Dead Air (2014) Movie Script

The moon is up and the hounds are out.
This is Axle Sullivan for the WCZS campus radio stream
wishing you all a wicked Halloween.
Get ready to fire up those speakers,
because I've got a horde of infectious tunes headed atcha.
...but first a word from our sponsor.
Axle: Somebody help!
Axle! Oh God. HELP ME. HELP!
slash over radio
Radio voice: Hello.
Radio Voice: This is a special message for Sigma Zeta Whirlda.
Radio Voice: The following five of you will die tonight.
Radio Voice: Nigel Willard.
Radio Voice:Bryce Howe.
Radio Voice: Katie Sherman.
Radio Voice: Aden Allen.
Radio Voice: And Spike Johnson.
Radio Voice: This is my game and we'll play by my rules.
Radio Voice: You have one hour.
What was that?
Aww snap!
Don't speak out of turn gutterslag!
Seriously dude?
It's just a prank.
I'm gonna go take a smoke.
Alright. You guys are dismissed.
Go get dressed.
I'm not even in the frat. I don't get it!
Katie, come on. Axle's just messing with us. It's OK. I promise.
I can't believe it!
Look, you've had too much to drink tonight and you're freaking out.
It's gonna be OK.
That's easy for you to say when your name wasn't called!
Did you hear?
Yeah. Where's Aden?
He went out back.
Get inside!
I'm calling the police.
What do we do?
Lock the door and windows.
Police: M'am, there's nothing I can do.
Police: It's Halloween night. We get a million prank calls.
No it's not a prank! Our friend is hanging from a fucking tree!
Police: Look, I can send someone in a little bit, but your friend is probably just messing with you.
That's it. I'm not gonna stay here and wait to die.
Move it Pledge!
No, no, no, no!
It's too late!
He just killed Katie!
What about Nigel and Bryce?!
Go! Go go!
Oh my God, he's been in the house!
Get to safety!
What are you doing?
He's only after you!
You stupid Pledge!
Why are you doing this?
Don't you remember me?
Kevin Peterson?
Or as you would always call me: Sheepshit!
I never meant to hurt you man!
What happened to you was an accident!
You treat Pledges like dirt, and that is no accident.
Now drink.
You five made my freshman year a living hell.
I can only imagine that's exactly where you're going.
The sun will rise...