DD Returns (2023) Movie Script

In 1965...
By bringing the Gaming Act,
gambling was totally
banned in Pondicherry.
Many people who were
addicted to gambling
went in search of the secret place
where gambling was happening.
Out of those, 52 of them
disappeared one by one.
Where they went,
what happened to them
the entire police force started
searching for them intensely.
'Inspector Gopinath in control.'
'Sir, in the French
bungalow near the sea coast,'
'a strange game called
Win or Run is being played.'
'All the 52 people whom we are
searching are going to bet in that.'
'Sir, local people
got to know about it'
'and have gone with
dangerous weapons.'
Mr.Fernandes, you, along with your
family members, please surrender.
We are saying for your own good.
Local people are
coming here to attack you.
This was the worst
day of my family.
I never expected that my
family would face such a day.
The cause of all the problems here
is this game which we are playing.
Welcome to Win or Run.
Our game is very simple.
Enter the Entry door above
and come out through the Exit door.
But we have hidden the key to
the Exit door in this bungalow.
The task of this game is to
find it without the knowledge
of our family members.
If you win, your prize
money is going to be
50 times more than
your betting money.
The weakness of
human beings is greed.
Using that, we have made many
people come here secretly.
We have to find where the key
is and run with the entire money.
"I will find you."
First, everyone thought
ours is an easy game.
Not come?
No one has come.
You are an amateur.
According to us, we are
not committing a murder.
This is a game for
us. Right from our child
to my blind mother,
it is our pass time to
hunt human beings.
Yes. We are
human hunters.
At the final stage of our game,
players' luck in the game will
decide whether they win or lose.
Now Clara will drop two rolls.
In one, it will be won
and the other it will be run.
If you pick up win correctly,
you are the winner.
But if you pick up run...
this is a win. This is run.
Win, run, run, win.
What are you waiting for?
Win, run, run, win. Choose.
Sir, I came here in greed for money.
Forgive me and let me go,
sir. Please, sir.
Till now, I have given in
crores to those who won.
I have never cheated anyone.
Do you know why?
Because I respect rules.
A rule is a rule.
I always respect the rules.
For violating the rule...
I have killed my own son.
How can I leave you?
I will never break the rules.
Because if the rules
of the game are broken,
it is the faith of our ancestors
that the game would come
to an end that very day.
Where did the mistake occur?
Who broke the rules
of our game? Who?
Mom, please, no.
- Move.
Stop this.
- Mom... - Oh my God.
Screaming sound.
Screaming sound.
Screaming sound.
Our game is eternal.
I will never allow it to end.
Hey, stop.
Rascals. Hey...
Foreign language.
That is why we should
check the size and steal.
This does not fit the waist.
- Hey, if we catch you,
we will thrash you.
- Did you see, sir?
They are thieves.
They will come as
tourists and steal.
We have to be careful.
Sir, if you keep in
your pants, it will fall.
Please keep it in your shirt pocket.
Thank you, sir.
Police are coming, run.
- Whom is he saying?
Chief, the police are chasing. Come.
It is not me.
- Professor...
Why are you looking at him?
Police is coming, come fast.
Hey, he is the boss of that crowd.
Catch him.
- If you catch me,
how will I take out the knife?
Knife? - Only then can
I take out the phone. - Oh...
is that why he asked me
to keep it in the shirt pocket?
I got it as a gift and
it has been stolen.
Foreign language.
Professor... - You said you will
protect me but are exposing me.
Come in.
- You were talking to him.
Welcome... welcome.
Haven't you seen my antique shop?
Bronze Mary, Silver Jesus,
brass Ganesh is there.
Sir, what are you looking for?
I am checking if
the jeep is moving.
No, no. To take the things,
we had asked for a vehicle.
So we are waiting for that vehicle.
- Oh, that many things?
Greetings Bheem.
Yes, you go in and see.
There are many things which
can be taken in the lorry. - Come.
I asked you to bring
them after the shop closes.
Why did they come so early?
Professor, police.
Close it quickly.
"This is a sniffing island."
Greetings, Kuzhanthai.
What is it?
- We have got a rich party.
He is a big shot in Pondicherry.
He has many businesses
like bars, Wine shops, and lodges.
The entire collection from that
is kept in the locker of his house.
His son is getting
married tomorrow.
There would be no one in the house
except for the security and the dog.
In case we plan well and
manage to enter his house
we can bring everything.
What Kuzhanthai? I have
given you such a big deal.
You are giving me
very less Vitamin C.
Let all this get
over, then I will see.
Okay, Bheem.
- Varadha...
Doesn't that rich man have any name?
Anbarasu. - What?
- Francis Anbarasu.
Hey... I will kill you.
Because we give you less commission
are you trying to
get us into trouble?
No, nothing of that sort.
- Kuzhanthai,
you are new to this
place. Anbarasu is
a wine shop owner for namesake.
But really, he is number one.
Anbarasu is a very big
powerful man in Pondicherry.
He influences the ruling party,
the opposition and the police.
Not only that.
A person called Madhi is with him.
He is everything to Anbarasu.
Wherever there is a problem,
be it resort,
wine shop, he will
be the first one to go.
If you come from another city,
drink happily,
and move forward.
As per Anbarasan,
everything is money.
If there is any problem
with the money matter,
he will kill the entire family.
If it is so for lending, imagine
if we lay our hands on his money,
he will kill.
Is he that bad?
- Hey...
my name is Kuzhanthai.
But not me.
You are getting a salary from me
and you are praising
the other person?
I am not praising him.
I am telling the truth.
Get lost. Go and arrange
for tomorrow's prayer.
Professor, outside
it is an antique shop.
Inside it is the Rolex medical shop.
If we steal everything, it
will be a settlement for life.
Our good time has begun.
Foreign language.
Have you seen?
- We have seen everything.
Haven't you bought anything?
Tomorrow, we will bring
a lorry and take everything.
Tomorrow we won't be there.
Thank God you told us. Did you
hear? Tomorrow he won't be here.
Okay, we will make a move.
Don't come.
- We will come.
Tomorrow we won't be there.
Come the day after.
- But you will be there.
Professor, they all have left.
Then shall we leave this
place tonight itself?
What? Shall we leave this place?
Hey idiots,
a good thing is awaiting us
in the morning.
Hello everyone, if we
mention Pondicherry,
we remember old age
homes for the aged,
wine shop for youngsters,
beach for lovers.
Can you believe
that apart from this,
there is a special
thing in Pondicherry?
Earlier, when a person
married a French girl,
they would go to France.
Now, to go to France,
people are giving money
to a French girl and
getting married to them.
You must be wondering,
usually, the groom is given dowry,
and why are they
giving it to the bride?
This is called marriage marketing.
Mostly all the French Pondicherrians
get married in their community.
One or two people get caught
in the scam created by brokers.
The brokers earn rupees
three to four lakhs only for this.
And one more thing...
I don't know how these
YouTubers get all the matters.
Shall we have idli or dosa?
Shall we have idli or dosa?
Shall we have idli or dosa?
Shall we have idli or dosa?
No dosa, give me idli.
Idli has become cold. I
don't want idli, give me dosa.
Dosa has also become cold.
I don't want dosa, give me idli.
Take away the dosa.
Okay, sister, you go. I will
have idli, I don't want dosa.
You serve before
he changes his mind.
Your brother has idli.
What is the side dish?
Shall I have chutney or sambhar?
Today we can't attend the marriage.
I don't need chutney.
Serve me sambar.
You need not eat at all. Get up.
And he wants to go to France.
Get up, let us go to the wedding.
Shall we go in my car or yours?
I will give you one.
- Why are you shouting?
Kuzhanthai, they have left.
Brother, they have left.
Hey, hey, hey...
- Hey...
Have you kept the vehicle
ready for this incident?
Yes, it is.
His face is not familiar.
Sir, give me the OTP.
- OTP?
Professor, I have booked
the Ola from your mobile.
It is just rupees 450 both ways.
We can go and come
back in the same car.
Put the AC on 3.
Hey, push the seat in front,
I can't sit properly.
Brother, give me the OTP.
Booking cancelled.
If you cancel, they
will charge rupees 30.
Is it okay?
- First, get out of the car.
Let us have tiffin and then leave.
- Okay.
Foreign language.
Rascals, are we going to attend the
wedding? You have booked the Ola.
Go and steal a good car. Go.
- Come, let us go. - Go.
God, by creating
such a wonderful day,
has made all of us come together.
Oh God, please
pay heed to our plea.
Phone's ring tone.
Whose phone is ringing?
- Put it on silent.
Oh God, please pay heed...
The phone is ringing again.
- Who is it?
The boys are calling
to ask for drugs.
Asking for drugs? Where are they?
Please move.
Hey, where is Russel Kuzhanthai?
Didn't I send it to you
on the WhatsApp group
last night saying the
drug is in the car dicky?
And you are troubling the
marriage party indecently.
The drug is in the
car dicky. Have it.
Hey, come here.
They are asking for drugs, mother.
Please, you don't get tense.
Oh God...
please pay heed to our pleas
and then Ofro Asal Kolar's function.
- Hey, useless!
Oh God, they have confused me.
What should I say? I pray to
God that Benny and Jennifer's
wedding should take place nicely.
In case any of you
have any objection to this
you may say so.
I object to it.
Oh God, who is that person?
Who is she?
Chase her away.
- Fine, okay. - Oh...
she is my daughter.
What? Your daughter?
- We have not seen her at all.
Mother, that girl looks
nice in her normal dress.
This girl doesn't look good
even in her wedding gown.
Get me married to
that girl instead of her.
Son desires to get married to that
girl. Let us quietly exchange them.
Does he think this
to be idli and dosa?
I will thrash you.
Hey Sofi, what is this?
Mother, you keep quiet.
Uncle is a big shot in Pondicherry.
Can his function be performed
in such a simple way?
Shouldn't there be a celebration?
Aunty, you tell.
Was your marriage performed
in a boring way?
It was performed grandly!
Uncle carried me on the
stage itself and danced.
Tell me, what do you want to do?
You need not do anything, uncle.
I have made all the arrangements.
Your permission alone is needed.
Hmm... carry on.
Hello... hello...
Young ladies, the reels that
you want to make at this stage,
by saying you want to keep a
big banner for the groom, and
the groom's friends who have
put a bigger photo of themselves,
families who are
contemplating whether to give
a gift of rupees 500 or
have ice cream and leave...
They are talking about families.
- It is only for you,
this beach marriage party.
Start the French dance.
"Ya... ya ya."
"It is an important function
in our Govindhan's house."
"Ya... ya ya."
"If he has to win in life, marriage
alone is the solution. - Hey..."
"Marriage alone is the solution.
- Hey..."
"hey... - Is what the relation says.
- Hey... hey."
"Marriage alone is the solution."
"First, you have to live
your life best with her."
Well said!
- Friend,
your bachelor life will end today.
You are not single,
henceforth, you are two.
You delete the unwanted contacts
without hesitation.
Even if you don't make a mistake
first you will say sorry.
Even before the argument begins,
you will fall at the feet.
During weekends, you
will give leave to your wife.
You do all the household
chores yourself.
"Ya... ya ya."
"it is an important function
at our Govindhan's house."
"Ya... ya ya."
"If he has to win in life, marriage
alone is the solution. - Hey..."
"Marriage alone is the solution.
- Hey... hey"
"is what the relation says.
- Hey... hey."
"Marriage alone is the solution."
"First, you have to live
your life best with her."
Indistinct noise.
Sanskrit verse.
Sanskrit verse. "- Ya ya ya"
"have babies and learn..."
You have given
only half the payment
to foreigners who
had come for the event.
What to do with this?
If we ask for the payment,
he would insult us.
He has given you at
least this much. Be happy.
Use that money to drink
and sleep somewhere. - Hey...
why are you calling
me unnecessarily?
Those who worked
are asking for money.
You, too, asked for the
job you did. Did I pay you?
Can't you tell?
- As if you will give. - Who asked?
have you forgotten the
local manager, Manohar?
How will that Manohar
forget me? What is it?
What did you say last month?
Didn't you say you will
make the payment on the first?
But I believe you were born
not on the first but on the fifth.
No, I am kidding,
this is just a joke.
Hey Rita.
- What? - Where are you going?
All those who are on the stage,
please come inside.
I will see how you
conduct the event.
Hey idiot,
wait a bit. If this wedding
takes place grandly.
Next, Satish will marry
his girl and settle in Paris.
After that, only Euros
will flow from there.
Is the wedding confirmed?
Hey Sofi,
what is this?
What will I do if the
bride runs away?
It was you who praised and
got her full twenty-five lakhs.
Saying she is not good-looking.
Now you get beaten.
Sir, sir, give me some time.
Why do you also want to run away?
- No.
I am standing thinking
that my life has gone
and both of you are
fighting for rupees 25 lakhs.
What do I do?
Make semolina 'upma' for lunch.
So what if the elder sister goes
away, the younger one is there.
Get me married to her. Ask
her to wear the wedding gown.
There is no need to make any
alterations. It will be correct.
Oh... no... the wedding
has been called off.
Won't I get my money?
If I punch your
nose, you will bleed.
Punch his mouth.
Death is not just
stopping of breath.
It is to lead a life
which one doesn't like.
"I developed a love...
I developed love."
- Satish.
Satish...- Hey Satish...
"I developed love," Satish.
he is not opening the door.
- Hey, what is this?
Even Simbu wouldn't have
heard this song so loud.
He is feeling too much.
"Inside, my dear."
"I grew a plant."
"In that, today you became"
"a flower"
"as soon as you bloomed,"
"I developed love.
- You have developed enough."
Talk comfortingly.
"Where did I find you?"
This noise won't come in
Yuvan Shankar Raja's song.
Hey, the noise is not
coming from the song.
It is coming from the dicky.
Oh, he has kidnapped the groom.
- Hey,
you have brought the
dinosaur's egg in the dicky
what will you do if
that Anbarasan comes?
The entire Pondicherry
is under him.
Does he have the map in his hand?
The problem will
explode. Listen to me.
You are unnecessarily
getting scared.
A coward dies every day.
A brave man dies only once.
Let it be today. Let us go.
You go alone. Why are you
taking us along? Listen to us.
What is this?
Boss, one minute.
What boss? I thought he
would have kept 500 or 1000
but he has kept a packet.
Where would he have bought it?
- Come.
Who are you?
You release me.
I have to go to the wedding. Hey...
Do you know who I am?
You are nothing.
Do you know who we are?
- Hey, aren't you GP Muthu?
The problem for GP Muthu.
- Hey...
Hey, open.
I have to for the wedding.
- Hey, what are you doing?
where are you?
I am searching for you. Come here.
Aunty, don't cry. Wipe your tears.
Why are you calling your mother,
Aunt? Have I become so fat?
Aunty, I am not your son.
Who are you?
- If we say who we are...
you should not shout.
Because we have kidnapped your son.
- Oh,
they have kidnapped my son.
- What is he doing?
Aunty, aunty... didn't
I tell you not to shout?
Be peaceful.
- Hey...
Who are you? Where are you?
Shall I send who we are, our Aadhar
card, address proof on WhatsApp?
Hey... if I catch you,
I will cut you into pieces.
I thought your son was silly,
but you are much more than that.
Hey... give the phone
to aunt, idiot. - Hey...
Please leave my son.
Aunty, like a hen in a pot,
your son is hitting the car dicky.
I don't know how long
he will survive.
Get 25 lakhs quickly.
Listen, I will give you 50
lakhs. You leave my son.
This is called motherly love.
Aunty, you keep
that 50 lakhs ready,
we will tell you where to bring it.
Yes, 25 lakhs.
I will settle down with
Sofi in France. - Oh no...
someone has driven
away from our car.
Hey, catch... catch.
Hey... hey...
- By cheat.
Hey, note the car number.
Hey, it is our car.
- Hey, stop... hey.
"the remaining dedicated to god."
"It's our greed to see the money."
"To Lord Hanuman..."
"Money is not there.
So, I stole it secretly."
We will go to a cloth
shop or buy a flat?
He drilled a hole and stole.
Govinda... Govinda...
"It's our greed to see the money."
"Money is not there.
So, I stole it secretly."
Who are you?
You are lying down
comfortably in the dicky.
Govinda... Govinda...
"He got hurt, but then..."
"Go fast for the sake of her."
If the booty is found...
Who is the one who is running?
- I don't know when it will come.
"It is my mistake,
believing that I will get it."
Govinda... Govinda...
Hey, come quietly.
slowly. Shut it slowly.
- It will take time to shut.
do things without making noise.
You said the money was kept here.
- Nothing is found here.
Why do we need a mask
to steal this empty box?
Hey... come, come...
Come fast.
Open the shutter.
- The shutter has got jammed.
Hey, to hell with you people.
I am going.
- Oh...
I don't know where I left the mask.
Hey idiot, what are you doing?
- I have lost the mask.
So? - That is why I am
hiding behind a photo.
Hey, not only you,
you will get me also caught.
Govinda, Govinda...
I'll shoot you if you move.
Don't shoot!
This is great, professor.
- Hey, if you are careless,
he might see your face. Get lost!
Tell me.
I've spotted the vehicle, dude.
Find who took it.
I'll be there soon.
Yesterday, I saw
a lot of money here.
But today, it's all empty.
Where is all the money?
I am spendthrift.
I've spent all the money.
Don't make our professor
angry. If you do so,
you will surely face death.
I asked you to be careful
about your identity. Get back.
Will you hand me the money or not?
I won't.
Listen, I've spent all
the cash I had already.
So? - I don't even have money
to get lunch for my boys.
Please. Spare me five
hundred rupees, at least.
If you don't,
your head will explode now.
Mask man,
do you want just five hundred
rupees? - Yes, right.
I will give it.
Keep quiet, boss. He is asking
five hundred per person.
Not much, actually.
Oh my God!
Hey! Hey!
Take five hundred and return
the balance, thousand five hundred.
Okay, boss?
Hey, you are being unfair.
You asked for five hundred only.
Why are you silent, boss?
It's your lucky day, brother.
We got lump some money.
Start the car.
"It's a hit for me
without even a plan."
"It's a hit for me
without even a plan."
"It's a hit for me
without even a plan."
"To go or come, just
happens as I wish."
"I'll see cash, just if I visit..."
We lost all of it!
Oh God! What is this?
There is so much
of cash and jewellery.
You look so hungry for cash.
- What are these small bags?
It's all two thousand rupees,
brother. - Oh God!
There is cash in this, too!
Hold them. Four, eight,
Take this twenty-five lakhs
to your lover and
get married to her. You
might lose her otherwise.
Go. - You don't even
know whose cash this is.
Why do you care about it?
It's like God sent us this money.
Take it and solve your problems.
We need to go to France, too.
Going to France is fine. My share?
I will get you a plastic
chair. Sit in front of any ATM.
There is enough cash.
It's all just for us.
Didn't I show it to you first?
Yes, you did. You
can take your share.
It is tough to earn money
through hard work.
Here are the twenty-five lakhs
you asked for.
How did you arrange? How
did you get so much cash?
I don't know how I got it.
- Huh?
But I am sure of one thing.
God has destined us to be together.
Thank you, God!
- Here.
Give this to your mother
and solve all the issues.
- Thank you so much.
"It's God's grace."
Hello, is this the house owner?
Yes, this is the house
owner Appalavaayan.
I will give you one lakh rupees.
Can you change your
name to Pombalavaayan?
How dare you talk so rudely to me?
You are renting out a broken
house. If you have so much attitude,
we are millionaires. We
need to be this rude, to be fair.
I will give you three lakh rupees,
will you jump from the third floor?
We will organise
a grand funeral for you.
If he dies, who will tell Sathish
that we are going to the Le Party?
Let him inform and then die.
Mr Pombalavaayan,
I am trying to tell you that...
He got frustrated and cut the call.
The police are there.
Damn, there is money in the trunk.
What shall we do? - Ask the
white car to come in the front.
Shall I take a reverse instead?
He is calling us.
He will get doubtful if
you take the reverse now.
He is moving away to
the other side. Catch him!
Where are you going
without listening to me?
Hey, they are chasing us now.
- Stop there.
Why did you take a right turn?
Because you said he would
be doubtful if take a reverse.
He will be, even if
you take a right turn.
You should've said it then.
What can I say to you?
Damn, they are chasing us!
Go this way.
Hey, they are very close.
Go fast, faster.
I'm going. Don't make me tense.
"O, my love."
Why did you stop?
- It's a dead end.
Take reverse.
I cannot put the gear.
- Take reverse.
I am going to hit you now.
That's a water bottle.
You are tensed and holding that.
Take reverse, now.
Where are you running away?
Sir, nature's call,
sir. That's why...
we sped away, sir.
- Ask him to open the trunk.
Why open the trunk
for nature's call, sir?
Rap song.
Stop the car!
Rap song.
Rap song.
Rap song.
The cash is in his car!
- Yes.
Shall I give you an idea?
Tell me.
- If we follow and catch him,
we can have all the
cash for ourselves.
Is it?
- Yes.
Where is his bike?
He left while we were talking.
Idiot, take the car.
Hey, pudding.
What are they looking at?
Sir, I have kept a pant
and keep looking at it, madam.
Yuck. There are four
restrooms in the house.
Why would he do that there?
Bring a bucket of water.
- Okay, madam.
Why would he watch it,
too? Is it that beautiful?
Oh, it's a pant!
That pudding fellow confused me.
Why are you watching this now?
This is the pant of the person,
who stole from our house.
Should I wash and press it now?
How stupid! Why would you
all watch this? Get out, all of you.
Why are you strolling? Go!
- Sister!
Oh, my darling!
- Go away.
Why did you cancel the marriage?
I want that girl.
I am already quite
irritated about the money.
Ask him to leave now.
Clean money would never be stolen.
If you sell water bottles
for fifty rupees
and a plastic cup for ten rupees,
unfairly in a wine shop, your
money will be stolen, too. - You...
Your trouser is torn.
You fool!
Hey! He is killing me.
Greetings, sir. Mathi
told me everything.
Since it is black
money that is stolen,
we checked all the
check posts, unofficially.
They couldn't have taken
the money out of the city.
I have asked to check
in local lodges, too.
But they are expecting something.
Malliga, bring the cash.
They have stolen everything.
Where do we have cash?
Bring the money returned
from the bride's home.
- I'm coming.
They've sent the circular to the
group, too. We can catch him soon.
Wait, give that to me.
Isn't this Muthiayapettai
wine shop collection?
What are you saying, dear?
Bride's mother gave it to
me, like it's their cash.
Jimmy, how are you?
How are you?
'Kutha satta matta'
What is this
'kutha satta matta'? Huh?
Sir, please let her go.
Sir, please let her go.
Sir, please let her go.
She doesn't know. If you do,
tell him, Sofi.
- Come on!
Sofi, tell him.
Hi, owner of the old building.
Hi, dear. - Why have you
washed all your clothes?
Because there is no one at home.
Don't wash everything and roam
around naked. We are also here.
Hi darling!
Where did you steal
that money from?
Tell me.
- What happened?
Are you returning
my money to myself?
Sir... I am...
- I'll give you half an hour.
If you don't return my money...
Sir, please listen to me.
Sir, please leave them.
I'll bring your money to you.
I will bring it. I will.
- You will!
Brother, did you see my roommates?
They are nowhere to be
seen since yesterday night.
They drunk called me last evening.
- Oh!
They asked me if I would jump from
the third floor for three lakhs.
Have they gone mad?
- Is it Sathish?
This is Muthiyapettai
inspector speaking.
Both your friends are here.
Can you come to accompany them?
I will be there right now, sir.
They've been caught
for liquor charges.
How much, sir?
The station bill is three
thousand five hundred.
For the boy who took them to court,
his charge is five
hundred. Four thousand.
Take them after signing.
Salute, sir.
- Hmm.
Sir, shall I take one
beer bottle, please?
- Idiot, come.
How dare he ask me for beer!
The wine shop people are
the ones informing the police.
That's why they
could catch correctly.
Forget all that.
Where is the money?
Sathish, we both...
- Hey, stop.
<Indistinct chattering>
<Indistinct chattering>
Tell him now.
- We were scared
if the police take
the money into custody.
But, the lighthouse light,
showed a seaside bungalow.
Dude, did you see that?
Open it, quick.
How far?
In a short while, you'll
see a huge banyan tree.
Take the left beside it.
Is it left?
- Right.
- I mean, left is right.
Bring it back soon.
The bag is missing.
- What?
Look for it properly.
I did. But it's not here.
Take all those dry leaves
out and check again.
We hid it here.
Where could it vanish?
What is this? How is it possible?
Sathish, the money is missing.
- Hmm.
Check. - We kept it exactly
here, and it's missing now.
What? Hey!
Dude, check out this trace.
Someone has dragged the bag inside.
- Yes.
Oh God! So much cash.
I don't know who took it.
What an act!
You are performing very well.
- What?
Whose idea is this?
To leave a trace. Yours or his?
- Sathish!
The money is missing for real.
- Funny.
We've found it now. Where is it?
- Dude!
Don't you trust us?
Hey, my lover has been trapped
there. Do you understand?
I will kill you both.
Tell me where the money is.
Tell me.
- We don't have a clue. I swear.
This is an abandoned house.
Who will drag it from here? Huh?
Damn! Looks like someone
had been watching us.
No, Sathish. Don't go
inside. Listen to me. Sathish!
No dude.
No, this is scary.
It's locked from the inside.
Tell him not to.
It's possessed only if
the opened door closes by itself.
It's alright, as the
door is still open.
Won't you shut the door softly?
I did not shut it.
It did it on its own.
Damn! Sathish!
The chair is rocking on it's own.
I was resting my
hands on it till now.
Ask him to come silently.
Else, I will hit him.
Shut up and come.
Who? Are you going?
You check inside. You
check the other side.
Let's see our work. You, too, go.
No, no.
- Let my hands off.
No, hey.
What is this? Ghost
is wearing black briefs.
If it is white, it'll become
dirty, right? That's why black.
Tell me. Did I scare you?
Yes, brother. What are
you doing here? - Hey!
What are you all doing here?
Psycho ghosts keep
wandering over here.
Go, get home safely.
- Brother.
Return the bag before leaving.
- Bag? What bag?
Go, just leave.
Return my bag!
Isn't this our bag?
- Yes.
Get it from him.
- All of you get out.
He found out.
Brother, let's not get into issues.
Already, my lover is stuck there.
Please, give me back
my money, brother.
What? Is it your money?
I know where you
stole this money from.
'Tell now.
We were scared that the police
would take the money into custody.'
'But, the lighthouse light,
showed a seaside bungalow.'
'We hid the money under the car'
'in that bungalow.
No one can find it.'
Hey, finish them here itself.
Even if someone finds out,
they would only blame the ghost.
"I own this pleasurable
world. Let's do it."
Give it.
Hey, no!
Run. Quick.
Grab it back, fast.
Hey, leave me.
Dude, get the back. Go!
- Stop!
He is running. Don't let him.
Hey, no.
- Not to me.
Leave me.
- Give the bag.
- Give it back.
Oh, no. It's bad.
- Leave me. Give it back.
Welcome to the Fernandez family.
You are going to
play a game with our family.
- Game?
Our game is very simple.
you need to follow
the rules and regulations.
I always respect the rules.
Now, rule number one.
You will be eliminated,
if you take the money
without winning the game.
Now, rule number two.
You will be eliminated if you
walk out without winning the game.
Shall we start?
Welcome back to, win or run.
If you win the game,
you will get fifty
times more gold coins,
more than the money you have.
Our game is very simple.
You need to enter
through this entry door
and exit through that exit door.
the key to the exit door,
is hidden inside
this bungalow.
Your task
is to find this key without
letting our family members know.
The clue to find the key is...
The body will have arms and legs,
eyes and nose,
it will not be alive.
What is that?
It's Thala's movie dialogue.
Don't call him Thala. Call him AK.
- Not okay. AK.
You have only ten seconds.
If you can't find
the answer to this,
you will be eliminated.
Your countdown starts now.
Is it this?
- Is it that?
What is your this and that?
- That is...
Is it what the shaman says?
- No idea...
We even stole that from
a graveyard before. - It's a doll.
Correct answer!
The key is inside a doll.
But where is the doll?
Without Rachel knowing,
you need to play hide and seek,
and find the doll.
Level one.
Hide and seek.
Remember the school days?
Now, search!
I don't believe that he
will bring the money. - He will.
He will come.
If we take a video
of cutting her finger
and WhatsApp it to
him. He will surely come.
Shut up!
Hey, hey!
- Brother!
No, Benny.
- Hey!
I've untied your hands.
Untie your mouth and go.
Have fun with your boyfriend.
Just leave, go. I will
take care of them.
- You idiot.
I will eat your mouth.
What are you doing?
I am doing the right thing.
You will kill her for the money.
How will I take revenge on
her, for stopping my wedding?
Now, she will go straight to him.
I will kill both of them
in the same place by stabbing
them. And then bring you the cash.
Till then, take care of these two.
Mathi, you come with me.
Oh damn!
Hey, isn't that the girl
who came with him?
Yes, brother. It's the same girl.
If we kidnap her now,
we can get the cash from him.
How can we kidnap her now?
- Why?
No place in the car.
Where will you make her sit?
Why are you all staring at me?
Pull her in.
She is leaving. - Mathi, stop
the bike. She is going there.
Pull her.
- Leave me.
Put him outside
and take her inside.
You threw me out, right?
I will not let you easily.
I'll follow you to the end.
You said we can
find him through her.
But she was kidnapped.
No problem. We have him.
If we kidnap him, we can
find them and then her.
Brother, the Omni van
in the front...
Sorry, brother.
- Yes, it's us.
Pull him in, boss.
Do you think we can't find
you if you hide behind a photo?
Leave me.
He is also taken.
No problem.
Let's find his kidnapper.
We can find him.
Through him, find
him. Then, find her.
You don't understand. Put on the
side stand and switch off the light.
I'll explain clearly.
- Hmm.
Just show the person and
I'll take him. Don't
explain anything.
Hello, my mobile is drained too.
Talk to me.
Who do you think you are?
How can you... Are you stupid?
Talk to me.
Is this how you talk
to your boyfriend?
What if he breaks up with you?
Who will I get the money from?
He is a big scammer than you.
- Tell me.
Who is that?
Brother, Blade Babu has called.
That nonsense fellow,
hinders even if he is not here.
Cut the call!
- Professor!
Idiot, why are you
making noise now?
Listen, your girlfriend is with me.
If I don't get back my money,
I will both of you
and your girlfriend.
Kill me?
What is this? Your boyfriend
is laughing at my tantrum.
Oh damn.
I dare you to share
your address with me!
I'm in my home.
A French castle.
What? French castle?
Tell me the landmark.
There will be a road
which would be deserted of mankind.
You will hear dogs
barking in the distance.
He said, dog and howling like a fox.
Come to a dead end.
There is the French castle.
- What is this?
Do you think I'll be scared
if you make it sound
like a haunted bungalow?
I'll be there now.
Most welcome.
We need more participants.
Please, come.
You search for the French
castle on Google Maps. - Okay.
You... Have you finished talking?
- Yes.
Give me my phone.
Hello, wipe it
before giving it back.
- Huh.
This irritating fellow.
- Hey!
Drive to a French castle.
Is that the address?
- Yes.
Sorry, brother. - Why sorry
when you should say thanks?
Oh God!
Why all of you are
pushing me out of the car?
I will not let you be.
I might look calm.
But, I am the storm.
Sorry, dogs.
Forgive me.
I missed the timing for
my rhyming. It's my mistake.
- Shit!
Get lost. You scared
the shit out of me.
I thought it was the
ghost and got scared.
If you find a bed or a door, you
need to do some comedy, is it?
What is this like
an incense stick stand?
Pull it out and come.
No need. It would
hurt if I pull it out.
So, would you keep it like
an award? Search for the doll.
Shall I pull it out?
- Get lost.
What is this? Is it a pipe?
Why is it flying
like this? Hold it.
Careful. Hold it.
Oh God!
Hold it tight. Don't leave.
Don't let go. Hold.
Oh my God!
"I will find you."
- Shit.
Let's run.
- Hey, come here. Help me hold this.
Already, I have three arrows,
why sorrow?
You can make fun of arrow
and sorrow, but is this your timing?
The doll we are searching
for, is with that child ghost.
We can leave, but only if
we the doll that from it.
What are you saying? Damn.
It isn't easy to...
- You can talk usually.
If we try to take a doll
from a normal child,
it will shout like a ghost.
This is already a haunted child.
If we take it, we are dead.
Why do you always speak negative?
Dude, just tell us what to do.
We will. We are taking the key
and we will win.
- Super, listen carefully.
I will hide in this cupboard.
You have to hide in
the opposite cupboard.
And you, near that motor.
When the girl comes,
I'll knock on the door.
She will come towards me.
Then, you have to knock on the door.
She will turn to you.
I will open the door
then and signal you.
He will start the machine.
Let's use the hose and pull
the doll from behind the girl.
Do you understand the plan?
- Yes.
All that is fine.
How will you bring the ghost here?
- Someone needs to shout.
It's you.
Why isn't this working?
We've failed Maara!
I will hit you like anything.
Switch it on, somehow.
What? Do you think you
can blame me for this?
I turned it right. What
can I do if it's not working?
Oh shit.
Why are you getting tense?
Let me check.
Let go of my hand. You baldy.
Come inside. - I can come
on my own. Why are you pulling me?
Welcome to the Fernandez family.
Who is welcoming when
I am this frustrated? - Leave me.
Listen, if I don't get my
money back, - Leave me.
She will be dead.
Take it off.
- Idiots.
Pull it out.
Take it off, now.
Hey, you pull the other side.
Take your hands off!
You weren't pulling it,
but pressing it further.
Stupid fellows.
But where is she?
- Yes.
Where is she, brother?
- I am asking you,
will you ask me back?
Brother, the money we
were searching is there.
Where are you coming, you thieves?
Wait here.
Cash, currency, money...
Brother, something is fishy.
Come, brother, let's leave.
- You senseless fellow.
There should be some
disturbance in the power line.
Will you be scared of all this?
Did you see? It is alright now.
How many times will you
see? Yes, I am a ghost.
Hey, Camry. Let him go.
He is just trying to win the game.
Yes, my boss.
Do you know how to repair it?
Give me five minutes.
- To say that you don't know?
Can't you say that now? Is this
even a machine?
It's getting switched on.
Kick again. It's on.
Enough. Switch it off.
- How?
At least reduce the pressure.
Wait. Don't make my pressure boost.
- You idiot. Do it soon.
That child ghost is going to come
because of the noise. Do something.
Switch it off soon.
- How many are there in this house?
What are you doing? The
pressure is unmanageable.
If there is some
wire, just pull it out.
Pull it.
- Wait, I am checking it.
There are four to five wires.
- Can't manage the pressure.
At least move from your place.
- What to do?
Hold this hose.
- Wait, I am coming.
Come and hold. The
pressure is too much.
I'm coming.
I have seen this bald
head somewhere.
Damn. Escaped from
the ghost and caught here.
How is a monkey
coming out of a rhino?
He is the car thief. He is
stuck like a rat in the drain.
- I can't bear this.
This won't work.
Bring the knife.
We can severe his head.
Are you cutting my head?
- Hold tight.
"I will find you."
It seems like the
child ghost is here.
You hide in the cupboard
and make some noise.
What plan is this?
The plan is to feed you
to the ghost. - No!
"Thaga thaga tha thom, thom thom."
"Thaga thaga tha thom, thom thom."
"Thaga thaga tha thom, thom thom."
"It's coming close, thom thom."
"I wet my pants, thom thom."
You fraud, where are you?
Bloody cheat.
Bloody brut.
Can't you hear? Come out.
"My dear darling, come lean on me."
"I will caress your hurt heart,
with my palm like flowers."
Come now.
It won't stick together, dear.
Sofi, hey, sofi.
Are you scared?
- You bloody cheat, brute...
I can't believe I'm trapped in
this house. How can you do this?
I can't believe this. You cheated.
- Listen... Listen to me...
I can't listen to you.
- Hey!
Look at me. Look at me, sweetheart.
I got stuck here for you.
- Don't talk anything.
Are you going to kiss her?
We got the doll after so much
struggle, and you threw it away.
I just threw the doll, but...
I got the key.
- That's right.
You are a clever fellow.
- All problems solved.
Get me out of here.
- What is this, instead of a key?
Hey, this is a paper key.
Give it.
Paper key?
- Yes.
Welcome to level two.
The key is in a book.
But the book
is in Granny's room.
Go and find it.
Granny doesn't like
Don't make any noise.
What is happening here?
- We are playing games with ghosts.
Not a normal game,
it's a horror game.
What is this? There
are so many books here.
How will we identify
the book with the key?
Talk softly.
Didn't he say that granny doesn't
like noise. Go and look for it.
Hey! Shh.
Someone has saved
our life with theirs.
Aah... Aah..
Let's take two books
when we go home.
Even the books are a miracle.
Whichever book you open...
How is the rhythm, boss?
- Book, it seems.
Go and search.
- Okay.
What is it?
Someone is standing there.
- Who is it?
Come here and check.
There is no one here.
Is no one there? Damn!
Move aside, boss.
He was right here only.
Boss, take a look at that side.
You are going to
get from me. Get lost.
Damn, it's a ghost.
No, run. Go away. Leave me.
Oh, no!
Benny, he is here.
- Catch him.
Brother, please give me a lift.
The car that you were pushed from,
where is it going?
They pushed me from two cars.
Which one are you asking about?
You were pushed lastly from one,
the one before that,
where is it going?
It's going to the same
place as the last one.
Where is the last one going?
Same as the before one.
- Before one?
Same as the last one.
You idiot.
Both are going to the same place.
- Yes.
Tell us where.
- You'll also push me if I say that.
I won't.
- I won't push you. Tell me.
French castle.
- Benny.
Hold tight.
For what?
Oh my God, damn, no.
Hey, did you also push me out?
Don't you know who I am?
Sorry, dogs. I won't talk.
I won't talk about anything.
I'll just walk off.
It's written as a clue. But, I
don't understand anything.
What language is this?
Huh? It's a language for ghosts.
Why would I be confused if I knew?
See if this is Spanish or French.
I don't understand, too.
Did you read it?
- I don't understand.
Then why did you take it from her?
You look at it again.
It looks like English.
- What is this?
But I can't read it too.
- I can't read it.
It may be Latin.
- Wait.
Hold it like this.
What is it?
- Seventh row, thirteenth rack.
- Look in the mirror.
I know this. It's a mirror trick.
Hmm? I'll give you one.
- Yes.
I found out already.
Seventh row,
thirteenth rack.
- Yes, let's go.
Why are you scaring me?
- Ssh.
Is someone coming?
Sathish, listen to me.
Don't be in a hurry.
Why does it look this old?
Are we going to live here? We
will leave once our work is done.
Stop. Shall we go inside
or wait till he comes out?
You decide.
- Let's go inside.
No, let's wait outside.
But while we are waiting here,
what if they escape
through the back entrance?
You are in a lot of confusion.
Come, let's go inside. Come.
What is this?
All three doors are
marked as an exit.
All three doors read as an exit.
But none of them have a keyhole.
The exit door should be elsewhere.
How do we get out, then?
The key to the exit
door is with you.
But where is the exit door? Huh?
"Which way..."
"do we go?"
What is this? He
is singing in English.
He is an Englishman.
He sings in English.
He is just irritating us.
"Which way..."
- Sir!
One clue, please.
There are numerous doors,
with misleading routes.
If you take the wrong turn,
you are bound to be dead.
Level three.
Maze Run.
Shall we go together or separate?
'If we tell him to go together,
he will leave me alone.'
Let's go together.
- Okay, come.
'Has he changed?'
No, let's go our separate ways.
You take that side and me this side.
- 'As expected.'
Wait. You take this
side and me that side.
Only then it will be proper.
'I'm a murderer. But, you
made me talk in mind voice!'
Hey. Why did he go that fast?
If we search individually,
we can find the exit door.
Everything looks the same.
We've come to the
same place, again.
There are doors all around.
How can we go outside?
I have an idea, for both of us
to escape from here.
Show me your leg.
Just cloth.
Why are you scared?
We need to make a cross.
Are you ready, boss?
What are you doing?
Boss, if we make a
mark like this in our route,
we can avoid repeating
the same. How is it?
Come, boss. Don't pretend
like you know everything.
Hey! - Don't shout, boss.
Ghosts will come.
Brother, how do we go out?
Out? I think we are going to be here
and die in the hands
of these ghosts. - Brother.
Look, someone has
made a mark there.
It's not someone. It's Sathish.
He would've made the
mark, for us to follow.
You collect the cloth
and come behind. - You shut up.
Go now.
Get in.
There is one more here. Take it.
See, there is more here. The
route is obvious now. How is it!
I guess the door should
be on this side. - Okay.
What is that noise?
Ssh. Don't make any noise.
- Aah!
Ssh. Be silent.
What is this, Mathi?
You should not stab her.
If you try to, a guy
would come to save her.
You should stab him.
I will take care of her.
Here, stab her then.
Do you have any sense?
He isn't here to save her.
Why would I stab her?
First, let's look for him.
We need to stab
her, in front of him.
- What nonsense, Mathi.
You've gone worse.
Will you drag her around
everywhere we go? Huh?
What to do?
- Here, tie her up with this.
With this?
What are you looking at? It's my new
kerchief. I just blew my nose once.
- Why? Won't you blow your nose?
Tie her hands.
If I tie her hands, her legs will
be free. Won't she run away?
Then, tie her legs.
If she ties her legs, her hands will
be free. She'll untie and runoff.
I won't go anywhere.
I'll stay right here.
You can go and
search for him. Please.
Did you listen, Mathi?
Since I am with you, she also takes
me for a fool. Bring her along.
That is the right thing. Come.
This is what I said earlier.
- Hey... - Come.
Exit door.
Hey... leave.
Hey, I am asking you to come.
- Leave.
Leave my hand.
Tell me where he is.
Or else I will slit your throat.
- Hey, bring her here.
Bring her.
- Hey, don't resist, come.
Madhi, did you see?
See how she is standing?
She has come alone
and has got trapped.
you would cheat me
saying we can go to the gym.
Now, the fight scene has come.
You show your performance.
Come to this side.
Hey, if you have the courage,
then touch her.
- Look Benny,
let both of us not die fighting
for the sake of a girl. - So?
Will you die?
- Hey...
No, I asked casually.
Let both of us have a competition.
If you win, you marry that girl.
What if you win?
- That girl will marry you.
Either way, the girl is mine.
I am ready for the competition.
- Benny,
both things favour us.
Isn't something wrong?
Hey, you don't talk nonsense.
He talks properly. I am
ready for the competition.
What is the competition?
The one who sings
in tune is the winner.
What do you say?
Hey, we are good singers.
Are you telling us?
Uncle, beat the drum.
Beat... beat.
send you to bed with a fever."
"Stop bothering me and chasing me."
send you to bed with a fever."
Ace. Sthothiram means God is Jesus."
Madhi, who is this half-boil maid?
Go to hell.
Oh... oh...
Oh... oh... who is it?
Hey, leave me.
Please cooperate a bit, boss.
There is nothing
with me to give you.
I have not got even
half an inch of cloth.
Boss, you have nothing to give.
But you have one thing
to remove and give, boss.
No, I won't give you my shirt.
- Who talked about the shirt?
This is below that.
Lift your leg. Here, it has come.
Is it honour or life?
Then listen to me. Come.
If we drop the inners,
we won't miss the way.
You removed the one
which I was wearing. - Come.
- You have brought me to a dead end.
Yes, boss, it is a dead end.
Look here, he has
left the Bermudas.
I will wear it as it will fit me.
Cheap person. He has left
it so that he can find the way.
And you want to wear it.
Give. I will wash
it and then wear it.
You are cheaper than me.
Go quickly.
You go first.
Come, come.
You have made me stand naked
and are thinking of something.
Now, if I don't get my innerwear,
I will remove yours.
You want your innerwear. I will
get it from where you left it. Come.
Hey, where is my innerwear?
- It is not seen.
Look, there is your innerwear.
Who are they? They are like girls
who call menfolk on the highways.
Hey, we drop the clothes
for identifying our way
and you are picking it up?
Give me the clothes.
Hey, first ask for the innerwear.
My hand is paining.
His hand is aching.
Give the inner-wear.
Hey stupid, is this what you call
inner wear? This is Bermudas.
Hey, that is Bermudas for you.
It is an inner wear for my boss.
Is there any proof
that this is yours?
Boss, he is asking suddenly.
- Are you asking for proof?
Will you give it to me or not?
- Hey...
- Hey...
he is hiding to save his life, and
you are fighting for the innerwear.
I will give you mine, you take it.
I hope it doesn't come.
- I will find you.
- Oh no, ghost. - Run... run fast.
In English movies, they will give
this if the hero finds such things.
Let's go.
- Oh...
Hey... your climax is in my hands.
Sorry, it slipped.
Get lost, you idiot.
- Hey... - He?
That is the wrong entry. Hey...
Who is the one who corrects me?
All that is wrong for
others is right for me.
Glory, please lock the room.
Please take care of him. Go. Hey...
- Hey...
You make me go
around the 10 x 10 room
ten times, Panchalingam.
If I catch you...
- Oh... oh...
He may come to that side.
- Don't be scared.
If he comes, he will make
noise like a diesel auto.
- Diesel auto has come.
Come, let us go in.
The door is so tight.
Who is making noise?
Granny might come.
Hello sir.
Oh no...
Hey stupid,
- Hey...
Who is the one who
is talking like this?
See properly.
Everyone is hiding here.
How many times will they
open and shut the door?
The bag has torn
and the blood is oozing out.
Hey, who are you?
You are sitting like
an eagle on a dry tree.
I will handle you last.
Don't think you can escape
after stealing my money.
I am worse than the corona.
Come out.
He is talking without realising
Omicron is standing behind.
Who are you?
You have come without
washing your face pack. - Hey...
we are hiding as
we are scared of her.
Why are you seeing like this?
You will have neck pain.
First, look at the one who is down.
- Hey...
"Heckela peckela ping ping..."
Wrong entry.
Brother, it was I who stole
things from your house.
But that baldie has
taken away all the money.
Wrong entry.
It is true that I stole
the money. But that boy
took away all the money.
Wrong entry.
Anbarasu sir,
what that man said is true. It was
we who took the money from him.
But now the entire
money is with the ghost.
If you win the game,
you will get 50 times more money.
50 times?
Is this the matter?
I will play the game.
Why are you running before me?
If you win, you take all the money.
I have even found the Exit door.
- Hey...
forget all that.
Who is hitting me saying
that is the wrong entry...
Wrong entry.
50 times more money. Let's go.
Hey, poor fellow... will you come
now, or shall I go alone and play?
What is this? Okay, come.
- Madhu...
- Madhu...
we have come to the
wrong place and are trapped.
Where did I come from?
You brought me.
Madhu, do you know
what is going on here?
A dangerous game
is going on, Madhu.
Are you pushing
me? You will pay for it.
Well, come to the final level.
Win or Run.
Now Clara will drop two paper rolls.
In one, there will be a Win.
In another, it will be Run.
If you pick Win correctly,
you are the winners.
The total prize is for you.
But, if Run is picked...
I think the money that is stolen
from our house is being
used in the game here.
Come, let us go and play. Come.
- Oh Madhu,
one can't win this game that easily.
Do you know what is
written here in French?
Even if it is written in Tamil,
I don't know how to read.
If it is written in French,
how will I read it?
I will read, and you listen.
Foreign language.
Foreign language.
Foreign language.
Clara... let's start Win or Run.
When the index finger
which is rotating in the middle,
stops and points at a person,
that person will first play
the Win or Run game.
I am first.
- Hey, move.
I am first.
Come to this side.
Looking at the speed at which it is
coming, I think it will stop at you.
Suppose the paper that you
pick up has Run written on it,
hey... you crush it.
In the next round, I will take
the paper which is not crushed,
I will win and save my family.
If we get money,
they will let us go.
You are trying to kill me.
If I pick up run, won't I die?
Boss, did you listen to the idea
that the girl gave? It is super.
Why don't you try?
- No, you go and try.
What me?
Hey, pick up.
Hey, what is written? Tell me.
- Hey... idiot,
the breeze is blowing, and the
lights are glittering. It is run.
Now, he will come roaring.
Bheem has gone.
Listen to me.
The crushed one is run.
The other one is win.
Now, it will come.
You felt bad when Bheem went.
Leave that.
You by
Sorry, I aimed at him.
- I believed you.
The crushed one is
run. The other one is win.
What is this?
The light is going off.
The breeze is blowing.
Is it run again?
I think he is playing
a cheating game.
I don't know how he
is going to run with this.
Foreign language.
Madhi... do you know what it means?
There was a girl called Clara.
She is extremely
greedy after money.
In the Win or Run game,
she wrote run in both the
paper rolls, as no one should win.
Foreign language.
Did you see that?
You know why I am
in this psycho family?
Luxurious lifestyle.
And do you think I am
going to give up all of that
because my father has given
money to all of them for winning?
Foreign language.
Foreign language.
Don't worry.
I will take care of it.
Foreign language.
- Because her father-in-law
shouldn't know this truth,
she lied and cheated him.
Oh my God! Christopher,
what happened?
Christopher broke the rule.
He helped the
participants to escape.
Christopher... A rule is a rule.
Respect the rule.
Go to hell.
that Clara killed the
person who knew the truth,
now, even I know the truth,
will she kill me also, Madhi?
I, too, got to know
the truth from you,
now, even I am going to die.
Come on, come.
- Clara...
"Oo antava maava,
oo oo antava maava."
"Oo antava maava,
oo oo antava maava."
- Oh...
She is my wife.
You are selected. Go and play.
Get lost.
After playing, you are
going to lock me in and kill me.
I will myself die.
But death is confirmed
to both of you.
I will wait inside. Come quickly.
Oh... the last two participants!
Are you going to
play for him?
Or is he going to play for you?
Clara, let us end the game.
Hey Sofi...
- Hey, brave man,
stop worrying about her.
You come and play.
Sanskrit verse.
Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Instead of me knowing about my end,
if you read it out,
it would be better.
If you pick that roll and read,
you will know what
is written in my roll.
That means,
the one you swallowed is a win.
You are the winner!
- Yeah...!
You hold back some
of your performance.
Still, there is a lot to do.
This is also run.
- Yes.
Five runs in three balls.
Hey, a fellow with a
grilled chicken face,
I, too, tried not to
do body shaming.
But if I don't do that to
you, it is a shame for me.
How many people do you
have killed unnecessarily?
You would say
repeatedly, a rule is a rule...
I always respect the rules.
You were roaming about as
if a mad dog has bitten you.
Where is your rule?
Everything is a foul.
It is total cheating.
No, no, no... my
son didn't do that.
Something went wrong.
Greetings old lady.
Stay there. I will come to you.
Without correcting your son,
you are roaming
around with a hammer,
are you a mother? You should be...
Oh, Fernandes, your
mother has reformed.
Hey, wait, I will come.
Children of your age are
attending online classes.
And you are killing
people with arrows.
If you were born in our family
I would have slapped
you and admitted you
to Chengalpet hospital.
Oh no... is this a family,
your mother is a fraud.
The entire family is a fraud.
Trusting this, I was playing
all this while, I feel disgusted.
Hey, if you have time,
watch the squid game.
He is older than you. If he wins,
he genuinely gives money.
But he doesn't cheat like you.
Why are you looking
with so much anger?
Because I am talking
so sarcastically?
I know that you will all kill me.
Let history say that before
dying Satish made fun of everyone.
Fernandes, I will
tell you in your style.
I am ready.
Hey Fernandes,
what did I tell you that
you are feeling so upset?
I am telling the truth.
A rule is a rule.
You are a winner.
All money belongs to you.
Take the money, brave man.
It is all yours.
it is you who have
broken the rules.
Yes. I don't like others winning.
Clara..., good bride, keep quiet.
I will raise my voice.
- No.
You shut up.
Nobody plays with me.
- Forget all the money.
Get out.
Get up. You have acted enough.
- I am not acting.
Is it so? Okay, get up.
What happened?
The ghosts are fighting,
let us escape.
Wait a minute. I will get the bag.
Hey... she is greedy after
money than that ghost. Come.
Hey Sofi...
- Hey Sofi...
Satish... Satish.
- Clara... - Satish...
Get up. Come. Come.
Wait, my bag...
- We can take it later.
You first come. Come.
Give me my phone.
- Phone, whom are you going to call?
To Khushbu, madam.
- Now, what will she come and do?
Religious mantras.
Religious mantras.
Religious mantras.
Religious mantras.
Religious mantras.
Religious mantras.
Religious mantras.
Religious mantras.
Religious mantras.
"I came asking for the
boon from Goddess."
"Have mercy on me I
have no other support."
"Those were the times that..."
"was the time of Vasant & Co."
"This time, it is..."
"this is also the time
of our Vasant & Co."
"This time, it is..."
- Come, come. - Come quickly. Come.
Thank God, come here.
Hey, nothing is wrong
with me. I am okay.
I am fine.
- Where is the money bag?
Oh, money bag?
- Where? - Look, there it is.
Forget her. She is like that.
Okay, where is the money bag?
It is this side.
- Where?
Aren't you asking?
Why talk about money? It is
a big thing that we escaped.
You have become cautious.
Greedy for money.
It is a big thing that
we escaped. Come.
Just turn.
Little money.
Little courage.
Little money.
Little courage.
Little money.
Little courage.
What bundle is this?
I think the ghost has
thrown the laundry bag.
Go and see what it is.
All the best, brave man.
Please don't pick it up.
Don't touch the bag.
- Don't push me.
Move aside.
- Friend,
we have won, friend.
We win all this.
First, cut their friendship
and arrange a call taxi
and send them. - Hey...
you want me to cut the friendship
the moment you get the money?
That too you ask me
to send them by call taxi.
Do you know how long
our friendship has lasted?
All that is not needed.
They will go on foot.
You must have thought that
I will say that, but it is not so.
You take this, and this is yours.
Fantastic, Satish.
- Keep it in the car and then leave.
Did you see he has made us
a porter for the sake of a girl?
What happened?
- It is not starting.
What is happening, Satish?
I don't know.
You start the car.
- I am doing it.
What happened?
I thought we had escaped
and got trapped again. - Yes.
Hey... this looks like a
cat wearing a ghost's attire.
Hey, if you want, you take
the girl. You take the money.
Will you help me?
What? - Will you give mine and
my father's body to my mother?
Poor thing, it is crying.
Hey, don't do comedy, get lost.
Hey... if you don't do this...
I will take revenge
in the second part.
This is the third part. We have
taken just the name. Get lost.
Get lost, you idiot.
"I am so famous"
"I am so famous. I know everything"
"at a very young age
I had an extensive knowledge."
"I am so famous. He is so famous."
"I am so famous. He is so
famous. I know everything."
"Shah Rukh Khan's
daughter who likes my post."
"I am very important."
"I sat with my legs crossed"
"all this money is mine
and not my ancestors."
"I was created just by talking.
Yeah. My life is an example."
"In future, they will place
my statue at the bus stand."
"But still, I am so humble"
"by the grace of God, money,
money, money is blinding the eye"
"unable to count. Money
is always God, God..."
"I am so famous" - What a man?
- "I am so famous" - What a friend.
"I know everything. In the Maldives
during holidays, she and me."
There are no mosquitoes in my area.
In my meals, I have
Keto and not rice.
During daytime,
I sleep in my garden.
There will be a huge crowd in
the street to meet me in the house.
What is the value of this car?
What is the value of that house?
What is the cost?
- What is the cost of this street?
Papapa, oh! It is difficult
to become like me.
For my birthday, they should
have a National holiday.
To entertain, to do a
belly dance on the stage
trained Shakila should come. Cops
know my car number. When
I come to the main road,
the green light will burn.
Right from ministers to beauties,
they slide in my BM. My friend's
dad is the CM of this state.
On Friday, Goddess Mariamman
is offered ground rice.
Right from head to toe,
several crores have been insured.
There is no place in the
passport to put the stamp.
There is no place
where I have not gone
because I am so famous.
"he is so famous"
"I am so famous. He is so famous"
"at a very young age,
I had an extensive knowledge,"
"money... - I am so famous
- Money... - I am so..."
"famous. - Money...
- I"
"know everything. At a very
young age, I had a very wide"
- Money... money"
"money... money... money..."
"God... God..."