Dead End Drive-In (1986) Movie Script

Woo! Come on.
Come on, little doggy.
Get that!
You're a useless little...
Useless! Useless!
Woo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!
See you later.
Come on, boys.
Hey, fuck arse, want to sell your shoes?
Do you want a fight?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
I want your fucking shoes!
Let's go!
Let's go! Go, go!
Let's go! Go!
See you Thursday.
- Hey, Mum.
- Jimmy, darling.
- You ran again.
- What's for dinner?
Spaghetti. Naughty boy!
- Good day, Frank.
- Hey, Jimmy.
- Going out tonight?
- What do you think?
- You're going out tonight.
- I'm not taking you.
I wasn't going to ask.
What are you doing? Seeing that chick?
Carmen? No, not tonight.
Fuck it, I'm strong enough.
Thanks, mate.
- Fucking West Indies done us again.
- Yeah, I heard.
- Do you want a beer?
- No, I'm going to finish my workout.
It won't do you any good.
I'm not taking you on the track. That's it.
You're not big enough.
Thanks, Frank.
Detroit in the United States
was last night the scene
of widespread looting
in the wake of riots
caused by food shortages.
Hundreds of national guardsmen
fought pitched battles
with organised gangs of looters,
many of whom carried
stolen automatic weapons.
- Give yourself a gut ache.
- I'm building up.
You're small, Jimmy.
You're small like your papa.
Why you not realise?
I'm building up.
You're never going to be like Frank.
He's big. He's strong. You're small.
I can be big. I'm building up.
You run, you lift, you eat...
But you're small.
You done already, Frank?
It's 6:40, shift starts at 7:00.
See you, Mamma.
Frank, listen, I don't want you
to take me on the shift. I'm not asking.
I just want a lift down the takeaway.
What you want to go down the
takeaway for? You just had dinner.
Something to do.
- Can I take the Chevy?
- Stuff that.
- Can I have it later in the week?
- I don't know. I have to think about it.
Come on, get in.
Oh, great! Thanks, Frank.
Bloody Carboys again, eh?
I don't know why you want to go on
the tracks, Jimmy. You've got a good job.
- Driving a shit heap minivan?
- Think yourself lucky, mate.
I spend my time fighting with Carboys
and arguing with cops.
- But you still get...
- Think the money's good?
It is if you get there first.
Fuck all if you don't.
Hello, this is control. Come in please.
Got you. Go!
Corner of William and Memorial. A triple.
I'm there.
Go for it.
Let's go!
I should have dropped you off
at the corner, Jimmy.
Don't worry about me.
Allied Panel, I'd like to claim all three.
First on scene.
Marcus came at the same time.
You'll have to share.
Shit, you know I bloody well
came first. I'm claiming all three.
First on the scene, Chief,
claiming all three.
- Pull your head in, Turkey.
- You talking to me?
I've been here a fortnight.
Stay healthy, pal. Piss off.
Piss off, yourself.
I'm taking the cars, OK?
Shut up, the pair of you,
or I'll book you for obstruction.
All right, let's cut through
the bullshit, shall we?
We do our usual deal?
Our usual deal, bullshit.
I've been paying him off for months.
You can pay him all the money
you like but I'm taking the car.
- The deal is not I'm taking the cars.
- Move down...
Don't tell me to back off!
I'll kick your fucking teeth in.
They're my cars!
Quick, Jimmy, get us the wrench!
- You going to do anything about them?
- That's your problem.
Come on, Jimmy, quick! Quick!
Get out of here, scum.
Right, who's next?
If they come near you,
shoot 'em in the gut.
Get out of here!
I'm warning you! I'll use it! I'll do it!
Get back! Get out of here!
Yeah, these are our cars. Piss off!
Sign here. Thanks, pal.
Hey, I'm getting wet in here.
Shut up, animal!
Get back!
Get back, or I'll bloody do it!
Piss off!
Over here.
- Fellas, give us some room.
- We'll pick it up at the ambulance.
Frank Versini, Allied Panel. It's a bad one.
Any idea how many victims?
Yeah, five Roger.
Three not looking too good.
Looking at that wreckage
it's a miracle everybody wasn't killed.
- That's right.
- It's a mass of twisted steel.
- Any idea how it happened?
- Booze I'd reckon.
A busy start to the night
and a tragic one.
Yeah, that's right, Roger.
Now we've got work to do.
OK, thanks very much.
The grim details
of yet another road fatality.
Roger McManus, Nightbeat News.
...crime. And there's been
a dramatic improvement
in the fight against violent crime.
The security minister,
Mr Marshall said today.
Over 2,000 more police
have been recruited,
and patrols have been stepped up
throughout the metropolitan area.
A contributing factor
to the better crime climate
was the reduction in unemployment
figures, Mr Marshall said.
Come on. Come on!
What are you doing? Get off me!
Take that, you bastard!
Get out of it! Get out of it!
Woo-hoo-hoo! Arriba!
Wow, check it out!
What picture are we seeing?
- That's not what you came for, is it?
- Oh, cheeky bugger!
Two adults.
Two unemployed, thanks.
Enjoy yourselves.
Dirty old man!
- Not here.
- Why not?
- Police.
- Yeah, so?
- So, Mum's still looking for me.
- So?
- I'm on all the lists.
- All right.
Getting scared?
What of, you?
These places are supposed to be dangerous.
Dangerous? No, they're just rumours.
You reckon?
Anyway, you're safe in my hands.
Shut your eyes. Go on. Shut 'em.
Open, open!
Thank you.
Oh, shit!
Oh, wow!
Where did you get these boots?
Off Frank! Swapped him
a carton of Marlboro for 'em.
They come off a bike
that went under the truck.
You're not wearing his false teeth
as well are you?
- Do you like them?
- Mm.
Shit! Shit!
- What's going on?
- God, what was that?
- Quickly, get me my clothes.
- Hang on! Hang on!
The car, God!
Don't go out there.
- The wheels!
- What?
- Shit, shit, shit, shit. Give me my boots.
- What?
- Frank will bloody kill me.
- What is it?
I don't believe this! Give us the boot.
Jesus... Hey! Hey you!
Hey! Did you see who took me wheels?
- Piss off!
- Piss off yourself!
Give us the wrench, quick, quick!
Hey, you!
- Guess who took the wheels?
- Carboys?
- No, it wasn't. Put your clothes on.
- Don't get cranky with me, Jimmy.
- I never took your wheels.
- I never said you did.
If it wasn't Carboys,
who did take them then?
- You don't know who took them?
- Of course not. That's why I'm asking.
The cops took them. The cops!
Oh, my God.
What are we gonna do?
Let's eat.
Oh, God.
- Come on. Forget the bloody film.
- I have to see the end!
Hurry up!
I want to report a theft.
- Is that right?
- Yeah, that's right.
- Two wheels off my car!
- Only two? You were lucky.
Lucky? How am I supposed to get home?
- You can't.
- What do you mean, "can't"?
You can't.
You mean we'll have to stop here,
all night?
Well, not so bad is it?
Listen, pal. I want something done.
My wheels have been stolen
in this drive-in.
And you'll be stopping here the night.
You want a blanket issue?
- What?
- A blanket issue?
- No, thanks. We've got some.
- OK.
Well, come back in the morning
and I'll sort something out for you.
Aren't you going to make a report?
Hey, mister!
Aren't you even going to write it down?
I know who took them.
In the morning.
Now, two wheels, wasn't it?
- Yeah, that's right.
- Hm.
- Have a comfortable night?
- It was OK, I suppose.
Good. My name's Thompson, by the way.
Right. Make of vehicle?
I know who took them.
- Me wheels?
- Make of vehicle?
'56 Chevy.
- Your name, son?
- Rossini.
James Antonio.
Your name, my little petal?
- Little petal?
- What do you need her name for?
- Name, dear.
- Nicholson.
Carmen Marie.
Would you like me to notify
your mum and dad?
No! No, thanks.
Is this vehicle yours?
No, not exactly.
You want me to notify the owner then?
No, no, forget it. It's OK.
Your decision.
Now, these are your meal tickets.
You spend them
at the Ezy Eat-in diner over there.
You'll each be allocated 30 bucks a week.
If that run's out,
well, that's your problem.
Can you get banana fritters
at the restaurant?
- Sure you don't want a blanket issue?
- Wait a second.
What the fuck's going on?
What do we want meal tickets for
or blankets? We're leaving, today.
- Right now.
- Oh, yeah? How?
- How? We get a bus.
- There aren't any buses.
- We could hitch a lift on the S road.
- Bugger that! I'll call a cab.
- Where's the phone?
- I'm not getting through to you, am I?
There are no cabs, no buses, no transport.
It's just the S road.
You can't walk on an S road,
can you? It's illegal.
Three months mandatory detention.
No excuses.
You know that. So, you're here.
Until the government decides
what to do with you.
If I can't get out,
how can I get new wheels?
I don't like it any more than you do, son.
I've got 193 other people in here,
just like you.
Until the bloody government sends
some transport, I'm stuck with 'em.
We're all stuck. Got it?
I hope you'll be comfortable.
I try to do my best for everyone.
Look... Forget it. Come on. Let's go.
There are quite a few people here,
aren't there?
I'm glad I didn't give him Frank's name.
Christ knows what Frank would do
if he found out the Chevy's in a drive-in.
He'd fucking kill me!
- We go to the restaurant. I'm hungry!
- We're not stopping here.
As soon as I get wheels we're out.
We're gone.
Yeah. Let's eat.
See? Look at this place.
I'm not eating here.
- Yes, love?
- I'll have two banana fritters please.
Only at night, banana fritters, love
when the pictures are showing.
- Great.
- How about a nice egg burger?
I hate eggs.
An Ezy Burger Special then.
That's real nice.
With beetroot and lettuce and onions.
I'll have a strawberry sundae,
a strawberry thickshake and a Coke.
For breakfast?
Who are you, me mother?
And for your hubby?
- I'm not a hubby!
- But you are together, aren't you?
Er, orange juice, Ezy C-Burger.
We don't do orange juice, love.
Lemonade, Fanta, Pepsi.
And thickshakes...
chocolate, strawberry, vanilla.
That'll be eight coupons, love.
The pink ones.
Strange at first, but you'll settle in.
You could be FSs
after a few weeks if you like.
- What are FSs?
- Favoured status.
- You could even work here.
- No, thanks.
- What are you doing?
- Have to keep the engine good.
I'll look for another Chevy this arvo.
What's wrong with this one?
I've got to get Chevy wheels.
Frank'd kill me
if I come back with different ones.
I'm going down the toilet,
see if there's a shower.
Give us a kiss, Jimmy?
See ya.
You too, dog.
Bloody madhouse!
So, are you married to him?
On the pill?
Stay on it.
Who are you, me mother?
I'm Beth.
Come here.
- This is Rita.
- Hi.
Narelle, Shirl...
Stop talking, Shirl, and say g'day.
- Tracy and Jill.
- Hi.
Need any Tampax, dispenser's down the end.
And you can get the pill off Fay
at the Ezy Eat-in.
Only 5 bucks.
- Thanks, but we'll be leaving soon.
- That's what you think.
Haven't told us your name yet, sweet.
Um, Carmen.
Do you want a durry?
- Thanks.
- Noticed your hair.
Is it natural?
Not the pink bits.
- Jees, it's real nice, though.
- Thanks.
How about having a seat and I'll see
if can, you know, do something with it?
- Great, thanks.
- Might end up like Relles.
Excuse me.
- What can I do for you, my boy?
- Is there a phone I can use?
I'm sorry.
There's no phone
or you won't let me use it?
- I wish I could help you.
- To explain to this guy about the car.
I asked you that this morning.
You said you didn't want me to.
Look. He didn't know I was coming here.
I never told him.
- It's a very special car.
- Oh, yeah. Well... they all are.
Now she turns round, clocks him one,
and says, "I sure didn't ask
for a 12 inch piano player!"
We've got company. A new bloke.
- What's the average stay in here?
- Average stay?
Till we can get parts and piss off.
Wheels, for instance.
There, there. You got it all wrong, son.
I mean, you can't get parts. You're here.
- Thompson got a new friend, has he?
- Looks that way.
Cruel bastard.
I've got to get those two wheels.
Look, let's level with each other, OK?
Who runs the spares market in here,
the Carboys or the cops?
You're not listening to me, are you, son?
There are no parts and there's no market.
Now you're here, right? You're here.
This is your home.
So, no bastard
ever gets out of here, right?
We're all fucking stuck here
for ever, right?
You swear a lot, don't you, son?
Open the toolbox, will you, son?
Go on, open it.
Open one for me, take one for yourself.
You got a bad young growth of spirit.
Sit down.
What do they call you?
Well, Crabs, you want
to kick against the system.
Natural enough at your age.
I've been here a fair old while now.
I'm telling you, it doesn't pay, son.
Doesn't pay.
Drink your beer.
Yeah, life in here is not so bad.
Talk to the other young blokes.
They'll fill you in. You'll come round to it.
This helps. The boys know they can
always get a few of these through me.
I can get them most things, actually.
But they must want to get out. You can't
tell me they don't want to get out.
But they know they can't, so don't
worry about it. There's no future in it.
You finish your beer,
I'll buy you another one.
No, thanks.
Crabs, if you've got any problems,
you bring them straight to me. OK?
Thanks for the beer.
G'day. How you going?
- Depends on how you're going.
- I'm good.
Oh, that's good.
Are you a dickhead or what?
What do you think?
I think you're trying
to lick Thompson's...
Think what you like.
I couldn't give a shit.
Don't talk like that.
I'll have to cut you open.
Tell us the story.
- What story?
- Yours.
Nothing much. Lost two wheels off my car.
Which car?
'56 Chevy.
Yeah. I seen it. Row F.
Wanna know who took me wheels?
Mate, we know! That's why we're all here.
Is that your missus,
the one with the big, er, eyeballs?
Oh, you want to watch Thompson, mate.
He's on their side.
Whose side?
- Dave.
- Jeff.
- Mickey.
- Hazza.
- That's Don.
- Jimmy.
They call me Crabs.
Why would they want to do that?
I thought I had them once.
I didn't, but it sort of stuck.
Oh, dear.
You play Two-up, Crabsy?
- No.
- You don't play? Why?
Only t-t-t...
That's 20 cents a game, mate.
No, thanks. I got to work on me car.
- See ya's.
- Suit yourself.
"I got to work on me car"!
- One of the girls down the toilets did it.
- What?
Me hair.
God, Carmen.
They're really nice girls
once you get to know them.
You made any friends yet?
- You kidding?
- We're gonna need friends, Jimmy.
Why? We're pissing off.
Well, the girls down the toilets
reckon there's no way out.
What would they know?
What you been up to, Crabsy?
You look a bit shagged out.
- Been working out.
- Working out? What the fuck for?
- Keep fit?
- Building a house, Crabsy?
This will top up the car
till I get new wheels.
You won't get them. Relax, have a drag.
No, thanks.
Taste of smack? Some speed?
- Not for me.
- Against drugs, are you?
- Did Thompson warn you off them?
- He lets us have these, you know?
Do you know the fence is electrified?
- So?
- What do you mean, so?
Jesus! The fences around
the place are electrified!
No one can get out!
Big deal!
Don't you have a life outside
you want to get back to?
What's so great
about playing Two-up in the shithouse
and hanging around a drive-in all day?
That's pretty fucking dumb, if you ask me!
We didn't ask you, pal,
but since you're interested,
I was four years out of work,
they stopped my dole, I had nowhere to go.
One meal a day if I was lucky.
One night, a bunch of us stole
a couple of cars and came here.
- And you reckon that was dumb?
- Listen...
What makes you so fucking special anyhow?
Stupid c... clown!
- Where've you been?
- Having a wash.
You still smell sweaty.
Mm, I think I like it.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I'm worried about the wheels.
Don't worry about it, just relax.
I am relaxed!
No you're not. Come on, not properly.
I'm trying.
- Is it me?
- Jesus, you said relax.
How can I relax
if you keep asking me questions?
- Don't get cranky.
- I'm not cranky!
It is me, isn't it?
Look, I've got a lot on my mind, OK?
Do you want me to do stuff?
What stuff?
Forget it.
- It's this place.
- It's not. It's me.
- You're tired of me.
- No, I'm not. I'm not!
- Yes, you are.
- I'm not!
What have I got to do to prove it to you?
- Piss off, wimp!
- What a jerk!
Come and have a beer when you've finished.
Yeah, those days were amazing.
Packed out every night
and queues right down the road.
Kids used to hide in the boot
to get in free.
You had to be awake to all the tricks.
- Been here a fair while, eh?
- Yeah.
Yeah. A good long while at the old Star.
- How long has it been like this?
- Like this?
Well, it's the state of things, son.
Economic conditions.
What's the computer for?
Computer? Just for accounts and things.
It links up with head office, doesn't it?
Yeah, and the other places.
There's a chain of
Star drive-ins, is there?
Drink your beer, son.
You'll die of thirst if you just look at it.
I don't say this to most of the others.
They're just dead-heads.
I could find a place for a bloke like you.
You've got a bit going.
What do you mean?
I'll keep you in mind.
Come on!
What are you doing?
Ah, piss easy. This is going to be like
taking wheat from a bunch of girls.
- Sorry, mate, you got in me way!
- Like hell.
- What did you say?
- Piss off.
You want a fight with me, you midget?
Fuck you!
I'd rather fuck your chick...
I hear you can't.
- You cretin.
- Rightio, doormat, you asked for it.
Go on, take it.
Like that, Crabsy.
Yeah, you've got the hang of it.
Four biscuits!
Come on, let's go!
You wimp!
Come on, come on!
- Jesus Christ.
- Oh, shit.
- What are you doing?
- Balancing the flow.
Balancing the flow? Right... terrific.
What's the matter? Didn't it balance?
We're out of petrol.
So what?
Bugger it!
Come and look at this.
Hey, hang on a sec'.
Chevy wheels!
See you in a minute.
Shut up, or names
will be taken, all right?
Asians out! Asians out!
What's happening?
Where you been?
I don't like being out there
with them around.
- Who's "them"?
- 50 million Asians out there.
- Why are you scared of them?
- They could rape me or anything.
- No.
- Yes, they could.
If you're a man
you'd do something about it.
Listen, they're not the enemy.
They're prisoners, just like us.
Yeah, well something ought to be done.
Yeah? Like what?
Well, I don't know...
They should limit how many can come here.
You've really been conned, haven't you?
Limit the numbers
and everything will be great.
Jesus, have a look around! This is a slum!
Even with only a few people
it would still be a slum.
Well, it doesn't have to be.
What? You reckon we should all sit
around playing happy families, do you?
Everything in its place?
Men down the gents drinking beer.
Girls in the ladies
getting their hair done.
People can't have a life in here.
All they have is a heap of shit movies,
or go for a poisonous hamburger!
I'll tell you where bloody
life is... out there.
Not for people like us.
Hey, hey... come with me.
God, Jimmy, can't you see?
This is all we've got.
Yeah. I can see. That's just the trouble.
Hey, you won't get far without these...
100% Queensland hit.
Thanks for the refreshments.
- Catch you later.
- See you next Wednesday.
Going out fishing this weekend?
- Why are you so happy?
- I'm not.
- What?
- You'll see.
- What?
- Trust me.
Oh, yeah?
You bastard...
Hey! You shouldn't be behind there.
You know the rules.
- Stick your rules up your arse.
- What?
You're nothing but a liar!
First you try and con me with all that
"come and have a beer, mate" shit,
then you strip me engine.
- What are you talking about?
- You fucking know!
I had the wheels, and I had the petrol.
You conning, thieving bastard.
You and your arsehole cops.
- Right now, settle down.
- No, I won't!
Accounts, hey? Bullshit!
And what about the electrified fence?
What about that, hey?
That's the government
and they sends the cops.
- I just manage the bloody...
- I'll tell you what, Tommo...
I'm going to get out of here
and don't you try and stop me again.
Now get out of my way.
I want to have a word with you.
You're not being very smart, Crabsy.
Or very nice to your woman, Crabsy.
- What's it got to do with you, shithead?
- I'll tell you.
Us whites have got to stick together
whether we like each other or not.
Otherwise we're stuffed, aren't we?
What's so funny, pal? Look around.
There's fucking slaves everywhere.
See what I mean?
Are you going to piss there, pal?
Is there any reason why I should not?
Don't ask me.
I'm only a dumb old white boy.
The boy wants a leak.
Why don't you leave him alone?
- Who's asking you?
- I've already done you once.
All right, come on, leave it.
Look, all we're trying to say is
stop acting like a turd!
You're a member of the white community.
You've got responsibilities.
There's a meeting
of the white Australia committee tonight
at the Ezy Eat-in
after the midnight movie.
- Now you be there.
- Is that all, Mein Fhrer?
- No need to get smart, pal.
- I think he's got the idea.
Haven't you, Crabsy?
You better be there, star.
Come on, Jimmy, or we'll be late.
- For what?
- For the meeting.
- The meeting? I'm not going.
- What?
They're crazy, I don't want
to have anything to do with them.
Suit yourself. I'm going.
"I'm going." Go! I don't care.
Right, can we have a bit of shush please!
Thank you.
Right. We all know why we're here, right?
This place, before they started
letting the sloths in,
before they started packing them in,
we had a pretty fair deal
going on here, didn't we?
I'm not saying it was perfect,
but, pardon my French,
it was a lot fucking better
than being herded together,
with a bunch of rice-gobblers
from some slum in Vietnam.
I mean, there's just too bloody
many of them, right?
And think about this for a second.
All right, just a second...
What about our women? Yeah?
How long before one of these zipperheads
decides to rape one of our women?
Yeah, well, it could happen tomorrow.
Don't kid yourselves, all right?
Are you thinking about it?
By Godzilla, I am!
Hey! Stop him! Stop him!
Hang on. Stop, stop! Listen!
There's something going on outside.
Get out of the way. Let me in,
you pricks. Shut up. Just get down!
Let go! Jimmy's out there.
I've got to get out there.
They train you
for this sort of thing, do they?
Shit, we're on fire!
Take it.
- Get down. I have to kill him!
- Leave it to us, Tommo.
Christ! The Mazda! My bloody Mazda!
You check over there.
Tommo, you send for reinforcements.
Jimmy, are you all right?
Yeah. Yeah.
- I'm fine.
- Oh, God.
What are you doing with a gun?
The cops are after me.
I'm getting out.
Jimmy, don't be an idiot.
- I've got to.
- I thought you wanted to be with me?
- I really did.
- I do.
Hey... come with me?
I can't come with you, Jimmy.
Look after yourself, OK?
I'll see what's happened
with those bloody reinforcements.
It's empty.
- Now, have you got a car?
- No. No, I haven't.
It'll have to be the cop car.
- Is he coming back for you?
- In a couple of minutes.
Right, when he does
he's going to park it and piss off.
You're gone son... You're gone a million!
- We'll see about that.
- You wouldn't listen, would you?
You wouldn't be told.
- I trusted you, son.
- Bullshit!
- Is my name on that file?
- Everyone's is.
Wipe it!
Wipe it...
Make it good.
No sign, Tommo.
Get him! Get him!