Dead Souls (2012) Movie Script

Are you okay, Mom?
It's just a little stomach ache.
Can you keep an eye
on the baby while I lay down?
Okay, it's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Good night, little brother.
Give me strength, Lords.
- Benjamin?
- Yes.
Something is wrong,
I need to go to the hospital.
You can't go to the hospital,
Why not?
It's time for the final step.
What are you talking about?
What's wrong?
where is your emergency?
I'm sorry, Bryan.
Give me the baby, Daniel!
It has to be finished!
Daniel, it's the only way.
For the good of us all.
You just don't understand.
Where is he, Daniel!
Anyone home?
Mr. Conroy.
My God.
I was wrong.
There's one more.
Oh, my parents flipped when
they found out I applied out of state.
But whatever, it's not like
they really have a say in what I do.
Man, you're so lucky.
I'd give anything to get outta here.
What, Mary Mother of God
still callin' all the shots?
She thinks colleges are, uh,
morally corrupt breeding grounds.
Well, yeah.
Damn it.
Nothin' yet.
Birthday present.
Ah... jealous.
Hey, eventually my mom's
gonna start to notice.
Come on, she never notices.
She's gonna be home any minute,
so you gotta clear out.
Because you know I'm not
supposed to have friends over,
especially you.
Come on.
Have you ever had a thought
that she didn't feed you?
Uh, of course.
Yeah, uh, let me see
your cell phone real quick.
You know I don't have one.
Oh, right... why is that again?
Because they cause brain tumors.
See, it's like you're
a weird little clone.
Good-bye, Scott.
I'm gonna come back
and find you and her
running a creepy motel
right off the Interstate, aren't I?
Ree! Ree! Ree! Ree!
Get a TV.
This is Andrew Judson.
Hi, Mr. Judson, this is uh,
Johnny... John Petrie.
Yes, yes, yes,
I've been waiting for you to call.
Yeah, I think there's been
some kind of mistake.
I don't know
any Benjamin Conroy.
Uh, it's no mistake,
the estate of Mr. Conroy
has been willed to you
as of your 18th birthday,
which was a few days ago,
if I'm correct.
Yeah, but uh, again I...
The property's worth
a substantial amount of money.
I really need to go over
all the logistics in person.
When's the soonest
you can come to Wellfield?
See, that's the thing,
I can't exactly just leave.
- Uh, Mr. Judson, I'll call you back.
- Yes, of course, but...
Hi, Mom.
New doctor?
I ran into Helen Sampson today
and she told me about this new
medication her daughter was prescribed
for generalized anxiety
and mild depression.
Dr. Webster said it was too dangerous
to take with my Klonopin and Valium.
So, I went to Helen's doctor and...
he was more than happy
to prescribe it.
That's great.
That's the last time I see
that Webster quack.
Hey, Mom, can I talk to you
about something?
If this is about going to college
again, you can stop right there.
Those communal showers
are nothing but state sanctioned
homosexual bath houses.
No, I... I was wondering
if I could go, uh...
to church?
Don't think I don't know how long
it's been since your last confession.
No, Mom, to this town.
It's called Wellfield.
It's in Maine.
Pardon me?
I got this letter today and...
You're not going anywhere,
do you you hear me?
I am your mother and I make
the rules around here.
So, not another word.
- But...
- Not another word.
Who's Benjamin Conroy?
- Are you Mary's son?
- Yes.
I wanted to hold her
for a few days
for a more thorough
psych evaluation.
Which, trust me,
sounds much worse than it is.
- A few days?
- Yeah.
Mr. Judson?
Hey, man?
You look a little lost.
No, I'm fine.
Sure about that?
Kind of looking
for this lawyer's office.
Well, Mr. John Petrie,
it's just around
the corner there.
Great, thank you.
If you want my advice,
which you do,
you'll turn around and get
your sorry ass back on that train.
Why would I do that?
Listen to him, okay?
Nobody wants you here.
Everything's been fine here
for 17 years.
You had no right coming back
and digging up the past!
Listen, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Let him go, Mack.
Just so we're clear,
you don't belong in this town.
See you around.
So, I'm glad you were able
to come up here so quickly.
The sooner we get
the ball rolling,
the sooner both of us can be
on our way to the bank.
Your mother was okay
with you coming up here?
Well, it's not like she really has
any say in what I do.
Mr. Judson, I've still got
a few questions.
Ah, here we are.
Just look at it.
You have the house over here,
barn out back.
Property stretches
far into the woods over there
covering approximately
125 acres.
- Mr. Judson...
- I already have a developer lined up
who's been waiting years
to get a hold of the property.
So, I was able to negotiate
a great price...
pending your approval.
Wait, can you just...
hold on a second.
Yeah, what is it?
Who is Benjamin Conroy?
I'm sorry, I just...
I just thought you knew.
You should really talk
to your mother about this.
Trust me, it's not my place.
Look, I tried...
she wouldn't tell me.
More reason for me
not to get involved.
Please, I'm just trying
to figure out why I'm here.
Because you're next of kin
to the Conroy family.
Next of kin?
Was Benjamin
like a c-c-c cousin or somethin'?
No, not a cousin.
Well, what then?
Benjamin Conroy was...
Benjamin Conroy was your father.
See, I knew this had
to be a mistake.
My father's name was Ed Petrie,
he died years ago.
Your mother...
was Benjamin's sister.
She adopted you after
your family passed away.
That's impossible,
I'd remember something like that.
You were only a year old.
I'm sorry you had
to find out like this.
I don't know how tame he is.
Get outta here!
Get, go, go,
get outta here, go, go!
You okay,
he didn't hurt you?
No, I'm fine.
Let's go see the house.
All right.
Had the power turned on
for showing the buyers.
I also had an antiques dealer
put a quote together,
assuming you want
to sell the furniture.
Minus a small percentage
for my finder's fee.
Is this my family?
Yes, I suppose so.
What happened to them?
Mr. Judson?
Honestly, I really don't know
that much about it.
Some kinda accident.
I have a four o'clock,
so we need to get going.
- Already?
- Yeah.
So, the property was
originally made in 1816.
Back then it sat on 400 acres.
It was originally farm country.
So, I booked you a room
at the hotel by my office.
So, we can meet tomorrow morning
and go over all the paperwork.
Actually... I was kind of thinkin'
that I might like to stay here
for a little longer.
Is that okay?
I mean, it is your house,
but I wouldn't suggest
poking around in there.
Why not?
It's just... it's not sanitary.
I'd like to stay.
I mean, I'm staying.
Okay, here's my card,
the number for a cab service.
Give 'em a call
when you're done,
assuming you haven't caught
some sort of hepatitis by then.
- Thank you.
- I guess.
Oh, and uh, Johnny...
happy birthday.
Hi, John, it's Andrew Judson.
I just called to let you know
I had the line turned back on.
Oh, okay.
Thanks, Mr. Judson.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Okay, give me a call
if you need anything.
All right, I will.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Sounds good, thank you.
Bryan Conroy.
Who's up there?
Can I help you?
I'm sorry I scared you.
I didn't think anyone
would be coming back,
so I kinda panicked.
Though technically, I think
you're the one who barged in on me,
so I don't think I should be
the one apologizing.
Why, I didn't barge in, I...
You didn't exactly knock either,
did you?
No, I didn't knock...
Well, now that we've established that,
I'll be upstairs.
Uh, who are you?
See, I should be asking you
the same question.
- Yeah, but this is my house.
- And?
Not looking for a roommate?
Not exactly, I'm supposed
to be selling it tomorrow.
If I wasn't mistaken,
that would be your way
of telling me I had to leave.
Kind of... sorry.
No worries.
- No, wait, slow down.
- No, thanks.
Do you have a name?
I'm not a stray cat.
Of course I have a name.
Well, what is it?
- Emma.
- Emma, I'm Johnny.
I'm sure you are.
So, you've been living here?
- You can say that.
- Why?
It's been abandoned for years,
I didn't think anyone would mind.
What, did you run away
or something?
Do you have anywhere to go?
All right, enough.
- What?
- With the questions, okay?
I'm sorry, I didn't expect
anybody to be here.
Well, I'm leaving, so you can go ahead
and pretend like it never happened.
Would you mind showing me
around the place before you take off?
I think you can handle it yourself.
I'd really appreciate it.
I suppose.
Guess we'll start
with the basement.
I saw some bulbs
down there a while back.
So, how long have you been here?
I don't know, a day or two.
Watch your step.
I didn't think I'd witness the return
of the prodigal son, though.
What are you talking about?
You're the long lost Conroy, right?
Wait, you know who I am?
The whole town knows
who you are.
Or at least they think they do.
Why do they know about me?
Again with the questions.
Hey, Johnny.
- Sorry.
- Relax.
I was probably gonna be here
for a few more hours,
if you wanted to stick around.
I don't know.
To be honest,
I could use the company.
I don't really know anybody
around here.
Guess I don't have
anything else to do.
Don't tell me there's somebody else
staying here too.
Is there anybody up here?
The upstairs is empty.
Looks like the door blew open.
do you believe in ghosts?
You should see
your face right now.
You can smoke in the house
if you want to.
- I don't care.
- Shut up, I don't smoke.
Give me a push.
Have you been in the barn?
Gross, no.
Just looking at it gives me tetanus.
So, what are you going to do
when you sell this place?
Probably head back to the city,
finish school.
Maybe use the money
to go to college.
You're from New York?
Yeah, born and raised.
Well, raised.
Don't you love it?
You know, I honestly
never got out much,
aside seeing
in school and church.
Jesus, why the hell
do you want to go back?
I don't know.
Guess I always thought
I'd eventually have to.
If I were you, I'd just pick up
and start over.
New town, new place,
new name.
New everything.
Is that what you did?
Come on.
You said you wanted
to see the barn, right?
It's locked from the inside.
I think I can get in
from the top.
- You comin'?
- Absolutely not.
You gotta see this!
What's wrong?
I don't know.
There was someone
behind me.
Anything upstairs?
No, jus... just junk.
- We should probably go inside.
- Yeah.
Go on, get away!
Get away!
You owe me one.
Don't step another foot
in this room, you pervert!
Michael Coffit, please call 8-4-0.
You've reached the Petrie's.
Please leave your name
and a brief message
and have a blessed day.
Johnny, this is your mother again.
I don't know what kind
of joke you're playing,
but I expect you here first thing
in the morning
to get me out of this place!
So, do you know anything
about my family?
That depends.
What do you already know?
That there was an accident.
I wouldn't exactly say that.
Well, what happened then?
How should I know,
it's your family not mine.
I don't know.
I just felt connected to this place
from the second I got here.
There is this strong,
tragic energy, right?
Just looking at the photos
you can tell.
At one point the Conroys
were happy.
Listen, it's getting pretty late.
I get it, time to go.
No, wait, I was gonna say
I'm spending the night, so...
if you wanted to stay another day.
You're welcome.
What's wrong?
You know how I said I... I thought I saw
someone outside earlier?
I think they're back.
- Did you hear that?
- Sh-hh.
Go ahead, Mack, let 'em know
who's house this is!
Why don't you come out,
Mr. John Petrie?
We ain't gonna hurt you!
What, you gotta be kidding me.
Wait, what are you gonna do?
I'm calling the cops.
Open up, buddy!
We just wanna hang out!
There are people trying
to break into my house.
No, I'm not sure
of the address exactly.
It's... it's the Conroy farm.
There's things you need to know.
So, let us in this house.
I just need you guys to send
somebody right away, please.
What are you looking at?
It's for the good of us all.
Thank you.
Okay, they should be here soon.
Where'd you go?
Oh, fuck.
Mack, we gotta bail.
What, why?
There's someone out back.
Yo, Mack, let's go, come on.
Emma, is that you?
You shouldn't a come back here.
You let them out, you know that,
you let them out!
All right, Henry, let's go,
come on, it's gettin' late.
No, no.
Watch your step.
There you go.
Nice and easy now, okay?
We're just gonna
take him down to the station
and throw him
in the drunk tank for the night.
Who... who is he?
Henry Depford,
he used to be a sheriff up here.
Honestly, he's a pretty harmless guy.
You might want to tell him that.
I think he wasjust trying
to scare you, is all.
Well, Henry became pretty
obsessed with this place,
uh, after he discovered
the bodies in the barn.
He found the bodies?
Yeah, Bryan, he's the one who found you
hidden in the basement that night.
I'm sorry, what did you call me?
You're name's Bryan, right?
Yeah, right, I'm sorry, I'm just, um...
a little on edge.
I can understand that.
You stayin' up here by yourself?
Uh, yeah, just for tonight.
Right, right.
Well, you want to press charges,
you come down to the station tomorrow...
No, no, it's okay.
Uh, can you just make sure
that he doesn't come back?
I'll have a talk with him.
- Thank you.
- All right?
Be careful up here, all right?
Eventful evening.
Hey, why did you disappear?
Wow, what?
Been here the whole time.
No you haven't.
You're right, fine, I lied.
Yeah, you do that a lot,
don't you?
I like you, Johnny.
But you'll never know me.
That doesn't mean
we can't be friends.
- Hi, Mom.
- Where the hell have you been?
I've been trying to get
a hold of you all day.
I'm home, Mom.
Well, get back here immediately
and bring me my prescriptions.
No, I mean I'm in my home...
in Wellfield.
I can't believe you deliberately
disobeyed me like this.
You better get back here, Johnny!
No, I can't believe you didn't tell me.
How could you hide the truth
from me about my family?
You don't understand, Johnny.
Benjamin was an awful man.
I couldn't let you
grow up like that.
So, you lied to me instead?
I didn't lie to you, I just...
just left out the truth?
Just come back here
and we'll discuss this.
I don't know if I'm coming back.
Johnny, please don't do this.
I'm sorry, did I say
you could come in?
That feels good.
Sorry, Bryan.
Save my dying soul.
What's wrong?
You saw something out there,
didn't you?
I didn't hear someone,
just a creak before you got here.
You woke something up.
It's my family.
I think they need my help.
Something touched me
in the other room
and it definitely wasn't
asking for help.
Look, I get if you want to leave.
But I'm not going anywhere
until I find out what happened to them.
I never said I was leaving.
You son of a bitch.
# Will you walk into my parlor #
# Said the spider to the fly #
# 'Tis the prettiest little parlor #
# That ever you did spy #
# The way into my parlor #
# Is up a winding stair #
# And I have many
curious little things #
# To show you when you're there #
# Oh no no said the fly #
# To ask me is in vain #
# For who goes up
your winding stair... #
...can never come down again.
# I'm sure you must be weary dear #
# With soaring up so high #
# Will you rest upon my little bed #
# Said the spider to the fly #
# There are pretty curtains
drawn around #
# The sheets are fine and thin #
# And if you like to rest awhile #
# I'll snugly tuck you in #
# Oh no no said the fly #
# For I've often heard it said #
# They never never wake again. #
You sleep upon your bed.
Emma, is that you?
Emma, what the hell
are you doing?
Are you sure about this?
Missed you, brother.
What just happened?
You don't actually believe
any of this stuff, do you?
I don't know.
It... it might have something to do
with what happened to my family.
Johnny, what's wrong?
Grab the other side.
You okay?
I evoke thee,
oh God of Osiris
in the virtue of the most holy
sacrament, Jesus Christ.
Who, for our redemption,
was crucified, suffered death,
was buried, and rose on the 3rd day
by the power of the spirit
of the God Osiris.
We pray to thee, oh Lords.
I, Benjamin,
share the gift of the afterlife
with Bryan.
I, Elizabeth,
share the gift of the afterlife
with Bryan.
I, Faith,
share the gift of the afterlife
with Bryan.
- Say it, Daniel.
- Johnny!
What happened?
It was... they were...
they were all right here, all of them.
- Calm down, okay?
- No.
There's no one here but us.
Just you and me.
It was right in front of me,
I could feel it.
I could feel his breath
on my face.
Just you and me, hear me?
What is it?
Do you hearthat?
- Mr. Judson.
- Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I called the hotel this morning.
They said you never
even checked in.
You... you know, I lost track of time
and I decided to crash here.
Well, it would have been helpful
if you'd called to let me know.
You're right, I'm sorry.
I should have.
All right, well,
we're both here now.
What do you say
we get down to business?
Um, sure.
Come on in.
Hold on, hold on.
The offer's well above
market value.
So, probably, if I were you,
I wouldn't even
bother negotiating.
Just sign it,
be done with this dump.
Yeah, I mean,
I'm sure it's great.
Trust me, if you're holding out
for something better to come along,
it will not be happening
in this economy.
I trust you,
it's just I'm not really sure.
I know, real estate can seem
like a daunting task sometimes.
But that's why I'm here,
walk you through it.
What if I didn't want
to sell the house?
Excuse me?
I just... I sort of feel obligated
to keep it.
It's my family's home.
Johnny, you didn't even
know them.
Yeah, I know that.
Listen, kid, I took on this case
under the agreement
that I receive a percentage
of the sale.
I'm sorry, Mr. Judson.
Then maybe you should rethink
making such a detrimental decision.
This is the last thing
that I need.
Who is that?
He's been harassing me.
That's David Mackey.
Guess you could say he's your, uh...
half brother.
Benjamin wasn't exactly the most...
faithful husband.
But don't worry, he doesn't have
any claim to the estate.
I'll handle it.
My brother?
Hey, David.
Yeah, this really isn't the time
or the place...
I just want to talk to him.
Yeah, from what I understand
you already talked to him yesterday.
I want to talk to Bryan.
Uh, yeah, he goes by Johnny now.
I want to talk to Bryan.
Where'd Daniel put him?
We can arrange a time,
a place, that's fine.
Give me the baby, Daniel.
Excuse me?
No, there's one more.
David, you really need
to get going now.
- Hi.
- Hey.
What's going on?
I'm not sure.
Give me the baby, Daniel!
Oh, my God.
It has to be finished.
Behind the door.
Hey, just... just let her go.
I don't want her.
There's one more.
Help me, please!
I'm sorry!
Save our souls, Bryan!
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, are you okay?
He's dead.
We gotta call the cops.
You can't.
We have to.
No, Johnny, you can't.
Judson had a...
had a cell phone.
I'll go get it.
He was right there.
Come on, Johnny,
let's go inside.
What are you doing back?
What the hell did you do
with the bodies out there?
I didn't touch the bodies.
What's going on?
Look, I've been
investigating this case
since even after they forced me
into retirement.
So, you know what happened?
Yeah, I was there.
Your father was convinced
that there was a code in the Bible
that... that somehow linked
the resurrection of Jesus
to the Egyptian God Osiris...
that he used it to rise
from the dead.
I found his Bible last night.
Well, there was only one problem.
They never completed the ritual.
And so your family
is now trapped in limbo.
They want the last survivor.
Look, trust me.
Until they have finished
what they've started,
their souls can't move on.
Your father told me
there was one more.
One more?
That's what Mack said.
Right now, they're out
looking for hosts.
Now, the living,
they're very hard to control.
But the dead,
free for the taking.
What can I do to help?
Years ago,
your brother Daniel saved your life
by hiding you in the basement.
And maybe if we contact him,
he'll do it again.
Something's happening.
Oh, we better hurry.
We need
the quality of the sitters.
Something that belongs to us.
And the purpose.
Now what?
The dead sometimes send a marker
to connect them to the living.
Um, a gift.
Did you receive
anything like that?
Well, we couldn't have picked
a better location.
Well, do we hold hands now
or something?
No, uh...
wejust wait.
Daniel, are you there?
Daniel, it's me, Bryan.
Daniel, we want to help you.
He's here.
Daniel, show us
how we can help you.
Daniel, please.
Fifth what?
Fifth nail, what does that mean?
I've heard about it before...
in school... it... it...
it's supposed to go in the heart
during a crucifixion
to end suffering.
It was withheld from Jesus.
They Conroys only had...
four nails each.
There's one more.
It wasn't you, it was the nail.
Then why are they
still after me?
Benjamin Conroy
pledged the entire family
to Osiris.
He has to fulfill his promise.
But before he died,
he didn't want
to finish the ritual.
He wanted to end it.
Oh, God,
it worked.
- Don't open it.
- It's my mother.
- Come on.
- Hey, no, no, it's okay.
- What are you doing here?
- I needed to see my baby.
I'm so sorry for everything,
I shouldn't have come.
It's okay, it's okay,
everything's gonna be fine.
# Will you walk into my parlor #
# Said the spider to the fly #
You're not my mother.
Yes, she is.
I am, Bryan,
I am your mother.
It's time you joined
your real family.
Don't you want to live
for ever, Bryan?
Faith, we can all get
what we want here tonight.
All I want is my baby back.
Share the gift
of the afterlife with me.
You're not part of the final step.
Come here.
Johnny, come on.
You don't have
to be scared, Bryan.
We're all meant to be together.
I just want to hold
my baby boy again.
Come with us.
Get off!
Everything's gonna be okay.
Go, go, go, go.
- We can go around.
- Okay.
Do you still have
those matches?
Now, get ready to run.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- Guy, come on.
- Spray him.
Come on!
Let's go!
The final step!
Let her go!
Good night, little brother.
Please stop,
stop, let me go!
Please don't do this!
Don't, please, please,
please, let me go!
Please like...
you don't have to do this.
You don't have to do this,
it's not me.
It's not me, it's the fifth nail!
Daniel understands.
You're making a mistake.
Stop, stop!
Mom, Mom, let me go,
you don't need to do this.
You're making a mistake,
please stop.
Ben... Dad, please,
Dad, please just stop!
I can help you,
you don't have to do this.
Just let me go!
Please, please, just stop...
You don't have to do this.
Mom, just let me go,
let me go, I can help you.
Oh, God.
Help, please, somebody!
Just stop, you don't have to do this,
I can save you.
Please, I know how to help you.
I know what to do to save you,
just... just let me go.
You don't have to do this.
It's the fifth nail, it's not me.
Please, please, no, no!
Just stop!
Oh, God!
Please don't, please, please,
please, Mom?
Please, stop.
No, no, please, Mom,
let me go.
Let me go.
Oh, God!
Emma, look out!
I can't believe you're okay.
Oh, you saved my life.
I'm sorry.
Emma's gone.
Emma's gone?
Hey, boy.
No more suffering.
Save my soul, Bryan.
I can't.
It has to end.
Please don't leave me alone.
I'm sorry.
So, how about you tellin' me
what happened here?
I wouldn't even know
where to start.
Sheriff Depford was
a good friend of mine.
And after his retirement, I kept him
in the loop on the Conroy case.
He shared the evidence
and he gave me his theories.
And I'll tell ya...
I thought
he'd completely lost it.
He wasn't crazy.
Well, why don't we get you
to the hospital
and then we can iron out this story
before you talk to anybody else.
Thank you.
I'll tell you, kid, I just want to get
you on your way home, that's all.
I am home.