De Surprise (2015) Movie Script

The time has come.
Are you satisfied?
Perhaps happy?
Don't you feel anything, Jacob?
I... I thought you might ...
I do not know.
What a shame.
I wished!!
Perhaps you hope for the best
No, but I would like you to be good.
I love you.
I love you, Mom.
For her, love was not an empty word
As the founder
foundation "van Zalen '...
She was an example of selfless love.
Thank you.
Mr. van Alen,
the donation on behalf of your mother...
was so generous that,
our foundation, we care abou you...
Was this a mistake?
We wish this had not happened
Your property going to bankrupt
Yes, very likely.
Mr. van Zalen,
g. Weiss.
Do you have any problems?
Can I help?
Vermire, foundations
has problems.
A recent donation...
It's really very generous...
But I assure you it is well thought
Do not you, Mr. van Alen?
it really is your desire?
Of course, this is my wish.
Now me, please, excuse me.
I wish everyone a good day.
Also, g. Van Alen.
It looks good.
Good afternoon, sir.
Good morning, Mr. Van Alen.
- Good day sir.
Good morning, Mr. Van Alen.
- Sir.
- Sir.
Good day, sir...
Good afternoon, sir.
- Sir.
This morning's ceremony was
very beautiful and modest.
I think you liked
your mother.
I saw walking around with a backpack.
- Last inspection of the land.
The property is for sale. Vermer
will now publish the ad.
I saw that you are dressed to take my car.
The property is for sale?
- Everything has an end, Muller.
Won't you miss it
Your mother and you...
I'll miss you,
I understand.
Are you ok??
Thank you, Muller,
I feel better.
Elysium-professional guide to your final destination
/ b
Brussels / b
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
I happened to be out on the coast this morning
And I think I saw one of your colleagues.
Would it be possible to have
an word with him?
What's it about
May I ask , sir?
I found something he may have lost.
- Mind if I have a look at it?
I see...
I'm sure my colleagues will appriciate your
trouble. I'll be happy to return this on your behalf.
Good day, sir.
anything else I can do
for you, sir?
No, I don't think so.
I'm sorry to have bothered you.
One moment, sir.
Sir,the manager would like to have
a word with you..
May I wish you both the most pleasant journey...
Or should I say:
a very good trip.
Thank you and goodbye.
Mr. Van Zalen
de Vit, right?
Allow me to appologize for the
confusion downstairs
Please do seat down.
May I offer you tea?
No, thank you.
Well, Mr. van Zalen
I sense that you did not come here ..
purely for funeral arrangement, didn't you??
What ist it??
That brings you to us?
I'm not entirely sure.
I understand.
Mr. van Alen, If I were to tell you
we are a travel agency...
offering a once in a lifetime jouney.
A swift, safe and comfortable
passage to the ultimate of destinations.
will that be of interest to you?
I believe it would.
In fact I believe that's why you came here .
But it is crucial that you
confirm my intution
Are you ready to travel
Discretion is paramount.
But as long as we can make it look like
a natural or accidental passage...
We offer a great varity of options
Watch this elderly client, As he quitely
enjoys his favorite pasttime.
Doesn't he look at peace with himself
Precision explosion with minimal damage to the environment
Reliable and ever popular option.
But, please, don't hesitate to be more creative
If you want to combine your departure
with your favorite pastime...
We can comeup with a personalised
custome-made solutions.
Mr. van Alen?
Mr. van Alen!
I am pleased to tell you
we can accept you as our client.
But you must understand,
once you have signed the contract...
There is no turning back.
None, what so ever!!
I am so happy to hear you say that.
I am Very happy.
We understand.
As to your mode of transit..
Most of our clients prefer to quitely pass away
in the company of a loved one.
That is infact by far
our most popular option.
I would like to leave that up to you.
Wee, In that case, We do, infact offer an option
Which we must ourselves prefer to as the "Surprise,"
One could say
it's the most natural way to travel.
As in evevryday life,
client will not know the "when and the how"
Only, THat it Will happen,
Rather sooner or later.
Oh!! that,
We can gurantee..
Wonderful, I will take it.
Your religion, sir?
Protestant, Jewish?
Roman Catholic.
Top floor.
Please, take your time
Come down when you have made your choice.
Excuse me.
Don't you have something
Do you have something more
I'm afraid not.
This posseses lead.
You must have something else.
You are an advisor?
I thought you
I'm terribly sorry.
And you are?
A traveler
A traveler?
Are you serious?
Also a passenger.
I thought so.
I should not get in the way.
Both should choose.
It's not that simple.
Can I ask you?
Have you decided to...
Or have left things to their natural way
You know when and where?
I could not decide immediately.
But of course, it's not my thing
. - Not. - Not.
No, no, I want to say...
I understand.
I could not decide.
And so I chose
offer a "surprise".
Van Zalen de Vit.
- En. En de Koning.
I'm sorry, Were you able to make a choice
Clients do not need to communicate.
It's in the contract.
No, not yet. Actually, I need your help
I will be glad to assist you, Miss,
And how about you, Sir?
Me? Yes,
Of course.
I think I'll take this.
"The Siberian supreme,"
Excellent choice.
If you just follow me then, sir,
'll be back for you, Miss,
I'm glad we met.
Wish you good and happy.
Thank you, too.
Good morning,
g. Van Alen.
Miller, I think it is around noon...
This is the staff,
As I wanted to say.
As for the sale of immovable property...
Better to send them to their homes.
Tell them to leave everything.
Pay them to the end of the year.
With Christmas bonus.
Thanks Miler.
Ms. Koning, too late.
We have already started.
I'm sorry.
I'll forgive you if you stay as a
replacement on Friday in the store.
On Friday?
I do not know if I'll be here.
Hello, ladies.
If the Apollo line
Life will be full of ups and downs
If you have long and deep as mine...
Will have a magnetic attraction to others.
Goodbye, sir.
I'm here!
Are you g. Van Zalen
de Vit? - I am that.
Here Ana Koning.
We met in the selection of coffin.
OfCourse, coffin.
Did you find eco-model?
Yes, I hope so.
From recycled wood and guaranteed
rot in the country for ten years.
What do you say.
I'm calling because it's been three days
and would like to know...
How you are.
So, If I am dead or not?
Yes, exactly.
Have a nice trip and good luck.
- Who was that?
Someone asks a travel agency.
Wrong number.
I wish you luck.
Variably cloudy,
without fog.
Mostly sunny day....
G. van Alen, how are you?
- I feel sick, g. Jones.
Can I do something for you?
Well, I heave been sitting & waiting here for three
whole days & nothing's happened.
I see.
well, dont?
Do not sit arount and wait Mr. Van Alen
It is essential that you do not deviate in anyway
from your daily routine.
So, please,resume your regular activities &
you will be taken care of.
Best assure, Mr.Van Alen.
Your departure is already scheduled,
you'll travel very soon
How soon Mr. Jones?
- Enjoy your trip, goodbye.
Hello, Is anyone there?
Miller, you scared me.
Scared the shit out of me..
I thought you left.
I'm almost gone.
I thought you left.
I am, but I returned to
check if everything is in order.
And how?
"Rose Agrestis"
should be cropped.
I'm talking about
rose buds.
Miller, you're a free man.
You can do what you want.
Then I want to cultivate rose.
If you say so.
Will blossom again in August.
What day is it?
What do you usually do on Fridays
Have you gone with your mother for
dancing recently?
I'm sorry, Jacob.
Miller, life goes on.
I want to dance.
I want to dance.
Thank you for coming.
Mr. van Zalen !?
I'm sorry, I did not mean to scare you.
I was in the neighborhood and decided
to invite you to the dance.
That is, for lunch.
In the vicinity of the restaurant.
I understand that ths is a little unexpected.
I can not leave..
I'm not employed but
I promised that I would be here...
Until the landlady returns
Wearing only crystals.
Do I know you?
Marisa Delaru.
Van Zalen de Vit,
Glad to meet you.
Is something wrong?
- Check your Karma.
Professional deformation.
Ms. Koning,
you are no longer needed.
You can get her,
as you planned.
I feel that you will not be disappointed
Do I have time?
In this case, you can
go away.
I do not want.
Nonsense, how absurd.
you no longer need my lessons
I have to tell you, it is
my best student.
Give her a hand and she'll tell you
what you wanna hear.
My car is there.
Are you going?
How did you get here
and how did you find me?
You called me from
You could call me
I was afraid that you would not receive.
are you with them?
With them.
With them. You are my
Of course not,
that is not right.
You are not?
among them.
Your surprise?
Do you think?
It could be your
surprise & you are mine.
You have not thought about
or you do not care.
In our case it does not matter.
Don't you think?
You may be right.
I had to ask.
Fasel Vega 500.
Not bad. V8 3.6?
I think so.
Can I?
- Sure.
you often come here?
Every Friday
with my mom.
died last week.
Of course it's not my thing but you did
it for her?
No, no.
I've been dreaming about it for years
But while my mother was alive
, I could not.
Nice of you.
It is the duty of the child.
I do not know my parents
Killed in the crash
when I was little.
The neighbors took me
and then adopted.
Good people.
- Yes, they're fine.
Their intentions were the best.
The thing is that it
is even now...
I do not feel them,
as I wanted.
In what sense?
People see only what
they want to see...
I really do not see who you are.
Do you want to dance?
Perhaps you would like to
dance. Briefly.
They say I'm a pretty good dancer
I believe you, but...
Van Alen, comrade, replace
me a little. Dance with Johan.
Of course, if Mrs.
has no resentment.
Can I?
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Johana, May I have permission to
invite you to tango?
Divine guy
this van Zalen.
Sometimes a little strange.
Sometimes cruel.
But all in all, a very polite young man
Have you thought about
I'm afraid not.
I believe that everything around us are
at a certain level...
When traveling
get to the next level.
Life will be better there and
we will become better
When we move there.
To the next level?
At this level
I could not get far.
Perhaps here there is something more
but not for me.
Are you sure of that?
Unfortunately, yes.
So, with the hope of a better life
we get to the lift?
Someone else will press
the button.
Yes, because I became a Buddhist
a Buddhist can't press
his own button.
Moreover, it would not be quite fair
You probably think I'm crazy.
No, I think it is very convincing
You're pretty confused.
I think we
should see.
I have very good news.
Perhaps we go along.
What do you want to say?
Jones said
It can happen at any time.
This is a great truck.
When was the last time you spoke with Jones
? - This morning.
What do you think? 25 - 30
plus tons of cargo.
Is it gonna hurt ?
- Just for a while.
Mr. van Alen?
- Ms. Koning.
Can I hold your hand?
- Sure.
Mrs. Koning, I'm sorry if I scared you.
I thought...
I forgive you, too.
Perhaps it is not appropriate to
stand here.
Mr. van Alen, the truck has not turned
Would probably be
You were completely relaxed.
Did you feel the adrenaline?
Adrenalin causes excitement.
No, it's not.
Come on, you're excited at least
less than me.
I wish
excited or upset, but I did not.
Nothing makes me excited.
None. Can not be.
Surely you have experienced?
No little not
I'm afraid not.
Admit it.
I'd love to, but...
Between me and the world around...
Is an invisible wall.
I see everything, but me
nothing touches.
It sounds terrible.
So I decided to travel.
I expected it impatiently.
Thank you for a great day, Ana.
It would be nice to find the upper level together
by that truck.
If you do not see
I wish you luck up.
Thank you. And I spent an
enjoyable time.
Drive carefully.
In the center of Brussels tonight
mysterious explosion occurred.
One building is completely demolished
No matter how strange...
People from neighboring apartments were
miraculously unharmed.
You fell?
No, I'm tying shoes.
What happened?
Exploded gas.
Killed an elderly German couple.
No one wounded.
German couple I saw at
Mr. Jones.
So, both are gone.
We have not yet arrived at queue.
What are you doing here?
- Why are you here?
Oh, Yeah
In restaurants in've noticed that you
are interested in cars.
Porsche 356 Speedster,
very rare. Why?
I have a collection of cars.
I thought you might like
to come and look at them.
Why not?
Van Zalen, where were you?
Called you in the morning
Russian investor flew here
today regarding the property.
Ana, Vermir, my lawyer,
Vermire, Ana de Koning.
It offers a 4% uprise than
the price offered
With a bonus if
signed today
Great news,
finish the job Vermire.
I'm afraid you have to be there,
Russians want to know a
true aristocrat.
I am sure it will speed up the matter.
Will you wait for me?
- Sure, I'll hold this place for you.
'll Be right back.
Do not rush.
I need to change.
Miss, pardon my curiosity
but it is extremely rare...
Mr. van Zalen invites a lady to his home.
May I take courage and ask
you: How did you meet?
In a travel agency.
Travel agency?
Jacob going to travel?
You do not know?
Usually do.
I run his whole life.
Then you will no doubt be informed.
The apple is a symbol for the
generosity of nature...
Dagger warns of the dangers of abundance.
The burden of wealth.
I'm waiting for Jacob.
His dance partner?
Ana... Ana de Koning.
Kornald Miller, a former
I lived here,
& Now it's being sold.
If you are disturbed... -
No, please stay.
May I introduce you to:
Old, Jakob van de Vit
Zalen, Knight of the Order of the Crown.
The wife Rebekah gave birth
his 12 sons.
Seven were here.
Who is the mother of Jacob ?
Pastor units.
Teacher by profession.
She was beautiful.
- Were unhappy in love.
I thought she would never marry.
She was almost 40 when she met this man.
Rather it was a struggle, but when they surrendered...
Were the happiest couple
lived in this house.
Tale, beautiful
to be true.
I could not believe. Mr. van Zalen
is having an affair.
You see, I knew.
More, he was not a lover.
Van Zalen was a sailor.
He made this yacht...
with his son
traveling around the world.
Jacob then were four years old.
He was clever and enterprising...
So he waited for this trip.
One day, his father
sailed out to check kernel.
After that,
nobody saw him or yacht.
And Jakob?
Ever since his father disappeared, never
no longer laughing nor crying.
36 years I never saw him angry or sad
But the child is closed into himself.
Mother tried in various ways
to help him.
Psychiatrists, doctors...
Bought him fast cars,
diving, hiking.
All, hoping that it can regain
his spirit of life.
What about the women?
Suffice it to say that all attempts from
his mother...
Had not awaken the passion of
Mr. Van Alen.
Interesting is lady?
Ms. Koning.
I have not met anyone like her.
She told me that you are travelling?
- We will travel.
And how far are you planning?
- I do not know, she thinks that to a new level.
On a higher level, Vermire.
Here comes Mr. van Zalen
I am Julia Borsuk.
These ladies are my associates.
We are glad to meet you.
I'm pleased to meet you as well, Mrs. Borsuk.
- To you only Julia.
If you give me One moment, Juliet.
He is wonderful.
See, I have something to take care .
Can we reduce the formalities?
- Of course we can.
Mr. Van Zalen,
Vermire, have yoy informed Mr. Van Zalen
about Mrs. Borsuk's plans
for the estate?
Of course it is...
And tell me aren't you
such excited as we are.
Yes, I am.
AM I not?
Vermire how did you so eloquently described
the plans again?
Well , it's going to be ....
In your special honor we ladies has decided ...
to call it The Van Zalen Life Extension Centre
Being a health care centre with cosmetic surgery.
A latest therapy for skin rejuvenation
G. van Zalen told me he is
very excited by his vision.
How much rejuvenation do you want ?
What did he say?
G. van Zalen was joking of course
he loves your ideas.
Of course, I do.
So, it's done.
- Not really.
As of now, you ladies will be given 48 hours to check...
If the state meets all the specification.
During which time, Mr.
van Zalen may still refuse...
For any reason what so ever.
- 48 hours, is that necessary?
It's just a technicality, isn't it, Mr Devise?
I'm sure it will work out fine.
Of course it wil, by noon day after tomorrow
everybody will be happy.
you liked something?
And they all will be sold?
What a pity.
You might ride
if you please.
Can I
I drive?
This is a very temperamental lady.
495 horses. From 0 to 100 in 4.3 seconds
You are a true connoisseur.
I grew up with brothers.
cars was the only way for a little attention.
The clutch is...
Very good man
your Miler.
an excellent worker too...
I feel that it he is a little sore.
When I was born my mother is
hired a nanny, Alina.
fell in love with her and married her.
Later became head of the household.
She died last winter.
I felt that.....
He misses her.
If you know that tomorrow will be
the last day of this world...
What would you like to do
Today I wolul go to the restaurant
where we had lunch yesterday.
In order to dance?
Can I go with you?
Will you dance with me
But I'm not very good at it.
is everything okay?
Can you come
for a minute or two?
I No longer live here.
Yes, exactly.
The new owners will enjoy watching these
when nicely pruned...
... Roses.
There is no tomorrow...
Didn't I tell you It is already sold?
I'll go see if I can
make something warm.
Do you know what will happen to my roses?
I think they will build a sauna,
hot tub or something here.
Here in my garden?
Miller, do you remember when you
met her for the first time?
Yes, of course.
Now for you...
is that special?
At this moment?
You can turn on the furnace.
What did you feel?
I felt something I couldn't understand.
Miller, there is something going on with me lately.
Yesterday I was almost run over by a truck.
But strange thing is that
in the last minute...
Just before impact...
I felt something.
Something inside.
It's not as tasty as
Alina's soup or warm.
Her soup
I have long eaten.
were you scared?
This is the strangest.
You may be afraid of
something to lose?
That's good.
Leave a message after the tone.
. - Vermire, van Zalen...
Include Miller in
the contract on the sale of the house...
And that his garden won't be a hot tub
or the contract is canceled.
Please immediately inform them
Oh , an Old Range Rover.
Simple but necessary.
Ready to dance?
If you do not mind,
we need to stop by somewhere else first.
Ana, I think it's time
to act.
Yes, the two of us.
We can not do this anymore.
No, it's time to move.
For too long we have been waiting for.
I'm going to remind them of
the contract.
Not next week, not tomorrow
Seeking disposal!
I beg your perdon?
I would like to delay the journey
call it off for a while, Just temporarily
Couple of weeks,2-3 months. Half a Year,
Who knows, Just push it back a litttle
That's a good one. You almost had me fooled.
For a moment I think you was serious
I am!
No, you are not
You are just confused.
Do'nt worry.
this happens sometimes
For some clients, the prospect of travelling can lead to
all sorts of emotional turmoil.
Let me assure you, this is just a temporary phase
That's exactly why I want to delay..
It's not possible.
Yes, it is, name your price.
Mr. van Alen,
it's not a matter of money.
Sadly, we are forced to conduct our
business outside the law.
I can't afford any loose ends.
That could ultimately jeapordise our vary existence.
Do you understand?
Yes. Maybe jsut a little but
you have to understand my situation
See, I met someone.
Oh dear!
Not just someone...
Oh dear!
Oh dear!Oh dear!Oh dear!
Someone very special.
Mr. van Zalen, are you not aware of our rules
regarding socializing with other clients?
Never mind.
Let me consult with my associates
and see if they can help alleviate your particulates
good man, I knew it
I don't like this.
Whenever it happens.
There is rsik in every path of life.
It also happened before
check upstairs.
here, another Jones
Just many of you are there?
four, Mr.
van Zalen.
Would you be so kind to join me downstairs?
I am terribly sorry, Mr Van Zalen.
This was not meant to be.
"The Siberian Supreme"
a good choice, Mr. Van Zalen.
Please accept our humble apologies.
Well, Everything is taken care of
Now we are first on the list.
Jacob, I do not know about you...
But, Yesterday, I really had a good time...
I look forward to continuing that
- Of course, same here.
What is the rush, then?
Who is this?
It's not funny.
They're shooting at us.
They're shooting at us, it's against the rules.
Wait, what are you doing?
We can not do this here.
It's not who we are.
It's against the rules!
"It's not who we are."
Jacob, let me
I'm driving.
You chose an awkward moment.
Get up!
What are you doing?
I do not understand.
They promised us
A simple coincidence.
This is not a coincidence.
This is an attack on my karma.
Against my karma.
I was not agreed upon it.
Violent death will stain my karma.
Stain your karma?
- Yes, my karma, yeah.
For how long?
All my other life.
I'm sorry I brought you into this situation.
I have to admit...
- Shut up now.
I'm sorry about your car.
Where are they?
Are you asking me?
Are you asking me?
You have many hidden talents.
You too.
Ana, I am to blame for what happened.
No, you were right.
It's good that you told him to follow us.
On the contrary, I begged them to postpone.
You begged them to postpone?
I do not know. Since yesterday I am
very confused.
It's okay.
I'm a little confused too.
But we have not completely cancelled our
journey, have we?
Oh! no, just postponed.
-As we are confused?
Let's dance.
What did you do to your leg?
I came across a very temperamental
You have to put ice.
Do not move until I get back.
Jesus, what the...
What are you doing here?
I was going to ask you the same.
What do you mean?
What are you guys trying to say?
(in Hindi Accent)
I and your brothers
want to know what's happening.
Nothing, I'm with my client.
Why are taking so long time?
I'm waiting for the perfect opportunity.
Suitable moment?
- Yes, Kurama.
Dad, just let me there & finish the job for her.
- No way, this job is mine & mine alone.
So, Why haven't you do it till now?
- Because you destroyed everything.
We did?
- And you also.
What did I do? -
You tried to push me off the road.
I did what?
- and you shot at me.
He shot at me right out in the open.
- What?
Kurama, is it true?
I don't remember this.
- What?
Excuse me! Didn't yoy write off our
company van in a parking garage?
Come on, it didn't even get any stain.
She tried to kill us.
I can not believe my ears
What happened to discretion
decency and professionalism in this company?
Chasing car, shooting each other
in the street.
You are behaving like a bunch of ganstars.
That is not who we are.
You should all be ashamed.
Dad, I know what I'm doing.
So please just let me do it my way.
And you, such boys,
Only interested in the end, & the result
But what about the way to get there?
Have you ever heard of customer satisfation?
Quality product experience? Feel good factor
- Give us a break.
The work
-It's not just about getting the job done.
Its about making the client comfortable, at ease
with himself, happy while we are at it
That is exactly what I am doing here. So if you morons
will excuse me I would like to get back to wok now.
She soludn't ever come to our home.
What did you just say?
We should never have adopted you.
this is your sister, apologise!
- But she...
apologiz, man,
- Say you're sorry.
I apologize.
Thank you.
I want him on my slab by noon tomorrow.
Not one moment later.
I guess I fell asleep.
You surprised me.
- did you come back long ago?
No, I did not find ice.
There was not anyone at the front desk.
Do not worry.
My family has a house for hunting in the forest.
We can go there to hide.
Let's go in the morning.
- In the morning?
Only a suggetion..
Ana, will you look in my palm?
I did not care for the future...
And now I want to know what to expect.
I see...
You should not believe
the person who lies to you.
Sleep tight.
Okay, give me your hand.
Tickling me.
How about this?
- No no.
Tickling you?
- I can't stand tickling.
No, I can not stand
I'm going to take revenge on these.
I can not.
Good night, Jacob.
Good night, Ana.
This not a known place.
Nobody stayed here.
This is the only way?
I used to come with Miller for fishing.
Let's get our stuff out of the car? Ana!
Are you going?
Catch me.
No, take this.
Give, give, give.
What is this?
I'm sorry, Jacob.
I'm terribly sorry.
Okay, come on.
Kill me.
I was ready before,
but now not really.
Then I'm going to do
it myself. I can....
I'm sorry.
I said I'm sorry.
Listen, I'm sorry I lied
But I want you to know...
That 95% of everything
I told you was true...
Feelings and emotions.
Like what?
"I may be your surprise,
and you mine"?
This thought is not true, isn't it?
Or anything else..
What I said, is that important?
Yes, but now it is!
Are you mad?
Mad, you're mad.
I'm not angry.
You look angry.
I told you that I,
I'm not capable of that.
I've heard that, but...
- I'm not mad!
Maybe you're a little upset?
Good. Do not be angry.
I understand.
Then last night I
Last night was the biggest mistake of my life.
For god sake, what is happening there?
Our little sister hit you
It's all your fault.
- What's my fault here?
My mom wanted a girl
but you were born ....
And here is the result!
I promised them that I would deliver your dead body
to the morgue by noon.
I'd be in custody.
If we do not hurry you'll be dead.
I should keep their money.
No money can save you.
Today afternoon after the sell of my company
should gain money from the estate.
If I don't cancel the contract, of course.
Can you cancel?
Yes, I can keep my farm...
- and cars?
If you give me time until noon
the estate will be mine, ours.
No signal
- I have to get out.
Stop and do not move.
first leg...,
- What?
first leg....
Hello, Vermire?
Listen carefully:
"Cancel the sell"
All, not just the house, all.
Can you hear me?
Vermire, can you hear me?
Loud and clear. -
Tell them not to sell.
I understand, I'll tell them
no sales.
I'll explain to them.
- No, it is not necessary.
Leave it to me,
it'll be all right.
I have to personally go.
Now what?
Hello, brother.
How about you & me race each other to
the morgue like we used to.
What is happening here. This girl ,,,
Aye, Come on. it's been way too long.
- He will not. Get back in your van now.
hey Brother,
alright, alright
Some other time, ok?
Welcome to the family.
Hold on.
- Really?
What are you waiting for all day?
Wiil you stand there?
Excuse me
Ladies, I'm afraid that Mr. van Zalen will not be
joining us this afternoo....
But he wants you to know that he couldn't have found
a better party to carry on the legacy of his estate
And he wishes you the very best of luck.
Are you sure...
That contract...
It is Jakob's will?
Mr. de Vise...
You should know that van Zalen
is a big kid.
A rich, spoiled, little immature..
And completely irresponsible.
But the good news...
That within a few minutes,
We will fill up his pockets forever.
Have a nice day.
Sorry, Mr. Van Zalen.
Had to sort everything out early.
I want to apologize to them for the inconvenience.
How touching it was.
I will not keep you waiting.
We'll talk later.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, but hurry.
- Sir...
What is it?
- Want to play with me?
Attention all units, I
10-107 in the lobby.
Sit down.
But I am Zalen van de Vit.
- Sit down.
Sure, but first I...
- Sit down, sir.
I'd appreciate... - Sit down,
please, sir!
What is this?
Where is he?
Somewhere safe.
I love him.
He is unlike other I've ever met.
He is sweet, He is smart, He is sensitive.
He is a great laugh and
he is a good dancer.
He listens to me.
He hears me and he sees me.
Makes me feel welcome. At home
I love him and that's all
that matters to me.
Ever since we took you into this family
I knew that...
one day would come to somthing like this.
Until today
I never regretted take you in.
But today...
I don't regret it, either.
I never will.
Society is changing,
People are living longer and longer.
Getting older and older.
The demand for our services
will rise dramatically.
one day it may become legal.
I see an amazing future for you Ani.
you and your brothers,
Make sure you grab it.
I will Dad.
With him?
Why not?
But, how will he enter into our family?
I filed a case against, Vermir.
I think I'll keep the estate.
That does not matter.
I have a good news and bad news.
Good news, Dad
allowed you to stay alive...
If you marry me.
And bad news is that I have to prove that
I have killed several people.
No, just one.
You wil find everything you need in here.
Client lives on the third floor,
Apartment 17
He'll be expecting you.
He'll be expecting me?
Go or you'll be late.
van Zalen De Vit.
what are you doing here?
I live here.
Are you sure?
You want to come?
Get in.
I got my house back
and the property.
You can come back
to do your work.
Thank you, but I'm used to,
to the new location.
Sit down.
How are you?
Very good.
And Ms. de Koning?
Very good.
Give her my best regards.
I will. I am grateful to you for
our last conversation.
It was very useful.
- Really?
We should more often
I felt too bad abou it.
But you're here.
- Yes I am here.
Something to drink?
- No thanks, I do mind.
What is it?
Are you sick?
I'll call the doctor.
I'm healthy as an ox.
Why do you want to die?
Is that what you want,
is'nt it?
I was very happy in life.
I know.
Now it's just a dream to meet her again...
With Alina.
But why now?
I want to be with her.
Do you believe in life after death
I just now started to think about it.
I do not know how it looks
up there.
I think that if there is heaven...
If there is...
That would have been a great comfort to us.
Sometimes I see her
so clearly.
Standing and waiting.
I think so.
I can almost touch her.
You grab her arm.
You look into her eyes.
You dance with her.
Lying next to her.
Lying beside her while this
death is bestowed upon us.
Did'nt you recognise?
You have no idea how happy I am
to hear that, boy.
If your mother had heard this.....
We need to celebrate.
In the kitchen there are a few good cigars.
Can you bring it?
Hurry, man,
life is short.
You found them?
- No.
I do not see them,
Here they are.
I found them.
I knew.
I knew that I was his
No, he spoke to us but it is not decided
He wanted to die in the presence
loved one.
Can I sit with him for
If you have such faith that
can not move mountains...
But have no love, I am nothing...
Last week, Miller told me that
, He'll miss me.
Now, on the contrary, on
I miss him.
Here I am.
Can you imagine?
Do you hear me, Miller?
You probably do not hear?
- I hear you.
Look, we may have
new client.
One day
walk right up to the top...
The next day, no one wants
to hear you.
You have may things
to think.
Do you think that we can contact him?
If he wants,
he will be yours.
How do you feel?
We're doing a good job.