Dead in the Water (2018) Movie Script

Hey, you need to tell
your sister
to slow the hell down!
The engine isn't gonna
take this much longer!
You know Gwenn
doesn't listen to me!
Well, she sure as hell
doesn't listen to us either.
Dana, it's no joke!
She needs to slow down!
I'll let her know!
Gwenn, you need to ease off.
This goddamn engine isn't...
They're not getting away
from us this time.
It's, uh... it's ready.
You only got one shot
at this, okay?
So make it count.
You're sure this
tracking device contraption
of yours, it's... it's gonna
grab on to their ship?
It should.
I think.
Hey, we're gonna lose them
in the fog if the two of you
don't hurry up.
She's sick again.
Staying topside
is the only thing
that seems to help.
Get her to the stern
so she can see the horizon.
No, no, no.
What's going on?
Why are we stopping?
Just get her to the stern!
Come on.
Hit the deck!
Are they shooting at us?
Get away from the window!
She did it.
We're tracking them.
We finally got the bastards.
Ten tons of illegal fish
and a video
of those assholes
shooting at us.
That's prison for sure, right?
First we've got
to catch up to them,
stop them before they unload.
Any idea how we're gonna
do that?
How's it looking down there?
Thought we had a deal, Gwenn.
I agree to fix her.
You agreed not to break her.
I thought we were here
to do whatever it takes.
Takes an engine
is what it takes, Gwenn.
You do know how a ship works,
- Just tell me when...
- Need a hand here.
Do you know
what the problem is?
We just make it look
too damn easy.
Hell, yeah.
I think it's over.
I need to sit down
for a minute.
Getting shot at...
not what I signed up for.
Tell me this doesn't happen
all the time.
Don't ask me.
This is my first time out.
Are you guys all right?
We're not shot,
if that's what you mean.
They're gonna pay for that,
I promise!
Dana, is everything okay?
This is gonna be
a long three months.
You okay?
I never should have gotten
on this ship.
What was I thinking?
Aren't you, like,
their fish expert or something?
Love fish.
Hate the water.
I know.
The irony of it all
isn't lost on me.
I'm a lab rat,
but my university
makes me come out
once every three years
for my accreditation.
Must really love
what you do.
Right now, not so much.
what brings you to the middle
of the North Pacific?
I'm a med student.
Well, I was.
Um, actually...
it's kind of a long story.
Did you see that?
See what?
We're on it.
I know.
I'm just trying
to keep Gwenn
out of your hair.
Hey, Gwenn, it's Dana.
We'll have an estimate
on the engine in...
One hour.
Two hours.
Listen, I need everyone
on the bridge.
It's important.
That's a hell of a storm.
Over 100 miles wide.
And growing.
And we're directly
in its path.
Getting shot at,
no engine...
this just keeps
getting better.
You know what happens
if we hit that storm
with no engine.
Well aware, Rusty.
- What happens?
- Without the engine,
we can't turn into the waves.
If we can't turn
into the waves...
We capsize.
How long do we have?
At its current rate, I'd say
just under three hours.
There's... there's something
in the water.
Was it a boat you saw?
It looked like...
like someone was trying
to hold on to something
in the water.
It was hard to make out.
But you're sure
you saw someone.
It was nearly dark, but...
I don't...
Did you see anything
out there?
I'm not sure.
Look, I'm sorry,
but I think we're wasting
our time here.
It's not like we don't have
enough to deal with as it is.
I'm with Rusty.
It's not like there was
a distress call
or anything, right?
I mean, where would they
have come from?
What about
the Chinese trawler?
Someone could have fallen
overboard in the chaos.
And they don't circle back
to get them?
Look, I know
I saw something, all right?
If it is a person, we can't
just leave them out there.
You're right.
She's right.
So how's this?
Uh, me, Erika, and Michelle,
we take the lifeboat out;
We have a look.
Everyone else focuses
on getting the engine fixed.
We come back the instant
you're up and running
whether we find something
or not.
If you go out in this,
you're never gonna
find your way back.
Keep the searchlight on.
Make sure it's always
in sight.
We have to know.
Is anyone out there?
Can anybody hear me?
Here's the hose.
Kat, the hose.
- What if this doesn't work?
- It will work.
Yeah, but what if it doesn't?
Kat, I need you to focus.
There's no engine we can't fix,
am I right?
Am I right?
You're right.
Now, let's get this done.
Is there anyone out there?
Can anybody hear me?
Thought you hated
the water.
Yeah, don't remind me.
Can anyone hear me?
Hey, do you hear that?
They got the engine going.
So we should be
heading back, right?
Like you said.
We haven't been looking
for that long.
I'm sure we can spare
a few more minutes.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
Just stay calm.
I'm sure they'll have it
powered up any...
- Michelle?
- Michelle!
See if you can find
a bigger clamp.
What the hell happened?
You happened, Gwenn.
We're just trying to fix it
with what little
we've got, okay?
- What about the generator?
- Its pump
to the main fuel line
is shot.
We told Gwenn already.
Look, without
that searchlight,
Dana's not gonna have
a hope in hell
of finding her way back here.
We hear you,
but one problem at a time,
all right?
Oh, found one.
- Michelle?
- Michelle!
- Where is she?
- Michelle?
Where are you?
- Come on! Grab hold!
- Take my hand!
- Come on!
- Pull!
- Pull!
Oh, my God!
I don't think...
I'm a big fan
of the water either.
The power's back on.
They got the engine going.
Is he alive?
- This guy sure as hell
didn't fall off
a fishing trawler.
I'm surprised he's still
alive, considering how cold
that water is.
You got that right.
Okay, we're gonna need
your help.
Come on, girl.
You can do it.
Um, I need
the defib paddles.
It's in the cabinet,
over there.
Can someone get a knife
or scissors?
How long could someone
survive in water that cold?
15 minutes.
Maybe 30, tops.
- S-so this guy
should be dead.
Yeah, he's going to be
if you guys don't hurry.
Sir, you need to sit back.
- Let go!
- Please... please let go.
Sir, you... you need
to let her go
so we can help you, okay?
We're just trying to help!
Calm down, sir!
No one is trying to hurt you,
- Oh, God.
- Are you okay?
- Fine.
I'm fine.
Help Rusty!
Let me take that.
I'm getting the rifle,
and then I'm gonna go find him.
- A-alone?
We'll all go.
We'll take this deck
if you want to look topside.
- Here, take this.
- There are bigger knives
in the mess hall!
What just happened here?
I don't know.
Dana, wait up.
No, no, no.
No, my knife. No.
Come on.
Dana, where'd you go?
Dana, please.
- You need to stay close, okay?
- O-okay.
Hey, stop!
Hey, asshole.
Did... did you...
What choice did I have,
We need... we need some help
on the bridge!
He stabbed Gwenn!
- I-I'm gonna get
the first-aid kit.
It's under the sink,
over there.
That psycho attacked her!
We need to do something!
We don't need to worry
about him any more.
She, um...
She killed him.
Did to him what he was
gonna do to us.
What, we should have waited
until he killed
one of us first?
This is going to hurt.
You should set
the autopilot.
We need to call
the Coast Guard.
Yeah, like hell we do.
There is a dead man
on your ship.
What are you gonna do,
just throw him overboard
and pretend
none of this happened?
Look, I did
what had to be done.
Will the both of you
just stop?
Let's get clear of this storm,
and then we can decide
what's best to do.
A few hours, it's not gonna
make a difference.
Now, we need to get
that body inside
before we hit any weather.
You guys?
What... what is it?
he's, uh...
He's gone.
I thought you said...
Well, he sure as hell
looked dead to me.
Kill me.
When he grabbed me earlier
in the sick bay...
I-I think he said,
"Kill me.
"Kill yourselves.
End this."
I thought the engine
was fixed.
It was fixed.
That man's still
out there somewhere.
Lock those doors.
Generator's kicked on.
Turn that off.
Okay, everyone just...
take a breath.
Take a breath?
Did you not hear
what he said to her?
He was probably in shock.
Who knows what being
in the water that long
did to him?
Well, it sure as hell
didn't kill him
like it should have, right?
Be careful with that, Kat.
No, he shouldn't
have survived that.
- What about the 12-inch blade
Rusty buried in his stomach?
Should he have been able
to survive that?
He crawled off somewhere,
He crawled off and died.
No one can survive
an injury like that.
That's my point, Rusty.
He should not have survived
in the first place.
She's right.
How do you explain that?
Look, he's either dead,
or he's not,
but none of that matters
if we don't get
the damn engine fixed.
That storm is gonna be on us
within the hour.
Without the engine, we all know
what that means.
Even if we call for help,
no one would ever
get to us in time.
Looks like it's up
to you and me.
Like that's something new.
Sparks and I will come
give you a hand.
We will?
You guys go ahead.
I'm right behind you.
Where are you going?
I need to find out
where our friend went.
Shouldn't we all
stick together?
We'll work a lot faster
if we're not
constantly looking
over our shoulder.
I won't be long.
Dana, wait.
If he's not dead...
you'll finish him, right?
Get the engine fixed.
Genny's gonna need gas.
God damn it.
Just perfect.
What the hell is going on
down there?
Generator's out of gas.
We're on it.
I'll get the gas.
I need a little light
over here.
All right.
We're gonna get
through this, right?
You know why?
'Cause we're just
too damn good.
Damn right we are.
This is no time for jokes.
What the hell happened?
Why would someone do this?
We'll never get this fixed
in time.
We'll never get this
fixed in time.
What are we gonna do?
He's here!
He's... he's in here somewhere.
Oh, God.
What happened here?
We're in serious trouble.
Where's Sparks?
I don't know.
She was just here.
Are you in here?
What is it?
- Oh, God.
What happened?
I don't know.
She's hurt.
Let her go!
- Get him off!
I think he's dead.
I think so too.
From here on in,
I don't think anyone
should be touching him.
What do you mean,
we shouldn't be touching him?
We've all touched him.
See this?
Was that there before?
we never had a chance
to look that closely.
Dana, she just said
not to touch him.
Well, that's not good.
There's nothing we can do
about this now.
We need to focus on getting
the engine fixed.
Kat, what the hell
are you doing?
I'm getting off the ship!
You should all do the same!
Don't be stupid, Kat!
Go the other way!
Cut her off!
Oh, God.
You need to stop, okay?
You're not thinking
this through.
I'm getting off this ship,
with or without you.
And go where?
She's right, Kat.
Closest land
is over 600 miles away.
You'd run out of gas
long before then.
I guess I'll have
to take my chances.
You really think you're gonna
make it out there in this?
If you care so much,
help me with the bigger boat.
In either boat, you're gonna
end up in the water.
Then you're done for.
That's a guarantee.
If we stay on this ship,
we're all done for.
Can't you all see that?
I mean, who knows
what that guy had?
For all we know...
we have it now too.
the only hope in hell
we have of surviving this
is if we get that engine
going again.
I'll never be able
to do it without you.
You don't really think
that mess down there
can be fixed, right?
It can.
If you help me, it can.
Just stay back, all right?
Going out there
is a death sentence.
But if that's what you want...
and you want to leave us
out here to fend for ourselves,
then we're not gonna stop you.
I just... I don't want
to die, okay?
Not out here.
Not like this.
Then I suggest
we all get busy.
That is, if we're done
with the theatrics.
You head up to the radio room.
We're gonna send
that mayday, okay?
I'll try and steer us
into the waves.
Maybe buy us some time.
I'll come help you.
- Okay.
- You guys go with Rusty.
She's gonna need all the hands
she can get.
I'm... I'm sorry.
I can't go back in there.
Not until that body's gone.
Well, does anyone
have a problem now
with throwing him overboard?
that's the last thing
we should be doing.
Well, I've had
just about enough
of your holier-than-thou,
self-righteous bullshit.
He was sick, right?
And we've all come
in contact with him.
If he is contagious,
we need to know with what
before we all end up like him.
Is that something
you can do?
Michelle can do an autopsy.
I'll assist her.
Wait, what?
I'm not qualified to do that.
I barely got through
half of med school.
I can't.
You're gonna be okay
to do this, right?
You don't understand. Uh...
I-I really don't do well
in... in stressful situations.
That's why I-I washed out
of med school.
We're gonna take it slow.
One step at a time.
One step at a time.
Pull away his shirt.
I'm gonna collect
some data, okay?
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
This is the "Amphitrite"
immediate assistance.
We're broken down in the path
of a Category 3 storm
at 2-5 degrees
3-2.9 minutes north,
1-4-2 degrees
4-4.9 minutes east.
Again, we are requesting
immediate assistance.
I'm telling you,
there's no one out there.
No one was stupid enough
to hang around
in the path of this storm.
Just keep trying, okay?
Mayday, mayday.
This is the "Amphitrite"
immediate assistance.
Does anyone copy?
Mayday, mayday.
This is the "Amphitrite"
immediate assistance.
- You doing okay?
I think so.
The ballasts are full now,
so it should stabilize us.
At least for a while.
No, I mean...
I mean, are you doing okay?
Mayday, mayday.
This is the "Amphitrite"
immediate assistance.
We're broken down
in the path
of a Category 3 storm.
You mean, uh...
am I doing okay
with the fact that...
if it wasn't for me,
we wouldn't be in this mess?
Am I doing okay
with being the one responsible
for possibly getting
us all killed?
No one is blaming you.
I'm blaming me.
This is my ship.
It's my responsibility,
and, uh...
I pushed...
I pushed too hard this time.
No one could have known
what was gonna happen
when we let that man on board.
We did what was right.
Dad would have done
the same thing.
When did, uh,
my little sister
get so grown up?
I had to grow up.
I had to look after you.
Dana, this is Michelle.
We got something down here
you guys might want
to have a look at.
I've got this.
I'll be right there.
Mayday, mayday.
This is the "Amphitrite"
immediate assistance.
We're broken down in the path
of a Category 3 storm.
Does anyone copy?
You really think
that's necessary?
I've had enough surprises
for one day, thank you.
Anybody tries to open
one of these doors,
I want to know about it.
Do you think you're ready
to get to work now?
You think you've really got
a way to fix that damn thing?
You doing okay?
I think so.
uh, it's at the... at the bottom
of the door.
We found it
in his pants pocket.
I doubt this will
power on, but...
maybe Sparks can get something
off the SIM card.
The other one is just
Sparks' video camera.
We found it on the floor
in here.
Maybe there's something
of use on it.
Uh, I-I'd wear gloves
if you're gonna be handling
either one of them,
just to be safe.
Did you guys
find anything yet?
I should get back.
Let us know as soon
as you find something, okay?
How many more do you need
for the biopsy?
This should do it.
- Can you reach it?
- I think so.
Rusty, you hear that?
It's just the rudder shaft
sending vibrations
through the hull.
Got it.
Rusty, you there?
Rusty, you still in here?
Mayday, mayday.
This is the "Amphitrite"
immediate assistance.
Is there anyone out there?
Mayday, mayday.
The SAT phone
was in his pocket.
You think we can get anything
off the SIM card?
- I-if it's not
too damaged, yeah.
Hey, give me a hand here.
Michelle said
to put gloves on
before touching it.
Copy that.
Each cluster
is proportionally the same,
but each new cluster
is slightly larger
than the previous.
An infection or disease
wouldn't spread like that.
No, it wouldn't.
What do you think it is?
I was hoping you'd be able
to tell me.
Face your fears, right?
You've got this.
Let's get this over with.
Everything except the heart
is atrophied.
That's not possible.
Don't stop now.
Almost there.
Just breathe, okay?
Come on!
What is that?
I can't breathe.
Michelle, you need
to leave your mask on!
I can't breathe.
Leave your mask on!
Leave it on, Michelle!
Oh, God, get it off!
- Michelle, go!
What the hell is that?
Rusty, can you guys
top off the generator?
Looks like
she's almost out.
Do you copy?
Oh, son of a bitch.
You guys in here?
Hey, Gwenn?
It's Dana.
Uh, Rusty and Kat
aren't down here.
Are... are they on the bridge?
Gwenn, are you there?
Don't move.
I said don't move.
Gwenn, you don't need
to do this.
She should have
said something.
Gwenn, please.
What the hell is going on?
She's got the spots
on her arm
and she didn't bother
to tell anyone.
She's been walking around
this whole time
and hasn't said a thing.
Is that true?
Go ahead.
Show her.
I said show her.
All right.
All right.
I feel fine.
You have got
a damn disease.
You are not fine.
Everyone just stop,
all right?
Just stop.
Get the hell out
of the way, Erika.
It's not a disease.
It's not a disease.
I think...
I think it's a bite mark.
A bite mark?
From what?
I don't know.
But something was feeding
on that man's body,
and as it grew,
its bite marks got larger.
The three spots?
It got larger.
It must have tried moving on
to Sparks as a new food source,
but Dana scared it off
in the engine room
before it could finish
attaching or bond itself.
is bullshit.
That man was sick,
plain and simple.
Now Sparks has probably
infected the rest of us.
We saw it, all right?
We saw it inside the man
when we cut him open.
It looked like...
like it was trying
to keep him alive.
I think that's how
he survived in the water.
It was keeping him alive
long enough
to find another food source.
You mean us?
At the rate it's growing,
it would need
a warm-blooded food source.
Not the easiest thing to find
in the middle of the ocean.
are you believing any of this?
The... the thing you saw...
you can show us, right?
It's dead.
It's gone.
Of course it is.
It... it crawled out
of the man's mouth,
and then it just...
I-I don't know, it...
it just melted.
So whatever it was,
it's dead now, right?
So there's nothing
to worry about.
What was inside
that man's body...
It was too small to have made
the bite marks.
Kat and Rusty,
they weren't in
the engine room.
Rusty? Kat?
Is that you?
- Jesus.
We... we have to get it off
of her!
- Don't touch it!
Don't let it get away!
We can seal it with this.
How's she doing?
She's breathing.
But I have no idea
what kind of internal damage
it may have done.
What if it put
one of those things
inside of her...
like you found on that man?
I don't know.
Could be what's
keeping her alive.
I've got something.
Okay, um...
the last call he made
was four days ago.
The coordinates
were put in here.
That's right in the middle
of the Mariana Trench.
What the hell
was he doing there?
The Mariana Trench?
The world's deepest part
of the ocean.
36,000 feet down.
You could sink
Mount Everest in there
and the peak would still be
a good mile underwater.
- Uh, I-I recovered fragments
of a video
that he tried to upload
from his phone.
Are... are those core samples?
They can't be.
The trench
is a protected monument.
- Wait, s-stop there.
Go back a little.
Tamor Oil and Gas.
Son of a bitch.
What is it?
They're looking for oil.
But that's illegal.
Some genius
in the U.S. government
has been talking about allowing
drilling in the trench.
Looks like these guys
were secretly trying
to get a jump-start
on the competition.
Okay, that still doesn't
explain what happened
to that man.
Or how he ended up
in the ocean
200 miles from there.
No one's ever dug that deep.
And there sure as hell isn't
any warm-blooded food source
anywhere near that depth
it could have fed on.
They're messing
with the unknown down there.
Who knows what kind
of microbe they brought up?
Something desperate
to live.
That's for sure.
Uh, I downloaded this
off my camera.
Watch the side of his neck.
Whatever it is, it's...
it's a lot bigger now.
If we see that thing again,
we need to stay away
from the smaller tentacles.
I think it uses them
like a jellyfish
to render its victim
That's probably why you don't
remember being attacked.
That's a nice thought.
This is useless
without the engine.
The ocean's just
throwing us around now.
We need to find Kat.
Find out how close they were
to getting the engine going.
We can't just ride out
the storm in here?
If we can't turn the bow
into the waves, we're...
we're eventually gonna capsize.
But there's a chance
we won't, right?
A chance we'll make it through.
All it will take
is one rogue wave,
and that wave will come.
But for all we know,
Kat could be dead already.
Food for that...
thing out there.
We all better hope
that Kat is alive, because...
without Rusty,
she's our only shot.
Look, you all do
what you want,
but I'm not going, all right?
I'll... I'll stay here
and look after Rusty.
There's nothing more
you can do for Rusty.
We need you with us...
in case Kat is injured.
I'm sorry.
I'm not... I'm just not going.
All right?
If we do nothing,
we're all dead for sure.
I'll go.
We don't have much
of a choice here.
We got to face
our fears, right?
The flares are in
the lifeboat locker.
Come on.
Um, we should probably get
some supplies
from the sick bay, right?
Just in case.
You know how to use
one of these?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
It's locked.
- Is everything all right?
- All good!
Come on.
I'm sorry.
I-I just can't.
What's going on?
You guys go!
I'll meet you at sick bay!
- What are you doing?
- I'm getting Michelle!
Come on, Michelle!
Get it off!
Get it off me!
- Michelle!
Get it off!
Hell of a way to go.
- I got the morphine.
- Good.
We need to go!
We need to get
to the engine room now!
We need to find Kat.
We need to get
to the engine room... now!
Where... where's Michelle?
She... she's dead.
I don't...
What are you doing?
- Move!
Get out of here! Go!
The hinges are rusted!
I'll give you a hand.
I know I left this open.
It's jammed or something.
Just pull!
The engine room door
won't open!
- We'll be right there.
We're in!
We're in!
- No!
- You live through this,
you hear me?
No! No!
Dana, you are not dying
because of me.
Now go!
No! No! No!
Dana, Dana, Dana.
No, we can't just leave her!
Get away from the door... now.
It was you.
you were holding down
the latches.
You were trying
to keep us out.
Get away from the door... now.
You are not letting that thing
back in here.
Do you hear me?
Better than being
a dead hero.
- Dana!
Stop it!
Stop, Kat. Stop!
- Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop, all right?
Get off her, Dana!
- Stop it, you guys!
Just stop!
All right, stop!
It's bad enough we need
to worry about
that thing out there.
Now we need to worry
about each other?
Why would you do that?
Don't you dare judge me.
You have no idea
what I've lived through
down here just to get
this thing fixed.
I wasn't about to let it all
be for nothing.
You've been working on this
the entire time?
Rusty and I just...
just started working on it
when I heard her scream.
I went looking for her.
Next thing I know, I'm
waking up behind the gearbox.
Rusty, she... she's next to me.
That thing is already on her.
Feeding on her or something.
When you came in to...
to check the generator...
I wanted to say something,
you know?
Cry out for help.
But I was so worried that...
That thing would turn on me.
she managed to get back
on her feet,
if you can believe it.
She followed you
right out of here.
She was always stronger
than me.
So you waited for her
to leave and...
you locked yourself in?
You're damn right I did.
And any one of you would have
done exactly the same thing.
You said the engine is fixed.
I just need to reroute
the fuel line.
That's great.
We're gonna get out of here.
We're gonna get through this.
There's a catch.
It'll need to be started
from the bridge.
The electrical
is shot to hell down here.
I had to bypass it.
How long do you need?
With an extra set of hands,
15, 20 minutes, tops.
I'll do it.
I'll start it from the bridge.
But first...
what do you think is gonna
kill that thing?
It might do the trick.
Where is it?
It's in the cabinet
with the wrenches.
I've got some wire.
All right.
This'll work?
Oh, it'll work.
Whether it'll kill that thing
is a different question.
You won't be able to fire it,
so you'll need
to get close enough to stab it.
Don't turn it on till
right before you need it,
or you'll drain the unit.
And obviously, once it's on...
You'll want to make sure
you don't touch the spear.
Ten minutes.
We'll be ready.
Don't you worry about us.
You guys just get
to the bridge.
- Dana, wait!
- Gwenn!
Dana, wait!
Wait up!
She's heading for the bridge!
Come on!
- Dana!
- Are you all right?
I'm fine.
She's alive!
She's headed to the bridge!
- Oof!
- Gwenn?
Gwenn, are you in here?
Hang in there.
We need to get
the engine started.
Make sure the bow thrusters
are engaged.
Good to go.
Come on, Kat.
Come on.
Call the engine room
and find out
what the hell is going on!
Come on.
Start, you son of a bitch!
Yes! Yes!
We did it!
We did it, Sparks!
I'll be right there.
I'm just gonna...
set the autopilot.
I'm coming, okay?
We're going home.
Let me...
Gwenn, no.
- N-no!
She did... did it.
She saved us.
What did you do?
Help, Dana!
Help me!
- Get it off!
- Sparks!
Help me!
Get it off!
- What are you doing?
- Killing this son of a bitch
once and for all.
Just let the storm take it!
It's gonna die
here and now!
We don't even know
if it's gonna work!
- No, no!
- Sparks!
No! Sparks!
Get out of here!
- No!
- No!
Is this it?
It'll do.
Is that you?
Where is Sparks?
Gwenn too.
I'm so sorry.
Were you able to set
the autopilot?
Yeah, I...
I set it for Guam.
- But, um...
we can't let that happen.
We can't let what happen?
There's no killing
that thing out there.
That man tried
to destroy the engine.
He... he knew
what he was doing.
He was trying to...
stop that thing
from spreading.
He was trying to stop...
stop it from getting
to anyone else.
You're not suggesting
that we...
That we let the ship sink.
With that thing and us on it.
That's crazy.
That's suicide.
Tell her.
Tell her it's crazy.
You've seen what that thing
is capable of.
Do we really want to be
the ones responsible
for unleashing that
onto the rest of the world?
Our friends?
Our families?
Who says it's not gonna find
something else
to feed on out there?
Whales, seals.
They're warm-blooded, right?
We would have died for nothing.
There's a greater chance
it'll starve and die
if it goes down with us.
Listen, all I know is,
I'm going home.
I have a life, plans,
and I'm sure as hell
not dying out here
in the middle
of the goddamn ocean.
Just because you have
no one left does not mean
you can sacrifice
the rest of us.
I'm sorry, Kat.
I really am,
but we have to do this.
- No!
- Wait, no!
- Kat.
- Let it go!
- Stop it!
- I'm not dying here!
Stop it!
- Don't make me do this.
There has to be
another option.
- Maybe there's a way to...
to kill it
you haven't thought of yet.
We can't take the chance!
I'm sorry.
- Run.
- No!
You should have finished
what you started, asshole!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.