Dead Draw (2016) Movie Script

- I'm telling you
Dallas looks nervous.
- Your brother's gonna be fine.
- Are you sure you
got that combination?
- Compliments of Ms. Parker.
- I hope she's right.
- She always is.
- Not about the
combination or the clock.
- What did I just say?
If you can't do this,
you should've told me.
- If that clock
ain't have zeros,
I won't have a chance.
- Almost done.
They're watching reruns.
- All right.
What's the combination?
- 25,
You ready for the beach, Jonesy?
- Fuck yeah.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Glad you came.
It only took us 18
years to get here.
- We still got
3,000 miles to go.
- What the hell is his problem?
- He's not used to winning.
- You heard the man let's go.
- Shit ain't gonna walk
on its own let's go.
- Hey, where's our pilot?
What is it?
- We got a problem.
- What happened?
- It's Bartlett.
- What's going on?
- Where the fuck is it?
- Where is he?
- In there.
- The people we're stealing
from are bloodhounds.
If you fuck up
they will smell it.
They will follow the trail
until they find you and then me,
and then they'll burn
everything we've ever touched.
You need to be smart
about this one, Harrison.
- Is it worth the risk?
- You have no idea.
Frisco City, Indiana
it's somewhere between
Chicago and Indianapolis
middle of nowhere.
It's far enough off the
freeway that no one stops by.
The only thing not slowly
sinking into the soil
is a private bank,
which is why the
cartel loves it.
Chicago's a huge market
supplied by Miami.
So their drug traffic
comes up the interstate,
and then somewhere
around Frisco City
the shipments are
exchanged for cash.
The drugs head north,
and the cash stays right here
in safety deposit boxes.
The cartel isn't taking chances
when it comes to their
drives getting any ideas.
So it just sits there until
Miami decides to pick it up.
You get in and get out
clean without a trace
by the time the cartel finds out
you will be long gone.
- Your source?
- Solid.
This is the middle
of America, Harrison.
They throw their veterans a
Christmas parade every year.
You're gonna wear fatigues
and carry the takeout
in Army duffel bags.
I hear Mack finished his time.
- I didn't know you
were keeping tabs.
- I'll tell you what I think.
You feel like you owe him,
and you're planning
on using him.
- I don't think it's
any of your business.
- It is, Harrison,
because if you fuck up
who do you think
it comes down on?
- You run shit
from behind a desk.
You don't know what it's like
when the clock is ticking.
Let me give you a number.
18 jobs, no fuck ups.
That's why you're
here because what I do
pays your bills,
and the only reason that
happens is 'cause of my men.
'Cause when the clock is ticking
and the heat is
breathing down my neck
and I hear those sirens,
I know the three guys
in the ship with me
ain't gonna run not
until I tell them to.
And this ain't
happening without them.
- 17.
- Excuse me.
- 17 out of 18.
- Well, since Mack took the fall
and you got your take
I consider that a win.
- Don't get me
wrong I'm grateful.
I could've silenced Mack if
I wanted to but I didn't.
- This conversation's over.
- Harrison,
no matter who you are doing
that much time leaves a mark
especially if you're doing
that time for somebody else.
Mack's changed.
He found God and now he spends
all of his time on his
knees repenting his sins.
- Well, then he can use
his share to buy a church.
I trust him.
- I know.
- Ah, Jesus.
- No.
- Oh, god.
- What happened?
- I found him in here with this.
- A bullet that shit
doesn't make any sense.
- It's a message.
- Okay, what does it mean?
- It means we're being hunted.
- Somebody's toying with us.
- Someone wants the money.
- Well, how do you know?
- What the fuck
are we doing here, Dallas?
- Harrison said this
shit was airtight.
It's gotta be something else.
I mean we don't even
fucking know this guy.
- I did.
- Did he know about the job?
- He knew where we were going
and how much he'd get
for taking us there.
Somebody else found out.
- Ah, this is fucked.
- Alright, here's what we do.
Alright, we split up.
D and I we head back
into town we grab a car.
We double back here.
We take our chances on the road.
- No, wait a minute.
- What?
- Wait a minute.
- Look if we're gonna
move, we gotta move now.
- We need to fucking
think this through, man.
They fucking made him bleed.
They pulled him in here,
and they put him on display.
I mean look at that shit.
Look at the plastic bag.
Alright, he wasn't fucking dead
when they taped
him to the chair.
So they put that
around his head,
so he'd suffocate
when he came to.
Okay, that's some
savage shit, boys.
Whoever did this
knew we were coming.
Alright they knew
we'd find Bartlett,
and they know we're
here right now.
- Oh, you don't
think the cartel?
- Nah, not the cartel.
They would've mowed us down
the minute we got here.
- Unless they're
fucking with us, bro.
- That's what I'm saying.
We need to take a second
and think this through.
- Bartlett didn't deserve this,
and we ain't splitting up.
We're gonna figure
out whoever did this,
and we're gonna kill him.
- Fuck.
- Dallas told me
I'd find you here.
- It's good to see you.
- Likewise.
Thought you would've come by.
- I had some things
to take care of first.
- I understand.
Kept this for you.
Your take plus half of mine.
- You wanna do this here.
- I don't see the padre.
Speaking of which when
did all this happen.
- It's a long story.
- I got time.
- A lot can change
in five years.
- I would've come
by but you know.
- I know the rules.
- The rules.
- Right.
- I did what I could.
I looked out for your bro
while you were in the joint.
So keep it.
You can give it to God
or whoever you lit that
candle for it's yours.
Never asked you
to take the fall.
- I never said you did.
- I know, I know.
It's too quiet in here.
It feels like guilt.
- It should.
- Come on let's get a
burger or something.
Mack, I wanna make this right.
- So you're buying
me a slice of pie.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Anytime.
- Anytime.
Now, Mack, I get it I get it.
Nothing's worth the risk
not when you just
get out of the joint.
I wanna let this one go too.
Waited as long as I
could but the job...
- I'm not interested.
- 'Cause you found God?
- Not your business.
- This will change things for us
for your bro.
- My brother.
- Well, you said it yourself.
A lot of things changed
while you were inside.
- What does he have
to do with this?
- You know Dallas.
He won't take a hand out.
He needs to earn his dough.
- This is how you take
care of my family?
- You need to relax.
- No, he had a shot
at something else.
- He didn't tell you.
- He knows I would've
ripped his head off.
- Mack, you need to sit down.
I thought you knew.
- Know what?
- It was to qualify to fight.
Dallas he was fighting
this big Greek bastard.
The Greek had Dallas
up against the ropes,
was pounding him on
the side of the head
but he got sloppy.
Let it slip for a second.
Dallas swung.
We heard a crack.
We thought Dallas had broken
the Greek bastard's jaw.
Turns out it was the
other way around.
Dallas was tough.
He wouldn't go down.
Fought the rest of the fight
with a broken right hand.
He fought Southpaw.
Won in 12 rounds.
- How bad is it?
- They say surgery but
he'll never fight again.
- So he crewed up with you?
How many jobs.
- Three.
This is the last one.
- The last one?
- This one's different.
- You're stealing
something that ain't yours.
Taking something it's
the same damn thing.
- There's no safe just
safety deposit boxes.
We're talking eight figures.
- That's a lot of heat.
- Not from the cops.
- The money's dirty.
And Dallas.
- Just the driver.
He waits outside.
- I don't like it.
- You never do.
- Tell you what
you want me in?
You cut Dallas lose.
- I'll tell you what
you talk him out of it.
Talk him out of it.
Come on, Mack.
Your ice cream's melting.
I beg
You darling please come home
I love you more than
any words can tell
If the ice falls on our dreams
Pardons it to melt away
We'll be happy evermore
in the garden of dreams
Sun the moon
like us are lovers
- You find anything?
- Place is empty.
- Not a fucking trace.
- Call Ms. Parker.
- Not yet.
- Not yet.
This man's fucking dead.
Okay, she's the only
one that can help us.
- I thinking the
same damn thing.
- How'd Ms. Parker
find out about the job?
- She don't say.
- She don't say.
She found out from somebody?
My guess is whoever
told Ms. Parker
about this job set us up.
- That's a big assumption.
- Is it?
I don't think so.
I mean it's not just us they're
fucking with here, right?
Ms. Parker's money's
in those bags too.
- Make the call.
- Tell her what?
- The truth.
- Oh, you think
she's gonna help.
There's a dead body.
She's gonna be packing her bags
while I'm on the phone on
a flight within the hour
drinking Mai Tai's on the
beach till the heat blows.
- Hey, don't be a pussy.
- Yeah, it's the
only play we got.
Do it.
- I thought no
cellphones were allowed
at 40,000 feet.
- I'm sorry.
- For what?
- For leaving the way I did.
- You're not on the plane.
- We had a hiccup.
- A hiccup what
the hell does that mean?
- Our pilot's dead.
- And the take?
- We still got it.
- Why are you calling me?
- I need a way out.
I thought...
I thought you could help.
- You thought wrong.
- Sarah, who gave you the job.
- You think this was on my end?
- I just need to make sure
it's not one of my guys.
- I warned you about this.
- I know you did.
- The rat's on your end.
Find him then we'll talk.
- Well.
- Well, what?
It's like I said.
- What does that mean?
What the fuck does that mean?
- We're not getting
help not from her.
We're on our own.
- Bullshit that's
fucking bullshit.
- Dallas, easy.
- It's what she does,
- What?
What the fuck?
Are you fucking kidding me, man?
You're gonna defend
her with that bullshit.
It was her job from the start.
We got close to
25 mil over there
including her fucking take,
and she's not gonna stick
her neck out for what?
Are you fucking kidding me?
- Oh, you think she's in on it?
Is that what you think?
- Dallas has got a point.
It's a big take.
- Don't tell me that cold bitch
wouldn't burn us to take it all.
- She wouldn't burn no one.
- What are you
calling me a liar?
- Yeah, I'm calling you a liar.
- I'm not.
- Alright enough.
This is how shit
starts going side ways.
We start pointing
fingers, then guns.
Pretty soon shit gets bloody
and we can't afford that.
All this needs to be
spent figuring out
what we're gonna do next.
You two settle down.
- We need to take
the fight to them.
Alright whoever did
this is out there
laughing at us right now.
We have what they want, right
four duffel's filled with cash.
So we send someone out.
We dangle the bait.
We see what bites.
Wanna go fishing?
- You know Mack you never told
me what it was like inside.
- It's not worth talking about.
- You blame me.
- No.
I never said that.
- Five minutes, Mack.
Get in, get out, get clean.
- I told you that safe
couldn't be cracked
not in that time frame.
- And I told you to leave it.
We already had the
safety deposit boxes.
We didn't need the vault.
But you couldn't let it go.
- I didn't expect you to stay.
- Fuck you, Mack.
Fuck you.
After all we've been
through together,
you say that to me.
I waited for you as
long as we could.
- Is that an apology?
- Oh, that's beautiful.
That is beautiful, Mack.
I see you.
I see you sitting in
that cell thinking about
how things went wrong,
how it all went to pieces.
- You think I did this?
- I never said that.
- You think I killed Bartlett
just to fuck you over?
- Who could blame you
for wanting to get even
after all that time served.
- So you think I'm a murderer.
- You tell me.
- I didn't want the money.
- I never said you did.
- Yeah, you know I did think
about that five minutes
every day how I told you
there wasn't enough time.
You didn't listen.
You never listen.
- Is that a confession, Mack?
- You wanted this.
You came to me, remember?
I said no.
All this that's on you.
- Fuck.
Jesus, the money.
- Fucking leave it.
Come on.
- The fucking money.
- You running
from something, Jones?
You enlist you go
overseas and then what?
You get to thinking.
You decide maybe these guys
will forget what I owe them.
- No, you see I didn't
think I was coming back.
- Here you are.
- You always were the smart one.
- You got jokes that's
one of the things
he always liked about you
is your sense of humor.
That's why he came to
pay you a courtesy.
Tell you in person that
debt don't go away.
He's gonna get what you owe.
It's your choice.
You're gonna pay in
dollar bills or blood.
- I used to take
German in high school.
I ever tell you that?
Teacher was drunk all the time.
He had that old man
and stale Gin stench
about him, you know.
You know the stench, Carver.
His face always looked
like it was kind of like
sliding off his skull sideways.
Still I think he could
tag more ass than you.
- You know you can't
just borrow money
and not pay it back.
That's when shit happens.
- You know I fucking
see that now I do.
So what happens next?
You gonna come
back with two guys?
- Two weeks.
You got two weeks understand me?
- Two weeks I got it.
I got it.
I'll see you soon.
- Yeah, you will.
- Ah, stop.
Mack, help.
- We were on the
runway and he got hit.
- Alright now.
I'm just gonna pull this off.
- Alright there we did it.
- Shit.
Turn him over.
You're lucky the bullet
went right through.
- Yeah, you wanna
fucking switch places?
- Mack, get me some
bourbon alright?
- The duffel fuck
the duffel on the
fucking runway.
- He got our money.
- Alright don't worry about it.
Just breathe, just breathe.
Okay, we need something
to switch this up.
Find me something
anything, okay?
- Alright
- Here you go
Jonesy here you go.
- I got nothing.
- Okay, find me a
crowbar anything metal.
Okay, alright Mack.
I need a flare or a
flame anything, okay.
- Propane torch?
- Yeah, that should work.
- I always wanted a
tattoo of a woman's name.
I ever tell you fucks that,
a bird one of those
old timey kinds
with the name and the ribbon
hanging from the beak.
I thought I'd meet
her in Mexico.
- Don't get one Jonesy
you're too ugly.
- All right yeah that's good.
- I'm sorry Jonesy I'm sorry.
- Light up the fucking cigarette
and stop being a pussy.
- Okay, needs to get red hot.
- Fuck you, bro.
Where's that fucking smoke, man?
- Okay, here we go.
One, two, three.
- Motherfucker.
- Mack.
I fucking missed you, man.
Let me buy you a drink.
- Absolutely.
- Bourbon?
- No, beer back.
- Alright, Katie line them up.
So, how's it feel to be out?
- Different but fucking good.
- Here you go, D.
- You might
wanna leave the bottle.
I think that this
man could use a few.
- Just don't go hitting
anyone, sweetheart.
Bourbon makes him a asshole.
- Sweetheart.
- Yeah, well can you blame her.
Look at this face.
- How's Gracie.
- We're still together.
- Am I an uncle yet?
- Fuck, man take it easy.
- Well, how would I know?
You better watch out, man.
You know a woman like that
who's got her mind set
it's just a matter of time.
- You're a shit.
What about you any tail
since you been out?
- Harrison told me
about your fight,
about your hand.
- Yeah, well fucking
Greeks right?
- How much to fix it?
- Too much.
- Is that why you're
running with Harrison?
- Jesus that's not your concern.
- It's just a question.
- Is that why you came here?
- No, I came here to have a
drink with my fucking brother.
- Well, then fucking
drink and stop talking.
It's like you said Gracie
gets what she wants
and I'm not getting it done
anymore not like I used to.
- I liked working on cars.
I did.
Right after they started
buying up the neighborhood
things changed.
We got evicted.
They started building this bank
across the street from the shop.
I used to watch these lawyers
and these trophy wives
going in and out all day.
Making deposits on their beamers
and their minivans you know
watching these people live
this dream while mom was dying.
You were just a little kid.
We needed money
and all I had to do was walk
across the street and take it.
- Did you.
- Nah, I started buying safes
practicing in the
shop's basement.
Someone told Harrison
and the rest is...
And everything I did
I did to keep you in the
ring to keep you fighting,
to keep you fighting for
something else, something more.
- Don't put that shit on me
bro that was your choice.
- Yeah, I know.
Look, if I could go back,
I would do everything
differently but I can't.
And I gotta take
responsibility for my actions,
and you running with
Harrison that's one of them.
You got a girl.
Take the money.
Go fix that hand.
Give it another shot, alright?
- You know his rules.
- Since when do you play by any?
Look D I love you.
Even if I'm shitty at it,
I love you.
Take it.
Have you ever heard the wind
Seen its chilling sight
And you can't hear nothing
- Did you see him?
- Yeah.
- How was he?
- He's good.
- I'm worried.
- About what?
- Us.
- It's gonna be fine I'm
gonna find something.
- I don't want you
hanging with him.
- He's my brother.
- He's an ex-con.
- Go back to sleep.
- Where are you going?
- I'm not tired.
- Dallas.
- What?
- Don't do this.
- I have no idea what you're
talking about, Gracie.
- We can get through
this together.
Okay, I don't want
you hanging with him.
- Let me ask you something.
When did you start thinking
you could tell me what
I can and can't do?
- Whatever, D.
- So what happened?
- Jones was right.
He must've known
that we were coming.
We saw a car.
I fired back.
I hit something but
Jones was already...
- Dallas, he's gonna be fine.
Jonesy's too stubborn to die.
- I'm gonna find him.
We gotta fine those
fuckers, Macky.
- We will.
- What's wrong.
- I hate it when you do that.
- What?
- Read my mind.
- Well, it's not that hard.
You have a tell.
- What's that?
- You furrow your brow.
- That's it.
I give you too much credit then.
- We can go.
Right now I have enough.
- And the job.
- Someone else will step in.
It's not too late.
- I don't walk away.
- You know doing
something for yourself
doesn't make you a
horrible person, right?
- Sarah, I'm gonna
tell you something.
I was six.
I was watching a
ball game on TV,
and my daddy walked in the door.
He fell to the floor.
He was thrown from a car.
He was all beaten and bloody.
My mom and I we
tried to pick him up.
But he was too drunk.
He's too slippery
from all the blood.
See he was a gambler.
He borrowed money
from loan sharks.
He was trying to balance
one debt from the other.
I held his hand while I
watched him slip away.
The whole time he
just kept saying,
"It's gonna be just fine."
I swore to myself I
would always pay my debt.
- I'm sorry.
- I owe them.
- This isn't about your debt.
- This was a mistake.
- They made their own decision
and all of you suffered for it.
But you can't go back,
and you can't fix it.
There's a way that
you wish things were
and then there's reality.
- I told you I hate
it when you do that.
- How's it going in there?
- Who the fuck is this?
- The one who tells
you what happens next.
- You have no idea who
you're fucking with.
- A washed
up boxer, an ex-con,
a discharged Marine,
and a grifter
I know exactly who you are.
- I'm not the one
to worry about.
- In the plane
there's a blueprint.
On that blueprint is an X
where I want you to
drop a second duffel.
You do that and I let you go.
- Go where you killed our pilot.
- You have two
hours or I call the cops.
- Well?
- They say give
them another duffel.
They let us go that
or they call the cops.
- Oh, fuck that we
ain't giving them shit.
- Agreed.
- What do we do now, huh?
We just sit here
and watch Jones die?
- That ain't gonna happen.
- No, not if we get him
to a hospital it won't.
- We need a car.
We need a way outta here.
- Yeah, right.
We go outside they shoot us.
We stay inside Jones dies.
- Well, what's your idea, bro?
- Look, we don't
know who's out there.
We don't know how
many are out there.
We're making blind decisions
and just hoping one
of them pans out.
I'm saying we consider
all our options.
- You wanna do it.
You wanna give them the duffel.
- Look, it might buy
us some time alright.
We can retrace our steps.
We figure out what the fuck
is going on here, alright.
We'll track down
these motherfuckers.
But we do it our way.
- Are you fucking
kidding me, man?
They ain't gonna let us go.
They got us right up
against the ropes right now.
And they're gonna keep
on coming until we drop.
- Why are you in such a
rush to give away our take?
- To keep him alive.
- Oh, go on.
Say it, Mack.
Go on, say it.
Say it right now.
- Say what?
- Say it come on ask
your brother, Dallas.
Ask him.
- Say what?
What the fuck are
you talking about?
- Ask him.
- Harrison thinks I'm the rat.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What happened to Miss Parker?
- This has nothing
to do with her.
- Are you kidding me man
this was all her idea.
She set this whole thing up
the hangar, coming
here to catch a plane
the way out it was all her idea.
- She wouldn't kill anyone.
- How do you know that?
All I see is the four
of us hung out to dry.
If there's a rat,
it's that bitch.
- That's enough, Dallas.
You back the fuck off.
- Holy shit.
Holy shit, bro.
He's fucking her.
- What?
- Is that true?
- That's great.
That's fucking great.
She used you.
She used you to set us up.
Is she out there, Harrison?
Did she shoot Jones?
Is she letting you stir
this pot to a boil?
- I am not the one
who wants to give our
money away, remember.
It's him.
- Oh, yeah?
- It's him.
- Yeah.
- Stay cool stay cool.
- Talk to me
baby you're scaring me.
- Why won't you tell
me what's going on?
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- Yes, you do.
- No, I don't.
You know what I'm not
gonna do this with you.
I am not gonna stand
here and watch you.
- I found this in your pocket.
- So?
- So, is there something
you wanna tell me?
- It's a phone number, D.
- Whose phone number?
- A friend of Annie's.
We were out my phone
died she wrote it down.
- Annie did?
- Her friend did.
- It was a she?
- Alright, Dallas I'm not
gonna do this with you.
- Tell me what's
going on, goddamn it.
Don't you fucking lie to me.
- I just did.
- Yeah, well, who
is this person?
- Who are you talking about?
- The friend of Annie's, Gracie.
- Dallas, I don't...
- 'Cause, you know what
when I called he didn't
really wanna talk to me.
Look at me.
- I told you, D.
It was just some guy.
He was hitting on me at the bar.
- Some guy.
- It's not a big deal.
- Some fucking guy.
- Yeah, I just put his number...
- And you kept his number?
- So.
- Did you call him?
- What do you want
me to say to you?
- Did you call him?
- D, please.
- Where's your phone at?
- I'm sorry.
- Where's your fucking phone at?
- It's not a big deal.
- Jesus Christ how long
has this been going on?
How long?
- Give me my phone back.
Dallas, wait.
- You okay?
- Yeah, what the
fuck is going on?
- I can't take this shit.
- We got a call.
The guns outside
want another duffel.
- They let you in here, huh?
For how much?
- Two bills.
- You're not exactly
the influence
I had in mind for my rehab.
Not that I give a shit.
They don't let you have
this shit overseas.
Not where I was.
- I got your message.
- I didn't think you'd come.
- So your stint in the
military didn't work out then?
- What does it look like?
I want back in.
- Dallas has got a fight
Saturday night a big one.
Could be the break
we're waiting for.
He's always looked at you
like a brother you know that.
Why don't you come?
- Yeah.
- Saturday night I'll
pick you up at five.
- Does this mean you
got a spot for me?
- There's always a spot for you.
- Hey.
- Keep it.
- No, man, I'm trying
a new leaf I gotta.
- Come on Jonesy
that ain't gonna kill ya.
- I don't know
what they're doing.
I don't know it's a
fucking shit show.
- I used to be
great at ping pong.
I ever tell you that?
- What?
- My older stepbrother
should've been Asian, man.
He used to win
every fucking game.
Except one night I had him.
I was up seven points.
It was game point,
and then he pulled some
ninja shit and won.
I was so fucking pissed off
I punched a hole through
the wall with my paddle.
My stepmom didn't let
me play for a month.
Wanted me to learn perspective.
- That's fucking great, Jones.
- Perspective.
So he calls the cops.
Then what?
The cartel isn't
gonna tell anyone
their drug money's gone missing.
No one's ever gonna know we
were in that fucking bank, man.
But Bartlett's body
that's the fucking thing
that ties us to a crime.
The bag is filled with
how much weight you think?
- A buck, buck fifty, maybe.
- Think we could fit 200?
- I'm not following.
- Well, you used to box it,
light heavyweight, right?
- Right.
- So that would make
our pilot a heavyweight.
- You gotta be
fucking kidding me.
- We fucking send
them a bag of bones.
We tell them if
they want the money,
they gotta come in and get it.
Anyone got a hacksaw?
Give me your gun.
- It's not loaded.
- I don't give a fuck.
- Neither do I.
- Look, man a mugging
cops don't give a
piss about a mugging.
Alright beat him so
bad he can't walk.
He can't talk.
We put a cap in him this
whole thing blows up.
Alright not just the job.
You, me, your brother.
Don't knock his
head off you got me?
- I thought it'd
pay off, Jonesy.
Thought I'd be able to pay
her back for everything.
- Nah, brother.
This has nothing to do with
what happened in the ring.
Alright, the bitch
is cheating on you.
- Are you sure?
- She's a whore.
That's what whores do.
I don't care
I will kill
I will kill you too
- Hey, just make sure
he's still breathing.
- You stay in the car.
- Fuck.
Can't you tell you'll
end up on the floor
You'll end up on the floor
You'll end up on the floor
- What are you doing with her?
- Excuse me.
- Gracie.
The girl in the bar.
- Do I know you?
- Not yet.
- Hey, man she didn't tell
me she had a boyfriend.
I told you she
didn't say anything.
- She's wearing a
ring, motherfucker.
- I didn't know.
- Here's what's
gonna happen next.
You're not gonna call.
You're not gonna text.
You're gonna disappear
you got that?
- Feel better now?
- I told you to stay in the car.
- Hey, better to know
now though right?
- What'd you say?
- I mean I'd wanna know.
If I were you,
I'd wanna know
all about my girl.
- What?
You fucking her?
- I didn't say that.
- Alright that's enough.
That's enough.
That's enough, Dallas, come on.
Let's go.
Let it go, bro.
- You are playing with fire.
I warned you about this.
The rat's on your end.
Find him then we'll talk.
- What the fuck is this?
- It's the new plan.
- Says who?
- We don't need your permission.
- He wants another
duffel dropped here on site
at this small building.
- We're gonna send him
a bag of fucking bones.
Send him a message and we
get rid of the fucking body.
- That's it?
That's your fucking
plan that's beautiful.
You guys are playing cowboys
so you don't have to look at
the shit staring you
in the fucking face.
Somewhere along the
line someone got greedy.
Someone thinks
they deserve more.
- Yeah, did you talk to the
girl that you're fucking?
Maybe she has some insight.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What the fuck, man?
- Man, put the fucking gun away.
- I told you this has got
nothing to do with her.
- No, then why are
you hiding behind a gun?
- Everybody take
a second, alright.
The only way to beat the heat
is to stay cool, Harrison.
You taught me that.
- This is an inside job.
- Brother.
- Open your eyes, Jonesy.
Someone said something, alright.
You got nothing to lose.
And Dallas he's got
no fucking brain.
- Say that to my face.
- Fucking take it easy.
Harrison, put that
fucking gun away.
- Harrison, what if
you're wrong, huh?
What if we're not
the guy who did it?
Those guys outside they
ain't gonna stop coming.
- Yeah, you're gonna
tell us who they are
and we'll figure out
what we do after.
Easy now.
- You are so full of shit.
- Easy, Dallas.
- You don't have the balls.
- Oh yeah, try me Dallas.
- Well, then what's
the problem go ahead.
Pull the trigger motherfucker.
- I told you that this has
got nothing to do with you.
- You fuck with my
brother you fuck with me.
- Stop it.
- Bring it on.
- Nobody's shooting anyone.
- Jonesy.
- You shoot him I shoot you.
- Harrison, this
doesn't have to happen.
- Come on, Jonesy.
You know this wasn't me.
- Yeah, wasn't Mack either.
- Harrison, the gun.
- Five minutes.
- Not yet.
- You know the rules.
- It's still quiet.
- I'll give you 45 more seconds.
- You're not getting me.
We ain't fucking
going without him.
- We rise together
we fall together.
- Sometimes pigs go dark
don't use their radios.
They could be on their way.
- Not in Ohio, dude.
We're fucking fine.
- Fuck.
- This is why
you fuckers should carry phones.
- One call, one text,
take your eye off
the prize one second
and shit can slide south.
One focus.
One phone.
One number for when
the job is done.
- Fucking brilliant.
- He'll be here he'll make it.
- Stop being a fucking pussy.
- Five and a half.
- You know, Mack and I
we took 25K off our first grab.
He popped that fault
like it was a soda can.
I ain't seen anybody
move that fast.
But the driver got in his mind
that he was gonna grab
the take for himself.
He tried to shoot me.
Mack took the bullet.
So you wanna leave, leave.
Open the door and
get the fuck out.
- Hey, he's your boy.
I get that but you're
running out of time.
- Will you stop being
a fucking pussy?
We ain't fucking going
anywhere until the man says so.
- 19-9
Sarge any units there
respond at 78th Street.
- Yeah I got two
police on assignment.
The one on 98th
and 5th following
and the other one at
85 East End Avenue.
- It's time.
- Go, go now.
- No. Harrison.
We're not fucking leaving Mack.
We're not leaving him.
- Traitor.
- You're right about the body.
We're gonna have
to get rid of it.
- Fuck.
I can't do it, Mack.
- I got this, bro.
God help me.
I'm not a Catholic, father.
- Do you have a confession?
- I didn't believe in God
not until I was on the
floor in cell block A,
blood was in my eyes my
jaw was smashed sideways.
No one was coming for me.
No one.
I've seen plenty of
people beg, father
for their mothers,
for their wives,
and the only person I
called out to was God.
- Go on.
- The pain didn't go
away but the fear did.
And I made a promise.
I made a promise that
I wouldn't go back
to the way things were before.
And now I gotta break
that promise, father.
- Why?
- Family.
- Wait.
I don't know what you're facing.
But I do know God will provide.
If you ask for it,
whatever you think you
need to do you don't.
- I'm not worth it.
- None of us are.
But he's there just the same.
- I think he'll understand.
I'm not sure but
for what it's worth
and for what's about
to happen, I'm sorry.
You know, Harrison's got a point
as fucked up as it
sounds, you know.
Yeah, we've been good for what,
15 jobs or so now?
Ms. Parker's hooked us
up with all of them.
If something went wrong.
If it was Harrison,
he would've thought it through.
If it was him, he
would've been cool.
This is just sloppy.
- Yeah,
we all know Mack cares
more about cracking a safe
than what's inside of it, so
that leaves me,
you, and Ms. Parker.
- You know me, Jones.
- And you know me, brother.
I wouldn't fuck you over.
Then I wouldn't have anyone
to drink on the beach with.
- Cut the loyalty shit, Jonesy.
He blew like the wind.
Always did.
Why don't you tell your
drinking buddy, Dallas
about how many men
you left behind.
I heard it was five.
- What's he talking about, bro?
- He left Marines to die.
- You don't know what the
fuck you're talking about.
- Oh, you don't think
I checked up on you
before I pulled you
out of the gutter
for a second time, Jonesy?
Is that the drug of
choice for a patriot?
How many you take to
swallow the truth?
- Fuck you, you fucking fuck.
- Who are you to judge, huh?
Five years.
Five fucking years you
left me for those pigs.
You wanna talk
about cut and run.
You're the king of cut and run.
Burn everything, right?
Burn everything
and burn everyone.
Isn't that what you taught me?
For what?
It's never gonna be enough.
There's always gonna
be more to take.
Another job or a bigger score.
You're walking away.
You're retiring on a
beach with Cervezas.
Tell me that's
just a fucking lie.
It's a fucking lie
you tell yourself.
And you're gonna
be chasing that lie
until it fucking kills you.
- Come one relax.
Take a walk and
have a cigarette.
- Go on, Dallas.
Come on take a look.
Oh, you don't know
him like I do.
Go on take a look.
- Come on, bro.
You ready?
- Pain killers don't kill
the pain just numb it.
When they wear off
that shit's still there
like a fucking migraine
splitting your skull.
Sometimes you
can't see straight.
Sometimes you vomit.
Sometimes you close
yourself in a dark room
and you just try to wait it out.
None of it works.
Turns out that you can't
run from your past.
Who the fuck are
you to judge me?
- I get it, Jonesy.
'66 GTU.
Purred like a lion
when you kicked it on.
Candy apple red,
black stripe down the center
ripe for the picking.
I don't blame you for
trying to jack it.
- This ain't about that.
- Oh, yeah it is.
See I pulled you out
of the gutter twice,
alright twice.
And you sit there and
you talk about loyalty.
And I am tied to
a fucking chair.
Come on, Jonesy.
This is an inside job.
And we are on the outside.
Come on, Jonesy.
Come on.
Come on, Jonesy.
Come one.
- Fuck.
Where are you, motherfucker?
Jones, you fuck.
- Wow, that's a
nice toilet Carver.
Sorry about the aftermath.
- You're a tough guy hiding
hiding behind the needle.
- Are you looking for this?
I found it for you.
- Fuck, Jones.
Fuck you.
- Here's why you're
such a smart bastard.
Did you really read
all these, Carver?
- Fuck you.
- The Brothers Karamazov
This is a fucking
classic, Carver.
Yeah, buddy.
It sucks when the
shit goes down.
And all you can do is lie there
and fucking take it.
Can't move nowhere to go.
No one to help.
And there goes your rug.
- You're fucking dead
man you understand me?
- I couldn't.
You got a lot of
shit in your mouth.
- This isn't over, Jones.
- For you it is.
- I should've listened to you.
Now you're here and
it's all gone to shit.
- It's not over yet.
- Why'd you take the fall?
I don't get that.
You did five years for Harrison
but he would burn
you in a heartbeat.
- He's confused.
- No, don't that.
- No, it's true.
- Answer the question.
- Alright.
It was my fault.
- You all pulled the job.
You were all guilty.
- It was the bank, D
the bank.
The one across the street
from the auto shop.
I was stealing from the
people that took from us.
I was trying to take it back.
It was supposed to be just
the safe deposit boxes.
But once I got inside I
was obsessed with that safe
with cracking it and
setting fire to the vault.
I needed to get inside.
And I didn't care what
happened to anyone else.
Anger and hate don't die easy.
And I couldn't let that go.
So the man upstairs
he made me pay for it.
- I get it.
She was cheating on me, Macky.
I didn't tell her anything.
Whatever she did it was
because I wasn't there.
- You still got that
cash I gave you, right?
- It's stashed away.
- Okay, so what happens next?
So I'm gonna go back
and finish the job
and you're gonna go into
town and call an ambulance.
- Fuck no.
Fuck no I'm not leaving.
- Jones needs an ambulance.
- We can use Harrison's phone.
- You can't be here.
- I won't leave, Mack.
- We call an ambulance it
shows up we all go to prison.
And, let me tell you something.
Five years in a cell
fucks with your head.
Nothing left but your own
thoughts screaming the what ifs,
the should have dones.
And the only thing that
kept me sane the whole time
was knowing that you
were out here in the ring
fighting for
something different.
Me, Harrison, and Jones
we deserve what's coming.
But you, not you.
Not you.
So you take that money
and you fix that hand.
And you give it another go.
You do that.
You do that for me.
- It's complicated
I can't do that.
- It really isn't.
- Macky, I'm not leaving you.
- Can you still run
the six minute mile?
- I smoke a pack a day.
- Right, you better get going.
- Mack.
Dispatch to car 109.
- Over I thought
you'd be drunk by now.
- Short straws.
Rest of the boys
and three sheets.
Listen this is probably nothing.
But we got a call
about shots fired
at the air stripe hangar.
- It's a fucking holiday.
- It's
probably nothing, Timperman.
But we need someone
to check it out.
- Yo, Jonesy.
- Where's your brother?
- He's gone.
- Hey, Mack
you know the worst
part of the job
walking away after it's done.
Yeah, you gotta wash your hands,
burn the clothes,
walk down the street
like nothing happened.
No one knows what you've done.
I like to walk past the bank.
Key a cop car
while the cops are
inside trying to find us.
One last fuck you
before I hop on a plane
and head out of town.
And that's what this is, Mack
one last fuck you.
- You just left him?
You left him at the bank.
You left him in prison to rot.
You're just fucking
leaving him now
Man this isn't us.
We're getting through this.
- Alright, let me tell you
how this is gonna go down.
Me and my hostage we're
gonna take your car
and drive away or I'm gonna
put a bullet in his head.
- Relax no one has to die here.
- Who the fuck are you?
You think you can talk me down?
We walk or he dies.
I'm taking one of you with me.
- Stay where you are.
- What are you doing?
- We rise together.
We fall together.
- Jonesy.
- No one gets left behind.
Not this time.
- Drop your weapon.
- Drop your weapon.
- Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Timperman, are you okay?
- I thought
you weren't interested.
- Changed my mind.
- Tell me why.
- It's for family.
- You don't have any.
- Not that you know of.
After this they can walk away.
And all the shit everything
I put them through
will be a distant memory and
they can put it behind them.
Give us the job.
- It's yours.
- Thank you.
Someday soon, Sarah,
it'll be just you and me.
We'll find a place in
wine country by the sea
and just drink red wine and
and I'll just look
at you all day long,
all day long.
- Hello?
- Hey, baby.
- Hey, thank god.
- Do you love me?
- Where the hell are you?
- Answer the question.
- Of course I do.
Baby, what's happening?
- I need to know.
I need to know about that
guy that you've been calling
the guy you've been seeing.
'Cause if you love me you
wouldn't lie to me right?
- D, please.
- Please, what?
- Please tell me
you're gonna understand
when I tell you this.
- Who is he please?
- I thought
something was going down.
You weren't coming home.
You weren't talking to me.
- So what you started
fucking somebody?
- No, alright listen.
There was money in the bank
but you weren't working.
And I thought you were
working with Harrison.
So I had to do something.
- Fuck Gracie fuck.
- See it was for
you, you gotta understand.
- Well, tell me who
he is what's his name?
- He's a private detective.
- You had me followed?
Goddamn it.
- D.
- God.
- Baby, no.
- Did you know?
- Know what?
- About the bank, the money
the fucking money did you know?
- What bank
are you talking about?
- Jesus Christ don't lie to me.
- I'm not lying to you.
I don't know all I know is
that he was tailing you.
That's it.
Baby, please you
gotta understand.
Please, you gotta understand.
I did it for you.
- There's 50K in my
gym bag in the closet.
- Oh, please, baby.
- I'll call when I can.
- Please I love you.
- Fuck.
- Bad day, huh?
You fucks are something.
I take one duffel.
I shoot a guy.
And then you give
me a second duffel.
How you guys pulled off this
job while being that dumb
I will never know.
Now where are the last bags?
- You killed them.
- Where are the duffel's?
- I'll show you.
- You'll tell me.
- How long you
think you got, huh?
More cops will be coming.
- It's not them that
you have to worry about.
- You untie me or
you find it yourself.
- They thought it was you.
Oh, you sad sorry
bunch of fucks.
- I tell you what
I'll make you a deal?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'll give you a duffel
for your wallet.
- Keep moving.
- Can you help me out here, huh?
- All of it.
- Now how 'bout that wallet?
- So you're the funny one?
On your knees.
You see the sad thing is
is that when I started
following you guys
I wanted to see you
get away with it.
But your brother
he's a real fuck.
- You know my brother?
- Not really. No.
- Fuck.
Oh, yeah now I see
it on your face.
Yeah, he's been there.
You should stop
while you're ahead.
Now that was just a tap.
- Hey,
how does it feel, huh
to be this close to
getting away with it
and then to get here and
to see it all go to shit?
You see that plane sitting
there just laughing at you.
How does it feel?
- You tell me.
Sorry, my friend.
- What the fuck happened?
- You know I used to
play chess with my dad
when he wasn't drunk not to win
but to keep him at the board,
stay alive as long as possible,
play for the dead
draw, game no one wins.
Because, when it was
over that's when he would
pick up the bottle
and start hitting.
That's you now because
that woman you stole from,
it's only a matter of time
'til she ends the game.
So you're gonna start running.
And she's gonna start hunting.
Might take a week,
might take a year but
she will find you.
Come on.
- Give me a second.
- Keep him alive.
- Are you okay?
- It's Mack.
- I told him not to trust you.
- Someone followed us.
- And the damage?
- Jones and Harrison
are both dead.
- Who was the rat?
- Some private eye he
was tailing one of us.
- You have him?
- No, he got away
but he won't get far.
His name is Scott Jackson
from Chicago, 222 West Huron.
He's carrying a duffel.
Inside that duffel you'll
find the pilot that he killed.
- I'll make a few calls.
- I left your take in the
hangar, yours and Harrison's.
It's in a cardboard
box in an air vent.
Once the heat blows
over it's yours.
- Mack, tell me how.
- He died so we could get away.
- Of course he did.
- He loved you, you know.
- I know.
- I'm sorry.
- So what happens next?
- We get back in the ring.
You got a smoke?
- I'm out.
- Fuck.
Man it sure feels good
What you running from
What you running from
Hey freedom ain't
what you thought it'd be
Freedom ain't what
you thought it'd be
Oh today the lie won't spill
Oh today the lie won't spill
Thought you'd
be the holy water
Could've been the
lamb to the slaughter
Used to serve
him tightly highly
All alone in the
side car riding
He gone call it
It's all in as
long as you can ride
Oh today the lie won't spill
Oh today the lie won't spill
He gone call it
It's all in as
long as you can ride
Oh today the lie won't spill
Oh today the lie won't spill