Dead Shadows (2012) Movie Script

Chris it's me.
Don't be afraid, stay in bed.
- I'll check.
- Don't It could be a Burglar!
Better to call the police
and let them handle it.
Please don't go.
- Can you understand what i'm saying!
- Yes?
It's your fault! he's scared of the dark.
At least, He's not scared in bed
Enough, he may hear us!
Have You looked in the kitchen?
No, Don't get hysterical!
There are no aliens or monsters,
even if your Son believes that!
My son?
He's your son to.
Are you sure?
That boy is afraid of his own shadow!
His head is always up in the clouds!
He's got no friends!
Would you call that normal?
You spoiled him too much!,
Made him into a coward!
Do not take that tone with me!
You're Crazy!
Let go, you're hurting me!
- That's it! Shut up!
Let me go! What are you doing?
What are you trying to do?
Let me go! put down the knife, Please!
Yes, ma'am... Ma'am?
You must restart your computer.
First go to the start menu.
Then press the large button
shaped like a circle in a box.
When pressed, the display will dim
And then tell me what you see.
Is what saved?
Why did you go to the sanctuary?
Are you crazy?
Excuse me, please.
What do you see on the screen? Hello, Miss?
Good day, Technical Service DC,
How may I be of assistance?
An issue the LAN Wireless or Ethernet?
True, this is not the solution, sir.
First, go back a step.
Have you tried restarting?
Please try that.
It's interrupted from the phone login.
Call me back some other time.
Hello, sir?
Hello? Shit...
Take this and this and this
and go to hell!
Why are you so angry?
After all, nothing happened.
Take this and that...
Your shoes, your bike helmet
Do not want you here, get out!
Tonight I will rest, if any problems arise,
Jeremy will you call him.
- O Superman
- No more bullshit!
Boss wants to do a
review of the branches...
Because the passage of the comet can create
a kind of magnetic interference.
He wants to check all bookings.
Glitch? Are you kidding?
It's not even passing near us.
Just follow the instructions,
I don't give a shit about the comet,
only about getting new customers.
Superman said "you go to hell".
You best tell yourself.
Tell you, do not worry.
I am right in front of the Eiffel Tower
Where, from
morning thousands of people...
... who came to this site privileged
to get the best possible location...
... to observe the passage of the comet.
There are still several questions that
concern all of us here...
Regarding the possible
consequences of the comet...
Signifying the end of the world
was it sent from heaven above?
This Comet awakens the deepest fears...
So, today I will try to reveal to
people that have plans for tonight.
Some just want to see their
families, with the passing of the comet.
Others, on the contrary,
want to enjoy with friends.
Everyone take note, especially
anybody planing criminal activity...
... that the police are take security
measures, so remain vigilant and Take care.
With me is Professor Dunant.
Thanks for coming, Professor.
- Hi, thanks for having me.
- You're welcome.
How far away from us
is the comet?
As the comet,
opinions differ...
French experts believe...
The comet will pass very close to Earth.
The Americans they say it could
penetrate our atmosphere...
Still, however we will be on alert.
Many people worry about the
consequences, what should we expect?
Obviously a collision of this magnitude...
... With a celestial body of this size,
certainly will not be without consequences.
Everything else is pure speculation.
= = In the last few days in
Paris, we had enough wind ...
...What could signal an
impending natural disaster ...
...Like a Tsunami.
Do we have to prepare for it?
No, there should not be a cataclysm such
as the Tsunami, we do not consider it so.
However, radio frequency and
mobile communication ...
... This will Surely suffer
intermittent interference.
Exact scope
interference can not yet be estimated.
- Got a problem?
- No, I'm in a hurry.
I'm sure i've never seen you around here.
If you want to have some fun?
We have what you need.
You got something...
Am I right?
- How much you got?
- Nothing, sorry.
No problem. I believe you.
But anyway I will check you .
Are you still here?
Back from Canada? already
I've warned you lot about
doing business in my area !
Were just having fun with
our new friend, Johnny.
Not Johnny, It's John,
You do not want the role of protector.
What do you do?
First, you are only four.
Four, if you count the
asshole behind your back.
Second, today I'm really cranky
and third...
Why? Are you bragging?
Are you going to tell
us about that new toy?
Yes, sort of.
Now get out of here.
I've heard. Get out.
Thanks. You saved me...
I did!, Who cares?
Come here, honey!
Come on!
Come here!
Out of there!
Come on!
Come here, dear.
Come on, honey.
Come here.
Come on...
I knew it!
Go back...
That glow of fire in the sky.
It has come here again.
- But for revenge!
- Why do you never shut up? Right?
I remember when they came
here the first time.
It was a tough fight, believe me.
When was it 1986? Yes, it was in 1986.
My friend Edmond was still alive.
Witnessing their arrival.
It was horrible!
But we fought. Yes, both of us
fought like rabid dogs!
Edmond was as skilled
Marcel Cerdan and I...
...Had my steel stick.
I put it in their asses!
But not enough, not...
Now they're back. Damn!
They want more.
I understand Roger...
You protect us from the Chinese,
and Communist Martians...
But you're scaring my customers,
Do you understand?
What customers?
- There's no one here!
- Are here saying that shit.
Hey, nothing happens.
Do not worry, it's just Roger,
our Local maniac.
We're used to it,
he's become our little pet.
Are you okay, sir?
Very kind of you to ask.
Do not worry about me.
Worry about yourself and others.
If you ever need help, call me.
I'm Still in shape!
Go bother my competition
and send me some customers to the store.
Go for a walk or take some shower
You must be kidding.
Seriously? Soft?? Juice?
I do not know, it's... strange.
Maybe we tonight could go
to club, Right?
A good drink can open a man up to
a new perspective...
...And allow you to see things more clearly
, do not you think?
Good refined alcohol.
Like the vodka.
Or maybe the tequila, Tequila Gold
Have you tried it?
You can feel how it flows
through your throat...
Then feel how warm you from the inside.
And you will want to drink more...
Dance, laugh, rock you...
Wanting someone to pet...
Having her in your arms...
But some prefer beer or wine.
Personally I think it's very sexy.
What the hell is going on?
Do you think I'm sexy or not?
Want to fuck me?
Is there anybody home?
Hello. Sorry,
the door was open.
The door was open,
thought maybe someone broke in here.
Don't worry. It happened after
throwing that bastard out.
I'll Be ready in a moment. Sit
I'm finishing a painting.
It's called "Orgasmic Explosion".
Do you paint?
- No. - Are you sure?
- Of course.
- Maybe you have talent.
- I would have known.
So you broke in here?
- No, the door was open...
- Yes
You were spying. I knew it.
See that discussion with my ex,
You noticed.
Or am I wrong?
Yes, I heard and saw you talking.
I've also spied.
It's exciting to see someone argue.
- And What did you think? Was I convincing?
- Convincing?
Yes a desperate girl who
cheated on his boyfriend.
- Do you mean...?
- Only joking, yes.
I wanted to break up with him before.
He spent all day on the
computer playing games .
- Yeah, I know...
- Really? A beer?
I'm out of beer,
but this is better.
- Guess I'd better...
- No, stay.
You're having three shots?
And now a toast.
For world peace.
Well, here's to you, from me...
...As for peace, for having known...
...And by the end of the world.
Why not Together, we can watch
the passage of the comet ?
No, I'll probably be in bed.
- Are not you interested?
- Not at all.
- Personally, I love these things.
- What do you mean?
All the strange things that nobody understands.
It's very exciting.
A huge stone passes over our heads...
A comet. This is no kite.
Stones do not fly at 60 km per second.
60 km per second?
How do you know?
- I saw it on the news.
- Oh, what, you know everything?
Every time a comet passes
say they all die.
Not a bad end.
In any case, the Incas...
Mayans predicted it many years ago.
All these cheap preachers and
gurus say that, "we're going to die."
Yes, just like that guy in the shop...
He spoke about an invasion
or something.
He was convinced,
it was very strange.
It was pretty scary.
So... You don't fear the comet?
Me? No.
Then you're going to protect me,
Sure, no problem. I'm kind of exterminator
of space monsters.
- What's your name?
- Chris.
I deliberately left the door open.
The result was that you came.
I seen and wanted to meet you.
It was a good plan.
No, I'm kidding.
The Open Door was an oversight.
A happy carelessness.
Tonight there will Apocalyptic Party.
Will you come with me?
- Me?
- No, not you. your twin brother.
- I do not know, do you know anyone...
- You will you be my partner?
I'll wear a white dress and glass slippers
...That blends perfectly with the end of the world.
Come on, it'll be fun.
Well, I'm Claire.
No, she does not think I'm a loser.
There was Accident today
on the Champs Elysees.
Several people were injured.
An unknown driver hit...
several vehicles and some pedestrians...
then crashed into a store.
The police and paramedics...
... Are already in place.
Initial reports...
... 15 people injured, three of them
And how will the comet cause
unrest in suburban Paris
From early morning...
... there has been so much theft, &
robberies, assaults and suicides.
While police are increasing
security measures...
... First reports are now
exceeding expectations.
Military intervention
would be too problematic.
Interior Minister advises
residents to stay at home...
... avoid crowds.
Hey, you!
Pardon my interruption.
Are you familiar with astronomy?
- Yes
- Maybe you can help. Please...
Look, Hugo! This kind gentleman
Spotted the comet.
Thanks. Tell me, how did you do it?
Is this your profession?
Are you astronaut, pilot
or something?
No, I learned from my father.
He loved the stars.
It's good to hear that.
Such moments are important, very important
for the education of our children.
Will your Father be with you today?
No, not today. I have something planned...
Something like those two?
No pointing at people like that, Hugo.
I have an idea. Try to find the Big
Dipper and the North Star, okay?
Do it.
- One more thing...
- Yes?
The boy is right.
It's a fantastic night...
...For dinner with someone nice and then...
- Dad, I found the Big Dipper!
- Really?
Yes, good job!
It's Beautiful. You know what?
When looking at the stars...
...We realize how infinitely small we
are in comparison to the universe.
The sky is huge.
Is it not beautiful?
Look at the stars!
You look like you need a drink.
What's this?
It will help you look into
the eyes of the Apocalypse .
I'm not talking about the party,
I mean the end of the world.
Do you know anyone here?
You look a little lost.
I'm looking for a friend, Claire.
- Claire?
- Yes
- I!
- Really?
No, it's a joke. I'm Laura.
But you can call me Claire.
If you like.
Is she your girlfriend?
Is she nice?
Not my girlfriend, just my neighbor.
Very pretty, tall, blonde, sexy...
Is hard to ignore.
Yes, I do. The famous Claire!
She is left.
And was not alone...
I'm sorry...
Are you okay?
a glass of water or a bit of fresh air?
I need lights, lots of lights...
Light? Maybe in the bathroom.
I thought I should help.
Not a problem...
Quite the contrary.
Since I'm here, I'll go to the bathroom.
Otherwise, the end of the world
will arrive before I go.
So you're here.
For a hero you're pretty slow.
I'm sorry.
Did you miss me?
I'm not here for the comet.
That show.
Yes, very impressive.
You want a drink?
- Do you want to get drunk?
- Very funny.
I felt bad after the first cocktail.
Maybe something was added to your cocktail.
It's really disgusting.
You're very sensitive.
No. It's my medicine.
- Do not mix with alcohol...
- I'm so drunk.
- Say what?
- Not important.
Come on! Come on, tell me.
So you take drugs?
- Yes, sometimes.
- What do you take?
Something to sleep?
sleep and for some other things.
It is important not to let it take over
Imagine you suffered from fear...
I feel so bad that I can't sleep...
or live.
I know, I know very well.
I could not look at my paintings.
If, I was sick of myself...
In every way.
- A darkness affects me.
- Darkness?
Yes, after dark, when there's no light
I get panic attacks, so I take medicine
- So...
- To me it is a superhuman effort.
So, here you are beautiful.
- Are you ready for the sacrifice?
- I'm ready.
Wait here! This won't take long.
Is there anybody in there?
Laura, are you?
You're still here...
- Are you all right? It's me.
- No!
Open damn! Shit!
What was that?
I have no idea. It was out there.
- You can not...
- Shut up!
- It's nothing, it's nothing...
- Shut up! Do you understand?
- Help me!
- Light here.
Open the door! Please.
- We must separate.
- Maybe he knows something.
It may be a psychopath.
- I know you're there!
- Say what?
Everyone is in danger!
Why did he say that?
Damn, I can't do it.
- My brother is dead, let's go!
- But you are alive, so shut up!
You're Screwed...
- Cagaras You too.
- Must separate.
Separate Us?
Did you see what happens out there?
We need to find a weapon,
so shut up, okay?
- Do you have anything here to eat?
- Yes, of course.
Do you have guns?
No, just food, no weapons.
Away from the door.
One, two, three.
Do not move, okay?
- I know you.
- Damn it.
Quiet. Get up.
Come on, come on!
- Good job. Did you do this?
- No.
No, they attacked me,
I do not remember anything else.
Everything will be fine.
Who... Who was it?
It's impossible...
There's your answer.
- They are coming.
- Who?
Are you kidding? Outside all
hell broke loose.
Wait, my video camera.
What the hell are you doing?
Do you wanna die?
That's all.
Beware, beware!
What do you do?
I teach ballet.
Ballet Teacher.
Are you Canadian?
- Idiots Have more questions?
- No.
- I have bad news.
- What?
If we stay here, we die.
We have to get out of here.
This is not real,
like a fucking nightmare.
I just want to wake up,
but first I must find Claire...
No, no, sit down.
At least that disinfects.
Swallow that.
- What is it?
- Magic Pills.
Maybe you need this.
Drink drinks.
With this you will grow hair on the balls.
Raise your hand.
Now, listen, it's very important.
Now we'll go.
Stay close to me.
Forget the good guy,
forget Justin Bieber.
Kill the bastards.
Waste no time.
No questions asked.
Women... children...
Yes Children.
We don't have time to find out if they're
mutants at 20, 50 or 70...
Kill them all!
- Good?
- Yes
Rock'n Roll... Come on.
Give me the bag.
That belonged to my son.
Find something else.
Take that Shotgun.
- You know how to shoot?
- No.
Bring something else.
We have no choice.
Follow me.
Stay close to me.
Sir? are you okay?
Help! Help me!
Help yourself.
Why did you do it?
Needed help, he was alive!
Which parts were still human?
Listen, you idiot!
Are you on my side or are you against me?
You decide!
Damn! It does not work.
Give it to me.
I hope your not scared of the dark
Rock'n Roll.
Okay. Follow Me.
I have to rest a while.
Where's your toy?
This will be our last fight.
I am a little disappointed.
For you I'll make an exception.
Oh Shit.
Good job.
After all, you have balls.
I'll take that. Shit!
I'm Screwed.
- Damn, what is this?
- It's the end.
At least, for me. Get out of here.
Come on!
Good Luck.
Don't look!
Don't look at me!
Stop it, That's not the solution!
Come on, come on!
Shit. I'll Be right back.
Just came across this...
What have I done? Chris!
Please forgive me Chris
,I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Hello, Mister astronaut!
- You're all right?
- Get away from me!
We Need help!
- What Happened here?
- We Were attacked.
- Are they alone?
- Yes others are dead.
- What happened to him?
- He's wounded, And lost a lot of blood.
I Need Help!
Come. Pick him up!
Let us help you, miss.
We can do nothing for him.
Is This a joke, You must save him!
So you are not going to help?
- Now listen Here!
- No sudden movements!
How do you feel?
Stop, stop!
Where are we?
Take the gun and fight, come on!
Is it over yet don't worry.
Subtitle synchronized by
Zartog, translated By scwach