DC Showcase: Catwoman (2011) Movie Script

Here, kitty, kitty.
- Got it.
- Are you sure?
Oh, yeah. And if we've missed, it
would have died from the fall, right?
- Is it dead?
- Sure, Roughcut.
Better be sure.
Now, why you made Roughcut
been after you?
Hmm, I don't suppose you can tell
me where do you got this?
The boat will be docked in about 20.
You gonna be here?
I'm gonna make a stop first.
Don't wait for me.
Just get 'it' up.
Roughcut's back.
What did he give?
He must have been smuggling diamonds again.
That guy would smuggle his own mama.
You know Maggie got
one of these last week.
You heard from her?
You ladies,
looks like you could use a break.
This is new.
She's like that Catwoman broad,
in the papers.
Something I can do for you, pussycat?
I'm looking for the owner of this.
Never seen it before.
Take a closer look.
Hey! That's my bike.
Where's the boat?
It's coming in now.
I thought you won't gonna be here.
Just get that load out, now!
Yeah, took her rough.
Freakin' broad think she
could mess with me?
You're smuggling more than diamonds
aren't you, Roughcut?
Something far more precious.
A little kitty told me.
And you wanna a piece, is that it?
OK, keep your mouth shut.
And I cut you in ten percent.
I'll do the cutting here.
- Go back!
- Look out!
Holly, take care of yourself, Selina
- Why do you never listen to me?
- Sorry, Selina.
I really was leaving town.
I just needed some travelling money.