Dead Girls Dancing (2023) Movie Script

I'm so proud of you, darling.
Thank you.
You've done so well.
This is from us. Congratulations!
- Thank you!
Great. Really great.
Congratulations. Keep it up.
- Thank you
Now life begins.
- Yes!
Do you remember that?
- Yes!
You must look at this, now!
You're not getting out of this!
Now, this is one of my favourite photos.
On TV they used to say,
"There are two vital questions
in life for a woman:
What should I wear?
And what should I cook?"
So now I hear you're going travelling?
- Yes, to Italy.
The whole gang?
- No, just us three.
I just want her to do
whatever really fulfils her.
Oh, but darling, that's the worst thing
you can possibly say to a daughter!
It's what you said to me.
Are you bored?
Keep very quiet.
Now you.
Ira what are you up to?
- Come on!
Why does no one get that asking
"What'll you do next" is so annoying?
Weren't they 18 once too?
You'll pinch a kid's cheek one day
and say, "Haven't you grown?"
My mum is driving
the whole table to drink.
I wouldn't last long.
Worst one is "What'll you study?"
like not going to uni isn't an option.
Yes, and,
"Grades don't matter any more."
Well, that one's true, they don't.
- Yes, but it still sucks to hear it.
We can still
have fun together, can't we?
I'm drunk.
So... our first millionaire?
First Marco. Obviously.
Second, Svenja.
Third, Bengler. Really?
How many were we... 55?
- I don't know. About 60.
Out of 60 people, an estimated 1.2
will be professionally very successful.
And one will become a criminal.
One of us'll marry a schoolmate.
And one'll end up on Love Island.
One will get pregnant
in the next 3 years.
And I know who.
One of us will disappear forever.
OK chill. Don't be so negative.
- I wasn't.
And one of us is ready
for lunch soon.
Take the exit, I need to pee, anyway!
- Can't you wait for the next one?
Take the exit!
I have to piss!
Driver decides.
- Dude!
Good evening.
Do you speak English?
English? Anyone?
Yes! Yes, that would be great, OK.
We are trying to find
a camping for tonight.
We're three people,
and we could sleep in our car.
but we would need a shower...
Whoa, is that the car or the smokes?
- What?
That weird smell.
Well, they're burning fields back there.
- And?
Yes. No problem. OK.
Have a nice day.
- Fuck you!
Sorry! Not sorry!
Next number?
+39 - 23 - 78...
Oh, God, this is only for trucks.
Well, just drive round, yeah?
Hey. Do you see that?
Ka, go and ask.
- No, leave it, let's not.
Try doing something for once?
- If we ask, we have to pay.
You're chicken.
- Hey, it's not that.
It's so busy here, why don't we just
park there? It'll be fine.
I want to shower.
You're all mouth, then you wimp out
of the most trivial things.
Malin, that's not what I'm saying!
Ka leave her alone.
- What?
What's your problem?
Excuse me?
Can we park our car somewhere?
Yes, just a moment.
- We've got enough to do!
Now these journalists show up
I cant believe it, god damn.
Got it! Excuse me.
Looks like they're moving house,
not going on holiday. Weird.
OK. Come with me.
Thought the Germans were
camping world champions.
So you could park it in a garage,
but if you're sleeping in it, maybe
under that tree is better. OK?
You car - under...
over there, with the car, OK?
- Yes!
Lorenzo? Lorenzo...
And? Do you see a shower?
At least it's free.
You can move the car if you like.
I could always drive...
It wouldn't be much of a holiday
if you got arrested.
Now who's chicken?
But for me you'd have
forgotten your ID.
Love you!
I saw you earlier...
What are you doing?
- ...and I wanted to ask,
sorry, really weird question.
Could we use your bathroom?
- Sorry!
These are my friends.
That's Ka, that's Malin.
And we're from Germany,
we're here with a car.
We didn't get a room here,
and it would be so awesome
to take a shower
- OK!
Really? Oh, my God, that's so cool!
Thank you! Come here!
- Thanks!
Not a problem!
I don't know
how to say in English, but,
I was hitch... hiking,
We did the trunk
and the man who took me
- Truck? Sorry.
And why are you hitchhiking?
I didn't plan to...
it's a long story.
I've been on my own for a while.
And what about your parents?
They are dead.
I'm so sorry
- It's ok, don't worry!
What the fuck Ka?
How could I have known?
Give here.
Sorry, you were talking
about the truck.
Yeah. So I was hitchhiking,
and the man who took me, he was
doing this thing with the money,
and you can lose or win.
The lottery!
- Yes. Exactly.
So I bought it,
but I know that it's stupid,
but I thought, maybe...
- So did you win?
I don't know yet, I didn't do it.
- Do it now!
No, no.
- Why not?
I can give you a coin.
No, no, I don't want to.
- Try it! Let's do it!
How much can you win?
- Come on!
Ka, get the chair.
- Put it out!
I can't reach.
Digga, why are you laughing?
- I can't reach!
Digga, Malin!
I can't reach!
Everything OK?
- Open the door! This is not funny.
You thought I wouldn't notice you
smoking weed in here?
Come on, come!
- Hey!
Where is she?
I see everything blurry.
- No!
No, we can't abandon her like that!
Wait, wait, wait!
What's her name again?
- Zoe! Zoe!
Whoa, the last one's noticed now!
- Zoe!
I'm coming!
- Zoe! Door's open!
Hey! Come back here!
Oh, my God!
I'm so sorry!
No, no! I'm sorry to crash the party!
Come here!
- Yes, in a minute, Ka.
It's so beautiful here.
I need a break, after all that driving.
What is that?
It sounds like someone
is being murdered.
Hey, some help here?
Not interested.
Leave me alone. Thanks.
- Hi.
Um, you have a flat tire.
- Yep.
Ka, we've got a flat tire.
Oh, sh...
- Waa.
Let me sleep.
Please wait.
Please wait.
OK, I'm back!
I talked to my colleagues in Rome. Could you
give me your customer number.
Yes, one second, please.
Give me these car papers.
And where's...
- Under the sun visor.
Passenger side.
Yes, right. The customer number is...
Capital Z, capital C, small R,
3, 4, 5, 8,
capital G, small F.
Eight, G, F... alright.
So, now, your exact location, please,
so I can pass it to my colleagues.
If he says "colleagues" once more...
Location, right...
This road doesn't even have a name.
What was the name of the motel?
Motel Park.
- OK.
And the next village?
- I'm not from here.
So just tell them we'll meet them
at the motel and drive up here together.
Um, hello? So, I'm afraid
we're in the middle of nowhere,
so I can't tell you the exact location.
But we could meet at the motel we were
at yesterday. It's called Motel Park.
So how long will you need?
- Are you afraid of snakes?
Um, no!
Yes, you are.
48 hours.
- What's happening?
Give me.
- Ka, no!
Listen, dickface.
We just need a fucking jack...
- Ka!
Seems it'll take ages
for them to get here.
And it takes 48 hours,
to send your "colleagues"?
Can you hear the bells?
What happened?
I think that
there's a village over there,
because I can hear the bells.
What's your fucking problem?
I'm very sorry, she didn't mean it,
we're just really stressed.
And if this is the only option,
of course we'll take it.
Call your dad!
- Quiet!
This'll be so expensive!
Yes, sorry, we were just discussing.
We'll take this Premium Gold status.
Yes, exactly. Sorry, again.
Ah! There it is.
Hey! Malin! Ka! Come here!
I did it! I did it!
Did you?
- Yes! That's it!
I can do this.
- Go!
Yes. Straight.
- Good.
Keep going.
I think you can
ease off the brake more.
It sounds so bad for the tire.
To my left.
- Malin, you're doing great.
Well, you didn't "run away".
You issued a proclamation and moved out.
She just wanted her mum to feel
sorry for her instead of being angry.
And then she packed her suitcase
and moved to my mum and me.
And whenever my mum called yours,
she told her I wasn't there.
That was really cool.
Ira's mum's the best.
Pretty sure she did tell your mum.
On the quiet, not to piss you off.
No, she didn't!
Yes, she did!
- Yes!
- Yes!
How old were you?
Seven, or so?
I can see the village!
Whoa, wait!
- She sounds really cool.
Wait, wait, wait!
- Wait!
It's shut.
Siesta time, maybe?
I've had ice cubes tinkling in
my brain for 40 minutes.
I'm thirsty!
I can't hear anything.
It doesn't work, right?
- Right.
It looks ghostly, somehow.
Anybody here?
Like someone in the last century
just packed up and left one day.
And the Palazzo is still
waiting for them.
Oh, so good.
Why do you think nobody lives here?
What's "maledizione"?
Do you know the three witches?
- Macbeth.
Yeah, I saw it on a theatre play once.
I always liked the witches.
Don't they bring
thunderstorms and fires,
and fuck up other people's lives?
People fuck up their lives themselves.
They wait for somebody
to tell them their fate,
so they can moan about it.
But only the witches don't wait
for somebody to tell them what to do.
Yeah. I don't really
believe in fate anyway.
So, why are you
in an abandoned village,
instead of your cheesy
summerhouse by the sea?
Um, well, because of the tire,
and because we met you, and you...
You can't explain everything with logic.
It's open!
It just looks really shit.
Is it safe?
Yeah, I hope!
But can't you just climb up?
- Yes!
Why's all this furniture here,
if the house is for sale?
Oh "amore"!
- Mmm?
What does it mean?
Oh, wow. It's so sweetly written.
He must love her very much.
"Amore! Melanzane, farina..."
Yeah, but what does it mean?
- "Darling...
Could you please buy eggplants,
flour, dental floss, tights...
and don't put the tomato in the fridge."
- Got it.
I could have told you anything.
- Yeah, I know.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wear this like this.
Look what we have here!
Okay, try it on.
It's a fit!
Maybe the young ones
gradually moved away,
and the old ones died.
I've read about some Italian villages,
where all the families go to Germany
in summer, to sell their ice-cream.
I think that's more in the north,
like the Dolomiti.
A plague has come.
It's accursed.
It's like the world around us
doesn't exist any more.
And we're the only ones
who don't know yet.
Like the Sun has become so hot,
and this village
is the last place to hide.
And we're living from a few
remaining animals that we hunt.
But I'm vegetarian.
We could break into that supermarket.
We could sleep in
a different house every night.
The Palazzo must have
a gigantic wine cellar.
And a four-poster bed.
Remind me,
when are the "colleagues" coming?
I can't tell if she's performing
for herself or for us.
I think she couldn't give a shit
what other people think of her.
And I think you've got that
spectacularly wrong.
Sorry Jesus.
There's an Italian saying that,
when little girls
do something really bad,
then Jesus cries tears of blood.
Well, fuck him!
- Shhh!
Stop shushing me! There's no one.
Stop it!
Hey, I found Jesus blood.
I'm hungry!
Me too!
Hands in the air
this is a robbery!
Everyone! Down!
Get the fuck down!
Stay down! Down!
Let's go!
Oh, God, I wanna...
No more!
I feel so pukey.
Pump me back up.
Peeping Tom.
- What?
Aren't you?
- No way.
But I see you.
Leave me alone.
Well, I think she's cool.
Say, "So do I".
Say, "So do I".
So do I.
There we are.
Can you hear that?
Someone's coming!
Come on!
Excuse me!
You look good fixing a car. Sexy.
Ka, you're annoying.
How about helping us?
It was my idea to use the pump truck.
And there's no good reason
to leave here.
We all want to sleep in a proper bed.
- Do we?
Don't we?
- Mhm.
We'll leave money
for whoever lives here,
as redress,
go to San Felice.
But this might be our last ever chance
to not be sensible.
I can't relax! Any minute,
someone might come
and ask what we're doing.
So we didn't get
that stick out of your ass?
And I'm sick of you trying to prove
yourself in front of Zoe all the time
That's nothing to do with me!
That's Zoe's show!
I only believe half her tales anyway.
Her parents are dead but she has
American Express Black?
Hey, how do you know that?
- I saw it in her bag.
What's wrong with you? Why do that?
Why did you snoop in her bag?
It was just lying there.
Maybe she inherited it or something.
Ka, shut your mouth.
What's the matter with you, Malin?
I was only making a joke.
It's so fucking hot.
I'm hot too.
Do it yourself then!
Everybody's looking for you.
Sorry. I...
Are you OK?
- I just lost track of time.
Okay. Come.
I saw you at the gas station,
before we met.
Why were you crying?
I don't know what you mean.
Why don't you tell anything
about yourself?
What do you want to know?
How old are you?
What happened to your parents?
Do you have any siblings?
What's your favourite book?
Or animal? Or movie?
What's your favourite
childhood memory?
When I was little,
like six or eight maybe,
a volcano erupted
and we had to be evacuated.
And two days before
the fire reached the village,
all the animals came out
of the forest, and...
because they had sensed
that something was happening.
I woke up
in the middle of the night, and I saw
all the trees in the garden
full of birds.
It was surreal...
My parents must have thought
that this is the end of the world,
but I was so small,
and for me, it was just...
the most beautiful miracle happening.
Ka, stop it!
I don't want to go back.
We don't have to.
Waaa! Look what I found!
Dude, put that down!
Stop joking. That's not funny.
Not funny?
But breaking into houses is funny?
Lying to us is funny?
- Ka!
What? I don't believe
a fucking word she says.
I don't know what you're saying, but
please put this fucking gun away.
This one?
Suddenly she's shitting herself.
Not so cool after all.
- What's your problem?
No problem at all.
Don't touch me.
I'm just messing with you. Chill.
I have no clue how
this fucking thing works.
Ira, I pranked you. Now chill. Chill.
I dare you!
Hey! There's a car pulling in!
- What?
We need to get out!
They're coming in!
Fuck! Okay. Come on.
Get to the car! Move!
Hey, Rocco, come on!
Wait here, while I'm turning it on.
I can't see a thing here.
It should be here. There.
- That?
Yes, an old powerbox.
Let's see.
Where is it?
This one or this one?
I can't see a thing.
- Don't call me that!
Stop that and
shine your phone torch for me.
Yeah, hold on.
- I can't see a thing.
Hurry up, come with me.
Come on, I'll show you.
This should be the one
for the living room.
Fuck, go and look!
Someone there?
- No, it's just the gramophone.
Where's Malin?
What's wrong with you?
- Nothing.
Why are you so nervous?
What are they up to?
- That's the guy from the motel!
Now give me a hand
with that furniture.
Yes. Go. Come on.
Does it hurt?
- Yes, it does.
The furniture's here, come with me.
Malin! Come!
Come now!
Take this and let's get it to the car.
We'll load it on the pickup.
Fuck, it's heavy.
What do you mean, heavy?
Get on with it!
We don't have time for whining.
OK. OK, let's go. Go!
Start the car when they're back inside.
What are they doing?
Stealing furniture,
knowing nobody's home.
It looked pretty fucking inhabited.
Hey, Rocco, look at this!
One of the windows is broken!
Fuck! They found the window!
Ira! Drive!
- Wait, wait, wait!
They'll see us!
- Now! Go! Go!
Get your hands off! I'm driving!
Hey! Hey!
- Go!
Hey! You! Stop!
- Drive!
What the fuck, Zoe?
What "Zoe"? What's your problem
with me? Talk to me!
- Ka!
They've seen us now!
- Speak English!
Shut up!
- Ka, stop!
I don't understand you.
- What is it?
I can't find my phone.
Left everything at the house.
Should I stop?
We can't go back now.
Fuck. How important is it?
- It's my ID, man!
- What?
They're following us!
- Shit!
Just let them overtake.
Fuck off!
What are they doing?
Just drive past!
- Hey! Hey!
Fuck off!
- Hey!
Leave us alone!
Stop the car!
- They're trying to tell us something!
Fuck off!
What the fuck?
Fucking jerks!
Can you still see them?
They just want to scare us.
Are you crazy?
- Shh!
There's a sheer drop to the right.
- So I see.
I can hear something.
They're coming!
- Ka, stop!
Calm down!
- What's wrong with you?
We have to call the police, right?
What do you see?
Just a chest of drawers.
It must have fallen off their car.
Nothing happened to them.
Come on!
Nothing happened to them.
They just didn't tie it on properly,
what with rushing to chase us.
Why aren't you helping?
Ka, take that fucking gun back.
Ira, nothing happened to them.
Look at me. Look at me!
Fuck! Malin!
Malin! Malin, we don't have time
to clear up.
There's a car coming!
- Shit!
If you hear my voice
walk out immediately.
The gate is open, come on.
The village has been evacuated!
What does he say?
They're checking
if there's still somebody here.
They say the village's evacuated.
- What? Why?
For safety. There are
wildfires in the mountains.
If it's dangerous,
we shouldn't be here as well.
Hey! Hello! We're here!
- Ka!
We're coming! We're coming! Come!
- Ka, stop!
Are you out of your mind?
- Let's go!
Let's go!
Can you hear me? I won't repeat
myself, please step outside.
They know we're here.
Talk to them!
We are here!
There is somebody who talks Italian.
Do you speak Italian?
Yes. Yes!
Ira, what are you doing?
Good. Tell the others to get out.
We need to stay together!
We've already done enough damage.
- Exactly!
This is different.
That's the police out there!
I want to go home. Please, Ira!
- We must stay together!
- Please!
Listen, are you lot coming out or not?
We're coming out!
You have to trust me.
You have to trust me.
- What's to trust?
Please. Trust me. It's okay.
It's Okay.
- They're coming.
They won't hurt us.
Ira, stop!
- Watch out! She has a gun!
What are you doing?
- Get the girl to safety.
Ira, stop this!
- Stop!
Ira, please!
- Easy, now!
Drop the gun.
- Please!
Put the gun...
- Ira, stop!
- Put the gun on the ground!
Put the gun on the ground!
- Tell them to step away from the car.
She's asking you to move away.
Tell them to step the fuck away!
I'm begging you, move away, please!
OK! Run!
Run! Run! Go! Ka!
What's happened here?
- Don't know. Tow truck. Ambulance.
Slow down.
Let's see what happened.
It's Marco, stop the car.
Marco, good morning!
What happened?
Nothing, just two guys ran off
the road here last night.
Didn't brake fast enough.
Are they hurt?
- Only slightly. They were lucky.
I see.
- All under control.
Okay. We'll be off then.
- Fine.
And you? All well?
How's your daughter?
Fine, thanks, she's at home.
- Glad to hear that.
Okay, bye then!
- Ciao.
Alright, Miss.
Sit down please.
I will now take your particulars.
Surname and given name?
Valentina Moretti.
I'm going for a smoke.
Can I?
- Smoke? Okay, off you go.
Thank you, Giuseppe.
- Yes.
Good. I'll just start.
Let's get the formalities over with.
Your full name?
Ira No. N - O - E, accent on the E.
Date and place of birth?
21.03.2003 in Munich, Germany.
With your parents?
I live with my mother.
My parents are separated.
Marital status?
Not married?
OK. Present occupation?
Passed my school-leaving certificate
last week.
So do you want to go to university?
No idea.
I'm here to provide a specialist
psychological opinion.
You've just turned 18,
with no criminal record.
In borderline cases,
the public prosecutor
decides if you're to be tried
as an adult or a juvenile.
So what we're doing here is finding out
why you did what you did,
and if there's a risk
that you'll commit further crimes.
And what about the others?
They're free to go.
I'm sorry.
I know you feel like
you're all in this together, but...
the law sees it a bit differently.
You can't leave the country
until the prosecutor decides.
Do you have relatives or friends here?
- No.
I have an idea.
It might not be exactly
down your alley.
But it'll save you asking your parents
for money for a hotel.
No, don't worry. Really.
I know, I know. I'm sorry.
The battery died and I lost my charger.
Don't worry. I'm fine, really.
But I need your help, please.
See you later.
- Ciao.
She looks worn out.
Gentlemen! What's going on?
We're Valentina's parents!
- Take it easy!
Follow me!
Marinella! These are the girl's parents.
Hello. What's happened?
Darling, what happened, are you hurt?
Nothing, mum.
- No, that's not true.
Calm down.
One moment...
Would it be possible to have
a moment alone with Ira?
With that girl there?
Two minutes only, okay?
- Please.
We'll be right back.
- Two minutes, OK?
Ira. Valentina would like
to talk with you.
Please say something.
Are you going home?
Believe me, I'm in trouble
as soon as we get there.
Short hair and a ferocious expression,
that's what they said.
I think I found you.
I don't speak Italian.
Come on, let's go.
Sit here!
Is this all?
Come on.
You'll be needing your ears
to listen to your thoughts.
Let us hope that the fire has spared
our village and our house.
For our children's future too.
Come on.
How's it going?
- Good, thank you.
It's terrible.
The poor villagers, and the animals too.
- Yes, the animals!
They've got stables full of animals.
They are countryside people,
they live off that.
Let's hope it isn't all destroyed.
Be quiet.
Do you hear that?