leave.
What bothers you so much?
The fact that I have friends,
or that I'm following my dreams?
You call them friends? Really?
Do you actually know
how small are the chances
of you becoming an actress?
Well, that's why
I am at least trying.
If I do nothing,
I will never know.
It feels good to know
that there's something more
out there in my future.
You wanna have a future?
Focus on your damn job.
I don't wanna be
a fucking teacher
for the rest of my life.
And I don't wanna be hiding
behind the closed door like you.
Suffering artist full of pain.
That's how I create.
That's my job.
Now who is being mean?
Now you know how it feels.
-Good night.
Good night.
Good morning.
Do you wanna have
some scrambled eggs?
So you are not gonna
talk to me now?
Oh, come on.
We said things we didn't mean.
So you did not mean it?
No, of course, not.
Okay, fine.
Let's just leave it behind us.
I have terrible headache.
Mmm. Wait.
-What is it?
-Here. It'll help you.
-Keep 'em.
Thanks for the eggs.
Mmm, I gotta go.
-Enjoy your day off.
It's not going to end well.
What's not going to end well?
Wake up. Wake up.
This is not real.
Am I late?
[seagulls squawking
what an amazing boat.
-I can't wait to get divorced.
Well, I have to
get married first.
Yeah, well,
at least something good
came out of the divorce.
- Did you say something?
- No, I didn't.
I just thought...
Never mind.
What do you think?
Huh? Seriously?
-Oh, here's the sunscreen.
Do you wanna have
some sunscreen?
Yeah, sure.
Let's join the girls outside.
Have some fun.
Sure. Fine.
I'll be right there.
Okay, thanks.
-Who wants one?
-Oh, me.
-You first.
Here you go.
- Hey, Amy.
- Yeah.
You know your boobs look
way bigger from up here.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, right.
If I was a camera man
I would do the top shots.
Well, thank you
for the compliment.
Don't move. Don't move.
-Stay right there.
-All right.
-Straight to the point.
-Cheers, ladies.
-Cheers, girls.
I need to get drunk.
I mean, like, properly.
-And I need a man.
-Tell me more.
Who? Is it Chris?
Oh, God, I knew it.
It is so obvious.
I think there is this connection
between me and Chris.
But maybe I'm just imagining it.
No, no, definitely not.
-I-- it's so obvious.
You should go for it.
Okay. Hmm.
Actually, I want to talk to you
about something.
You know, I have been living
with Sara for a very long time
and we also have been
friends for many years.
But now
we are two different people
and our paths have separated.
I was thinking to change a job,
move somewhere else,
but I don't know
how she's gonna take it.
Well, you can totally
stay with me.
Well, I mean,
I've got spare room and,
um, I'd love to help you
with a new start.
Well, thanks, Amy.
I would love to.
-It'll be exciting.
Party time.
- Let's go.
- Let' do.
-Oh, Jesus!
- Oh, yeah.
- Hey. Hey, sexy captain, eh?
I'm sorry, dude.
I don't swing that way.
I'm straight,
but thanks for the offer.
-I'm just joking, man.
-Hey, guys, look.
- One day we look back--
- Hmm.
You know?
Yes. Yeah, let's have
a drink, man.
Hey, man, I have got
some of this e-cigarette.
It's good?
You bastards.
-Let me see that thing.
-Hey, suck harder, man.
It's a freaking USB card.
You bastards.
Hey, I'll be right back.
You guys enjoy.
Have some more drinks.
Oh, hey.
The ocean's never-ending.
Kind of like life.
Full of surprises.
Somebody's getting
inspired or drunk.
Maybe a bit of both.
-You like surprises?
-I do.
I wanna stay here
forever and ever and ever.
- And never go back.
- Screw reality.
Girls, let's go
back to the boat.
Come on, Lucy.
Let's go.
Are you okay?
Don't fucking talk to me,
you bitch.
let's go back to the boat.
Come on, Lucy.
Let's go.
Just go without me.
I will be right there.
-There you are.
-You scared me.
I was looking for you
Just wanting to have
a moment to myself.
What's wrong? Talk to me.
I think
there's something wrong with me.
Why would you say that?
-You're perfect the way you are.
I mean, like,
I'm not feeling well.
I have these terrible nightmares
or something.
Maybe you should take a break
from your acting classes.
No, I don't wanna take a break.
I think I need to see a doctor.
I am gonna go away for, um--
for a little while.
Please follow me.
Do you work a lot?
Have a lot of hobbies,
do excessive amounts
of activities?
Yeah, I guess so.
As every other person my age.
Well, I've found
nothing wrong with you.
Do you have a family history
of schizophrenia?
Yes, my grandmother had it.
What does it have to do with me?
Just a routine question.
Okay. Well...
...I have nightmares.
Do you have something for it?
Here, buy this.
Take a few days off of work.
Nightmares are usually caused by
extensive stress, overworking.
And after a few days,
if you don't feel any better,
come back here
and we'll take it from there.
Aren't these painkillers
for headaches?
They will help you relax.
You seem sad. Why is that?
I just had very weird
past few days.
How weird? Sorry.
Hope you don't mind me asking.
No, it's okay. You can ask.
It's nightmares...
but also during the day.
Like daymares.
You know,
I believe dreams mean something.
Think about
what happens in your dream.
Maybe you'll find your answer.
What if you die in your dream?
I think there's something
negative in your life
worrying you
and you need to
find out what that is.
At least that's what
my father used to say.
I'll think about it.
Here we are.
Are you sure
this is the right location?
This is the location
you gave me, ma'am.
Would you like
to go somewhere else?
No, it's fine.
Chris, can you look at me?
Say something.
I think there's something
negative in your life
worrying you,
and you need to find out
what that is.
At least that's what
my father used to say.
Here we are.
I just changed my mind.
Please take me home.
Okay, ma'am.
this empty existence.
Get out! Leave me alone!
Hi, Chris.
Hey, Lucy. What's up?
I'm so sorry
to call you this late,
but could you please come over
to my house?
Yeah, sure.
No problem at all.
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
- Okay, bye.
- Okay, bye.
- Hi, Chris.
- Hey.
-Thank you so much for coming.
-What's going on?
I'm so sorry to wake you up
in the middle of the night,
but I woke crazy.
Don't be sorry.
It's not that late.
This is gonna sound weird.
It's okay. We can talk.
I have
these terrible nightmares.
But they're different.
What do you mean different?
They feel so real.
Everyone has nightmares.
I don't know what is real
and what is my imagination?
Don't worry.
Everything's gonna be all right.
-Are you really here?
Of course, I'm here. Look at me.
You can feel me, right?
Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
I wanna leave this house.
You will.
You will.
What are you doing here?
What do you mean?
Coming back home. What else?
You said you'll be gone
for a few days.
No, I didn't. I never said that.
Yes, you did.
And you also sent me a message
to meet you somewhere.
Are you crazy?
I never said--
I'm not crazy.
Don't call me crazy.
And where is Chris?
What are you talking about?
- Chris.
- Chris?
He was just here with me.
You are out of your mind.
I'm not out of my mind.
Don't tell me what I am.
I have enough of you.
Lucy. Lucy.
Lucy. Open up the door.
Lucy. Lucy.
Where are you going?
Are you leaving?
Look, I don't wanna stay
in this house anymore.
I'm going mad in here.
- So, you wanna leave me?
- What?
I can go anywhere I want.
Stop fucking controlling me
all the time.
So sorry
for what I said before.
Let's come down
and talk about it.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Let me go!
Please, don't leave me.
Please, don't go.
What are you doing?
See, you fucking lunatic!
It's not going to end well
if you leave.
Please tell me this is not
what you gave me
for my headaches.
What are you doing?
You really thought
you could replace me
with those nobodies?
Are you fucking kidding me?
If you don't wanna be with me,
you can't be with anyone!
What are you doing?
No! No, no!
What's your emergency?
- Hello?
- Please stay calm.
Please help me.
Can you give me
your location?
She just tried to kill herself.
Can you give me
your location?
Ma'am, I need you
to stay on the line with me.
Can you tell me what's going on?
Hello? Are you there?
Are you still there?
Ma'am? Hello?
I was dreaming
about this moment all my life.
And my dream became reality.
Everything I have done
until now...
led to this exact moment.
And here I am...
so blessed to be
in front of all of you.
Keep dreaming
and never forget those
who you met on your path.
Thank you very much.
It is time for a pill,
I don't need any pills today.
I feel much better now.
Oh, don't worry, sweetheart.
I promise you,
you're gonna feel
so much better.
Why are you following me?
Stop following me!
Die, you bitch!
It's time for a pill,
I know
what are you trying to do.
Try to kill me!
-Get out! Get out! Get out!
-What? Lucy! Lucy, stop!
-Get out! Get out!
-Stop it! Stop, this is crazy!
No one is trying to kill you.
No one is trying
to kill you, Lucy.
Get out! Get out!
, get the sedatives!
get the sedatives, now!
-Get out! Get out!
-Stop it! Lucy, this is madness!
Stop it!
No one is trying to hurt you.
No one is trying to kill you.
Come on. Give it to her.
Quickly. Quickly.
Quickly. Quickly.
This way, please.
Lucy's not doing so good.
I had to give her
a strong medication just now.
I think that we can proceed
to the documents we discussed.
Insurance purposes, and, um...
admissions procedures.
I was hoping
it wouldn't come to this.
Where should I sign?
You said that
you were her partner, correct?
Yes, correct.
Right there.
Can I see her?
She's calm.
Where am I?
What's going on?
I don't understand.
Huh? "Kill Lucy."
I don't belong here.
Get me out!
Get me out! Get me out!
I told you to listen to me.
would've been different.
You look as beautiful as ever.
Told you
to listen to me.
would've been different.
This is not happening.
I'm not crazy.
Can you hear me? I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy! I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
We create
our own reality.
It's up to you to choose yours.