Dead Leaves (2004) Movie Script

It's on.
- Who are you?
- Who are you?
What is that?
You look like a panda with that eye.
Well, you have a retro-style TV
as a head.
What the hell are we doing here?
I don't know.
I don't remember anything at all.
Aren't you cold?
I want some clothes.
I'm hungry too.
Criminals have appeared.
Criminals have appeared.
The police will arrive in one minute.
Do not interfere with the suspects.
- We need a car.
- Leave it to me.
This is the police.
Slow that vehicle down.
Ah! They're here, Pandy! Speed up!
I'll cause a distraction!
We're so powerful!
We must surely have been assassins
before our memories were erased!
- Retro, look.
- What, Pandy?
That's the moon, I think.
It's got a huge bite taken out of it.
It's good to be violent to people.
In order to protect the public peace,
we charge you with trespassing,
theft, violence, assault,
possession of illegal
firearmsand much more.
Therefore you will be imprisoned in DL,
the prison on the surface of the moon.
Imprisoned in DL,
the prison on the surface of the moon.
Hey! What are you doing?
There once was a field
with one tall tree.
There were many leaves on that tree.
A lot of caterpillars
made their meals there.
In the morning, to the sun...
In the evening, to the moon...
The tree was so tall,
it seemed to reach those heights.
"I always looked at that,
"the working ants said
to the caterpillars."
"Hey, you!
"If you're always looking up,
won't your necks get tired?
"That's why your bodies are
so stretched out,
because you're always looking up."
Whoa! What is this?
I can't move!
I can't move! Aah!
Let me out, assholes!
Does it really matter?
It sucks!
Let me gol
Are you listening?
Hey, let me outl
It's time to eat!
Wow. There are so many in here.
- Hey! Come back!
- You too!
What is this place?
Even if you don't want to eat, you should.
You won't get any more after this.
Your TV is nice.
So is your dick!
It's time to shitl
- Shit?
- Shit.
I really don't want to right now.
- It'll come out anyway.
- Huh?
This music won't make it come out.
- It'll come out.
- It won't.
- It'll come out.
- It won't come out!
Something is sucking...
It's sucking it out!
What a weird feeling.
It was gross, but it felt good.
Will you let me put it in too?
Hey! Prisoner number 931!
- 3-1!
You! You shat too much!
Look! Your tube is all backed up!
It really stinks!
Your head is useless!
Your personality is disgusting!
I sentence you to death!
You're all just damaged clones!
You aren't worth as much as shit!
Shit! Understand?
Now slide out like shit!
Shit! Assholes!
Shit, I'm done.
It's best not to piss off
Three-Six and Three-Seven.
Their heads and bodies
are built differently from ours.
Don't misunderstand anything they say.
We're all genetic mistakes,
and they treat us like guinea pigs.
I see. I'm a clone.
There's nobody here who isn't a clone.
It's okay.
If we die today, tomorrow there will bean
other batch of clones just like us.
It's okay to die anytime.
Are you okay?
Heh! I'm a doctor!
I made so many mistakes during
surgery that lots of people died,
so they sent me here.
How about you?
Me? I lost my memory,
so I have no idea.
I woke up naked outside on a street.
You can't remember anything at all?
Well, I do remember one thing.
It's probably from a child's book.
It's a story about caterpillars
looking up at tree leaves.
Then some working ants
said to the caterpillars:
"Hey, you! If you're always looking up,
won't your necks get tired?"
Your bodies are so stretched out
because you're always looking up.
If you stretch too much,
you'll break.
I'll sew you back together.
We won't need anesthesia...
If you don't quit daydreaming,
you'll be next!
They're really messed up.
I won't let that happen to me.
It's called the "mutation gene,
"which is pretty easy to say.
They illegally tamper
with the body's appearance genes
so that we become ugly mutants.
They can do what they want because
nobody in the sky cares what happens.
If we had a fight, who'd be stronger?
Shit! Shit! Shit!
What's wrong with you?
Warden, today we took eight samples,
had 15 deaths,
three copies and five breakdowns.
I'm getting bored.
Quit it.
What are you doing?
There's nothing we can do
in this position.
We have those holes
for shitting, remember?
How did we know how to do that?
That was incredible!
That was amazing sex!
How did you know
how to get out of your shackles?
- I don't know.
- Please take us with you!
Ah, okay.
Boss! Master! Mother!
General! Mistress! Brother!
Boss! It was you
who gave us our freedom.
We would be honored
to dedicate our lives to you.
Now give us your instructions.
What are you talking about?
A master with no memory.
No! That sex you had was amazing!
You snapped our shackles with such ease!
You were born to be our leader!
Your capabilities as a leader
are as big as my dick!
Oh, yeah! We must have been yakuza
before we lost our memories!
Hmm... maybe so.
That's definitely it!
We did a lot of bad things,
so they eventually caught us!
We are pretty villainous.
All right!
We've solved the mystery!
But I don't think that's totally right...
Listen up! Since I'm the boss,
you will do anything I want you to!
It's up to me whether you live or die!
- I'll do anything I want, as much as I want!
- That's it?
Okay, first we have go to the port
and get a ship.
Prison break! Prison break!
What the hell?
Here you go!
Wardenl Well, Big Sister,
the show has begun.
Now for chapter one...
Boss! Is this the right way? Here!
Uh... it's fine if it's close.
Our boss always knows!
What the hell is this?
Get the fuck out of the way, jerkoff!
Huh? Won't the elite clone over
seerplease let us pass?
They're coming out
like machine gun bullets.
It never ends!
We have to get out of
this place now!
Okay, everyone! Let's run!
Hold on to the back of this bike!
Aw! The Boss is the only one
who gets to ride!
Ow! Ah! Geh!
Boss, my face is burning!
- Boss, it's too narrow!
- Deal with it!
- What is this?
- It's a passage for cargo.
Okay. If we take this passageway
straight, we'll go right to the port
Aren't you a little late?
Your next opponent is waiting.
What's going on?
- It's huge!- And so smooth.
Wow, Boss!A robot! A robot!
Run! Run!
It's here! Run!
It's going to eat us!
I'll take care of it!
Give me your dick!
Where do I put it in?
Is the ass okay?
That's not what I meant!
In that vent!
It's narrower than before, Boss!
I can't take it!
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
It feels good to be squeezed!
It's incredible that
the armory was in there!
How did you know
it was there, Boss?
I don't know!
I'm good with this.
They're rather tough.
They're very energetic
for being in cold sleep for years.
But now it gets serious.
Let's see if you can get us there!
Sergeant, are you okay?
A train!
- A train! A train!
- This will definitely take us to the port!
Get on! Get on! Hurry up!
Scumbag, eat this!
How's it going?
Boss! Can we really
reach the port this way?
Why? Why do we know so many things?
Like where the armory was.
We must have been to
this prison before.
Before we lost our memories.
Well, we were Yakuza, after all!
We must have been put away here.
Oh, Heaven, please forgive us
for our violent words and actions.
It's pretty late for that now.
Well, let's kill them all!
Big Sister, it's Chapter 3.
Get ready to stand by.
I'm ready.
What the hell?
Next to the armory
was a liquor storage room!
Hey! Is there a doctor here?
I'm a doctor.
She said she felt bad,
and suddenly started puking.
Her belly is so big!
She's pregnant!
Yay! Yahoo! Congratulations!
It was so sudden.
When did this happen?
- If you think back a little...
- Huh? Me?
That was just a little while ago!
- So he came inside her?
- I envy him!
It could be a very good thing!
Your child carried the mutation gene.
The mutation gene is very powerful.
- What is that?
- You don't know?
I don't know.
- You really don't remember anything at all.
- No.
Let me explain then. Our past!
In fact...
I'm a secret agent?
A spy?
I don't know for sure,
but that's what it seemed like.
You both were here years ago.
And for some reason the warden
made you do secret work for the prison.
That all ended one day years ago.
That day, I...
A secret agent!
Yay! The boss is a spy! A spy!
What? Your red eye is throbbing,
isn't it?
Something is nearby...
You're having a reaction...
It's those two for sure.
The children of the mutation gene,
the last of the living
weapon experiments.
Three-Six and Three-Seven.
The Grim Reaper is obsessed
with you two.
What the...
- This isn't the way to the port!
- What?
We're headingin the opposite
direction of the port!
Stop the train!
- Can't you put on the brakes?
- Do something!
- It's them.- Them?
Band together!
Now you will all die!
This is revenge for the Sergeant!
Fire! Fire!
You'll never hit me!
That's impossible!
You don't listen.
I told you I'd kill you all!
Your stupid little bullets
have no effect on me!
You do a good job.
Now let's get it on for real.
Boss is a spy! A spy!
We seem to have
some things in common,
but it doesn't look like
we're going to be able to talk.
If we don't kill you
then we will surely die.
I'll get your panties off!
I love your panties.
- Boss!
- Are you all right?
Now do a line dance!
You lower yourself to that level.
It's dirty!
- Where are we?
- The factory.
What the...
This is the prison's secret work...
using genetic engineering
to illegally create living
weapons through the mutation gene.
Through black market
dealing with armies,
the warden supported
a very good life for himself.
Eight years ago, there was a terrible
incident in the factory with
the mutation gene.
You happened to be there at the accident,
and the gene was lodged in your eye.
I remember now. I was reading a book
to someone after her father was gone.
The sad caterpillars
in the children's book.
When they grow up
they can fly up to the leaves.
They have to eat a lot
until their green skin is broken open.
She thinks I killed her father.
She's revised history.
So it's revenge.
So I want you to kill
that trouble-making creature!
That filthy whore!
Wait! I can't do that for you!
So you're still alive,
Doctor Yabu. Now die!
Is that all of them?
So strong! That's power!
No chance to win...
Shit! With my size and rigidity,
we will not be beaten!
The robot got hacked?
But we can't keep
our honored guest waiting.
Eh? Still? Again?
Now pray to God!
My God is drilling into your head!
Now you pray!
Your blessings are gone,
clone scum!
It exploded?
Don't kill her!
Don't kill her...
Don't kill her...
You're too late.
It takes you a long time
to remember, doesn't it?
Hey, have you ever believed
things for years and were suddenly
shocked to realize
that you completely had the wrong
impression or totally
misunderstood them?
Never! You're playing with me.
I've never made a mistake.
You got your stubbornness
from your father.
It's been eight long years.
Am I in time?
What's happening?
It looks like we were
in cold sleep for years.
Huh? Really?
So that's why we can't
remember anything.
Eight years ago there was
a violent incident at this factory.
We escaped, but the capsule malfunctioned
and made an emergency landing on Earth.
I don't get it at all.
Well, no point in talking
about the details.
But it is funny. You and I were
fighting over your father.
Huh? So she's your
ex-boyfriend's daughter?
You slut!
That was years ago,
but I remember it like it
was yesterday.
It was yesterday to me.
Doesn't matter. I don't care.
Now give me the mutation genesin
your right eye.
They're really Papa's, after all.
If I get them I can complete his plan.
No way. N-O.
Well, let's fight then, shall we?
This body I got from Papa
will help me kill you
and take that eye.
I have to warn you first:
I couldn't care less
about that perverted old freak.
I don't care what you did
for those years either.
You're being selfish as usual.
Still the same idiot opponent.
Sorry, but I won't let you get me.
I don't want to do this.
I really just want to sleep.
See ya.
Hey! You seem like you're mad,
but are you okay?
I can't see out of my right eye.
My belly hurts really bad too.
You need to get out of here.
This is a reversal for you.
There's no reason for us
to have to fight.
Very well. I'll give you a reason.
It's reacting!
The power is far beyond
our expectations!
I really want it now!
Having to work for it
makes me happy!
How's this?
Things change over the years.
Not bad.
What is it? Are you hungry?
Is it the grippe?
Uh, belly? A baby?
Of course.It's the child of
a mutation gene carrier.
That's the best material!
You don't need that
right eye anymore.
All of the genes are being pulled
into that baby in your belly.
This is the completion of the plan
that Papa created and
I have kept alive.
Goodbye, Big Sister.
Huh? What the hell?
I don't have a body!
What is up with you?
You survived.
I see you did too,
in that special form.
- What do you mean?
- Look!
- It's glowing!
- Pandy?
Retro, you survived?
Yeah, but if you don't get me
surgery for my body...
Isn't there something that you can use
instead for the time being?
- Eaten...
- Nothing I see shocks me anymore.
She wants to follow
the children's book.
"The huge caterpillar grew
into an even larger butterfly."
Well, it's not great,
but this will do for my body.
It fits you.
- I can't do anything with this.
What in the hell...?
That thing is bigger now!
Well, as usual, it's not
that I feel no responsibility.
Hurry up and let's
get the hell out of here!
I think the only way to do it is to jump
it in its mouth and set off an explosion.
Isn't that a good way
for all of us to die too?
- Are you okay, Pandy?
- It's no good. I'm too weak.
Hey! Hey!
There's no atmosphere around us!
I don't really understand any of this,
but son, we can't let you go alone.
It's really sad.
We just had a baby and all.
He went from conception to birth
to old age to death in one day.
I don't really feel anything.
Look. Now the Moon
is even more worm-eaten.
I wonder what we really are.
I know what happened years ago,
but I still can't remember it myself.
Were we really spies
or just bad guys
or clones or what?
Does it really matter?
It doesn't really matter, does it?
We're away from the surface of the Moon.
Hull integrity has been compromised!
We've entered Earth's atmosphere!
Wah! Crap! Crap!
Where is the firefighting equipment?
Emergency procedures initiated.
Emergency procedures initiated.
Automatic cold-sleep system engaged.