Dead Over Heels: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2017) Movie Script

[printer whirring]
Lillian, you're working late.
I can't work tomorrow.
I have to take
my sister shopping.
Oh, that sounds fun.
Maybe to you.
I find it frivolous.
Okay then.
Have a good night.
Miss Teagarden.
Oh, Captain Burns,
you startled me.
I need to talk
to your boyfriend.
Any idea where I can find him?
He's out of town,
on business.
Well, tell Mr. Martin Bartell
to come find me
as soon as he comes back.
My house, not the station.
Well, I can give you
his phone number.
No phone calls.
They can be traced.
Is everything all right?
Do yourself a favor
and stay out of this one.
[metal fixture rattling]
Tell me
his name again?
Tim Prentiss.
He moved here
a little while ago
to work for Martin.
Martin knows him
from the CIA.
He's very nice.
"Nice" is how my great aunt
describes men
she wants to fix me up with.
And it's not a set-up.
It's just,
it's dinner.
Mother and John
will be there.
Martin, too.
It'll be fun.
[pipe sprays and splashes,
Aurora winces]
Then why do you
look so worried?
No, I'm not worried.
I am just frustrated
that I can't...
fix this leak myself.
Tell me again why you didn't
call a plumber?
Because I should
be able to deal
with simple household
repairs myself.
[sighs heavily]
You know, I had
the strangest conversation
with Captain Burns last night.
Chief of Police Captain Burns,
the one who hates you?
I can't stop thinking about it.
I mean,
it wasn't a threat exactly,
but it felt like it.
[aircraft engine
drones overhead]
That plane is
flying awfully low.
What in the world?
Oh, my gosh!
What was that?
Was that a body?
I think so.
[gasps in horror]
It's Captain Burns!
I can't believe
this happened.
Poor Captain Burns.
So, you were outside
when the body dropped?
Yeah, fixing
the faucet.
We were right there.
What kind
of a plane was it?
Crop duster?
Uh... well, I'm not sure.
It was a single engine.
It was, uh, it was white
with a blue stripe.
It was right
there, exactly.
We were fixing
the faucet.
Because we can.
Can you take her
up to see medics?
I think she's in shock.
Hey, I'm so sorry.
I know that
you worked with him.
You must...
feel awful.
Uh, do you remember
the last time
you saw him?
Last night.
He came to the library
looking for Martin.
Well, that's it for now.
I'll, uh, maybe need you
and Sally at the station later.
How does this always
happen to you?
Trust me,
this never happens to me.
You know, most people go
their entire lives
without ever seeing a murder.
So it was definitely a murder?
Because I think
I saw a stab wound.
Do me a favor.
Stay out of this one.
Are you okay?
I just keep seeing that plane,
and Captain Burns, and...
it's all so sad.
Maybe you should go home.
No, no, no,
I'm fine, I'm fine.
You need help
cleaning up.
It's all...
Okay, well, I'll be fine.
-There you are!
That was nice.
I came straight
from the airport.
You could have been killed.
I don't think so.
Whoever was flying
didn't want to hurt us.
They wanted us to see.
[sighs in wonder]
You are the only person I know
that could have
a near-death experience
and immediately
start solving the crime.
Well, why else
would you drop a body
in somebody's yard?
While they were there?
Well, I suppose
we should cancel dinner
with your mother--
[gasps] Oh my gosh.
I still think
you could have canceled.
I tried to convince her.
I mean, it's positively
ghoulish having a dinner party
in the middle of a crime scene.
And pizza?
Mother, it is not
a crime scene, it's my home,
and I still
need to eat.
And I thought it would be good
for Sally to have company
after what happened today.
I can't believe
you're not more upset.
Well, I am upset.
You're the one
that always says
good friends and family
are the best medicine.
You do say that.
As long as Roe isn't
gonna play matchmaker,
I'm fine.
Oh, you little sneak.
Martin's friend
moved into town
a few months ago.
Roe, tell me you didn't.
I'm just trying
to help him get settled.
I already told her
I wasn't interested.
Knock knock.
I hope you don't mind.
The door was open,
so I let myself in.
Aurora doesn't seem to care
that she could have been
badly hurt.
She just wants
to solve the mystery.
[Sally]: I care
about getting hurt.
[Aida]: Well, good
for you, Sally,
that is a sign
of health.
We just lost a respected
member of our community.
It's a tragedy,
it's not a mystery.
I know it's terrible,
but this isn't just
any mystery.
Captain Burns gave me
a strange message
and then shows up dead
in my yard.
What message?
He warned me to stay out of it.
He wanted to talk to Martin.
Don't look at me,
I barely knew the man.
[Aida]: Captain Burns
quite reasonably
objected to the fact
that Aurora interferes
in police work.
I prefer to think of myself
as helping.
Aurora runs a club
that meets once a month.
"The Real Murders Club."
We solve historical murders.
And solved the last four
homicides in Lawrenceton,
thanks to Aurora.
Which probably explains
why Captain Burns
didn't want to talk to me.
But not why he ended up
in my yard.
Maybe it's a dare.
Someone who knows your talents
is challenging you
to solve this crime.
Well, that's a dare
I forbid you to take.
Thank you, Aida.
You're great.
Your ideas, they're great.
They're, um... you should come
to our next meeting.
I'd love to.
That was very sneaky of you,
setting up
Tim and Sally like that.
I wasn't sneaking.
I told Sally
she'd like him,
and she did.
Little meddler.
Hey, mind grabbing me
my jacket?
I'm gonna head out.
I suppose they should
be thanking you.
Oh, hey, listen,
I got you a present.
Why don't--why don't
we save it for...
a happier day.
Excuse me.
As your Mayor,
it is my sad duty to announce
that Captain Frederick Burns,
20-year chief of the Lawrenceton
Police Department,
died yesterday
of an apparent homicide.
Lieutenant Liggett-Smith
will serve as acting chief
until I make a new appointment.
I believe the job
of acting chief
goes to the senior
homicide detective?
Detective Lambert just
came back to the department.
He spent some time
with the Seattle PD.
That's right,
and before that,
I worked here
for 20 years,
which makes me
senior officer.
Actually, it doesn't.
Check the manual.
Article four, paragraph three?
Excuse me.
[crowd murmuring]
Detective Smith?
Detective Smith,
you got a minute?
Not really.
It's about
the Burns murder.
I was thinking
you might need someone
to take over
the investigation.
Why does that
not surprise me?
I'm just wondering
who you're looking at,
for suspects.
I appreciate your enthusiasm.
If I need help, I'll ask.
Are you sure
about this?
Her husband's body
fell in your bushes.
It might not
be appropriate.
Bess Burns volunteers
at the library.
She's Lillian's sister,
and my friend.
[sighs] She must be
We're here to support her.
But not to investigate.
Right? Because
your mother said.
That would be
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Do you really think
you should be here,
given your role
in what happened?
I thought your sister
might like some pie.
[Bess]: People are so kind.
They've been stopping by
all day.
Bess, how are you?
Fred was in a dangerous
line of work.
I always knew
it might take him one day.
Still, it...
it must have been
a terrible shock.
Was it a shock for you?
That's enough--
The doctor said
you need to rest.
Seems my sister
has lost her manners.
Well, we wouldn't
want to tire you out.
Oh, um...
People don't always
show it.
Hi. Welcome.
There are some chairs up front
if you haven't found a seat.
I am so happy to see
so many new faces.
Come on in.
This is the Real Murders Club,
and I am Aurora Teagarden.
Tonight's topic
is Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome,
famous couples who have
a passion for killing--
I think we should talk
about what happened
to Captain Burns.
Excellent suggestion.
Uh, unfortunately,
that's not our topic tonight.
He was murdered.
But it's still
an open investigation.
Why do you think we all came?
There could be
a killer on the loose.
I know everyone's
concerned, Larry,
and we feel terrible about
what happened to Captain Burns.
But we don't want
to interfere.
People are
talking already.
How is talking here
any different?
We can't pretend
it's not happening.
Why don't we take a vote?
Everybody in favor of sticking
with our original topic,
Bonnie and Clyde?
Sorry I'm late.
It's okay,
I'd say you got here
just in time.
Okay, well,
if we're going to do this,
let's be systematic.
What are the most important
elements to any crime?
and opportunity.
So, what do we do first?
Generate a list
of possible suspects.
[Larry]: I heard the police
doesn't have any suspects.
I heard he was working
a case on the down low,
keeping it hushed up.
That's what my parole
officer told me.
The detectives
weren't happy.
What about his wife?
His wife?
When I went to see
Bess Burns this morning,
she seemed
almost cheerful,
and her sister
rushed me out,
as if she was trying
to hide something.
Well, people do have
unexpected reactions to grief.
May I offer an observation?
This is Tim Prentiss.
He used to work for the CIA.
Listen, so far,
this is all speculation.
We need to start
with facts.
We don't have any facts.
On the contrary,
we have two facts
about the killer,
don't we, Aurora?
Well, we know
they can fly.
And they were strong enough
to push a body out of a plane.
Thanks, man,
you really elevated
the conversation.
I completely agree.
I'm glad
I could help.
So am I.
I was afraid it was turning
into a witch hunt.
Well, people are scared.
Sounds like he was
important to the community.
But Bess Burns
couldn't have done it.
She's too small.
All I said was,
be careful about
building a case out of hunches.
I've actually seen tiny women
commit terrible crimes.
Actually, so have I.
[cell phone rings]
[call disconnects]
[Sally's cell phone ringing]
Hey, Roe.
Hey, are you at work?
Uh, no, but I will be as soon
as I'm done getting my coffee.
What do you need?
Well, I need you
to ask your editor
to put you
on the Captain Burns story.
Because last night,
I saw a picture of Bess Burns
standing next to the plane
that flew over the house.
We have to figure out
if she knows how to fly.
Wow, is that such a good idea?
I mean, that's why
I'm calling you.
I could ask Lillian,
but after yesterday,
I figured
she wouldn't be much help.
But remember what Tim said
at dinner?
About how he thinks the killer
might be trying to bait you?
I don't want to see you
get in any trouble.
No, I am not in trouble.
I'm at the library,
about to have
a friendly conversation
with my not-so-friendly
I gotta call you back.
[gasps] Lillian...
[police radio crackling]
How's Lillian?
She's stable,
but she hasn't
woken up yet.
Does she normally
carry a purse?
Yeah, it's a black
leather one.
Huh. Well,
we couldn't find it.
I'm pretty sure
it was a robbery.
I don't think so.
I think she knew something,
and that's why
she was attacked--
Okay, please don't start.
I went to see
Bess Burns yesterday,
and Lillian was very jittery.
Well, her sister's husband
was just murdered.
Yeah, doesn't that
seem strange?
I mean, a man
is murdered,
and two days later,
his sister-in-law is attacked?
I just told you,
her purse is missing.
It's too much of a coincidence.
No, I'm writing it up
as a robbery.
Lieutenant Smith?
We found it
out in the dumpster.
I just don't see how
this could have been a robbery.
Well, maybe
somebody wanted
to make it look
like a robbery.
You think it was
connected to Burns?
That's what Aurora thinks.
Please tell me you have not
been discussing
this case with her.
This isn't a robbery.
The woman was related
to Captain Burns.
It must be
I'm sorry,
can I help you?
Did you know
that Captain Burns was
looking for Martin Bartell
the night before he died?
I'm aware.
Are you also aware
that Bartell's dating
Aurora Teagarden?
Martin Bartell is not
a person of interest
in this case.
Well, I'm interested.
He used to work
for the CIA.
They're trained killers,
and people who don't get along
with his girlfriend
are dropping like flies.
Let me remind you,
Detective Lambert,
that you are not assigned
to this case,
and I am acting chief
in this department,
which gives me authority
to make personnel decisions.
Sorry to interrupt.
Uh, it's the babysitter.
She says your daughter
climbed out of her crib.
That's ridiculous, she can't
climb out of her crib.
Should I...
say you're busy?
Uh, I'll...
I'll take it.
She can climb out of her crib.
What did you say?
I'll get it.
There you go.
They're due
in two weeks.
Is Lillian Tibbett
the identity you use
when you're not
Aurora Teagarden,
Super Sleuth?
You scared me.
Yeah, maybe because
you were engaged
in some surreptitious behavior.
Can I help you
with something?
Uh, well, I wanted to come
and get your friend
Sally's phone number.
But at the moment
I'm more interested in this.
Is there always
a police officer here?
Lillian was attacked
this morning.
Who is
this mysterious Lillian?
She's Bess Burns' sister.
Which is why you were
going through her email.
I think Lillian may know
who killed Captain Burns.
And I'm afraid it might be Bess.
Careful, sounds like
you're building your case
out of hunches.
No, I'm following leads,
Lillian sent Bess
an email last night,
telling her to call her at work.
She said it was urgent,
and then Lillian shows up
at work this morning,
and she was attacked.
And that's not a hunch,
that's a fact.
What happened?
I just heard
that Lillian was attacked?
Is she okay?
Are you okay?
I'm meeting Martin for lunch.
Why don't you two join us,
and I'll explain everything.
Oh, I can't believe it.
Bess Burns is so sweet,
and she's a pillar
of the community.
You have to admit,
it's a perfect cover.
Well, we need to find out
if Bess has an alibi.
Or if she knows
how to fly a plane.
I think we
should leave it alone.
Well, it's
too late for that.
My editor already
assigned me the story.
I've already started
my research.
No, I'm serious.
You can't get involved in this
Is that an order?
Someone dropped a body,
from a plane,
into your backyard.
And two days later
tried to kill
a woman you work with.
Because she knows
something about the murder.
Or maybe it's because
she's close to you.
I don't think
Aurora is in danger.
If anything,
I think it's a test.
Well, whoever this is,
they're dangerous.
Lillian just regained
Oh, that's great.
She's refusing
to make a statement,
until she sees you.
She was pretty adamant.
Putting you, as usual,
in the middle of my case.
Well, I guess I don't
have a choice then.
Did Lillian say why
she wants to see me?
Did she say anything
about what happened?
She has a pretty
bad concussion.
Do you think she knows something
about Captain Burns?
Brace yourself.
She's not making
much sense.
Oh, thank goodness,
you're alive!
Oh, I was so worried.
What would I do
if something happened to you?
I'd be all alone.
No, no, Lillian,
you wouldn't be alone.
You have a sister,
and a cat.
You're in terrible danger.
I don't know.
But I feel it.
do you remember anything
that happened this morning?
My alarm clock.
Oh, I was having
the most beautiful dream.
I had wings.
Do you ever dream you can fly?
Uh, Lillian, I think
she meant after the dream,
at the library.
Oh, no, I didn't go
to the library.
I came straight here,
to the hotel.
Look at you,
my poor baby.
Can you imagine this happening?
We're like those people
who get struck
by lightning twice.
I made your favorite.
Jumble nut.
She's not a 100%.
I'll give you
some privacy.
Thank you.
[cell phone rings]
I'm so glad I ran into you.
I meant to ask you yesterday,
is your mother still
in real estate?
She is.
She's such
a lovely woman.
I'm wondering
if you could have her call me.
I'd like her to sell the house.
Your house?
It's just too painful,
I can't stay there anymore.
Thank you.
Okay, I'd better...
Aurora Teagarden.
Detective Lambert,
Lawrenceton PD.
I just wanted
to follow up
on what happened
to Captain Burns.
Oh, of course.
I heard he was trying to find
your boyfriend,
Martin Bartell,
the night before he died.
Any idea why?
You know,
I'm thinking
that it relates to a case that
Captain Burns was working on.
Didn't Bartell
spend time in the CIA?
Martin was in Chicago,
on business.
He flew back
after Captain Burns was killed.
That's a tidy alibi.
Martin didn't know
Captain Burns.
You know, I like the way
that you stand up for him.
I heard you gave
a talk about that.
Bonnie and Clyde.
It was canceled.
You used the meeting
to plant suspicions
about Bess Burns.
Two points.
You're building your case
out of hunches,
and I don't like threats.
Poor Lillian.
Imagine being mugged
in a library.
I saw Bess Burns today,
when I was visiting
Lillian in the hospital.
She wants you
to sell her house.
Of course.
The house she's lived in
for 20 years,
with Captain Burns.
It's a charming place.
I bet it still has
the original woodwork.
he died two days ago.
The woman is obviously
I mean, that house is going
to be a constant reminder.
She doesn't seem
Bess and Captain Burns have
been dating since high school.
I mean, they obviously
adored each other.
Maybe Bess didn't adore him.
Are the police
treating her as a suspect?
I don't think
they have a suspect.
Not yet.
Except for maybe Martin.
Well, Burns went
looking for him
the night before he died,
Well, that's hardly a case.
It may be all they have.
Which is why
I'm exploring other options.
Well, if that's all they have,
I'm worried
about our police force.
Martin Bartell is the most
principled person I know.
I found a ring box,
in his pocket.
I think
he might propose.
Well, I'm not surprised.
I mean, the two of you
have been dating
for over a year now.
I don't know.
I like dating.
Marriage isn't a trap, Aurora.
When two people love each other,
it can actually be a gift.
I sense you've been waiting
to share that advice.
You're an independent woman,
your parents are divorced.
I'm not surprised
you have reservations.
You won't marry John.
We are talking about you
right now, not me.
Actually, I was talking
about Bess Burns.
I suspect your impression
of that poor woman
is being tainted
by your fear of commitment.
Just take
a lot of pictures.
You know,
when you visit the house.
Absolutely not.
Well, you always take pictures.
Well, not for such purposes.
I'm a real estate agent,
I'm not a spy.
Hey, you about
ready to go home?
Pete Lambert is out of control.
Did you know that
he interrogated Aurora
at the hospital?
-About what?
-About Martin.
I thought Martin
was in Chicago.
He was in Chicago.
Pete is totally fixated.
He says former CIA agents
can still change
flight manifests.
Plus, they're
trained killers.
Wait, didn't he
get fired?
Ah, he and Burns
were golf buddies.
I think Burns
arranged a transfer.
So why is he back?
Look, don't let him
get to you.
He's just trying to make
a name for himself.
Yeah, for who?
The mayor, probably.
She appoints
the next permanent chief.
You don't actually think
the mayor would make
Pete Lambert chief of police?
-You hesitated.
-I didn't, I didn't hesitate.
You actually thought about it,
like it could be
a possible option.
No. I...
Look, let's just...
get your stuff,
and go home for the night.
Okay, Bess didn't do it.
She and Lillian were
in Seattle all day long,
Maybe she had Lillian
lie for her.
Next time, can we
do this in a diner?
Because this feels
too much like a spy movie.
Can Bess fly?
Yes, as a matter of fact.
Burns bought her lessons
for their anniversary
two years ago.
I knew it.
There's no way that she could
move a body that size.
[knock on window]
What are you two
doing out here?
Just... talking.
But it's cold and dark.
We must have
lost track of time.
Well, this is lucky.
I was just walking
through the park,
and I saw your car--
hey, why don't we call Tim,
and see if he wants
to grab dinner?
-Yes, that's--
-We can't.
We... have that work thing?
The work-- the--
We have a thing.
Yeah. I'm so sorry.
We should
definitely do it,
just another time.
Well, then, um...
Have fun at your,
uh, thing.
What thing?
[winding window up]
We have to find out
if Bess Burns
could move a body.
Of course we do.
Perry works
at the gym?
Well, Martin said
he just started
two weeks ago.
I need this back
by the end of my shift.
You can just leave it
by the dumpster.
I don't want
to get in trouble
with my boss.
How much
does this weigh?
75 pounds.
Oh, we're going to need
something heavier.
Take no prisoners, am I right?
The airport manager
is a hundred years old.
Plus, he has
a hearing problem.
He'll never know I'm here.
Okay. If this is so easy,
why didn't we tell Martin?
Because he would have
tried to stop us.
You heard him
at the cafe.
He doesn't want me involved.
Maybe he has a point.
Look, all you have to do
is keep the manager talking.
I'm writing an article
on this case.
I have to remain impartial.
You are impartial.
You collect facts.
I test them.
[knocks gently,
snoring inside]
-[door slams firmly]
-[snorts awake]
Shouldn't sneak up like that.
[clears throat]
So, they both flew?
Every Sunday.
Pair of lovebirds.
And what about last Sunday?
Did you see them?
Well, Sundays, I sleep in.
Captain Burns had keys.
He'd sign himself in
and take the plane.
Figured I could trust him
with that much.
So, who brought the plane back?
It was there
when I came to work.
I figured he did.
I mean, that's
what usually happened.
[car approaching]
Do you have
surveillance cameras?
Why would I want that?
For surveillance?
[knock on door]
[door opens]
Detective Lambert,
Lawrenceton PD.
I'd like to check the hangar.
I'd like to ask
a few questions.
Who are you?
She said she's a reporter.
Yes, would you, um,
describe this investigation
as stalled?
There's a leadership vacuum.
And do you have any suspects?
What did you say your name was?
Sally Allison.
You were there.
At the Burns murder.
Told me
she was a reporter.
I am a reporter.
And I have all the information
that I came for.
So, thank you
very much, gentlemen.
I hope you have a nice night.
Excuse me.
Was that Pete Lambert?
Keep your head down!
Why is he here?
Well, because
he's police,
and maybe because
he's investigating
a crime scene?
Okay, I got the punching bag
in the plane.
Bess could have
definitely done it.
-[gasps sharply]
-[yelps] What?
-Oh, no!
I'm already
nervous enough as it is.
Is this a good time
to tell you
that I left the bag
in the plane?
I was in a hurry
to get out.
We could go back
and get it now.
[cell phone ringing]
Oh, hi.
How was your thing?
My-- What?
Your, uh, your work thing,
with Sally?
It... [stammers awkwardly]
Is everything okay?
Martin, did you stop by
my house earlier?
No. Why?
Because somebody did.
And they left me flowers.
You're up early.
What are you doin'?
We're installing
a security system.
Only if you want it.
Can I talk to you,
in private?
You really should have
asked me first.
I thought you'd be happy.
No. I don't want
a security system.
It would just sit there,
making me nervous.
somebody broke into your house.
Neither of us found
any signs of forced entry.
I may have forgotten
to lock the door.
But they came inside.
And left flowers.
But we can monitor it,
right from work--
No, no, I don't want
to be monitored.
It makes me feel
like a prisoner.
I'd rather have a dog.
Dogs can be distracted.
Then I'd rather have a cat.
Uh... should I
keep going, or...?
But thank you.
No cats, please?
I'm allergic.
Okay, grab
the ladder...
I hope I'm not
interrupting you.
Oh, not at all.
Oh... this place is lovely.
Just the way I remembered it.
Well, I'm ready
to let it go.
Oh, too painful, huh?
Yeah, I thought so.
But when I woke up,
I realized,
I'm not tied down anymore.
I can do whatever I want
with my life.
Do you mind if I take
a few photos?
Oh, by all means.
Detective Lambert has been...
with the Burns investigation.
He's been
intimidating witnesses,
building his own case.
I normally
wouldn't say anything,
but I just thought
you should know.
He and Captain Burns
used to be golf buddies,
and I don't know, he might
just he's above the rules.
How is the investigation going?
Great. Very great.
We are actually really close
to closing the case.
I'm glad to hear it.
[knock on door]
Madam Mayor.
Sorry I'm late.
Are we still on
for the driving range?
[clears throat awkwardly]
I don't see
how this will help.
I was so nervous,
I took pictures
of everything.
Admit it,
you found it thrilling.
I felt awful,
just like I did
when I stole penny candy.
You stole candy?
I was four,
and I confessed.
We need to call
a meeting.
Okay, let's get started.
I can't be part of this.
You're invading this
poor woman's privacy.
So I'm going to go
down to the office.
Good idea.
I'll see you
after the meeting, for dinner.
So I found the same
kind of flowers in my house.
I called all
the local florists.
None of them made deliveries,
and none of them
had peonies in stock.
And this is the card
that came with the flowers.
You think
Bess left them?
Okay, but Bess didn't
kill Captain Burns.
The police have
security footage
of her and Lillian
Bess may have had help.
Well, who's that?
Detective Lambert.
He's been working
on the Burns case.
He's trying
to make Martin a suspect.
He doesn't have any evidence, so
I couldn't figure out why.
Until I saw this.
They look cozy.
And what's
the best way
to avoid being caught
for a murder?
Pin the crime
on somebody else.
You think
Detective Lambert
killed Captain Burns?
So he could be with Bess?
Maybe Bess and Lillian
went shopping
so that Detective Lambert could
push Burns out of the plane.
Is it?
You're drawing
a lot of conclusions
from one photograph.
It's a theory.
I mean,
we need more information,
but Sally, you can
interview Bess,
and I'll see what I can
dig up on Detective Lambert.
I think we should talk
to the police.
Detective Lambert
is the police.
We can't go to the police
without proof.
Okay, but whoever did this
attacked two people
and broke into your house.
They're not going to like us
asking questions.
We can be discreet.
You're writing
a story for the paper,
and I'm a librarian.
I always do research.
Martin tried to set up
a security system.
Aurora told him
she'd rather have a cat.
a great choice.
Cute but dangerous.
Hey, I'm, uh,
I'm sorry about the bag.
I hope I didn't
get you in trouble.
Oh, no,
it worked great.
Right by the dumpster,
like we said.
Did you go back?
Thanks for fixing
the faucet.
Yeah, it seemed like
somebody had
tampered with it.
I know.
I wish you'd told me,
especially since
you won't let me install
a security system.
I worry about you.
I know you do.
Thank you.
Oh, don't
thank me yet.
[gasps in delight]
Aw, Martin.
Now you can thank me.
Ooh, I can finally
give you that present.
We should talk.
[cell phone rings]
It's okay, I can wait.
Wrong number?
Actually, I think
it was Pete Lambert.
Who's Pete Lambert?
A detective.
I think he's been
following me.
He showed up at the hospital,
and at the airport.
The airport?
And he's called
and hung up before.
I think he killed
Captain Burns
because he's in love with Bess.
Slow down.
And he's
setting you up, Martin.
He's trying to make it
look like you did it.
When were you at the airport?
Oh, last night.
I needed to see
how hard it would be
to get a body
into a plane.
Of course you did.
So, that was the work thing?
But it wasn't a plan.
I just, I kind of got the idea
while we were talking.
So, you lied to me.
I... avoided
a complete explanation.
Because I knew you'd be upset.
Well, I am upset.
I'm really upset.
You see?
I told you
not to get involved in this.
This is way
too dangerous.
I know, I just told you.
They're trying to frame you.
That's it, I'm driving you
over to Sally's.
What? No, uh-uh.
No, see, this is exactly why
I don't wanna tell you things.
You're too controlling.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means
I can take care of myself.
So, what are you saying?
I should just go then?
Is that what you want?
Well, I definitely
don't want to control you.
So I'll just--
I'll just go then.
[door closes]
Someone is stalking
my daughter?
I didn't say
They broke
into her home,
left a threatening
and you sent her
back there, alone.
It sounds much worse
when you put it that way.
[door opens and closes]
[kitten mewing]
[footsteps approach]
[blow thuds, man yelps]
I am so sorry.
Does it hurt?
I've been attacked
by you before.
I'm starting
to get used to it.
It serves him right,
leaving you alone
like that.
Actually, I left her alone.
I thought he was
the intruder.
Why did you send
John over here?
I can't believe
you'd ask me that question.
Isn't it obvious?
no sign
of forced entry.
No tire tracks
or footprints
except yours.
I saw someone
around the side of the house
when I pulled up.
I don't see how.
I locked both doors
after Martin went home.
Well, I didn't leave it.
I'm allergic.
They were
Well, apparently,
it's happened before.
Someone left flowers.
And she's been
getting calls
from an unlisted number.
Okay, well,
I'll put a trace on the calls,
but we'll need a subpoena.
That could take weeks.
Well, that settles that.
You are spending the night
with me.
And put you at risk?
Well, surely,
you're not staying here.
No, I just moved
into my house.
I am not letting someone
drive me out.
I agree
with your mother.
I don't think you should
be here alone.
I'll stay then.
On the couch.
Okay, kitty, what can we find
in Captain Burns' office?
[distant coughing
and sneezing]
[groans] Help.
Clever ploy, Aurora,
but I am not leaving.
I am sorry for not
telling you what I was doing.
And I'm sorry
I got upset.
No, it's not your fault.
My mother thinks
I'm afraid of commitment.
I don't want to control you.
I know.
That's just what you do
when you love someone,
you try to keep them safe.
Why don't you tell me
why this Detective Lambert
seems to think
that I killed
Captain Burns?
Well, he hasn't
said why yet.
Well, the police
need something.
I mean, you don't just throw
someone out of an airplane
for no reason.
Well, Captain Burns
was working on a case.
Detective Lambert implied
that you were connected.
What case?
I don't know.
He never talked about it.
But I think it had to do
with a guy named David Ansen.
The software mogul?
Yeah, he was killed
last year in Seattle.
Burns was collecting
articles about the murder.
Yeah, I read
something about it.
Ansen was trying to block
the sale of his company.
But then after he died,
a lot of people got rich,
and the police
seem to think
that it was
a professional hit.
How far do you think
Detective Lambert would go
to make you look guilty?
We don't even know
that he's involved.
Maybe I should take
that security system,
if the offer's
still good.
I was afraid
this would happen.
Slacking off
as soon as I turn my back.
what are you doing here?
I've worked at this library
for 20 years.
Where else would I be?
I thought you were still
in the hospital.
The doctors pronounced me
perfectly healthy.
And what about
your memory?
Do you remember this man?
I remember enough
to do my job,
and to recognize, as usual,
you're not doing yours.
You don't remember
anything that happened?
If I did, I wouldn't
waste time gossiping about it.
I'm happy you're back.
I doubt it.
Now you have to work.
I really don't
know Pete that well.
He was more
my husband's friend.
Although I must say,
he's been very attentive
since my husband died.
Oh, he drops by
almost every day,
and always with a gift.
[sighs] Yeah.
I told him
those are my favorite.
Tim designed this
security system for work.
Nobody can get past it,
not even Pete Lambert.
I might be wrong
about him.
Well, I was looking
at a picture of him
at the library.
Lillian didn't
recognize him.
She's back?
Whoever killed
Captain Burns
also attacked Lillian.
I mean, if it was
Pete Lambert,
she would have had
some sort of reaction.
Unless she's still
having memory problems
from the concussion.
Yeah, but it still
doesn't fit.
The kitten,
the flowers,
the phone calls.
Why would Detective Lambert be
so focused on me?
Maybe he admires you.
[scoffs] Well, it sure
didn't seem like it.
And even if he does,
I mean, he wouldn't give me
a kitten.
You two were the only ones
that heard me talk about a cat.
you and the other three
at the meeting.
Perry did say
the cat was a great idea.
You know what,
I remember that.
"Cute but dangerous."
I thought that sounded
a little strange.
I... I left Perry's
punching bag at the airport,
and somehow,
it got back to the gym.
Maybe he's been
following me.
I don't think it's Perry.
I don't want to think it,
but he does have a record.
I mean, who else
would it be?
I, uh, may have told
a couple people
your cat comment.
How many people?
Pretty much everybody
I saw that day.
I was a little
Okay, so,
it could have gotten back
to Lambert.
I wish I knew
who made those phone calls.
Why don't I find out?
Well, Arthur said
it would take weeks.
Tim can find out.
He was a surveillance expert.
I still have
a few connections.
I want to commend
this department
for functioning so effectively
during this difficult time,
and I am pleased to report
that after reviewing the files,
and considering
all the candidates,
I've made my decision,
which wasn't easy.
The position of chief
requires exceptional
interpersonal skills,
tenacity, and courage.
Which is why I am delighted
to give the job
to Arthur Smith.
It was
a wonderful service.
Thank you.
He was a good man.
He was.
Thank you so much
for coming.
Thank you.
I'm sorry for your loss.
We were lucky.
We had 20 wonderful
years together.
I'm glad
you're feeling better.
What do you mean?
She still doesn't
remember what happened.
Well, maybe it's a blessing.
That's exactly what I said.
Captain Smith.
Oh. Thank you.
Do you have a moment?
I was just wondering
how you intend to salvage
the Burns investigation.
Uh, actually, I...
I haven't had a chance
to think about it.
A man is dead, Arthur.
A woman has been attacked,
and my daughter's house
has been broken into,
and you don't even seem
to have a single suspect.
Can you explain
this state of paralysis?
You know, I have to admit,
I wasn't sure
I agreed with you
about Detective Lambert,
but I'm starting
to think you're right.
Do you think Perry's been
acting a little strange?
Perry Dell?
He was a little excited
at the meeting.
Well, murder
always excites him.
He thinks
it's a game.
What's up, ladies?
That's a nice dress.
I'm going to get some salad.
It's official.
I am completely
Everyone in this room
looks like
a potential stalker.
Maybe we can narrow it down.
Is this who called me?
Quite a few times,
turns out.
You must have
missed some.
Who does the number
belong to?
Registered to a fake name.
Charged to a stolen credit card.
Fairly common practice
for people engaged
in criminal activity.
See? I told you
Tim was good.
Well, thank you,
this is so much more
than we had before.
Excuse me!
Good morning.
I-I need to say
a few words.
It's hard to appreciate
a person's true value
until you stand
in their shoes.
Captain Burns
was a strong leader.
He took care
of our community
without complaint,
and he never asked
for anything in return.
A number of people have
approached me today
wanting to know
how I will replace him,
and the answer is...
I can't.
But I can commit
all of the resources
of our department
to finding the person
who did this.
And I promise you,
we will do that.
But until that happens,
let's not forget
why we're here.
To Captain Burns.
[everyone]: To Captain Burns.
"I can't replace him."
Does that sound like
a chief to you?
That was great.
Um, I thought
you should have this.
It's the unlisted number,
the one that's been
calling me.
It's registered
to a fake name,
but cell phones
have GPS,
so I thought maybe you could
find out where it was
when the calls were placed.
How did you get this?
I have friends.
I wish I could say the same.
Oh, Arthur,
you're a good person.
You're gonna make a great chief.
Thanks, Roe.
I hope so.
For now, I think I'll just...
[call ringing]
Help! Help!
Help! Help, he's been stabbed.
Call an ambulance.
[gasping and wincing]
Both hands
over your head. Now!
The police
are holding everyone
until they find the knife.
Well, what if they
can't find the knife?
Can they keep us
here all night?
I just talked to Lynn
at the hospital.
She says Arthur is stable.
[Aida sighs in relief]
And what about Martin?
They're still questioning him
in the church office.
How long does it take
to give a statement?
Tell me what happened.
I did tell you.
Tell me again.
I don't want to miss
any details.
I stepped away
from the reception
to go to the men's room.
I found Detective Smith
on the floor.
I opened his jacket
to check his heart rate,
and I found blood.
No one else was there.
No one.
I keep thinking
about the coincidence.
You showing up
at the exact moment
that Detective Smith
was stabbed.
I didn't stab anybody.
I never said you did.
No, but that's where
you're going with this, right?
You think that I killed
Detective Smith
because he announced
that he was
going to catch
whoever killed
Captain Burns,
and you think I killed
Captain Burns,
Because I killed
the software mogul,
David Ansen.
Is that your
official statement?
I didn't stab Smith.
I didn't kill Burns, or Ansen.
Then how do you explain
the plane tickets?
Crazy, there's still
so much food left.
Try not to have so much fun.
Someone just got stabbed.
Oh, hey who were you
trying to call before?
Yeah, that's
who answered,
but who were you
trying to get?
Perry, the phone
was in your pocket.
Totally weird,
It's not even mine.
It just started ringing.
Detective Lambert says
we're free to go.
I'll get your coat.
Is Perry Dell
harassing you?
Oh. No.
So, what was
all that talk
about the phone?
It was just a misunderstanding.
Well, if I were you,
I'd stay away from him.
He is a very strange man.
Can I give
anybody a ride?
Well, I'd love one.
Ro? Do you want
to come with us?
No, I'm gonna stay
and wait for Martin.
Be safe.
I feel like
I should apologize.
I don't know why
this keeps happening.
First, Captain Burns,
and then Lillian,
and Arthur.
This used to be
a really safe town.
Would you have
lunch with me?
I would.
How about
we found
a silver lining.
I guess so.
You should have
gone home.
That's not what people do
when they love each other.
Oh, no?
What do they do?
Make sure they're safe.
How bad was it?
Well, the good news is,
he didn't have enough
to arrest me.
What's the bad news?
There might be evidence.
Can I borrow your iPad?
What do you mean
by "evidence"?
I'll show you.
"Martin Bartell."
Well, according
to this manifest,
I flew to Seattle at 5:00 a.m.
the day that
David Ansen was killed,
then I came back that night.
Maybe it's a different Bartell.
That's my security
But you didn't go to Seattle.
You were with me.
It was our five-month
Not that I keep track.
No, of course not.
Why would you?
Oh, and, uh, technically,
it was the day before
our five-month
At any rate, someone
is either using my I.D.,
or changed
the flight manifest.
To make it look like
you killed both of them,
David Ansen
and Captain Burns.
Well, at this point,
it's purely circumstantial.
The police need
hard evidence.
Yeah, but Detective Lambert
is the police.
If he can change
the flight manifest,
then he can plant
hard evidence...
Detective Lambert
was living in Seattle
when David Ansen died.
You think he killed Ansen?
Well, you said it was
a professional hit,
and people got rich
Maybe he collected his payment,
and he came back for Bess.
But then Burns caught him.
so he pushed Captain Burns
out of the plane
into my yard,
so he could frame you
for both of the crimes.
Dazzling how your mind works.
Thank you.
No wonder
he sent you flowers
and gave you a kitten.
Actually, I think
that was Perry.
I think
he has a crush on me.
-Just don't act suspicious.
We have to catch Pete Lambert
before he catches you.
[heart monitor beeping]
[sighs groggily]
I think so.
It's a bit unclear.
I thought I'd lost you.
I'm not a quitter.
No. No, you're not.
I love you.
I love you, too.
What happened?
We're still trying
to figure it out.
I had to put him in charge.
I wasn't going to let you
come here alone.
No. No, I mean...
He followed me.
He followed you?
At the hall,
I was going
to the men's room.
He said something,
and went in.
I didn't want to talk,
so I waited.
Was anyone else there with you,
besides Pete?
My-my jacket,
check the pocket.
What is this?
Those calls.
I have been trying
for two days
to get this number.
I remember
what he said.
What Pete said?
"Crime rate is about to spike."
[rain pouring]
[car alarm chirps]
[blow thuds]
You're not
on the schedule.
I know,
and I know
you're working,
but I need to talk to you.
It's kind of important.
[sighs tersely]
Somehow, I doubt that.
Did Captain Burns
ever talk to you
about any of his cases?
You do remember Captain Burns?
Of course I remember him.
And it doesn't really help,
asking about my memory.
The doctors say it takes time.
Okay, well,
there's something
I want to show you.
I think it might help.
I know him.
That's David Ansen.
Somebody killed him.
That's right.
Did Captain Burns
tell you that?
He knew who did it.
Captain Burns knew
who killed David Ansen?
Did he say who it was?
He told me
to take Bess shopping.
They were supposed
to go flying together,
but he had to meet someone.
He didn't want
to disappoint Bess.
He told me, "Don't tell her."
He never told her anything,
treated her like a child.
Did he say who he was meeting?
He was meeting
the person in the sketch?
That's the person
who killed David Ansen.
you and I need to go
to the police,
but first, I want to go
talk to Bess about the sketch.
I can't close the library.
Okay, okay,
that's okay.
I'll go talk to Bess,
and then I'll come back.
Just don't say anything,
don't go anywhere,
or tell anyone.
Just keep saying
you don't remember.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
This is nice.
this is great.
I'm sorry, I can't really
stop thinking about Arthur.
Well, that makes
two of us.
You know,
I was up all night
wondering who would do
something like that.
And why was
Detective Lambert
questioning Martin
for so long?
I mean, do you think
Aurora is right?
Do you think
he's being framed?
Captain Burns
came looking for Martin
the day before he died.
Oh, I know.
No, I mean
he came by the office.
He said
he had evidence,
connecting Martin
to a murder in Seattle.
[quietly] A murder?
Plane tickets,
surveillance photos.
He said it looked
as if Martin had been
tracking somebody.
As in, planning
a professional hit.
I told him
it was impossible,
that Martin is the most
ethical person I've ever met.
Did you say anything
to Detective Lambert?
No, but if Burns
was collecting evidence,
Lambert probably
already knows.
What about Aurora?
Did you say anything to her?
Not yet.
I don't know what to do.
Well, Aurora needs to know.
Detective Smith,
you know that phone number
you gave us?
Some kid
named Perry Dell
turned over a phone
with the same number.
Said he found it
at the funeral.
I'm listening.
The history shows
a lot of calls
to Aurora Teagarden,
and two to Captain Burns
the morning he died.
Did you check
the GPS data?
Most of the calls show
they come from
Martin Bartell's address,
or his company, Pan Agra.
Get me Detective Lambert.
I don't think he's in.
Then bring him in.
So, we'll talk
later then.
Yeah, okay--
Aurora, what
a pleasant surprise.
Come on in.
What in the world
are you doing here?
Well, uh...
Bess is going though
a lot of changes,
and I thought I'd see
how she's holding up.
How sweet.
Well, I'm sure Bess
doesn't want us intruding
into her private matters.
Actually, I would
love the company.
You see?
Aida, thank you so much
for helping me
with the house today.
I really appreciate it.
Oh, you're welcome.
Okay, Bess,
I know this is
a difficult time,
and I really don't
want to intrude,
but I need to see
your husband's desk.
Of course.
It's just right here.
It's so gloomy down here.
I don't know why Fred liked it.
I promised your mother
I'd paint.
At least Pete
tidied up
when he took
everything away.
Detective Lambert?
He's been such a support
since my husband died.
Bess, Captain Burns had
a police sketch over his desk.
It is very important
that I get
more information about it.
I wish I knew
what to tell you.
Did he have a computer?
You can't just
hold me here
without a warrant.
You're seriously
jeopardizing your case,
not to mention your career.
All you have to do is talk.
I didn't kill anybody.
You and I both
know that.
David Ansen
was stabbed.
A quick thrust
to the inferior vena cava,
a well-known CIA move.
Burns was stabbed
the same way,
so was Detective Smith.
Only you weren't
so successful with him.
Bring me in.
Not until you confess.
[cell phone buzzes distantly]
My phone keeps vibrating.
I guess we'll have to let
that one go to voicemail.
If people are trying
to reach me,
it's just
a matter of time
before someone
comes to find me.
No one's coming.
What's this?
Some kind of a game.
It can change the way
you look in photographs.
Our neighbor's son
came over last month,
and was teaching
my husband how to use it.
Apparently, it can
change everything,
even your age--
Oh, of course.
Why didn't I
think of it before?
They were playing
with a sketch.
Yeah, that...
They changed it
a lot of times.
I can't imagine why.
The person was wearing
a disguise.
Captain Burns wanted to see
what they looked like
without it.
[voicemail message]
Hi. This is Martin Bartell.
I'm not available at the
Please leave your name
and number, and--
[Aurora sighs]
Come on, Martin!
I'm looking for Aurora.
Aurora. Where are you?
I've been trying
to get a hold of you.
Lillian may be in danger.
I left a message for Martin
to meet me at the library,
but he's not responding.
Have you seen him?
Well, I think
he might be hiding.
Yeah, I think
he's in trouble.
I know.
Listen, I have to tell you
what Tim just told me.
This is stupid.
I'm not a hit-man.
[Lambert chuckles wryly]
Then how do you explain
these surveillance photos
of David Ansen?
Where did you get those?
Burns found them
on your computer,
You were
following Ansen,
weren't you?
Trying to plan how to kill him.
I wasn't following Ansen.
Tim was.
-Tim Prentiss,
We worked together at the CIA.
You'd say anything
to get out of this.
[frantic knocking on door]
Open up, Bartell!
I know you're in there!
Open up!
-Hey, you okay?
Did she come in today?
Oh, she-she's
not on the schedule.
But you saw her.
Um, I-I don't remember.
[clears throat awkwardly]
Am I making you nervous?
Uh... would you like
to leave a message?
No, that's okay.
I can wait.
Oh, well,
the-the library is closing.
I think you do remember.
I need to talk to you.
But in private.
I don't want
to upset Lillian,
and it's about what happened,
and she still
doesn't remember.
Oh, I'm pretty sure
she has her memory back.
No, I don't think
she does.
Okay, well,
why don't you talk,
and we'll find out.
I think Martin
killed Captain Burns.
Why would Martin
kill Captain Burns?
Because Martin killed some guy
named David Ansen,
and Burns found out.
It wasn't Martin.
No, no...
she does not know
what she's saying.
She doesn't even know
she was in the hospital.
She thought
it was a hotel--
Don't try to play me.
You know who killed
Captain Burns.
Why did you do it?
Why do you think?
Well, Martin said
that a lot of people
got rich when Ansen died.
I assume
that includes you.
How did you figure it out?
There's not
a lot of people
that can change
flight records,
not even the police.
Most people think
it's impossible.
Which makes it a great way
to frame someone.
That's why
you came here, right?
It wasn't about the job.
You had to set up Martin.
So smart.
What a waste.
But he was your friend.
He wasn't my friend.
He claimed he was impressed
by my intelligence,
but he pitied me,
for being stuck
behind a desk.
When I tried to get
put out in the field,
he told them I didn't have
the right instincts.
And that's why
you killed Ansen,
to prove him wrong.
I don't belong behind a desk.
He changed my whole future.
He hurt you, didn't he?
Martin doesn't deserve you.
And that's...
that's what you were
trying to tell me
with the flowers,
and... and the kitten.
The more I...
the more I got to know you,
the more I could see.
Then let's go to the police.
I'll tell them
Martin did it.
But first...
...we have to take care
of Lillian.
I'll call
the police.
Nice work.
[gasping for breath]
I am pleased to present
Captain Fred Burns
with this posthumous
medal of valor.
The highest decoration
in our country
for bravery exhibited
by a public safety officer.
Captain Burns
was a true hero,
who died in service
to the public good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You must be very proud
of your daughter,
solving such
a difficult crime.
[Aida]: I try not
to encourage her.
Well, I am very grateful,
and I know that my husband
would want you to have this.
Oh, I can't take that.
You must.
I have nowhere to put it.
Bess sold the house.
She leaves tomorrow
for Paris.
Captain Burns
and I
always wanted to go.
Thank you,
for, uh, saving my life.
Would you like a cat?
Pretty impressive.
It doesn't feel right
to keep it.
Well, you closed
the case.
No, Captain Burns
closed the case.
Yeah, but
if it wasn't for you,
nobody would have known.
I didn't see it
for so long.
Tim even had me
doubting Perry.
And I set him up
with Sally.
I know.
Nobody saw it.
Not even me.
Maybe I'll donate it
to the library.
Hey, uh, not to compete,
but if you recall,
in your not-too-distant past,
I was gonna give you
a present, too.
Should I open it?
Unless you want to wait
till you solve your next murder.
My Bonnie and Clyde talk.
First Edition,
signed by the author.
I can't believe
you remembered.
I should spend more time
in bookstores.
I actually thought
you were going to propose.
I found a ring box
in your pocket.
Oh. No...
[sighs in relief]
You seem awfully perky
for somebody who just
didn't get proposed to.
I didn't know if I was ready.
Does that mean
you're ready now?
Well, that's the key
to solving a mystery.
If you want the answer,
you're gonna have to ask
the right question.