Dead & Beautiful (2021) Movie Script

[Music plays]
[Woman vocalizing]
[Tires screech]
Let's go.
[Engine turns over, revs]
[Vocalizing resumes]
[Announcer speaking
indistinctly over P.A. system]
Hello, lovebirds.
[Phone notification]
Hey, handsome.
- Did he arrive yet?
- He's not picking up.
Look up.
So we've all got our stories
straight, right?
[Dance music plays]
[Glass clinking]
For a rural Chinese kid
like him...
wealth could be
a suffocating thing.
His life changed too fast.
Last time it was Bin-Ray's turn,
he took us to this creepy place
down south.
They had exotic animals
on the menu.
That fucking thing tasted
a bit like crocodile.
Guys, may I propose a toast?
[Phone notification]
To those who have departed...
and those who have returned.
You fucking piece of shit.
- It was his idea.
- This is so...
No fucking way, man.
- I got you, man.
- I know you love me.
My turn worked.
We're bored.
What did you say?
They're bored.
That's why they keep doing
dumb shit on their turns.
What would you like to do then?
It's your turn next week.
I don't fucking know.
We've done everything.
Come on.
Cheer up. Okay?
[Water runs]
[Phone notification]
Tell us.
Was it worth it?
Was what worth it?
Leaving us.
Leaving us for some
fancy Harvard degree,
which we all know
you don't need.
We must all try
and fulfill our potential.
With economic theory?
All you had to do was learn
from your dad, man.
Professors don't know shit.
They don't run the real world.
That's why I don't
study economics.
I'm not really interested
in the material world.
What are you studying then?
BIN-RAY: [Laughs]
That's amazing.
You're a carnivore
predator, man.
[Laughing] Like a monk?
- Sorry.
- I love it.
I think that's brilliant.
Hey, man,
I'm just trying to grow
beyond the family business.
And then sell five million...
He is not.
Quantum physics and Buddhism
are confirming each other
on existential questions.
Those who want
to control the new era
need to be at the forefront...
MASON: ...of understanding
the mystery of consciousness.
ALEXANDER: I think it's
a very smart move,
since we all know
you'll never be smart enough
for quantum physics.
I thought this was
a private lounge.
So, Mason.
Are you a pacifist nowadays?
Take the lead.
It's not about pacifism.
It's about detachment.
There's a difference.
ANASTASIA: Come on, guys.
Not this shit again.
with the manager, please.
[Up-tempo music plays]
[Shouts indistinctly]
Okay, this guy needs
to be taken home.
I'll call his driver.
No, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
[Car alarm blaring]
Lulu, come on.
Come to my place.
Lulu, Lulu, let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
You love me.
Alex. Stop it.
Guys, I'm...
I'm gonna take the bus.
- What do you mean, the bus?
- Bus?
- I wanna feel the city.
- Why?
[Car alarm continues blaring]
I'll come with you.
What? No.
No, listen, listen.
- Come on.
- Take care of him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
what's with the Buddhist act?
No act,
just trying to understand people
in a different way.
Understand them or exploit them?
[Insects and birds chirping]
Could you please just tell us
where the fuck we're going?
You'll see.
If you don't wanna tell us
where we're going, that's fine.
I don't fucking care.
So what's wrong
with this guide anyway?
Is he a mute or what?
You know, when I'm
organizing a turn...
- I usually tell you...
- Shut up, Alex.
It's my turn.
You know the rules.
But turns are supposed
to be fun.
She's right, it's her turn.
Shut up.
[Crickets chirping]
Where the fuck is he going?
[Phone notification]
[Scoffs, laughs]
- What the fuck?
- What is that?
Is that a fucking dead chicken?
Put it back, man.
What the fuck?
Are you seriously touching that?
- Why is a dead chicken here?
- Diseases, man.
Learning a lot about
the "forces of nature."
So... this is it?
Anastasia, how much did you pay
for this?
A bamboo?
[All gasp]
[Man speaking indistinctly]
- Mason.
- Hey.
What happened?
I don't know.
I passed out.
- Alex?
- Put it down.
BIN-RAY: Oh, my head.
I feel like shit.
Bin-ray, is that you?
Where is Anastasia?
Ana, are you all right?
[Flies buzzing]
What the fuck?
Is he dead?
What the...?
Something killed him.
Something bit him.
[Anastasia whimpering]
Ana. Ana. Ana.
Calm down. Ana.
I'm calling my helicopter.
We're getting out of here now.
Ana. Keep it together.
How did we get here?
I found him on Instagram.
He was supposed
to do some ritual.
I don't know.
I didn't kill anybody.
[Sobbing] I didn't kill
anybody at all. I didn't.
Ana, ritual.
What kind of ritual?
Why are you questioning me?
Somebody's dead!
Well, Jesus,
it was your fucking turn.
Talk to us.
[Animal howls]
Ana, we're not being
filmed here, right?
This is not part
of your online shit?
[Helicopter blades whirring]
Where are you taking us?
Answer her.
Why don't you
fucking answer her?
some property down here.
This way.
The renovation isn't scheduled
until next month.
There's not much here,
but at least we can be alone.
Do you know
the fucking password?
- I know my password.
- Put it in then.
That's bad, right?
What are you talking about?
Are you actually suggesting
we're gonna burn up
in the sunlight?
Are you fucking
kidding me, Alex?
Come on, man.
We are not in a movie.
Well, I'm not taking
any chances.
[Door opens]
Thank you very much.
Let's go.
- Lulu, show me your fangs.
- No.
Fuck off.
Are we dead?
Am I fucking dead?
I feel dead.
Dead and beautiful.
[Thumping on microphone]
BIN-RAY: Testing... testing.
Check, check, check.
Check, yep.
Oh, Lulu is here.
All right.
Did anyone manage to sleep?
Neither have I.
Interesting, isn't it?
So, let's start.
[Microphone feedback]
I've been doing some research,
and I think I've figured out
what's going on with us.
The place Anastasia took us,
used to belong to an ancient
tribe: the Arovi.
They were forced out,
but their shaman refused
to leave.
Anastasia found out about him
on the dark web.
- Right?
- Wrong.
Why do you always need
to turn everything
into a bad fucking comic book?
First of all,
I found a guide, not a shaman.
Secondly, it was
on fucking Instagram.
It was supposed to be lovely
and cute with some flowers.
Maybe I'd get a tattoo.
That's all.
Okay. Next.
This is what the ancient Arovi
looked like.
They were headhunters.
Their ritualistic practices
included teeth filing.
Teeth filing.
So, are you saying our new teeth
are part of the ritual
Anastasia paid for?
Hey, stop accusing me.
I paid for
a spiritual cleansing,
not for this black voodoo shit.
No. That's not what
I'm suggesting at all.
You are accusing me.
I've done real investigating,
This place was under
Dutch colonial rule
in the seventeenth century.
The Dutch must have
brought back stories.
So, it can be no coincidence
that shortly afterwards...
Bram Stoker...
Bram Stoker published his
horror masterpiece "Dracula."
So you're saying those tribal
people were actually vampires?
I thought it was quite obvious.
You didn't think so?
Bullshit. Somebody died.
What are you even talking about?
He died because a vampire
has to give his blood
to create new vampires.
Alex, I'm not finished.
That's one hell of a TED Talk,
and I really enjoyed it.
No, I'll take it from here.
Let's talk solutions.
Who killed the shaman?
We need to find out.
- The person is dead.
- I don't care, all right?
What do you mean you don't care?
I don't remember
a fucking thing,
and I'm not going to feel guilty
about it.
Guys, guys, we're not
thinking straight.
The person is dead...
- He sacrificed...
- We have a dead person.
LULU: Hey!
Last night,
we woke up like this.
Does anyone really think
we can just pretend
nothing happened?
Exactly, can we at least do
something to prove me wrong?
There's only one way
to find out.
What are you talking about?
- MASON: Oh, come on...
- ANASTASIA: That's crazy.
ALEXANDER: No, it's absurd.
But fun.
[Up-tempo music plays]
LULU: It has to be a man.
I want him to be muscular.
He has to be lean and fit.
There is only one way
to find out...
what we are.
No kissing.
Hey, boys.
Hey, boy.
Enjoying yourself?
The interest of our girls in you
might extend beyond
your regular services.
See, people like us,
we have to be careful.
We need to take your blood.
Blood test.
A simple blood test.
Condoms aren't going to last.
Not with those two tigers.
Of course he won't.
- [Groans]
- [Chuckles]
I think we need a control group.
If we all drink it, we don't
know what happens without it.
Come on.
You're starting to look pale.
I think I feel fine.
Mason, are you with us or not?
I feel so energized.
I can feel my heart beat.
Drink it.
For me.
[Dance music plays]
[Vehicle horn honks]
[Indistinct conversation]
Have you noticed we're not
turning into ash?
Nothing is ever like
in the movies.
Bite me.
Do it.
Just a little.
Not too deep.
Who says I like
to play it rough?
Who's asking what you like?
You know what I think?
It was you.
You did this to us.
Now, bite me.
I know you want to.
Why don't you bite me?
You don't have to hold back
with me.
You can bite as hard
as you like.
I dare you.
This is silly.
[Woman murmuring]
I picked her up along
the highway this morning.
Why not?
You've gone too far.
We can share her.
I don't care.
I enjoy it.
Like I enjoy you.
Guys, where the fuck
is everyone?
[Woman murmuring]
You're so, so, so sad.
You're pathetic.
You're nothing.
[Bell dings]
No way.
Oh, shit.
Okay, okay, okay.
Fuck this.
Fucking mask.
[Footsteps approach]
Vamps don't vlog.
What is wrong with you?
Why did you set her free?
Stop speaking Chinese to her.
She doesn't need to understand
what we're saying.
- She's food.
- She's a mom, you fucking idiot.
I wonder what mommy's blood
tastes like.
I don't care what you wonder.
Give me back my phone.
I mind-controlled a lady
at the 7-Eleven.
Who is she?
Oh. Okay.
So, I mind-controlled a lady
at the 7-Eleven.
Did you do anything stupid
again, Bin-Ray?
No, man.
My stuff was dirt cheap.
She said I couldn't use my card
for under a hundred.
Then it happened.
I looked at her and told her
to forget about that bullshit
and just use my card.
And then she did it.
Like a zombie.
So how much did she charge you?
What does it matter?
She didn't want to use my card
and I made her do it.
Why doesn't anyone care?
Don't get close to her,
she's my friend.
I feel the power over people.
Are you okay? Are you high?
What is wrong with you?
Stop being like this.
Stop scaring us. What's...
What the fuck? Stop it.
Help. Do something.
Stop. Don't. Don't. Stop it.
Stop it. What the fuck?
- What the fuck?
- [Laughs]
You feel it's
fucking funny, right?
- You're so fucking funny.
- Why is the girl still here?
- Because we need to feed.
- Not her.
Sorry, darling. It's too late.
She has seen too much.
Where is Mason?
Where is Mason?
Yeah. Where is Mason?
So, Lulu. I just mind-controlled
a lady at 7-Eleven.
Do you wanna...
Why so serious?
Yes, my queen.
[Mid-tempo music plays]
Are you serious?
This is pathetic.
All I see is opportunity.
I don't get it.
Don't they have Tinder here?
He said Mason would be here.
- What?
- Oh, you are so beautiful.
Oh, my God.
[Music continues]
[Up-tempo music plays]
I'm gonna bite
that gay-looking motherfucker.
[Woman screams]
[Crowd screaming]
[Music stops]
[Screaming resumes]
I want to sing.
[Slow-tempo music plays]
This is useless.
Just do it then.
They're gonna think I'm a freak.
Just choose another song.
I see you.
You are special,
and you need people to see.
So, show them.
Don't look away.
Are you trying
to mind-control me?
[Elevator dings]
She's dead.
Alex locked me in the basement.
I found a way out, but...
I think Alex is on the roof now.
This can't be happening.
Lulu, Lulu, you need
to stay calm, okay?
It's not actually happening.
She's dead. Believe it.
It's too late.
- That's impossible.
- It's too late.
Nothing you can do.
Come on.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me.
It's not real.
It's not real.
I know it's not real.
Okay. What do you mean?
Talk to me.
We're gonna move to the window.
I'm gonna sit you down. Okay?
Don't look at the body.
Look at me.
Don't look at the body.
Look at me. Okay?
Okay. Here.
Tell me what happened.
I just needed us
to see what we are.
What matters now is Alex.
It's real to him.
You have to pull him out of it.
Someone died.
What can I tell him now?
Alex wants you.
You can use that to control him.
Lulu, listen, he's one of us.
And no matter what happens,
we take care
of each other, right?
I'll take care of the body.
But you have to help him.
Can you do that?
You hit my ear.
- Where are you going, lovebirds?
- Alex, stop. Alex, stop.
Alex, open the door!
[Men grunting]
He's gone mad.
Let's go.
[Phone dings]
"Look up."
Lulu, look at me. Look at me.
Lulu, look at me.
We have to go, okay?
We have to go.
He is dead because of me.
[Wind howling, waves crashing]
After your father's death...
you started to hate being rich.
You hate all of us.
Yourself most of all.
And I understand you, Lulu.
I do.
[Woman vocalizing]
[Vocalizing continues]
Director, a few words, please?
First of all, we thank
our singer for tonight.
She's one of the last to carry
on the Arovi traditions.
A tribe that lost their land.
Guilt can be a heavy burden.
We are
the new generation of wealth.
Let us do better
than our parents.
Lulu Wong.
This has been
an incredible experience.
Your turn was brilliant.
So our answer had to go deep.
And what a beautiful emotional
curve you've shown us.
Well done.
You needed this, Lulu.
I will always hate you for
giving me fangs without asking.
Are you okay, Lulu?
What a great turn.
I knew it when I tasted
the girl's blood.
It was too sweet.
[Dance music plays]
A dry martini, cosmopolitan...
sex on the beach.
[Speaking indistinctly]
Are you leaving? Again?
Well played.
You've outdone me.
Guess I've always been
the competitive type.
Which is why you should never
call yourself a Buddhist.
Fair enough.
On the beach...
what was it really like for you?
It was something I've wanted
to explore for a long time.
And what did you find?
I'll drive you back to the city.