Dead Dudes in the House (1989) Movie Script

- Three and a half
hours in that car.
We could have left earlier, now
it's almost night.
Will you stop complaining.
Geez, what a great trip.
This way we're here
bright and early,
ready to go to work tomorrow.
- Why doesn't that sound
appealing to me?
- Hey man, you really put a down
payment on this thing.
It's just a fix it up.
Besides they
practically gave it away.
- Yeah maybe there's a
reason for that.
- I don't think it
looks that bad.
Yeah I love old houses.
They make me feel like I'm
in another time.
- Everybody I think
it's a smart move.
Hey, Steve thinks it's
a smart move.
Well if you think it's a
smart move Steve,
then we all know it's
definitely a bad move.
- Are you guys gonna
start already?
- Just replace some boards
and some windows
and give it a nice paint job,
and it'll look great.
Oh it's that easy huh?
- Hey Mark I think you
made a good choice.
Place looks like it has a
lot of potential.
- Well come on, let's
take a look around.
- Hey Mark, you could put a
vegetable garden over here.
No, no, he doesn't want to spend
any more money than he has to.
- How much could a stupid
vegetable garden be?
- You want vegetables, honey,
you've got it.
Hey, yo, come here you guys.
Check this out.
What is it?
I don't know.
I think an old tombstone.
There's no date on it. -
That's creepy.
What's it say?
Abigail Leatherby, surviving
is one daughter Ann,
may her soul be placed in
peaceful hands.
- Well let's clear the
garbage out now.
God man.
What're you?
What the Hell'd you do that for?
- Yeah you idiot, you should have
just left it alone.
- Bob, if it bothered
you so much we
could have just covered it
up with something.
- Hey what's the
big deal anyway?
It was just a stupid old rock.
You should have some respect.
You really shouldn't
have touched it.
- Sometimes you are such a creep,
Maybe you won't grow up, man.
Yeah right.
Hey guys look at this.
What is it?
It looks like a noose.
Hmm, it's up there pretty good.
Looks a little used.
Hey it's all ready to use.
Any volunteers?
I volunteer you.
- What's the matter, man,
no quick comeback.
Hey, Shut up, man. - Hey.
- Now where do you
suppose it came from?
- Ah, it's probably just some
kids messing around.
Yeah most likely is right.
Maybe not.
- Yeah, where else would it
have come from?
You never know. - Yeah right.
I'd hate to die by hanging.
Okay, let's, let's cut it down.
- Guys let's do it later,
it's getting late.
Let's start get started
on the house.
- I wonder what the
inside looks like?
- If it looks anything
like the outside,
it's gonna take years to fix up.
Well I think I need my first beer.
- We haven't even
started working yet.
- Hey, I got a have one,
all right?
You want open up the cooler.
- Well we didn't bring
any beer anyway.
I'm sorry, I guess I
should've bought some.
You're putting me on.
You got to have beer.
- They're not
putting you on,
they didn't bring any.
- Don't you know that a
carpenters tools
are his hammer, nails, and beer.
Here, Joey, go to the
place we passed
a few miles back and get a case,
all right?
- Hey, yo, Big Time,
this isn't enough.
- Why don't you just give
it up for one day.
- I have to have it to work,
all right?
Here, man, let me try.
Let me try.
It'll go, it'll go.
- Do you mind if I try? -
Don't worry, I got it.
I think you might break it.
Why don't you just
give me the key.
Let the pro do it, okay.
- Let's see, these old
doors always stick.
That used to happen
with our door
downstairs all the time.
- Maybe it's trying to tell
you people something.
- No, you just have to
treat it gently.
- What a dump. - This
place is a mess.
What, it's not that bad.
Besides the lady said
some guy bought it
a while back and started fixing
up, so we're halfway there.
What happened to him?
She didn't say, he just left.
- It really looks a lot
worse than it is.
You just got to take it
room by room.
Before you know it,
it'll look great.
- That's a nice rug, I wonder
if it's an antique.
- Mark, this place is gonna
cost a fortune.
- I never said it was in
the best condition.
Forget about it.
I can tell you right now
this place is shot.
A real optimistic attitude.
Do you have to smoke?
- I always smoke a cigarette
before a big job.
It's a ritual with me.
- So
where do we start?
Hey knock it off.
Hey, you want to knock it off?
" Me'?
Yeah, Steve.
The whistling?
Yeah, the whistling.
It's only whistling.
It's bothering me.
- How can that whistling
be bothering you.
- Because it's annoying and I
don't like it, so cut it out.
Hey can you get the
other two sawhorses
out of the truck for me? - Yeah,
sure, no problem.
Hey Steve, Jamie, wanna
give me a hand?
- You know, Mark, there
should be a cheaper way
to make this house look good.
Yeah, I've got some great ideas.
- Man you shouldn't make such a
big deal out of nothing.
The guy was only whistling.
- Do we have to keep
talking about it.
I just didn't feel
like hearing it.
I'm sure there's been times when
somebody whistling
a stupid song would annoy you too.
Not yet, no.
- Yeah well, let's not
talk about it
and get started, all right?
Come on, damn it. -
Could I see that?
Thanks. - You're welcome.
- Hey, Bob, where's the
plug for this?
- It doesn't need a plug, it
runs on batteries.
If it needed a plug it
wouldn't work.
I doubt this house has
any power at all.
- Yes it does, a light is
on over there.
Well maybe it does.
- Do you know how to
use that thing?
Not really.
Here, let me show you. - Thanks.
- Hey, Bob, where do
you want these.
- You can just set
those over there.
Place looks better already, huh?
- Yeah, I'll really start to work
when I get my beer.
- These things are heavier
than they look.
Hey, man, I thought you told me
this place doesn't electric?
That's right, it doesn't.
- Well tell that to the
light over there.
- Hmm, some wires must have moved
around or something.
- I've got an electrician
coming tomorrow.
He'll take care of
the whole thing.
- It's my brother, he
works very fast.
He's going to rewire
the whole place.
Yeah, I hope he does a good job.
There's a lot of
idiot electricians
running around out there.
No he's one of the best.
Oh fantastic.
What the Hell happened?
Did anybody see what happened?
No we were just standing here.
Great, just great.
How'd she get in here?
- She probably busted a
lock on the back door.
Can we help you?
- If she doesn't stop
staring at us,
I'm gonna go over there
and smack her.
- Excuse me, ma'am, I don't
know who you are
or how you got in here but I'm
afraid gonna have to leave.
She is creepy looking.
Why doesn't she speak.
- Ah, she probably can't
hear us too well.
Hey, lady, you're not
supposed to be in here.
You have to get out,
you understand?
See, simple as that.
I'm gonna make sure she leaves.
- Hey, do you want me
to go with you?
- No, no, you stay here,
I'll be back in a second.
I don't believe this.
- Here let me give you a
hand picking them up.
No, just leave get them.
I'll get 'em in a
couple of minutes.
I need some fresh air in here.
It figures.
I'll get it.
Oh, you can do it better?
- You just have to put pressure on
the door while you turn.
Yeah, it's working great.
I guess I must just be
a real idiot.
It's really stuck.
- Yeah, there must be
another door.
- What's going on? - Well,
Bob and I
are going to check for
another door.
Bob needs his fresh air. - You got
a problem with that?
Mark. - What?
Did you find her? - Not yet.
Let me try. - Another pro.
Oh, give yourself a break, Bob.
Oh that's what I forgot to do,
bang my fists against the door.
Shut up.
Come on, it can't be this stuck.
Mind if I try?
Sometimes if you're real gentle,
it'll go.
- Oh and that will work?
- I can try.
Sure go ahead. - Thanks.
Mark. - What?
The back door is stuck.
- I'll be
there in a second.
- Well did you find
the old lady yet?
- Well just forget it, she's
probably gone already anyway.
- Sorry, I tried. - A
valiant effort.
- Hey, wait a minute. - You
know how to open it?
- Yeah you try, you got
the magic fingers.
Sure, I'll give it a shot.
- He'll get it, he's got a
perfect record today.
Hey, it clicked.
Open it - Come on, it clicked.
Even the man with the magic
fingers can't get it.
- Yeah, well I guess he
can't get everyone.
Mark. - What now?
Will you come down here?
We can't get this door open. -
I'll be right down.
- Just forget about the old
lady and come on.
On top of all this he has to start
with his stupid little jokes.
- I'll get this
damn door open.
How? - Toolbox.
Stop fooling around.
Mark, please answer me, you're
making me nervous.
- I know about
your boyfriend.
What about my boyfriend?
He's dead. - What do you mean?
I should know, I killed him.
Quite gruesome actually.
He was kicking and screaming
for such a long time.
But now it's over.
I don't believe you.
- Where do you think all
that blood came from.
It's your boyfriend's blood.
- What are you gonna do now,
kill me?
- You know I could kill
you with this.
Now move.
Hello, darling.
Where have you been?
Oh my God, what happened to you?
- What are you doing? - You
look like Mark.
That's right it's me.
- I've been looking all
over for you.
- Better call the police and
have her arrested.
Now answer my question,
what are you doing?
I'm leaving. - Leaving?
What do you mean you're leaving.
- I'm leaving I'm getting
out this place.
- What makes you think you
can just leave?
Where are you going, huh?
Are you going to the mall, huh,
Gonna do a little shopping?
That's good we need, we
need knickknacks.
Lots of knickknacks.
Maybe some some doilies even,
that would be nice.
You always were good at spending
someone else's money weren't ya?
Having no responsibility at all.
What about my responsibilities,
huh, dearest snookums?
But I guess you just don't
understand, do you?
Yes, I do understand.
- No you don't that's the point,
you don't understand.
I often wondered what goes on
inside your head,
and now I'm gonna find out.
I'm gonna take that piece of wood
and bash your skull in and
really have a look-see.
- Please, Mark, I just want to
leave, so leave me alone.
- No one is leaving here until we
get done fixing it.
That means me, you, and
everyone else downstairs.
Do you understand?
What happened?
What's it look like, nothing.
That drill did not work?
- It's like drilling into lead,
it's impossible.
Well what about a bigger drill.
This is the biggest drill I got.
If this isn't gonna work,
nothing will.
- I think it's time to
forget about the door.
- Hey, you can forget
about the door.
I'm not gonna be beat by some
stupid door that's stuck.
I'm gonna do what we should have
done a long time ago.
I'm gonna ax that bitch down.
- That's good, you almost
got me that time.
- I'm telling you for the last
time, I'm leaving.
Leave this?
Why would you ever want to leave
a beautiful setup like this for?
Give me the wood. - No.
Okay then, let's talk. - Talk.
I don't think so.
- I think you should
give me the wood.
We can sit down and talk about it.
Come on, we'll have a nice
friendly little chat.
Well if you're not gonna
give it to me,
I'm just gonna have to
take it from you.
Well come on, take it then.
Ooh, feisty huh?
Come on, give me the wood.
Where's my damn ax.
- Look, I'm going to stay in
here and wait for Mark.
- Listen, why don't we
just open a window.
Yes, the windows.
Is it gonna open?
It's just a lock.
This window is stuck too.
What? - Hold on.
This is gonna be a lot
easier than the door.
Come on God damn it.
Hold it, hold on.
You hear that noise?
- Yeah, it sounds like it's
coming from outside.
Don't go up there. - Jamie.
Where's Mark, where is he?
He's dead.
- What the Hell are you
talking about?
- The old lady that was down here
before, she killed him.
Where is he? - Upstairs.
You're full of shit.
I saw him, he's dead.
The old lady told me that
she killed him.
I don't know what she did to him,
but he tried to get me.
Where's the old lady now?
I don't know.
Well you're the man with all
the bright ideas.
What do we do now?
- Joe should be back from getting
your beer any minute.
When he sees all the
shutters are closed
and he can't get in he'll know
something's wrong.
Then he better go for help.
- Hey, Bobby, open up, man,
it's beer here.
Hey, come on man, open up.
Hey, Ron, it's me Joey.
Hey Bobby, I'm gonna drink this
beer all myself man.
We better play it safe.
What are you doing?
Hey, nobody's coming near me.
If I were you I'd get
something sharp out
of this toolbox or that
one over there.
See, now she's got a nice club.
You better get something good.
All right, let's take a look.
Now this, this is the sort
of thing you need.
- What kind of a
carpenters tool is that?
- It's not, I just carry it around
in case of emergencies.
Have you ever used it?
- No, I haven't had
the opportunity.
It's beautiful though, isn't it?
- Yeah, let's just hope we
don't have to use it.
- I'd hate to be on the
receiving end of that.
- Man, you're never gonna smash
anybody's skull with this.
Now this.
This could cause some
serious brain damage.
Hey, you guys in there or what?
Okay, I'm going home.
- Hand me that
blade over there.
This thing? - Yes.
- Now now hand me
those screws.
Here palm this, see how it feels.
- I don't know, feels good.
- Great.
Now give me a couple of minutes.
When I get done with this,
you won't have anything
to be scared of.
What the Hell am I doing here?
Bobby come here quick, I mean it!
Bobby, I'm serious, get
over here quick!
I'm not playing around.
Hey, listen, give me a
hand would you?
- Come on, I'm not
playing games here.
Give me a hand.
- What are you nuts or something,
I'm gonna fall.
- Where do we start? - We
don't have to start.
She'll find us.
Hey, I'm going first.
Wanna check the closets, man?
- Okay.
- I don't think
she's in here.
- Nothing here. - We
have to check.
Steve, don't leave me.
- Steve it won't open. - Move
away, let me try.
Let's hit it, Steve stand back.
What's happening?
- Keep away from the door.
- Steve.
What, try from your side.
Try to break it down.
All right, stand back.
I'm going again.
It's not going to work.
Linda? - Yes.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. - Steve.
What? - Listen to me.
Go ahead.
- We're not gonna get
out of this room.
You go through this house till you
find that old lady.
I found her. - What?
- She's right here, the old
lady's right next to me.
Where? - Kill her.
She's 10 feet away from me.
Steve be careful.
ls she holding
anything in her hand,
a knife or anything? - No, no.
- Well you know what to do
man, just get her.
She's leaving. - Kill her.
Steve don't go.
Don't go near her. - Shut up.
If he doesn't kill her
we're all gonna die.
Don't go. - Shut up.
- She's coming back
toward me again.
- When she gets close
enough, stick her.
Make sure she's dead.
Come on. - What?
It's your turn.
What are you talking about?
It's you're turn. - Steve?
What? - Where is she?
She's walking away.
Well go after a man, now.
She's going toward the stairs.
Go damn it.
L'm going.
Get her. - Kill her.
- Hey Steve, how's the real world,
What's the matter, don't
you recognize me?
It must be this big
pole in my chest.
Wait a minute.
Now that's a pole.
Yeah, now you got it.
Are you dead?
- Ooh, you're quick, Steve,
you're real quick.
Listen I gotta get going.
No, please wait.
Tell me how did she get you?
Just tell me how to
get out of here.
You can't man.
It's, it's over.
You see you're next.
You won the lottery, Jackson.
What are you talking about?
- She's gonna get you man and it's
gonna hurt real bad.
- Joey, wait, wait,
please wait a second.
You'll see me again real soon.
- No wait a second please,
come back.
Joey wait.
Aren't you going to use it?
Stay away from me.
I don't want to hurt you but I
will if I have to.
Look stop coming toward me.
I'm not kidding.
I'm gonna have to use this.
I'll use it.
Stay away.
This is the last time I'm gonna
tell you stay back.
What the Hell's wrong with you?
Do you hear that screaming?
Oh my God, that's Steve.
- It's coming
from downstairs.
We gotta get outta here.
- Linda, we'll just keep
trying until we get out.
Let me try.
- Hey wait a minute, wait a
minute, wait a minute.
The screams stop.
It clicked.
If it opens, open it slow.
We'll find her.
God, let's hope not.
- What the Hell are you
talking about?
We're gonna find her and kill her.
Look at the floor.
There are four holes in the floor.
She must have had him pinned down.
So what the Hell does that mean?
- That means I don't want to
meet what did that.
You better not be serious.
I am serious.
Look our best bet is to
avoid that thing,
and sooner or later
someone's gonna come by
here and help us.
- The only help we're gonna
get is ourselves.
We have to find her and we
have to kill her.
- What makes you think that
you can kill her?
Is she okay?
Yeah. - Come on.
- I got it, let's go over
to the Leatherby house.
I don't want to.
I heard stories about that place.
- You think there's
ghosts in that house.
- I believe
Mark Stalworth.
What did he say?
- He said that there
are ghosts in that house.
He saw one.
- And you believe
that bullshit.
- Stalworth
doesn't bullshit.
- Well I'm not laying
around here all night.
I'm going over there.
I'm leaving.
Okay, be careful.
- If you were a real, true,
loyal friend you'd go.
I mean if you, if you really
believe in ghosts,
and you really are my friend,
you wouldn't let me go in that
house alone, would ya?
See you later.
Thanks a lot.
You'll never get it.
See I told you it
ain't gonna work.
Hey, maybe we can use this rope.
Look at this stuff over here.
- Oh are you gonna look at a
bunch of stupid stuff
or are we trying to
get out of here?
It's an article.
It's about the house.
What about the house?
Oh my God. - What's it say?
- The Leatherby house
today was once again
placed on the market.
The house which has been on
and off the market
for over 18 years has been
placed in the hands
of Show, Buy, and realtor's and is
owned by Franklin Olsen
brother of original owner
Abigail Leatherby.
Mrs. Leatherby was
attacked in her home
by a man who entered through an
unlocked front door.
The man stabbed her 37 times, 12
times in the neck.
Miraculously Mrs. Leatherby lived.
She was placed under strict
physical and mental therapy
at Mount Rainside Hospital.
After eight months, she
returned home
and was reunited with
her daughter.
Nine days later she was arrested
for the murder of Carl Hinman,
a neighbor who had visited her
to wish her well.
She stabbed Mr. Hinman
exactly 37 times,
12 times in the neck.
Mrs. Leatherby died four days
later of a heart attack.
Two days after she was buried in
Three Oak Cemetery,
her daughter, Ann,
dug up her grave
and buried her in the
backyard of their house.
The same night she hung herself
from a tree near the grave.
That's what the noose was for.
And the tombstone.
Hey I found a way in, come here.
We just have to break
these chains.
I can't believe you.
Look, I'll go in alone.
Forget it, you can wait out here.
All right, you broke it.
I knew you wouldn't let me down.
Why am I friends with you?
I'm a great gUY-
We'll just try all these rooms.
- Yeah, and what
happens when we see her?
- We'll just deal with that
when the time comes.
Steve, is it really you?
Of course it is.
Come over here, Linda.
Steve come out in the hall.
I can't. - Why?
I'm hurt.
The old lady hurt me.
Oh no, are you hurt bad?
Yeah, I'm hurt real bad.
I can't get up.
I'm so glad you're all right.
We saw the room with the blood.
I'm not done-
Of course I'm all right.
She had somebody else in the room.
What happened to you?
I just barely got out.
She almost had me, but I cut
her up pretty good
with the knife Bob made me.
Where she now, do you know?
Yeah, I know.
I know exactly where she is,
and I know how to get out of here.
" How?
First, we go to the others.
We tell them and we'll get
out of here alive.
- They're down the hall
I'll get them.
You stay here and I'll
be right back.
No, wait. - What is it?
You can't go yet.
What's the matter.
Just hold me one more time.
Sure, sure.
Thank you, thank you.
You've always been so good to me.
You're welcomes, Steve.
I know, I know we're
gonna make it.
You've always been so kind.
So supportive.
So nice.
What's so funny Steve?
Hey man, it's open.
All right, all right.
Come on, keep it going, man.
Yeah, get it up there.
All right, all right, tie a
rope up over there.
Tie it up, man, come on.
Hey, wait a minute.
Where's Linda?
- We're taking her with us. -
Maybe, remember Mark.
She's not. - She is.
We have to see.
- Linda, are
you all right?
I'm perfectly fine, why?
- We found a way out,
we're leaving.
Oh good.
Well let's go.
Come on Linda now.
Actually I'd rather stay.
- Come on, come on, get
the rope man.
Tie it to the door over there.
Come on, hurry up.
Hurry up, man.
All right, all right,
this should do it.
All right, now when I get down
I want both of you to follow down
behind me, all right?
Don't even wait until I
hit the ground,
just follow behind me, okay?
Okay. - All right, let's go
What the Hell's the matter?
I hear a creaking noise.
- We've been hearing
them all night.
Doesn't matter, let's just move.
- Oh my God, get him out
of the window.
God, I hate this house.
Where are we going?
- Let's go check out
some of these rooms.
Hey, do you hear that humming?
- Yeah, where's
it coming from?
- I think it's coming from
this room over here.
- What do you
think you're doing?
If you want to watch,
why don't you just come in
and close the door.
Come on don't be scared.
You can come closer.
Isn't the view better now.
We weren't watching really.
I think you were watching me.
- Can I ask
you a question?
- Why are you
getting undressed
in this room in this house.
- I always get undressed
before I go to bed.
Where are you going to bed?
It's just the wind.
I'm going to bed in this room.
What are you two doing here?
We just came to look around.
- I guess you haven't
seen my mother yet.
Your mother?
- Yes, she's around
here somewhere.
I'm surprised you made it all
the way to my room.
What are you talking about?
- It usually doesn't take her
long to kill people.
That's not funny.
He's dead.
Rick your alive.
No, I'm dead, take a look.
Stay here, okay?
Who are you?
What happened?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
The lady was just in here, I
tried to hold her off
as long as I could but she left.
She heard you running.
Let me help you up.
Can you walk okay?
Yeah, I think so.
Just lead the way.
- Listen there's
somebody else in here.
I don't know who or what he is but
just stay close, okay?
Let's just get out of this room.
You okay. - Yeah, I'm fine.
Just go.
You sure? - Just go.
No man stop.
Come on she tried to kill you.
She tried to stab you, come on.
Look at the scissors,
look at the blood.
Come on I'm telling you the truth.
Come on.
Is there anybody else
here with you.
- There were six others, I'm
the only one left.
So am I.
- You have any idea how to
get out of here?
We've been trying.
Ronald, come on out.
I want to play.
I'm bored and I'm lonely.
Ronald, I know you're in there,
I can hear you, come on, Ronald.
Come on, I just, I just, I just
want to talk to you, I do.
And then kill you.
Come on, come on you wussy.
Come on.
Oh Ronald, just come out
because you're,
you're breaking up the old gang.
Come on.
It's party time.
I'm getting bored.
Guess the party's over.
Damn it.
- First, I found this dug deeply
into Steve's skull,
and I think that's beautiful.
Second, I want to show you
assholes something.
She's a primo, ain't she?
He didn't feel a thing.
But you will.
It's time to go.
May as well stop, there's
no place to run.
Whose lights gonna be next, huh?
I can't get in, Ron.
Who's your little friend, Ron?
Come on, Ron, come on.
Okay, okay.
Ow, my guts.
You son of a...