Dead Man Running (2009) Movie Script

I'll call you.
Thigo sir!
How was your flight?
Bring me all the records.
To see how much
must dig the hole.
Hey, buddy.
What I said about smoking here?
- What about that?
- For the image.
Now you will have to dream.
I've done so far
not a single reservation.
- Do not you think that maybe I was wrong business?
- Think positive.
If you think, believe and customers.
Art trade.
Dubai will be the next destination
preferred to ski.
Yes, I understand.
I shall discuss a few things
- I'll be back in an hour.
- Okay.
Remember, Bing.
Sell? Them a dream.
Go ahead, sir Thigo.
The best snack.
- What's in this cup?
- Eel.
Trying to tell me that you consume
The content of this glass?
You said you want something traditional.
It is among traditional things.
Buses floors, crown jewels,
I do not want to seem disrespectful
to the royal family,
to transport
public or national cuisine,
but if you do not take shit
in front of me, you have a problem.
Yes, sir Thigo.
- What?
- You fool.
Mother, I am.
I'm in the living room, Nicolas!
There you are.
How are you, mother?
Why not wear sheep's coat?
Because not so cold.
Global Warming mocks
mother nature.
In a minute sunshine,
and the next snow.
You do not want to be caught unprepared.
- Want something?
- Put water to boil?
I am in a wheelchair,
but all I can do my son
preferred a cup of tea.
Last time I checked,
I was your only son.
Even an old woman like me
have one secret.
Give me a ham sandwich
if you're still there.
What did they do?
All right.
Mom, I gotta go.
Something came up.
Last time I heard this
I have not seen three and half years.
Do not worry, Mom.
It's not like it.
Only a small loss in business.
I'll be back later to see what you do.
- I love you. Take care.
- Okay.
That the financial market storm
is the root of my problems.
Bonds, stocks...
All appear on the money
throw them on the streets, Mr. Thigo.
Let me explain, young man.
Banker loses the weekly bonus.
As a consequence, must
recreational few sacrifices.
Instead of the usual dose,
now buy only one gram.
's Escort $ 5,000
per night... reduced to a small
in the bathroom of a strip club.
- Whose loss?
- A Harlots and dealers.
- And whose profits are linked to it?
- Fish and traffickers.
And who is next on the list?
In recession, no one is hit
stronger than the moneylender.
These loans outstanding
I make holes in pockets.
And what?
It seems that love or fingers
not have any effect.
- Debtor refuses to pay.
- You will pay.
We do that once.
What do the street
in my nightgown?
- I thought we were up to date with payments.
- We are. I paid all the rates.
When looking for my kitchen
Others do behind the truck?
Maybe you do not need kitchen
but I am.
- Why do you wear clothes that?
- I just talked with Yuri.
I reserved a number in Mayfair.
I told you do not have
to do that again.
I have promised to take care of you.
Really appreciate what you try
to do for me and your mother.
But to mess up,
must go back to work.
Do not worry.
I'll be the one giving the beating.
- Hi, Nick.
- If looking for trouble, I really feel.
Thigo Lord's in town.
- He wants to talk to you.
- What does Thigo from me?
How are you, Nick?
I know I am behind in payment
but not to cross the ocean
to tell me that.
- You're late four weeks to be exact.
- I pay him.
I woke up this morning
with a new business mentality.
Let me recover all the money
of my organization's investments.
And today, you are on the list.
I do not understand where you want to reach,
Mr. Thigo.
You have 24 hours to return the hundred thousand
My organization, or kill you.
threats to my life.
That's why I took
a little insurance.
Johnny Sands to make a
your mother a little visit.
Hello, Mrs. Kane.
I am a friend of your son, Nick.
If I touch a single hair,
break your head.
Bring money to 12:00
the Bankside cafeteria,
and ends all remain in place.
But if you fuck,
one happens to your mother.
Nick, I would like to do that.
See you tomorrow at 12:00.
I should scare me, Nick.
Answer the phone.
Mother, answer the phone.
Answer the phone.
That's my car!
- Hello. Ski Dubai.
- See you at home mom now.
- Is everything okay?
- Not even close. Move!
- Move.
- You're still on the phone.
I move!
My girlfriend...
Do you care for this place.
Hi, Nick.
I and your mother was sitting at a gossip.
Are you okay, Mom?
Yes, well.
Your friend keeps me company.
Not too talkative, is not it?
But it looks pretty nice.
I'll keep little company,
to go back.
Maybe we should hurry up, Nick.
I understand that one day you busy.
- Johnny Sands has my mother.
- Johnny Sands? What are you talking about?
I explain on the road. Come on.
You took a loan from Thigo?
Are you mad somehow?
We needed money for mom
and Frankie when I was in prison.
Of all the usurers...
That man is a fool.
And you wanted to do?
I could not get a bank
and ask for a loan, is not it?
Nick, how the hell gathering in November
100,000 in 24 hours?
First we must get
some money to go.
- Where's Curtis?
- Rear.
Nicky, the legend of the past!
Get rid of the bimbo, Curtis.
We need to talk.
Who do you mother fucking bimbo?
Shut up woman, before I break
foot in your ass.
Behave yourself like that, and we'll see
you get when you go to bed.
Speak, legendo.
- I need money.
- I have something here for you.
I do not want pocket money, Curtis.
I want a serious amount.
Listen... This financial crisis
I killed all businesses.
I have no client.
Everyone jumps on the bus.
- For as long as we know, Curtis?
- For a long time.
Then know that I would not ask
if I need urgent.
Listen carefully...
Thigo scattered all over it
that no one give you any money.
Everyone helps,
will have to do with it.
What does this money
you have to give him?
- May not want to give.
- What are you talking about?
Putting a hand on a guy like you,
everyone owes them money
will stand in line.
On the street you hear...'re a dead running.
Fucking snake!
Can not you give him.
But I can not stop you take them.
If you know what I mean.
Make it look convincing.
Are finished.
I have no money!
- Where am I?
- I have no money!
Give me the money!
- Where am I?
- I have no money...
Now you do not have any money.
- What? Want?
- No, buddy.
- I? Would you also?
- Calm down.
See what happens to?
- How much did you here?
- There are around three thousand.
Pretty sum.
- Now we must put them to work.
- What are you thinking?
I do visit Terry Biggs.
Let's see if it has something to us.
And you started boxing?
Just do not go there
to do my pedicure.
Thought you left it.
- I no longer want to fight.
- It's just one game, Terry.
Rather than asking a favor.
I'll be easy to sell.
How that is not going to be
easy to sell?
Nick was a fighting legend.
I know, Biggs. I beat everyone.
- It does not matter.
- I'll try old times' sake.
Let's see whether someone gives
damn you.
Call me tomorrow or the day after.
Tomorrow is too late.
Give me a reason
would have to ask you guys.
Because you know that I would break the neck
before you reach halfway.
I need a fight now, Terry.
And I'd rather not be with you.
2-1? I also fought for four years.
Nor think to share
under 5-1.
You're talking nonsense. Nick can go
and a brick wall.
This talent is not lost.
Then 3-1.
- Want to get the garment on me?
- No, that's fine.
Can you keep this rag.
I just want a fair share.
2-1 or perish.
Fucking bastard.
Mr. Thigo appreciate
that you call, Terry.
I am glad they are appreciated.
What the hell you give
for breakfast?
How are you, young man?
Do you feel powerful?
Do not talk to me.
I try to visualize victory.
So. Collect positive energy.
- I told you not to talk to me.
- Do not talk to you but about you.
Do not worry, everything will be...
You continue to think positive.
You're one of those who can not
raise their hands
without scratching the head, right?
Do not give up!
Continue to think positive!
So! Hit it!
Come on!
What the hell!
Punch it!
Take the money!
Bring cash.
- Damn!
- Look at you!
You totaled.
- How do we do?
- Nine thousand.
I got a good rate so.
What do you do?
Go to roulette or poker?
The house always wins.
We have a better chance.
I have a friend who works
the racing dogs.
If it's give and something might
to improve our chances.
- Hey, guys.
- What you got for us?
Mutton Jeff's favorite race
from 19:30.
I also lost 20 races.
It's hard to overcome.
And if you were to be
Who would overcome?
Las Vegas would be a decent choice.
The rest are just odds.
It's just a question, but...
How would cost us as Mutton Jeff
be struck by lightning?
What you ask is very difficult.
I could cost jobs.
Cut the crap.
If you do this, you get 200 pounds.
Tell you what, if I give 300,
Mutton Jeff will be struck by lightning,
of thunder, and stomach pain.
- What are you doing, boys?
- Well, boy.
- I brought you tea, Mr. Jeff.
- Good boy.
Do not worry about it.
May I can help you?
Young is a wonderful tea.
If I can help with something longer,
call me, okay?
That'll do.
Yes, gentlemen.
Nine thousand Las Vegas.
- Nine thousand pounds?
- You can not believe my word for it.
Yes, Mr. Jeff.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Do not let anyone
to approach my greyhound!
Yes, Mr. Jeff.
Give yourself a hand!
Next race at 19:30.
Dogs are trained
to get on track.
- Nick, I am.
- Hi, honey.
- Where are you?
- I deal with several problems.
Shut up!
Yuri told me that owe money
some very dangerous people, Nick.
You have nothing to worry about.
All will be well.
You when you say not to worry,
I should worry.
- Gotta go.
- Nick.
I do not need cooking.
I just need you.
- I'll call you later.
- Start the race.
How not to...
- How are we doing?
- Smudger not going to disappoint us.
And start the race
And Las Vegas wins the race!
Formidable running
We won, Nick.
I know you sick of my dog,
Kill you!
- I was me, Mr. Jeff!
- I'll kill you!
I think we should go.
Put it on Underdog.
Do not tell me your name.
I would like to I can tell somehow
if all we keep company.
My name is Johnny.
Johnny Sands.
You're a good boy, Johnny Sands?
Everyone has good days
and bad days, Mrs. Kane is not it?
Nicolas mine have
many bad days.
Was always trouble.
But when I was
in this chair,
life changed completely.
My son is a good guy.
I would be very upset
if something would happen to him.
I forgot how well
We understand that.
We must not retreat.
Not enough, Bing.
I have to triple overnight.
There's only one solution to do this.
Buy cocaine...
...a good mix,
and sell on.
No one should be fooled.
I'm really good at it.
You sold powder?
Shut up!
Must compensate somehow
salary that you did not pay.
You know someone who Thigo
not related?
I know a guy who works alone.
Worth a try.
Please tell me it's not elves.
I do not think e.
Hello, little man.
I came to talk
by Hamish McClintoch.
One kilogram cost you 35,000.
For some reason, not habit
to sell such quantity.
- But can you get, right?
- Yes.
- I can get.
- So you have nearby.
Close enough, young man.
- Close enough.
- How close?
What the hell!
Would you comfort in your pants
or get down to business?
- Hurry up, man?
- You have no idea.
Now bring me merchandise here
or go with the money to another asshole.
Relax. Smoking a cigarette.
Before a complete,
Our business will be completed.
...pass it and sprints
on the right.
One fails to stop him.
Flank attacks.
Great. How calm
Stop the ball and looking
a teammate.
Nobody comes to help.
Start again.
True pass
and defender of the right...
Force entry gate.
How skillfully dribbling
Extends ball
and fails to pass the goalkeeper
Kick on the corner long...
Celtic battle.
And now what?
We go to meet
a sexy doll.
It's skillful hands.
All right.
See you later, Jarvis.
How are we doing?
- I found some desperate.
- Who am I?
A team of boys
Jarvis led by a guy.
- It's a rip. Most.
- Continue.
It distributes
grass, dust and everything.
It's a nasty, but it's okay.
They have a big party tonight,
and one who supplies
has a small problem with customs.
In short...
It's desperate.
Can you SECAM money.
- We need to make only a small way.
- What way?
- On the M6? Motorway.
- How far on the highway?
- In addition to Manchester.
- Manchester?
I do not believe it.
There are 1:00 p. m. To me and mother
will reach the coffin,
- And you take us to hell.
- I made some calls.
There is no business with us.
Thigo threatened them all.
- Damn!
- Wait.
Come here!
We'll be back in time.
Trust me.
I disappointed I ever?
Rock'n'Roll, Bing!
We can not take the Jaguar.
Stand out.
One machine would not beat
eyes on the highway.
A black taxi.
Bing, quick!
Come on. Give me the bag.
Ready. Let's start to the north.
Bing! Come little since.
Stop at a gas station
get my cappuccino.
- There will be a long night.
- Do not worry.
I thought about it.
We stopped a little powder
before and a mix.
- You know you do not take crap like that.
- Yes...
Get here.
- Why did you do that?
- Give it away for cappuccino.
I love you.
I must admit...
Nine out of ten people had fled
next to me beleaua it.
Look at you. Stay with me
as if you'd be stuck.
- You're a good boy, Bing.
- No I would never leave.
Just love you. Is not it?
Shrek head.
- Head of Shrek?
- Just kidding, do not be so sensitive.
Not sensitive.
Just tell me I look like Shrek.
Do not say I look like Shrek.
I'm just saying...
You have a rather large head,
is not it?
It's not an insult,
is more an observation.
- Can I ask you a question, Bing?
- Tell.
- Can you tell me...
- What?
It would be an insult,
or rather an observation
if I say that...
Nuki bit like Winnie?
- The Bear Nuki?
- Yes.
The Bear Nuki.
I would say it is just
a compliment, Nick.
- If you know how I feel.
- Sorry. Well?
I did not know that you contacted
your feminine side.
Now I take the kid?
Do not take my kid.
You're doing well enough alone.
What are you doing?
I do not speak.
Talk to the drug.
I told you not take it,
But you have to listen!
I had to put me on the nose.
Remember me? Good boy
which is glued to you?
Stomach is killing me.
I go to the toilet.
Nuki Bear?
Where is the toilet, pal?
You need a key
to go to the toilet.
To give you the key,
must buy something.
Buy When done,
I urgently need the toilet...
Can you give me the key, please?
I can not do that.
Rules prohibit me.
- Well, then.
- Bye, buddy.
What the hell!
Get here!
- Please do not...
- Get over here!
Give me the key until you beat Apple
and eat you.
- What are you doing?
- I go to the toilet!
It's a change of behavior.
Usually it's lovely. Honestly.
Perhaps you seriously shaken.
It's okay if...
...take a chocolate?
All right?
Thanks, buddy.
I'm a die hungry.
This girl broke my heart.
He took heart
and gave her to the ground...
It was a disaster.
- Are you okay?
- Splendid.
Neither the toilet you can not go
in this country without paying.
Let's go.
It was a very good book.
Very exciting.
Just when I thought that evil wins,
has good high and wrestled him.
It's just a story, Mrs. Kane.
In my experience,
in real life is not so.
Yes, I think you're right.
But I'm just a romantic
crazy happy endings.
Johnny, you want to light
and other resistance, please?
- It's pretty hot.
- I get cold at night.
Thank you.
You'd be surprised how fast
heat passes through these thin walls.
How cute.
Excuse me.
It's comfortable.
Yes, Mrs. Kane.
It's comfortable.
Bing, hide merchandise.
Leave speech to me.
How can I help you,
Mr. Policeman?
You can lower the car?
Ride 150 km / h in a portion
speed limit 110 km / h.
Perhaps I took speed slope,
not realize.
Driver's license and insurance.
Yeah, right.
Don't you come to believe.
I forgot my wallet at home.
What are dumb!
- You Celtic fan, sir?
- Yes, to the fullest.
- My father is from Glasgow, I had no choice.
- And mine too.
I thought that to do business
best in Cup this year.
You're right. This year
go to the final.
Celtic battle!
I was out at the qualifications.
- How do I escape that?
- What you have in your bag, sir?
As usual, the picture of his wife and children,
clean pants.
Are taxi driver in London
have a peaceful life...
Understand how it
Show me the bag, please.
You bag?
All right.
Damn! What hurts!
- Why did you do that?
- He had us pull over.
- It has taken us.
- Damn!
Put your belt, Bing.
What do you do?
Let's see if he has courage
to leave the asphalt.
Be careful!
- We aim?
- Easy!
Do not be afraid, purcelusule!
Where are you?
- It seems that he had courage.
- No I have not warmed up well.
Get out of here!
Run! Damn!
A fucking crock!
I thought you said that a taxi is the safest
way to transport goods.
Better go
gold with a Hummer.
Yes. All right.
And my fault.
And whose is it?
"Trust me, Nick. "
"I have never disappointed me, Nick?"
Yes. "Leave talking to me. "
"Celtic Fight!"
- Asshole!
- Calm down.
Let me calm?
It's 2am,
we are in hell!
We have a bag full of cocaine
and whom we have to give it sell!
- Nick, look...
- Within minutes,
all police in Manchester
will come upon us!
On foot, by car, helicopter
tanks and miserable!
If you want to look there...
A kidnapped me crazy
paralyzed mother,
and I have less than 10 hours
I get 100,000 pounds
and you hurt somewhere.
Bing Tell me, why am I
I calm down?
All right. I just want to go back,
and look there. Well?
- What's that, Bing?
- That's a rave party.
Take the bag of cocaine.
Go to run.
- Come on.
- Hold on.
Take a small break.
Not much we like
people who do not pay the ticket.
Forget it. You think you
that we're revelers?
Certainly not seem lost sheep.
Already become annoying, Bing.
Remember than that.
Before I give the land,
Do me a favor and call on Jarvis.
Tell that came Bing.
Are you kidding us?
Jarvis Come on, you know
merchandise mix that my bad.
A devil!
Do you think we are beginners?
We do this
before Frankie Knuckles.
And this shit...
Is mixed. How is he? 70%?
At least 70% filler.
I need to talk less with you.
And take that shit with you.
We go back immediately.
Mixed cocaine bitch.
We pulled the string.
What do you mean he's fooled us?
Almost all is baking powder.
I gave the bar.
Sorry, Nick.
All right.
How many children of my head there?
5000. More or less.
And many of them will
to draw something on your nose?
5000. More or less.
E at 3:15 am,
Those and all dobitocii
one to recover after taking
Correct me if I am wrong,
but everyone will find something to keep
the outlet to break the speakers.
Yes, that's why you're here
but your merchandise sucks.
Those retards would notice the difference
even if he would strike directly into eggs.
We can make good money here.
It's a good speech,
- But the merchandise is all of bullshit.
- Give you 30,000.
Come on, Bing. Go.
Well, 35,000 last offer.
- I will go out the door after you.
- Do not take this price anywhere.
All right.
On any other day I would have stopped here
but tonight
I need 100,000.
I'll bore you with details
story, because they are unbelievable,
But do not lie when I say...
100000 or go.
I received a call today
from someone in Manchester
you are supplied with girls
and dust from time to time.
We offered a tidy sum
if we solve... important issue.
Hearing this, I concluded
that's the problem
us than even us.
Okay, give you 35000
and make your acquaintance. If the situation
Your claim is so tense and,
Maybe take them
consider the proposal.
Call him.
I have a problem with someone.
And you want to trampled?
- It takes a little longer.
- Want to break legs?
I'm ready to pay generously.
We are not criminals. Nick...
Give me a minute.
Where are you going?
You want to shoot someone?
I have to think
mother, Bing.
You know I love Nick, but...
Are not capable of it.
You have done more
than I could ask you.
Take them. Come on.
Get a taxi and go to the station.
See you in the morning.
It's a train moving home
every hour.
Call me when you're in it.
I'll wait.
Take care.
I 65.000. Half now
and a half after the finish.
And is not negotiable.
Tommy will take you to Dubai.
This is a private club.
That's why I'm here.
It's a fat bastard,
bald. Behind the bar,
and have fun with two girls.
He is the target.
Giant of the door is our man.
Typically, customers are only
some cattle,
so not to attack you one
I'll wait for you here.
With the engine running.
What about this?
Put it down.
- You passed the test.
- What test?
Must see if you are able,
before you send the real target.
Just did not want to send a waiter
make a nice husband.
The weapon is a replica.
That's true.
Now go to work.
Check only.
Is everything okay?
If we try something with me
for you to dig a hole.
It should be up in the bedroom.
You work at home,
then bring it out
to leave him in the woods.
Keys to the back door.
Lord, forgive me.
God forgive you, son.
But you'll forgive you?
I have no choice.
In my experience,
If you do this means
you need a friend.
Come on!
Had to solve at home job.
Sleep on it's grandchildren.
Do not kill him in a house full of children.
They do it in the woods.
Do not do that!
Do not do it!
How long to get to station?
In about 20 minutes.
My train leaves in 15.
Take me there.
For those who keep the place?
For Rio Ferdinand?
Thanks, guys.
Nick! It was to die for concern.
Where are you?
- I'm on the train.
- Is everything okay?
Well, buddy. Everything is fine.
- Thank God.
- The train reaches the station at 09:30.
- I pick you up.
- Okay. See you then.
Tell you later.
All right.
Stop the crap.
Good morning, Johnny.
Looks like you walked less,
Mrs. Kane.
I thought I am a liar
in our relationship.
Stroke last year
put me in this chair.
It was very difficult in many respects
but the point is that
that it took Nicolas
out of trouble.
Because mother's expensive
care needs.
There were specialists
were astonished.
You are funny.
But you see...
If it goes
I can not take care hours
an old paralyzed
My employment opportunities
will go down.
And I like my job.
Then I fear
do not give me choice, Johnny.
It takes courage to
to shoot someone, Mrs. Kane.
I do not think you have this courage.
As for me,
easy as one, two...
Come on.
I called to let you know
that your friend is no longer with me.
So there's nothing to worry about.
Nicolas, could you get me
few garbage bags?
You're a good boy.
And spray.
- Bottom line, buddy.
- Thank you.
Red Devils fan I see you.
Red Devils? What are you talking about?
- You have paid with a check?
- Disappeared.
- What do you mean disappeared?
- Thigo I followed all the time.
- There are only two hours.
- I need a rifle.
You rob a bank.
It's the only chance.
Want to rob a bank with a rifle?
Nick, that was the '70s.
Let's go. Come on.
It's suicide.
I will succeed.
Keep the engine running.
If you see the police leave.
Baby, it's a good time.
You got all the money
that you need?
- I have less.
- I am currently a customer,
in a large house in Belgravia.
I found a safe
behind a painting.
- What kind of safe?
- One iron, Nick. I do not know.
I am from Berkshire,
Bethnal Green in no.
I have a feeling about it.
You should take a look.
What is the address?
We give a small party?
It took the raft. What have you given?
I gave Rufinol.
Rufinol? You want to rob
or it rape?
Do it and shut up.
We need combination
safe, sir.
- I hit.
- Call him on the ground.
I like that.
Are false.
- What do you mean false?
- Keep them in safe.
Have some value,
because they are coated with gold
but the jewels are all imitations.
What value do they have?
I can melt them and sell gold.
- What value have, Sol?
- Can I give you...
15,000 for them.
Not enough.
I have my 5000,
So raise a total of 20,000.
You can not talk to him,
to say that I give the rest?
We are missing 80,000, Frankie,
and he did it to bargain with us.
Take me back to the bank.
Hello? Hello, Wardy.
Given the results...
No I do not believe it.
I think your family go
a Christmas holiday.
Skiing in Dubai? It's ridiculous.
Dubai will be the next destination
preferred to ski.
Next, please.
How can I help, sir?
I want to make a withdrawal.
Of course, sir.
Can you give me your card?
I put the wrong bet.
Hell, Underdog?
Odds 80-1? It's a fairy tale.
What did you say?
- You said something Underdog?
- Yes. It's a greyhound.
He won last night
race at 21:00.
Underdog won last night
race at 21:00?
Yes, I said. Now let me
I call the manager to hand up.
Climb or what?
- Bing, I won.
- What have we gained? What are you talking about?
Underdog. Last night at the races.
We won.
Put it on Underdog.
- Get out!
- Seriously! I won!
Let's go!
I won!
- Are you going to rush?
- I know.
I want the bill 50.
Come on.
Punch it! Come on!
- Punch it, Bing!
- A Tracing!
It seems that he sold his own mother.
What's become of this world?
Call Johnny Sands.
Hang up the phone.
Spectacular entry.
I like to make things interesting.
You have my brooks?
If that means if we have money.
Piece of cake.
If necessary, you proved that you can be
very entrepreneurial, Nick.
Maybe I need
a man like you.
That life is not for me
Mr. Thigo.
I am an honest man.
If you need
support future
I always am willing to give
credit trust people like you.
Are all, sir Thigo.
Now my mother go ahead.
- Hello?
- Johnny, are Fitzroy.
Give the woman on the phone.
- Mom?
- Nicolas.
- Are you alright?
- Fine. You do not get the message?
I sit here alone and drinking a glass.
- Get to see you soon.
- The sooner, the better.
Nicolas, do not forget
my shopping.
- You're a good boy.
- Bye, Mom.
- Yes. It has been resolved, Johnny.
- Yes.
It's never personal, Nick.
Just business.
It's always personal
Mr. Thigo.
We managed, Nick.
It is over.
What the hell...
Are you okay, son?
I was not sure whether to appear.
Never let my friends pool.
Thank you very much.
You should go. I do not want
to abuse your company.
Please tell me it's
what I think.
It's what you think.
Let's say I had
crazy success in Manchester.
- We're going to drink a beer?
- Yes. Go.
The pockets are pretty slim.
You should go on the ATM.
I'd borrow I
but I've paid for three months.
This is because working with the commission,
and have not sold any holiday.
I think that has to do with the fact
that no one wants to ski in Dubai.
You know what your problem is, Bing?
You have limited thinking.
And your problem, Nick... that you are stupid like a nail.
Are you suggesting that they are
slower of mind?
Ready. I'm tired.
Pull over!
Do not start the fight.
I'm tired.
I cheated.