Dead Before Dawn 3D (2012) Movie Script

Dead before dawn
Do not touch anything Casper.
I'll be back soon.
Casper? I say
Do not touch anything.
- Mm is dangerous.
- I'm sorry, Dad.
It's nothing. Just do not want to
Line to're something, that's all.
How do we put in place
and go get an ice cream?
Daddy! Something happened to you?
Casper, baby ...
Grandpa're looking phone!
- Grandpa!
- Kid, was not going to tell you will not believe.
Tonight given
Occult Community Awards.
I told them that I will honor the invitation
that retailer.
Organizers call me
and said that I should go
Because I'm going to give gifts
Lifetime Achievement.
Can you believe it?
My first award!
Congratulations, Grandpa.
Just because I needed someone
Hold me to that place for shopping.
- Mother?
- Works.
You are you and
my family.
- What did you say, boy?
- I'm sorry but I can not.
I have been practicing football.
Without me mess
Alright. Will Use
trophy box
I want to keep
tile tribal masks.
- Success in football!
- Thank you, Grandpa. Bye!
It was a nice day,
can not go bad.
Football, Casper?
Are you talking seriously?
I still have nightmares. You know
I have not been there since ...
I know, dear.
I know it's hard, but it's been 15 years ...
Can not close shop
for the night?
Grandpa can not close
during the program. You know that.
I can not.
The place is cursed.
Unfortunately ...
You do not forget lunch!
And remember what I did
peel. I interrupted.
A Cut So how do I like?
- Okay, honey. I kiss you!
- See you later!
- Do not forget to put your false teeth, dear.
- Okay, Mom.
It's better to protect yourself
rather than tell you sorry.
Eat eagle sable,
It's not difficult to extrapolate
sexual innuendo.
- A creative work, Lucy.
- Thank you. I like the eagle.
And that's creative.
Mr Galloway, I'm glad we onorai
awkward with your presence.
What a joke, sir!
- A block of pictures.
- Just writing with a pencil.
- Okay.
- "Scrawled in pencil"?
Dear students,
in the next 15 minutes,
I want to write poetry
about jealous shark.
I think it would be wonderful.
Casper, somehow I saw
Charlotte knees touching?
Becky says that
My draft is interesting.
Why does it invii in town?
I think Patrick and
His muscles will not be happy.
So great.
You want to be just weird
mucus and loved your portrait?
One says a girl who looked
Burt Rumsfeld. What's this?
Maturity and love each other
for poetry. Maturity!
Do people write poems in which
Did you compare the hair with a hot dog.
- And?
- And? This is ridiculous.
Burt, finally we work
Mr Galloway quarter?
- No, sir.
- I expected.
Do you realize that you have taught
The final task yet?
Yes. I am here.
- Further customize it a little.
- Of course.
To write is to rewrite,
Mr Duffy teacher.
If you do not have it on your desk
Tomorrow, you little.
I'm on it.
- I asked.
- I know.
Stop stains!
I like to smear.
I never said that.
I wrote
I like to smear.
Stop stains!
Do not know what to write.
I will be evicted
and mother to live wi
for the rest of your life.
I will continue to make meatballs
and I would devour them
up to 75 years.
Casper wrote that feeling!
I wrote a piece in one act
about feminism.
Duffy gave me 10.
- What?
- Hello!
This is Ming cup
came from the 70's.
You're the only guy I know
make money from selling cups.
I sell and barter. Last week
I bought a caravan on 4 wheels.
- Cup?
- Antique cup.
In the evening, prepare a shipment
Mug by Polish society.
My internet business to grow.
Making money and I will frumose
Casper, what to do
after graduation?
What is crazy!
Tonight, baby,
I think
read poetry of the eighteenth century
and Japanese drink wine.
Until then ...
Minutes must be true
daggers in my eyes.
Burt, man,
I have something for you.
Never know that you have
need a cup of hot dogs.
A cup of hot dogs? How much?
This is the best deal.
100 USD.
- I have $ 80 in cash.
- Accept. A lot.
Daggers, Becky.
It's like a drug.
- Bye, guys.
- Hey, Burt!
Be careful! E cup
for revenge tonight.
I remember my first trophy.
The most wonderful day.
"Son of the cleanest".
It's true.
- How disgusting!
- But now it smells great.
Casp, how about you?
Grandparents will receive a prize
and asked me to take care of
shop in his absence.
- Really? And what did you say?
- I said that I exercise.
And do you think?
Why are you laughing?
I was a great player.
I'm doing great
when the balloon.
- Welcome!
- My arm ...
- Good catch, Casper!
- I got it!
- S an internet posting, Becky.
- Sure.
Hello, Miss assistance!
I fell in love with Lucy Winthrop.
To hear the poem with an eagle.
It was full of sexual innuendo.
Dazzle, you are ready to arm
for tonight's game?
- My nickname is the "Essay".
- Okay, I hate the "wild".
- Hey, Lucy!
- Fuck off, asshole!
- You will be mine.
- What is annoying!
Be careful, palooka!
Hi, Patrick.
Dazzle, if you want to take home
trophy tonight,
to take the ball
Park to the opponent.
You're drunk, Patrick?
Fuck you!
Be quick, Galloway!
Okay, stop!
Quiet and you, Dazzle.
I was stupid and I.
Come on, ladies!
Let's look at the road.
We are waiting way and that.
- Bye, Lucy!
- "! Bye, Lucy"
Thank you, Dazzle.
We're like brothers.
We care for one another.
We're like brothers.
- Who wants a burrito?
- I.
- Seth honor.
- Are you getting what you want.
They do!
- Man trophy.
- Life, Cas?
You know what? Go you.
I have something to do.
Barn occult
Hi, Grandpa!
What are you doing here?
I think your workout.
I sprained Appendix.
We are a family.
We should help each other.
A shop to take care of?
- If you are very helpful.
- What's the good news!
Did not receive an award for you
overall activity every year,
The tourists Occult Society.
Let's take a tour
to tell you and explain the rules of the house.
1. Do not close during
2. Make sure you close
before you go.
3. Noway
and anyone who does not
jars of approaching it.
- Got it?
- Of course.
Let me tell you a story!
Your grandfather, Gilbert Galloway,
capture evil spirits.
- Is pursued by a ghost?
- No, the destroyer of demons.
Damn it!
Urn containing
Fixed and iele
worst and more maliioase
spirits of all.
What if damaged?
Spirits will curse
one that will deliver.
Note the box.
If not, you will make a living
Do not worry, kid.
You're safe.
As long as you stay away from it.
I have to go.
Its so fast? Really?
I have a long way to go.
Success! Catch!
Because the appendix. It was broken.
Do not forget the rules,
and all will be well.
It is important Casper.
Grandpa ... I had everything under control.
I can not do that. God!
Did not stay long.
I want to see something.
What is it, Charlotte? And your bike
wear of tooth surfaces?
And I.
I know, it's embarrassing.
- Casper?
- Hey!
- What are you doing here?
- Work.
Do not work hard,
if not interesting.
I hang out here.
- Do you work here?
- I was put in touch my grandfather.
"Caspy" of course. Grandfather
talk about you all the time.
- Really?
- Yes. I came here.
- Have things interesting here.
- Yes.
Why do not I see
been here?
Maybe I was in the back,
with terrible things.
Hurry up and get up, Charlotte!
The place is filthy.
Alright. Must pay book.
You know what? It was in the house.
- No
- Yes.
Can you you consider
for customers
Barn of the Occult.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I need 3 balls buffalo.
Lucy! This is destiny.
We are destined to be together.
- Not really.
- Guys, what are you doing here?
You think you let yourself
in one of the most
scary places in the world?
You mean "favorite".
Is that what you're saying, right?
Yes, what I meant.
Casper, asked how grandpa
Would wreak havoc on the Internet.
It's an urn. It is an object
not achieved, not sold.
- Everything is for sale.
- No. It just does not sell.
- You have to.
- Do not sell.
- Yes, in my book.
- Do not!
- $ 50?
- No
- It's very interesting.
- Really?
I ask your grandfather about it
but change the subject.
I do not know what it is.
- Charlotte, go?
- Instantaneous.
Casper wants to show us
jars of interest.
- Yes?
- Show us, man!
- Patrick, you nesimit a.
- I can not.
Thank you for letting me hang out.
S, clearly a woman!
- See you soon!
- Statham!
I can not let you plecai
s without a view.
- Really?
- Yes.
Be careful, casper.
You are not very sporty.
Hurry up and get it!
- Be careful, Caspy.
- Do not drop it!
It's very valuable.
- Faster, constipatule!
- Hey, it is!
- Zmbii!
- Becky, this is dangerous.
This is a great photo.
Can I touch it?
Bravo, vomit!
- I'm sorry.
- Do not worry, Casp.
You just need a broom
and adhesive tape.
- We blestemai, Seth!
- Of course.
I'm serious.
Urn containing demons
which, when broken jars,
drop occurs and curse you!
You mean they are
meet will kill
and will return
zombie form?
- What are the bad things you say!
- Zombie is the sunset.
Talk about zombies owned
Devil ashes from the urn.
Statham! So the zombie half
half demon.
- I mean, "zemon".
- Yes.
- No joke, guys!
- You're a joke.
Instead of eating the brain to tell you,
Do you leave bite marks levels.
If you bite,
Would want to kill myself.
If you kill
You submit zemon.
This makes no sense!
The rule is that you can seduce them
and if I smell fish franuze,
be your slave.
Everything will begin at midnight.
- Seth ended up with counter cliche.
- Okay. Then, at 22?
- Yes, I agree.
- Can participate.
- We practice.
- Ten? It's too early.
If you do not reverse the curse
wake up in the morning, we will blestemai forever.
- What are condemned!
- This is a terrible curse.
- Hands here!
- One, two, three ...
- Lightning. God ...
- Dude, you're weird.
- Need to find shelter.
- You're weird.
- Quiet and You!
- Get out! Now!
Quiet and You, Caspy.
Do not cry!
Do not cry.
I was sweating eyes.
- Get im!
- See you, Casper!
Casper, nothing will happen.
It would be nice for something to happen,
but it never happened.
- Thank you for the book.
- Thank you.
- Bye!
- Then, Cas!
I'm sorry,
Mr. Satan in the box.
A fix to get you home soon.
Okay, Mr. Evil Spirit
ash urns.
I say
-Did you fix the house, right?
It is like new.
Do you wrap.
- Hey! Dinner is ready.
- No time. I condemn.
- Is homemade meatballs.
- How to get the hammer?
Under the sink, my dear.
Is so happy!
Grandfather called
and said that he was proud of
that you enter the store.
You're a wonderful guy,
What, Becky?
I'm going to build a fort
before at 22. You?
Got a date? They turn
a curse on us. Soon!
How to know
what color lipstick suits me?
Choose red.
Now, choose the color pink fuchsia!
I do not care for problems
lipstick on your ...
Do not go out after 22 hours.
I need a timer.
Not out, not in zemoni.
Casemate ready.
There were nine minutes.
Damn it! We need supplies.
Never enough corn.
Your grandfather was on the phone.
Kid, how was your day?
It was great.
There is nothing bad happens.
I'm pleased.
And here is great.
9:53? Congratulations! We must put
Appendix ice. I love you.
Leaves, brittle and weak
until you see, mrea yew.
I could wear a cape
love you,
then, like a leaf,
I was I could break my tree.
- It was good.
- Really?
I would change the "leaf"
weakest metaphor.
- Owns and change anything.
- No? Thank you.
How to move the party
on the balcony?
Torele light.
Annual game
will begin,
and Patrioii
back in the red.
Will they beat the other team
and will win the trophy?
We shall see. Fans delirious,
and as a cheerleader.
Shoes and you look like you!
Food, check.
Toilet paper check.
My paper, but my toilet.
I need the toilet.
Mom, where a mop bucket?
I'm ready.
- Casper!
- No!
You smoked pot, Casper?
How are you, Mom?
Ameth? Whether you come to commit suicide?
Do not change the subject.
Do you smoke?
No. I've never smoked anything.
Then why are you wearing
as a drug addict?
It happened something bad
shop today.
This is good
that you do not commit suicide.
- Do not take it lightly Casper.
- I'm sorry, Mom.
Okay, honey.
Discussed after a shower.
- Thank you.
- I love you, baby.
And I love you, Mom.
We do not blestemai.
- You get some minunai eyes.
- Burt ...
It will be rough when he would say
I love you
at the top of your head?
I'd say you're rude,
but it's early.
After graduation, go.
Wine talk.
That's all right.
That said,
I would like to propose a toast.
My girlfriend Becky
and moments
spent together!
With it, telling you goodbye.
See you! Alright.
I do not know why I do this.
Not a chance.
I got nothing.
I do not have hope.
All of it. If
Falling Patrioii, trophy was theirs.
Look at me!
It's time to shine and you, Tony.
- We start two, okay?
- Of course.
- To catch the ball at the moment.
- I've never dropped it.
Tornado 22.
Tony Run
and encourage him.
- I need this for a reason.
- Where are they going?
Tony breakthrough
mark hair!
- Tony has just pierced!
- Patrioii!
Nothing! Tony!
- Why?
- This is great!
How disgusting!
Can not ... God!
I have to go.
It gives, essays!
Ready? Come, Pa ...
Charlotte? I'm scared.
Now I take this pen
and I'm going to stab him in the jugular.
Knife ... What can I do?
"Hello? Here,
Seth cup super-store. '
"We are dead after a cup."
"Leave a message
and you call me. '
Without hope.
Do you pass the phrase "I told you I
they do not blestemai "Becky.
Is everything okay?
Say something, Mom.
although it may seem strange.
Do not make me use this.
How disgusting!
Today was the worst.
Do not ... Mom!
Please ...
Damn it!
Please deer in pajamas.
I'm sorry, sir.
It came out of nowhere.
Forget the gun.
I've been duck hunting.
E-caliber 12.
Give it to me! I was invited
I pulled a few shots.
That is so true.
Casper ...
Becky, I'm glad to see you.
My mother has turned into zemon,
I ran, and now it is dead.
Casper, I'm so sorry.
What crossbow?
Burt. It ...
I do not know exactly what it is,
but you're right.
We blestemai.
- I know what happened.
- What about the others?
Damn ...
We have a lot of problems.
If you can not calm,
going to sleep again.
Run! Get out of here!
We have to move. Run!
I do not believe
This occurs.
Need to find Seth.
- Please, call me and myself.
- No physical training.
Seth, come on!
We have to move.
- I found this phone.
- He's not here.
Now what?
First, you need to understand
what happened.
- Mean?
- We blestemai.
Sorry I do not believe,
All I say to the shop
happening now.
I do not remember exactly what I said.
The people you meet
will commit suicide.
Going back as zemoni
and tried to kill us.
- Whose idea was it to bite levels?
- It's my fault.
Remember that you can smell them,
make them slaves vo and three.
- It's my fault.
- I'll do anything.
He was with his mother at 22.
Attacked zemon a! Kill him!
Sorry, Seth.
I think you zemon a.
No, boys,
We will freeze the brain.
Lucy was in my apartment.
Statham! It was the intervention?
Where have you been, buddy?
I have to ship the package.
Tell them that you have not seen
After I sent the package,
Polish Society cups,
I came across a girl
who has asked me to guide him.
I thought it was Swedish.
Then I came across a man selling
Stolen Radio sidewalk.
I made a good offer
a pair of speakers.
Then I get some of your points
for brownies,
Because I helped an old lady
to cross the street.
- That bunaciune a.
- "Bunaciune"?
- Yeah, who wants to O. ..
- Ready!
Then I filled the cup
with delicious juices.
Then I had a conversation
Cute clerk at the store
scrbo about how and
are pretzels with salsa.
You meet people atia
the street from the post?
I almost forgot. In stores
hippie guy came,
the buy bags
pretzels with salsa.
Then we started talking
about cups and other rubbish,
leading to a "conference"
his friend Tito.
Then I smoked marijuana
and I went home.
With how many of them
You have a visual?
In all, of course.
Eye contact is very important.
We're all going to die.
No, it's one hipioii
I told him.
You are so smoking
You almost blue.
That cargo Dazzle.
- Very good.
- There zemon dragon!
No. Please ...
- His head is a good choice.
- Thank you.
- A real curse, right?
- Yes.
We have to move.
To go to the store Casp grandfather.
There are books that can help.
Not going back
the snake pit.
This is a good time
to do, Patrick difficult.
- Maybe we should go.
- Yes.
You got that van
that you take the cup?
Where the caravan key?
- On the table?
- Office of the ...
- I found it.
- They each took one pistol.
Is that you?
- Ninja Stars?
- They are sold on the internet.
To battle!
Give it to me!
Go, team!
- Becky, Where is Casper?
- I get it.
- Casper, we have found.
- I can not do it, Becky.
You have to fix what we broke.
- It will not bring her back.
- I know. Come on!
- No I do not ...
- Im going to work. Come on!
Take That rolling pin
and prepare you for bundle're
ten zemoni like a real man.
- And Seth?
- 'S Van with others.
- I'll get some and erveele.
- Bravo!
It could be better!
God ...
This is bad.
This is very bad.
- Move!
- Do not start.
Let me me.
Give me the keys.
Say "zemon"!
Posting this picture!
- Help me, Patrick!
- It's too late for you, Charlotte.
- Patrick! Do something!
- Bye, Charlotte!
- Take it, bitch!
- This will be useful for us.
That's right
Let's get started!
- Thank you for your help, Patrick.
- Guys, I'm hungry.
- Hurry up and get it, dude.
- I tried what I could.
- Let him go, Patrick!
- Parties who you, Charlotte?
Potolii sure!
Grandpa, what are you doing here?
I came to bring the trophy.
What happened to the box?
- It broke.
- Really? This is bad.
- I knew that would be bad.
- But control.
- Okay.
- That's good news.
"Control" is good.
Lock the doors.
I'm good.
- What is it?
- It zemon a.
You need me to know exactly
What happens when you break the box.
I made a joke about the curse
eye contact with people.
When they saw, they killing
into demons and zombies.
- Therefore the words "zemon".
- Do not forget bites levels.
If you do not destroy the curse
dawn, we blestemai forever.
Are you mocking spirit.
Honestly, I think
that Casper laugh, your nephew
- The curse was a joke.
- Sorry.
What do you say when ash falls
down, so it happens.
I know I'm bad.
This book is ...
Help us.
This spirit. A burnt rules
It's so shiny!
I looked into the eyes
all the time.
- Curse complicated it cool.
- Really?
Get the book!
We still have a chance.
Do something!
Resuscitation, all!
It is ironic ...
We have guests.
Not exactly my taste.
What to do?
- God!
- Wait, Grandpa!
Your grandfather was ...
In what way?
Must dig.
Must ... dig.
Do not ...
Casper, you have here mutmd
Before becoming zemon.
- I'll make things right.
- I'm sorry, Casp.
- Where can we?
- I do not know. I have an idea.
- What do we have here?
- Does she look familiar?
Urn containing demons
raging here in the beginning ...
He was arrested by none other
than the grandfather of Casper.
- He was a hero.
- But we can resolve the situation?
Yes, but we have a lot to do
until sunrise.
That is more than six hours
and 13 min.
As you can capture the spirit
must return the box
the following items.
First, we need to
Other ash urns.
- Ready.
- Okay.
We need a new box
where to catch the spirit.
I thought I saw something there.
So we need a skull
man to close the ballot box
and frog liver
that would give him a breath.
- I have.
- Do you know where we picked up the skull?
Laboratory of Anthropology.
If you come to class, you know. Go!
And we need a clock
since the last exorcism
Ie from grandfather
S Casper, right?
Do you have any ideas?
Gilbert called Galloway.
That's all I know.
We are looking for a name
It seems again that
on campus.
And I think
The place is useless.
- Cut the list box.
- Doors!
That seems a gold digger.
Just when I thought
can not bear bad things.
We need more guns!
This is my weapon.
It's a bullet.
Remember what I found!
Grandpa left me to try.
There are four.
Feeling they are trained,
but we have no place to go.
- The door to the rear. Follow me!
- Fast!
Do not move!
No one stopped me!
And so zemonii exploded ...
- Lucy, be careful. Enter!
- Thank you, Seth.
- The first woman.
- Go!
Nothing! Grandpa!
Gramps, please do!
Not Dazzle!
I did it!
- Grandpa!
- Come on, let's go!
Casper, sorry
for your grandfather.
Thank you.
Ready. Stop!
- Okay.
- What happened?
I can not do that.
Let's go, Charlie.
No, Patrick. Be
to stay together.
- Come on, Charlotte!
- I do not want to go.
I knew that night was difficult.
I say do whatever
to save us.
We can take from the beginning,
as before.
Are you crazy? Patrick,
we're not in the ninth grade.
Why and go with you,
Once you've been like this?
Well, forget it!
Remember that there is something between us!
It's obvious which side you are on.
- It is not no party.
- Yes.
In short, you can stay here,
Frico with your friends and,
but the van went
to places better. Peace!
- I'll do it.
- Shut up, dead!
Let's see where ajungei
without a leader like me.
Patrick, please
do not do anything stupid.
Patrick! Where did they go?
Kidding me ...
Charlie, the only reason
that I spent with you,
was that they wanted to convince Lucy
to receive a threesome.
- How disgusting!
- So, idioilor!
- God!
- Help! Charlotte!
Not anymore ..
That means you're single now?
- Seth! It's not funny.
- Yes, it's meaningless.
That and I think.
Did you hear that?
What? No.
There are those who killed her mother.
It was a bit of a child?
- How to use it?
- Pull the pin and throw it away!
It's for my mother.
It worked.
- It was awesome.
- I never do that.
I almost liked.
It was close.
Why stop?
You will're bad!
If I knew that we had
dealing with the curse
That's all right. Type
station in it.
- It's almost asleep watching TV.
- Find and ronit something?
- Words Are you serious, Seth?
- I am dying of hunger.
- To encourage.
- I went to the pump. Ready!
One, two, three ...
"Emergency Meeting
fill "
"The patients with self-inflicted wounds,
in the east of the city. '
"Now back to the music."
Want to know ... I can not handle
in such situations.
Should relaxai,
Here we have $ 20 in gasoline.
Avoid eye contact and go.
No big deal.
I'm going to see my one eye
through this.
Let's hope!
Began. Maintaining and get back to me!
Good evening, sir.
$ 20 gasoline, please!
Lovely caravan!
Yes, he's right
Snoring like a cat.
You should check the price.
You know what? I think you already have some
purple glasses, so ...
Too small for my face.
- Do not want it.
- Then $ 20.
I got something in my eye.
- And my eyes neap.
- You do not say!
I stood on oil!
You do not have no respect
for history.
- Do not Quit! God!
- We go to plan B.
- We have a plan B?
- No
- Collect dirt!
- Hurry up and get up, Seth!
Your hands.
You Calcutta, weird!
Plecai here, you bastard.
Thanks for gasoline.
- Seth, hurry!
- Wine. Start!
It was beautiful,
but the mission is accomplished.
Just because you do not accidentally
I had eye contact with him.
so it should be fine.
I'm not working headset.
We even gasoline.
Seth, Lucy, went to the lab
and contact the frog heart.
Charlotte and Becky, look for information
Gilbert of Galloway.
- Casper, guard and your van.
- Perfect. And the skull?
I knew exactly where it was kept
My anthropology professor.
- Must stay together.
- Not Casper. Follow the plan.
College will be full
with zemoni.
You already know what's going on
when Patrick left alone.
- No time, Casper!
- Do not say I did not warn you.
What do you mean?
I have not heard this poll.
Look what followed!
- That's not fair.
- Oh, right.
I never wanted to take the urn.
- Do you blame me?
- I said that.
Come on, Becky.
- I said that!
- You make me sick.
Stay calm.
We will be back soon.
I'm not saying that.
I never dissected
a frog?
That's funny. Here!
I threw up in my mouth.
After tonight,
everything seems easier.
'Ll probably exceeded one.
Not likely,
because you're perfect.
- Really?
- Yes, privinele all.
Let's get to the heart!
After completion of printing,
and analyze what we have.
It is a good plan.
Casper I want to say,
I took my mouth before.
I know. Poor and missing
and mother and grandfather.
- Yes.
- Casper where his father?
She died in front
when Casper little.
Yes, it has happened
Occult in the barn.
That Casper
so excited.
That's why I'm scared
grandfather's shop.
It makes sense.
That crow?
Or hawk?
Radio ...
It will calm down.
"Everyone is dead.
Are're all dead. '
As a resident you?
Patrick and I. ..
Trying to find a way
We broke up for a long time.
I never imagined
that would be so horrible.
Let's get out of here,
before roads and new.
- I took the paper.
- I keep the door
Frog heart.
- How small is it?
- I know. A and A. .. Thank you.
You're great.
What a surprise, Mr. Galloway!
Mzglii in an area
unauthorized parking.
Mr. Professor Duffy
You see here?
Your job is not stacking.
Are you in danger.
Go home, ncuiai door
and windows, hide your dog ...
That is another reason
the fact that you have taught
- No, sir.
- Okay.
Because I'll get a little ...
Look at me when you speak!
Trust me, do not want that.
I am older than you,
even if it does not show my age.
I'll never forget me in your
- Are you on weed?
- He said: "You smoked marijuana."
Why spunei you all?
Moving the machine
the official parking.
Sir, I need to think about
beautiful things.
Alright. I have to go.
I do not know where, but go.
No, Duffy! Wait!
I get it.
It's time to woo and subdue.
Joshy, many years to you too!
uguie lips, boy!
I do not think it's a good idea.
- Merge.
- Really?
Is the nose touch!
A zemon slaves.
God, how fun!
Okay, you stop!
Massaging my back!
Reminds me of that night.
Does it remember?
Dad ...
Go for the weekend ...
Your hands ...
Don 't forget to get your hands on, Josh.
A and A. ..
You know what I like.
I do not see that!
For me and?
- So, Josh.
- Get back!
Josh fugua sites in the shower!
Why would you do that, Seth?
Become our slaves.
I will not leave zemon slave
dirty to my boyfriend.
Who says your boyfriend?
Think about the things you beautiful
It's time. God!
Being in the neutral zone.
God, what scrbo and Enie!
I seduce one player zemon
and I made my slave.
- Really? God!
- Casper!
- E Professor Duffy?
- Yes. I survived.
I know it seems horrible situation.
I will not lie. Totally e
But I was saved but the van.
I'm sorry for what I said.
I mean it.
We are all involved
and without you,
I have managed to get
in here. Thank you.
I thin that the leg
for this?
Casper, you little ...
brain compared.
- Brain? Where? Here?
- There's more.
Yes, it's everywhere.
You have less.
Fugii, guys!
Where Dazzle?
Leave her alone! Start!
You're right, Casp.
School met.
- You shot innards?
- What?
Your stomach ...
You shoot them?
No. I was a little damaged.
I will rest.
I am very tired.
Zemonii interesting sometimes.
Esc wrong?
Let's see what we got here.
Here's what I found
Gilbert of Galloway.
Look at these old photos Casp.
Like you.
We know where he is buried,
but that's all I know.
- To dig. That's it!
- What?
Missing elements: a pocket watch.
Having your own hours.
Grandpa says something about
Grandfather, before he died.
It seems silly,
but now connects.
- You said it was buried?
- Yes.
It is buried
This grandfather effort
to tell me.
Must go
to dig his grandfather.
with lopei.
- Where?
- Cliff Dagger Cemetery.
Blow it, Seth!
A cemetery in the middle
zemoni outbreak. What door greeting!
Dazzle, what are you doing?
The view!
What does it look like?
It seems that you are ready
jump out the window.
- Yes. A to jump.
- Do not you think, Dazzle.
- Let me go!
- Do not do it!
Dazzle, what are you doing?
My adventure with the skull ...
This does not work well.
Zemoni everywhere.
The skull was not there,
So how should.
Then, some zemoni playing football
using the skull as a ball.
Zemonul QB I see
and threw the skull.
Got it
and I started running.
- So what's wrong?
- I'm greedy, Becky.
Zemonul Tiffany looked at me.
Then I remembered
usually tempted,
So I decided to try.
I think I can,
however, in the end, she seduced me!
His tongue was crazy
and, then ...
I bit my cat!
I said, "Damn, Tiffany zemon
just bite me how! '
- Wait! How do cats bite?
- I bite cat penis.
A and Continues.
I grabbed her breasts
and I threw it as there.
I called this movement
"Throw in the breast".
Zemonii started after me,
and you know what followed.
Now think
just committed suicide.
- Dazzle, stop!
- Ready!
I was told that I could not control.
Guys, I made a sudden fear.
Do not leave your
to commit suicide.
We have some ointment here?
Penis sting me.
We skull, heart
frogs, and ash urns.
We lost items.
If you say I'm going to dig
on my grandfather today ...
I do not believe
No Grandpa.
You believe your grandfather.
And I believe.
- Really?
- Yes.
I think you're a great guy.
Lucy, you have to forgive me.
- For what?
- For this.
I can not master.
So, baby!
- Vine and suicidal maniacs.
- Will get the ax.
I just hit a friend
the face with a shovel.
Dazzle hit me in the head.
- I think the bleeding.
- Seth, look at this!
- I swear that bloody.
- I just hit a basket ciugul.
Officially inform you that
I lost my appetite.
Gilbert? Is your grandchild.
I'm sorry that meet
in these circumstances.
This pocket watch.
Statham! Burt?
This should be a poem?
Back! Sounds like a job for
for zemoni tease.
Hi, zemon Burty!
Stop it!
Stop you!
To tell you should be ashamed
that of all the girls,
Lucy biting as
and screamed and
compori're stupid.
- It does not work.
- You did great.
You act impressive.
It was very good.
- I tried.
- You did great.
Burt, pass
through a lot of weight now.
If you love Me, ye
and me more space.
I know I am.
I want to go.
Please go away!
I'm sorry.
I go, Seth.
- Do not go. Lucy!
- We'll always have the heart of a frog.
Do not say that, Lucy.
It will be fine, you'll see.
She's so tiny!
Seth, I gotta go.
Do what you want,
I stay here forever.
Seth, I will change
zemon a.
- There is Lucy.
- Yes, it's Hey, Lucy!
- No
- Statham!
I learned from the best.
uguie lips!
It's time to woo and subdue.
How disgusting!
I think it worked.
Raise your hand!
It worked.
I have zemon slaves.
You watch!
Give me to introduce you
zemon slave Lucy.
- I think we have a stable relationship.
- Good. Now we can go?
Guys, where Dazzle?
Is the tree, with bees.
Not bees Dazzle! You are allergic.
Are you allergic to bees.
I know. But I say
I could not restrain myself.
Why bees?
My eyes! Nose!
Nose! My ears!
Anything but not bees.
Bees ...
Casper ... Promise me something.
Whatever Dazzle.
Promise you post this picture.
I promise.
Sun almost dawn.
If we do not hurry,
blestemai will be forever.
Have to deal with the Dazzle.
He knows the plan.
When you make zemon,
will do anything to stop us.
- I can try to seduce her.
- It is dangerous and disgusting.
I'm glad you said that.
It would be very strange and I. ..
Go to the van and prepare
elements. I'll take care of Dazzle.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Close the curtains.
To create an atmosphere.
Good for meetings.
- 'S The only way it will work.
- E as in "Racing-Back 101".
Thank you for saving me
Grandfather, Dazzle.
You did the right thing.
Ready. Get in there.
That you have to keep
away from us.
All right.
Everything is ready.
I dealt with it.
According to the book,
We must put all
in the box and have it sealed to the skull.
- Where's the box?
- Last time it was Lucy, right?
Dazzle broke into his head.
- Mm made bucele.
- We have another box?
- Great!
- Now what?
- Seth, you're right.
- Yes?
There never know when you might need
cup of hot dogs.
- A jar of Vienna.
- Each to pick up items.
- First, the ashes
- I.
Then the frog heart.
Then we need to watch,
To give time back.
I've got.
Finally, a human skull,
to seal the ballot box.
Bring it, Casp!
Please leave it,
Hot Dog-Mm channels.
- Does it work?
- Of course he went.
Guys ... Lucy still zemon.
No time for that.
What should I do?
This book appears otherwise.
- A star.
- I hate them.
What does it say?
"To undo the curse and
settled would be damned ... '
- What should I do?
- What?
"... We have to make sacrifices and live."
One of our own
to kill?
- This is crazy.
- There must be another way.
- There's no time.
- Wait, Casper!
Almost dawn appears.
- I did.
- No
I am the one that you put
- Casper, will not let you do that.
- I have.
Everything will be okay.
I promise.
Please ...
Seth, take care of her.
Thiele successfully and Lucy!
I know.
Here you go. Something
remind me to tell you.
I met tonight.
Supposed to be funny, not weird.
That's perfect.
Thank you.
Three minutes.
Casper ... I'll kill you
with a rolling pin?
- Crossbow?
- You have another good idea, Seth?
- It will go away.
- Of course.
It would be great.
Patrick? Beware!
Becky! Nothing!
- Patrick?
- Lucy!
Keep Becky Casper.
I'll take care of
Patrick, look!
This is the sexy girl.
Becky! Becky, do not!
- Becky, please, wait!
- It's okay, casper.
I can not do that, Becky.
Do not leave me.
- Explode, Caspy!
- No
I love you.
- Please ...
- It's okay.
Casper, be careful!
Grenada ...
Stop it!
How threesome,
Patrick? One, two, three.
Casper, catch!
Let me go, Dazzle!
Help me, brother!
I know you were there.
Please! Again.
Zemonii destroyed and i
Wake up! I'm here.
- You did.
- We live, man.
- I'm dead?
- You're a hero.
- Where all zemonii?
- Missing.
You did, Casp.
You saved us.
- How cute!
- I'm proud of you, Casper.
The pictures have disappeared.
In 1000
Casp, everything is back to normal.
Do not change anything.
- Virtually no.
- Really?
Yeah, well ...
Now you have a story
for Duffy, Casp.
Casper, you are so handsome
when you step on stage!
- Your father would be proud of you.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Good news, guys. I extend
Internet Business cups
and I have a new partner.
Responsible for
seduce the website.
Here, Mr. Galloway!
Is he going to be a record 10,
but the story of "zemonii"
He seemed to me excessive,
although I liked
Exhaust pipe.
Beautiful and charming.
- You are the 38th century's favorite disciples.
- Thank you, Duffy.
Good luck in the future!
Mrs Galloway,
We made a photo?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Wait for me! I'm sorry,
but I have a level bite.
- Spunei "ball"!
- Meatballs!
- Wait to lift my skirt.
- Are you ready?
Casper, be careful.
Ladies, there
interested in threesomes.
What if you take a friend zicei
and do it in four?
- What a loser!
- I know.
He slipped a bullet.
Let's go!
Yes, way!
Hey, kids! What are you doing?
I'm sorry I came. I
care to leave the store.
In fact, that's why I came.
Now that we are graduates,
that we become employees
Occult warehouse.
Be sure to shop?
You have to get the money
for our new shelter.
It's a big house.
Glad to hear it.
Cheer up!
- Where are you going?
- On Vacation.
50 years waiting for it.
May you know the rules of the house?
Do not shut down for hours
program, key
and departure
we approach the ballot box.
- And?
- And for your trophy.
Right. See you soon, guys!
Sending postcards.
- Looks like fun.
- Only one.
I'm trying to bite you?
We're dead.