Dead Before Dawn (1993) Movie Script

(tense music)
The following is based on a true story.
Old Macdonald had a farm
And on this farm he had a dog
With a woof woof here
And a woof woof there
Here a woof, there a woof
Everywhere a woof woof
Old Macdonald had a farm
[All] Hi, Kelly.
And on this farm he had a pig
[Kids] No!
Going as fast as I
can, go, go, go, go, go!
- Here I come, here I come!
- I got it, I got it!
I won!
I won!
You didn't win, we let you.
If I didn't win, how
come I'm here first?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, come on, come on.
We all won.
We had a good time, so
we're all winners, right?
[Terri] Linda!
Okay, I have another race.
Let's see who can clean
their room first, let's go.
Stephen, honey don't leave your bike
in the middle of the driveway,
you know how angry your dad gets.
Come on.
Ah, great.
Are you sure you don't
want the little one too?
No, I think this is
just gonna be perfect.
[Terri] What time do you need me?
Is seven too early?
This party is so important.
If everything isn't just right,
Robert's gonna scream bloody murder.
The whole neighborhood
has heard him screaming.
I don't see how you take it.
Oh come on, you make it
sound worse than it is, really.
How bad does it have to get?
I'll see you at seven okay?
(mariachi music)
(crowd chatters)
(man laughing)
At 20%, at Dallas Fort Worth area.
Thank you, excuse me.
Excuse me.
I know that our evening is
just getting started here
but it's getting late
for a couple of folks
and before she puts 'em to bed
I want you all to meet
my wonderful family.
First my beautiful wife Linda,
who put this whole
evening together for us.
And my wonderful children,
my boy Stephen, little girl Kathleen.
Say goodnight.
[Both] Goodnight.
[All] Goodnight.
Goodnight guys.
Alrighty, let's party
and let's talk business.
[Crowd] Okay!
(mariachi music)
Okay that looks fabulous.
Oh and keep 'em away from
the guy with the red nose
I think he ate the whole last tray.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Can't you keep these
kids where they belong?
Honey what are you doing outta bed?
I was just watching.
Yeah watching, you're annoying
the hell outta my guests.
Stephen you go upstairs
and I'll come and tuck you in in a few...
The hell you will!
He's too old for you to be tucking him in.
It's my fault...
So you stop making excuses for him,
you're always doing that!
Oh, you're hurting me.
(slap echoes)
(woman cries out)
You see?
See what you made me do?
The guys...
I'll just tell 'em you're busy.
Yeah, keep 'em happy, I'll
be out in a few minutes.
Upstairs, right now.
Oh please don't hurt Stephen.
- Huh?
- Don't be mean to him.
Are you saying it was your fault?
- Huh?
- Please, please don't.
Should I blame you, Linda?
- Don't!
- Is that what you're saying?
(suspenseful music)
Is that what you're saying, huh?
Come on, Linda.
Who's it gonna be?
Who's at fault here, you, Stephen?
Come on!
It's my fault, it's my fault, okay!
It's my fault!
(cries out)
That's it.
Don't hurt the children, please,
don't hurt the children.
Okay, don't hurt the children!
(slap echoes)
(train whistles)
Lucky you were home.
I could never have done this myself.
Oh it's pretty simple really.
You just take the owner's
manual out of the glove box,
you look up the part
about changing the tire
and you follow directions.
How come you didn't let
us know you were coming?
I did.
Nobody answered.
Maybe you didn't hear the phone.
I didn't pay all that money
for these super gizmos
just so I wouldn't hear the phone ring.
Hey you kids wanna ride with me?
[Both] Yeah!
Well get in the motor home!
It's about Robert again, isn't it?
Yeah, you don't have to say anything.
(owl hooting)
If you stay til Sunday, we
could use you in the choir.
Thanks, Mom.
(mom chuckles)
So you gonna stay til Sunday?
I don't know, I haven't decided yet.
Well, the kids are asleep and your dad's
got his hearing aids out,
so if you wanna talk...
You remember when Stephen saw you
making your cake without frosting
and he called it yellow
bread the first time?
Honey, I remember when
Harry Truman was president.
(pensive music)
It's about Robert.
You know how we feel about Robert.
I'm leaving him, Mom.
I'm filing for divorce.
Oh honey.
(woman gasps)
What's wrong?
Oh god, bastard.
That bastard!
How long have you been
keeping this from us?
I was ashamed, Mom.
How long?
From the beginning.
I don't understand you, Linda.
It's bad enough that you
let him do this to you
but that you couldn't come to us?
I just thought I could make it better,
I thought I could make it different.
But I didn't, it just got worse and...
And now I'm afraid.
I'm really afraid.
I'm afraid for me and
I'm afraid for the kids.
What did Robert say?
Hi, I'm home.
(door slams)
(suspenseful music)
Where are you?
Stephen, Kathleen!
If this is a joke, it's not funny anymore.
Where are you, where the hell is everyone?
(door clatters)
(dramatic music)
(glass shatters)
Come on Linda, open the door please,
I wanna talk to you.
(doorbell ringing)
(door knocking)
Linda, come...
This isn't fair, at least talk to me!
I know the kids are in there.
Please let me in.
(doorbell ringing)
(door knocks)
Why don't you kids come
with me into the kitchen,
I'll fix you some nice lunch.
(doorbell ringing incessantly)
(Linda sighs)
She may be your wife,
Robert, but this is my house.
And you're not welcome here.
Wait, hey, hey, hey, get...
Have you gotten yourself a lawyer yet?
I talked to one.
Well talk doesn't feed the bulldog.
Did you hire him?
Well I explained to him
that Robert has control
of all the money and he
said that in cases like that
then the husband usually
pays for the wife's attorney.
I didn't hear his car.
Did he leave?
(phone ringing)
(suspenseful music)
It's him.
Don't do this to me, Linda.
You are my wife!
Now open that door.
I can't talk to you
when you're like this.
If you think you can
make a fool out of me
you've got another thing coming.
You won't get nothing.
Absolutely nothing!
Do you hear me?
I don't understand, his hitting me,
you didn't even bring it up.
Mrs. Edelman, we
haven't gone to trial yet.
This is just preliminary.
Why don't you just relax,
let me earn my money.
And let's be realistic here.
Robert's paying for his attorney
and he's paying my fees
for representing you so...
You told me that's how it was done.
This is crazy.
I have to move out of
my house for 10 days,
Robert moves in...
And in five days Robert
moves out, you move back in.
And according to the judge
I have to be out of my house
in three hours?
The judge himself came
up with this approach.
You see this way the kids
sleep in their own beds, right?
And where do I sleep tonight?
Robert said you could
use that house on Pagewood.
The Pagewood house isn't even finished
and I don't have the keys!
Mrs. Edelman, I'm a
lawyer, not a locksmith.
Just talk to Robert.
(car door clatters)
And what about Stephen and Kathleen?
They expect me to come
home tonight, not move out.
Look, just give it a try.
We'll see how this works out.
Why don't you give me a call next week?
Fair enough?
Best I can do.
[Kathleen] What time will you be back?
I explained that.
I'm gonna move away for five
days and then I come back.
No, come back tonight.
Put that in the car
for me, would you Terri?
If you loved us you wouldn't go away.
Stephen, Kathleen, come here.
Now look at me, both of you.
I'm not leaving you.
I'm not leaving you, okay?
You just don't want to
be our mother anymore.
Stephen honey this is
just for a couple of days.
Your dad'll be here,
Terri'll be right next door,
I'll call you tonight, Stephen!
(door slams)
(car engine revving)
[Terri] You want me to
keep her in the house?
Mommy, where will you sleep?
Honey I'm just gonna
be at Grandma's, okay,
and I'll call you later.
You stay here with Terri.
I'll call you later.
It's your choice, Linda.
You can make this easy on yourself
or you can push me and see
just how ugly it's gonna get.
(suspenseful music)
You'll get nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
No house, no money, no kids.
You've got quite the collection here.
When we spoke on the phone,
you didn't have any accent, I
didn't realize that you were...
I was born in Ohio.
As a matter of fact it
wasn't until Vietnam
that I learned any of
the Eastern languages.
So, how did you hear about me?
Let's just say a satisfied
customer recommended you.
My wife has filed.
We're getting a divorce and I'm afraid
it's starting to get ugly.
[James] Can you be more specific?
I'm a businessman.
I don't want my partners embarrassed
by having their investments mixed up with
my marital problems.
So how can I help you?
Follow her.
I wanna know where she goes, who she sees,
how does she spend her money,
what does she spend it on.
Simple enough.
How often and where do
I mail you my reports?
I only want verbal reports
and I'll pay you in cash.
I don't want receipts.
I don't want canceled checks.
I don't want invoices,
paperwork of any kind.
That's not a problem, is it?
As we said in the Green Berets,
(suspenseful music)
anything is possible.
(lighter clicks)
Lock and load, rock and roll.
This is unbelievable.
Didn't you read any of this?
Yes Dad, I read it.
I can't believe you're
letting him get away with this.
I didn't let him get away with anything.
You signed an agreement giving Robert
complete control over the children's lives
and you say you're not letting
him get away with anything?
And I didn't come out
here to get dumped on
by my sister either.
Miriam's not dumping on you, Linda.
We just can't believe you'd sign this.
I mean, why?
I signed it because
I thought it would end
all the anger and frustration.
Come on Linda.
You signed it because
you didn't have the guts
to look Robert in the eye and say no.
I signed it because my
attorney told me to sign it.
Your attorney, yeah.
Well Robert's paying the bills,
I don't see how you can call
this jerk your attorney.
Fine, fine, I give up.
Well I don't want you to give up!
That's what I don't want you to do!
I want you to pick your
shots a little better,
don't you understand?
I am not serving dinner
until you all stop yelling.
We're not yelling, Mother.
[Virginia] Oh yes you are.
Fine, we're all yelling, okay?
Everybody's yelling and
everybody's right but me.
Are you happy?
Then we're agreed.
You get a new lawyer.
The good ones won't even shake your hand
or let you sit in their
office for less than $25,000.
I don't have $25,000, I
don't even have $2,500.
I told you that Robert was a bum.
I told you not to marry him!
But you didn't listen to me!
Now I can't hear you.
You make the call and I'll get the money.
Come on, let's eat.
(pensive music)
You coming?
Uh, yeah.
I'm sorry honey.
[Linda] I hope I have
everything you asked for.
Did you bring those lists?
Oh yeah, this is fine,
fine, this is what we need.
You know Robert built the houses
but I did all the decorating
and we both did the selling
and well then the kids came.
No, this is fine.
I just want to show that you
were part of the business
from the very beginning.
Mr. Vandeneichal...
Also, I want you to move back in
to the Carouth Street house.
That's where you lived before the divorce,
that's where I want you to live now.
- Are you sure?
- Why not?
Well you don't know Robert like I do.
Linda, I have made a career
out of men like Robert.
He's all hot air, trust me.
Mr. Vandeneichal...
By the way, call me Ike.
At my hourly rate you'd be surprised
how much money you'll
save by calling me Ike
instead of Mr. Vandeneichal.
(laughs) Okay.
[Ike] Good.
Mrs. Edelman and I had a deal.
We had a deal.
Now this new lawyer of hers wants to start
digging through my company books
and embarrassing my investors.
You know how it is.
These days, I mean, the big money deals,
they're not always done on
the sunny side of the street,
am I right?
I understand.
Before you sit down Mr. Young.
Are you wearing a microphone
or a tape recorder
or any kind of recording device?
What, are you serious?
Would you take your shirt off please?
It's just that we're
gonna be talking about money
and other sensitive issues.
Turn around.
Lower your trousers.
Lower your trousers, please.
I hope your flair for the
dramatics is warranted.
You've aroused my curiosity.
Put your clothes on and sit down.
You remember when you
were a child, Mr. Young?
You remember the tooth fairy?
You remember you'd lose a
tooth, you'd make a wish,
and you'd put that tooth
underneath a pillow.
And in the morning when you wake up,
the tooth would be gone
and there would be money.
Wouldn't it be nice...
Wouldn't it be nice if
you could make a wish
and put money under your pillow
and in the morning when you wake up
the money would be gone and
your wish would have come true?
I believe in wishes, Mr. Edelman.
You wish hard enough,
any wish will come true.
(tense music)
I wish my wife was dead.
I guess now the only question to ask
is how much money do
I put under my pillow?
Wait, wait.
Be good okay, bye now.
(horn honks)
Hi guys, hi.
I want you guys to meet somebody
who's gonna be very, very
special in Daddy's life
and in your lives too, okay?
Come on.
- This is Dana.
- Hi.
This is Stephen, Kathleen.
Your dad has told me all about you.
And I want us to help
make your dad happy again
by showing him what a great
time we can all have together.
Come on, let's get in the car.
Come on Stephen.
(tense music)
(car engine revs)
(camera shutter clicking)
(school bell ringing)
(people chattering)
(clears throat)
(thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering)
(suspenseful music)
(breathing heavily)
Dad, watch, I'm gonna
do an atomic cannonball!
Okay, wait, Steve, wait, whoa!
(water splashes)
That was great.
I want you to go over and
have some ice cream now, okay?
'Cause Dana made it just for you.
- Okay.
- Alright.
Pretty spunky boy you got there.
Yeah, he's a good kid.
You know, she's never alone
except when she's at home.
So, isn't that where we're
planning to do it, at home?
What about the parents?
I don't care about her parents.
If her parents are there, do them too.
Just do it, alright?
Okay, come here.
Floor plan of the house.
That's the ground floor,
we've got motion detectors
over here, over here,
there's one over here in the stairwell.
And there's another one somewhere.
Oh, over here.
I mean, you know, if you're
gonna do it in the house
it should look like a robbery, right?
Are you sure you want this
to happen in your own home?
(sighs) Isn't that the plan,
isn't that what we discussed?
All I meant was...
I mean I don't care,
it doesn't make any difference to me.
Do it wherever you want.
The only thing I care about
is I don't want it done
in front of my kids.
Sir, I know how to do the job.
Well then do it!
Get it done.
Mr. Edelman.
You think killing someone is so easy,
maybe you should do it yourself.
(suspenseful music)
I'd love to.
I'd be the first one
the cops would suspect.
If you don't get the ball rolling,
maybe I will.
(water splashes)
Good dive!
[Kathleen] Mama!
Look what I found!
Honey I told you not to
play across the street,
I want you to play where I can see you.
I'm sorry but look!
(cat meowing)
Oh, look.
Oh, oh honey.
He's full of fleas!
Did you see the mommy kitty?
I think she wants us to keep it.
Well honey you know mama
kitties love their babies
just as much as I love you and Stephen,
and if I ever lost you...
What if Daddy and Dana
say that they can keep it
at their house?
Well, let's see.
You know, it's almost
time for your dance class.
Why don't you let me think about it?
Will you and Daddy
ever live together again?
No honey, we won't.
Daddy's gonna live in his house
and you and Stephen and I
are gonna live in our house.
Daddy says if he marries Dana
that means that she's our new mother.
Well that's just silly.
Because I'm always gonna be your mommy.
And Daddy's always gonna be your daddy.
And divorce doesn't change that.
I think maybe we better give
your new kitty a bath, huh?
- Okay.
- Okay.
(suspenseful music)
(camera shutter clicking)
Well what do you think we should call her?
[Kathleen] I wanna call her Millie.
(mellow country music)
(chattering and laughing)
[Man] No time, Brad, all right.
Alright, at ease gentlemen.
Anyway, Fred.
Look I talked to my
people and I'm just sorry
the job didn't come through.
Wasn't there another
job you were saying?
That's a mission, you know.
A mission?
Well, uh, in 'Nam, people
that I killed in combat,
I didn't count that as killing.
It was a job.
Just a mission, just part of my job.
Well this mission you
gotta think of as combat.
Only for a lot more money.
What are you talking about?
There's this guy, it's his wife.
He wants her
I could use the money.
But not that bad.
Thing you gotta understand is this job
is gonna go down even if my
man has to do it himself.
All I need from you is a name.
Just somebody who could do the job.
There would be a finder's fee.
You wouldn't have to do anything else.
You just give me a name.
(cartoonish music)
Somebody's trying to kill me.
(horn honking)
(phone ringing)
He's on his way up.
(cat screeches)
(door knocking)
He's right here.
You must be Zack.
You know I'm glad Fred found you.
I was starting to think I'd
have to do this job myself.
Fred says that you're in a hurry.
I told Zack how it has to look
like a robbery and all that.
Fred, why don't you just leave?
I mean you don't need to know
any more than you already do.
Just go.
All right.
My client is facing a
court date in late July.
He'd like his marriage to
be terminated before then.
(suspenseful music)
An out of court settlement?
(cheerful carnival music)
(kids chattering)
And the judge granted our request,
Robert has to let Kathleen
dance in the recital?
Even though it's on Robert's weekend.
Thank you so much.
(laughs) You don't have to
thank me, you're paying me.
And I better get going.
I have to admit, this is one court order
that I am going to enjoy
delivering personally.
You know my folks are
driving all the way down here
from Oklahoma, this means
so much to Kathleen.
And it's not just a recital, Linda.
We'll get you your settlement
before you know it.
It's hard to believe it'll ever be over.
Ah, Robert knows he's lost.
He and his lawyer are starting to act
like a couple of well-trained puppies.
Hey you two!
Hey we're gonna go home
after one more time, okay?
(tense music)
("Waltz Of The Flowers")
(crowd applauding)
That was great, you girls were wonderful!
Mommy, Mommy, did you see me?
I saw you honey, you
were the most beautiful
princess I ever saw.
I can't wait for Grandpa
to take your picture.
Baby, you were so good!
You were wonderful, I was so proud of you.
Come on, let's go home.
But Daddy, it isn't over.
Yes, I know sweetheart.
[Linda] She wants to see
the rest of the program.
But we're gonna go home now.
[Linda] That was the agreement.
Okay don't you dare talk
to me about an agreement!
Court said I had to let
her dance, she's danced!
She belongs to me for
the rest of the weekend.
(crowd applauding)
They're bringing Stephen.
They wouldn't let me take him.
Linda, this is my fiancee Dana Shoreham.
Dana, this is the bitch I told you about.
Come on.
("Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy")
Hello lovely.
Oh, you were so good,
we're so proud of you.
Oh you were so beautiful!
Ooh, mwah!
Okay guys, come on, let's go now.
Let's go.
Bye bye Mommy.
(Linda sighs)
Some more coffee when you get a chance.
This is very important.
He wants it done when he has the kids
so there won't be any
chance of them seeing it.
You told me.
You've already told me that.
You know I'm really impressed
with your client's big heart.
Here are the dates.
What do the astronauts call 'em?
The windows of opportunity?
Yeah, that's right.
It's got to be done on one of
these windows of opportunity.
(suspenseful music)
Now, you could even do it tomorrow.
She's going to her hairdresser's tomorrow.
[Zack] How do you know?
[James] It's my job to know.
Linda, hi!
Why didn't you tell me
you were coming down?
We could have come together.
Well I didn't know myself,
they had a last-minute cancellation.
Time for a root canal.
[Linda] I'm having a trim.
Well how've you been?
You don't call me, you don't come over.
Well this last week it's
just been, you know...
You're my friend.
I miss you.
Why don't you come over later
and we'll have a barbecue?
Oh my folks are here and...
Well bring them too!
Alright I will.
- I'll see you later.
- Alright.
(players yelling)
Five minute warning!
Linda, would you get the drink orders?
Sure, okay, what's everybody gonna have?
[John] Diet anything!
Two diet anythings!
I want a root beer!
Alright, that's four diet anythings
and a root beer, got it.
Alright, get the slaw and beans ready,
here comes the meat!
Whoa, ho!
Forest fire.
[Woman] Here, here here.
Linda, it's Ike
Vandeneichal, says it's urgent.
He needs to see you in
his office right away.
Mom, wait!
Stephen, go back to Terri's.
I don't want you to go!
Honey, will you relax?
I'm just going to Ike's.
When will you be back?
I won't be long, go
take care of Kathleen,
I'll be right back.
(suspenseful music)
(horn honks)
(horn honking)
Hey, move it!
Hey, I'm trying to move!
(tires squealing)
Come on baby.
Come on baby, where'd you go?
Where'd you go?
(tires squealing)
(breathing heavily)
(elevator dings)
- No wait!
- Oh crap!
Ike, Ike!
Ike, I'm sorry, somebody's following me,
all the way over here, I thought...
[Ike] Linda.
Mrs. Edelman.
It's alright, it's alright Mrs. Edelman.
We're with the Federal
Bureau of Investigation,
this is Agent Zachary Bell.
And I'm Special Agent Joseph Masterson.
Mrs. Edelman, do you know
or have you ever heard of
a Mr. or Colonel James Young?
No, what's this about?
Robert hired someone
to, uh, to murder you.
(tense music)
(breathing heavily)
Oh my god.
Did you arrest him?
No ma'am, no, we haven't yet.
But everything is under control.
Well if you haven't arrested
him, nothing's under control.
You don't know Robert.
We haven't arrested your husband because
Agent Bell here is the
person who has been hired
to commit this crime.
Now he was hired, not by your husband,
but by a middle man that
your husband contracted.
A Mr. James Young.
The point is they already
have all the evidence
they need against Young.
But they haven't yet got
enough evidence to get
a conviction against Robert.
Well when will you?
Well we'd like to catch
Mr. Edelman in the act
of making a payment to Agent Bell
while the agent is posing as the hit man.
[Zack] Unfortunately
there's no more money due
until after you're dead.
And that is why we need your help.
And if I don't help
you I'm as good as dead.
Is that what you're saying?
(tense music)
- I'm sorry folks.
- What took so long?
Where are the kids?
The kids are fine.
We just put them to bed.
But we were getting concerned about you.
Ike had to brief me about
the court date coming up.
Oh, lawyer without a
telephone, how unusual,
that's why she couldn't call us.
Dad, I'm sorry, Dad, I'm sorry.
Look I'm really tired, I
can't talk right now, okay?
I'll see you in the
morning, I love you both.
Millie threw up.
She did?
Well was it food or was it
like water with grass in it?
Kathleen wouldn't touch
it so I cleaned it up.
Well, I'll take her to the vet tomorrow.
You lied to me.
You said you wouldn't be gone a long time!
(Linda sighs)
Stephen, I'm sorry you're mad at me, okay?
Dad and Dana are taking
us to Europe this summer
and you aren't going.
I didn't lie to you, okay?
I didn't!
I love you very much
and I didn't lie to you.
I came home as soon as I could.
(suspenseful music)
He must be lost.
Mom, go back in the house.
Well tell them whatever they're selling,
(phone ringing)
you don't want it.
Will you go answer
the phone for me, Mom?
I'll handle this.
Excuse me.
You must have the wrong address.
No, I think this is
the right place, ma'am.
I didn't order you.
Why don't we discuss this inside.
- Excuse me.
- Linda.
There's a Mr. Masterson calling.
He's our supervisor, ma'am.
He sent us to check the
house for those bugs
he thinks you might have.
[Virginia] You wanna talk
to this Mr. Masterson or not?
He needs to talk to you, Mrs. Edelman.
(mumbling) and rob them blind.
Never seen them before,
and you leave them alone
in your own home.
There's nobody in this place,
are you sure it's open hon?
Mom and Dad, let's just
sit over here, alright?
Come on, let's just sit down.
[John] Italian food.
You know I hate Italian food,
it all tastes like pizza.
May we have some water please?
Mother, this is Mr.
Masterson from the FBI.
[John] This is about Robert, isn't it?
Dad, just let Mr.
Masterson tell you, okay?
Oh, sure, no, fine.
What did Robert do?
I know he didn't get my money,
I'm sitting on my wallet.
Mr. and Mrs. DeSilva,
your daughter's life
is in great danger.
Yours too.
Mom, Dad.
Robert hired someone to murder me.
My god.
(tense music)
- My god!
- It's okay honey,
it's gonna be alright.
[Linda] I wanted to tell you
last night, I just couldn't.
Your son in law is an
extremely dangerous man.
It's very important that
he not know we're onto him.
What do you want us to do?
Robert expects me to be
killed when he has custody
of Stephen and Kathleen.
And of course they can't arrest
him until he returns them.
Now when the children are returned,
we would like the two of you to be there
so that you can receive them.
And by then the payment
will have been made,
you'll have the children, we'll move in.
So was my house bugged?
Uh, no.
No, it was clean.
Didn't find anything.
But act as if it is.
This is no time to feel safe.
Stay close to home and...
It's just that remember
that we have no way of knowing
whether or not our
agent is the only person
that Robert has hired to kill you.
Thursday's my 40th birthday.
Most people dread it.
But assuming I get to turn 40,
when do I die?
In four days.
(breathes deeply)
Where the hell you been?
You know my client is very upset.
- Is that right, I wanna...
- What's the delay?
Why don't you take this to your client
and bring me back a positive ID, will you?
Look the man is tired of waiting,
he could go with somebody else.
I told you I'm not gonna be rushed.
All I'm saying is if you want the money
then you gotta complete the mission.
We could get cut out of this
and he could decide to do this himself.
Listen, I'm not gonna do anything until
I'm 100% sure that I got the right person.
- This is the right person!
- Yeah right.
Just show that to your client.
What the hell you talking about?
And have him put his initials
on it for me, will you?
[Linda] Well?
100 people went in the store
and another 100 came out,
I don't know if you're being followed.
Miriam thinks you're acting strange.
You didn't say anything, did you?
I said you'd been acting
strange ever since this
divorce business began,
and I told her not to miss
your birthday party tonight.
You okay Mom?
Tomorrow's the day.
I don't know who I'm more
afraid for, you or the kids.
It's gonna be okay, I promise.
Don't cry, okay?
(suspenseful music)
(patrons chattering over each other)
- Ah, great.
- Thank you.
Make it look like a robbery.
Take her purse, jewelry, earrings, money,
the whole shooting match.
Is this her?
What the hell, what
are you talking about?
You don't know?
Look, you gotta be
sure, I gotta be sure,
that way there's no mistakes.
Now is this her?
[Robert] Yes, of course that's her.
What's he saying?
Are we getting all this?
I think he's IDed the photo,
he's IDed Linda's photo.
I should be able to
enhance this back at the lab.
You should what?
I should be able to
enhance this back in the lab.
Well how much?
I can't be sure.
Well that's not good enough!
You know what I say Joe,
I say we take this guy out
right now, we got more
than enough on Young
to make him roll over on Edelman.
And if he doesn't roll over?
Well we've got Fred's testimony.
What are you worried about?
I'm worried about the
courts kicking this guy loose,
I'm worried about a
woman and her two kids.
Well so am I, damnit!
But if we don't take this guy down soon
he's gonna forget about me,
he's gonna find another
way to get this job done.
Excuse me guys, if you're
gonna fight, take it outside.
I'm trying to hear what's going on.
I want Edelman's slimy
fingerprints on some money,
I want this case airtight.
And many more
Mommy, make a wish!
Yeah, make a wish!
Okay, hold hands, hold
hands, hold hands, here we go.
Okay, here we go.
(cheering and clapping)
Okay, okay, let's cut this cake.
This is a fabulous looking cake.
Who is the chef?
[Stephen] I did the letters.
[Kathleen] And I did the sprinkles.
This looks so good.
Ooh, wait, I missed your
frosting, there you go.
Mommy, can I have two
scoops of ice cream?
No honey, that's way too much sugar.
What, you wanna carry your teeth around
in your back pocket?
Dana gives us two scoops.
Well Dana isn't your mother, is she?
Don't you forget it.
Okay, anybody else for ice cream?
I just wanna thank you
for a wonderful birthday.
Did Grandpa and Grandma leave already?
Yeah honey they had
to take Aunt Miriam home
and it's a long drive.
Do I have to go to Daddy's tomorrow?
I have a bad tummy ache.
Too much cake you think?
Daddy and Dana call you bad names
and they make us say them too.
[Stephen] Mom!
Yes Stephen?
[Stephen] Millie threw up again.
I'll be right there, honey.
I want you to remember one thing, okay?
Sticks and stones can break my bones
but names can never hurt me.
Happy birthday, Mom.
I love you so much.
- I love you too.
- Sleep tight.
- Okay.
- Okay, night.
(horn honking)
Will you call us and
tell us that Millie's okay?
As soon as the vet
tells me, I'll tell you.
Will you call us anyway
and tell us you love us?
Well your dad's in a hurry.
(suspenseful music)
(engine revving)
(tense music)
(door clatters)
(shade rattling)
(phone ringing)
Yes, I know where it is.
7:30, okay, I'll be there.
(suspenseful music)
You wanna catch a movie?
I can't, I'm meeting with Ike
about the property inventory.
On a Friday night?
[Terri] How's the kitten?
Oh my god, I forgot
to pick up the kitten!
Relax kid, the vet's closed.
When will you be back?
I don't know.
I'll call you later, okay?
I'm sorry, I really have to go.
(police radio chatters)
I want one man units.
Stay with guns.
Red team, you watch the house,
blue team, you make sure
you stay with Mrs. Edelman.
And remember only point
to point radio contact.
We don't know who might be
listening on the scanner.
Did you bring the clothes you bought?
- In the back.
- May I have the keys?
You didn't bring anything from the house?
[Zack] Can I have your jewelry, please?
And don't forget your wedding ring.
You're not going to arrest Robert
while he has the children?
We won't make a move
until he's made the payoff
and the kids are with your parents.
I'll need your purse too.
It's my favorite.
Make it all the more believable.
Everything's in it, you didn't keep
any personal charm or photo?
Okay, I'm outta here.
Where are you taking me?
Well, Ike has been kind
enough to let us use his cabin
by the lake.
It's very private, only one
road in, it'll be perfect.
You're gonna get your money's
worth out of this lawyer.
Linda, I'll talk to you tomorrow.
You okay?
I'll be okay when I
see Kathleen and Stephen.
(phone ringing)
Just tell your client that
his divorce just became final.
(sighs) Thank you.
Call me back tomorrow
regarding billing arrangements.
(dial tone rings)
(people chattering)
Excuse me.
(suspenseful music)
Mission accomplished.
That's very good news.
No, we'll talk about that later.
(party guests chattering and laughing)
Excuse me.
Hey, psst.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.
Today I'm a very lucky man.
I guess you could even say
that I'm blessed in business
and in love.
(glasses clink)
And so I'd like to propose a toast.
To the future.
[Woman] Cheers.
- And a killer year.
- Hey, that's right.
What's wrong?
I don't know, she isn't here.
Her car is gone.
Did she leave a note?
She was meeting with Ike last night.
I tried Ike but he's
not in his office yet.
Looks like she slept here last night.
She wasn't here last night,
I called her all night long.
She didn't sleep in this
bed but it's been messed up
to look as if she did.
Call your folks.
I tried, no answer.
It's gotta be Robert.
We better call the police.
That is what I'm trying to do,
but they've had me on hold for 10 minutes.
Well then let's go down
there in person, come on.
(birds chirping)
(door creaks)
You put everything you
wore last night in here?
Underclothes too?
Every stitch.
Well, I better get to Masterson.
Who called this morning?
My office.
Miriam and Terri have
already gone to the police.
They're raising all kinds of hell.
That's gonna ruin everything.
If I'm officially missing
then Robert doesn't have to
return Kathleen and Stephen!
Linda, the FBI knows what it's doing.
Now Monday Robert will drop off the kids.
Just stop worrying.
It's the kids I'm worried about.
I mean you realize that they're
in the hands of a killer.
You just stay inside.
Keep the doors locked.
I just took the whole model down
to the real estate commission
complete with little cars,
trees, everything.
So when you brought up this
project, what did they say
- if they're so brilliant?
- They're jerks,
come on, come on, they're jerks.
I told them I don't care
if the buildings stay empty
the next five years,
they own them, I don't.
God they're so stupid.
Can we call Mom?
Stephen, that was rude.
I've told you never interrupt
when adults are talking.
But she was supposed to call last night
and tell us Millie was okay.
Stephen you called just an hour ago.
She wasn't there.
How do you know?
Maybe she's just out in the backyard.
[Kathleen] Miriam said so.
Wait a minute, if your mom wasn't there
what's Miriam doing there?
Did she say where your mom was?
Let them call, for crying out loud.
This is so boring.
No, this is very interesting.
Did Miriam say where your mother was?
Answer me, Stephen!
Did Miriam say where your mom
was, has she spoken to her?
I don't know.
Come on guys.
Let's go call your mom.
Wash the dishes.
I've done the deed, man.
You shoulda seen it.
Now I want my money.
Well he wants to wait until
the police find the body.
Find the body, man, they're
not gonna find nothing.
Nothing, you understand me?
But I did bring something for you.
You think he might want
some proof, show him this.
Come on, show him that.
Recognize those?
(suspenseful music)
Can't talk to him tonight.
You tell him I want my money.
Nothing before Tuesday.
Yeah okay, yeah that's
good, fine, Tuesday's good,
I like Tuesdays, that's fine.
I want my money from you guys, man.
Or you know it's gonna hit the fan!
I'll see you Tuesday!
Well, have you seen my mom today?
Okay, thanks.
Terri says she hasn't seen Mom all day.
What about Millie, you
didn't ask about Millie!
I forgot, go ask your
own stupid questions.
Guys, guys, guys.
That's enough.
I want you both to go upstairs
and get ready for bed, go on now, go on.
But what about Millie?
Come here.
I don't want any crying.
I want you to go upstairs
and I want you to put your jammies on
and start getting ready
and then I'll come up
and we'll say a prayer
for Millie together, okay?
Now go on, upstairs, right now.
Alright your parents
are already at your house.
As soon as Robert drops off the kids...
Why hasn't Robert paid the money?
Well we think he's stalling,
that he wants the police
to show him a body.
(Linda sighs)
Okay look.
Look, we can't show him a
body but I can make him think
there's a body.
I'll go to his office, I'll talk to him.
Look, you can talk to him all you want
but after he drops off the kids.
'Cause Robert would love to
tell the kids that I'm dead
and we can't put them through that.
Oh look, Grandpa and Grandma are here!
Hey Stephen, tell your
mother to come outside,
I wanna talk to her.
- Hey!
- Grandpa!
How are you, buddy?
Oh you're getting so big!
- Hi there.
- Oh Grandma!
Grandma, where's Mama?
How would you two like
some fresh yellow bread
- just out of the oven?
- Yeah!
Yay, okay, let's get it.
(sprinklers sputtering)
(engine revving)
Have like 15 minutes.
The best we can
determine she disappeared
sometime late Friday night.
Are you saying that you found blood
on the seat of her car?
Well we think it was blood.
We can't be certain until
the lab results come in.
My client and his wife are in the middle
of a rather acrimonious divorce.
What I'm trying to decide is
if you're here to inform him
or to interrogate him.
I'm just trying to
see if there's someone
who can help us find Mrs. Edelman.
Why has the FBI been called in on this?
It's a formality.
Her car was found across
a state line in Oklahoma.
Well Mrs. Edelman's
parents live in Oklahoma.
Yes, yes, I know, and
I've spoken to them,
but unfortunately they haven't seen her
or talked to her since sometime Friday.
Well I'm sorry.
Wish there was something
I could do to help.
Well maybe there is.
A Mr. Vandeneichal gave
me the name of a private
investigator he had
hired, by any chance have
either one of you hired one?
No, we haven't.
Well, just that you know
sometimes a private detective,
well, may have seen something
that would have helped us.
If there's anything at all
that we can do to help you,
you just give me a call.
Why thank you, Mr.
Edelman, I appreciate that.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(birds chirping)
I really wish you'd stay inside.
Is it over?
We need to talk.
Where are the kids?
Oh the kids are fine.
Robert dropped them off this morning.
Masterson went to Robert's office
so Robert now knows that
you're officially missing.
So now Robert's gonna make the payoff.
Five minutes after
Masterson left his office,
Robert started legal
action to get the children
returned to him.
(tense music)
What does that mean?
Well it just means that this whole thing
is gonna take two or
three more days you know.
Oh no, in two or three more days
my kids are gonna be back with Robert,
I'm not putting them
in that danger, no no.
Now Linda, slow down.
See we don't even know if this case
will hold up in court against him.
Well I'll take my chances.
We need you.
You've gotta give us some more time.
- Tomorrow.
- That's not enough time.
Tomorrow or I swear to
God I will walk into Dallas
and I'll spit in Robert's eye, you got it?
(tires squealing)
(door knocking)
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
How are the kids holding up?
They're not.
None of us are.
Okay John I want you to
take Virginia and the kids,
get them in the motor home
and then I want you to follow
the gray sedan that's parked
just down the street here.
Where are we going?
Just, just do it, John.
Right now.
(suspenseful music)
[Agent] Test, testing.
Okay try it now,
I've got some static.
Test, testing, test.
Okay one more time, a little more.
Testing, testing.
Okay, that's good.
That's good.
Okay now when Edelman and Young get here,
try to get them to make
the payoff by the car,
that way we're right next to you.
Okay, where are they now?
Well, the blue team has
Young about four miles away,
Edelman left his house 30 minutes ago.
Edelman better show, Joe.
Well, if Young gets here first
you're gonna have to stall him, you know,
buy him some breakfast, anything,
we wanna try and take 'em down together.
Alright, you got it.
The second we hear
from Edelmen we move in.
(suspenseful music)
Somebody wanna wave to me
so I know this thing's still working?
[Jennifer] Hi.
Thank you Jennifer.
(clock ticking)
(suspenseful music)
Well here's half the
party, I don't see Edelman,
hope this guy's hungry.
Zack, we don't know where Edelman is.
You're gonna have to stall.
Yeah that's fine but just
don't leave me hanging,
don't wait too long, Joe.
Hey hey hey hey hey.
Happy Tuesday, happy Tuesday.
Come on, let's go get
something to eat, I'm starving.
(suspenseful music)
(car door clatters)
So what, so is this guy gonna show up
or is he gonna stay the mystery man?
[James] There's no mystery,
he had a big meeting today.
Oh a big meeting, yeah I
bet he had a big meeting.
Yeah, thing you gotta understand is
you deal with me, you're dealing with him,
it's the same thing.
Hey partner.
You act like you never dealt
with a middleman before.
What, you kidding me?
What, I'm the ultimate middleman, man.
Just expecting to meet
this client face to face.
Don't worry.
I got the money.
(suspenseful music)
Now tomorrow that stuff'll wait.
That's very smart.
I know a lot of guys
who have sell the trim,
you know sell a watch or
credit cards, right, stupid.
Let's go.
Don't take him down, boy.
Not yet.
We need Edelman too.
(suspenseful music)
(footsteps crackling)
Did you give Fred his finder's fee?
I brought it with me, I
thought you could give it to him.
What are you doing, man?
Leave the envelope alone,
wait til you get to the car.
Okay, okay.
I'll have your second
5,000 for you in 30 days.
Our stuff's in here, don't look at it now,
just leave the envelope in the trunk
when you take the stuff.
James Young you're under arrest
for conspiracy to commit murder.
Now I'm gonna read you your rights
and then you're gonna tell
me where Robert Edelman is.
(suspenseful music)
(door creaks)
(doorknob rattling)
Joe I just couldn't stall any longer.
Good job, good job.
Now just got the background
check on Mr. Young here.
99% of his military career is a lie.
What are you talking about?
He was never in Vietnam,
he was never a Green Beret,
he was never even in Korea.
He's a big time fake.
And now I'm gonna stop talking
and you're gonna start talking.
You're gonna tell me
everything you know about
Mr. Edelman, aren't you?
Aren't you, Mr. Young?
(suspenseful music)
(doorknob rattling)
(door knocking)
[Man] Mrs. Edelman?
Mrs. Edelman?
If you're in there go to
the window near the door
and I'll show you some identification.
Are you alright?
Your children are just down the road.
I'll radio them to come on through.
(suspenseful music)
Okay I want you two
guys to cover the front,
rest of you come with me.
Right, get inside, cover the elevators.
- Right.
- Yes sir.
Mommy, Mommy!
Oh, oh!
Hi hon, how's the fishing?
Oh sis, I'm sorry, they
wouldn't let me tell you.
I know, I'm just so glad you're alive!
Excuse me, do you have an appointment?
Please sit down miss.
I'm gonna need to ask you a few questions.
Robert Edelman.
You're under arrest for
conspiracy to commit murder.
What the hell is this?
Leave your hands where we can see them
and do exactly as you're told.
You stand up please.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say may be used against you
in a court of law.
Mona, get Ken Fuller!
You have the right to a
lawyer and to have him present
(handcuffs click)
while any questioning takes place.
(dramatic music)
(police radio chatters)
Stay back please.
Stupid jerks.
I didn't kill my wife!
No, you didn't.
She's still alive.
But you did conspire to have her killed.
Conspiracy to murder is a crime.
The only thing we
don't know, Mr. Edelman,
is how many years you're going away for.
- Get in the car.
- No, but...
Watch your head.
Watch your head.
- Let's go kids.
- Let's roll.
(siren wailing)
(laughing and chattering)
You want some more ice cream?
- Hi mommy!
- I'm Mr. Ed!
Here you go kids, they're thirsty.
And there's the birthday boy.
Look Mom!
Hi honey, are you having a good time?
Happy birthday.
Where's your sister, Kathleen?
Oh over here Mama!
Hi sweetie.
Oh we're having a great time.
[Linda] Dad, Mom.
Hey, look at this.
[Linda] Very good, so smooth.
Linda, look who's here!
Hi, you're on video, say hello.
See if you can get a picture
of the whole table, will you?
Okay, okay gang.
So, how are you doing?
You tell me.
Is it over?
As of 10 o'clock this morning.
Robert's conviction on the
federal charges was upheld.
And he's accepted the plea bargain.
He's given up all
rights to the children?
It's over.
Your life can go back
to where it was before.
Oh no, I don't want that.
(uplifting music)
That's behind us.
Why don't I get you some cake?
You know Robert's not
gonna be in jail forever.
Well, there are two
things I can't worry about.
One is yesterday and the other is forever.
Here you go.
No, thank you.
For everything.
Well actually thanks to Fred Zabitosky.
Because if he hadn't called us...
Mommy, Millie threw up again.
Millie threw up again, what a surprise!
- That's our cat.
- Hmm.
Well, hi, Stephen.
Why thank you buddy.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Oh very nice.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
(dramatic music)
(upbeat music)