Dead Heat (1988) Movie Script

((Dead Conditioner)) / font
This is something dazzling
(She is from Brazil
Come on
Come on
Is not this necklace wonderful?
Yes, but I'm looking for something more exciting
Well, nobody moves
Put your handbag on the table, lady, come on, do you want to die?
Here is his old chance
Please do not - on the ground, my grandmother -
You, on the rug
O poor old woman
(Stop wasting time, O my name! - Come on -
you idiot
What are you doing?
Just take a look
you idiot
Seal and fill the bag
We were not going to wear civilian clothes today
Why did not you tell me we'd be undercover?
You did not ask me
Why, what speeches, O (Rogge)?
I look like a FBI agent in a floral pot
Looks good, man, calm
Car 538 / font
Car 538 - / font (Dogg) -
Task Reseller
Car 538 Please answer / font
Car 538, what?
(A robbery is going on in the Mileros building going straight there / font
"You did not say," I can
(Come on, let's get them out) Dear Harry
I do not want to lose these men
But you can not hold them (Roger) and you're dead
Good morning investigator
what is the situation?
An ongoing robbery
Criminals entered with automatic weapons to the jewelry store, we will knock them out when they come out
I did not plan better than this Lieutenant
Come on, come on
Do you think they are from the cash gang? And Dash? - I do not know)
Who is doing such a stupid and reckless job, Roger?
How much money is there? - a lot, leave it -
Stop, throw your weapons
Roger), it's still too early for this) right?
Why did not these two men die?
We fired at them about 50 bullets
Their wounds may be superficial
Can you protect me, please?
Can I borrow your car, Lieutenant?
Absolutely not
Come on
Come on, come on
!Come on
Hey Willie
They brought a doctor
You are accepted
You have the right to remain disgusting
Is this necessary?
You have to be careful
! (Mortis)
You are the craziest, most stupid and dangerous cop I have ever seen
Please do not thank me, Lieutenant
I just do my duty
You should know that the captain will know about it
Oh God, do you think he would like to talk to us?
Unauthorized use of a police vehicle
To endanger lives and property as a result of recklessness
Use of an irregular weapon
This was my fault, sir (not wrong) Peugeot
Disrespectful behavior
Disrespectful and tasteless oral observations
That was me
And 18 car park violations so far this month
Do I need to make it clear that you are already under the control of behavior twice?
This cowboy adventure this morning has made you vulnerable
And you will end up in waste
If you fail again
Captain, this guy deserves a medal and I deserve a medal also to save him
Listen, I'm aware
(It was wailing though (Hurdzhug
You guys have done the job that you can not
So I will be more lenient with you
thank you sir
However you should deserve it
By nailing the rest (ring) Cash and Dash
On the wall are 12-inch screws for the rail
We are working on this, sir
Do more
What a nice guy (Captain
A teacher can be a good sports educator
Be grateful that we are still working
Call me Thursday
(I love this work, (Roger
I love power and badge
I would like to be a human target for anyone within the desirable range of donut shop
There are advantages
So what are your conclusions about these little adventures, Dorothy?
So far we have six theft cases
Two banks and a local jeweler and goldsmith
All in the past three weeks, all in the same area of nine
A jewelry shop in Beverly Hills has ended today with a bloodbath / font
What the police described as the most violent series of robberies in city history / font
Six incidents in the past two weeks (linked to the so-called Cash and Dash / font
Police have so far succeeded in killing two members of the gang during the clash / font
How many gang members do you think, Roger?
I can not be sure
The descriptions are always different therefore inevitably there is a group of them
Maybe they turn around
Sure they are the same?
They have the same methodology in the way they work
Two armed men
They often attack in broad daylight
In indifference to their personal safety
Yes, when you call them do not die
Some drugs give this effect
Users of pentachlorophenol
They can get rid of feeling all bodily injuries
Even bullet wounds, O (Rogge)?
That is empty talk, he shouted
Mortis), speaking)
I (Smithers) have something for you to come to the morgue as soon as you can
Have you ever wondered about the day you died, Roger?
Let's assume that the day of your death
On April 23 and you knew that somehow
You can organize a party for your day and your death
(You have gone beyond the stage of strangeness, Beglow, you are approaching the stage of deterioration
You can completely dull, yell
Eat greedily and invite all your friends
You spend time with a beautiful woman, do not you?
Under the influence of inflamed emotions ... just as if you are
Sorry, did you interrupt your talk about last night's gains?
(Hello, Roger
Hello, Rebecca
Author: How were you?
(I have a phone at home, O (Roger
Using the remains of a mutilated corpse from a street
As an excuse to ask about my health is not exactly
What I might call thoughtful thinking
She says I'm deteriorating
So, what happened to this unknown?
What is incredible?
I will show you
(A good injury, O (Roger - thanks -
Is there enough to identify the body?
I was wondering about the same thing
It is virtually impossible to distinguish the body through teeth and fingerprints
But I did not notice one thing
What? - Stitches -
You can see the incision that passed through the rib cage
Open with an electric saw
Have you undergone surgery?
Underwent an autopsy
They came here before, you guys
I documented the death certificate myself
I even took pictures
Unknown body 87 and 243 / font
... waiting to be brought / font
(All of us are wrong, Dr. Smithers
Dr. McNab, it is not my habit to sign a death certificate for someone who is not feeling well
I hope so
But the fact is that you either failed or that these two bodies woke up after you finished the autopsy
And crawl out
I do not forget any body, Doctor
She has a beautiful future in 5 years but currently
He rushed to the imaginary conclusions
Without searching for the truth
This is what the anatomy of your masters is
What did you say? - that's cool -
Yes, right? - You have to admit that it is very strange -
Strange, true - about your permission -
Doctor, what is this used?
You would prefer not to know
Duck knock
Have you come to read my rights?
Was it a spoon or two of sugar?
Two, but I left him
I thought you quit smoking, too
True, but when I give up bad habit I usually get bad other
I came to offer my moral support
Do not you think fish should swim?
No, so I do not have to feed them and they are very beautiful
As for the corpses, do you believe me?
Surely there is something strange going on
I agree
Have you found anything else strange in those bodies?
In addition, they do not remain dead?
Yes -
I found something unusual in the tissues of their skin
like what?
(Small amounts of sulfathiazole)
It is an old product used against bacterial infections
A dangerous substance
Dante), for pharmaceuticals)
Recent purchases were (50 kg) of sulfathiazole
(Tulle you talk ya (Roger I do not know how to say this
To convey the truth only
We are looking for someone who kidnaps dead bodies and brings them back to life to steal jewelry stores
Good evening
Police investigations (Mortis) and (Peugeot)
Good evening, police investigations (Mortis) and (Peugeot)
We are sorry to interrupt your erection, yell, but we want to talk to the management of this facility
For Miss James to attend the reception please
What do I serve you?
(We are investigators (Mortis) and (Peugeot) of the police (Los Angeles
Are you responsible for this facility?
I am responsible for PR
(Randy James)
how are you?
What's going on, officers?
We can not disclose details
Miss James, but we are interested in a recent purchase order
(You have made a drug called sulfathiazole
If you know any zombie
What did you say?
Is this drug usually used?
For many things
Let me show you our main product line
Most of our products are sold without prescription
Not very important for a non-specialist
Cosmetics, hygiene items, toiletries, etc.
The material is used by everyone but nobody likes to talk about it
Health-giving products, Means for the treatment of hemorrhoids
Among other things
(I'll do some investigations, Roger
Go ahead, sir
All our products are tested thoroughly before being marketed
Great, dogs get skin cancer instead
(You will tell us about sulfathiazole
Nothing special in it
Used until the 1940s, it was replaced
But we still use it
As an antiseptic and herbal skin lotion
I hope you do not feel resentful, but
Have you ever seen these two people?
No, I can not say I'm sorry
What is that?
It is sad but is also necessary
When we have to kill some sick animals, we put them here
The room is airtight
The piston discharges the air in a few seconds
The animal dies quickly and quietly
Is not there one same in the (Disneyland)?
That's it, sir
I hope that what I have given you is useful
What is there?
Toxic waste products
Being disposed of conveniently assure you
We are done
Miss (James), to spend my need it is urgent
Is there a bathroom here?
I have to urinate
In the last gallery
Just give me moments
Hazardous chemicals, only authorized personnel are allowed access / font
No entry, this is empty talk
what the hell?
(Thanks for all your efforts, miss
you are welcome
Listen, about my colleague, he
primary human?
Yes, but a primitive primitive man
There is nothing wrong
The world is full of these
!Hey you
What is this creature?
It is very ugly
Room is closed / font
! (Dogg)
! (Dogg)
Start decompression / font
! (Dogg)
! (Dogg)
! (Dogg)
! (Dogg)
! (Roger)
What happened, Doug?
I heard on the radio that there was shooting
Doug), Ayna (Roger)?)
Arrested in a decompression room
He died like a lab dog
If I could open the dreaded door
(I have to see him, Doug
(You think you're indestructible, O (Roger
What exactly happened here, Doug?
Forget it (Becky), you will not believe me
try me
(They must have used sulfathiazole as a preservative
So they get them out of here
Becky), can we leave, please?)
Name of deceased: (Roger Mortis), Time of death: 45: 11 Cause of death: suffocation / font
(So they do it, (Doug
Thus live the dead
you are joking
Place the body on the table / font
It seems to be in good condition
(He's dead, O (Becky
(It does not matter, O (Doug
Someone found a way to activate dead tissue
The same way that new limbs of the star of the sea grow
In the end, what separates life from death?
But what about the soul, O Becky?
Apparently they (they also found a solution to that, Doug
And if he wakes up like a crazy fool?
Then I hope to shoot him in the head
Thank you so much
Hello guys
!you are alive
Of course I am alive
I must have received many doses
(Listen, Roger
Roger (How do you feel?)
I feel
What is this place?
What are you doing here, Rebecca?
Roger (we'll explain later) But please tell us what you feel
... After thinking about it, I
I feel great
I feel very comfortable
It is wonderful to be alive
! Mortis) I thought you were dead)
Sorry to disappoint you, Doctor
What else do you remember?
Well, we were
We took a look at the research headquarters
And (Dog), was fighting that creature
I was locked in that room, and
I think he fainted
It was as if I were pushing into this strange light or something
I looked down and saw myself
I was lying there
I extended my hand to touch it, and it was
As if I had been hit by 10,000 volts
It is unusual but it happened before
Clinically deceased people return to life at the last possible moment
(An hour passed on the death of Roger
Do not you realize? We have already prepared him for life
What is the matter?
I did not find a pulse
Do not be silly
Can I borrow your headset, please?
It is clear that this headset is not working
Give me that
This thing does not work, huh?
You make it up
He makes it up
I do not know what's going on here, but I want Mortis to return (to the laboratory for some analysis)
He does not need analysis, he's dead
This is ridiculous
Becky), we both saw that man (the owner of the hideous face)
It looked much worse
This is crazy I have not felt better in my whole life
It is hard to believe without a pulsating heart
Dr. Smithers, I have two bodies in the next room
I doubt that they will return to life
You know where you find me
After you finish this farce
Oh my God, your body is cold
what the hell?
Why did not I bleed?
I'm not dead I'm more energetic than you
Roger), thanks to the revival machine)
I still can not believe this
Sorry, Doug, but I still can not believe it
You will overcome it (as time goes by, Roger
It is the perfect way of life
It is easy for you to say that
Roger), did not hear the worst of it)
(I'm dead, Rebecca) How bad can things get worse?
View the lab report
The rehabilitation process has a benign side view
What is the?
Gradual decomposition of tissues returned to life
Damage to untreated cells
You have about 10 to 12 hours, max
so what?
All your body cells will degrade and turn into organic soup
Becky), can not you return it (again using the machine?
This machine is not (Toaster, O (Doug
Back to the laboratory Maybe we can do something
The most important thing for me now
He is the Nile who made this me
You understand that, do not you?
(Personally, I will grab his heart with my bare hand, Roger
I hold his heart in the palm of my hand
And watching his heart stop throbbing together
(That's good, Doug, but let's find it first
from where we start?
(To find out) Randy James
We'll meet you in the lab
You have 12 hours to 10
Do not waste it
Do you know what is strange about it
I feel fine
I feel that I can participate (in the Boston Marathon)
(Can not you) Roger dead can not participate
Do you think they are checking?
They are very strict now
What is the matter?
Find me a pharmacy
I have to fix my face
What color did you choose?
Purple wine
It's a good choice
Highlights the color of your eyes
Go to the hell
I left a spot
Do not touch it, it will spill
I love it when you get angry
How do women do this?
I do not know, it may be genetically
She looks guilty to me
I left without a farewell word - let me -
Are you going on a trip? - Is this your business? -
what happened to you?
I injured myself while shaving
Can I ask you some questions?
I do not know anything about what happened there today
I got scared and left, did you understand me?
Let's talk about the subject at home
What a beautiful house
Can you now tell us the essence of the subject?
I told you
I am responsible for their PR
At least you are as well until you appear
What if she threatened her and scared her a little?
I understood
You are the strict policeman
And your colleague is a nice policeman
Because it does not look scary as he puts lipstick
Miss James, I've been locked up in that room where they kill animals and some people get lost
Someone choked me who puts me in a bad mood
All I want is to find it
I am really sorry
But I can not help you
I do not know anything
Stay away from my things
The lady seems to be going somewhere
Reveal the truth
Where were you going, Miss (James)?
Away from this place
Hey, what's this?
This is personal
There must be a VCR somewhere here
here we are
We monitor something on the screen, Captain
Oh princess
This may be the last time I've ever updated you
I want you to know some things I could not tell you before
Look out!
Are you fine? - !Yup -
Do you remember the old days when weapons killed people?
You just feel jealous! That's all
Go to the door
!right Now
Where does this lead us? - To the outer courtyard -
This is really very nasty
What is going on?
There seems to be someone who wants you dead
They were too successful, too
But why, I did not do anything
Maybe because of what you know - I do not know anything at all -
I was only a guide for visitors and a writer for press releases
Roger (I was immersed in the jacuzzi) for 5 minutes continuously
Yes right
Do you teach me to do this with my girlfriend?
they died
They always die because of me
There were compelling circumstances
"You do not understand the fish" The ruby devil was my favorite
Everything I love always dies
Princess, I hope you have understood what I was trying to tell you
I knew that man
For more questions, contact my lawyer
... and always remember how much
How extraordinary you are
(This is Arthur Ludermilk
Did not he die?
two weeks ago
he is my father
Hey, why are not you dead?
Or even hurt?
It's a fairly long story
They can not kill me
I'm already dead
I'm a body walking just like those killers
This is ridiculous I can not accept it
You will have to accept this
(Listen, Miss
We need your help
I think you need our help too
I beg you
My father used Dante Laboratories (for his experiments)
All he cares about
Mosquitoes into microchips have researched them for it
So, who financed the revival machine? - !No -
This is not true - use some bodies to steal jewelry shops -
Last week I went to hand over
Sulfathiazole), to a man called (thiol), in Chinatown)
Where in Chinatown?
Do you want me to write down the address?
You do not have to do this will accompany us
Forget it I know my rights
Sure? Let me remind you in anticipation
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you
What are you doing?
Currently, you are a prime suspect
Do you accompany us now or wait a long time in prison?
Roger), you must change your clothes)
You should not be declared dead
Maybe I have something in my closet
Clothes for the unexpected night guest Miss (James)?
(She is a former lover, master (Beglow
A very old stud
Are you okay inside, Roger?
Best of all
just awesome
Do not say anything
How many irregularities have we had this month so far?
What the hell do you care about?
A good view
Roger), there is a restaurant here) prepares delicious egg rolls
Do you eat white beans from Fu Yong Restaurant?
Let's talk to that person first, then we'll eat (Doug), did we agree?
I burn to eat Chinese meat dishes
This is wonderful, I'm starving
Good evening, investigating police investigations (Mortis) and (Peugeot)
(We want to talk to Mr. (Theol please
Good evening, investigating police investigations (Mortis) and (Peugeot)
(We want to talk to Mr. (Theol please
Listen, giant we are from the police
If Thiol does not come here in 10 seconds, we'll hit some
(Miss. James
Oh my happiness to see you
A terrible thing has happened (Mr.) Theol
Yes I know
Are the detective police your friends?
I understood this from the beginning
We are looking for the guy who receives (orders from the laboratory) Dante
Here you have found him
How can I help you?
What did Dante send you?
nothing important
Perhaps more important than you think
If your friend makes one step he is a dead man
Life and death are expressions of the same eternal spirit
You have to write the paper that is placed in fortune cookies, yell
Let me make it clear to you
I do not understand what is happening but I suddenly lose my appetite
What is that?
Enough, from now on I am a vegetarian
This little pig will go to the market
It's disgusting
!Get away from me
you are kidding
Killed by a bullet?
They are not all zombies
How do you fight this creature?
Maybe we can drown him in sauce
Woe, no
I think I'll vomit now
(Disappeared) Theol
He did an amazing distraction, did not he?
You are infected
I'm really dead, Master
This does not entitle you to be rude
Learn, you can never find something useful until you crash the place
Have you found any evidence, investigators?
Zombie head of a duck
What a concept
This can replace the joking fun pillow tool
Imagine what you can do with a search command
Take a look at this
Dates and first name letters
? What do you think? -? APL I do not know, but the latter -
(Arthur P. Ludermilk)
My father
Oh, you're right
He died on June 12
This is a list of death dates
These people have recently died
Who do you think they were?
There is one way to know
You sew well
Just hope you do not get an infection
I will risk
After you
Thank you
So, this is what the library looks like?
You know, in my life I have not seen a library from inside?
These should cover the dates listed
I got the month of March
Surprisingly, the people I met in the past three months have never heard of
(This one, George Nelson Canfield King of Jeans cloth
The inventor of ultra slim blue jeans
He died on 12 February
Crush - what's up? -
The Lakers won yesterday but narrowly
I bet ten dollars on that game by winning by a big margin
Here is another one
Oliver Lang), a genius)
He died March 4th
Here's another
Howard Davidson (commodity broker) died on April 3
Do you see any link?
All of them as a group of bisexual in my opinion
I think everyone has big bank accounts when he dies
All of them are rich dead What does it mean?
I'm not sure
But your father seems to be one of the victims
This is crazy
In any case this is not a normal issue
They can cancel the obituary
Rouge (What's up, man?) You seem to be suddenly alarmed
These are the helpers
Add new deaths all the time
They will write my obituary
Calm down your fear
(Roger Mortis)
Husband without wife and father without children
Who had always thought he would die a hero
I have to leave here
! (Roger)
! (Roger)
(Those were a tedious chase (Roger
This is fine for someone in your case
I think you fit in with your position as a dead person
(Your right, O Roger. We do not have time for this
I can not do that
I can not live an entire life in six hours
(No one has all the time he needs, Roger
no one
Do you remember when we were in training?
They have always told us that the good policeman is a living policeman
This is your chance to prove that they are wrong
you are good
And you are dead
I'm good and dead
(Come on, Roger
Let's find these failures and kick him in the back (we'll eliminate them) / font
(Come on, Roger
Pronounce breeches, plural
Formula collection?
Do you know what I heard one day?
I heard that the world's population has grown a lot
And that half of contemporary people
Are still alive today
Barbak - that's right -
If you compare all those who have died since the beginning of history
With the current population about the same number
So if someone asks you when you will die
You can really say, do not know
So far only half has happened
Not only that, if you multiply the population of Rhode Island (by the square root of my former wife's weight)
Actually, you both know how to make a girl enjoy her time
Welcome and patience - (Roger) -
I may have some good news
Rebecca Smithers (I Know You) (Randy James)
Hello - are you working here? -
Yes, I work here
Rebecca (expert) in forensic medicine
Wondrous, what a unique achievement
The place is colder than usual today
When will you get this nice new friend?
Randy), was in charge of public relations (Dante Laboratories)
I understood
So what are the important news, you (Becky)?
Sit on the table
What a distinctive shirt to unravel
Roger), came under fire)
I was hoping to tell you
It is amazing that you lived as long as possible
So how do you feel? - A wonderful feeling -
In full health
Victim: (Mortis Roger
Follow-up autopsy of the sixth of July, approximate time 18:45
Do you have to talk through the microphone?
This is not an autopsy
(You're dead, Roger
This is a morgue, a legitimate doctor
The temperature is 30 C
The temperature gradually decreases since you passed away
So, what is your opinion? How long can I live?
Decomposition progresses faster than expected
So it began to appear on your face
I think maybe three to four hours
What do I do here?
Roger), I think I can provide) more time for you
(And drown something in Dante's files about a special operation they were trying
To extend the recovery period to more than 12 hours
Can you guarantee that?
So I can not risk
Rebecca), is my job)
And your guest? !Gosh
Did you learn anything?
I spent 10 years on the street risking your life
And now you are dead and this is still not enough for you
I think I adore hard work
What will you do next?
(I'll look at the grave (Ludermilk
Why not contact a lawyer (Ludermilk)?
We'll go to the cemetery (and I'll meet you at home later.) Randy
If you do not mind, I think I'll miss the trip to my father's last place
Strongly opposed
I want you next to me
(Miss. James
That girl loves me
I can not say
(I will not lose hope, Roger
Go, Jorg (I'll meet you later at Randy's house
Nice car
You must earn a lot of money by cutting dead people
A little early on your autopsy investigator, right?
I came here to book a bag for the dead
I admire this man
I can say for sure
(To there on the right, (Roger
Maybe I should choose a grave
Do you see, do they accept payment through Mastercard
Nice place to spend the rest of your age
Swaying palm trees and the scent of jasmine flowers
Dear neighbors
(Very funny, (Roger
! (Roger)
What is the matter?
It was a revolution
What to do now? I have no key
Allow me
Is not that against the law?
It seems to be comfortable
What is your real relationship with Lauderdale, O Randy?
What do you mean?
(Written by Arthur P. Ludermilk) Loretta's loving husband "
No mention of any dear son
I met him at the hospital
I was there for the rehabilitation of drugs and he took care of me
Like his daughter who did not live in his life? - Yup
Yes, he gave me a house
... and gave me the position at Dante Laboratories, and
I'm sure he does not know what bad place he sent me
So, this zombie question was a complete surprise to you? - I swear -
You believe me, do not you?
It seems he left something to us
Doug must be waiting for us now
... knows how hard his brother tried to / font
Find Me - / font
Doug seems to have left the TV busy - Everything about what happened - / font
(in the lady's apartment (Philip / font
(Found (Joe), Lady (Philip / font
died five months ago / font
(He has not stolen a safe (Philip / font
No, but you can steal it / font
I'll look if it's in the kitchen - How dare you - / font
You know who I was when I came here today / font
But you were surprised to see me alive, right? / font
(But I'm not alive, lady (Philip / font
Sure, I can stand here and talk to you / font
I can breathe and move but I'm dead / font
Because I took that poison and nothing could save me / font
What will you do? / font
I will kill you now, I have nothing to lose / font
No, no, you should listen to me / font
Give me a chance / font
But I do not have the chance / font
(He is a dog
Let us bring him down
(I'm sorry, Roger
I did not want to tell you
I did not think you'd understand that
What are you talking about?
Lied about drug rehabilitation
... I was in hospital because I was
I was dying
I was dead
what do you mean?
Bring me back to life (just like you, Roger
But they said I would live a normal life, provided I helped them
Help who?
They lied to me
Who, O (Randy)?
(I'm sorry, Roger
(I'm sorry, Roger
please forgive me
(Alo, I) Rebecca
Listen, Rebecca
I do not exist to answer you
Leave me a message and I'll get back to you not really
(Rebecca), he died (Doug)
Randy (died)
...I wish if
Really, I wish
Numbers parallel to letters
Body Body / font
Damn, those are
! (Roger)
what are you doing here?
What do you think, (McNab)?
You'll be more detailed
Listen, if you want details
you killed me
(And killed (Dogg) and maybe you did not kill (Randy
But you had to have the morality to let her stay dead
What topic are you talking about?
Revenge, McNab, against you unless I get quick answers
But this is unreasonable I was helping you
I do not think so
Thinking (Ludermilk), designed a machine to revive people
You've tried it, have not you?
This is ridiculous
Of course (you lose your right, Roger
Your mind is deteriorating
When you buried him alive Ludermilk), wanted to charge you)
But he was afraid to write (McNab's name)
For fear that it will come back and erase it
So try something more subtle
It's an encrypted message
Using an icon inspired by phone keys
This is its abbreviation
Body doc Doctor of Bodies / font
Sounds a bit like you, right?
(This is what happens when you die, O Roger
Your nerve points converge, leading to all kinds of crazy conclusions
(My mind was never so clear, McNab
As well as my correction
You bastard
How many other people have been buried alive, McNab?
Canfield), king of blue jeans)
Oliver Lang), (Howard Preston)?)
Take these people's money to keep them alive, right?
!this is a lie
nice watch
Beautiful ring, too
My guess is that they belong to stolen jewelry shops
Give me that
When you revive these thieves you want to try them
So you send them to do what they steal to steal things
When I discovered all this she killed me
It is an intangible evidence that will not be accepted in any court
(I will not wait for any trial, O McNab
! (Roger)
I can help you
She also helped (Randy James)?
Good evening, Doctor
I 've been too late.
This villain almost killed me
Give me a diamond ring
(In fact, Roger) every action has some benefits
It takes some time to find them
And not all the world's money will compensate you (what will happen to you) McNab
The investigator appears to be in poor condition
(Not as bad as it will be, O) Theol
They shut him up
How do you want us to kill this man?
(I started to love you as my son, Roger
You are honest, trustworthy and depend on you as a scout boy
O irony, is not it, Roger?
You will spend your last moments and inches of freedom
Here in front of the morgue
For this very reason, Doctor, we should not waste more time
Yes, yes, put it in the truck
They tied him in the side bars
Please do not mind having a partner
Yes, I know it's annoying
But Smithers has long been a nuisance
(I'll send you to hell, McNab
You can not make me stay here
This truck is all armored and soundproofed if you think of asking for help
It is custom-made ideal biodegradable place
Which I think will happen almost within 45 minutes
Let 's go, Doctor, they' re waiting for us in the lab
Yes, close the door
close the door
(Happy trip, O (Roger
Rebecca), I've always thought we'd be together at the end)
But never on this picture
you and me
We will go on
This would be great
!Oh my God
Come on, you guys
Help me, help me
More hoses here
The area is hot there
I understood
You have to stay away, people
Jesus Christ
Welcome, Mr. You're not okay
its enough
I am the investigator (Mortis), the homicide department
You are a cop
I need your weapon, officer
ladies and gentlemen
Last week we were all shocked and saddened
With the news of the sudden death of Arthur B. Woodermelck
I would like to take the opportunity
To review his many achievements
But hey, why do not we let Arthur () tell you himself?)
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you (Arthur B. Ludermelk)
Dear friends and colleagues
I am pleased to see you again
(I saw you buried, O Arthur
Damn I saw you buried
(Unfortunately, you were fooled (Walter
The person who occupies my grave, is
Volunteer personally selected (by Dr. McNab)
As you will see, ladies and gentlemen
The presentation that you are going to see makes the funeral unnecessary
Have you built an aviation empire?
Only to divide your wealth among a group of wolves
Who are the trolling relatives?
Gertrude Bellman), would it be satisfactory) to see your name on a memorial plaque in the library?
(We shall all die, O Arthur
We have every means to avoid this (O) Gertrude
How many do you think we have of the rich there tonight?
Is not it frustrating that all that money
And all that innate power in your grip
Then disappear, suddenly
Suddenly, your case ends up 6 feet below the ground
While a handful of petty greed will devour everything you care about, and rodents devour a piece of cheese
Is not this sad?
Everyone is dying, rich and poor
Death does not exclude anyone
At least not yet
This is ridiculous
Well, let's face it
The poor are supposed to die
But the same rule does not apply to us
We are rich
Mr. wants us to live forever and if he does not want to
We can always bribe him
It will cost you half of your wealth
But you will have eternity to restore it
(Think of what I'm offering, Seth
Life without end
The profits of your own investments will increase for millions of years
What is your trick, Arthur?
It is not gimmick but eternal life
I know this sounds silly
It seems impossible but I am a living guide
I have prepared a small graphic for you
This man died of several hours
Come on, examine it yourself
As you have all seen, this man is dead
I will give you a small presentation of the product
Dr. McNab, if you would? - Of course -
This model is our latest model
Which grants eternal life without any restrictions
All right, do not rise
kill him
I asked that no one rise
what do you want?
You are not an old man
I want it
(You are in the dead, O McNab
You are dead more than I am
I do not think so
Dogg), you are alive)
(He can not understand what you're saying, Roger
His brain had been dead for a long time
Which means that he is mindless and very obedient
Will you kill this man?
Will you kill this man?
Dogg), stopped)
(This is me, O (Doug (Roger)
Will you kill this man?
Dogg), do not do)
Will you kill this man? - (Dog) -
(Listen, O (Doug
Do you realize that we will die on the same day?
Doug), do you know what we can do?) We can have a party for our day of death
We can invite all our friends
And we sink in
!do something
Kill him, come on, you dead brain dead
! (Dogg)
Do you remember lipstick?
Purple wine?
Highlights the color of my eyes?
Roger (?)
! (Roger)
(Hello, Doug
Welcome to the zombie homeland
... ordered me to
He ordered me to hurt you
But I will hurt him
Will you kill this man?
Hey, Willie, no
!Kill him
Why do not you kill him?
"Shut up, you stinking old man!"
No, you will not kill me, you bastards
you tricked me
(Damn you, O McNab! You fooled me
(It's over, Roger. Forget it, man
Not yet
Hello, Doctor
Do you want to see what happens when someone revives for two?
not really
Woe, no, no, no
Save the machine
It is exposed to an electric palace
We can fix it
I can make you natural again
They are immortal
I will give you what you desire
Money, power, eternal life
Wealth beyond your most beautiful dreams
But save the machine
No, no, stop
Wait, you do not understand
You will live forever
Oh hell, you're in a pitiful state (oh Roger
I saw a loaf of meat looks better than you
You are not in good shape
We kicked his ass, did not we? We spent them
(Their asses, O (Roger
Roger), do you think we'll get hurt again?)
In what?
I do not know, maybe you can choose to be the person you want to be
You mean, as a politician, or a president?
Or an award-winning novelist?
Personally I like the Incarnation as a seat for a girl bike
This is really inspiring
Do you know, Doug? - What? -
Perhaps this is the end of a beautiful friendship