De De Pyaar De (2019) Movie Script

One. Two. Three.
Welcome to your
Bachelor's Party.
Where's the party?
It's your last night as a bachelor.
Sit. Have a drink,
listen to some good music. Relax.
Don't sound so depressing.
Tonight is all I have.
I've promised them so much more.
Think like a guy who's my age,
not yours.
You didn't take me to Vegas,
that's okay.
But the least you could have done
was arrange some strippers.
How old are you?
It's been 35 years
since I turned young.
I've never had to pay for chance
encounters and romantic evenings.
I never pay for sex.
A night that's earned has something
special about its morning.
That's a nice pickup line.
But seriously,
where are the strippers?
What's your wife going to say?
She is not my wife yet.
And she knows.
It's my Bachelor's Party.
You're so naive.
Almost dumb..
He's so naive.
I knew it.
I knew it, bro.
Who's the groom?
I should have known!
And I knew it and I was right.
Look at what you are doing!
Aren't you disgusted with yourself?
Like, really.
How are you standing here?
I can't stand you right now!
You pig!
Which guy would say no to
a stripper on his Bachelor's Party?
- I hate you. You ruined my life.
Ruined what?
It's not like I had sex with her.
I can't believe I was going
to get married to a shit face..
Guys, listen.
Don't fight.
Great advice.
You have better advice?
Are they breaking
up because of me?
They aren't breaking
up because of me either.
She wanted to test him.
She asked me to do it and I did.
But one should be smart
enough to know where to stop.
Even I threw a Bachelor's Party.
He asked me to get strippers.
But did I?
Because you know
your friend too well.
Which guy would say no to
a stripper on his Bachelor's Party?
What do you expect him to say?
'Sorry, ma'am,
but I am getting married tomorrow.'
Should we just cancel
the wedding then?
Listen to me. He is innocent.
Babe, I saw what he was trying to..
- It's not what it looked like.
He was not into it.
Guys often succumb to peer pressure
wondering what their friends
will say.
He was just pretending.
But he went for it..
- Trust me.
I was sitting on his lap.
I can tell.
I couldn't feel a thing.
It had only been 15 seconds, and..
Guys often succumb
to peer pressure.
He had to act happy.
He was not into it.
Trust me.
Trust me, baby.
Great time..
- I am getting married.
Thank you.
- Bye.
I am getting married.
- Bye.
Good night.
Hello. Hello. Hello.
Good morning.
- Morning.
Wild night?
- Coffee?
I don't remember exactly,
but I think I had fun last night.
I mean,
I'm sure we must have had fun.
No one's ever complained.
I just want to clarify that you
shouldn't have any expectations.
I mean last night was nice
but don't think we have a future.
And don't get me wrong.
It's not like I didn't enjoy.
But it's just that I am not looking
at a relationship right now.
I just want to make it clear
in case you have any expectations
that this can turn into something.
And trust me, it's got nothing
to do with you not being so young.
I know this must be sounding
weird and you must be wondering
how a girl can say all this after
waking up in a stranger's bedroom.
I guess your bedroom got lucky.
My guest room got lucky.
You were saying?
You mean nothing
happened between us?
I mean, you don't get lucky with
a hot girl like me everyday.
Plus you're not that old
that you can't do anything.
So you could do me and you didn't.
There must have been a reason.
I don't sleep with drunk women.
I don't give them the excuse
of not being in their senses.
Whosoever they are, they should
know what they are doing.
You lost your chance.
You're not going to get
me while I'm in my senses.
"Prancing around without a care."
"Drinking the night away."
"Prancing around without a care."
"Drinking the night away."
"When my heart insists"
"I just grab a peg."
"Makes me blush till I turn red."
"Guys say I am intoxicating."
"I am intoxicating."
"Guys say I am intoxicating."
"I am intoxicating."
"Guys say I am intoxicating."
"I am intoxicating."
"Guys say I am intoxicating."
"I am intoxicating."
"Your feet sway and your
eyes look the other way."
"Because you drink up a storm."
"Your feet sway and your
eyes look the other way."
"because you drink up a storm."
"Leaving empty
bottles in your wake."
"Leaving empty
bottles in your wake."
"When you're high, you can't
stop grooving to the beat."
"When you're high, you can't
stop grooving to the beat."
"All I need is
the local specialty"
"then I am going to dance
till the end."
"All I need is
the local specialty"
"then I am going to dance
till the end."
"Guys keep shouting,
and I just pout."
"I want to just lose control."
"Guys say I am intoxicating."
"I am intoxicating."
"Guys say I am intoxicating."
"I am intoxicating."
"Guys say I am intoxicating."
"I am intoxicating."
"Guys say I am intoxicating."
"I am intoxicating."
"Leaving empty bottles
in your wake."
"When you're high, you can't
stop grooving to the beat."
"Leaving empty bottles
in your wake."
"When you're high, you can't
stop grooving to the beat."
Trying to drown your sorrows?
Regretting that
you lost your chance.
I know I am hot.
Aren't they looking happy?
God bless those two.
You almost got
their wedding cancelled.
I am the reason they got married.
They were almost on
the verge of calling it off.
I don't get it.
If there is a need to test it
then how can it be love?
I have a question.
Is sleeping together
once enough to fall in love?
Then how can it be
enough to fall out of it?
What a great thought.
Well, it's hard to answer
that question, but often
one falls in love
when you don't sleep together.
You are hitting on me.
As I said
you don't have a chance
with me while I am in my senses.
Are you ever in your senses?
Do you have a problem with my
I like alcohol.
You look married and your actions
clearly indicate you're divorced.
How old are you?
I just turned 25
a couple of days ago.
You see
according to the
constitution of dating
age minus 7 into 2
is the maximum allowed.
I am 26.
So 26 minus 7 into 2 is..
38 is the maximum allowed.
Then you have no chance.
I am much older than that.
That will be a little weird.
By the way,
you've got the formula all wrong.
It's into 2 minus 7.
26 into 2 minus 7. 45.
Are you under 45?
- No.
Don't pine too much for me.
I'll call if I'm in the mood.
Seems weird
now that you think about it.
But doesn't feel that way.
24 years' age gap
is a little too much.
But doesn't feel that way to me.
That's called a generation gap,
not an age-gap.
Rich old man, hot young girl.
Hot young girl with daddy issues.
Spare me
the psychological knowledge.
What daddy issues?
How would I know?
I'll have to do a
session with her for that.
Give her my card.
And tell her I only meet by
Are you out of your mind?
You think I'll refer you
to a girl I've only met twice.
And you're intellectualizing
this for no reason.
It's pretty simple.
A guy and a girl met.
They flirted.
And they liked it.
Let me put that right.
A rich old guy and
a hot young girl met.
She saw the money,
the old guy saw the youth.
And now they are both trying
to achieve what they don't have.
Elementary, my dear Ashish.
You're a very negative person.
But my degree is real.
It's not been photo-shopped
and printed
on a good quality paper for me
to frame it.
Who is the doctor here?
I handle hundreds
of cases like this.
Oh, please!
Every week you show
up asking me to lend you money.
Nobody comes to get counselled
by you.
You do, don't you?
Imagine how low you can get.
And what are you
trying to assert here?
I'll pay you back every
last penny I owe with interest.
You're going to need it when she
robs you of everything you have.
You are a misogynist.
Of course.
Because no girl has ever
flirted with a guy for his money.
If I am a misogynist,
then you are a dog.
You think it's love.
It's just lust. Plain lust!
Who knows your feelings better,
you or me?
I am the doctor.
If you're a doctor, then I.. I..
Imagining you as a doctor is so
I can't find an example for it.
Your time is up.
Get out.
Your time is up.
58 minutes.
Fine, sit.
Pervert old man.
- Time up.
Sir, we plan on bottling
Arctic Air.
In 2 to 10 litre bottles.
And so, whenever you
want to escape from the
stressful pollution
filled environment you're in
you simply
open a bottle of fresh air.
It's so clever, isn't it?
And you can have a vacation
in your very own office.
'Hope you weren't
getting restless.'
It's genius, isn't it?
'You were getting restless
to ask this. Weren't you?'
We're going to call it..
A Breath of Fresh..
'Oh, please.'
'It's okay. You can admit it.'
'Okay, don't act smart.
Meet me at the bar at 12.'
Thank you so much.
I can't have two.
Cheers, mate.
Thank you, good night.
Good night, Bob.
Bye, love you.
Such decent old guys those two.
So cute.
They come here every day
and wait until the bar closes.
I thought
my age would be a problem.
But you only find old guys cute.
Do you own the place?
No. I work here.
I'm poor.
Did you come all the way
here from India to work in a bar?
I came to study.
College got over,
and I started working.
As a student,
I used to bartend on weekends.
Now I have a job
from Monday to Friday
and this on weekends.
And before you ask any more
the job pays good money,
but it's boring.
And I do this because it's fun.
I'm an Engineer by degree.
There are two kinds
of people in this world.
Career oriented and job oriented.
I am the job-oriented kind.
But you look like the career type.
Do tell me. Don't be shy.
I am into investments.
I invest in companies while they
are still young and have a scope
so I can reap the benefits later.
And I thought my
age will be a problem.
You invest in things
before they grow
so you can take advantage later.
Only if I see scope in it.
Did you invite me
over to do the dishes?
To check the scope.
You made me do the dishes,
clean the place.
Now let me drop you home too.
I am not going home.
My roommate's boyfriend
has come over.
And he's very irritating.
Go ahead and ask, don't be shy.
You can stay over at my place.
Even I'll get some dishes done.
So, what's the biggest problem
men have nearing their fifties?
They can't score. Period.
They bought into the lies
of Pharma companies
ever since mid-life crises hit,
but they still can't score.
Problem is they are trying
to score with the younger ladies.
Is the offer still on?
If you promise
I'll be safe with you.
I will try my best.
Send me your address
and I'll pick you up.
I almost bought your pitch.
When did you get here?
I just got here.
I mean,
when did you come to London?
Illegal immigrant?
Did you get citizenship?
What brings you here?
I'm here to pick someone up.
Me too.
My girlfriend lives here.
She is angry,
but I will make it up to her.
"You still make my heart
skip a beat."
"I miss you, baby,
from head to feet."
"I admit I was a cheat."
And I'll add a nice line
after this.
I know.
Who are you waiting for?
Your girlfriend's roommate.
Ayesha's roommate.
You didn't tell me
that your dad's visiting.
I told you it's over.
Just leave me alone.
We're done.
Okay, fine.
But our fight wasn't that serious
that you couldn't tell me
dad is coming.
And I even wrote a rap for you.
"You still make my heart
skip a beat."
"I miss you, baby,
from head to feet."
"I admit I was a cheat."
"I admit I was a cheat."
"Swear on my mom,
it will never repeat."
Thank you, sir.
He's not my dad.
Then who is he?
Why should I tell you?
Where are you going, Ayesha?
Who is this guy?
Your uncle, older brother..
Tell me something, Ayesha.
I have a confession.
I lied to you.
That wasn't my roommate's
boyfriend, he was my boyfriend
that guy you just met.
He cheated on me within
a month of dating.
It's 10 minutes late for
it to qualify as a confession.
But okay.
"You make my.."
"You make my heart.."
"You make my heart skip.."
You okay?
Yes, just irritated.
Ayesha. Ayesha.
Please hear me out.
- What the hell are you doing here?
Do you have no shame?
Get lost and don't
show me your face again.
I really love you.
Let's just give us one more chance.
Even if you are the last guy on
earth, you won't have a chance.
Do you understand?
Now go to hell.
At least hear me out.
Ayesha, please hear me out.
Please, just this once.
Open the door, Ayesha.
Ayesha, please.
Ayesha, please.
Please listen to me.
Ayesha, please.
Ayesha, what are you doing?
Ayesha, please listen to me.
She is all I have, Uncle..
Uncle Ashish, please talk to her.
This is not the way.
You tell me, is this the way
to behave?
Whatever happens,
happens for the best.
I had even booked a cottage
for us on the outskirts of London
where we would've
lived after marriage.
You may be able to see it
from here also.
There is nothing wrong with you.
You can find more girls.
And anyway,
Ayesha is not fit for you.
No, Uncle.
She's the right one for me.
Think about it.
Everyone makes small mistakes.
But that doesn't justify kissing a
stranger just to make you jealous.
Yes. Exactly, Uncle.
Uncle Ashish,
what kind of behaviour is this?
Who does something like this?
Are you a stranger?
If you are a stranger, then why
is she staying with you, Ashish?
She is using me too
just like she used you.
And how exactly did Ayesha use me?
What else will you call it?
Till it suited her, she stayed with
you, went out with you, kissed you.
And when she got over you,
she kissed someone else.
If you don't value yourself,
then others won't either.
It's about your self-respect.
You must prove to her
that she is the one losing out.
Come on.
- Let's go.
Stop calling her,
stop pleading, stop crying!
Be strong.
Be very, very strong.
Don't even look back.
Then she will understand.
You are right.
That's the only way
to get Ayesha back, Uncle.
I am glad you understand.
Now you better leave
before she comes out
otherwise she will think
that you're good-for-nothing.
You're still here after
she said all those things to you.
Thank you, Uncle.
Only you understand me.. Uncle..
'At the gym,
Alfred will get you.'
All that effort for me?
Don't put so much performance
pressure on yourself.
Elders say that one should
pick a hobby befitting their age.
What's the point of ending up with
broken bones at such an old age?
Don't insult yourself so much.
And anyway, I changed my
mind after seeing your choice.
I cannot stoop that low.
You are better off with him.
Then why did you drive him away?
If a poor, helpless woman
seeks help, I cannot turn her down.
I am old-fashioned that way.
You're old in everything?
You are really cheap.
Show me your body.
Show it.
- Shut up.
At least show me your chest.
Are you mad?
- Or your biceps.
Come on. Don't be shy.
What about abs?
Do you have abs?
there are no potholes here.
You won't get an excuse
to hit the brakes.
You're really cheap.
What are you doing?
How long have you been here?
- It's been 16 years.
A son and a daughter.
That's been my only regret.
In order to live my life on
my own terms, I left them behind.
Feeling bad for your kids,
not for your wife?
It was a mutual decision
between Manju and me.
We were in college together.
In the beginning,
we both wanted the same life.
But as the years went by,
we both wanted different things.
The kids had no say in this.
You know, people say I am selfish.
Maybe I am.
I accept I am not a good father.
But I feel if I had stayed back
then I would've been worse.
I wish I could live this life
with Manju, Ishika, and Ishaan.
But doesn't matter if I can't.
You are a cool guy.
I mean, very few 50-year-olds
are so happy and so cool.
Try as much as you want,
the fact is
you're struggling with yourself
as to why you can't resist me.
Constantly bringing up
the age-discussion
only to make yourself feel normal,
that you..
And what?
That you were with me last night
and are with me again this morning.
Shall we order?
You get a text saying
'Come down to the bar'.
When you get there,
you find out that she is a waiter.
Only as a hobby.
Fair enough.
She does it as a hobby.
You spend two hours with her,
cleaning the place
doing the dishes,
and let her rent your room for free
all this for nothing in return.
Are you blind?
Can't you see that she's
trying to take over your home?
You're out of your mind
and you're over-analyzing it.
Who is the doctor?
Should I show you my degree?
- Fine!
People seek support from
their children when they turn old
not from wives that
are their children's age.
At a time when you should be
walking your daughter
down the aisle, you are..
What's the opposite
of walking down the aisle?
You're doing just that.
I am not the first guy in the world
who's thinking of dating a girl
half his age.
There have been others.
Were they all unsuccessful?
Oh, really?
Name one successful couple.
Come on, tell me.
Michael Douglas and
Catherine Zeta-Jones.
George Clooney and his wife.
Saif and Kareena.
I have nothing to say.
I can't solve your stupid problems.
Exactly. Exactly
what I am talking about.
Just shut up.
I never said I have a problem.
Every time I come over
you make me sit in that
chair and send me the bill.
Now I know why you
feel she is exploiting me.
Because you exploit me, you feel
everyone else exploits me too.
Get out.
Get out now.
Be thankful that I see
you without an appointment.
I handle ten cases like this
every day.
And there will be a problem,
I guarantee it.
If you don't end up in that chair
sobbing your heart out one day
then I'll tear up my degree.
That photo-shopped one.
It's real.
Smells nice.
No, I've made pasta with a
pinch of salt and a dash of pepper.
I don't eat lentils.
- Why?
I just don't.
- Who doesn't eat lentils?
I don't.
As you wish.
What else will you eat?
You eat,
I'll check what else we have.
I know you put in a lot
of effort to make that.
And it even looks tasty.
But I can't find anything to eat.
Let's go out.
Really? Nothing at all?
I am leaving the lentils
only for your sake.
Now I feel guilty.
I'll have it with curd instead.
No, no. I'll feel guilty
if you don't eat.
Let's go out.
Have a pleasant evening.
Is he going to leave us with
cutlery for the next three days?
One for the oysters, soup..
- Mr. Fancy.
I know.
We start with the
ones on the outside
and use the ones
on the inside in the end.
You are not the only
sophisticated one here.
I didn't know that when
I came here for the first time.
The price of a chicken entree is
enough to open my own poultry farm.
Ms. Sophisticated,
I come here for business lunches.
Calm down.
- It's okay.
Even the Indians
out here are so English
that they won't understand Hindi.
You insisted on coming
to this fancy place.
I wanted some simple Indian food.
I want to eat, not pretend to eat.
What do you expect
me to order from this?
Lentil soup with minced
vegetables, with a hint of mint.
The menu is for English people.
It's not my fault that
they don't know what 'Dal' means.
Your fault is that you thought you
would take me to an upscale place
I'll be impressed
and think you're hot shit..
Shut up. Seriously shut up.
Just tell me what you want to eat.
Forget it.
Looking at your level, if
I take you where I go to eat
you won't stop cribbing.
Come on.
They serve you 10 pieces of cutlery
to justify their exorbitant prices.
We just want to eat.
It's not like they saute
their food with gold or silver.
It's a 150 years old restaurant.
Seriously, everything in
my life these days is antique.
Can you tell me the time, buddy?
It's 11.
He's asking for the time
and you're giving him your watch.
We're being mugged.
Even the bouncers at
my club are double his size.
Are they here now?
- You are.
What's the point of all
that boxing you do?
Will you just let
them take what they want?
I do it for fitness.
I like your coat.
You're simply giving
him whatever he's asking for.
Will you let him take me away too?
You don't like me?
"The mind boggles,
the body shivers"
"when they learn of
the arrival of.."
Can we go?
A slap?
Go on.
I want to see him fly.
Make him fly.
He fell down here.
And that guy is still moving.
Do you want me to kill them?
At least knock him out cold.
Like a knockout in boxing.
Hit him.
He was going to touch me.
Your wallet.
This is for looking at my woman.
I'm asking you to punch,
but you're delivering a dialogue.
You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Of course.
I should have let them
take you away.
Imagine my plight if
you hadn't been around today.
How can I thank you for putting
your life at stake to save me?
This is for trying to be a hero.
There is an age for everything.
You picked a fight
for such a small amount.
Did I challenge them?
I was giving them everything.
But no.
Who said, 'What's the point of
all that boxing you do?'
'Will you let him
take me away too?'
They never even looked at you.
You gave them that idea.
You are so attention-hungry.
Poor guys
got beaten up for no reason.
Poor guy.
You walk around wearing
an expensive watch
and I am hungry for attention.
Is it my fault that
I am not poor like you?
Was it my idea to walk?
We could have just given
them the money and left.
That reminds me, where's my money?
What money?
The ones you took from
them for looking at 'my woman'!
Forget it.
I beat them up, my fingers
are swollen, so I earned it.
You will skim off a woman?
Yes, I will.
You can keep it.
And anyway, I am not your woman.
Okay. Okay.
Good night.
"I have witnessed
your beauty in my dreams."
"My heart feels you look familiar."
"Every day I woke up with the image
of your beautiful face in my eyes."
"But I never knew that
you were meant for me"
"and now I feel.."
"Even though we met late"
"at least we did."
"Slowly and gradually, we came.."
"We came closer."
"Even though we met late"
"at least we did."
"Slowly and gradually, we came.."
"We came close."
"I want to be with you every day"
"using any excuse."
"I'll begin to understand myself,
once I understand you."
"I want to see what
you want me to see"
"and hear what you want me
to hear."
"I don't need to breathe"
"because you're my life now."
"Even though we met late"
"at least we did."
"Slowly and gradually, we came.."
"We came closer."
"Even though we met late"
"at least we did."
"Slowly and gradually, we came.."
"We came closer."
I am sure you must be dealing
with many cases like these
ones with age difference.
Hundreds of them.
But they all come late.
- What?
I mean they should
come six months earlier.
But they all turn up
after the divorce.
I mean, it's quite amazing.
Even in a highly educated
place like London
the concept of a prenup
is unknown to most of them.
It's not completely their fault,
you know.
The first lesson
of every gold-digging session
is about how to avoid
the prenup discussion.
You should call me
to give a lecture one day.
Don't listen to him. He's crazy.
This is why no one ever
invites him to their home.
Really? - I'll get a refill.
- For me too.
Have you lost your mind?
You should thank me.
The prenup's going
to come up sooner or later.
This is not your clinic.
If a cardiologist visits a friend
and his friend gets a heart attack
the cardiologist won't save him
but tell him
to come to his clinic the next day.
A doctor is always a doctor,
whether he's in his clinic or not.
Have your dinner and leave.
Don't make an issue,
I'll tear up my degree.
Fine. Let's get serious
and talk about the next step.
Marriage. Kids.
What have you thought?
- What no?
You haven't thought, or you're not
looking to start a family?
I didn't give it a thought.
- Then do it now.
I don't want to.
What do you mean you don't want to?
Thank you.
The weather seems
to be getting bad.
Did you give it a thought?
- Gave what a thought?
Avoiding the question
won't make it go away.
Do you want to get married now?
Do you want to have kids now?
Not now, but at some point.
And yes, at some point
I want to have kids.
Some point means
marriage in two years
and kids in four.
Ashish, there's no point of
discussing it with that attitude.
Let it be.
What can I say, Ayesha?
I am 50.
I've been a bad husband.
I've been a bad father.
I don't want to have kids
and not be there for them again.
In two years I'll turn 52
and in four years I'll turn 54.
I don't want to be the father
of a 10-year-old at the age of 65.
By the time he's in college,
I'll turn 70
or I might not even be around
I can't.. I mean..
What are we doing then?
I am living the day.
And what about tomorrow?
I don't know.
There's a big difference
between your tomorrow and mine.
Your tomorrow
is much more than mine.
This won't work, will it?
Everyone will always think
I am with you for your money.
And you're with me
because I am hot and young.
I am immature and you are boring.
I want to explore new things
but you've practically
experienced all of them first hand.
And you'll have to do everything
all over again for my sake.
You'll have to go back to
the same places again.
Make the same mistakes again.
Have the same quarrels again.
Cajole me again.
Choose our song again.
Think of a pet name again.
Tell the same lies again.
Endure the same taunts again.
Laugh for the same joys again.
Shed tears over the
same sorrows again.
You will be forced to relive
your life all over again
and I'll feel I am living
an already lived, stale life.
Aren't you going to say anything?
What can I say?
You have already made up your mind.
That's the sensibility
I don't want.
I won't make fake promises
of efforts I know I can't make.
But I know that I love you.
I know that life doesn't come to
a standstill when someone leaves.
It's just a matter of habit.
You will get over it soon.
And so will I.
"I know we've parted ways,
"but I still want you to know."
"I know we've parted ways,
"but I still want you to know."
"If you ever miss me"
"just come over."
"If you think I'll ever forget you"
"then you are wrong."
"If you ever miss me"
"just come over."
"I had no one
except for you."
"You had become more
important to me than breathing."
"I may not mean anything to you"
"but you meant everything to me."
"Don't ever leave me"
"is what you always used to say."
"I have no more reasons to smile"
"as even you moved on like time."
"It had fallen for you,
and still is"
"my heat's crazy, you know."
"If you ever miss me"
"just come over."
"I did as you said"
"only I know how
I consoled my heart."
"Be happy, wherever you are."
"There was never anything
between us anyway."
"Doesn't matter how far away
we are from each other's eyes"
"we will meet everyday
in the world of dreams."
"This is as far as
we were meant to be."
"Now you must return."
"If you ever miss me"
"just come over."
Seriously? Her?
This is all
you could find after me?
You think she can
help you get over me.
You have no standard, but think
about my reputation.
You can settle for anything?
I can't believe that
from this, you've gone to this.
I can't get over you.
You said I will get over you,
but I can't.
See, you don't know everything.
You can't know everything.
I am not asking for much.
If nothing else, then make me
a habit you can't give up.
You are a total amateur.
I was thinking I should introduce
you to Manju and the kids.
I mean, how come suddenly?
I never imagined something like
this would ever happen in my life.
But now that it has
I would want them to know.
I mean, if you are comfortable.
When was the last time
you met them?
It's been a couple of years.
Never had a chance to
go and meet them recently.
Do you need their blessings?
That's not it.
I was joking! Let's go.
Not today. We'll leave next week.
Don't worry.
Nowadays it's not a
big deal to meet the family.
It's cool.
I am not from 'nowadays'.
'I am not from 'nowadays'.'
We need a better story.
What story?
Our story,
which you will tell them.
About how we met.
I mean, what are you going
to say when they ask how we met?
Look at the mountains.
It's so pretty.
She came home dressed as a stripper
and then you found her unconscious
in your home the next day.
That story won't work here.
That story won't work anywhere.
So then?
I said we'll tell them the truth
but I never said
we'll tell them details.
We met through common friends,
Too boring.
Think of something else.
Hey, look at the clouds.
How are you, Pintu?
- Fine.
Get the luggage.
I'll say we met at
the temple while praying.
That will make a
good impression on them.
Don't worry, I love you,
you love me.
No one's going to
ask any more questions.
- Who called you?
- Who the hell called you here?
My daughter.
- Pintu.
Keep the luggage back.
Do it now.
Who told you to get their luggage?
If any random guy walks in here,
will you get their luggage inside?
Who called him here?
It wasn't me.
Who else could it be?
You can't stop smiling.
I wanted to call him,
I even gave it a thought.
But I swear on you,
I didn't call him.
Of all the days,
did it have to be today?
I didn't call him, Ishu.
Munna, who called you here?
Am I not welcome in my own home?
And what does she mean
by today out of all the days?
You can come whenever you like.
Just ask us first.
I'll be right back.
Your home?
What is the colour of
the walls of 'your' home?
I don't care who called him here,
tell him to go back.
Where are your manners?
What's the point now?
- Ishaan!
Hi, I am Ishaan. His son.
And that's my mom.
Did you call him here?
Why did you?
I told you it was her.
Look at how she is welcoming him.
I didn't call him.
Please tell him to go back,
I don't want him here right now.
Go inside. Don't make
a scene in front of the staff.
What's wrong with her?
Her boyfriend and his father
are coming over tomorrow
to discuss the wedding.
- Ayesha.
My wife.
My secretary.
Ishika is getting married and
no one even bothered to tell me.
She isn't getting married.
Her boyfriend's coming
over with his father to meet us.
Even we are meeting
them for the first time.
And what was the point
of having told you?
Would you have come down
from London to meet them?
You couldn't respect any
relationship while you were here
and now you're saying you'd fly
down from London to see the boy.
Does he really think I
need his approval to get married?
This is not about my approval
but I would definitely
like to meet the guy.
What will you say when
they ask about the father?
Were you planning on inviting
me to the wedding, or..
I've already told them
that my father is no more.
Not even separated.
Just dead.
Not dead.
We said he's no more.
you're no longer her father.
That's so absurd.
Just because Manju
and I are separated
am I not her father anymore? Give..
Thank you.
Very good.
Make a scene in front of
the outsiders
so you can look
like the victims.
I will wait outside.