DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis (2018) Movie Script

It was a quiet day
in the village.
When all of a sudden
a menacing shadow
loomed over the valley.
Jumpa, you dastardly villain.
You will pay for your crimes,
Jumpa of the Kangas!
Princess Wonder Woman
will make sure of that!
Siren, Siren,
are we there yet?
We will be soon, if you'll
create a current for us, Mera.
But I'm tired.
We've been running
ever since Xebel.
Now that you have that magic
book, can we slow down?
I promised you that
I would give you a home.
This book will help us get
the trident of Atlantis
which controls the ocean.
With it, we'll never want
for anything again.
But can't we just ask the King of
Atlantis if we can live there?
You're so sweet,
but they'd never take us in.
They'd be scared of you
with your powers over water.
- They'd take you away from me.
- No!
The faster we can get there,
the sooner we'll have
a home together.
Ready, Storm?
Hang on, Siren.
Stop, Mera.
This is the trench.
I wanna try something
I read in the book.
From the sea
my army will rise.
Siren, you're hurting the ocean.
You can't escape
my cap of justice.
- What's wrong?
Seas, be calmed.
Jumpa, warn Mom.
I'm a warrior.
I have to fight.
Stay back, water girl,
or else... Or else.
Be calmed! It's not working.
Siren, you have to stop it.
Shut the book!
MERA: Who's that?
- We have to...
- A surface dweller.
Probably trying to stop us
from getting the trident.
Trench, get her!
- Please, come with me.
- Leave me alone!
You belong to the sea now,
Wanna bet?
The Book of Legends!
My spells, my power!
Diana, Diana.
Wake up, Diana.
Mom, Jumpa, in the ocean.
There are monsters!
Ah, Princess. You're all right.
Don't be scared.
There aren't any monsters, see.
Get your cape on
And let's take flight
We can be who we like
Get your cape on
Now's the time
Step into the light
Save the world from crime
Get your cape on
Sometimes we're stuck
Thought to be ordinary
So we hide inside
And we lock it up
We lose ourselves,
think we're not enough
There's some kryptonite
And sometimes we fall
But we get back up
and put up a fight
Get your cape on
And let's take flight
We can be who we like
Get your cape on
Now's the time
Save the world from crime
Get your cape on
We're DC Super Hero Girls
All right, students.
It's oral report day.
- First up?
- Oh, oh!
Thank you, Comissioner Gordon.
For my project,
I wanted to identify this book
that I uncovered on my
archaeology abroad tour.
BOTH: The Book of Legends.
Oh, my Hera, don't touch it.
- Que?
I don't believe it.
Raven, is it from
the underworld, or something?
The underworld wishes they had
something like the Book of Legends.
You know, since
it's the most powerful
magic manual ever created.
Bats, put that down!
Everyone, evacuate the area.
Form a perimeter
and call the authorities.
Um, Commissioner Gordon,
you are the authorities.
(SIGHS) Sorry.
But I don't tolerate
evil things in my classroom.
The book isn't "evil" evil,
it's powerful.
Cool in the right hands,
but in the wrong hands,
watch out, world.
May I be excused from class,
so that I can work on a plan
to protect this book
from ever entering villainous
hands and contributing
to the total destruction
of the known universe?
- Me too.
- And me.
Please, Dad?
All right, you're excused.
Ah, kids these days, always
running off to save the world.
Supergirl, bring the heat.
How's it looking
in there, Bumblebee?
No one will be able
to crack this safe.
We have super strength
and we have super tech.
All we need now
is a little magic.
Hiya, new girl.
When I asked you if you wanted
the Harley Quinn-tessentials
Super Hero High tour,
you said, "maybe later."
Guess what, it's later.
Maybe later-er.
Tomorrow is good for me.
But we'll wanna avoid
the boys dorm.
Taco Tuesday equals
major P-U-esday.
I was thinking February 30th.
Hi, Raven.
We could use your help
securing the Book of Legends.
Here is the vault.
Since it's a magic book,
I figure only those with magic
powers will come after it.
If we layer
some magic protection
onto Batgirl's technology,
it'll be unbreakable.
Hmm, I don't know,
my magic's
a little unpredictable.
I'll try to give you guys
what you want.
Pow. Hi-tech
super powered vault on.
Try it, Supergirl.
burglary attempt detected.
Whoa! Nice work, Batgirl.
I wish I had mad
tech skills like that.
Oh, please, Krypton kid,
flight, strength,
heat vision, X-ray vision.
I'd love to have
just one of those.
- Azarath...
- Hey, Ravarino!
I was gonna pencil in
our appointment
and much to my surprise
there's no Feb 30.
Harley, I'm in the middle
of something.
I have to concentrate.
You got it.
My lips are zipped.
My kisses corked,
my face non-flappin'.
- Watch out!
Storm, I was going
to use that for dinner.
So we could have seaweed
surprise for the millionth time?
Someone woke up on the wrong
side of the clam shell.
I'm sick of scavenging.
I want feasts and banquets.
That was pretty good.
Your magic fooled Storm
that time.
It's easy to fool a fool.
My illusions are still weak.
No matter how hard
I work at it.
The Book of Legends.
It's been activated.
For years, I cast every spell
I knew to find it,
but its power had been hidden.
Now, it calls to me.
We must reclaim my book.
With that book's help
we'll finally have our home.
The home
my sweet sister deserves.
But I need you
to do your part,
so we can reclaim it
from the surface.
What if the bad people
who live there catch us?
We can't let those
wicked land-walkers
have the power of the book.
You won't have
to face them alone.
Stay here, buddy.
We have a book to get.
I feel like I got hit with exactly
1,937 volts of electricity.
Nice and easy... Whoa!
Whoa, whoa!
What sorta
super prankification
is being pulled here?
I deduce that Raven's magic
swapped our powers.
ALL: Raven!
(GASPS) No, no, no...
No, no, no, no, no.
Where are you off to
in such a rush, pally?
What about our tour?
I can't be your friend.
I have Supergirl's powers.
And I have the urge
to reprogram Oracle
to recognize
my voice commands,
run a complete system's
overhaul in my spaceship
and eat an entire rhubarb pie?
You have my powers,
except for that pie thing.
We have to find a way to get
your regular powers back.
Raven should be able
to reverse it.
- No way.
- Yeah, what she said.
I have some
super flying to do.
- Let's go, Supergirl.
Whoa, whoopsie.
Don't drop me. I'm fragile.
That was weird.
BATGIRL: I heard that.
Hi, Commish.
Hey, Dad.
(GASPS) 227 miles per hour.
Can you believe
Supergirl and Batgirl?
Ew! It's wet.
Where's that
water coming from?
- (GASPS) The book!
- The book?
I feel it. The book is here.
- You!
- You know them?
Just hand the book over
and nobody gets hurt.
I don't know how
you do things in the ocean,
but we don't negotiate
with villains.
Good. I wanted to do it
the hard way.
Get them, Mera.
You should have
stayed in the ocean.
Put your hand down!
Electric Sting!
Mera, see, one of their boats.
Used to pillage the ocean.
We must get
that book from them.
- I need more water.
- Then find it!
One Mississippi,
two Mississippi...
Dude, hurry up!
Proper oral hygiene takes time.
Time to dry off.
SIREN: That book was mine.
I should have had it
all these years.
Good thing for
all of us you didn't.
Warning, warning.
With the book and the trident,
I will be unstoppable.
Stop, you wicked water witches!
We are not wicked.
Bumblebee, Wonder Woman,
what happened here?
Wonder Woman.
They got away.
And they got
the Book of Legends.
Siren and Mera, ocean natives, and
Super Hero High's most wanted.
Katana, Bumblebee, we're gonna
need waterproof super-suits.
BOTH: On it.
Matching helmet
and air tank combo.
- Nice.
- Yeah, honey!
Oh, I haven't seen anything
so groundbreaking
since the first super hero
wore his underpants
on the outside.
And what are you
young ladies up to?
- Cape making.
- And utility belt construction.
A hero must
always have her tools.
It's a whole new you.
Two whole new yous.
No sign of Mera or Siren.
We need to find them
before they cause more trouble.
- Search as fast as you can.
- Will do.
If Batgirl can't find them,
I'll make something that can.
A tracker tuned to their
unique heat signatures.
HAWKGIRL: According to
Wonder Woman's intel,
our suspects
are after a magic trident.
The Trident controls the ocean,
and is held by the ruler
of a legendary underwater city
called Atlantis.
(SCOFFS) No way. I've been
exploring the ocean
since I was a tadpole
and I've never seen any city.
Ancient lore says it's cloaked
like Wonder Woman's Themyscira.
You have to know
where to find it.
The power of that trident
could take down
all of the surface world.
If Mera and Siren are after it,
we need to find Atlantis
and warn their King.
Right, but the best way
to protect Atlantis, Metropolis,
and the rest of the world
is to find Mera
and Siren first.
Supergirl and Batgirl,
you should search for Atlantis.
The rest of us
will try to track them
and cut them off
before they get there.
Good luck, heroes.
Let's make some waves!
Supergirl's heat-seeking tech
should lead us
to them in no time.
Thanks for taking us
on your boat, Captain Katana.
I'd never miss a chance to take
my sea-slicer out for a spin.
Don't spin her too hard.
Frost is experimenting
below deck.
Hey, Frost. How's it going?
Can I get you anything?
I brought snacks.
Falafel, bean burrito, gazpacho?
Flash, I'm busy working
to create something
that will split water into
its constituent elements,
namely, hydrogen and oxygen,
and render it uncontrollable
by Mera's hydrokinetic powers.
So, is that a yes
to the gazpacho?
Whoa, swanky boat, K-dizzle.
Oh, tunes.
Please don't touch any...
Told ya.
That was awesome!
Pow! Underwater city
seeking pod on.
You have the strength,
but I know when I was new
to flying, balance was tricky.
Just lower it slowly,
so you don't...
All aboard the USS Supercell.
All right, Atlantis,
you can't hide from us now.
- Hey, newbie. Wanna grab a bite?
- Huh?
Oh, no thanks.
Oh, that wasn't
in the forecast.
Hello. I am the Starfire.
May I sit in proximity to you?
It is the neat that you have
the powers of the magic.
I didn't mean to. Oh.
Yo, new girl, catch.
(SOBS) My baby.
No, no, no.
Mmm, interesting.
BEAST BOY: Can I push this one?
- What about this one?
- No.
- How about this one?
- No!
We have a hit
on the heat seeker.
It looks like they're
south, south-west.
Straight toward Themyscira.
I think I'd know if Atlantis
was that close to home.
They're going back
to the trench.
Punch it, Katana.
Love to.
BEAST BOY: Aw, I wanted
to press the button.
With my anti-cloaking tech,
we'll find Atlantis in no time.
Oh, so you don't need
my X-ray vision?
X-ray vision? That won't work
on a magically cloaked city.
According to my research,
the most likely location
of Atlantis is this way.
Are you sure about this?
When Father
was imprisoned in Xebel,
who took care of you?
You did.
And when we were alone,
did the Atlantians
try to help us?
- Well, we never asked.
- You must trust me, Mera.
Now that we're
older and stronger,
no one will be able to stop us.
We'll finally have a home.
Okay, Siren. Do it.
WONDER WOMAN: Hello, girls.
We're locked in their location.
And they've got company.
It's okay, Storm.
Siren's in control.
She'll protect us.
Today, we take the trident
from the King of Atlantis.
No land dwellers will stop us.
Get them!
All hands on deck.
Best be getting
my sea legs on, yo.
Think fast, think fast.
Trench, drag the surfacers
down to me.
No. Let me get them
for you, sister.
Prepare yourself for
the next attack, Supers.
There she is!
I have to scare them away
before anyone gets hurt.
You won't get away
this time, sea witch.
Oh, no.
Wonder Woman, watch out!
You okay?
Those monsters.
I've had nightmares
about them ever since...
Well, this is no nightmare.
They're real and they're here.
Bring it on, sea bros.
Let's see you fight
with the big boys.
Over here, tuna-breath.
This is for your own good.
My hydrolysis blaster
will stop this
by turning H2O into H's and O's.
Not cool.
I don't wanna walk the plank.
Yeah, you can hold my hand
if you're scared.
Scared? Go starfish.
Ah. You got it, Katanarama.
KATANA: Beast Boy,
push the button!
- Which one?
- All of them!
I don't care what
they throw at you,
sink their ship!
Get away, monster!
Leave us alone.
The current is too strong.
Hopefully that was enough.
It's done.
The Supers are defeated.
Excellent. Now,
no one can stop us.
To Atlantis.
Bumblebee, what are you doing?
We're losing them.
We need intel.
It's the only way to stop them.
Okay. Just don't try
to take them on alone.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Way to magically keep the ball
exactly like it was before.
Didn't you hear me
the first time?
I don't wanna be your friend.
I can admit,
I'm not everyone's
cup of kombucha.
But I saws you with
Big Barda, Lady Shiva,
Starfire, and Cyborg.
You don't wanna be friends with anyone.
So what's your deal?
You know what happened
to Supergirl and Batgirl.
I'm dangerous.
Ah. We're all a little
dangerous, Goth McGothington.
Now, let's get our azo-medo
whatever-o on and make some magic.
It's not that easy.
Emotions power my magic. I
wanna control it, but I can't.
Light bulb moment!
If you're gonna
control your magic,
we gotta get you feeling
some happy feelings.
Find the funny
and you'll find your magic.
What do you say?
I'm not much of a laugher.
We'll see about that.
Ow, ow, ow!
Prop comedy, get it?
Tough crowd.
Wait for it, wait for it.
Wow! Comedy mother lode!
So what?
You pranked Commissioner Gordon
and Vice Principal Grodd.
I only had one whoopsie cushion.
Oh, Grodd, it's like
bananas and sulfur.
(SQUEALS) I'm not fish food.
Whoa! Whoa!
BOTH: Atlantis.
Bye. Thanks.
Our home awaits.
Wow, nice digs.
But wouldn't we be
more comfortable in a cottage?
We could have
the Trench build one for us.
A waste of their talents. Come.
Huh? Oh.
Hello, ladies. I'm Aquaman.
You know, the King of Atlantis.
The city council meeting
was yesterday, but...
Hand over the trident, Aquaman!
Yeah, I would,
but how else am I supposed
to get that itch on my back?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, that's the spot.
You underestimate us.
Trench, to me!
Stand down!
Not very smart leaving
your palace unguarded.
But I never expected
much from a boy king.
Atlantis is never unguarded.
Your Trench creatures
cannot win against the sea.
Never underestimate
a sea witch.
Sister, put an end
to this guffy's reign.
- But, Siren, I...
- Fine, don't listen to me.
The Trench can handle him.
Get him, you chump.
I said, stand down!
Surrender now,
or else you'll face
the wrath of the trident!
Stay away from my sister.
At least they
won't see me here.
You may have my trident, but
you will never have my throne.
Without the trident
you're powerless, fish-boy.
That's fish king!
Whoa! Careful where
you point that thing.
Controlling the trident
can be a real nightmare.
Your nightmare has just begun.
Aquaman! Is he...
Sleeping, forever.
Trench, secure Atlantis.
Any landlubber who comes near
should be sunk on site.
Oh, no.
We got something. Zooming in.
Firing defense blasters.
What, did you set
the blaster to tickle?
Oh, um, maybe I didn't account
for the water's interference.
What's your powers?
Can I breathe underwater?
I can. I mean, could
hold my breath for hours.
Then I can go out there
and fight them off.
No. We don't know how long
the switch will last.
Any minute we can change
back and you'll want to breathe.
We need a better plan.
You're the one
with the brains.
Yeah, right. I say we, um...
BOTH: Hide.
We can lose them in there.
They're still gaining on us.
Hold on tight.
This is gonna be tricky.
SUPERGIRL: Did we lose them?
Are they gone?
I'll check with
my X-ray vision.
Any fishies back there.
What? Oops.
Double oops.
We have to get out of here!
I can't swim all the way
to the surface.
I need super-speed.
I got enough speed
for the both of us.
Deep breath.
How can you stand having
to breathe so much?
Bumblebee, come in, Bumblebee.
No needs to panic.
I'm sure Bumblebee
went radio silent
because she's got
her espionage on.
You're right.
Any sign of them
on heat seeker?
- Nothing yet.
Now, just relax and enjoy
our all-inclusive cruise.
- Bumblebee?
- Nope. It's me and Supergirl.
Got room for two more
on that boat?
Always room for friends.
All right, goth ball.
Who stole your laugh?
(SIGHS) This is so humiliating.
Your lack of laughing
is serious business.
In my profesh opinion,
it's due to some trauma
to your funny bone
and likely connected to your
"no friends" policy.
So, what's your deal?
Laughing is dangerous.
Hard to control.
Go on.
If I don't laugh, I don't have
to worry about messing up.
Same way with my friends.
I talk too much to people,
I might blow it.
Hate to burst
your emo bubble,
but you're talking to me right
now and you're not exploding.
Huh. This isn't too bad.
Hot dog, I got a live one here.
I know from
the Book of Legends
that whoever holds
the trident rules Atlantis.
And that "whoever" is me, Siren.
Now, bow!
ALL: Hail Siren. Your Majesty.
Queen of the ocean.
Hail Siren. Hail Siren.
Good sea-horsie.
Nothing to smell here.
Okay, I'll take the window.
Bad day to be the bee.
Get your filthy pet away
from my throne.
Come on, Stormy fins.
Here, Storm.
Who's a good boy?
Go get the sea sponge, Stormy.
So, I was thinking,
now that you're queen and all
you should do some big decree,
like feed the hungry fish,
or build new homes for
hermit crabs, or ocean peace.
A decree, yes.
My first decree is to have
you thrown into the brig.
Now that my magic is stronger,
I can have whatever I want.
- But, Siren.
- (MOCKINGLY) "But, Siren."
You're always
trying to stop me.
But you can't stop me now.
I'm more powerful than you
and soon, I will be the most
powerful being on Earth.
There are superheroes at that
high school more powerful...
Powerful enough
to survive underwater?
No. My predecessors
to this trident
never used its full power.
But I will.
I will start
by sinking Metropolis.
School's out
for Super Hero High.
Guards, take her to the brig.
Siren, please.
Oh, seasickness.
I miss my stomach of steel.
Beast Boy's log. Date unknown.
The ocean madness
is setting in.
I've lost count of how many
days we've been at sea.
Three hours. You've been out
here three hours, Gilligan.
BUMBLEBEE: Wonder Woman,
come in. Wonder Woman!
- Bumblebee. Where are you?
- Atlantis.
I'm sending you
the coordinates.
But bad news is brewing.
Siren has the trident, and she's
going to sink Metropolis.
Sink Metropolis?
You have to get down here fast.
I gotta buzz off. Bumblebee out.
- Let me go.
- Yeah, let her go!
Over here, shark bait.
A land dweller.
Stay away from me.
But I can't help you,
if I'm staying away.
Why would you rescue me?
I helped Siren and now she's
going to sink the land dwellers.
I... I mean your people.
I know. I heard
in the throne room.
And I heard you.
You're not like your sister.
You care about people.
You've got what it takes
to be a hero.
- You really think that?
- Yeah.
And I better be right,
or the world's
in a whole lot of trouble.
Wonder Woman has reported
that those water witches have
threatened to sink Metropolis.
What can we do?
Protect the citizens and
get them to high ground.
ALL: Yes, ma'am. You got it.
Be aware of your oxygen pack.
If anything goes wrong with it
you'll need to get
up here immediately.
Got it.
If we're out to fight against
a magic trident and a magic book
shouldn't we have
some magic on our side?
Good idea, Supergirl.
That's my girly.
And that's my ringtone.
Harley Quinn,
amateur therapist
and professional party clown.
How may I direct your call?
Harley, we need Raven's help.
Do you think
she's ready for a mission?
I don't know. What if
I lose control and explode?
I'll be there to cover for ya.
- We're in.
- Good.
I'm sending our coordinates
to the invisible jet.
(GASPS) You want me
to drive the invisible jet?
No. I want
the invisible jet to drive you.
Use the auto-pilot.
HARLEY: Yee-haw.
Beast Boy,
wait for Harley and Raven,
then bring them to Atlantis.
You gots it, big W.
WONDER WOMAN: Flash, Frost, you
should get back to Metropolis.
Mush, mush.
I'm mushing, I'm mushing.
KATANA: I'll run ops
from the boat.
You don't wanna come with us?
And leave the sea-slicer?
No way.
A captain stays with her ship.
Atlantis, here we come.
The world will see my strength.
Trident, sink Metropolis!
Flash, Frost, thank the goodness
you have returned.
- Home sweet...
- Tsunami!
That's not how
the saying... Tsunami!
Saying tsunami?
I'm unfamiliar
with this Earth phrase.
Oh, you mean
that wave of the terrifyingness
that is approaching.
Starfire, follow my lead.
I can do the following.
Flash, get me to the wave.
- Ooh, nice icification, Frost.
Now, melt it
with your starbolts.
Ah, the idea of excellence.
Meddling surfacers.
No one can stop the sea.
- Cool.
- More like "frozen."
Oh, this is the bad.
Metropolis is sinking.
Flash? Frost?
(GASPS) Friends!
This looks like a problem.
- Oh, no!
- Gotcha.
Thank you, Hawkgirl.
Help! Help!
I got you, kiddo.
Huh, whoa!
get to Super Hero High.
The sea always wins.
Bumblebee, come in.
We're almost
to the coordinates.
I see you.
Over here!
Bumblebee, you're okay.
Watch out.
Water witch followed you.
- Water witch?
- I'm taking you in!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
There is no time to throw shade.
We're heroes, not haters.
Both land and sea
are in big trouble
as long as Siren
has the trident.
Mera knows the ocean
better than any of us.
She can get us to Siren.
Okay, but I'm keeping
my eye on her.
All right, team,
let's get that trident
and save Metropolis.
So, how do we get to Siren?
I'll show you.
You wanna slow down?
Katana's boat is right there.
I see it, backseat piloter.
Then why aren't you stopping?
Turns out landing invisible jets
is not my strong suit.
What you doing skydiving
without a parachute, gothy?
That was a close one.
Sorry to drop in on you
like this.
Is that the invisible jet?
Oh, yeah.
I guess I should have
had the auto-pilot on after all.
Welcome, dudettes,
to Beast Boy's ocean tour.
Please wear your safety gear
and keep your arms, legs, and fins inside
the ride at all times and hang on tight.
My sister escaped?
No doubt, thanks to her
new surface friends.
She underestimates how much
stronger I am with the trident.
Now, Mera will pay
for this betrayal.
The world will pay.
I sense dark magic.
Something's coming.
I sense it's a whole bunch
of super freaky fish monsters.
Hands off the Beast!
Hope you got my point.
- Trench creatures.
- BUMBLEBEE: Ew. Those things.
Siren must have split the
trenches as wide as it will go.
All of them will fight for her.
Oh, my Hera, the monsters.
Come on, girl.
There are so many of them.
You okay?
You're usually the one rushing
in hours of blazing.
I know it's silly,
but those things, the Trench,
they scare me.
I'm Wonder Woman.
I'm not supposed
to feel scared.
It's never silly to feel
what you feel.
But being a hero means
you gotta be courageous,
especially when you're scared.
But how are we going
to beat them all?
We don't have to.
If we can close the trench,
we can stop them.
Forget about the trench.
What about Metropolis?
We need to get that trident
and stop Metropolis
from sinking.
There they are!
Hey, so what's the game plan?
I can tell you're the leader.
Lead us.
I'll clear a path
through the trench,
so Bumblebee, Mera, and I
can get to Atlantis.
The rest of you, figure out
how to close the trench.
Then, we save the day.
ALL: Pow!
This way, Super Hero Girls.
Hey, fish-face!
(SCOFFS) I didn't know
you fish could fly.
I promise, I'll never eat
sushi again. Here.
Thank you.
WOMAN: Save us!
Come on, team, it's our
job to close this trench.
Hammer time.
Now that's using your head.
You've been fried, fish.
We need a plan. Um...
Think, think, think.
Oh, I got it.
I can heat-vision blast them.
Heat vision, not X-rays.
Get it together, eyes.
Do something, Raven,
or we'll be fish chow.
Yeesh, even when
supie-dudes was new,
she had more of a flare
for the heat vision than that.
And nobody can strategize
on the fly like my main bat.
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
We need to be ourselves again.
Raven, can you
reverse the spell?
I can try, but I need to focus.
Beast Boy, you distract the
distractions who are distracting
while we have us
some girl time.
I knows just what to do, HQ.
Release the Kraken!
You wants a piece of this?
I'll give you a piece of this.
Do you smell what the Beast
Boy's cooking? Uh-huh.
Come at me, bros.
Time for a Kraken smackin'.
Here, fishy, fishy, fishies.
You got this, gothy.
Lay that reversal power on 'em.
Feel any different?
Nope. I still want rhubarb pie.
Maybe say the magic
words backwards?
- That's ridiculous.
- Try.
Sorry. I shouldn't
have come here.
I should never have
left the underworld.
All I'm good at
is messing things up.
Messing up is all
a part of learning.
It's why we go
to Super Hero High.
To learn what we can do,
and to make new friends.
As long as I have my best friend
by my side, nothing's messed up.
That's really nice.
Great glowing, goth girl,
do it now.
- Did it work?
- Let me try.
Watch the hair, power peepers.
Oops, sorry.
I got it. I have a plan.
Careful. We don't know
what's inside.
Stay close.
Get away from my friend!
Leave her alone.
Wonder Woman!
The oxygen pack.
They broke it.
I better get back
to the surface.
You have to fight without me.
No way.
It's not over for you until
you make Siren sing.
But what about you?
Do you even have enough air
to get back to the surface?
I think I can help.
Bumblebee, when you're small
you don't need
much oxygen, right?
Shrink and I'll make
an oxygen bubble for you.
Okay. Bubble me.
Yeah, honey.
Let's go.
Initiate Batgirl plan,
"Trench take down."
I love heat vision.
Into the wild black
yonder for you.
Need more power
to close the trench.
- Help!
- Harley?
Get your fins off of me.
Let go of my friend!
- Huh?
- Close.
Yo, look, the trench
is closing too.
Stay out of my city.
(CHUCKLES) Uber defeated.
Yeah, baby!
It worked! Whoo-hoo!
My book. My army.
You can't stop me.
I'm more powerful now.
- Give up. You've lost.
- Never.
You saved me?
Stay behind me,
Wonder Woman.
(SCOFFS) I don't need spells
to defeat bratty Mera
and her surfacer pet.
I have the trident.
Please, Siren. I forgive you.
There's still time
to do the right thing.
The right thing?
That ship has sailed.
Not another step!
Who should I get rid of first?
The little helpless
surface dweller
that I tried
to eliminate years ago,
or my own sister
who insisted on saving her?
Do you really think that you,
with your weak walking legs,
could have made it
out of my ocean?
My own sister dragged you
to the surface.
She even dared touch
her feet on the shore,
waiting for your
inferior human lungs
to gasp the putrid surface air.
Please, wake up.
So, first place on
the annoying scale
goes to my goody
two-shoes sister, Mera.
Trident, destroy her!
Quit messing up my plans.
See, Mera, my power
is greater than yours.
Greater than this super hero.
I am the Super Queen
of the ocean.
I'll get you out of there.
Enough, Siren!
What are you going to do?
You can't compete
with my power.
Hold on.
I think I can destroy
your restraints
with my electric sting.
One flick of the trident
and I could destroy
this whole palace
if I wanted to.
I can't let you do this.
Even if you are my sister.
You're embarrassing yourself.
You can't stop me.
I have the trident.
Bumblebee, don't do it.
There has to be another way.
I won't let Siren
sink Metropolis.
I've gotta save the day.
Better burst my bubble.
Look, I can create a whirlpool.
Greater than any
you ever created.
A whirlpool that will take
you to another dimension.
You'll never return to Atlantis.
- No!
- Hey!
So long, Mera.
Well, um, another dimension
is pretty good,
but even with the trident you'll
never be as powerful as me.
Watch this.
It's a heart.
And flowers. I bet
you can't create a flower.
Of course I can create flowers.
I can create flowers
much better than yours.
Yeah, impressive.
But you couldn't keep that
whirlpool going at the same time.
Huh? You tricked me!
Get the trident.
Your reign is over, Siren.
Mera, quick, help her.
(GASPS) Oh, air.
I'm never taking you
for granted again.
Good news, Hawkgirl.
The trident has been secured.
Bad news.
Metropolis is still sinking.
(SCOFFS) Ignorant air breather.
No one can stop
what the trident has started.
You have to use it.
Me? But what if I use it
and go power crazy like Siren?
Maybe you, or Bumblebee?
Mera, you love the sea
and you have the heart of a hero.
You can do it.
Sea, be calm.
Yes, my students did it.
GIRL: They did it!
We've tried everything
to wake him.
But Siren's magic is still
too powerful for me.
Lately I've been pretty great
at reversing spells.
I'm up! I'm up! Hey, hi, hi.
Hey, what happened?
It's a long story.
Here, this is yours.
- Oops, sorry.
- Oh. Uh, my bad.
I was wrong about you, Mera.
I was wrong about sea people.
I am the one
who was wrong, way wrong.
You humans are pretty great.
I owe you one
for saving the land.
The sea, the land.
It's all the same.
It's an eco system.
We all belong to each other
and we must fight
for each other.
Well said, friend.
I knew you guys
should work together.
MAN: Make way for
the King of Atlantis.
Superheroes of Metropolis.
Atlantis thanks you
for your heroic deeds.
Guards, send in the prisoner!
Siren, for your crimes
against the oceans of Earth,
I banish you to the other
dimensional realm of Xebel.
Xebel? That's where I stole
the Book of Legends from.
They'll throw me
in prison there. (SCREAMS)
I wish I could have made
Siren do the right thing.
We can't make others
choose what's right.
We can only hope
to set an example.
And now, Mera.
I deserve the same.
I helped Siren.
If it weren't for me...
If it weren't for you
we'd all be goners.
Mera, you are forgiven
of your part in this.
You are welcome
to make Atlantis your home.
Thank you, Aquaman.
But this isn't where
I belong, not yet.
I learned who
my true family is.
People who encouraged me
to be the best hero I can be.
I know where I belong.
I can't wait to get
to Super Hero High.
Yeah, we can go
in my invisible jet.
Harley, I hope the auto-pilot
didn't give you any trouble.
Uh, no trouble at all.
It was a real splash.
Goodbye, friends.
Good luck at
Super Hero High, Mera.
And know that you'll always
have a home here in Atlantis.
- Thank you, Aquaman.
- Sayonara, bro.
- Catch you later.
- Bye.
Mmm, this is the best
rhubarb pie I've ever had.
This is the only rhubarb pie
I've ever had.
Last one to class
is a rotten rhubarb.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, it is on.
Batgirl, Supergirl,
no racing in the lunch room.
Those two are definitely
back to their old selves.
Hey, I heard that.
You were supposed to.
You're gonna love
Super Hero High.
Finally, a place
where I belong.
So don't be weird about it,
but I got you something.
Me? Weird? Never!
Aw, you shouldn't have.
You're right. Pranking is fun.
HARLEY: Ha! Nice going, gothy.
RAVEN: You're my inspiration
Laughs-alot McPranky pants.
Vice Principal Grodd,
put that cursed book
where no one will ever find it.