DC Showcase: The Spectre (2010) Movie Script

Mornin', Mr. Brenner.
Enjoyed your latest picture?
Thank you, Deandre.
When most people
think of L.A.,
they think of the bright lights
and glamour in Hollywood.
But those lights
cast dark shadows.
Shadows that hide even
darker secrets.
My name is Corrigan,
I'm a cop.
And I have a few secrets
of my own.
No, I didn't see anyone suspicious.
Stay in the area now,
we have sealed the crime scene.
Yes sir, no sign of explosives.
We're running a trace of the residues.
You weren't assigned to this case,
What gives?
Don't worry Brice,
I won't take credit.
Got a call from a friend.
Thank God you're here.
They killed my father,
- They killed him.
- We'll find out who did this.
Can you think of anyone
who would want your father dead?
Dad had as many enemies
as he did fans.
Everybody was jealous of him.
- Did you see anything...
- Flemming.
I've been in Mr. Brenner's employ
for over 20 years.
- You didn't answer my question.
- See anything?
Besides the terrible aftermath,
I believe the security camera
caught something.
Brenner have any enemies?
As many as any successful man.
Any reason altercations come to mind?
There were set long-time collaborators
that Mr. Brenner...
...did not use on his latest film.
They were quite upset.
I'm gonna need some names.
Who is there?
I said who's there?!
Didn't expect to see
me again, did you, Flynn?
You're dead.
- We killed...
- Killed me?
All because you got
cut out of a job.
That was worth my life?
Who are you?!
I am vengeance.
I am The Spectre.
This is impossible!
In the land beyond the living,
all things are possible.
Get you ass in here!
Just what do you think
you're doing, Corrigan?
Working a case, Captain.
You know, my job.
The Brenner murder
isn't your case...
just because you had
a thing with his daughter.
It's Detective Brice's.
How about you looking to
whoever's knocking-off our suspects?
Come again?
One of Hollywood's top
special effects guys...
was found squashed like a freakin' bug
this morning.
And he was on Brice's
suspect list.
I'll look into it.
And then you should tell Brice
to work faster.
- Peter McCoy.
- What the hell?!
Only a guilty man flees,
Peter McCoy.
Get away from me!
As you wish. But you will
never escape your fate.
- I'm so glad you came.
- What's going on, Amy?
Just this.
We always had something,
didn't we?
Once upon a time,
Run away with me, Jim.
We through anywhere.
Be together.
like this, forever.
You're good kid.
Your daddy shoulda let you
star in his movies.
- What do you mean?
- You're not going anywhere, baby.
Your father's death
was an inside job.
Wasn't just a lucky guess
when the killers punched in the...
security code,
you gave it to 'em.
The real connection
is the money.
All them bills.
Should be easy to trace
under your account.
Jim, I'm rich now.
You'll love me.
We can be together.
No dice.
I coulda given you
the world.
I left this world
a long time ago.
You can't kill
a dead man.
The guilty must be punished
for their crimes.
there isn't a hell of a lot of satisfaction
in my job.
It's hard watching talented,
beautiful people...
throw their lives away
for nothing.
But this is a town
where fame and fortune...
too easily bring out the worst
in people.
When that happens,
I'm here to avenge.
As my secret...
I am The Spectre.