Dead Kids (2019) Movie Script

I hope it's okay I leave my shoes on.
They're a gift from my dad.
These are worth more than your lives.
You know, I always thought my dad would be
the one to bring me here first.
But he's always busy.
It feels like he doesn't have time
for me anymore.
I still love the guy, you know?
He's my dad.
I just wish he was there more.
What about you guys?
You all got daddy issues?
What the fuck?
I feel you, man.
Drink that shit right now! Go!
-Drink up!
-Yo, come on.
Hey, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner.
I just thought it would be more productive
if there's three of us
throwing lines at each other.
Hey, just order anything.
Anything, my treat.
-I got you covered.
-We barely hang out together.
-You know, it's my first time here.
It's just two blocks away from Padua.
It's such a chill place to hang out.
You've never been here before?
Sta. Maria.
Always the dead kid.
At least I benefit from it.
Hey, that's right. Congratulations!
You got accepted at UP?
I was hoping for Ateneo.
But I'm still waiting for the application
for a full scholarship.
Oh, well.
Everyone has their own ways.
But meanwhile...
I need you guys to help me get into UP.
Next month is the screening
for their performing arts program.
And I need a lot of practice.
It seems like
you're too serious about this...
-Drama Fest.
This is the last one
for our entire high school lives
and I don't intend on losing this year.
So, as my co-actor...
Co-actor's understudy.
I need you guys
to take this seriously. Okay?
Well, I'm here.
I know.
You're a good friend, Sta. Maria.
You always have been.
Oh, shit, man.
Oh, shit, man. Oh, shit.
Yo, I'm sorry.
Look, I didn't see you there,
How are you, man?
-Are you going to replace me?
-In my dreams, Chuck.
It's a good thing that you know, bro.
Wait, what's this? A price tag?
The fuck, it's new! Wait, what is this?
-Wait, let me see.
-Oh, shit. Department Store?
-Chuck, can you stop it?
-Well, okay. Sorry.
-You guys are acting like kids.
Are we going to throw lines or not?
Oh, right.
Change of plans.
The thing is,
this is just our pregame here.
So we are all going to head to 2020
if you're coming with us.
Are you high?
2020? A night club?
I just felt like
it's a more conclusive place to...
-More conducive.
-read the script, you know?
-What the fuck? You a walking thesaurus?
-Chuck, please stop?
We're not going to 2020.
We're reading the script here.
Okay, look.
Just come with me.
I'll get you on the guest list.
We're going to have fun.
Let's drink some shots.
We'll get crazy. And Monday...
I promise, we'll rehearse, okay?
On Monday!
On our dress rehearsal, I swear.
I don't know, Chuck.
I swear, I got you.
Dress rehearsals. You promise?
Okay, guys, let's go. The tab is on me.
Yeah, that's my shit, bro.
Hey, yo, Blanco. We're leaving. Let's go.
I'll pass this time, bro. You guys go on.
You're bailing on me right now?
What the fuck? This guy. Son of a bitch.
My dad's your godfather, and you're going
to fucking bail on me now?
Son of a bitch.
You're drunk again, asshole.
So, guys, befriend a cop's son.
So you can get away with anything. Fuck!
Wait. How about Sta. Maria?
What about him?
Can't you put him on the guest list?
Are you coming, bro?
-I'll pass.
-Wait, you're not coming?
I have to do something.
And I need to get it done.
Come on, Mark.
Just this once.
Bro, are you sure?
Are you sure about that?
Don't you have a car, bro?
Well, we can give you a ride.
We can drop you off somewhere--
I'll bring him home.
-Blancs, are you sure? This guy?
-Yeah, let's go.
-This fucking guy. You serious?
-Let's go have a smoke, man.
-Let's go!
-Okay, man.
You're in good hands, bro.
See you, Sta. Maria.
Yo, say hi to Uncle Manny for me, okay?
"Seven Black Roses" by Chicosci.
This is Captain Jack at your service.
It's ten in the evening,
time for our call...
Excuse me, brother.
You guys live here?
Just me.
You live alone?
It's my Aunt's place.
I'm just renting it.
- My son?
-Oh, my God, Paolo.
-Why did you even bring me here?
-There's nothing wrong with the place.
-It's so mosquitoey. Oh, my...
-Besides, it's all that I can afford.
It's okay. The place is fine.
Mom, what if she's asking for the rent?
-So cute.
-We're going to head out now.
It's just a little hot, but it's so nice.
-And the rent we paid last time--
-We'll head out. Bye.
wasn't enough.
No wonder she's always mad at me.
But, Mom...
you have to explain to Aunt Bebe.
I got accepted into UP.
Hey, what's up, Janina! She's getting lit.
We're going to... Hey!
- What's up, girl?
- 2020!
And, Maldo, drive the fuck up, bro!
What up?
And we got Janina!
We're all fucking wasted!
- Paduans 2020, let's go!
- Paduans!
Fucking Chuck Santos
in the motherfucking building!
On the way to 2020, let's go!
Janina, what's good? You good?
- Shot.
- Shot? Okay.
Kage Bunshin technique!
Man, I'm not fucking with you, dude.
Last night was so fucking lit.
You should see the girl.
You see the girl I'm dancing with?
Holy shit, bro.
History, like most classes you take here
in San Antonio de Padua...
You should've seen Janina's ass.
It was bouncing...
-all over town, bro. a science.
It is a social science.
-Formulas can be derived in history.
-The chick you talked to?
-Equations, problems.
-She was like, "All right."
So, if you think you'll pass this class
just by sheer memorization...
I don't give a fuck.
If she wants to find me, she will.
-They're checking the--
You're wrong!
Fucking hell.
Mr. Santos.
Can you name
a historical person you admire?
Anyone. Living, dead.
And why is that?
Nothing. He's an influencer, like me.
And, I don't know.
He talks like a boss, so...
He talks like he knows his shit.
Well, it's good to know
that you have some interest in this class.
But I suggest you research more
about the person you admire.
Because it's very clear
that you have much to learn from history.
Anyway, homework.
Number one...
I want this in essay form.
Write a background
on the historical person you admire.
Where and when he grew up or she grew up.
-In the name of the Father, the Son--
and the Holy Spirit.
It's so tight!
What's up, bro?
How do I look?
Page 87.
I told you to highlight that part.
Oh, no. This won't do.
We collapsed the scene
because the third act is too long.
The scene has been removed.
What's happening?
Nothing's happening.
Be alert, please.
Drama Fest is coming soon.
Is that done? Are those done?
-Yes, sir.
-So what are you waiting for, Sta. Maria?
Put those things backstage. That's...
They just add up to the mess.
Oh, my God!
-Yes, sir?
-Drama Fest is in a few days.
Did you even memorize your lines?
Yes, sir.
My name is Father Damaso.
-Yes, sir.
-That's not even in your script.
Sta. Maria!
Chuck is late again, of course.
Do you want to throw lines?
Did you bring your script?
I think I left my script at home.
I still have to finish this.
You made these?
Shit, sorry, I broke it.
Sorry. I didn't mean to.
-How do you do this?
-It's all right.
Give it to me.
You're dead, Sta. Maria.
You made these?
You're good.
Can you teach me?
So there, my first ever performance...
While I was in the middle of my monologue
a prop fell out of nowhere.
The tree in the stage background.
It fell and I got a shock
because the crash was so loud.
So I panicked.
And I developed stage fright.
I'm still so traumatized.
I still remember the audience's laughter
because I was crying on stage.
I looked like an idiot.
I actually thought
that I wouldn't be able
to act again after that.
Good thing you gave it another shot.
Well, I believe that...
everybody deserves a second chance...
to choose their fate.
I told you guys, he's here.
Do you guys...
need something?
One thousand pesos for calculus.
Seven hundred for essays.
Eight hundred fifty if you need citations.
Not bad.
How is it going?
So you already know this fool?
Actually, bro,
we're more of business partners.
He has a part-time job for me.
-"Business partners."
This is Uy.
He's from Loyalty.
Also known as...
the famous, mighty, meaty hotdog boy!
Shut the fuck up, man.
Have you seen his viral video?
For sure you've seen it.
-Suck it!
- Open your mouth!
Wasn't it Chuck who uploaded it?
Why? Are you friends with that asshole?
I've known these fools for a while...
Since fourth grade, right?
-Yes, sir.
-We were in Gratitude section, then.
Thanks for the visit
but I need to get this done.
What's that anyway?
It's nothing.
Really, dude?
Because it looks like
you're doing homework for cash, man.
Do you want us to report you?
Where are you going?
-Take it easy, bro.
-You forgot your bag.
Calm your tits, bro.
He's just trying to get by.
He understands the hustle.
Sta. Maria, bro.
We have a business proposal.
You might be interested.
Trust me, you would want to be in on this.
Let's just say we found a solution
to our mutual "Chuck problem."
Plus, you get to earn money.
Hey, what are you doing?
Give it to me.
I can do math, too.
Dismissal. Parking lot.
Just come if you're interested.
Hey, Mark!
Yssa said you're invited tonight.
-Party tonight at Last Home!
You "shh," Jenny Mae!
But I was just there last night.
Choke on those balls, "Gaylord"!
-Fuck you.
-It's a fucking lucky shot, man.
Not bad! Sign this kid up.
Philippine team's Sta. Maria.
Step aside.
Don't show me your chest.
I'll finish this.
Drink up, sucker.
-Drink up, bro.
-Drink up, Sta. Maria!
Fuck, he's strong!
Boys and girls! Boys and girls...
This is Sta. Maria,
the nation's scholar.
The smartest Paduan student...
who came out of his mom's asshole.
-Because he's the shit!
Get that weak shit out of here,
Hotdog Boy.
Go home, guys.
-Fuck you, Paolo!
-Fucking asshole!
-We weren't ready.
30 million pesos?
We're not kidding, bro.
Are you guys kidding me?
If there's someone
that you would want
to disappear in this world,
who would you want it to be?
Paolo, for sure.
Fuck you, bro.
The one where no one would know.
The one with no consequences.
Who else would it be?
Are you guys on drugs?
You guys are going to kidnap Chuck?
Keep your voice down.
We are going to kidnap Chuck.
We have already fixed
every possible problem
except for one.
You need my apartment.
A safe house where we can hide Chuck.
Absolutely no one will find him there.
Not even Saint Anthony de "fucking" Padua
and his fucking bloodhound.
Don't you want to get back at Chuck?
After he cockblocked you?
-He didn't cockblock me.
-He cockblocked you.
You might as well forget about Janina.
She's fucking out of your league, man.
You got to have either the cash,
or the swag to get with her.
And let's face it,
you don't have either of those things.
How are you guys so sure?
How can you be certain
that they can pay 30 million?
Oh, shit, Blancs.
Chief, you haven't told this one yet?
He doesn't need to know.
Like hell he doesn't.
Fuck, bro!
Uncle Rody, Chuck's dad,
is a fucking drug lord, bro.
For him, 30 million
is nothing but spare change.
Where do you think he gets all his money
for all his clothes and his sneakers?
It's all drug money, bro,
and he got tons of them in a fucking tank!
And they're both swimming in it
like Nemo and Marlin.
Just ask Blanco, dude.
-His dad is the one protecting Chuck.
-Not now, Uy.
They're practically business partners.
Blanco is even his godson--
Can't you fucking see it?
This is our chance to get back at them.
Aren't you tired of being stepped on?
I guess that's still better
than being sent to jail.
Or worse, we could get killed by cops.
Cops only kill poor people.
Do we look poor to you?
Bro, we're not going to do this
if you're not in with us.
We need you, bro.
So what'll it be?
Are you Immanuel "Can,"
or Immanuel "Can't"?
You're all crazy.
We've always been crazy.
And it's time for you to join the club!
-Yes, babe?
Call Stacy.
Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck!
Okay. Sir, can I have
some tissue and water?
Okay, sit up. Baby, sit up.
Or else you'll throw up even more.
Drink water first.
Peter, let's go. Let's go!
Come on, man. Move faster.
-He's not following you, bro.
-Come here.
-For privacy, right?
-Let's go.
-It's because, Peter...
-It's a surprise but it's private.
I heard something, Peter.
I just want to teach you something,
because it's not nice to...
I don't know, snitch.
You know what I mean?
Because snitches
get fucking stitches, man.
-Hold that son of a bitch down.
-Stop it! It hurts!
-Go ahead!
-Please stop!
-Going to snitch again, son of a bitch?
-I won't do it again!
Sta. Maria?
Why do you look like that?
What happened to you?
Hello, what do we have here?
How are you, man? Nice hall pass.
Oh, right.
Why don't we rehearse the script?
Jan, I have this thing...
Soccer practice.
That's why I'm not available today.
Jan, sorry
but I also have something to do.
So I need to go home.
Let him be.
Once a dead kid, always a dead kid.
Not everyone
can be a cool kid like you, Chuck.
That's exactly what a dead kid would say.
Chuck, please.
Leave Sta. Maria alone.
What the fuck?
Jan, you're taking this play
way too seriously.
Whatever, Chuck.
Good luck with your
soccer practice.
Break a leg.
What the fuck?
So are you in?
Or are you out?
As long as no one gets hurt.
-That's my only condition.
-No one will get hurt.
We can't promise that.
No one will get hurt.
What's the plan?
-Wait, I'll just finish this.
So, bro, have you ever gotten a massage?
Like, ever?
-What are you talking about?
So Blanco and I
were out drinking one night.
And we decided to pregame
at Geisha's Touch Spa.
Geisha's Spa?
-What's that?
-Geisha's Touch Spa.
The one at E. Ave.
It's like the only spa
to get the best massage in the metro.
You just have to experience it
for yourself, bro.
I'm telling you it's really worth it.
And the girls there
smell so good and clean.
No, I mean...
Why do you guys go there?
I just told you the girls there
smell so good and clean.
Are you even listening?
Anyway, so Blanco and I
were parked outside.
Bro, I just noticed.
Uy never joins us
on trips like this, right?
And lo and behold, an asshole went inside.
-Who? Chuck?
- Caught him red-handed.
- That was a Thursday.
Why? What's with Thursdays?
Thursday twin special promo.
Double the cash, double the ass!
Dude, the best part is,
we were there last Thursday.
Just last Thursday.
The asshole was there again.
He's a frequent visitor.
We can only kidnap Chuck from the spa.
He parks far from that place.
He doesn't bring along a bodyguard.
The place is also secluded.
Hello, ladies.
And with all the illegal shit
going on in there,
I'm sure there will be
no reliable witnesses to rat us out.
You know what to do.
So this was the best thing
you were going to tell me?
This was your best plan?
Kidnap Chuck at the spa?
Drag him out and make all the people
drop to the floor, is that it?
Yeah, pretty much. That's the plan.
Don't worry.
I had these two scout the spa.
More or less, we know the ins and outs
of Geisha's Touch.
-Here, give that to me.
-Wait, why does it have to be my food?
-Bro, you're disgusting.
-I'm eating.
I haven't even started eating yet.
This is Geisha's Touch spa,
and this is us.
This fork is Blanco's SUV.
We are inside
the SUV.
Then we'll wait for that asshole
to go inside the spa.
-When he's inside...
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck do you think?
Floor plan.
You don't make a fucking floor plan
out of inanimate fucking objects, Pao.
This isn't a fucking movie.
Failing to plan is like planning to fail.
If we want to fucking pull this off,
we need to do it properly.
With the right--
Quick! You should've hit him
on there with more force.
All of you, move.
Where are you going?
The maid is done preparing dinner.
Are you coming down?
Your school called.
Are we going to talk about this, Charles?
Disrespect me as long as you can.
Just make sure that I won't see your face
in this house anymore.
That is if you still have the guts
to face me.
Sir, can I have spare change for food?
Fucking drug addicts.
Dad has a point. They should be wiped out.
You're all nervous, aren't you?
Paolo, what are you doing with the money?
What are you going to do with the money?
I don't know yet.
I would probably buy the new Civic.
It looks cool.
Have you seen it, Uy?
Yeah. I've seen it.
What about you, Uy?
What are you going to do with your share?
I don't know.
I might buy a Civic, too.
Nice. Okay.
What about you, Sta. Maria?
I'll go back home.
To our province.
I'll never come back here.
I'm sick of this place, to be honest.
That's good.
Do whatever you want.
And you, Blancs?
What's your plan?
Hey, guys!
The asshole's early.
Game face on, guys.
Can't see shit in this. Son of a bitch.
What the fuck is that?
It looks like we're joking around here.
What is this, bro?
Fuck, you even have this. Is that a dildo?
Cut it out!
Fuck! That's enough!
Eyes open, Sta. Maria.
Are you ready?
Once we go in, there's no turning back.
This is an act.
One act that will change your life.
I need to pee.
Massage, sir?
I hope it's okay I leave my shoes on.
They're a gift from my dad.
I mean,
these are worth more than your lives.
You know, I always thought my dad would be
the one to bring me here first.
But no, he's always busy.
It feels like
he doesn't have time for me anymore.
I mean, I still love the guy, you know?
He's my dad.
I just wish he was there more.
What about you guys?
You all got daddy issues?
What the fuck?
Son of a bitch! Fucking...
Who are you? Who the fuck are you?
What the fuck are... Let go of me!
Let go...
Do you know who the fuck I am?
I'm Chuck fucking Santos! Fuck!
Let me go!
Let me go--
Throwback to when I lost
my 5,000 peso belt in a mosh pit.
For all you screamos out there,
here's "Last Look" by Chicosci.
Show yourselves...
creatures of the night!
Thank you, Chuck.
You give 30 million or we kill boy!
-What the fuck?
-All your money belongs to us, sir.
No! You give 30...
You give 30 million!
You give tomorrow!
No money, no boy!
-What the fuck?
-What the fuck was that?
Are you stupid?
Why would I use my own voice?
Are you stupid? Why did you talk that way?
You sounded like Ryan Bang.
So they will think we're Chinese triads.
Every drug dealer knows
that you don't fuck with the triads.
But you are Chinese, idiot.
So what?
What the...
Uy, you're the only Chinese student
in our batch!
-Are you kidding me?
-You'll be the prime suspect in a probe.
Moses looks Chinese, too.
That's right, Moses.
Moses can be a suspect.
That guy's Korean for fuck's sake!
Oh, shit!
Shit, we're fucked!
Why did you do that, xiao di?
You're really stupid!
Fuck you guys.
Why don't you guys call Uncle Rody?
What did he say?
He said he'll have the money
as long as we don't hurt Chuck.
He also said...
He... He said that...
if we harm Chuck in any way...
He'll smash our brains with a golf club.
With all his clubs,
starting with his nine iron.
He's just trying to scare us. I know that.
Let's just stick to the plan.
Later, let's post Instagram stories.
I don't care if it's food pics or selfies.
Just don't post at the same time,
and do it from different locations.
So people don't suspect us
of being together all night.
I already posted earlier, asshole.
You didn't even view it.
I won't be able to post an IG story.
Why not?
I ran out of free data.
-What the fuck?
-The fuck?
Are you serious, bro?
Here, connect to my hotspot.
-Come here. Come with me.
-Hurry up.
-Where are we going?
-Wait, where the fuck are you going?
We'll buy burgers. I'm starving!
Hey, I want double patties!
Extra barbecue sauce and cheese!
Thank you.
What, xiao di ? You want to play mahjong?
Play with me, xiao di .
Fuck you.
Aren't you going to eat that?
Where's your province again?
I know what you're thinking.
I'm right, aren't I?
Just because I was born in a good family
doesn't mean that I don't know anything
about the inequalities in this world.
My dad...
is one of them now.
God, I hate that shit.
But he didn't start out like that.
But I'm not my dad.
I know what I'm doing.
That asshole Chuck?
Uncle Rody?
I'm going to take them both down.
The way I see it,
you only have two choices.
You can go to the police,
be a pussy, rat us out.
We'll all go home
holding our dicks instead of cash.
you can grow some balls.
It's your decision.
You have nothing to lose but chains.
Karl Marx.
Karl Marx.
"We have nothing to lose,
but our chains."
I don't watch Game of Thrones .
I'm from Tacloban province.
It's nice there.
I've been there once.
Hey! What are you guys up to?
Pay up, assholes.
Santos? Chuck?
He's not here?
Oh, Jesus! Mama Mary!
Hi. Hi, babe.
How are you?
Why have you been ignoring my calls?
You called?
I didn't receive...
No, I was in class.
I was in class,
and I replied to your stories.
-I replied twice.
-It doesn't count, Pao.
-What's wrong?
-How does that not count?
Are you hiding something?
I can't hide anything from you...
Oh, my friends sent this to me.
Want me to AirDrop it to you?
Or better yet,
maybe you can explain to me, Pao-by bear.
What the fuck you were doing
at this sex spa?
-Babe... Come on. Baby...
-Fuck you, you son of a bitch.
Where did you get the guts
to do this to me?
And do you know my friends say
that I'm too good for you?
I don't even know why I dated you.
I mean, really, Pao? A sex spa?
-It's not what you think. I can explain.
Well, explain, because I'm this close
to dumping your sorry ass.
Are you okay?
I've been calling Chuck over and over
but he's not picking up.
You really can't depend on that guy.
Maybe he's sick.
You know how he is.
He parties almost every single night.
Well, that's possible, but...
No, he hasn't posted anything
on social media.
What a letdown to his 50,000 followers.
Well, anyway,
since you're here and he's not,
can we throw lines at each other instead?
You've memorized this, right?
Kind of.
Bear with me.
I'm really nervous about the talent test.
You can do it. Just have faith.
Don't you have anything
to use as motivation?
So you can help
motivate yourself to do better?
Whatever, Sta. Maria.
I know what you're thinking.
Janina doesn't have a motivation
because she has nothing to worry about.
No, really. Do you?
What brings you down?
Are your parents proud of you, Sta. Maria?
This is too much.
This is too much. He is too much.
If he doesn't want
to take his role seriously,
then he's out of this play!
Before we resume this dress rehearsal,
I would like to make an announcement.
From this day on,
Mr. Chuck Santos
is no longer part of this performance.
My God.
We don't have Chuck.
We don't have a Basilio.
This is pointless. It's over! Stop it.
-It's over.
Excuse me?
Sta. Maria is Chuck's understudy.
Maybe he can do it.
You're right.
Aren't you the understudy, Mr. Sta. Maria?
Yes, you are.
From this day on,
you are now the replacement
of Basilio in this play.
Let's give him a round of applause.
-Congratulations, Sta. Maria.
-Hey, congratulations.
Let's do this!
I hope you get cancer from that.
Did you know?
Smoking e-cigarette is statistically
less probable to cause lung cancer.
Did you know that if your hand
is bigger than your face,
you have a higher chance
of getting cancer?
Have you checked yours?
Hold up. Updates?
Has Uncle Rody called?
Not yet.
If my assumptions are correct,
he's already asking your dad for help.
Which means their next move
is to ambush us at the ransom drop place.
But we still have Chuck.
That's why we need to make sure
Chuck is secured at the safe house.
We'll visit your apartment later,
Sta. Maria.
But that doesn't mean
there won't be police at the ransom drop.
Again, failing to come up with a plan
is like planning to fail.
We need to get ready.
Yes, Sir Rody. I'll do something about it.
We'll ask Uncle Rody to go there alone.
Hey, what are we waiting for?
Let's go!
But of course, that won't be the case.
Chances are police will be around.
Wait. Where's the ransom drop?
-At 2020.
-At 2020.
At 2020? Why would it be at 2020?
It's a Friday night.
For sure, the club will be packed.
No one will notice us in the crowd.
Son of a bitch!
This plan is too dangerous.
Unless we come up with a better plan,
this is the only chance we got.
What's important is that we focus,
and understand each other as a group.
So you should tell me everything.
You boys seriously need
a new meeting place.
Oh, shit.
Hi, guys.
How is your project coming along?
Is it going okay?
I dropped by to say, and to remind you,
not to forget my cut, okay?
Because I won't accept anything less
than I asked for.
Right, babe?
Yeah? Good talk.
But if you need my help, call me.
-What did you tell her?
-Son of a bitch.
-What are you doing?
-Why did you tell your girlfriend?
-We told you not to tell anyone, right?
-Why did you tell it to your girlfriend?
That sounds like a GPS app?
What were you thinking, Pao?
What's wrong with you?
-What the fuck, Paolo?
So I may have told Yssa
about the Chuck situation, okay?
Guys, she's my girlfriend. I can't...
I can't keep any secrets from her.
Wow, that's sweet.
Besides, I didn't tell her
all the details.
-Just the minor ones. I swear.
-Can you please enlighten us?
Which "minor details" you told her, huh?
I just told her
that we're kind of blackmailing Chuck.
Extortion. Something like that.
-And then what did she say?
-Guys, we're screwed.
-What did she say?
-What the fuck?
-She asked for a cut.
-So she won't rat us out.
What the fuck?
Your own girlfriend is blackmailing you?
-You really don't have balls.
-Fuck you!
You're the one without any balls
because you're gay.
You even have this Art of War bullshit.
"Planning to fail."
I'm tired of your Art of War bullshit!
-You're not Sun Tzu, you son of a bitch.
-Hey, you two! Stop it!
-Shut up!
-You're too bound to your girl.
Son of a bitch, I said shut it!
Go ahead, say something.
Stop being so loud.
We're fucked. We're so fucked!
So we only need to give her a cut.
That's it.
She's taking that out of your share.
-No way. No fucking way!
-That's right. That's only fair, Pao.
Are we supposed to pay for your stupidity?
Pay for it with our share?
They're right. You should take it
from your share, not ours.
Fine, fuckers!
I'll give her my share.
Get used to it.
That's why they call it conjugal property.
-Fuck you!
-Fuck you.
-Fuck you!
-Fuck you, you son of a bitch.
Are you guys done?
How did you guys become friends?
This Chuck is a real asshole, isn't he?
I don't get why
he has a lot more followers than me.
-Mind where you're smoking.
-Why are you even hoping, man?
People are following you
just because of your pug.
-He's not even that cute, man.
-Excuse me, Uy.
-Yohann is cute!
-Moron, what's cute about that thing?
But what do you guys think?
Can I be an influencer?
-Influencer of stupid people.
-Son of a bitch, if I--
Get off me, man!
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
You forgot to tie his feet!
Fuck you. You even went behind his back
and still couldn't take him down.
That asshole fucking broke my shin.
Son of a bitch, you guys shut up!
This asshole might hear us.
Stop it!
We can't act like amateurs.
Our lives are at stake here!
-Wait a minute.
Aunt Bebe, how are you?
What happened here?
Sorry, Auntie. I was trying to clean up.
It was just really messy.
It's not only that you can't pay rent,
but you're also sloppy.
Look at that burger on the floor!
This is crazy. If only you weren't my...
When did you learn how to smoke?
Don't you know
that vaping destroys your lungs?
I just gave it a try.
They said it can help calm me down.
But I'll stop it using it.
Stop it. The design looks awful.
It looks gay!
What's that?
What's this?
That's nothing, Auntie.
That's only a knockoff.
You know I can't buy the original ones.
A knockoff? Even if it's a knockoff,
it still costs a lot.
Do you think I don't know?
Don't take me for a fool, okay?
What's over there? You keep looking there.
Auntie, please. There's nothing...
-Move aside!
-Please let it slide even just this week.
-Move aside.
-I just need to finish this semester.
Please, Auntie. I'm asking you
one last time. Please, Auntie.
-What the fuck?
-Mark, as you're graduating...
-You brought a fucking gun to school?
-Learning English will be useful.
I knew things would be rocky
between me and your mom.
But I know how hard they fought for you
to stay in school.
Get your shit together. Don't waste it.
I'll come back next week, okay?
Make sure this place is cleaned up.
What? Aren't you going to answer that?
He doesn't answer his calls,
he doesn't clean.
-No one's answering this.
-Hey, who's that?
You bring money tonight.
You bring money tonight at 2020, la.
No! You go alone! No police.
All right.
Remember, no money, no boy.
What the fuck?
How's your leg, Uy?
Can't walk for shit, dude.
I have a bad feeling about this, guys.
With what happened to Uy,
we can't bring him.
This is dangerous.
This is too much of a hassle for us.
What are we going to do?
Nothing. We're not doing anything.
Fuck this.
Nothing, we can't do this. Game over.
What do you mean game over?
We're still doing this.
Blanco's right.
We're doing this.
There's no turning back now.
-Careful, man.
-You don't have a life.
But I do.
And I'm not going to waste it
on a stupid, fucking suicide mission.
You guys go ahead. Do it. But me? I'm out.
The three of us can't do this.
That's why we need one more.
Okay, Blanco.
Where are we going to find another guy?
At this time? The drop's in a few hours.
Who's going to say yes?
Nope. No! Fuck no.
You guys are late.
God, I love Friday nights.
Fuck. Here we go!
You guys know what to do.
Hi, guys!
It's showtime!
-Okay, listen.
That old guy holding the duffel bag?
He's making the drop.
When he leaves
and it gets crowded, go for it.
Where? I don't see him.
Shit! He's heading towards you right now!
The one with the duffel bag.
-The one with a raw sienna bag?
-Is it the one with the raw sienna bag?
-How the fuck should I know?
What raw sienna bag?
Is it the one holding a raw sienna bag?
Don't you know what that is?
Babe, I don't fucking know
what a raw sienna bag is!
He's the one holding the duffel bag, okay?
Yssa, get it now.
Guys, wait.
I know this guy.
-Oh, shit.
-It's my dad.
Son of a bitch!
Let's get out of here, bro. Yssa!
We're not getting out of here
until we get the drop.
Son of a bitch. Fuck you, Blanco!
It's my girlfriend's life
you're playing with!
Calm down!
-What the fuck?
This is mine!
-Fuck off, bitch. I saw it first.
-You fuck off, bitch!
This isn't finders keepers.
-It doesn't work that way!
-It doesn't suit you. Let go!
It's actually mine. Fuck off!
-Yeah, right.
-The fuck? Let go!
-You let go.
-Are you fucking serious? I saw...
I saw it first!
Fuck off!
Fuck off, you slut. I just want you to get
your dirty hands out of this duffel bag!
What's happening?
Bro, holy shit. I fucking know you.
He asked you a question, bro.
-I don't know you.
-Stop playing us, bro.
You fucking know me.
Fuck, bro. We have to do
something right now!
Let's go.
-Hold on!
-Fuck this!
Oh, hey, first-timers!
Time for a dance-off!
Come on, show me some moves! Come on!
-Move, punk!
-Fuck off! This is mine!
Fine, it's yours, bitch!
-Come on!
Son of a bitch! Hey!
Is he for real?
I know this guy, bro. I know him.
I said I don't know you.
What a dick.
You go there. Let's go.
Get out of the way. Out of the way!
Where are you guys?
Who are you?
I already gave you the money.
Where's my son?
What are you talking about? Who are you?
You fucking bitch!
Don't you know
who you fucking messed with?
Don't you know who I am? Where's my son?
Out of here!
Where's my son?
I don't know. Please don't...
You don't know? You really don't know?
You're dead, kid.
-This is for my father!
Yssa? Yssa, let's go!
What the... What the fuck just happened?
What the fuck just happened?
-Yssa? Yssa, baby. Baby...
I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened.
I did not...
-Oh, my God. You lied to me again.
-Babe, no. Yssa.
Oh, my God.
Who did you just kill, Blanco?
Who was that?
Blanco, you fucking asshole.
What did you do? Who was that?
Chuck's dad.
-Yssa, okay, calm down.
-What did you do to Chuck?
Yssa, think about your cut.
Your money. You'll still get your money.
-We're all fine.
-Are you fucking kidding me now, Pao?
This cut? Fuck my cut, Pao!
-Fuck my cut!
-Calm down, Yssa.
Don't fucking touch me! I trusted you.
And you used me!
Someone was killed in front of me, Pao!
What did you guys do?
Son of a bitch. What did you guys do?
Okay, Yssa...
We kidnapped Chuck, okay?
But, Yssa, he's safe, okay?
The police are going to find you.
No! There aren't any police
that's going to find us. None!
It's impossible because we kidnapped Chuck
inside a sex spa.
They're not going to rat us out, Yssa.
-Yssa, no one will ever know.
-Oh, my God.
Yssa, babe, wait.
Sex workers won't tell on us. Yssa!
Forget about her. Come here.
Take your fucking hands off me!
Fuck, she's going to rat us out.
She's going rat us out, bro!
She's not going to do that.
She won't rat us out!
How the fuck do you know?
She's fucking walking away, bro!
What if she goes right to the police?
She's going to rat us out. We're dead!
Pao, she's not going to rat us out.
She's in this with us.
She can't walk away from this
whether she likes it or not.
-She's not going rat us out.
-Oh, fuck.
We're fucked.
We're fucked.
Blanco, what did you do?
I had to do it, bro.
We were going to get caught.
Fuck this. I'm the only one
who does what has to be done here.
You told me no one was going to get hurt.
I believed you.
You're a liar!
Did I force you?
Pao, did I force you?
Did I force you?
You knew what you were getting into
from the start.
I told you
we aren't going to lose in this fight
because our lives are at stake.
Fucking bullshit, Blanco!
I'm sick and tired
of all your fucking bullshit speeches!
Don't you fucking get it?
Blanco! You killed someone, Blanco!
Son of a bitch!
That's fucked up, bro!
You're fucked up, Blanco.
You're fucked in the head!
Fuck you!
Fuck you all.
They started it, man.
They kidnapped my whole family!
They killed me first.
It's just right that they die, too.
It's just right that they die, right?
It's not too late.
Chuck is still alive.
What are we going to do?
Welcome back, motherfuckers.
How was it?
What happened?
What should we do, Uy?
Kill Chuck?
Who's going to do it, huh? You?
-I can't kill two people in one night.
-For God's sake.
No one's fucking asking you
to kill anyone.
We're not murderers, are we?
Let's let Chuck go.
I hope you guys know
how dangerous this is.
We fucked up.
And we're leaving too many loose ends.
What matters is that we have the money.
No matter what happens
this gun doesn't leave this apartment.
I was wrong about you.
You're okay, Sta. Maria.
Your life is in your hands now.
I don't know how to use this.
I'm still scared about Yssa.
-She hasn't been to school for days.
-If she says anything, we're dead.
Let her be, bro. She was just traumatized.
Fuck, even I was traumatized.
That shit Blanco pulled off...
I've seen a lot of shit on the Internet.
Nothing like this.
Forget about it.
I already did.
We're starting in five.
Break a leg, guys.
I'm sorry,
but vaping is not allowed backstage.
Whatever, dude.
Did you know?
If your hand's bigger than your face,
you have a higher chance
of getting cancer in your adult life?
Fuck you. I'm not falling for that.
How bright these lanterns are!
And such lively tunes to listen to!
And what a lovely sight these maidens are.
Show some restraint, Father Camorra.
People might talk about you.
Shut up, kid.
I am merely admiring
their God-given beauty.
Are you okay?
Our scene is coming up.
I don't think I can do this.
I can't do it, Mark. I can't do it.
Jan, you've worked hard for this
for a long time.
And you're giving up now?
-You're already here.
-Don't you get it?
Get what?
I just know, okay? Somehow, someway,
I'm going to fuck this up.
That's not true, Jan.
I know what you're feeling.
No, you don't.
I didn't get into UP.
You don't need to get into that university
to prove something to yourself.
We both know that.
That's easy for you to say, right?
Because you got in.
Oh, no. Don't pinch me.
I'm not like the maidens that you...
You know, Sta. Maria, you...
You're talking to me as if you know
about everything I'm going through.
You know nothing.
And honestly, Sta. Maria,
it really sucks
that those closest to you are the ones
who can't really see who the real you--
Who, Jan?
Those privileged fucking students?
Who never worked for anything in life?
You don't need their opinion.
-Not them, Mark.
-Then who?
Closer than that.
Sta. Maria,
the night I went out with Chuck
you should've been there with me.
But you didn't.
You know why?
-I'm a dead kid, remember?
-Dead kid?
You were never a dead kid.
You just don't know how to live.
What kind of lady are you?
Your eyes are telling me something.
You are turning red again, Father Camorra.
Don't be mad.
Maybe instead of...
pinching or touching my cheek,
you end up striking my rear.
-Or maybe beat up my...
-Hold your tongues, you wretched animals.
I am but a humble friar,
I did nothing wrong.
Hey, stop!
Stop! Drop to the ground!
Hands in the air!
-Drop to the ground!
-Stay where you are!
Nobody move!
-Nobody move!
-Come on, fucker!
Bring it on, motherfucker!
Sta. Maria, why are you here?
You still don't get it, do you, Charles?
You did this.
Hey, what's the problem? Bro, man...
Remember this...
I was never one of you.
Mark, put that down.
-This is your fault.
-You're a liar.
-We can do whatever we want, right?
-Don't you move!
-Hands in the air!
Raise your hands!
-Don't you run!
Catch him!
-Hands in the air!
-Stop! Don't run!
Take it easy, dude.
Nobody shoots! Nobody runs!
-Mark, no! It's not worth it, dude.
-Sta. Maria!
Dude, no!
-Shut up!
Fuck! You fucking animals.
He's just a kid!
-Dude. Dude, no.
-What the fuck?
Please. Fuck!
Fuck you all!
Bro, sorry. Sorry, bro.
I don't want to die yet, bro.
I don't want to die.
Come on, take him.
-Hurry up!
-Don't look at it.
-Fuck you! Fuck all of you!
Bro! Somebody help us! Help!
Somebody help us!
For the news, this Monday is the trial
for Gideon Uy and Paolo Gabriel,
the teenagers
from the Academy of St. Anthony de Padua
accused of kidnapping and homicide
after abducting their classmate.
The victim's father was also shot to death
after giving the ransom for his child.
Also found dead was Mark Sta. Maria,
a scholar student.
- He was an accomplice to the crime.
- Don't you run!
He was gunned down after allegedly
resisting arrest against the police unit
- that executed the raid at said academy.
-Have mercy, sir. Please.
Meanwhile, police are still searching
for the fourth member of the group,
a student named Charles Blanco.
Charles is known for being the son...
Subtitle translation by
Denise Azrielle Viray