Dead Awake (2016) Movie Script

Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, sis.
Excuse me.
Well, no need to waste
the champagne, right?
You OK?
I can't sleep.
I'm 28, and I just moved back
into my childhood bedroom.
Mom and dad are up
my ass constantly, worried
I'm gonna relapse.
So no.
And you had to invite her?
I know, I know.
She is a pain, but, you know,
it's her birthday too.
I didn't want her to be alone,
and you guys used to be close.
And you know how important
it is to let go of resentment.
Can't I just get a do-over and pretend
this year never happened?
Yeah, fine by me, but
that'd be the easy way.
We both know you don't do the easy way.
But that is why I love you.
It's gonna be OK.
Everything is gonna be OK.
Come on.
Come on, let's go have fun.
All right.
Tell me what you gonna
do when the sun goes down
and the lights go out.
I wanna know your every move...
You just gonna pout all night?
I'm not pouting.
Well, then, come on.
Come dance with me.
Kate, stop.
I'm not in the mood.
It's our birthday.
Live a little.
I need my dance partner.
We're better together.
OK, fine.
Molly was no average girl.
Tearing me a tight, tight.
Telling all the whole damn world.
We're gonna sh...
Oh my god.
Guess who has been sleepwalking again.
Linda, I don't think anyone
wants to hear about that.
Yeah, we want to hear it.
Your sleepwalking stories are epic.
It was hilarious.
He wanders out of the bedroom,
so I go after him.
And there he is in the hallway,
pissing in the closet.
And what about you?
She wakes up in the middle of the night
screaming like a banshee.
What's making you scream at night?
Just a nightmare.
You know, the one where,
um, you're falling,
and you're about to hit
the ground, and...
You jerk awake, and your heart's
racing a million miles a second.
That one.
Something has to make
me scream at night.
It's just a stupid dream.
We've all had it, right?
Or how about when you wake up,
and you open your eyes,
but you can't move.
And it feels like
something's holding you down.
You hear weird noises, and
you know something's
in the room with you.
Something evil.
OK, you're cut off.
Nice one.
Hey, hey.
What is going on?
I shouldn't have said anything.
About what?
It's nothing, all right?
I want to go home.
Let me get my keys.
I don't need a babysitter.
I'll take a cab.
Hey, dad.
What time is it?
It's late.
How was the party?
And I'm home, safe, sound, and sober.
I wasn't waiting for you.
I just was watching television.
Fell asleep.
Night, dad.
Happy birthday.
Come here, Trix.
She called the police a half dozen
times, filed a restraining order.
It's all documented.
OK, I'll send the files.
Sorry to bother you.
You're not bothering me.
Last night was interesting.
I'm surprised Evan invited me.
Everything OK?
Come in.
So, tell me, what's going on?
For about a month, at night,
I wake up and I can't move.
Like what you described at the party.
First, I just thought it was stress,
but it's getting worse.
It's going to sound strange,
but something's attacking me.
I wake up paralyzed, and...
Something's choking me.
Are you still going to your meetings?
You spend all your time
helping strangers,
but when it comes to family...
Can we not rehash, please?
Look, I want to help.
But what you're saying,
it doesn't make sense.
I know.
I've got an appointment to see
a doctor this afternoon.
Good. I'll go with you.
What you are describing
is sleep paralysis.
You see, when we sleep,
the mind shuts down the body so we
don't act out on our dreams.
And as we wake up, the mind,
it flips a switch,
and it brings the body out
of its paralyzed state.
Sometimes when we wake up,
that switch, it doesn't flip.
So the mind stays alert, but
the body stays paralyzed.
Well, it's not just that.
I'm seeing something.
Something's strangling me.
OK, well in more severe episodes,
the mind can go into
a type of survival mode.
And you can panic, you can
have a shortness of breath,
you can hallucinate.
So how common is this?
It happens to most people
at least once in their lifetime.
There's a rational explanation.
As frightening as it is, sleep
paralysis... it's harmless.
What she said made sense.
It just feels so real.
They say dreams are the key
to your subconscious, right?
Maybe this is your mind's way
of telling you to stop fighting.
You've fought with everyone
who's ever tried to help you,
And it hasn't worked.
If it happens again, don't fight it.
You need to let yourself
experience your feelings.
I'll try.
And thanks.
I know we've had our rough times, but...
I love you.
I love you too.
Hey, guys.
Hi, honey.
I've had a long day.
I'm gonna hit the hay.
OK, sweetie.
I'm really glad you and Kate
are getting along.
Me too.
You only have...
One sister, I know, Mom.
- Night, guys.
- Love you, sweetie.
Night, honey.
I need you to check on Beth.
Dad, do it now.
What is it?
I don't know.
She's sleeping.
Beth, honey?
Oh my god, Beth, no!
What's happening?
No! No!
What's happening?
Trust in God, and let
Him bring your fears
into faith, your sorrows into joys,
your doubts into certainties,
and your loneliness
into divine companionship.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
And may God be with the soul
of this young woman,
from now until eternity.
God bless you and keep you.
May his face shine upon you
and be gracious unto you.
May God lift up his countenance
upon you and give you peace.
I'll see you back at the house.
My condolences.
Thank you.
She was such a dear girl.
How did you know her?
I'm Dr. Hassan Davies.
I specialize in sleep disorders.
I was helping Beth
with her sleep problems.
Obviously, I failed.
There's nothing you could have done.
Doctor said it was an asthma attack.
That's odd, considering
Beth didn't have asthma.
I believe I know what happened
to your sister.
My family's waiting.
Hey, dad.
How are you holding up?
Um, I'll get your stuff.
Hey, mom.
So I put you back in your room.
Actually, I'm gonna stay in here.
You sure?
I want to be close to her.
What's wrong, Trix?
I know you can hear me talking.
I know you can feel me.
I know you can feel me walking.
You furry little son of a gun.
Pretty little monster.
I know Beth would want you to have him.
Yeah, yeah.
She's beautiful, huh?
I hope you are doing that around her.
I, uh, I stopped for her.
But now why bother, right?
She came by my place
the day she died, upset.
She said something attacked her.
Was everything all right
between you two?
You're really something.
Come in here, all holier than thou.
You know, where...
where was this concern before?
I was always concerned.
And patronizing, and judgmental.
You made her feel like shit.
You don't know anything about us.
I tried to help her for years.
When I finally stopped enabling
her, she pushed me away.
But I don't have to
justify myself to you.
You dated her for, what?
Two years?
You spent half that time partying.
You're the one who
brought her to rock bottom
and now you want a medal
for helping her get better?
Beth had problems long before me.
I know.
Look, I didn't come here to argue.
I was just hoping that she told
you something about what
was happening to her.
Whatever it was, she was
seeing this guy about it.
He told her a bunch of crazy
shit, and it spooked her,
and that's when she decided
to see Dr. Sykes.
His theories and practices
are not rooted in science.
Well, could they have
contributed to her death?
Let's just say...
If she was having problems, his solutions
would do more harm than good.
I'm very sorry.
This is my class.
I have to go.
Um, I'm sorry about your sister.
All right, everybody.
Sorry I'm late.
What are you doing here?
I came to see Dr. Sykes.
About Beth's sleep paralysis?
You knew?
Dr. Sykes helped me.
I thought maybe she
could help Beth, too.
Why didn't you say
anything at the party?
You saw how everyone reacted.
I was embarrassed.
I feel horrible.
I... I should have said something.
We've all got things we regret.
This is Kate Beauman.
We need to talk.
Nice day.
I want to know what you
were doing with my sister.
I was helping.
I spoke to Dr. Sykes.
I know you had your license revoked.
Ah, yes.
Dr. Sykes.
She was a colleague.
But as eccentric and freethinking
as she seems to be,
she has trouble seeing
the forest for the trees.
This is a case study conducted
by the Hmong Cultural Center.
Investigates the deaths of hundreds
of people who died in their
sleep over the last 30 years.
All of these people were
in excellent health.
The doctors couldn't find any
medical reason for their deaths.
These people were literally
frightened to death in their sleep.
Oh, but they also found something else.
All of these victims reported
seeing someone on top of them,
strangling them.
They called it "the sitting ghost."
A ghost.
You have to understand.
This isn't a recent phenomenon.
Henry Fuseli painted this in 1781.
See the demon sitting on her chest?
Did Dr. Sykes ever tell you
that sleep paralysis is also
known as the old hag syndrome?
Oh, but... you've seen it, haven't you?
If you have, you are
in great danger, Kate.
You have to let me help you.
You have to let me help you.
Linda, it's Kate.
What's up?
I need to ask you something.
When you woke up paralyzed
that night, did you see something?
Was there something
in the room with you?
Dr. Sykes said that...
I don't care what she said.
I'm asking you.
Look, I have to go.
If you're back for round two,
I'm not in the mood.
What's wrong?
I was awake, but I couldn't move.
And something was in
the bathroom with me.
This wasn't the first time, either.
The night Beth died,
I woke up paralyzed.
And somehow I was seeing
through her eyes.
I heard these noises, and something
was on me, choking me.
I know how this sounds.
When my, uh, mother died,
I was in a dark place.
You know, sometimes when I felt
scared, or lonely, or whatever,
I would just...
I would hear her voice,
just saying my name.
It was comforting.
As far as how it sounds,
you sound like Beth.
She tried so hard to convince herself
that what she was
experiencing was in her head,
but ultimately Hassan
convinced her that it was real,
and it terrified her.
I mean, he seems legit, though.
I mean, I looked him up, you know.
He's been with the, uh, American Sleep
Disorder Association since '89.
Says he got interested
in sleep disorders
when he was seven, after his father
died when he was sleepwalking.
Fell down a flight of
stairs, broke his neck.
Hassan saw the whole thing.
That's horrible.
There's, um, over a million sites.
Uh, that's one scary-looking bitch.
Do you mind?
Yeah, yeah.
Hassan said it's this force
that paralyzes its victims
and crushes the life out of them.
Goes by different names
in different cultures.
Asians believe it's
evil ancestral ghosts.
Arabs call it the djinn.
In Old English, she was known as
the mare, which is where we get...
This all just seems
like superstition, right?
Yeah. But then how do you explain
what happened to the night Beth died?
How do you explain
what happened tonight?
You OK?
Not really.
How are you getting through this?
Same way you do.
Throw myself at my work.
I lose myself when I paint.
It's beautiful.
The greatest beauty can
come from the deepest pain.
And yes, I know how cheesy that sounds.
Ah, let me make you some hot tea.
Actually, I'm not a big tea drinker.
No, no, no.
Chamomile's Beth's, uh, cure-all
when she couldn't sleep.
I'm not Beth, Evan.
Don't worry.
Um, you can, ah, crash here if you want.
I'll stay up, keep an eye on you.
I saw something else on the computer.
Let me see if I can find it.
It was, um, Sheryl Crow talking
about, uh, sleep paralysis in,
in "Rolling Stone."
Uh, she says it's a bizarre
and twisted feeling where
you feel completely paralyzed.
You are sure you're going to die.
Weird, huh?
I'm right here.
I'm right here.
I slept like a rock.
Did you get some rest?
I'm going to call Hassan.
Find out what else he knows
about the hag.
All right, um, I'll call you later.
Where have you been?
We've been worried sick.
I had trouble sleeping.
Why on Earth are you reading this stuff?
It's research on sleep disorders.
Did Beth ever talk to you about
anything weird happening to her
at night?
She mentioned bad dreams.
She said she saw something
in the room with her.
The same thing they talk
about in that report.
These are just crazy theories.
This is fringe science.
That's what I thought too.
But you should read it.
And that's just one study.
There's a lot of research out there.
Honey, your mother and
I are concerned about you.
And we don't think you should
be staying in Beth's room.
It's not healthy.
What's wrong?
I'll be right there.
I have a meeting this
evening, So don't wait up.
A meeting with your secretary?
With the board.
Didn't you just meet with them?
Look, can we not do this?
You didn't tell me about any meeting.
I'm telling you now.
Goodbye, Kate.
Everything OK?
He just expects me to forgive
and forget, but I can't.
That's how this whole mess started,
after his... thing with
that whore from work.
I went to Dr. Sykes, and it stopped.
But last night it started again.
Something was choking me.
I thought I was going to die.
And if I could just move,
just break the paralysis,
then I would be OK.
But I couldn't.
I wasn't strong enough.
It's been happening to me too.
The night Beth died and last night.
What should we do?
Get dressed.
Excuse me, Dr. Sykes?
- Excuse me.
- No problem.
You helped Linda with
her sleep paralysis.
What did you do?
I told her exactly what I
told you, which is that it's
a harmless medical condition.
It's not harmless.
There's all this research.
There's thousands of cases
where people have died from it.
The victims all saw this thing.
The sitting ghost.
Or an old hag.
Because that's what it's called, right?
The old hag syndrome?
Linda has seen it.
My sister saw it.
It attacked me last night.
It attacked you.
I told you it can make you hallucinate.
This wasn't a hallucination.
OK, you've been talking to Hassan.
I warned you not to do that.
He's making your imagination go nuts.
If this is just my imagination,
then how do you explain
people all over the world
seeing the exact same thing?
And thousands of healthy
people dying every year?
And don't tell me it's
from fatal asthma.
Respectfully I'm going to
have to ask you to leave.
Let's go.
This is a waste of time.
Uh, may I see you, please?
Look, we've done amazing work together,
and I would hate to see you
fall back just because...
Superstitious madness.
Come in.
Where have you been?
- I've been calling you all day.
- Yeah.
Ringer's off.
The same thing is happening to Linda.
You're done checking out, OK?
I need you to be focused.
I know you don't believe me, but...
No, I do.
I saw it last night.
What the hell are we going to do?
We'll call Hassan in the morning.
I think he can help us.
Hi, you've reached Darryl.
Leave a message.
You don't want to call me back?
Then just forget it.
Hey, come here.
This guy's in Austin.
Came again last night.
The doctors, they want
to put me on meds.
Their answers for everything.
I'm scared.
I'm tired.
I don't know what else to say.
Um, pray for me, I guess.
Day six, and I haven't seen it.
I think it's working.
Watch your back end, just to make sure.
But I think I figured out what to do.
How to beat it.
Check back.
That's his last one.
Last entry.
Could mean...
Hello, can I speak to John Pang, please?
Yes, I'm sorry to call so late, but...
Right, well, if I could just
speak to him for a moment.
It's very important.
OK, I'll try back in the morn...
He's alive.
That's great.
Yeah, but the woman
who answered the phone
wasn't very friendly.
She said he doesn't want to talk
to anyone and hung up on me.
Keep calling back 'til
they take our calls.
Tomorrow we'll go get Linda
and see him, face to face.
If he figured out how to beat it,
this nightmare could be over.
Linda's gone.
Darryl, Darryl, Darryl.
Well, I got your message.
Lin, this has got to stop.
Silent treatment?
I know you can hear me.
And all the money we've
spent on counseling?
Nothing's changed.
How do you expect to fix us
if you can start trusting me?
No, no.
Be right back.
What's wrong?
Where's Linda?
She's dead.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
I tried to tell you.
You wouldn't listen.
Now do you believe me?
I offered her sound medical advice.
And then you showed up, filling
her head with this nonsense
about ghosts and demons.
This isn't my fault.
Well, it's probably not, no.
They found alcohol and
pills next to her body.
That thing killed her.
Nothing killed her.
Except her own fear, fear
you may have helped stir up.
Now I understand that
your sister's death
has been very hard on you.
But you can't blame imaginary
evil for life's misfortunes.
Now, please, go home.
And for your own good, get some sleep.
What happened?
Is she...
Sykes keeps warning me about
Hassan's unorthodox treatments.
I think it's time we find out
what they are.
Let me...
After you.
Look at all this religious stuff.
What do you suppose this is?
It's a Tibetan prayer wheel.
Inside are ancient words,
prayers of protection.
And when it's spun, it binds to you.
Sorry to barge in.
The door was open.
Sorry, uh, it's a great collection.
Some say it's a bit much.
Nah, it looks like you're
covering all your bases.
Smart to me.
Linda, the friend I told you about.
She died in her sleep last night.
Come, come.
We've barely slept since Beth died.
Lack of sleep, yes, that drains
the body, the mind, but...
but fear, doubt, uncertainty,
that drains the spirit.
It's drawn to that weakness.
Once it's locked on, it
attacks over and over
'til it's worn you down.
And once you can't fight
it anymore, It takes you.
I told Beth to stop fighting.
None of this is your fault, Kate.
The hag can visit anyone,
but preys on the weak.
It preys on their fears, because
once you believe, it keeps coming.
Belief, that's how it finds you.
Like a beacon, a light
that draws it towards.
I found a guy.
He says he beat it.
That's impossible.
We're being hunted by a supernatural
force, and that's impossible?
If someone had defeated
it, I would have found them.
I've studied thousands
of medical records,
researched supposed cures
from all over the world.
Did you try the online message boards?
I didn't think of that.
Where is this man?
Your friend, how often did she see it?
Couple of times.
But she said Sykes cured her.
If she only experienced it a few times,
Sykes may have convinced
her that it wasn't real.
Is that easy?
You just stop believing in it?
How do you stop believing
in something you know is real?
This is it.
I think it might be better
if you wait in the car.
Oh, cool, yeah, I'll just
stay here and die in my sleep.
Sounds awesome.
All right, but let me do the talking.
Oh, absolutely.
Hello, uh, I'm Kate Beauman.
I called last night about Mr. Pang.
And I told you, he don't
want to talk to nobody.
I'm a lawyer working on Mr. Pang's case.
There's a matter I need
to discuss with him.
What kinda matter?
A private one.
I'm not at liberty to discuss it.
Attorney-Client privilege.
You understand.
And who are you?
Come on.
Thank you.
Um, will you let him know we're here?
You tell him yourself.
Down the hall.
Second door to the right.
OK, great.
Mr. Pang?
Mr. Pang?
Go on in.
Mr. Pang?
Mr. Pang?
Mr. Pang.
My name is Kate.
I'd like to speak with you.
Such a pretty lady.
No one comes and sees me.
I came to talk to you
about your sleep paralysis.
There's nothing to talk about.
It's not real.
That's what the doctors said.
It's all up here.
No, it's not.
It's real.
I've seen it.
Doesn't come anymore.
No more.
I stopped it.
It's OK.
You can tell me.
I need your help.
Just tell me, please.
Got him all riled up.
It's OK.
Does he still have sleep paralysis?
Honey, it's hard to have sleep
paralysis when you never sleep.
Oh, he hasn't been to
sleep in over a year.
The doctors call it
fatal sleep insomnia.
At this rate, he might
have a month left, maybe two.
You all just need to leave.
Come on.
Just breathe.
It's coming!
You good?
Oh, Jesus!
Uh, I'll drive.
How did it go?
He didn't stop it.
He's just not sleeping,
and it's killing him.
Researchers say that you're awake
when you experience sleep paralysis,
but I think they're wrong.
I believe you're still in a dream state.
And I believe that that's where
the hag exists, in the space
where dreams and reality meet.
How the hell do you
fight something like that?
First, you have to
fight the physical threat.
Your fear begins the first time
you wake up and you can't move.
Once that seed is planted,
you convince yourself
that you really can't move.
And so you can't.
It's a vicious cycle.
You OK, man?
Unfortunately, I'll share the same fate
as that man you found.
Haven't had a proper night's
sleep in four months.
How are you not sleeping?
I've been taking highly
concentrated caffeine pills.
This is an infusion pump.
When I absolutely must
get some sleep, I use it.
It administers a shot of adrenaline
after about two minutes.
Two minutes?
That's nothing.
Takes four to five minutes
to strangle someone to death.
Brain damage from lack of oxygen
can occur after around three.
What's all that?
This is fluoride.
It's normally used as an anesthesia.
A little induces sleep, a
lot and you'll never wake.
I don't think we'll be needing that.
So what's the plan?
A large shot of adrenaline.
If I administer this
while the hag has contact,
it will force you awake, and should
weaken its connection with you.
If you can break the paralysis once,
then psychologically you should
be able to break it again
on your own, and fight it.
So you want to watch us sleep and wait
for that thing to strangle us?
I know the risk, but unfortunately
we're running out of time.
We're running out of options.
- I'll do it.
- No.
I will.
I started this for you and Linda.
I'll finish it.
What now?
Lie down.
Now sleep, and I'll inject
you once she's made contact.
Don't fall asleep.
I'll be right here.
Don't let me die.
What's next?
We watch, wait.
Maybe when the time comes,
uh, you let me do that.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Something's happening.
She's still sleeping.
Her eyes are closed.
Very rare to experience sleep paralysis
when your eyes are closed.
She's paralyzed.
She... she's paralyzed!
Come here!
I dropped it!
Where is it?
Find it.
Find it, find it!
Find it.
Oh, I see it.
I got it.
I got it.
What do I do?
The thigh!
You OK?
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
I think it worked.
Are you sure?
When I broke out of the
paralysis, it disappeared.
It disappeared.
Wonderful, wonderful.
But if she's gone, that's only for you.
We still have to repeat
the process for you.
Let's do it.
Ah, she'll...
she'll do the stickin'.
Oh, god.
You said belief opens the doorway.
The files you gave me,
my parents have them.
Have they read them?
OK, OK but that doesn't
mean that they believe.
You don't understand.
I told them to research it.
Hello, this is Dave and Clare Beauman.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Hey guys, it's me.
Um, call me back as soon
as you get this, OK?
Hello, this is Dave and...
Oh my god.
They're not answering.
What if something happened to them?
Hey, stop, it's OK.
They're OK.
And we're almost there.
Wh... what's wrong?
Where's mom?
I don't know, sleeping.
Oh, hi, honey.
How are you doing?
I'm just looking through some stuff.
And that's why I'm not an artist.
I think they're beautiful.
It's nice to see you smile.
I'm just trying to be grateful.
Grateful for the time I had with her.
Grateful that I still have you.
You all right, honey?
You want to tell me what's going on?
I think he bought it.
He was definitely giving
me the evil eye, though.
He's probably wondering why
we're spending so much
time together.
We should get out of here
before he starts grilling us.
Let me just change first.
Wait, no, just, uh, just...
just grab some clothes.
I got to stop at home.
I gotta feed Trix
All right, let's go.
Hi, Trix.
Ah, you want like an
energy drink, or anything?
But can I use your shower, though?
Yeah, Yeah, sure.
How you feeling?
Wide awake.
How about you?
Uh, you know, running on fumes.
No, it's all good.
Maybe you should take a cold shower.
To wake you up.
Yeah, no.
I'm fine.
No, you go ahead, you go ahead.
I'm just, I'm just, going to, uh...
two of these.
Come talk to me while I'm in there.
It'll help keep you awake.
You got, like, a funny story
you could tell, or something?
I'm not really known for my funny.
How about, uh, I don't know,
something about you and Beth.
I'm sure you guys had
some wild adventures.
Uh, let's see.
All right, there was one time,
we were probably 13 or 14.
This boy had a crush on Beth at school.
She couldn't stand
him, but I decided they
were perfect for each other.
So I set up a date with him
and pretended I was her.
Even let him get to first base.
Next day, he comes to school,
goes up to her, and kisses her.
Beth decked him right in the face.
OK, it's your turn.
What are you doing?
Open your eyes.
You're sleeping.
Wake up.
How is he?
He's in a coma.
Even if he comes out of it, there could
be permanent brain damage.
I'm so sorry.
But we're not finished.
You gave me the adrenaline
shot, and it disappeared.
Yes, but we only
weakened it's hold on you.
We gave you a fighting
chance, that's it.
You still have to face it.
Kate, you have to break
the paralysis on your own.
I don't think I can.
No, no, you have to.
It's tasted your fear.
It will keep coming after you again
and again until you're dead.
It found you because of
your connection with Beth.
You're strong, but the longer you wait,
the weaker you'll become.
Kate, you have to do this.
Power surge blew all the lights.
Your two worlds are meeting.
Coming closer and closer.
Thank you, but I hate tea.
Maybe some warm milk to help you relax.
Linda's dead because of me.
Evan's in a coma.
You must stop blaming yourself.
I don't exactly know
how to stop my feeling.
Feelings aren't facts, Kate.
Emotions are in the mind.
And the mind, you control.
Aside from guilt, what else do you feel?
What do you mean?
Underneath the guilt, when
you think about your sister,
your friends, what that thing has
done to them, what do you feel?
That's it.
Tap into that.
That's where your power lies.
But before you find that
power, you must face your fear.
That's the same thing I told Beth.
Beth didn't know what
she was dealing with.
You do.
Your guilt, Kate, your guilt...
that's what it will exploit.
Overcome that, and you'll
find the strength to break
the paralysis and defeat it.
You've done it once.
Because you shot me full of adrenaline.
And I'll be ready to do it again.
If you can't wait, and I start
to lose you, I'll give you a kick.
Just remember... the
hag can paralyze
your body, but not your mind.
All right.
I'm ready.
Let me do it.
Things get dire, I'll wake you.
But you can do this.
I have faith in you.
Just remember, it's your mind.
You control it.
Come on, Kate.
It's your guilt, your
fear that's stopping you.
Fight it.
Come on, Kate.
Oh, no.
It's OK.
We'll try again.
Hold on, Kate.
I'm coming.
There's not much time.
You need to wake up.
I am awake.
You're not.
We have to hurry.
Wake up.
Help me!
- You have to wake up.
- How?
Kate, let me go.
I don't understand.
Forget about me so you can live.
I can't.
Course you can.
You've done it before.
I came to you for help
and you pushed me away.
That's not true.
You always had to be the
center of everyone's life.
So needy, so demanding.
Mom and dad gave
everything they had to you.
There was nothing left for me.
But that was enough, was it?
In Hassan just died
for you, for nothing.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
You never mean to, Kate.
You just do.
You destroyed their lives,
just like you destroyed mine.
Why didn't you believe me?
You abandoned me.
Beth, I'm sorry.
Please, forgive me.
You're not my sister.
None of this is my fault. And
you're not my fucking sister!
Well, I have some good news today.
Evan opened his eyes.
The doctors say he's going to be fine.
As for me, paralysis has started again.
But I haven't seen it.
Maybe it's gone, at least for me.
But, no matter what, I promise I will
finish what Hassan started.
And find a way to stop it for good.
So keep your messages
coming, and don't lose faith.
But be diligent.
Because I know it's still out there,
waiting for anyone
who starts to believe.
Well, out here in the waste land,
we're just trying to survive.
We are not the flesh
and bone, desperately
alone, and along for the ride.
Wait for the night to
occupy the front line.
Well, there hasn't been beauty
since they put it on the line.
Told the executioner to
fire when it felt right.
Wait for the night to
occupy the front line.
Wait for the night,
wait for the night.
Lay down, lay down, lay down.
Oh, whoa Oh.
Lay down, lay down, lay down.
Wait for the night to
occupy the front line.
Wait for the night,
wait for the night.