Dead Night (2017) Movie Script

[crickets chirping]
[piano trill]
Danced in the moonlight
Held hands in the park
We strolled by the river
And kissed in the dark
I've never had the glow
I feel tonight
It's a miracle
moment of love
This is it.
Wow, baby.
This is so romantic.
Nothing but the best
for my best girl.
[bushes rustling]
I only know
I never felt so right.
It's a miracle
moment of love
If this isn't real...
I think there's
something out there.
I'm sure it's just the wind
or a cat or something.
No baby, I'm serious.
[music stops]
I'll go check it out.
Be right back.
[thud, screaming]
[heavy breathing]
Somebody help me!
Oh God it hurts!
[screaming, crying]
Oh God!
[baby cooing]
It's a girl.
[women vocalizing]
[thunder cracks]
[light piano music]
[birds chirping]
[thunder cracks]
- Jason!
- Casey?
You got such
a beautiful name.
I could see why you
might want to call me that.
Okay. Mom.
She's your mother.
Show some respect.
Sure thing, Mr. Pollack.
Stop trying to impress
your sister's friends.
Mom, that's disgusting.
Don't get your hopes up,
Becky thinks you're a loser.
All right, you guys.
Get it all out
of your system
or else you're gonna be
sleeping outside tonight.
Not you, Becky.
You're cool.
[ominous music]
How are you?
Steve's an a-hole.
[clears throat]
He knew three weeks ago,
so I don't really care
what he thinks.
He can bring in a sub.
Okay. It's all right.
Go back to sleep.
I can't sleep.
I'm starting to pick up
too much energy.
How about you, kids?
Anyone else feel that
sweet energy?
Your mom didn't tell you
the cabin's built
on a pile of magic rocks?
Okay, we don't need
to get into this with them.
Get into what?
Your mom's trying
to cure me.
Please tell me we're not
going to a hippie commune.
No, we're not going
to a hippie commune.
It's just a vacation.
On top of a deposit
of iron oxide.
Don't overthink it!
There are places like this
all over the world.
It's totally normal.
Your mom's friend Mika
is into hoodoo.
She's not into hoodoo.
It's what she does
for a living.
Does what for a living?
Becky doesn't want
to hear this, right?
Yeah, Becky wants
to hear this.
You want to hear this,
I, I do want to hear this?
Yeah. See?
She wants to hear this.
All right, this is just
what Mika told me.
But she said
that if you live
on top of this energy
for a while,
then it kind of realigns
everything inside of you.
Sounds kind of like
Yeah well, let's hope
this bullshit works.
[uplifting music]
That's it?
Help your dad
with the bags.
I'm really sorry about this.
It's okay.
Because I thought
it was gonna be like,
fun in the mountains,
not weird, creepy
energy house.
Seriously, it is fun.
Sounds creepy.
Oh, Mika says
that the front door
is gonna be locked.
We have to go
around the side.
It's supposed to be
cooler on the inside.
Well, by "cooler,"
I hope you mean warmer
because it's freezing.
All right, buddy.
Help me lift...
What do you think?
Well, it's a house.
What do you think?
Kind of rustic.
Wait til we get
the fire going.
It's nice.
Honey, go open
the front door
and help your brother
with the groceries.
Thank you.
No, you're good.
Let me help.
I already dragged
you out here.
I don't need you to help
with the groceries.
Are you gonna be okay
in here with them?
They're just your parents.
But they're crazy.
Go help your brother.
Thank you for doing this.
I know you don't,
I know you don't
really want to be...
Maybe it'll work.
Honey, look.
It's snowing.
What are you doing?
Uh, nothing.
I feel better already.
I do.
This is the best I have felt
in a very long time.
What else could
a guy want?
[wind howling]
[theme music playing]
[V/O] It was here during
one spring vacation
that a young family came
to enjoy some rest
and relaxation.
And gain a bit of hope.
But what they found
was the opposite.
Ending with four
gruesome murders,
and a still missing
teenage girl.
All at the hands of one
Casey Pollack.
Who would soon become
known in the press as...
the "Axe Mom."
Casey Pollack worked
the night shift as a nurse,
coming home most mornings
just in time
to make her children
their lunches
and see her husband
off to work
as a local high school
physical education teacher.
But her family
is in terrible danger.
Casey Pollack,
the loving wife and mother,
is an illusion
hiding a terrible
monster inside.
Detective Dean Walker,
a 14 year veteran
of the Mt. Ryerson
Police Department
remains lead detective
on the Pollack case.
Detective Walker,
Casey Pollack's crimes were
by any standard heinous.
Was this something you believe
she thought of beforehand?
What she did was
And the amount of planning
that went into it...
She knew exactly
what she was doing.
The way she performed
the killings...
The sheer number of
executions she performed
in such a short period
of time...
with zero remorse,
She made no attempt
to hide what she had done.
[V/O] It was here,
at Shand Healing Estates
a service specializing
in spiritual retreats
that Casey began planning
her family getaway.
[faint whispers]
Mm. Sorry about
the smell in here.
It doesn't smell.
It doesn't smell
gross in here?
It's probably just wet.
Yeah, the fucking
drawer's stuck.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
[eerie music]
Do you think that's
the cabin that we're in?
Yeah, looks like it.
Mr. Pollack?
let's go find their ax.
Get those boots on,
Yeah. Pronto.
You, too... blonde girl.
Becky, Dad.
Her name's Becky.
Of course.
It's the cancer.
Let's go.
Just go get the bags first,
All right.
[wind howling]
The ladies are in this room
with the two beds.
You and I...
are in here.
Wait, wait.
We're sharing a room?
Ah shit.
Not cool.
The service up here sucks.
I told my grandma
I'd let her know
I got here safe.
Uh, there's a landline.
Go ahead and use that.
- It's dead.
- Shit.
Is there another one?
James, is there a phone
in the bedroom?
I, I didn't see one.
Sorry, honey.
Is Lily gonna worry?
I had texted her from the car
that we're almost here.
It's okay, Mrs. Pollack.
You girls wanna
help me cook dinner?
No luck on the ax.
I'm gonna check the flu.
Then we'll look for wood.
In the woods.
Ready to go?
What? Uh, no, sorry,
I can't right now.
Last chance.
I'll uh,
I'll help you get it lit.
That's not the hard part.
- James!
- What?
Don't look, kids.
[screams, laughs]
Where are you going?
Getting the wood.
Be careful out there.
Wolves love me.
I'm a wolf person!
He's probably out
in the woods somewhere.
I'm not going out there.
What if he needs help
carrying the wood?
Mm, he probably doesn't.
She's cooking.
Make sure she
can't anything.
Uh, no thanks.
I'm so glad that you could
come with us this trip.
This would've been worse
than the year
we went to Hoover Dam.
You know,
with my uncle's RV.
- Yeah.
- Oh my God.
My grandma was having a book
club meeting this weekend,
so, glad I could
get out of the house.
God, those old ladies make
the living room sell like,
like weird meat and mint.
That's like weirdly specific.
No, it's gross, though.
It's like a meat cream.
Yeah, that sounds gross.
How is she,
by the way?
She's okay.
She got sick last week.
I know.
You said.
She's okay,
though, right?
Yeah. You know.
Lily's Lily.
Well, she's not that bad.
Oh, come on.
She's not like my parents.
They watch me
every fucking second.
What causes this woman...
to act in this manner?
Her, her killings
surely were ritualistic,
but I believe her motive
was greed.
Pure and simple.
It's the oldest motive
in the world.
Now, things did get
out of hand
and she lost control,
but greed was
the original motivator.
And it was a direct result
of her husband's diagnosis.
James recently updated his will
to include his children.
[V/O] For Detective Walker
and the rest of the officers
on the Pollack case,
the changing of James's will
seemed like an airtight motive.
But some didn't believe
Casey's motivation
was quite so simple.
Up next...
We sit down with one of the
only people who's heard
Casey Pollack speak since
the traumatizing events.
Right here on Inside Crime.
[light piano music]
I'm not ashamed to admit
I have values.
But you don't have to preach
the gospel to realize
that something's wrong
in this country.
When the dream
of a better life
is out of reach for some
while others continue
to use the system
for their own selfish ends.
As Governor,
I'll end the war on values.
And I'll fight against
attacks on our quest
for a better world.
Belief makes us strong.
It is belief that will deliver
us to a better tomorrow.
I'm Leslie Bison
and I approve this message.
[wind howling]
Yeah right.
Try it.
- Okay, what do I do?
- Just inhale.
- [laughs]
- You all right?
I'm fine.
It takes some
getting used to.
God, my grandma's
gonna kill me.
She might kill you.
She could kill you.
I just don't want
her to worry.
She's old.
Oh, come on.
What are you talking about?
You're like the best
good girl I know.
She has nothing
to worry about.
Yeah, well,
sometimes it seems like
I'm more capable of taking
care of her than she is.
Like, the other day,
I came downstairs
and she was just
watching the TV.
Not blinking.
Her mouth was wide open.
I had to call her name
three times
before she realized
I was even there.
She started acting
normal again.
Not that weird.
My grandma used to do
the same thing.
Yeah, but...
The TV was off.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You know,
what can you do?
[muffled rock music]
Are you just
gonna leave it?
Yeah. It was from
the disgusting,
dirty smokers who were
here before us.
Ah, I like the way
you think.
Let's go.
[wind howling]
[distant wolves howling]
Dump in the pasta.
What's taking him so long?
He'll be fine.
Give it a stir.
What are you looking for?
What do you mean?
It's just that...
I've just heard things
about these woods.
And the spirits
that live here.
- Stop it.
- What?
- You're scaring us.
- Oh, I'm not scared.
I'm just saying
it's not unheard of to...
see things out there
in the dark night.
You're too easy.
[cellphone ringing]
Hey, everything all right?
How's your timing?
Did you pick the trees yet?
I have the spots.
Pulling up shortly.
We need to make sure
it happens the way
it's supposed to.
We have to complete
the cycle.
I just think...
Don't think.
Snow's starting
to come down.
It's gonna be heavy out
there tonight so be careful.
I was born and raised
in these woods.
I'll be just fine.
Oh my God!
Casey, help!
Casey! Help!
What do you want
me to do?
- Just do it.
- Who is this?
Jesus, Casey.
Pull her hair back.
Is she dead?
I just found her.
One-thousand two,
one-thousand three,
one-thousand four.
One-thousand two,
one-thousand three,
one-thousand four.
One-thousand two,
one-thousand three...
- [alarm beeping]
- Oh fuck!
What happened?
She was literally lying
face down in the snow
when I found her.
- Are you okay?
- Mm-hm.
What's your name?
Leslie Bison.
Okay. Leslie.
What were you doing
in the woods?
I was looking
for some help.
Leslie, we're gonna get you
to a hospital now, okay?
No, that's all right.
I think I'm all right.
I just need to get warm.
[beeping stops]
Anyone hungry?
I am.
Let me just wash my face.
Leslie, why don't you
take a seat?
Get the car started.
You want me to go?
Not all the way.
Just until you get a signal
to call an ambulance.
Can you help me out?
Thanks, beautiful.
Well, thanks for grabbing me.
Leslie, I'm gonna go down
and get you some help.
I'll be back.
You good?
Yes, go.
[car tone beeping]
[cellphone ringing]
What's your emergency?
Hi. I'd like to report
an injured woman.
We know that before
she committed the murder,
she traveled back down
the hill alone...
to alert the paramedics about
what she was about to do.
She wanted to get caught
in that moment.
Something in that
twisted brain of hers
didn't want to go
through with it.
And I wish she had gotten
help right then and there.
911. What's your emergency?
Hi, I'd like to report
an injured woman.
We found her unconscious
in the woods
and we were able
to resuscitate her.
There's been some
and confusion in the case,
uh, especially in regards to
this mysterious injured woman.
We now know there
was no injured woman.
The police reports time it out
so that the call occurred
before she even murdered Mika.
That wasn't the only
call Casey Pollack made
before the murders.
She also placed a call
to Becky's grandmother,
Lily Lane.
The call was very short.
She just wanted
to let me know
that my granddaughter
had arrived safely.
And then she told me they'd
found an injured woman.
Before I could ask
any questions,
she claimed to lose reception
as she drove up
the hill to the cabin.
I haven't heard
from her since.
Most people only live here
in the summer months.
Martha and Carl Hastings
are year-round residents
in Mt. Ryerson.
They're the only eyewitnesses
we have from that night.
I heard some screaming.
Woke me up.
Then I heard Carl calling me
from the kitchen.
I, uh, I looked down
from the kitchen door
towards the pier.
And that's when I saw
the two ladies in a struggle.
That's when Martha
called the police.
Dr. Ramsey.
Is there such a thing
as pure evil?
I don't believe
that exactly.
But I definitely saw
something in Casey that...
I can't explain.
The events
are terribly tragic.
Too many people lost their
lives to a very sick woman.
But the fact remains
that there's still
a missing girl out there.
And there's a family who
does not have one ounce
of closure.
And that's terribly
as lead detective
on this case.
tell me a little bit
about yourselves.
Are you three in school?
What grade are you in?
Uh, graduated.
But these two are juniors.
Wow. Congratulations
on the graduation.
[cellphone ringing]
Hi, Lily.
It's Casey.
Oh, hi, Casey.
I'm just calling
to let you know
that we made it
to the cabin safely.
You guys having fun?
We found an injured woman
in the woods.
Oh, that's terrible.
She's gonna be okay.
I called an ambulance.
Oh, Becky's a tough cookie.
I'm sure she'll be
helpful to you.
Becky is a tough cookie,
Yes, I will.
I... I'm losing you.
[breaking up] I'll call
you in the morning, okay?
Don't we usually say grace
before we eat?
Not usually.
Uh, yeah we do.
I think it's rude.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry.
We can say grace if that's
what you all like to do.
Take my brother's hand.
[wind howling]
Oh Lord, we thank you
for your many gifts.
And for this bounty
we are about to receive.
Please bless our family
and our new friends
joining us in this meal.
And bless our friends
and family everywhere.
Paramedics are on their way.
Yeah. We need
to make sure you're okay.
Good idea.
- Is there anything left for me?
- Yep.
This is Mika Shan's cabin,
How do you know Mika?
She rents this place out
to people who are dying.
I'm sorry.
Are you a renter?
I'm confused.
Which one of you is,
uh, sick?
You're not being
very cool right now.
Where did you say
you were renting again?
I didn't.
I'm not a renter.
That's not how
I know Mika.
- Then how do you know...
- Why were you in the woods?
Why are you
interrogating me?
Why don't we wait outside
for the ambulance?
I was in the woods.
On my way here.
Next thing I know,
I'm on your front lawn.
With your tongue
in my mouth.
Excuse me?
I'm kidding!
go in the other room.
No. I'm not leaving you
in here with her.
Do you mind if I...?
All right, look.
I apologize.
I thought I was being funny.
But it wasn't funny.
You saved my life.
I'm sorry. I'm...
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Feels good to eat.
What are you saying?
She's just complimenting
the food.
- It's good.
- Is it?
I'm two seconds away from
tying that lady to a chair.
could you sit back down,
Okay. Grab your things.
Let's wait on the porch.
[bones cracking]
[gasps, heavy breathing]
Nicely done.
[bones cracking]
[nervous breathing]
[nervous breathing]
[wheezing, bones cracking]
[heartbeat pounding]
[distant yelling]
Let's go, let's go,
let's go.
[eerie music]
Come on!
Come on!
Go, go!
[nervous breathing]
Chill. Chill. Chill.
Okay, c'mon.
Gimme your hand.
You're okay.
It's okay.
[distant footsteps]
[nervous breathing]
If I leave for a second,
to see what's happening,
will you be okay?
Shh. Shh.
It's okay.
[worried breathing]
It's okay.
Shh. It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, over here!
What are you doing to us?
It's my turn, dear.
Feel that?
[demonic voice]
That's power, Casey.
Help! Help!
[worried breathing]
[bones cracking]
Okay, come on.
[distant footsteps]
They're above us.
We should run
while they're inside.
Don't leave me.
I'm not gonna leave you.
I think it's clear.
Hey, hey! Hey!
Hey, send help!
Hi, Casey.
What are you doing here?
I just came
to check on you.
See how the house
is working out.
At 11:30?
- Casey, I don't...
- What the hell is going on?
Calm down.
- Tell me...
- Ah! Casey! Casey!
What the fuck is going on!
Look who's awake.
Mornin', hon.
Do you mind relaxing
a little while longer?
We're almost done here.
[heavy breathing]
How do I stop it?
How do I change them back?
At this point,
there's nothing you can do.
No, there has to be
a way to reverse it.
[cellphone ringing]
Hey girl.
Getting close?
Uh, yeah.
I'm almost there.
About to lose service,
Well, look.
It went great.
The ladies send their best.
I'll tell you all about it.
Did they clear the road yet?
They're about halfway through.
Get up here quick.
Oh my.
I underestimated you.
I have your girl.
You sure she doesn't
have you?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
Well, don't do
anything stupid.
I haven't touched
the boy yet.
Talk to your mother.
Don't listen to her!
He's passionate.
Can we make an exchange?
Good idea!
You bring Mika up here
and I'll give you your son.
See you in a few.
This is smart.
Who are the ladies?
Who are the ladies?!
The ladies?
Who are the ladies?!
No! No.
They have a, a home.
About a mile
or so into the woods.
I'm hurt.
Okay, I give up!
Go, get up.
I need to warn you,
There's no way for me
to know what they'll do.
If they want you there,
they'll let you in.
But if they don't...
Can they help?
If there's a way,
they'll know how.
Uh, I'll stay here.
Give me your foot.
[intense music]
Casey, wait!
[brush rustling]
[distant sirens wailing]
Hey Paul,
up to the summit yet?
Can you confirm
multiple trees?
I got past the first two.
But I might need some help
with this third one.
Looks like weather.
It's coming down
pretty hard up here.
Sending backup.
Copy that.
Hi, Casey.
Why don't you
put that thing down?
Lily? I'm...
Who are you?
I'm just a very old woman
who's been waiting
a very long time.
How's Becky?
Oh, she's sure grown.
She's gonna blossom
into a brand new person.
Come on.
It's so warm.
What's happening?
It's the rock.
It warms us.
It guides us.
Come this way, child.
[TV chatter]
The fact remains
that there's still a missing
girl out there.
How do you explain
something like that?
To answer this question,
one must look
at the passions
that inform
the murderous mind.
But to truly understand
the mind of a predator
we must examine her prey.
Mika Shan, a rental agent
and spiritual healer,
who Casey coaxed
to their cabin
then bound to a tree
and disfigured.
Oh, Casey.
If things had been different,
you could've joined us.
You certainly have
the stomach for it.
The stomach for what?
- What's coming next.
- Becky's grandmother...
Lily Lane.
The call was very short.
She just wanted
to let me know
that my granddaughter
had arrived safely.
- Who are you?
- We've always been around.
Right from the beginning.
Some people call us witches.
But I like to think of us
as a collection of old gals
who just care,
and have the power
to do something about it.
Although this tragedy
occurred during spring break,
the chill of winter continued
through March that year.
The Pollack family set out
for a nice few days
in the mountains,
only to have their plans erupt
into madness and murder
on their very first night
in the cabin.
What am I watching?
The future.
We've seen countless generations
destroyed by chaos.
Destroyed by their own nature.
And when we can...
we like to move
the big picture forward.
Like to find people
who can do it for us.
- Belief makes us strong...
- Like her?
It is belief that will deliver
us to a better tomorrow.
Well, she's the horse
we're betting on.
We used to be able to look
into a glass or flames.
Searching for a glimpse
of what was going
to come next.
But now, we can pick up
the signal direct.
[electricity buzzing]
It's all inevitable.
Can you help me?
How do I save my family?
You're not the only one
who's made a sacrifice.
I gave them Becky.
I'm not gonna pretend I didn't
know what was going on.
This was the cabin
where a mother gruesomely
burned the bodies
of her husband
and two children.
[surprised gasps]
Shh! Shh.
Stop it.
You've got to go
and collect
the stone fragments.
To do this, you must
sever their heads,
then burn them.
It's the only way
to set them free.
The paths that define us
have already been chosen.
The ritual's almost complete.
Fucking bitch.
[tires screeching]
I just want the fragments.
You saw the ladies.
And they kept you alive?
Well, it's no matter.
Your family's mine.
[frightened gasps]
Help me bring
the boy to cycle.
[distant grunting]
Hey Martha.
Did you hear that?
What is going on
out there?
Oh, Carl, I have
to call the police.
[tense music]
Oh my God.
Yes, a woman and a girl.
Please hurry.
Holy shit.
[cellphone vibrating]
Come again?
Yeah, I'm on my way.
Oh my God.
You're okay.
We have to get out of here.
[thud, screams]
You should be nicer to me.
Oh yeah.
Ha ha ha.
I'm gonna
kill you for this.
No you're not, dear.
I'll leave you devils to it.
[orchestral music]
[female operatic singing]
[distant yells]
[police siren wailing]
Ma'am, put down the ax.
Put down the ax
and get down
on the ground now!
[operatic singing continues]
[V/O] For Casey Pollack,
the truth of that
gruesome night
is locked away with her.
Unknowable to police
and psychiatrists alike.
Perhaps in time,
she will be able to share
what really happened
on March 21st, 2015.
But more importantly,
what became of Becky Lane?
Some stories will always
remain a mystery.
And the case
of the Axe Mom
could be one of those.
While we can examine
the facts...
we may never really
know the truth.
From everyone here
at Inside Crime.
Thank you for watching.
I'm Jack Sterling,
and I'll see you next week.
[crickets chirping]
Please let me go!
I won't say anything.
Oh my God.
What's happening?
You're part of a bigger
picture, dear.
It'll all be over soon,
I promise.
No! No!
Please, help me.
[choking, gasping]
Here we go.
Coming up
on the news at 11,
dark horse Leslie Bison
beats Perry Lifton
in a landslide victory.
We go live to the
Rosewood Ballroom
as the Bison campaign
celebrates her historic night.
Find out what this means
for both Oregon
and the country.
That's news at 11,
right after Inside Crime.
["Miracle Moment of Love"
by Rudy West]
We danced in the moonlight
Held hands in the park
We strolled by the river
And kissed in the dark
I've never had
the glow I feel tonight
It's a miracle
moment of love
Seems like forever,
I searched by the pond
Could love me completely
Now look what you've done
I only know
I've never felt so right
It's a miracle
moment of love
If this isn't real,
please shake me
And tell me
I'm wasting my time
If you're just a dream,
don't wake me
Just let me go on
feeling hope
The bells in the chapel,
tells time, twelve o'clock
A new day's beginning
and so is our love
Now I can't wait
until tomorrow night
It's a miracle
moment of love
[tense music]
[TV broadcast] He was a quiet
man who mostly kept to himself,
until his neighbors made
a gruesome discovery.
Six bodies along with
a missing boy,
still alive.
That's next week right here,
on Inside Crime.