Dead End Run (2003) Movie Script

ISEYA Yusuke
NAGASE Masatoshi
ASANO Tadanobu
A Nal / Pioneer LDC Presentation
Are you OK?
Thanks for taking my life
I didn't suffer at all
One blow and I'm in heaven
"We had to meet,
"like this,
"on a night like this"
"It was such a boring evening,
"I was drinking around
at this late hour,
"on my way home from work,
all alone..."
I was wandering around the city
"But I don't find it strange at all
"Even a tragic meeting like this
"isn't a coincidence at all
"You and I,
"we were destined to meet
right now, like this
"To see our last dream together
"Just you and I,
"our last dream..."
What's wrong with you?
Why're you singing all of a sudden?
"You're the one I was meant to meet
"at the very end,
"and then part
"We meet, and then I die
"Isn't this the most shortlived
"and bittersweet love story ever?
"Between the curtain rising
and then falling on the act,
"is only a matter of a few minutes
"Would you believe that
"a love so brief would even exist?"
Tragedy, you see,
"has a tendency to turn into
"a romantic drama
"Let me see your face more clearly
"Let's look into our eyes when we talk
"That way,
"we'll see each other's heart better
"We don't have much time,
"before the moon is clouded over
"Our time together
"is short"
Wait a sec!
What're you talking about?
Just speak normally!
"We only have one life to live
"I tried to live it
as preciously as I could
"but something went wrong
along the way"
I just killed you!
How can you talk like that?
I've been living a lie
I've been lying to myself
that I don't feel any pain
I've been lying to myself
that I don't feel any pain
That's your own business
Just go off and die on your own
Why'd you have to come
and show up in my life?
I didn't mean to
Look, I didn't mean to kill you
I know
I beg you, just forgive me!
Keep me warm
I wanted to be with someone
You were just dancing!
C'mon, just once more!
Don't go cold on me!
We've apprehended the suspect
Give it back!
Come back!
Get back here!
He went that way!
He went up! Up!
I'll shoot, dammit!
Don't do anything stupid!
Move back!
Hey, don't come near me!
Move back or I'll shoot her!
Move back to where I can't see you
I'll shoot her for real!
Move back, goddammit!
Hurry, or I'll shoot!
- No reception!
- I'll call, sir
Evacuate civilians and
secure the perimeter!
I'm finished!
Yes, we're trying to
apprehend the suspect
How'd he steal your gun?
Because you weren't paying attention!
Don't worry, he doesn't have
the guts to pull the trigger
Hey you! You know what you're doing?
Let the girl go!
Shut up or I'll shoot her!
Calm down! It's not too late
Don't make me do it
If she gets shot, it's your fault!
- You!
- Don't upset him!
Damn, what do I do now?
I haven't thought of anything
A hostage! Jesus, what a drag...
What am I gonna do about you now?
Copy that!
Our back up's here, sir
Got it
Tell them not to upset him
The suspect's excited,
so please don't upset him
I know! I'm supposed to demand
something, like a helicopter
Wait, I get airsick easily
Can't believe this is happening to me
Shit, I'm probably finished
Hey, how come I'm the only one
talking here? Say something
A cold one, aren't you?
You're no fun
Can you see with that?
Sure, I cheated on exams with this
So what do you see?
Hey, how about this?
Damn, I wanna pull the trigger
My finger's gonna move by itself
He's pointing the gun at
his own head
That's not good
Man, my finger's itching
Should I just do it?
Why're you so quiet?
You think an idiot like me
should just die, don't you?
What the hell!
Where's the bullet?
First one's blank
Next one'll fire, for real
Give it back!
Drop the gun!
I'll shoot, dammit!
What the fuck!
Just go away! Go away!
The last one was blank,
but the next one's real!
Give back my gun!
I'll kill you! Go back!
Hey, hey, what're you doing?
That's dangerous
Good job
You're safe,
so give that back now
- Hey there now
- That's dangerous
What're you doing?
Hey, wait a sec
Now give it back
It's mine
What're you doing?
Give it back, c'mon!
Hey, what the hell...
You're OK now
Don't worry! Don't worry!
The next one'll go off!
There's no point in doing that,
so c'mon, give it up, hurry
Get back! Don't upset her!
I got it, I got it...
That's dangerous!
Hand it over!
That's a bad idea
Just give it up
OK, so I understand how you feel now
So give it back now!
Give it back!
You're still young
You don't wanna die
Wait, you wanna die?
You wanna die?
You wanna die, huh?
Die, then!
Let go! Let go, dammit!
I'd always be thinking on the rooftop,
why can't I jump?
I believe meeting someone
is never a coincidence
I was waiting for this all along
I'm alive...