Dead Body (2017) Movie Script

Oh, my God! Shit!
Oh, my God!
You? It was you the whole time?
Guys, come on.
She's gonna be here any second.
Hey, Dominic!
Ilsa! I'm so glad you made it.
Thanks for driving...
Oh, and you brought people.
-You're so funny.
-This is Dwayne.
Hey, Dom. Yeah.
Brought a shit-load of beer.
Feel free to call me Dominic.
And you are?
Sarah. Hey.
I'm friends with your
exchange student, Mariko.
Well, isn't that something?
Hope the couple miles
from the parking lot...
...weren't too inconvenient for you.
Yeah, man, I didn't even park there.
Just drove right around that gate,
went halfway up the logging road...
...before the trail got too small.
Well, that's a law broken.
Pick that up before you
come inside, please.
Ilsa, may I speak with you
in the kitchen for a moment?
That hurts. What?
Oh nothing, except that
you invited two strangers...
...without asking me first.
It was supposed to be you, me
and my exchange students.
I don't have enough brie and shit.
They are not strangers.
Dwayne's kind of my boyfriend...
...and Sarah knows Mariko
from the SAT course.
I thought you and Sarah might...
-Ilsa, she smokes.
And he's like 45.
Where the fuck do you find these people?
I swear to God, you never
should have left private school.
He's 23.
You always do this.
As long as I've known you,
and I know that one day
you're gonna have to discern
the people you can trust from
the people you just can't.
Dominic, I'm sorry.
I didn't know you
expected me to come alone.
But we graduated and this
may be the last chance...
...all my friends get to be together.
I didn't want to leave anyone out.
Fuck. Fine.
It's fine.
The weekend can still
go according to plan.
What's two more people, after all?
-Hey, Dom!
How are you?
And you brought Rumor.
It's like I never even graduated.
Please, come in.
Marcus, Rumor, everyone.
Meet each other. Make yourselves at home.
I need to go set up the loft
I wasn't planning on using.
Marcus. I wasn't sure you'd come.
Thanks for inviting me.
Totally, thanks, Ilsa.
Hey, Rumor, don't touch
any of my dad's shit.
Sorry. Jeez.
It'll be good to get
some you and me time.
-Marcus, Dwayne.
Marcus went to my old school
before I transferred.
Yeah, yeah, Marcus from private school.
I've heard a lot about you, man.
Ilsa talks about you all the time.
I've heard a bunch about you, too.
How do you know Ilsa again?
-I'm her boyfriend.
-Well, good to meet you, Dwayne.
-Yeah, man, likewise.
God, you look great, Marcus.
And you are miraculous.
How's your novella coming?
Oh, my God, I finished the first draft.
What the fuck's a novella?
You haven't read Ilsa's writing?
Sounds like he hasn't read much at all.
You have got to read her stuff, man.
This girl is really good.
Sylvia Plath meets Henry Miller.
Shut up.
The short story about
the clown's mouth, so good.
Better than good.
Beautiful. Perfect.
You're making me blush.
Babe, we better go choose our bedroom...
...and start unpacking.
Just squat anywhere you like.
Marcus and Rumor, you are in the loft.
Great, I really appreciate it, Dominic.
There are three beds up there, right?
Yeah, but why do you need three beds?
Well, Eli came up with us.
He trailed back to smoke some pot.
Eli Dako, Eli Dakota?
That drug addict is staying
in my father's cabin?
You guys know my dad... the police commissioner, right?
I brought acid!
And a shovel. Why is that?
When Marcus said cabin, I thought
I'd have to dig holes.
To shit in.
This place is a mansion, dude.
Right. So dig zero shit holes.
Like, one shit hole is too many shit holes.
All right, all right, all right.
Hey, buck.
Here we go again.
Don't look, it just encourages them.
Why does it bother you so much?
Just ignore it.
I'm not bothered by it,
it's just lame to use us as
a prop in their sex play.
They know we know what they're
doing, don't you think?
Oh, I see.
-Don't play dumb.
I can smell you getting
all wet from here.
Must be Marcus' pussy I smell.
Marcus, am I weird?
I mean, I'm not like embarrassing
you or anything, am I?
Oh, God.
I mean, I know I was only invited because
you were invited.
Okay, so?
High school's over, Rumor.
You got to let it go.
Look at this place.
It's gonna be a good weekend.
These guys always make me feel... I'm doing something wrong.
Look, I want you here.
I want you here.
Nobody's going to cast you out.
All right, all right, all right.
How about Marcus though, right?
Should I even be worried
about the fucking pretty boy?
Marcus is the best.
You got no worries around him.
He's a standup guy.
-Everyone loves him.
-Yeah, I bet.
I mean, what about him and Ilsa though?
Oh, no. Yeah, you should
totally worry about that.
No, they're like perfect for each other.
Yeah, sorry, I misunderstood you.
It's cool man, thanks.
Cool, cool.
Eli, you okay?
Take a look at that goose.
-That goose out there.
It's been there all day.
I don't see a goose.
It was there before and
there's no such thing as time.
I don't know about you,
but I don't feel very safe.
Hey. I'm so glad you could make it.
Did someone else agree
to cover your shift?
Oh, no. Not really.
My boss said,
"Cover the dates or you're fired."
You quit? Just to come here?
I figured it was my last chance to see...
Marcus, I...
No, I know.
Look, I know you're with...
-...this other guy, but I just...
-No, listen.
I randomly hooked up
with Dwayne at a party...
...and brought him here as a shield
against Dominic.
He's not.
I mean...
You're the one.
-Come back inside soon.
-All right.
I'm drunk.
Yeah, beer and vodka will do that.
Yeah,well, it's my drink, bud.
The Vod Lager.
You're comical with your Vod Lagers...
...and your high school girls.
Hey. A toast.
I would like to apologise...
...for my churlish behaviour earlier.
It's going to be a great weekend...
...and I'm glad you're all here.
Cheers, Dominic!
Dominic, this place is paradise.
So, did all y'all go
to high school with Ilsa?
Yup, at Lake Side.
That's fancy.
Does that mean you're
all going to Harvard...
...with Ilsa and the Tokyo Twins?
I'm number three
on the wait list, actually.
My parents are pissed.
I'm number nine.
Well, that's a wake up call.
It's nice, you know.
All of us getting together like this...
...before heading off to school.
Yes! True!
-Thanks, Dom.
-Thanks, Dominic.
Fuck you, guys.
I'll kick your asses right
out of here, I swear to God.
I don't know nobody that
I went to high school with... that that's over.
They're all dead.
You say they're dead?
All your friends are dead?
They're off...
Dead to you.
Yeah. Yes, man.
Eli gets it. Thank you, dude.
Have you tried all the eyes?
iPod, iPhone, iPad...
I feel like I should be offended.
Oh, I just remembered.
I got an old Playstation
upstairs in the master bedroom.
-Is it three?
-No, two, but I got Vice City.
-No zombie box.
-Boys and video games, I swear.
We could play a game.
Like a non-video game.
-Oh, yeah?
-Like what?
We could play Dead Body.
No video games.
For real. My foot is down.
Baby, it's a PS2, they don't even
make those anymore.
No, Dead Body's not a video game.
It's like an old parlour game.
Lame. Seriously.
No, come on. It sounds like fun.
Okay, so?
What do we do? Rules.
Okay, one of us is secretly the killer
and after I count to three
and hit the lights,
everyone hides.
Once a minute passes,
the murderer sneaks around...
...and if he or she pinches you,
you're out.
And if you find the victim
you called out "dead body!"
Or the murder could
call it out and play innocent.
And then we all
regroup and argue about...
...who we think the killer is.
Get it?
You guys, I'm surprised to be intrigued.
What happens if your
falsely accuse someone?
You're dead. You're out.
You know, it's perfect. I'm into it.
Rumor, don't touch me though, seriously.
That's what I'm talking about.
Beats Playstation, right?
The countdown starts
once I turn the light off.
After that, watch your backs.
One. Two. Three.
No following.
Come on, Ilsa.
That's what the killer would say.
You're just supposed to say "dead body."
-You don't have to scream and stuff.
-Fuck you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Calm down.
What's he doing with ketchup
all over his neck anyway?
Wait, Sarah, did you see
who tried to kill Kenji?
I saw someone bolt
right before I screamed.
-I vote Marcus.
-It's that face.
You're looking around at everyone.
I'm fucking trying to figure out who's...
What's Eli doing the whole time?
Okay. Okay.
All right.
Can we just do another round...
...and get this thing over with please?
Okay, okay.
One. Two. Three.
No way, Mariko, it's way
too creepy down there.
You guys! You guys!
Jesus, Sarah.
This game's really getting to you, huh?
The fuck happened?
I was just down there in the dark...
...and something really weird
was going on.
Mariko was acting...
-Where is she? Mariko!
It's just the game getting in your head.
Yeah. Besides, I think her
and Kenji are in the bedroom.
You know.
No fucking way.
And I didn't hear any Playstation...
...when I walked by their room.
No, that I was...
That's actually my room, but whatever.
Japanese people are always fucking.
-Don't defend here, Ilsa.
She always ditches me to go have sex.
Mariko's spoken English isn't that great.
She probably said something
and you didn't understand her.
You always take her side.
Inconsiderate bitch!
-She's fiery.
-Okay, look, can we just drink?
This game's not working and I
lost my buzz a long time ago.
Come on.
We haven't even given it a chance yet.
-Bring on round three!
Yeah, maybe we'll
actually get somewhere...
...without little Miss Downer
and the foreigners.
Okay. Okay.
One. Two. Three.
What? Go.
Sorry, guys. I hope you're finished.
Dead bodies! Dead bodies! Dead bodies!
-Ilsa! Are you okay?
-Dead bodies! Dead bodies!
Dead bodies!
What the fuck?
This is a trick, right?
-Rumor, are you behind this?
-Oh, God, no.
-It's not a trick?
Dwayne, what are you doing?
What am I doing?
Calling 911, you little shits!
There's no cell reception.
Call! Do something! Fuck!
Thanks, Rumor.
What is it?
All three of them,
he killed all three of them at once.
All right, move.
I got Eli's shovel.
I got a hacksaw.
A knife.
I got two flashlights.
I got a hammer, a hook...
...and a nail gun.
Grab a weapon! We're under attack!
-I call that nail gun.
Nail gun's mine, Eli.
You brought the damn shovel, take that.
I'll trade it for the knife then.
No. No. The knife is Ilsa's.
Guys, just barricade every door
and stand guard at a window.
Okay, it's simple.
We'll wait till it's light out...
...and we can go down to my car.
I saw a sheriff's office
like three hours back.
Fuck that! Let's go there now!
Now? Now? While it's dark out?
And a killer's on the loose?
And some tools that I found?
Fuck that, man.
Oh, no! Sarah! Sarah's out there!
We have to grab her!
Hey, guys! What?
Easy, Dwayne.
I'm just trying to figure out...
Figure out what?
This isn't a mystery, asshole!
The game is over!
The window is closed and locked.
There's no way the killer
could've gotten out that way.
Dude, seriously, who the fuck cares?
Just grab a weapon, pick one
and hunker your ass down.
-But that means...
-No, wait!
The killer could still be in the house.
Let's find the fucker!
Jesus Christ, Rumor.
No one here, guys!
House cleared.
Make sure those windows are shut tight.
Maybe those dumb fucks found something.
Oh, God.
What happened?
I think we found where Mariko was killed.
So he didn't kill all
three of them at once.
The bastard killed Mariko...
...and dragged her out that door...
...and up the latter to Dominic's room.
I don't know, but when he got there...
he must've found Kenji,
so he strangled him...
and then when the killer
was hiding the bodies,
Dominic must have walked in on him.
Right. Because Dominic had the only key.
But why go through all the trouble...
of carrying Mariko up there?
I don't know. To hide her?
Motherfucking Hardy Boys over here.
I'm going upstairs...
...and anybody who wants to live
through the night can come with me.
End of story!
But Dwayne, what I am saying... that someone is playing
the game for real with us!
Don't care. Eli, grab that end.
And they came from the inside
and the window is still locked.
Which means it's more
likely that it's one of us.
Okay. Okay. Okay, let
me get this straight.
You think that one of
us just got carried away
and started killing people?
That's idiotic!
And you think what?
Some lunatic lives in the
woods in the middle of nowhere...
...waiting for us to play
a game called Dead Body,
and then sneaks in and starts killing us...
...without anyone seeing them?
That's idiotic!
And why didn't Dominic, Mariko or Kenji
scream when they saw a total stranger?
-It has to be one...
-It could've been a homeless nut... out here...
...or a squatter.
It's not us!
That's crazy.
The house was spotless.
There was no signs of life,
no signs of a break-in.
We have to get out of here!
-Wait, Ilsa, just hang on.
Even if it's one of these guys,
we can't all head out into the woods...
...if one of them is a killer.
You and I will go alone.
And Dwayne.
Oh, gee, thanks, Hun.
Hey! What about the rest of us?
Why would we take you?
You're the one whose idea it was to play!
What's that prove?
It's so obviously Dwayne!
Son of a bitch!
Are you guys seeing this?
You're blaming us?
I ought to put a nail in your head!
Don't you do it.
Let him go.
Put the nail gun down.
Fuck you, son of a bitch.
Guys, we have to calm down.
Even if one of us is the killer.
They can't possibly
take all of us at once.
So let's just talk.
Yeah, let's talk.
Let's talk about this.
You were stoking Mariko.
What the hell? Give me back my journal.
Let's see.
"I followed Mariko to the
Egyptian Theater that day."
"When she came out of the
movie, she was so alive,"
"so full of spirit."
"It wrenched my heart open to
see Kenji walk out after her."
Yes, okay?
I had feelings for her.
But then why would I do this?
It must have killed you... watch them constantly
go off to fuck.
Yeah, you couldn't take it anymore,
so you snuck in while they were fucking...
...and killed them both.
That's insane!
Yeah, maybe.
Except, Dominic saw you too, right?
And you killed him!
That's why you told Sarah... stay out of Kenji
and Mariko's room.
You said they were fucking but
you didn't want her to see.
That proves nothing.
Put your personal
feelings away and think.
Who could have done this?
It's simple.
If it was one of us,
it's most likely it
wasn't someone we knew
our entire lives.
Which means Dwayne or...
Somebody there?
Let me in!
You guys, there's someone out here!
You guys, I think I saw a guy out there!
You have to come see this.
Are you guys okay?
I saw her go downstairs with Mariko.
That's right, she did.
She killed her in cold blood.
And then she came up to pretend she
was angry and she stormed off.
Then she came back to stash their bodies.
How did she get back outside?
The windows are locked
and shut from the inside.
Maybe she slipped out
while Ilsa was hiding in the bedroom.
She locked the door from the inside,
closed it behind her, done.
So obvious.
Jesus, you guys are getting
way too into this game.
I have a real problem.
Yeah, you sure do.
Don't worry, Sarah.
We just have questions.
You guys are scaring me, stop!
Stop! Guys, knock it off! Assholes!
Put her in the bedroom.
With the bodies?
Guys, no! You can't put her in there!
What the hell!
Put me down!
Stop, it's not funny. Put me down!
Oh, my God, is that real?
What's happening?
Ilsa! What's happening?
No, don't! Stop it!
What the fuck?
Eli, stop it!
-We good?
-Oh, my God, no!
Don't leave me in here!
Don't leave me in here! Stop it!
Let her out! Dwayne, we could
just watch her! Marcus, help me!
Ilsa's right,
you can't just lock her in there!
-Let her out!
-No! No!
This is a life or death situation.
If she's a threat, she
needs to be dealt with.
I think it's for the best, guys.
She'll be fine while we hash things out.
No! No!
Get the fuck back!
I mean it!
Let me out!
Rumor, give up that hacksaw.
Eli, get the hacksaw!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Give it up!
Man, why the violence?
Seriously, let's discuss.
Let me out of here!
All right.
In the living room, move!
-What if she's innocent?
-What if she's not?
Please, let me out of here!
Five minutes, then you'll
have to shoot me full of nails!
Don't look.
Don't look. Don't look. Don't look.
Guys, let me out!
Let me out!
She'll be fine.
Okay, let's just figure this out.
In round two, she went
downstairs with Mariko.
If Mariko died down there, which she did,
it's a little funny that
nothing was mentioned,
don't you think?
Rumor, are you buying any of this?
I hate to say it, but Dwayne's right.
Thank you.
Thank you, Rumor, of all people.
Do we forget how pissed off
she was about them having sex?
She got so mad that she killed Mariko.
All right?
She goes outside for a walk...
...and drags the body to the bedroom,
she's Kenji and kills him too.
Then Dominic comes in...
...because he's the only one with the key
and she killed him too.
-No witnesses.
That's crazy!
It's Sarah!
Why would she do that?
Why would she kill three people?
And just five minutes ago
you thought it was rumor.
That was before we knew she
was sulking around out there.
In the perfect position to do this.
I mean, what do we really know about her?
She did go to juvie for
pointing a knife at another kid.
She used to cut herself.
Like, pretty deep.
And she does have these moods.
I know Sarah.
Besides, Dwayne, you've
been to juvie too!
For what?
Eli, you're always whacked out on drugs.
Plus, Eli, you said
that the knife in Mariko...
...was an oyster shucker.
-How did you know that?
-Guys, knock it off.
And Rumor, you've always
had weird tendencies.
Everyone used to say you lost
your finger in a knife fight.
I lost it in a car accident!
And while we're at it, Ilsa,
how did you get in the
bedroom with no key?
-Watch it, Rumor!
-I used my credit card!
Fair enough.
Sarah is our prime suspect,
but it could be any of us.
So why are we putting
her through this hell?
Exactly. If we're wrong, she
doesn't deserve to be locked up... a room with bodies.
Maybe she made bodies of those people.
Of your friends, okay?
You're right.
We should move her.
Maybe we could find a door
that locks from the outside.
Let's check the basement.
I saw a supply closet down there.
Fine, but we're tying her up.
Gonna go find some rope.
I'll give you a hand.
Don't let her out, okay?
Not yet.
Just in case.
Fuck this.
Is that you?
Oh, my God!
They got Eli.
Rumor, no.
I should've known.
No, no, no! I found him like this.
You guys got it all wrong.
I picked up the hacksaw for protection... case the killer was still here!
There's no proof!
Think about it.
There's motive.
We all know you were obsessed
with Mariko...
...and you brought up the game.
You were the one who told us
not to go into the bedroom...
...because Kenji and Mariko were fucking.
And you had the hacksaw earlier!
You've always been off.
You brought that knife to seventh grade.
That was Dominic's.
I just go caught with it
when he showed it to me.
Marcus, tell them!
Rumor, we don't wanna hurt you.
We just wanna talk.
Come on.
Marcus, it's me.
It's us.
Just come inside, Rumor.
Guys, okay, come on.
This is crazy.
Dwayne's the neanderthal.
He's the one with a record!
-Dwayne, what the hell?
-Get off!
Dwayne, don't hurt him!
Marcus, I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
The two of us can trust each other
and that's about it.
Let's get the gear and the flashlights...
...and run to the vans as fast as we can.
Rumor's out there.
I know! I know! I know!
It doesn't make sense.
Rumor is not a killer.
He is not a killer.
-I don't know.
I have known Rumor my entire life
and I let him run off
into the woods alone.
Fuck. God, Rumor!
Marcus, wait!
Is that you?
Oh, God!
-Are you okay?
-He attacked me!
He came after me!
Who was it?
I don't know, I couldn't see him.
No! No! Please don't
leave me again, please.
No, I'll stay right here.
Let's just get back inside.
No, listen, Marcus. You're right.
Only we two can trust each other.
Let's just get to the car and get out.
What happened?
Did you?
I lost him.
Good because he's not the killer.
Who is then?
Whoever it was, he just came after me.
Sarah! I'm letting her out!
Thank God you didn't find him.
No, she must have found the key.
Maybe Mariko had it.
It was Sarah.
Fuck it, let's get to the car!
It's probably another mile or two.
From now on, we all watch
each other's backs, okay?
Kill anything that isn't us.
We have to find Rumor
before the killer does.
Come on.
Rumor, no!
No! No! Rumor, no!
Please, please, please.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
We have to go.
I wanted to save him.
-Oh, my God, we have to go!
We have to go!
Go! Go! Ilsa, go!
You can't do this right now, Marcus.
It's not your fault.
I just...
I'm supposed to save him.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Fuck it. We're almost there. Let's go.
Oh, my God.
I never thought I'd be so
happy to see my mom's van.
Somebody broke in.
You guys! You guys!
It's not me! I know who it is.
I can prove it. It's...
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Dwayne, what the fuck?
She was trying to tell us something!
She's the fucking murderer!
She was trying to hot wire the car.
Let me guess, you can't get it started.
Just get out of there! Let me try!
-Oh, my God.
I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm all right.
The fucking bitch!
Oh, my God. Sarah.
And Dominic and Mariko and Kenji.
Oh, my God.
-I hit him.
The killer.
I found a branch, pulled it back
and hit him in the face.
You didn't find Rumor
out in the woods, did you?
No, I already told you that.
Goddamn, she fucked this up!
Those scratched on your
face, how did you get those?
Trees and shit, man. What do you think?
Oh, you don't believe me all of a sudden?
Is that it?
Yeah, I see that.
You guys make quite
the couple, don't you?
Dwayne, we're just
trying to figure this out.
I mean, why were you so against us...
...looking for clues earlier?
You just wanted to barricade the house...
so no one could get in.
Or out.
How could Rumor
or Sarah have carried Mariko...
...up to the second floor?
Oh, nice. Nice. Yeah, yeah.
This is what you wanted from the
beginning, isn't it? Right?
You two are in on this shit
together, aren't you? Aren't you?
Sarah was about to tell
us who the killer was...
...and you shot her in her fucking face.
Are you fucking serious right now?
Are you serious guys?
She was a fucking lunatic!
This is crazy!
We won!
We made it!
Hey. Hey.
It's over. It's all over.
We won.
Thank God!
-We're almost out of here.
What do you mean, we won?
What do you mean, we won?
I think I can fix this.
The killer?
I think when I hit him the branch.
I think he held up his
arm to protect himself.
But you ran off.
There was time to double back.
Why were you so ready to give up Rumor?
You've known him your entire life.
You good?
Hang in there with me.
I know it's been crazy,
but Dwayne is gone.
We can get out of here.
Hey, hey, hey. Relax, it's me.
It's me. It's us.
If I can't start the car,
Eli's car's parked half
a mile down the road.
Dom's is too, I think.
You fucking psychopath!
You killed Rumor!
You? It was you the whole time?
I win!
You killed all of them.
No, no, no. See, that was your fault.
All I wanted to do was to kill Kenji,
Mariko and you,
clearing the way for me to move...
...from number three on the wait list...
...straight into Harvard.
I was going to wait until
you all just fell asleep...
...and then kill you quietly.
My dad even gave me an
ex-convict to pin everything on.
I had him tied up to this
tree, until Sarah found him.
I have everything planned.
But you... couldn't go one weekend...
...without being the centre of attention.
You needed your love triangles...
...and your high school bullshit.
So you invited
all the shit birds with you...
...and you almost fucked everything up!
But then we started to play Dead Body...
...and I couldn't resist.
I had to kill you three...
...right under their noses.
As the late Rumor would say,
"I wanted to play the game for real."
I waited until round two,
where I strangled Kenji.
Then I locked the door,
went out the window,
down the ladder, into the basement...
...where I stabbed Mariko.
Oh, my God, my heart was just...
Like a little hummingbird.
I was certain that you
knew exactly what I'd done.
But of course you didn't.
How is any of this my fault?
Because of what happened next!
Oh, my God!
So I wrapped our little
Japanese flower in a tarp,
slung her over my shoulder,
up the ladder, through the window...
...and plopped her on the bed
with her beloved Kenji.
I was just about to clean myself up,
when you came in.
I was fucked.
I didn't know what to do.
So I just smeared some
of Mariko's blood on my neck.
After you saw me with the bodies,
I had no choice.
I had to kill everybody.
But how? I was trapped.
I was stuck playing dead
with Kenji and Mariko,
the Tokyo Twins.
And then,
Rumor, of all people,
saved me.
He threw the sheet over me, remember?
Oh, my God.
I almost laughed out loud.
Don't be a sore loser, sweet pea.
You haven't heard the whole story.
From there, covered by a blanket,
it was a piece of cake.
A couple of strategically
placed pillows...
...and voila, like I never even left.
I think...
...right about that time,
you locked Sarah up in the bedroom.
And then you just started
killing each other.
And it was...
It was beautiful.
I mean...
Dwayne killed Sarah.
You killed Dwayne and just now,
you ran away from Marcus.
All he had to do was shit into drive...
...and step on the gas...
...and you'd be home free.
And you, fucker, couldn't
figure any of it out!
You locked up the one person...
...who could solve the mystery...
...and you're the one
getting into Harvard!
How fucking dare you!
Fucking murderer!
Just concede, you fucking bitch! I won!
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God.
That's not fair, Ilsa.
That thing's not accurate anyway.
Face it. It's over.
Die, you piece of shit!
Shit! Oh, my God.
Bitch! It didn't have to be this way!
Harvard, that's what this is about.
-You fucker!
-That's what it was all about,
but not anymore.
Now it's all about being the best!
The winner!
You're a failure!
No! No!
Hurry. Hurry.