De tasjesdief (1995) Movie Script

Rose, are you ok?
When I climb those stairs,
I realise that I'm not sixteen anymore
Go and enjoy yourself.
Don't worry about me.
No, I'll stay here with you.
We came out together and we'll go home together
I'm starting to worry about Grandma, Alex
- Why?
There is nothing wrong with her.
- No, but that's not really the point...
But she's living so remotely and
she's all alone and anything can happen.
Rose can take care of herself!
Why are you calling her Rose?
She's your Grandmother for God's sake!
Mom, I call her that because she wants me to.
And I do too. Do you get me?
You're both stubborn people.
You are very similar to each other.
I hate dogs.
Hey, away with you. Go away.
Are they gone?
- Yes, of course they're gone. Now give me a hand.
Oh no!
- Dad's legs.
Your dad never cleans his mess out of the car.
He's one disorganised person!
Mom, don't you think you've bought too many vegetables?
-They are for my new diet.
Mind your own business...
I'm dying from hunger.
Is your son practising?
- Yes
Mom, I'm going to Rose's
He's starting young with seeing girls
Don't talk with the mask on your face.
You! Stop!
Is that a rule or something?
No, the young toads are crossing the road!
Hey, stop, stop!
The young toads are crossing the road!
Is that usual?
Or is something going on with the water?
No, they do it every year. They come out the water,
and onto the land to become adults.
So it would be a shame if they got run over,
don't you think?
Yes, you're right. I'll go the other way then.
- Excellent!
Watch out for the toads!
What are you doing? Sit down!
-You'll ride over them and kill them, idiot!
- Stop, stop, that's terrible, stop it!
Animal murderers!
Did those two guys do this?
I can't undo the knot!
Did that hurt?
Well done!
I'm glad that you are here!
What a mess they have made...
- Assholes!
I'll start cleaning it all up in a moment.
First, I'll go and bake an apple pie.
Bake a pie?
Yes, bake a pie.
Is that ok with you?
Alex, I want this to stay between the two of us.
I don't want you to talk about this to anyone.
It's happened and now we need to
forget it as quickly as possible.
What exactly has happened here?
You can talk to me about it!
I've been robbed, it's that simple.
By those two boys.
They came in through the kitchen door at the back
and demanded money.
I told them that I had none and
they tied me up to the radiator.
What did they take?
My money...
Was it a lot?
- A lot? What is 'A lot'?
What is a lot for some is a little for others.
Now, I don't want to talk about it any more.
-But you must go to the police!
No, I won't tell the police
and I won't tell your mother
It's bad enough that you know about it.
What would the police say?
Mrs, it's your own fault for leaving your money in the cupboard.
And your mother, Alex, will be furious
She will say that...
... I can't take care of myself and
that I'm a stupid old woman for leaving money in a cupboard...
And she'll be afraid that I'll get robbed again.
The same old story to get me into an old persons home.
I wouldn't want to live in an old persons home
either, Rose.
Now, let's never talk about this again, ok?
But if you go to the police and they catch the people, then
maybe you'll get your money back!
-I don't want to talk about it anymore!
And you mustn't either.
I want you never to speak of this with anyone, is that understood?
Do you promise me?
Three thousand Guilders!
Who would have thought that anyone would
leave 3000 guilders amongst their towells!
Stupid eh, the tart
- Just as stupid as the grandson.
Did you see how he looked when we were
stomping on the toads.
The Grandson...
Who is that?
Do you mean that boy that was screaming at us?
- Yes, that's him
Do you know him, then?
I was in the same class as him for a while
before I was expelled.
His name was Alex, but I call him chicken bone,
because he's always making dinosaur skeletons.
You idiot!
If you recognised him...
Maybe he recognised you too!
The chicken bone maybe can set the police onto us!
Chicken bone?
He wouldn't dare.
He's the wimpiest in the class!
And besides, he couldn't recognise me
because I had my helmet on.
Do you know his surname?
- van Schijndel...
...Alex van Schijndel.
Why is the back door wide open?
And why are you both so quiet and
didn't reply to me when I called you?
- Dear, we really hadn't heard you.
That's really dangerous!
I could have been a burglar!
Would you like a piece of apple pie?
What are you up to now, Mom?
Not spring cleaning again?
You cleaned this cupboard out just
a couple of months ago.
- It was messy again.
A mess?
I think you forgot
- No, I haven't forgotten it
Alex, would you like another piece?
I'll go get one
... the first sign of dementia.
I forget things too
- Ach, that's something totally different.
Grandma is getting old.
Are you sure that you don't want anything?
- Yes...
I've seen lot's of small toads today.
They were crossing the road in front of Rose's house.
Horrible creatures.
Sophie van Schijndel
- Hello, is Alex home?
Alex, it's for you
Hello, this is Alex
Hello chicken bone, how is your
Grandma doing?
Have you opened your mouth about this?
I said, have you opened your mouth
to anyone about this?
What do you mean?
- Have you told anyone my name?
What is your name, then?
Tomorrow morning at 10:30, you will be by the park, by the football field.
- Do you think I'm crazy?
Does your Grandma want her money back or not?
10:30 and not one minute later!
Evert de Wolf!
I was hungry.
I just wanted a glass of milk.
I can never sleep well
when your dad isn't here.
I wish he wasn't a salesman.
Sesame crisp bread contains 390 calories per 100 grams...
and 53 calories per piece.
God, I've sinned again.
I just need something else that a carrot.
- Why don't you stop dieting then?
I'm too fat.
I need to lose 7Kg
I think you're fine like you are.
Yeah, but sadly that doesn't count.
I'm going back to bed.
- Sleep well, son.
Give your Mom a big kiss, eh?
Can I have my pocket money?
I've run out of money and want to go to the carnival.
First a kiss.
-Won't your kids let me sleep in on my free day?
Away with you, away, I said!
So, have you reported my brother?
Have you maybe lost your tongue?
No, I haven't betrayed Evert.
Eh, I didn't think he knew my name.
- I didn't know who you were at first, but realized it once
you had called me.
Oh, great job indeed.
You should have kept your mouth shut
- How should I have known?
Your Grandma,
Has she reported this to the police?
Yes, has she spoken to the police about this?
Answer me!
I don't think so.
- I want a better answer. Yes or no?
Yes or no?
- No!
If she decides to, then we're not finished with her yet.
And we'll be back.
So where is Rose's money?
- My Grandma.
I'll give you a rose, a rose...
Did you really think we were mad?
She'll never see those 3000 guilders again.
3000 Guilders?
You stole 3000 Guilders from her?
You assholes!!!
Listen, little boy...
Don't even think of betraying us.
Then you'll regret it, you understand me?
Say it!
- What?
That you won't betray us.
- I won't betray you.
And to show that we're reasonable people...
we brought you something nice.
There you go.
Chicken bone.
Is it raining so hard? You're drenched!
Come here a moment.
Everything ok?
- I slept badly...
I didn't have a good night, either.
Look what I have.
Where did you get this?
I found it.
Are you going to stuff it?
- I'll bury him
Hi Alex.
- Hi Dad.
Shall we go to the carnival tonight?
Yes, that sounds like fun!
That's a strange hobby you have.
Lukas, cut the heart up.
-No thanks, I don't feel like it.
I said, cut this heart up.
Why should I ?
Feed your own dogs.
I've had enough of the insolence
You will do what I say, understand?
Now, then.
Cut the heart up.
Here, you do it.
Get lost, he asked you!
- I did it yesterday, it's your turn
Have you ever worked out how many cows
must die each year, to feed those dogs ?
Now let's see... That's 2 beef hearts per dog per day...
Multiplied by 365 days...
2190 cows per year!
He's an animal abuser.
- He's a mass murderer.
With binoculars, you can see the moon orbiting other planets
With the bigger telescopes, you can see 3000 times
further than with our bare eyes
What you see in front of me is the telescope from
my Dad. It magnifies 60 times.
In the universe, the distances are measured
in light years...
...and with our bare eyes we can see a distance
of 600,000 light years.
And that means that we can in fact see,
600,000 years into the past.
Number 23, you must got to the hospital and deliver the package.
Now, shut up for a while.
Yes, I work as a scooter courier
Number 23, number 23, where the hell are you ?
Come in, number 23!
Did the patient die?
- Where were you, asshole?
I had to pee.
-I had to send someone else. Don't turn the radio off again!!!
That was a nice presentation!
- Oh, thank you!
Your dad has a fun hobby !
I would love to see through a real telescope.
Oh this is just a small one.
In the attic, he has a really big one.
I'll ask my parents if you can come and look sometime.
Wow, really?
I'd enjoy that!
Where'd you get that jacket?
- I bought it.
Without discussing it with me first?
- Hey, you're not my mother!
That's not what we agreed, asshole.
- Ok, get off then!
How do you mean?
-Get off now, this is my bike!
Hey, do you want a ride?
Who's in charge here?
-... but we agreed...
- Who is the boss here?
- Ok, that's good. Lets get out of here.
Crumbs, see the price of these ear rings?
795 Guilders!
Crappy Jewelery.
Hey, look who we have here...
It's our Chicken Bone. What a coincidence.
Lets go get him, then.
- Sure, lets do so.
What do you want from me?
Take a seat, boy.
I must go to my music lesson!
Ah, what a pity
You must go to music school.
What do you play?
Looks to me that you play the violin
I think he plays the bagpipes
wearing one of those skirts.
I bet that there is a violin in this bag.
Ah, look.
That's a weird violin!
Ah, you are really smart.
Look Evert, This boy can read notes!
- You think that's good?
An ape is smarter
They can eat nuts!
Let me see!
My Book!
-Sit down!
- I want my book!
Shut your mouth and listen to me.
We're going to have a nice little conversation.
Number 1. Tell me if you have kept your brave mouth shut.
You're breaking the reed.
Stop that, it's brand new!
- You still haven't answered me!
I'm talking about your Grandma. Has she
gone to the police?
- She should have because you're criminals.
Oh, is that what you think, then?
- Answer my question!
Good, that's very good.
I don't want to find out that you lied to me...
If my father see's what's happened to the clarinet
he'll get really angry.
- Give it to me!
Nothing will happen to this flute for as long
as you do what we tell you.
- Exactly!
Now, all that you have to do it go and take that bag...
It's that easy. You take that bag and you get
your flute back.
You can't be serious.
- I am very serious!
Ok stupid,
Run up to her and rip that bag from her hand...
You hear me?
Did you hear me? Ok then.
And then run to the marketplein and wait
at the jewelers for us.
And keep the bag closed.
- Yeah, that goes without saying.
Now, start moving!
Alex, is that you?
Why the red face?
I walked fast.
- Ah, that's the way to do it.
A bit of sport won't do any harm.
- Can you get the phone please?
Alex speaking.
I've never seen a coward as bad as you before.
You obviously don't mind going to your music lesson without
your flute, then?
So are you going to answer me or shall I break
it in two right now?
I'm still here
- Good
Now, answer me.
Do you want the flute back?
Then you can buy it back.
Fifty Guilders and it's yours again.
- You hear me. Fifty Guilders.
Otherwise, I'll break in right in the middle.
Say that to your Dad.
Tomorrow evening, 7pm by the fountain in the market square.
Who was that?
Oh, just someone from school.
Hi Rose.
- Hello Alex.
Is my mom coming to dinner?
Is everything ok?
Look at this.
I'll go and wash my hands.
Now, that doesn't look too good.
I hope that we can make it good again.
Do you get scared sometimes?
What do you ask that?
- Just because...
Yes, I do get scared sometimes.
What are you scared of?
For example, ending up in an old persons home.
I'm scared of that.
But, why is that so scary?
God, Alex, I think it would be horrible to be treated like
a small child again.
After being able to take care of yourself for
so many years...
It's like starting all over again.
And you must hope that you're healthy,
otherwise it's really bad then.
No way out then.
Just like Granddad.
Yes, just like Granddad.
Were you scared when you were broken into?
Of course I was scared.
But I don't want to talk about it anymore.
That we have already agreed upon!
So, have you got the money with you?
That's not enough. We said fifty Guilders!
- I have a bit more!
There, you can make a wish now.
Ah, they were the last few cents out of your
money box, eh Chicken Bone?
I don't hear anything...
Is it not true?
Yup, it must be true.
You must have a pink piggy bank
just like a baby.
Say it then. I'm a baby with a pink piggy bank.
Come with me.
Now let's try it again
Say: "I'm a baby with a pink piggy bank"
Shall I break it in half now?
Give it back!
Say it!!!
I have a pink piggy bank
- That's not what I said!!!
Just break it.
- Smash it then!
Ah, it's like that, is it?
We'll break you somehow.
We will break you.
Look at that poodle!
Can you imagine Ronnie doing that, with his
three beasts?
Hey, you have to get that bag
- I won't do that!
You'll do it or I'll knock you senseless.
- Next week I'll get my pocket money.
Want another one?
Ok then. Move!
Stop! Stop!
See, I said that we'd break you.
Anyone home?
895 Guilders.
Second hand clarinettes
295 Guilders.
Can I help you?
No, I'm just looking
- I see...
Hello dear.
It's like being in a jail!
I've come to get my music book.
I'll go and make some tea.
I still have a pink piggy bank.
- Oh, yes?
Yes, childish, eh?
Childish? What is childish...
I used to have a money box.
It was a little man...
The money went into his mouth...
You had to put the money on his hand first and when
you pushed the lever...
...he would put the money in his mouth!
I wish I still had that money box.
Yes, but a PINK piggy bank... It's like something for babies.
- If you think you're too old for it, then throw it away.
I'm just saying that what seems childish now
can become important later in life.
Is this yours, from when you were little?
- No...
You know whose this was?
Your Grandfathers.
He gave me this doll when we got married.
Can you imagine it?
A big guy, 25 years old...
Childish... I didn't think for a moment it was childish.
I found him incredibly sweet.
Because he dared to be so vulnerable,
by saving a doll like this.
Pietje, that's his name.
It's one of the most valuable memories that I have
of your Grandfather. Did you know that?
So, Chicken Bone...
How are you feeling about yesterday?
I have to say that you did a great job. Now you can do it again.
- I won't even think about it!
Come on little chicken. Let's go and find another bag.
- No, I won't go. Get lost!
I don't believe I asked you anything...
Come with me!
Don't try anything stupid or I'll beat the living daylights out of you.
Don't you believe me?
Would you rather feel it then?
Feel scared, boy?
Chicken's can't swim boy,
they die in water...
One ... Two... Three!
Still being stubborn, eh?
It's not very sensible, that.
It's pretty dangerous also.
Just think what can happen to your Grandma,
if you don't do as we say.
Leave my Grandma out of this.
- Didn't we just see her getting into a taxi, Evert?
The house is empty, we could pay it a little visit.
Wouldn't that be fun.
That looks like a rich old Aunt.
-In the evening it will be a lot safer, I think.
I'm getting sick and tired of your whining.
Now get on with it.
Hey you little bastard, come back here!
He only just got away there...
- He screwed up. He'll pay for that.
There, those black Reeboks, I must have them.
- Oh, me too.
You don't think I'm stupid enough to
wear the same shoes as you.
The bag thief is about 12 years old that has
dark blond hair and was wearing a blue jacket.
What are you doing?
- Nothing.
I slipped.
Dad, I was reading the paper!
- Yes, I can see that. Many thanks.
What did you cut out?
Something for school about apartheid.
Well can you do that when I've read the newspaper.
Now, make some coffee.
Where is your Dad?
You're not going to believe this.
My mother has fallen from a stepladder whilst
cleaning the windows. Her ankle is broken.
I've repeatedly warned her about those ladders.
God knows how long it will take for those
old bones to heal. If they ever will.
She's in the hospital. They need to put a pin into the bone
- Is it that serious then?
She's driving me nuts. Who gets on a rickety old ladder to
clean windows? It's asking for trouble.
I find this really annoying.
Damn it.
That annoying cat from the neighbours has been busy again...
Now, come on.
She doesn't look too good.
She looks 10 years older.
Hmm, we should put the flowers in some water.
You're just fine, eh Rose?
There's nothing wrong with you.
We've discovered that she's suffering from arrhythmia.
- During the operation?
Yes, that's why she's being monitored now.
- I wasn't aware of it...
It's unclear what the cause of this is, but as
soon as she's feeling better we'll investigate further.
What kind of investigations need to be done?
- I'm sorry, but I'm being paged.
Oh Alex, Grandma has a heart problem also.
As long as you don't get any ideas.
- What do you mean?
An old peoples home...
- An old people's home?
If Rose had to go there, she'd die immediately!
Alex, would you know about it?
- Just like Granddad.
Hi Chicken Bone, here we are again.
- Damn it, stop calling me that.
Ah, Chicken Bone is getting angry. He can't take it.
Chicken Bone, Chicken Bone
- Be quiet.
You are too stupid to take a bag from an old woman!
I'm really not interested in anything you say.
If you go near Grandma once more, I'll go to the police.
You have pushed her off the ladder and that's
gone too far!
She could have been killed!
You better enure that it won't happen again.
But, yes it's exactly as you said.
She could have died.
Tonight at 7pm be by the fountain and you get one more chance.
Screw you. I'm not doing it any more.
- You'll do what I say or you'll be sorry.
See you tonight.
Hi, this is Sophie van Schijndel.
Hello! How are you? Yes?
Oh, you dont mean that.
Go Away!
- Come with me. Don't make a sound.
Hey, you're playing your old recorder.
Where is your clarinette?
In the wardrobe.
Practise hard with it. It cost me an arm and a leg!
- Yes...
...I know.
Hi Alex.
- Hello.
I asked my dad if you could come to look at the stars.
Do you feel like coming to dinner tomorrow?
- Yes, that's great!
But I need to ask my parents first.
- Ok then.
Mom, what are you doing?
It's a new diet, Alex.
A vinegar diet.
- But you mustn't drink it!
Oh just keep out of it, Alex.
- I'm happy that I'm not eating here tonight!
Hey you.
Watch out!
- Hi Alex.
I think Pluto is the funniest planet.
Did you know that they only discovered it in 1930?
Pluto, that used to be my nickname.
I always wanted a dog that I would call Pluto.
Every dog I've ever seen, I've called Pluto.
That's why my dad calls me it.
I don't really like dogs.
- Oh, no?
My mom says that when I was young, I was bit by a dog.
- Do you have a nickname?
Chicken Bone.
- Chicken Bone? Because you collect bones?
Don't you mind that?
For the bones.
Now Alex, you're going to see the planet Mars.
You need to look through here.
It's beautiful, eh?
When I'm looking through this, I forget all my
work at the police station.
Police Station?
- My dad is an officer with the police. A very good one!
You're not exactly impartial.
What does your Dad do, Alex?
My Dad is a salesman for Ladies Stockings.
Ladies Stockings?
Yes, Ladies Stockings.
First he sold car parts, then computers and now stockings.
- Oh.
I need to go, I'm already much too late!
Already? You've hardly seen anything yet!
I can't help it.
I must go!
Bye Alex.
- Bye!
Your Mother.
I forgot to thank her too!
Thank you for the meal.
- Nothing to say thanks for, son.
I enjoyed it.
- Yes, I enjoyed it too.
Lucas, Evert come inside. It's time to eat!
Thanks again.
- Our pleasure.
Bye Alex.
- Bye.
There they go again.
I'm not taking this any longer!
I'm not taking this any longer!
I'm not taking this any longer!!!
Lucas, stop it. STOP IT!
Have you had a good evening?
Have you eaten well?
- Yes.
Chicken Bones...
- Chicken bones?
I'm not feeling well.
Breathe deeply for a moment.
Do you have pain anywhere?
Breathe a bit more.
Did you go to bed late?
I really can't find anything wrong.
Do you need anything?
Can I get anything for you?
Oh sweetie, come and sit by me.
How about a kiss?
You must be hungry, eh?
You've slept the whole day!
But you must eat something.
I'm on a diet.
Slide over a bit.
Now, tell me what's going on.
The Doctors says that there is nothing wrong physically.
Come on, Son.
You can tell me anything.
Have you got problems at school?
Is something else bothering you?
The Doctor says that you seem worried.
What do you want with all this rubbish?
Ok, son if you prefer to keep your mouth
shut, then fine.
But then you are getting out of bed tomorrow and going to school.
- No!
-I'm not going to school.
You aren't sick and choose not to say what
the problem is, so you have no right to stay there in bed.
Dinners ready. Alex are you coming down to eat?
- Of course he's coming down to eat...
You can't baby this child forever.
- Excuse me?
Now, take a nice shower then come down for dinner.
- No, I want to stay in bed.
Hey, have you gone mad?
- Stay out of it.
There's nothing worng with him. If he's got problems
he can talk about it with us. But he's not going to hide in his room.
You know what? We are going to eat and then have a jog together.
Come on Son. You'll feel as strong as a farmer soon.
No, you know the boy doesn't like sport.
Shut your mouth.
You're turning him into a soft boiled egg!
A bit of sport has never done anyone harm.
What's wrong with running in the park together?
Father and son, no?
We could be waiting for hours.
You have something better to do then?
- Fuck him.
Maybe he's ill.
Do you really think so?
- Of course not.
Don't you see how useful that soup chicken is? We're getting rich
while he's taking all the risks.
- Where'd you get the glasses?
I bought them. Rayban 300 Guilders.
Shit. His dad is there with him.
Maybe he's ratted us out.
Come, let's go.
You're keeping up better than I expected.
See, this really is fun!
Ah, maybe you're still not well.
If I was Alex, I'd have told someone long ago.
- Fucking machine, why wont you give any money out?
Oh yes? Who then?
If I had a father, then I'd have told him.
But you don't.
- I do!
Have you seen him in the last 10 years?
I haven't.
He put us on this world.
Then he fucked off and left Mom.
He left us and didn't give a damn.
And he lives happily ever after. End of story.
And there will come a day when I will hit him on his nose.
Would you really do that?
I dream about doing it.
What's up with you Chicken Bone.
Are you ill?
Hmm, did your mom make this for you?
My mom wouldn't do that for me.
Do you want one too?
What are you doing?
-I've come to visit you while you're sick.
I phoned this afternoon and your mom
said that you were ill.
So I came along. We're good friends eh?
That's what I told you mom.
What's wrong with you anyway?
I think there's nothing wrong with you.
I think you're avoiding school.
I really am sick.
- Yeah, that's why you were jogging with your dad.
You were spying on us?
- Of course we were.
It's always fun. Father and son
sporting together.
A nice sight.
Did you know, I don't have a dad.
Just a stepfather.
And I hate him.
- Why?
He's always hitting me.
You don't believe me, eh?
If you know how annoying it is,
why do you do it yourself all the time?
Listen. What I told your Mom really is true. We
are friends.
We went to class together with Miss Hiller, remember?
Miss Hiller with the big bottom.
I've been thinking about this. Lucas getting you to steal those bags is really bad.
He's tormented you long enough.
I will say that we should leave you alone in peace and...
...that you are my friend.
And for that, I will receive 500 Guilders from
you, every week.
- You are mad!
500 Guilders.
Do you know how many bags you'll have to steal for that?
One, maybe two.
Two bags per week, and you're there already.
What's left over is for you.
You know what your problem is?
You haven't got a backbone.
Alex, it's lovely to see you!
How are you doing?
- Fine!
Today I'll get a plaster cast and can go home.
Great, eh?
Then I can clean more windows.
- And your heart?
I've got pills for that.
I've got many years left yet.
You need to go to the police.
Why are you bringing this up again?
Because not doing it was stupid, really stupid.
Alex, we've talked about this already.
- We haven't done that. You just think so.
Alex, what on earth are you talking about?
They pushed you off the ladder.
- Who pushed me off the ladder?
Those two boys, the same ones that robbed you.
You're just like you mom. Head full of nonsense.
- Oh and now it's all my fault, eh?
...Rose hasn't done anything, she just needs to be left in peace.
Alex you are out of order. Come and sit down.
I'm not going to sit.
Mom was right. It's time you went into a home and left us all in peace!
Can you stand?
Oh, you've bitten through your lip?
Come, try to stand.
You've not broken anything.
Is it serious?
- The boy is only grazed otherwise he's fine.
I live in this street. Come with me.
It's really not necessary, Mrs.
- Come with me a moment.
I may be blind, but I won't eat you.
That stings, eh.
Yes, it stings.
Ah, good. Are there more places that I have missed?
No, this is just fine.
Then, you can put this on, yourself and
I'll go and get a drink for you.
Yeah, hello?
- Evert ?
No, this isn't Evert.
Oh, is that you, Chicken Bones?
I need speak to Evert.
He made me an offer.
Oh yes? When?
Can you just tell him that I have the money.
How dare you take it into your head to
go behind my back with Alex!
Because you're always buying stuff without asking me.
- That's none of your business, understand?
This is your last warning.
Do not do this again!
Did you hear me?
No backbone...
A lot of money, eh?
Don't you want to know how I got it?
- Ok.
How did you get it?
This money... I stole from an old lady
that was blind.
That's mean, eh?
I'm a thief.
Yeah, now you don't know what to say eh?
That's shut you up, eh.
I have a feeling that there is much more going on here.
Will you tell me the whole story.
- Why should I ?
I wasn't allowed to say anything.
Alex, if I said that, then I'm sorry.
But you seem to have a problem and you know that
I'm there to help you.
Tell me everything, Alex.
I want to know.
They are the same two boys that robbed you too.
- What do you mean?
They blackmailed me to steal bags for them.
- What?
From old ladies that were just walking down the street.
But how, Alex?
They hit me, kicked me, broke my clarinette...
...and if I told anyone then they'd take it out on you.
So, you haven't told anyone.
You felt very alone in the matter.
There wasn't anyone that you could talk to about it.
My God, Alex what have I done to you.
- No Rose, it's not your fault.
It's time to take action.
- Not his Grandma again?
Have you become chicken?
- No.
- You have.
But we must make Alex realise who is the boss here.
- Yes, you...
- Yes.
Do you think that you dare to tell your mom and dad?
- No!
And if I'm there to help you?
I wouldn't know how to.
It needs to happen, Alex.
- I know it.
I know this sounds strange coming
from me...
...but you need to go to the police.
- Yes, it does sound strange coming from you.
We'll go together, I have something to report also.
I'll get it.
Lucas, Evert!
I know that you're here.
So Alex, I see that you're better again.
That's nice.
And your Grandma is home again also.
Everything is nice tonight, eh Evert?
It was also nice that you phoned to say that you
have some money for us.
We could use a little.
It soon runs out, eh.
Now you can do it this way.
Give us the money now or we go inside...
He's biting your jacket!
Don't stand there looking stupid. He's got
my jacket.
Hurry up man !
Hey, you need to pay first!
You need to pay!
Evelyn, Evelyn is that you?
It's Alex.
You sound strange.
- I can't explain now, but is your father home?
Yes, he's home. Do you want him?
Can you please ask him to bring the police to the school, this minute?
You are at school now?
- I'm being chased by two boys that have stolen God knows how much.
They're coming. I must hang up.
Where is the bastard now?
Eh, the light went out.
No kidding...
Boy, it's dark in here eh?
You are not going to tell me you are scared?
Where did that come from?
- The gym.
We'll get you Alex, and when we do, you'll be sorry.
- Can't you warn me before you start screaming?
Alex wouldn't come here.
He's much too bad at gymnastics.
Why is that important.
He is in here.
Yes, yes, yes. Yes!
Shall we get out of here?
- What are you thinking? I want my jacket back!
I'm going to grab the chicken breast.
I'm over here!
The janitor's room...
I should have known...
Now you're telling me?
I know that you're here, show yourself!
I want my jacket back!
Can you understand why anybody would want a hobby like this?
You must be out of your mind to do this.
You are out of your mind!
Shut your mouth!
- You are so scared, you pooped your pants, Lucas!
Now you know how it feels!
I've never in my life been scared of someone. Never!!!
Lucas, your jacket...
It's a nightmare!
Where are they?
- Who?
The two boys that were chasing you.
Locked up in there.
Come with me.
Alex, open the door. You've had your fun.
It's about time!
- What's going on here?
You are under arrest.
- That's ridiculous! Are you going to cuff us?
Are you with these boys?
- Yes
- Ok. Follow me then.
He's a thief!
He's a rotten bag thief!
Ok, we have a declaration from Alex.
It details clearly what you've been up to the last couple of weeks.
My son... A criminal...
Alex, what should become of you?
How can you shame us like this?
I don't get it. I don't get it at all!
Is anything of what I said getting through to you
or am I talking to a wall???
What shall the neighbours say?
Precisely. What shall the neighbours think?
Your mom will lose customers when this gets out.
Do you realise you've caused problems for everybody, not only yourself?
- There was nothing I could do about it.
Couldn't do anything about it?
You yellow-belly! You should have acted tougher!
You should have let them know from the start
they can't treat you like that!
But there's not an ounce of courage in you...
What did you just say?
No courage?
Do you dare to say Alex has no courage?
What do you think the boy has been through the last couple of weeks?
He had to go through this by himself!
That's his own fault. If he needed me, I would have
been there for him.
His mother too.
Yes, and I think right now that he needs
you both very much...
I wouldn't have made it without you.
- I think you would have made it. Don't underestimate yourself.
Alex do you know what you just did?
- Don't say it, Rose!
I'm able to do anything!