Dead Man (2024) Movie Script

What's going on?
You jerks!
Where am I?
What's this?
You jerks!
What the hell... What's going on?
(Kim Hee Ae)
Who are you people?
(Directed by Hah Jun Won)
(Open Year-Round Sauna)
(Six months ago)
Lee Sol.
Lee Sol.
My daughter, Sol.
I've always loved my wife.
I think it was for
about six years... Right?
We tried to have a baby,
and she finally got pregnant.
I'm about to be a dad.
He's a person who doesn't even
know how to love his body.
He's had hepatic cirrhosis four
times from bribing over alcohol.
I was terrified
he'd be dead every morning.
Please get me
a divorce immediately.
No way.
You know I've lived my life
at full pace, Su-hyun.
You see, no matter
what was going on,
I've not once missed sending
her living expenses.
You need to give me that.
What you did was wrong.
That's a crime.
Narrow gathered, wisely spent.
That's what we should be doing.
Do you think
I want to live this way?
Okay, let's calm down a bit.
From the data,
Mr. Lee Man-jae submitted,
I see that you're victims
of the Smile Bank Crisis.
You've been struggling financially
since then, correct?
We hit rock bottom.
But I needed to protect my family.
I'm here.
We've spoken on the phone.
Hello, sir.
Like I said on the phone,
kidneys, livers, corneas
pancreas, tendons, and retinas
are traded in the market.
- But I only take kidneys.
- Are you sure...
Are you absolutely sure
they're 100 thousand dollars?
The price depends on
the size of each side.
About 20 thousand dollars?
Jeez, what am I going to do?
I even find it scary
to get injections.
I'm terrified of being cut.
You don't buy
anything else, do you?
- Pardon?
- Sell your name, then.
Na... Name?
How do I sell my name?
You buy names?
Dude, take a good look at this.
Would you say this is a car
that's been registered legally?
What do you mean...
It's worth the same as a car.
I'm saying even a scrapped car
with its parts disassembled
has the same value as long as
its number plate is valid.
The same goes for men, too.
One's name can be lucrative means.
I bet you two
went through difficult times.
I heard you're planning
a new business.
Yes, I'm planning investment
immigration to Australia.
To do that, I need some documents.
It takes about six months
for me to get everything I need.
As you know, the education system
there is excellent.
It will be good for our child.
And for Su-hyun...
Her dream is to be
a music teacher.
It hasn't happened yet
because of me.
I'm going to make sure
her dream comes true.
I made a name for our daughter.
It's Lee Sol. What do you think?
In Korean, it means a pine tree.
In Spanish, it's the sun.
In French, it means the land.
Isn't it awesome?
It's cold, isn't it?
How come it's here already?
Look, Su-hyun.
The world would be
a happy place if things
work out as
the meaning of people's names.
Hey! Su-hyun, I...!
Has she left?
Do you even have a plan?
Why did you tell them you'd quit?
I know.
Don't you have
anything good for me?
And is that supposed
to be a gift for a baby?
I've got a jaw-dropping
proposal for you.
(Gonjiam Hot Spring Hotel)
I want no part
in this kind of crap.
I've already given it
to my distant relative.
This one is on
a whole different level.
10 thousand dollars by net
per month and for six months.
The terms are awesome, so I should
get 10% for my commission.
- Damn jackpot.
- Really?
Since this one's going to be
your last one,
let's get you a new legal seal,
an expensive one.
What am I? A guy with
hundreds of legal seals?
You've heard Mr. Jin
of Inye House, haven't you?
I'm not sure.
He makes legal seals
that can change one's fortune,
carried within their name.
Everyone wants a piece of him,
from politicians
to CEOs of big companies.
Apparently, his seals
are super expensive.
You could ask
about your child's name
while you're there.
One stone, two birds.
"Man" stands for ten thousand
and "Jae" stands for wealth.
- Yes, sir.
- But...
Your fate is to lose
every fortune you get.
It looks like it will be hard for
you to keep your family together.
You're not with your wife
anymore, are you?
We're planning
to get back together next year.
Do you reckon we'll work out?
You're attached to the two things
that are too good for you.
Those are your name and your wife.
Get rid of your name
and leave your wife.
That way, you'll live.
How can you be so sure?
Okay. I got you.
To be honest,
when it comes to my name,
it's worn out already.
Enough of that. You know,
I'm having a daughter very soon.
I named her Lee Sol.
What do you think of her name?
I'm talking about things like
her fate, health,
and if she'll make some money.
What does fate mean?
It means to drive one's life.
That means one's name value
depends on
how she's driven her life.
Do you believe in it?
(Lee Man-jae)
This is as good as it gets
for a puppet boss.
I'm handing it to you
because of your reputation.
Okay. I understand what you mean.
What's important is that it's
for six months with no extension.
Are you really leaving
after this deal?
Gosh, you sure stuck around
for long in this harsh field.
Is that why you're called phoenix?
I just got lucky.
Come on.
Tell me what your secret is.
I'll tell you this.
"Sell sand in a desert and
refrigerators in the North Pole."
For me, this tie is my pride.
Oh, that tie is fierce.
You were a salesman
before, weren't you?
Even when I was on the run after
my business collapsed,
I always had this tie on.
(SPOTECH, Seoul)
What the...
No way!
Oh! Block it!
No! God damn it!
Damn it!
My money!
That piece of crap!
My money!
(Approver: CEO Lee Man-jae)
(CEO Lee Man-jae)
(CEO Lee Man-jae)
(CEO Lee Man-jae)
(CEO Lee Man-jae)
(CEO Lee Man-jae)
(Statement of Hospitality)
(Daeyeon Tax Office:
10 thousand dollars)
(SPOTECH Sales Book)
(Revenue of E-SPORTS:
52 thousand dollars)
(Monthly Use Fee for the Lounge:
63 thousand dollars)
(SPOTECH Sales Book
Delete? / Yes)
Hit harder if you've lost money.
Hit harder!
May I ask where you're from?
Are you the CEO?
I dropped by since I sensed
an abnormality in stock trading.
Is that so? I know everyone
who has jurisdiction over here.
People from
the Financial Supervisory Service
or Fair Trade Commission usually
notifies us before they come.
I guess you're not
from either of those.
Come on.
What a piece of crap.
Say, I'm from
the Fair Trade Commission.
Are you really going to act stupid
like just now?
Who the hell are you?
You just...
- He's with the company.
- What?
He's with the company.
My apologies.
Is it harder to die or to live?
To live is harder.
Do you know why?
It costs money.
Have you got it?
It's 400 thousand dollars in cash
that you can use right away.
To be
or not to be.
That is the question.
It's for you to
to bribe the tax office later on.
Knock it out of the park.
(Business Plan:
Food Truck Business Plan)
(Business Outline:
Desert in Australia)
(Fruit Punch / Food Truck)
(Su-hyun: Don't you still get it?)
(What we need is not money)
(SPOTECH, Four months later)
My money!
(SPOTECH, Lee Man-jae)
- Hi.
- Hi.
You're match-fixing again,
aren't you, punk?
You really want to
do that again, huh?
Have you forgotten
Dongbaek Rangers kicked you out?
Don't bring that up.
What did I tell you?
What's the problem
with this world?
People think too much,
yet they earn too little.
That's why
you need to think straight.
Not just any thoughts.
The thoughts
that will bring you money.
That's what I'm doing now.
Can't you see?
I'll get money
out of this dividend.
Take a look at this.
This is the thought
that will bring money.
What's this?
There are tons of kids
sand-boarding in the desert.
Imagine how thirsty they must be.
(Selling fruit punch)
Selling Fruit Punch In the Desert
is just like giving
the uppercut punch.
I know this will work.
I'd rather go
back to match-fixing.
I have tons of juniors...
- It won't work?
- Stop hitting me!
Knock it off!
- Come on, man.
- You punk.
Wait! I've got a call.
To the airport? Now?
It will be good for you
to take some rest.
Why am I going
long-distance already?
It will be done in two months.
Do you think
they'll do "hat switching"?
You're jinxing it. Knock on wood.
No need to sweat, bro.
Are you sure
this is your very last time
working as a puppet boss?
Things start to change
when you have a baby.
I'm concerned about how
my daughter would think of me.
I'll think of it as my inheritance
from my parents.
I've made a good career
out of selling my name.
I'd like to put an end to it now.
(I'm going on a business trip.
I'll call you when I arrive.)
Oh, hello.
What's going on?
Have I been tapped?
The tax investigation is
more thorough than I expected.
This is 20,000 dollars.
Keep down for just a month.
What if it takes longer
and affects my plan?
Will you take the fall
all on your own?
Everything's under your name.
Wear this.
I'm telling you, I can't let you
drag this thing longer. Okay?
Don't you worry.
Just take care of yourself.
I'll take care of it here.
You know what to do
with Su-hyun...
Okay, just go.
I'll get going then.
Good luck!
- Don't worry about your wife.
- This is nuts.
(Macau, China)
(Day 3)
(Day 10)
Hello, Su-hyun.
You're giving birth to Sol
in two weeks time, right?
You are well, aren't you?
And the date I promised
is next week, right?
I'll make sure I keep my word.
So we...
I'll see you then.
I'm doing well.
Your message is saved.
A major financial scandal has
broken off in South Korea.
SPOTECH, a start-up company
based in South Korea,
recently received
84 million US dollars from
investors but its CEO Lee Man-jae
is alleged to have transferred
the money to his personal account
and fled the country.
The local authorities have issued
an arrest warrant on Lee
and requested Interpol...
(Prosecution Service)
(The SPOTECH investment
embezzlement case)
(CEO Lee Man-jae accused of)
(the embezzlement is
nowhere to be found)
(Refusal Notice for
Investment Immigration)
Listen up.
What the hell is going on?
I don't know what's going on.
Everything's messed up.
I need to see Su-hyun next week.
This is outrageous!
I'm on the run because
I'm on the wanted list too.
You should flee from the hotel.
What? Hey!
What a jerk.
Let's see
The phone is
currently switched off.
You'll be connected to a voicemail
and charged after the beep sound.
Hey! Gong Moon-sik!
What have you got me into?
Call me back right away!
I'm going, you jerks.
Who are you?
What? Why...
What's going on...?
What's all this?
(Day 967)
(Private Prison, Zaihu)
Come out now.
This is the prison term
for the past three years.
No one has ever walked
out of this place alive.
What a shocker that you'd pay
for the life worth of
cost of his labor.
Let me say this once again.
You must be discreet
on this matter
since this has never
happened before.
Lee Man-jae.
Are you sure you're Lee Man-jae?
Get a hold of yourself if you want
to clear your name.
What the...
Who are you?
Aren't you more curious about
who made you like this?
People who disappear
into thin air after
being sent to China
or the Philippines...
They become dead
over five thousand dollars
and a picture.
But they actually get sold
to private prisons like this
and spend the rest of their lives
in labor.
My life is worth
five thousand dollars?
I guess your name is
worth more than that.
Thanks to you,
the political world in Yeoiudo
is about to be
razed to the ground.
(CEO Lee Man-jae
confirmed dead in China)
(He committed suicide
from the pressure of escape)
(The prosecution disposed of
no right to indict)
What cruel jerks.
They made sure
no one would find out
your identity even
when thrown out as a corpse.
Was I played?
It is visible Congressman
Hwang Chi-woon
who has defected
from the Minui Party
is about to establish a new party.
Mr. Yoon, the leader of
the Minui Party is on the lookout,
mentioning the shift
in generations
by Congressman Hwang is
a mere illusion.
Do you know who
Congressman Hwang Chi-woon is?
Hwang Chi-woon?
Who's that?
The 100 million dollars
you siphoned off.
I mean, the so-called
100 million dollars
was detected to be used for the
establishment of the new party.
It takes an unbelievable amount
of money to establish a new party.
What's it got to do with me?
Congressman Hwang has mentioned
sports venture
at the National Assembly.
Let's absorb the billions
of illegal sports betting
into the venture market.
Something like the legalization
of the underground economy.
SPOTECH, you were in leadership
was listed first
after his statement.
The fund for
the creation of the party
was laundered into
political theme stocks.
It looks like you're not on
good terms with Congressman Hwang.
Are you saying you want to use me
as your blade
to slice Congressman Hwang's neck?
Now you're talking.
Plus, you've got your reasons
to go back, too.
My wife...
Do you know
the whereabouts of Su-hyun?
I found you who are here.
Who couldn't I find?
Shall we go, then?
You have the backup data
of SPOTECH, don't you?
I heard you were quite
a master in a ledger.
For me to be able to stick around
this industry was
all thanks to my ledgers.
It can't make me live
but it can for sure kill all.
That's why they killed you
so they won't sink
to the ground with you.
I got you a fake bankbook
you can use immediately.
I'll give you a million dollars
more if you make this work.
That should give you
a comfortable life.
I can get you a new identity too.
You'd need money
to look after your family.
You've called the wrong number.
Is this Su-hyun?
Dude, how many times do I have
to say you're calling
the wrong number?
(Lee Man-jae! Son of a gun!)
Jeez, this is so tiring.
When will I
scrape off all of this?
Don't even get me started.
Everyone suspected her of trying
to get a fictitious divorce.
How could she live here?
She was trying to fall
from the rooftop,
and even the cops came.
It's all because of that prick,
Lee Man-jae.
I guess she loved
her husband, though.
She'd been waiting for him
for a long time.
I heard she had no other choice
but to emigrate.
Su-hyun, I'm not dead.
(Deceased: Lee Man-jae)
Once everything is done,
I'll go find you.
(This building is under a lien)
(CEO Lee Man-jae)
(File error)
Your establishment
of the new party
is a hot potato,
Congressman Hwang.
What makes your party stand out,
like the spirit of the times?
When Confucius was asked
what he'd do
if he participated in politics,
he said he'd straighten names.
When names are straightened,
so will the thoughts.
When there are upright thoughts,
organizations and
the nation will live.
That's the spirit of my new party.
(Congressman Hwang Chi-woon
establishes a new party)
(He's the frontrunner
for the next presidency)
(The leader of the Minui Party,
Yoon Seong-su is challenged)
(Congressman Hwang Chi-woon
establishes a new party)
There's a rush of congressmen by
the news of Hwang's new party.
The fact that 20 members of
the Minui Party defected
is a fatal hit.
(The Minui Party)
There are only doubts about
the fund for the establishment.
We haven't been able to provide
conclusive proof.
I'm not sure
if Ms. Shim's strategy is right.
We need to compete
with our policy.
Picking a fight over
political funds is so old-school.
It doesn't happen anymore
since the mid-2000s, no?
the biggest venture in Korea is
still the presidential election.
That's the reason why Congressman
Hwang established the new party.
And you're saying the issue
of political funds is old-school?
"The age of digital finance?"
Mr. Special Adviser,
have you read
"Crime and Punishment"?
Oh, Dostoevsky.
I read it in my college years.
Or was it when I was serving
military duty?
Do you watch porn?
I don't watch such things.
I have two daughters.
Everyone pretends to
read the classics
when in fact, no one does.
And yet, everyone pretends not
to watch porn
when in fact, they do.
The same goes for political funds.
The public pretend they know
everything when they have no idea.
And yet, politicians pretend they
don't know anything when they do.
I'm external personnel,
and I have
no problem talking about money
but every man in this room
hesitates to talk about it.
Not one person here
is free from it.
What Congressman Hwang's
people are doing
isn't a normal way
of establishing a party.
Wrapping things pretty
on this scale is so hard.
You think that's possible
with the legitimate cost?
"Will one establish a party
with little money?"
"Or will he join another party?"
That's the dilemma.
What if someone planned a mission
with a specific purpose in mind
at this point?
What if that someone is
Congressman Hwang?
Someone who is upright
and can be an alternative
to the current politics.
Plus, he's young and good-looking
that his popularity is
through the roof.
The converted worth
of the advertising impact
of him appearing on
"You Quiz Show"
is apparently over
tens of million dollars.
The problem is,
so what he's popular?
He's got no connection.
At this point, a hypothesis
that someone has established
a party for him
with dirty money is plausible.
Take a look at the presidential
election of Biden and Trump.
The public participates
in an election more
to eliminate
a particular candidate.
We'd need to explain
why Congressman Hwang
isn't right for the position
more than the reason
why you need to be
in power for the future
to nip the bud.
(Data Recovery A/S
- The file is restored)
Hi, how have you been?
Get over here, you!
Ouch, that hurts.
You really are alive.
You little crap.
I really thought you were dead.
Have you been well?
I don't know where Su-hyun is.
I guess she gave birth
to the baby.
Are you thinking of
looking for her?
Not now.
I'll do that once I get
the things back I lost.
It wasn't you, was it?
How are you going to
redeem yourself from everything?
What have you been up to?
I work as a guard here.
I feel ashamed
when thinking about my juniors
but I registered a marriage
with my girlfriend.
You told me
to live my life properly.
Where is Gong Moon-sik now?
He died.
What the hell are you on about?
Gong Moon-sik is dead? Why?
What do you mean "why"?
He got "hat switching",
as you did.
Like you,
he was a puppet boss too.
He just acted like a bookie.
I heard he left his gang
to meet his daughter
he had abandoned
since he earned money.
My sweetie...
Have you been well?
I earned tons of money.
But those pricks
made a profit worth
10 million dollars
from SPOTECH's stock.
They took all the profit
and Gong Moon-sik was left with
a huge amount of tax.
(Tax Notice & Receipt
Name: Gong Moon-sik)
General Income Tax
2.7 million dollars, to be exact.
Since there was no report,
there will be a surtax
which is 27%.
And that adds up to
2.7 million dollars.
What do you mean by stock?
It's a venture corporation
called SPOTECH.
I see that it's closed now.
Did you lend your name
for money by any chance?
They told you not to
check your account
and took everything from your
password to seal, didn't they?
There's no way of
coming out of this.
One shot, two kills.
You two both were used
by one corporation, SPOTECH.
100 million dollars from you
and 10 million dollars
from Gong Moon-sik.
So where is this real bookie?
I'm telling you I don't know!
This is a game we can't win.
Just let it go.
If I don't find the bookie,
everything will be on me.
Then I'll really be dead.
And my only proof got taken away
by some complete stranger.
The CCTV was restored, but...
What the...
She's Gong Moon-sik's daughter.
She's been yapping like crazy
that she's all over the Internet.
How shall I look for her?
"Lee Man-jae is alive."
(Lee Man-jae is alive)
(Lee was seen in luxury resorts
in Hawaii and Fiji Islands)
(Official Blog of
Lee Man-jae is alive)
(Lee Man-jae is alive
Episode 200)
It's the 200th episode
to catch Lee Man-jae.
Lee Man-jae has
disappeared into thin air
after trampling all
over the disadvantaged.
I wonder what kind of extravagant
life he's having at this moment.
The signature-seeking
campaign to legislate
the Lee Man-jae Law
for the legal eradication
of the illegal use of
others' names will be held
in front of
the National Assembly today.
It must have been
difficult for you.
Would you like to say something?
For the young who are
on the verge of falling...
Jeez, she's still doing that.
Lee Man-jae is alive!
Legislate the Lee Man-jae Law!
Legislate it!
Hee-joo, why don't you stop here?
It's already been three years.
You need to live your life.
I am living my life.
You won't change the world
even if you do this.
Trust me and wait...
Since the report
that Lee Man-jae's
SPOTECH was your theme stock,
you haven't even
agreed to meet me.
If you want me to trust you,
give me your explanation now.
In front of the camera.
I did mention the thrive
of the sports venture back then
but I've got
nothing to do with that.
But I still proposed
Lee Man-jae Law
because I have
a sense of responsibility.
Even if Lee is dead, I want to
reduce the damage of the victims.
He's not dead!
Lee Man-jae isn't dead.
Help me find the truth, will you?
Congressman! Congressman Hwang!
(Lee Man-jae is alive!)
I'd like to report on Lee Man-jae.
He's in Korea now.
I'm sorry
but I've received
too many prank calls.
Have you got any proof
like a recent photo of him?
Yes, I've got a recent photo
of Lee Man-jae.
Check it out yourself.
It's at the bottom of the mailbox
near the convenience store
you work.
(Jan 7, Friday)
(Jan 7, 2023)
Where are you?
Why do you want to look for him?
You know why.
I need to take revenge.
Is that all?
I can help you with that.
Will you be able
to give me what I want, then?
I heard you know everything
about Lee Man-jae.
How much do you know?
Lee Man-jae.
He's 186 cm tall,
and he weighs 82 kg.
He was born on June 4, 1978
in Jeongneung-dong, Seongbuk-gu.
His first job was as a salesman
at Britannica Korea.
In his first month,
he sold 160 sets
and became the sales king
the following year.
Later on, his business
of children teaching material
collapsed due to
the Smile Bank Crisis.
He started to work
as a puppet boss in 2011.
After embezzling
100 million dollars from SPOTECH
and pocketing it to paper company,
he vanished in 2019.
He became mega-rich,
wandered about abroad,
and died in China.
You must hate his guts.
And now...
He's alive before my own eyes.
Take off your mask now.
Okay. You've got good eyes.
I mean, you were
smart enough to figure out
Britannica was my ledger
from my previous job.
You must be out of your mind.
You really showed up.
You people... 2.7 million dollars!
You can't do that to
a loser like my dad!
There's something you don't know.
Let me explain.
Let go of me!
Why did you show up now?
Why did you show up now,
you prick?
I did it,
knowing it was a bad thing.
And I did my best.
I was desperate for money.
But one day,
I woke up, and I became a person
with money that wasn't mine.
100 million dollars. That means...
Did you come here to
talk about yourself?
You see...
I was also dead.
If you know what
your dad did to me...
I am well aware.
He did the same to me.
But you lived.
I am so sorry about
what happened to your dad.
Bring me the ledger.
I'll catch
the real culprit with it.
I don't trust you.
Do it with me.
Gong Hee-joo.
Do you think this is a joke?
This kind of job is
for people like me.
So you...
What are you doing now?
Did you call the cops?
So do this with me.
Do whatever I tell you
to do from now on.
And don't argue with me.
I'll see you here in an hour
for the ledger.
You prick!
Who are you?
Get him!
You jerk!
Jeez, what am I going to do now?
Hey, what was...
Are you okay?
Is there anyone else who knows
that I've got the ledger?
Hey, you two have really met?
You're that one, huh?
"Lee Man-jae is alive!"
He's the one. His right arm.
What are you on about?
You've got a cast. What happened?
I was mowing the lawn
and the saw blade popped.
It was you with the helmet
at the printing house just now.
What the hell are you on about?
It was you who made me like this!
Someone took the ledger.
You are the only one who saw
the clip. Tell me the truth.
So you think I took it?
- That could be fake.
- Hee-joo.
Hold on.
- You think it's fake?
- Yes.
Yes? I don't believe this.
What the hell
do you want me to do?
Do you want me to show you?
Is that what you want?
You can't do this to me.
Hey, Loony!
Just one question, huh?
- Piss off.
- Hey!
Gong Moon-sik...
How did you meet him?
Who connected him with me?
There must be someone
who introduced my dad to you.
For god's sake. I'm so over it.
You remember the junkyard
in Bucheon, don't you?
The place where brokers
and puppet bosses meet.
A guy I saw there contacted me.
He's called "Big Foot" of Bucheon.
He's the one who connected you.
(Dongbaek Rangers)
Where's the ledger?
There's been a problem.
Any alternative?
If there's no ledger,
we need to find the real culprit.
Can you find anyone
who was implicated
in the stock manipulation case
in Congressman Hwang's new party?
I heard SPOTECH was
Hwang's theme stock.
There's a guy who died because
his stock account was stolen.
The profit they took was
10 million dollars.
And who are you?
Who are you?
She's the daughter of
Gong Moon-sik.
She's had the ledger
from the first place.
What are you going to do?
There's only one purpose.
To take revenge
on the real culprit.
You can take revenge all you want.
All I need to see is
Congressman Hwang knocked down
as we made the deal
in the first place.
I don't care how you do it.
Just get me the ledger.
If you hate your dad this much,
why go through all of this?
It's not for him but me.
I needed to find the answer to
why he had to abandon me.
It's good to lead
a passionate life.
Being imprisoned made me realize
that although you haven't sinned,
you have sinned.
What I mean is the sin
that you've wasted your life.
Something like that.
What's with the tattoo
on your fingers?
It doesn't suit you.
My daughter...
I tried to kill myself
at one point.
I just couldn't handle it.
The price of my name
that I had sold...
(CEO Wanted)
Is this "Big Foot" of Bucheon?
I've got a puppet-boss job.
What if he notices who you are
in one look and calls the cops?
There's a rule
even in this business.
We don't whistle-blow
on each other.
I'm telling you it's not possible.
I've got a meeting now.
I'll call you later.
You want to make a deal with me?
Like I said on the phone earlier,
I take five thousand dollars
per month
plus another five
thousand for risk charge.
Minimum three months
and maximum one year.
We're here to ask you a question.
I'm just out of luck today.
Go away.
What a crappy way to start a day.
I've got an appealing tip for you.
Why don't you take
a look at this and decide?
Can I have your wage account?
Puppet bosses can never get a loan
because they have
the lowest credit rating,
don't they?
But there was a precedent
in February two years ago.
As long as the puppet boss
has salary details,
he's a laborer.
That means even puppet bosses
can get a loan,
but no one knows about this.
(Loan Transaction Contract)
You were right.
This sure is an appealing tip.
Have you learned this stuff
from somebody?
There's no such thing
as seniority. How about you?
There's no seniority
in this business.
You fly alone here.
There was someone who I wanted
to learn from, though.
His name is Lee Man-jae.
He's dead.
Was he that famous?
He sure was.
He survived in
this business the longest.
I've got some debt
on my own to that guy.
What's that?
Some bookies only wanted a veteran
that I happened to slip his name.
I had no idea I was pushing him
to the death trap.
Can you tell us
who that bookie was?
What's this?
Is that what you wanted to ask me?
There are things
that money can't buy.
- I'm getting off here.
- Okay.
Help me, then.
Mr. Lee Man-jae...
Goodness! Sir!
You really were alive.
I knew you were innocent.
Some chick just kept yapping
that you were alive
on the Internet.
I was like, she must have
a lot of time on her hands.
I for sure hit those "subscribe"
and "like" buttons.
What are you two doing here?
I need to clear my name.
To do that,
I need to find that guy.
Help me out.
I mean, I am scared it might
blow up in my face, but...
It's been bugging me ever since
I heard your news.
We'll call it even, okay?
I don't kno
the exact detail of this guy
but I've heard a few things.
He's called "Laundry Cho".
No one is better than him
when it comes to money-laundering.
There was a bizarre event in
which agents working for
popular clubs in Gangnam
were summoned in a row
by Financial Supervisory Service.
'Laundry Cho' needed accounts
for his stocks.
So he gathered the popular agents
of the clubs and offered them
100 thousand dollars each,
asking them to open
their stock account in trust.
Because one can buy the trust
up to 200 thousand dollars.
Who would turn down
10 thousand dollars
commission for just
opening up an account?
That's how this guy had some fun
investing four million dollars.
But then he got caught
for stock manipulation.
The stocks went down the drain
in the blink of an eye.
The problem was that
agents had to fill in
the extra 100 thousand
dollars they borrowed.
Shall I get in touch with
one of the agents
who was involved in the case?
I looked into what you had asked
but no one was involved
in stock manipulation
in Hwang's new party.
Then it's "Laundry Cho".
He's the only one left.
(List of Club Agents in Seoul)
This isn't my area of expertise.
I don't go clubbing,
so I'm unfamiliar with their vibe.
You've never been?
The mechanism in
that industry is obvious.
I'll go.
We'll go together.
You two must be goddamn awesome
at your jobs.
Are you sure
you can screw him over?
Thinking back then makes me
goddamn disgusted.
Can't you tell that by seeing us
sitting across from you?
Trust me on this.
Where will you
find the scapegoats?
Knowing the history, Laundry Cho
won't easily make a move.
He won't show for 20 people
like the last time
but 200 people
could make a difference.
You can get 200 people?
I can get 2,000 people if needed.
Holy crap!
Are you still in touch with him?
We currently work together.
He said he'd fill in my loss
if I get him another victim.
Just get me a chance
to meet with him.
It has to be one on one, though.
There's actually a way...
"Laundry Cho" used to
work at a stock firm.
He holds special gatherings
for the extreme rich.
I pour drinks like whiskey there.
While hosting the gathering,
I pick a person who looks like
the biggest pushover.
Then he contacts that dumb crap
privately and offers a deal.
That's the only time you can
meet him alone in a hotel room.
Sounds good.
There's a different theme
for each gathering, correct?
Lucky for you,
this week's theme is a gathering
for young female CEOs
in their 20s and 30s.
We'll use your name.
Is it at all possible
that I look like
the extreme rich?
There are tons of teenagers with
silver spoons in their mouths,
inheriting shares from
their parents these days.
No problem.
How lucky am I to have met
such noble figures.
When you think about
the most innovative corporation
in the world,
where do you think of the first?
It's the USA.
Next is the potential to grow.
(Gong Hee-joo)
In USA...
Without having to care
about other countries...
(CEO Gong Hee-joo)
Third is...
She's the CEO I told you about.
She made it early
for her resourcefulness.
I told her
it's a lucrative business.
She's very interested.
You can leave if you're done.
So you're interested
in a lucrative business?
More so,
if I can earn money easily.
You can get 200 people, huh?
How resourceful.
That makes 40 million dollars.
Isn't it beneficial for you too?
Your name is...?
Gong Hee-joo.
Let me see the list.
Confirm these two.
Four million dollars
and 400 thousand dollars
as a commission.
I usually consider
this kind of thing is a taboo
but I'm just in need of
some cash urgently.
People say that dealing with money
with women brings bad luck.
There's no such thing.
I get that you
act like some badass,
running your business
but if you ever so much
think about playing me,
your life will be done.
What the hell?
What the... How can
a hotel get blacked out?
You little...
Do you know who I am?
I'm well aware.
You're "Laundry Cho".
Did you think you'd be safe
after ruining my life?
Lee Man-jae...
You goddamn...
You were alive?
Are you the bookie?
Or is there someone above you?
Answer me!
Stop talking crap
and run for your life
if you don't want to die again.
I don't mind dying again
but I need to know
who you guys are.
So say it already!
Are we really doing this?
We don't have time.
You piece of crap!
(Identification Card /
Cho Pil-joo)
So you're saying
you delivered borrowed-name stock
that was laundered to the camp?
And you're the chairman
of Congressman Hwang's
support association, right?
Leading candidates just get
floods of money from everywhere.
Tell me the name of the bookie.
You won't be exposed.
Who would believe you?
You don't even have
a shred of evidence.
What the...
Open the door!
The Chinese guys
who kidnapped you...
You could ask them to testify, no?
You'll have to crawl back
to that crap hole again for that.
Will you go?
Remember my eyes.
These are the eyes of a dead man.
Untie it!
Cho Pil-joo.
He graduated from Jung Dong
High School. That's about it.
He'd been wandering
about small ventures,
and he got a chance to work at
a sales department
of a stock firm in Yeouido.
It looks like he made connections
with political figures, then.
He seems to have excellent skills
in building personal connections.
It's amazing how this guy gets to
know big-shot politicians too.
After taking over SPOTECH in 2006,
he brought in the chairman
of the Korea Baseball Association
as the advisor of SPOTECH.
Then he used the chairman
as a window to lobby.
Playing a match
with professional players...
Imagine how psyched the children
of the politicians
would have been.
I remember.
It became controversial
when the person
at the scene disclosed the truth.
People said it was
"aristocrat baseball".
The new party's inauguration
ceremony is coming up soon.
Find out when it will be held.
I'm sure
the public will feel anxious
about the party members' defection
but the trust
the Minui Party has built
for a long time
won't collapse easily.
I guess the figure who influenced
the declined approval rating
is Congressman Hwang Chi-woon.
What do you think, Congressman?
Which prick will win?
How much can the new party of
Congressman Hwang change the world
when all he's emphasizing
is to straighten names?
I'd like to say a famous adage
of Shakespeare for him.
A rose by any other name
would smell as sweet.
It's nothing serious.
There was a minor collision.
I'm looking on the bright side.
It could've been worse.
Take care of yourself.
The inauguration ceremony
is just around the corner.
Speaking of which...
This is an herbal medicine drink.
Drink it for your health.
You must be annoyed
since the Minui Party
is stirring up the pot
about the party fund, aren't you?
I have complete faith in you
that I'm not worried a bit.
They can talk all they want.
That money is as clean as
the lake water of Baekdu Mountain.
I heard you went to Inye House.
Apparently, someone saw you.
It hasn't been long enough.
People already know about that?
Are everyone's eyes on us?
Politicians always have
fortune tellers near them,
don't they?
I mean, I got some help
in choosing the party's name too.
This one is different.
He's a man of excellent insight
like a thinker.
I'm sure there will come a time
when you'll meet with him.
Did he say I'll make it?
I told him this had to work out
no matter what,
so he made one for me.
It's made with the best ivory.
(Hwang Chi-woon)
Is it a good strategy to use
Lee Man-jae as bait?
General Vo Nguyen Giap known as
the Vietnamese Admiral Yi Sun-shin
used a "three-no-policy"
in countless wars.
We don't fight at the time
which the enemy prefers.
We don't fight at a place where
it's more advantageous
for the enemy.
What do you think is the last one?
We don't fight in a way
that the enemy can predict.
That's right.
One can only win when he steps
out of his comfort zone
and sees the bigger picture.
I hope this new party can bring
a new sensation
to Korean politics.
Thank you for your time.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Long time no see.
I didn't expect you'd come
now that we're rivals.
How can I not?
I was the one who advised
you to enter politics.
Whether it's the Jaju Party
or the Minui Party,
can the members
explain who they are
to the public with
only their party names?
Rather than that,
you should present
what it is that you dream of.
Not the party but the politician,
Hwang Chi-woon.
Will you lead my camp when I
prepare for the big election?
You're all about
keeping principles,
and I'm all about
breaking those principles.
"In politics the strong win,
even if they're wrong,
and the weak lose,
even if they're right."
You've changed.
You should go in now, sir.
can I meet the chairman,
Cho Pil-joo?
Be my guest.
It is my honor to introduce you to
Congressman Hwang,
the future of the Jaju Party!
the Jaju Party will
remodel politics!
The strong Party!
Why did Ms. Shim
make us come here?
She's not answering her phone.
Is something going on?
I knew you'd have
a great strategy,
but now I see
you've got some guts too.
As long as you have the ledger,
I have no other option.
The ledger?
Is there such a thing?
I'll hand over Lee Man-jae.
Where is that prick now?
Aren't you pulling some kind
of stunt just to ruin the event?
You people need to cut off
Lee Man-jae and the allegation
of the fund for creating
the new party, don't you?
Catching Lee Man-jae,
the very person responsible
for the illegal fund
at the inauguration ceremony?
Is there any
bigger advertising impact
to prove Congressman
Hwang's innocent?
I see that you
really know how politics work.
Why aren't you
in this business yourself?
Anyone can be
the president these days.
Think about it.
In the Roman age,
kings and aristocrats
used to watch slaves fight
in an arena.
But now, we live in an age
where kings fight with knives,
and the public enjoys it.
Do I want to be a politician
who has become a joke?
But then, watching it
from a step back,
I wanted to
throw in a little help.
I'm like a blacksmith
who sharpens knives,
not a bleeding gladiator.
I promise to bring up
the outdated politics
to today's standard!
Where are you?
You'll see me if you look up
in front of the podium.
I'm with Cho Pil-joo now.
Come on up.
I declare
the creation of the Jaju Party!
Were you acquainted with Ms. Shim?
Are you setting your foot
into politics now?
What the hell are you
talking about? Politics?
I don't give a damn about that.
Just enjoy the fruit
I'm giving you today.
It'll be a fun one.
Hwang Chi-woon!
Hwang Chi-woon!
Hwang Chi-woon!
Hwang Chi-woon!
Hwang Chi-woon!
Hwang Chi-woon!
Hwang Chi-woon!
Hwang Chi-woon!
Isn't he that guy?
The guy... 100 million dollars!
Take his mask off!
Isn't he Lee Man-jae?
Who is Lee Man-jae?
I thought he was dead.
- Is he Lee Man-jae?
- No way.
That's Lee Man-jae!
Get Lee Man-jae!
Let go of me!
The CEO of SPOTECH, Lee Man-jae
who was known to be dead
three years ago
after embezzling
100 million dollars
is found to be alive.
Yesterday afternoon...
- How many was it?
- He threw 42 balls.
But it's been too long
since he threw balls
that his shoulders are
messed up already.
Change of the player!
Where's Ms. Shim?
How dumb are you to trust
that heartless wench?
Her strategy to go
all the way to China
and bring you back
was superb, though.
But you know what?
Some things can't be won
only with a strategy.
What can that be?
Like this, for example.
No matter how hard
you make stuff like this,
I can just take it away
from you with power.
You know what the famous
Mike Tyson said, don't you?
"Everyone has a plan"
"until they get punched in
the mouth." You piece of crap!
This is power!
Power, you idiot!
Loony, how can you
do this to me, huh?
You've always told me
to think straight.
The thoughts
that will bring me money!
I'm sorry.
I thought they'd let you live
once I bring the ledger.
Oh, right.
I heard you guys are
like brothers.
All things yield to money.
Get rid of your brother quickly,
and you should return
to the game you like so much.
get it together.
Look at me.
- Hey.
- We...
We've known each other
for around seven years, yeah?
it's time that we switch hats.
Here we go.
It's time!
- Hey!
- What are you doing, Loony?
Kill him now!
Let's do this.
Hey, Loony!
You pricks!
Don't do that!
You goddamn...
I'll kill all of you!
I'll kill you!
You goddamn...
Why pull that stunt when you can't
handle the consequence, you idiot?
For goodness sake,
my clothes got dirty.
The appearance of Lee Man-jae
has become a variable
in the success of Congressman
Hwang Chi-woon's new party.
Congressman Hwang
has been suffering
from the scandal of
the party creation fund.
It will be interesting to see if
the suspicion will be
dispelled this time.
(Lee Man-jae is Alive)
(Managed SPOTECH by running
various sports match bettings)
(including baseball and soccer)
Was that the logo of SPOTECH?
(Associated Clubs of SPOTECH)
(Dongbaek Rangers
We're Preparing the Season)
What's this?
I'm sorry I lied.
Cho Pil-joo will be
heavily sanctioned.
This is exactly
what I had expected.
All the money that went into
Congressman Hwang's new party
was detected in SPOTECH's sales.
There are only
10 million dollars here.
Where's the rest?
That's all I listed in my ledger.
I'll need to track down
the 90 million dollars now.
No need.
This is more than enough
to get Congressman Hwang.
This is the million dollars
I promised.
It will be enough
to get you to start a new life.
And this...
Please get me
a divorce immediately.
Su-hyun... It's me.
Hold on. Don't hang up.
I'm sorry. I...
I'm too late, right?
Where are you now? Are you well?
Are you doing okay?
Have you got back
to teaching students again?
- I'm hanging up now.
- Su-hyun,
I know I have no right
to be in your life.
But can I hear
Sol's voice just once?
She doesn't need to call me dad.
Just her voice...
It can just be any sound.
She's dead.
I had a miscarriage
after hearing about your news.
To me, you're dead too.
Sol, my Sol...
This can't be.
My sol...
Today, we're going to reveal
the conclusive evidence
of alleged illegal funds to create
the new party
by Congressman Hwang Chi-woon.
Seeing the bigger picture,
this is a piece of history too.
We knocked down Congressman Hwang
with the ledger,
but the 90 million dollars
that's left
is nowhere to be found
though it's a much larger amount.
Leave it.
We're busy people.
One gets a cut when using
a blade too often.
You're coming to
my photo exhibition,
aren't you? It's in two days.
I think I found something big!
That's the logo of SPOTECH.
And this is the Dongbaek Rangers'.
Even the Minui Party's.
All the warped parts are round,
and the curve values are the same.
Every designer has
their preference.
Does the same styled logo
mean the same designer?
It wouldn't make sense if not.
(Dongbaek Rangers,
The Minui Party)
(The leader of the Minui Party, )
(Yoon Seong-su,
threw the first ball)
(2005 - 2007 Chairman)
(of the Korea
Baseball Association)
10,000 spectators
on average per day.
Holding a children's song
competition when there's no match
probably means
there's crazy cash flow, right?
What are you saying?
You think this stadium
is a money-laundering machine?
You know about
"aristocrat baseball".
The chairman of
the Korea Baseball Association
who was brought in by Cho Pil-joo
so he could meet politicians.
The advisor of SPOTECH?
That's Mr. Yoon,
the leader of the Minui Party.
You got played, too.
(Faces of the Era, Photo
Exhibition by Yoon Seong-su)
What brings you by?
I thought you'd come tomorrow
for the opening.
I found something more fun
while I was tracking down
Congressman Hwang's
party creation fund.
Did you get
the 90 million dollars?
What's interesting is...
When I was a businessman,
all I talked about was politics.
Now that I'm in politics,
all I talk about is money.
Who's behind Cho Pil-joo?
I found out you used
to be the advisor at SPOTECH.
There's unwritten law
even in collusion
between politics and business.
Guys who gave a couple
of millions or billions come clean
but the ones who gave hundreds
of billions won't say anything.
All these seniors here
have emphasized
you shouldn't do things halfway.
And yet,
here you are,
asking me to come clean.
Do you know why politicians
are below businessmen?
Because of flexibility.
People who supply reserve funds
to power never supply to only one.
The bookies made their bet
on both Congressman Hwang and me.
These people took out Cho Pil-joo
as their insurance
in case Congressman Hwang
becomes more powerful.
It sounds like
I was your insurance.
It's known publicly that
all of this was done by you.
Have you seen
any head of a conglomerate
being scared of being
dragged through the mud?
But it's a different story
with politicians like you.
We live in an age of hatred.
As soon as you get
your name sullied,
you're done.
(Letters on the English)
How frivolous it is
what you're trying to do now.
However, how precious it is
that you are adamant
to see it through.
This is the data
of Dongbaek Rangers
that Ms. Shim got for me.
I checked a decade-worth of data.
Most of the corporations run by
the stadium are
camouflaged corporations.
They're under the names
of Leader Yoon's relatives.
How about the owner
of the stadium?
The owner must be the bookie.
Is there a name?
(Representative: Gong Moon-sik)
How dare they use
a dead guy like this.
Why haven't you
reported his death yet?
I wanted to let him go in peace
after sorting out
his false accusations.
Listen to me carefully.
There's a thing called
"hat switching".
Basically, it's when one avoids
paying taxes
while changing
costumes constantly,
leaving the real deal unchanged.
So the puppet boss is the hat?
We'll do the exact same thing
to pay them back.
(Dongbaek Stadium:
Annual Cost-Benefit Analysis)
(Dongbaek Cafeteria)
I will reveal the source
of the 90 million dollars
that Mr. Yoon got from
Dongbaek Rangers under my name.
(Representative: Gong Moon-sik)
I'll be the one who laundered
the money instead of your dad.
(Lee Man-jae)
(Report of cessation of business)
(Business License)
(Gong Moon-sik)
(Corporate Name: Dongbaek Stadium
Representative: Lee Man-jae)
(Report of Business)
(Report of Death)
(Name: Gong Moon-sik
Relation: Daughter)
I'm letting you go for the sake
of your revenge.
(The Jaju Party)
First of all, I am mortified.
I started my career to straighten
the name of politics.
I guess I couldn't
be the exception.
So today,
I, Hwang Chi-woon...
To be!
Or not to be...
That is the question.
I am alive.
- That's Lee Man-jae!
- Lee Man-jae!
Congressman, follow me.
- Hee-joo...
- Hurry.
(Corporate Name: Dongbaek Stadium
Representative: Lee Man-jae)
That's the proof that Lee Man-jae
is the bookie of
Leader Yoon Seong-su.
That data will knock down Yoon.
What are you two doing now?
I brought this all on myself
to be falsely accused.
I don't even have the right
to explain myself.
But even the puppet bosses
who sell their names like I did
don't throw away their names.
What are you trying to say?
It looks like
politics is all about
putting one's name forward.
Why are you trying to take
the fall for all of this?
Bookies move toward power,
so a bait is needed.
As soon as Leader Yoon
is knocked down,
the bookie will come to you.
Is it true you got
the party creation fund illegally?
Is Lee Man-jae involved?
Is this your retirement interview?
I will not retire from politics.
Instead, I'll reveal how
Leader Yoon Seong-su
of the Minui Party got
the 90 million dollars illegally.
Lee Man-jae who disappeared after
embezzling 100 million
dollars gave the money.
It was found that
he provided the illegal fund
to the Jaju Party, too,
through chairman Cho Pil-joo.
Do you think it is effective
enough to be proof?
Can you reveal the source?
Yes, I can.
Anyone who's paid attention to
Lee Man-jae's case
would know this person.
You've got enough evidence to
prove charge from your testimony.
Is there a way to
prove these ledgers
actually belong to Lee Man-jae?
Like you said,
(No Caller ID)
he has really called me.
You don't need to
take care of this.
He'll pay for what he's done.
There's a reason
why I have to meet with him.
Come in.
Let's have a cup of tea.
First of all,
I am not at all interested
in who gets the power.
Of course,
the biggest sport in Korea
is to see who becomes
the next president.
But the president is a temporary
puppet boss of Korea,
isn't he?
It's the conglomerates
that set economic policies.
It's the big countries
like the USA, China, and Japan
that sets national
security policies.
You see,
I despise seeing
one struggling for his life.
Who seek death shall live.
But there's no hero
who's willing to die.
To die, is to live.
That's the very reason you were
able to make it this far.
Why did it have to be me?
It wasn't you. It was your name.
It means a large fortune.
I found it pitiful that you
weren't living up to your name
when your parents gave you
such a great name.
That's why I borrowed it
for a while.
I'm here to get the name back.
You're here to get your name back?
There's an old family secret to
how my family has managed
to control the power.
(Lee Man-jae)
This is the tomb of names.
No one has ever returned
to get the names back
that I borrowed.
The same goes for your fate.
(Lee Sol)
Are you aware of your fate?
It was found that Cho Pil-joo,
the chairman of
Congressman Hwang's
support association
was actively involved.
- Hello.
- It is expected to bring...
Just buy the earliest available
flight ticket, you idiot!
What the hell! This again?
Hang up!
Goddamn jerks.
Mr. Cho Pil-joo.
What the heck!
You think it will be over
when you catch me?
It won't end a thing, you idiot.
For goodness sake.
(The Minui Party)
Do you remember
the time I explained
the difference
between classics and porn,
comparing it to political funds?
Do you know the similarity
between the two?
What are you doing now?
It's shamefulness.
People feel ashamed for not
reading a single classic
and ashamed for
watching too much porn.
What kind of repulsion
would the public
feel as soon as
they discover the truth
about the money that you people
have such high regard for?
You completely tarnished
your client's reputation.
Is this how you want to
end your career?
As long as I see
you feeling ashamed.
Mr. Yoon Seong-su?
Come with us.
You wench!
It's been a long time to shoot
"Lee Man-jae is alive"
since the 200th special episode
I filmed a while ago.
Lee Man-jae is still alive.
But the reason why I decided
to speak again
is to talk about a man who's lost
too many things over one mistake.
Truth is like a train.
Sometimes it arrives late.
(Congratulations To New Business)
(Monthly Gong Moon-sik)
After years of Congressman
Hwang Chi-woon's hard work,
the Lee Man-jae law came into
effect after the grace period.
This enabled over
320 victims whose names
were used illegally
to get real help.
Without any
complicated procedures,
they will get compensation
up to three million dollars.
(Monthly Gong Moon-sik
suggests alternatives)
(for homeless, jobless, and
those who dream self-support)
(Seoul Administrative Court)
(The seal master, Mr. Jin
gets sentenced for 25 years)
(Lee Man-jae law come to effect,
Redemption possible)
(Gong Hee-joo
Monthly Gong Moon-sik)
Lee Man-jae.
Born on June 4, 1978.
Dead on April 7, 2019.
You were dead,
but you never actually died.
I was never dead.
The court decides
to delete the "dead" part
from Lee Man-jae's
Family Relation Certificate.
Did you finally get
your name back?
Lee Man-jae.
I'm actually sick of my name.
But I'll embrace it.
My name is all I have left.
The highest level of politics
I've thought was to sell dreams
to the next generation.
I know I ended up making
the rich get richer.
You made me come to a realization.
So I'm saying
you deserve to dream too.
Dream my ass...
Dreams get shone
by the nonmainstream like you.
You've become
the nonmainstream too.
By the way,
I still don't know your name.
You're asking me now?
Shim Eun-jo.
It means to
help people gracefully.
I'm not sure
if I'm living up to my name.
(Identification Card)
(Lee Man-jae)
(Cho Jinwoong)
(Kim Hee Ae)
(Lee Sookyung)
(Park Ho-san Jeon Moo-song)
(Lee Sihun Choi Jaewoong)
(Yoo Yeon-soo Kim Won Hae)
(Jung Woon-sun Choi Sooyoung)