Dead Sound (2018) Movie Script

Block Island, baby!
Let's go! It's on man.
I got it, I got it.
So what'd you do
in rehab Ashley?
Smoked cigarettes.
Practiced mindfulness.
Oh you don't mind, do you?
Hey no need to flaunt
that in her face Nicky.
No, I don't mind.
Alright how far to the ferry?
About twenty minutes
if we're lucky.
But we're cutting it close.
Alright, Big Man pull over,
I gotta take a leak.
No way.
Dude, come on, I gotta go.
You want to get to this
party tonight or not?
Ashley, give me
an empty beer can.
Please, thank you.
That's right.
Turn that way when you do it.
Get your loafer off me man.
You watch that Big Man, alright.
Careful Duker.
You dribble one drop
in my Dad's car
I'm going to give
you a beat down.
Hey relax, I've got
pin point accuracy.
Ah, yeah.
Oh come on, come on, come on.
Dude! Is there another boat?
The next one leaves
tomorrow morning.
Wait so that's it?
I don't understand.
How can they just
leave without us?
Way to go, Big Man.
How we supposed to get
to the party now?
How is this my fault?
You drive like my
grandmother, who's dead!
You're dead!
You can find a way to get us to
Block Island tonight,
right Jake?
Yeah man, this is life or death.
Shut up!
I'll call Harry, maybe he can
find us a ride on his boat.
Harley boy!
You on the slow boat?
What? I can't hear you man.
Here, listen to
this party stuff.
Just a quick flash.
Just show me.
Yes, aw titties!
Hang on a sec Jake,
I gotta refill my glass.
Okay no one look, I have to
put in my secret ingredient
on my signature drink:
Harry's High Tide.
Elvis, throw me that kiwi, yeah?
Thanks, hound dog.
And get ready to straddle.
Okay, three, two, one, okay.
Everything okay Baker?
Anything you need,
just, just help yourself.
Hey thanks Harry,
this has been amazing
but I gotta get back to work.
So do me a favor just
keep the noise level down.
I don't want to have
to deal with your
annoying neighbors, okay.
Okay, thanks man.
Who's got my handcuffs?
Yo. Sorry about that.
There's a girl in a bikini
doing back-flips across
the backyard for you.
We're still in New London,
The ferry left without us.
Not your best move Harley.
We know.
So, uh, what are
you going to do?
Well it's funny you should ask.
We were actually hoping that,
maybe you could hop in your
boat and come pick us up?
Ah, Jake. You know
you're my boy, I mean,
no one wants to see
you here more than me,
but I'm already deep
into some High Tides,
and my buzz is way too
large for me to handle
a mish, a misha,
mission like that.
We got no other way
over there tonight, Harry.
I hear you brother
but it looks like you're
gonna have to get creative.
Check the docks.
I've hitched rides
from hedge fund guys
on their yachts
a few times before.
If not the docks,
check with one of the locals.
Hi baby.
Good luck brother.
Call me when you get there.
What's that sweetheart?
This place is dead.
Where are those hedge fund
yachts Harry was talking about?
I'm sure this is where all
the hitters park their boats.
I got Fireball...
Screw this.
Where you going?
Going to salvage this situation.
Hey Big Boy!
Gotta love New London hookers!
Hey guys!
Harry said we should
ask some locals.
Local hookers!
I don't want any incidents!
I know but he hasn't called.
You know what I mean.
Guess who's always
getting whacked, you.
So that's what's keeping him.
Look at this place Big Man.
Maybe we can still get to
that party tonight after all.
What do you mean?
Well I'm sure one
of these locals
has a boat we can charter.
Throw some green, become heroes
of the working class, no?
Try not to think too much.
What kind of beer you got here?
The usual.
I'll take two of those.
You're in my seat.
Hey bartender, can I get um,
can I get a pitcher
of whatever you guys got,
and let me get four
shots of anything brown.
Open up a tab for me boss.
Cash only.
Got it.
We should probably
head to the bar
before those two burn it down.
Sure you're ready
for all this, Ash?
Well my sponsor says I need to
"assimilate" sooner or later.
Just seems a little
on the sooner side.
Maybe you should
worry about yourself.
No, I needed you
that night Jake.
I overreacted with your father.
You attacked him.
I wasn't thinking.
You scared me, Jake.
I'm sorry.
That's not enough.
Come on.
You kids don't
want to go in there.
We've got friends in there.
Don't say I didn't warn ya.
Stay close.
I'm going to go to the bathroom.
Harley boy!
Meet the girls.
This is Nancy.
And this is Alexa.
Hey, Harley boy.
Where's Nicky?
Said he's going to try and
charter a boat or something.
You can do this.
Hey cutie. What's your story?
Let's find Nicky
and get out of here.
You're crushing
the mood here Jake.
Yeah, don't do that.
Let's crush something else.
Have a beer and relax.
I think you're hot.
What's that?
We can all go to my place.
All four of us.
Thanks for the invite.
I don't want to be rude, but
my friends and I are leaving.
Is, is that your girlfriend?
She's not all that, you know?
Excuse me for a second.
Whoa! What's your problem, man!
Ooooh, What's wrong
with you, Chester?
Your name's Chester?
He was all over my girl, Bobby.
I think we all know it
was the other way around.
Why don't you go
home and take a nap.
Yo Chester, why don't
you do us all a favor
and go home and take a nap!
Yeah Chester.
Screw you Bobby.
Screw all of you!
Come on.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. Just took
me by surprise.
You're my boy!
Clean hit.
So good news Jake!
Bobby here is first
mate on a fishing boat,
says he can get us
to Block Island, tonight.
Surprised you didn't
give Chester a beat down
after he took that
free shot on you.
I would've put
him in the ground.
I could tell you
wanted to do the same.
My man. Never second
guess yourself.
You know where you're going?
Yeah, last slip on the dock,
north side.
Boat leaves in thirty.
Later soon, amigos.
We got a boat!
Let's go.
Now that is what
I'm talking about.
We needed a ride,
so I got us a ride.
It's called initiative, playa.
I don't like this guy Bobby.
Would you stop overreacting?
I am not spending a night
in this black hole of a town.
I want sex, not bed bugs.
Yeah well good luck with that.
Cause Ashley and
I are staying here.
Did that meat
stick jar your brain?
Dude if it were just the three
of us that would be one thing
but I'm not putting Ashley
on that guy's boat, at night,
in the middle of
Long Island Sound.
Hey Jake, I paid this
guy four hundred bucks.
If you don't want to go?
That's fine don't go.
I'll have plenty of
stories for you on Monday.
Maybe Harley's got
a point, Nicky.
Bobby does seem
a little sketchy.
Alright shut up.
I don't want to miss
another boat cause of you.
Hope you had your shots.
I can't believe that
thing even floats.
Looks like a dinghy
I rowed in on
when I shipwrecked off
Nantucket two summers ago.
I remember that dinghy.
Okay, let's do this.
You can't be serious.
This is not what Harry meant
when he said we
could find a ride over.
Officially done
talking about this Jake.
Who are you?
It's my boat.
Who the fuck are you?
Ah well, it's, it's a,
it's a very good boat.
It looks uh, looks sea worthy.
Is Bobby here?
He told us he'd give us a
ride to Block Island tonight.
Cool knife... old.
They're okay Cap.
I'll vouch for 'em.
That's my boy Nicky.
They paid, Stoney.
All we have to do is get them to
a party tonight on Block Island.
Oh, why didn't you say so.
But they have to ask nicely.
And not this one.
I know him two minutes
already I don't like him.
Sir, uh, we'd
really appreciate it
if you could give us a
ride to Block Island tonight.
You'd really help us out?
Brains and beauty.
Get the lines.
Climb aboard.
Well done Nicky!
All clear Stoney!
Harley, you coming or what?
Yeah donkey, get on the boat.
Come on Jake!
Cooler full of beers.
Compliments of the house.
More beer!
Thanks Bobby!
Great taste in brand,
old school man.
Old school. Right.
Block Island here we come!
Hi, this is Harry Fellows,
leave a message and call
me whatever you want,
Hey Harry, it's Harley.
We caught a ride over with
some fishermen who are...
Well, I have, let's just say
I have a bad feeling about them.
Listen, if you don't see us in
a couple hours send the cavalry.
Who wants a Harry's High Tide?
What's in it?
Oh, well, that's a secret.
Mmm, that right?
Vodka and hot sauce.
The rest is escaping
me at the moment
because you're
so beautiful, cutie.
Ki... kiwi. It was kiwi.
Reloading. Anyone need one?
I'll take another brew-dogger.
Whoa. Take it easy big guy.
Someone's been over-served.
I could kill like thirty
beers and not even feel it.
Dude. I wasn't ready for that.
Not my fault. You need,
faster reflexes.
Well you just wasted a beer.
You okay man?
Yeah, I was just
a little sea sick.
Hey now that you're
done feeding the fishes,
you want to try
getting me another beer.
You're such a jerk Nicky.
Hey there he is!
Bobby baby, come smoke
this joint with us, man.
Not bad. Where'd you get it?
My boy in the Big Apple.
We had weed in prison,
but not like this.
Cool, man.
Ashley, toss this
bad boy a beer.
Yeah, grab him a beer, Ashley.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
She's quite the little
biscuit isn't she Bobby?
Oh come on Ashley.
Show us all that tight
little body of yours.
Shut up Nicky.
Well come on,
Bobby wants to see it.
She's got amazing boobies.
Knock it off.
Well seriously man,
Bobby's nice enough
to give us a ride.
Least we can do.
Come on Ash, don't be a prude.
Happy now?
Yes, thank you.
Triple A plus.
What the hell, Ash?
It was just a joke.
Well, it's been real,
I better get back to work.
Thanks for the stuff.
Yeah man. Anytime.
Do you have a bathroom?
Yeah, but that's below deck.
So it's off-limits.
Please? I really have to pee.
Twist my arm.
I'll take you down.
I'll come with you.
Bobby can show me.
You sure?
She's sure.
I'll be fine, Jake.
How much longer you
think until we get there?
In this crap-box? Who knows.
Hey Cappy! Who
taught you how to drive a boat!
Step on it, would ya!
Stop provoking these guys.
Not my fault
Ashley has nice boobs.
Right this way.
Oh, sorry, I didn't realize
anyone else was down here.
Ashley, meet Krista.
Hi, nice to meet you.
She doesn't say much.
Bathroom's down there.
Es questo un Cubano?
Si. Took it from Carson
Senior's humidor last night.
You're not doing,
what are you doing,
you're not doing it right.
You got to twist it.
I am twisting it.
You're terrible at this.
Don't tell me how to
light a cigar, Duker.
I steal them from
my dad all the time.
What's the matter Jake?
Is it Bobby?
You got to let that
jail-bird go man.
He's fine.
I'm worried about Ashley.
I don't think
she's ready for this
and if anything
happens at this party,
like if she starts drinking.
We're not her keeper Jake.
Technically you two
aren't even together anymore.
You ever going to tell us what
really happened between you two?
The night before she
was going to rehab
I was staying at her house.
She was all twisted about going.
I was just trying
to be supportive.
I thought everything
was going fine.
We watched a movie in her room.
I went down to
get some ice cream,
and when I came back
up she was doing lines
of heroin on her desk.
Everyone's doing that drug now.
I freaked out and told her
to dump it in the toilet.
That's when her dad came in,
saw it, and started blaming me.
He charged me,
threw me up against the wall.
I don't know,
something in me just snapped.
I don't remember how but
I got him to the ground,
started throwing punches
until he went limp.
Ashley was screaming these
terrible blood curdling screams.
So I bolted.
Intense man.
The worst part is I feel
like I traumatized Ashley.
It tore me up all year.
All I wanted to do was
see her and I couldn't.
Her parents wouldn't
let me talk to her obviously.
I thought maybe on
this trip I could but...
I don't know, it's been
a real game of inches, man.
I feel you, Harley.
That's why I never fall for
the ladies when I hook up.
As soon as you get wet,
the head games begin.
What? It's true.
You're an idiot Carson.
Oh sorry. Hope I'm
not interrupting.
Not at all.
Why don't you stick
around for a little while.
So, do you guys
actually live in here?
Want a shot?
Oh. No thanks.
Nothing but the
best around here.
I just got out of rehab.
Rehab's for quitters.
Quitters and spitters.
Is that...?
It's just a little coke.
Or I got heroin too,
if that's more your speed.
I better go upstairs.
Don't be like that. You're a
guest on my boat. I insist.
No. I'm sober.
Come on, get crazy with us.
Yeah, I've seen what you
got under that dress.
Let's open that up.
I wanna leave.
I'm not stopping you.
You're standing in my way.
Am I?
I don't.
Sure you do.
Don't fight it.
I can tell you and
Jake were a thing, right.
Disappointed you huh.
I'd never do that.
Disappoint you.
I may not have much,
but what I do have...
She's feisty Bobby.
I like that.
Me too.
Easy there Big Man!
You almost got me.
Screw you Skywalker!
Come to the dark side!
Why are we stopping?
Ash, what's wrong?
He tried to... I don't know.
It was...
You stay down here, puppet.
Hey Bobby, did you pull
something down there?
She should be flattered.
She's not.
Hey, Jake come on.
Look Bobby, we're not
accusing you of anything.
No? That's what it sounds like.
No, I'm sure there's just
been a misunderstanding.
Is that what this is?
Yes. How much longer until
we get to Block Island?
Block Island?
Hey, we have friends
waiting for us.
They know we're on your boat.
Is that right?
Yeah, they're waiting.
You people don't
like to wait, do you?
No, we don't.
So take us to Block Island.
Or else... what, exactly?
We just want you to
take us to Block Island.
Well maybe I want to
renegotiate terms.
Yeah, I'm thinking I'm
gonna need a another $400
to get you there and
since you were so gung-ho
about pimping out Ashley, Nicky,
I'm thinking a threesome with
her and my girl down below
should square us away.
Speaking of "down below",
how's your grooming Ashley?
Because I like 'em clean, shaved
and tighter than a preschooler.
C'mon Carson.
Kick his ass Big Man.
C'mon get in there.
Carson get up.
C'mon Carson.
Whoa, easy there Jake.
Step away from that harpoon.
Too late for that now.
I told you never to second
guess yourself my man.
Now look at ya.
Everything good Bobby?
Yeah under control Cap.
This one just got excited.
Needed a little adjustment.
He's crazy!
Why don't you all just sit down
and try not to fulfill
all my expectations.
Get their phones.
Phones. Now!
I hate this vest.
Why are you doing this?
Because, we can.
And because you were stupid
enough to ask Bobby for a ride.
I mean, look at him.
Does he look like the
kind of guy you can trust?
Ooh, easy there Jake.
Bobby, come on man.
Come on, what?
People saw us talking
to you in the bar.
The cops are going to
come looking for you.
You think anyone around here
cares what happens to a
bunch of rich kids like you?
New London is my town.
Those people are my people,
all you do is come in here
and piss all over it,
all over them.
You think anyone
is going to lift a finger
to make sure you kids are okay?
I got news for ya.
Most of them will sleep better
at night knowing you're not.
Fuck you!!!
Oh my God!
Carson! No!
What the hell's the
matter with you?
Sorry, Cap.
We're just supposed
to rob them Bobby.
Why is that gun even loaded?
They were asking for it Stoney.
Answer the question!
Aren't you sick of this?
I am, I'm sick of them,
all of it!
So what do you want to do?
Not much choice now.
Oh, chill with that Krista.
We don't have to break
out your Narcan again.
What was that noise out there?
Nothing. Tie him to a chair.
What'd he do?
Something someone gets tied
to a chair for, just do it.
You, down.
Mouth, too?
Yeah. Stuff him.
Are you sure? His mouth is
tweaking me something awful.
Stop it! Leave him alone!
She's a live one Jake.
I bet she's great in the sack.
Jake, Jake!
Leave her alone!
Come here baby.
Kiwi? Revs up your gut flora.
So, Nicky the smart-ass.
You a college boy?
Your answers are
going to matter here.
Yes. I go to college.
I'll bet your old man had
to pull some serious strings
to get a screw head
like you into a good school.
Not that you'd appreciate it.
College is a flawed
endeavor anyway,
it's all about
the past preparing you
for the future,
without being in the present.
Hey man, do, do you want
money to let us go?
My dad is CEO of a bank.
He'll give you
whatever you want.
I promise I won't say
a word about any of this.
Do you really think
this is about money now?
Bobby was right about one thing.
I come from a long
line of fishermen.
My family had a house on Block
Island as far back as 1920.
That is until the bank took it.
I'm sorry man.
A bank just like your daddy's.
Rich pigs like him came
in and pushed my family out.
No, no my family...
The day they took my home,
I heard one of those smug sons
of demons say to the other,
"Hey, where you want
to have breakfast later?"
End of my world.
Life goes on, nothing personal.
I've been forced to accept
that as a natural order.
The rich push the poor,
think they can keep on pushing,
always have in the past,
always will in the future.
Nothing personal,
that's the way it is.
But, just like you and
your expensive schools,
they don't see the present.
They don't see their
blood in the water.
I do.
I've watched and waited
in the now for a long time,
seeing the terrain,
smelling the blood,
itching for my
moment to push back.
My family doesn't even
own a house on Block Island.
We didn't do anything to you.
You to need to adjust
your expectations
and get into the now.
I live there and
everything I need is
right is here on this
boat because of it.
Out here is my sanctuary.
My peace from your storm.
You know, I'm one of
the few fishermen left
in this area who still
makes a living at it.
Everyone else has
been starved out.
I'm a dying breed.
We have that in
common, you and me.
You don't know it,
but your time is just about up.
And when it is, life will go on
and one of us
will have breakfast.
Please, I don't have
an issue with you,
I know you didn't want this.
That's true enough.
I did not want to be here.
But here is where I am.
This isn't you.
It's Bobby, you know that.
Bo, Bobby is the problem.
Is that right,
you don't like Bobby?
He's an animal!
I'd be careful what I say
about him if I were you.
The way I hear him tell it,
he liked boys just
like you in prison.
He should be shot!
You see that scruff Nicky?
That's called prison pussy.
Don't beg. Come on man
you're making me feel bad.
Hell, you know what?
I'm going to help you out.
Do you want to get Bobby
back for killing your friend?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Get out of your head,
into the now.
Do you want to get Bobby back?
Now's your chance.
Shut up.
You got us into this mess.
What's it going to be smart-ass?
The moment is yours.
You gonna push?
I didn't think you had
it in you, good for you.
Get him up.
Get up.
I'm going to take you to my
favorite spot in the ocean,
and since it'll be the
last thing you ever see,
because you just impressed me,
I'm going to let you
pilot the boat.
Please. You have to help us.
What is wrong with you?
Let me out of here!
See Nicky, Nicky, Nicky.
Where to?
The Race.
That current's gonna
love you so much
it's never going to let you go.
Eyes front.
I'll be right back.
Take care of them now, please.
Just a little fun first.
No, fun is over Bobby.
See land.
Do you see those
lights out there?
What are we going to do?
We can swim for it.
Looks about a half mile away.
What about Nicky?
We can't just leave him
here with those guys.
They've got him.
We got to get off
the boat and get help.
It's the only way to
save him and ourselves.
We got to jump. You ready?
What the hell happened?
I couldn't help it Bobby,
they got away.
You had one job to do!
It's freezing.
Start swimming it
will warm you up.
They got away.
What do you mean?
They must have jumped off,
tried to swim for it.
They can't be far.
Bring her around.
We're going fishing.
I can't either. It's too far.
Yes you can.
Yes you can.
You see that
lighthouse over there?
That's where we're going,
just stay with me okay.
Come on Ash. Keep swimming.
I can't.
Please, Ash they're coming.
Jake, I can't swim anymore.
Go on without me.
A boat's coming, just hang on.
Are we going to die, Jake?
We're not going to die.
Listen to me. Ashley.
Pay attention.
Just look at me. I'm going
to think of something, okay.
Do you trust me?
I trust you.
I love you.
I love you too.
HELP! We're over here.
Help! Help!
Got 'em Stoney! Dead ahead!
Yeah I see.
Ah look, I caught
me a pretty one!
Now that's a keeper.
What do you want
to do about Jake?
Up to you!
Let's run him down!
What? No!
No, no, no you can't do this.
I can do whatever I want.
Hey! Come back.
Go straight for him now,
you hear me? Don't stop.
Don't do this to him please.
He's my best friend!
You steer that wheel an
inch in either direction,
I blow your brains all over it.
Portside Stoney.
Oh my God!
That's it Jake! Swim for it!
You can't do this.
Nowhere to go!
No! You just stop the boat.
Good boy. That's it.
Please no.
Jake! Jake!
You son of a bitch!!
Carson! Carson!
Do something about her,
will you Bobby.
Nice work Stoney.
You figured out a
way to shut him up.
Where you going sweetheart?
Nicky please!
Now watch.
This is how it's done.
Any of you guys
seen Jake Harley?
I just listened to a message
from him and he said he got
a ride from some
fishermen from New London.
That was over four hours ago.
He should have been here by now.
Dude, he probably got trashed
and ended up in a
bar in Old Harbor.
He would have texted me.
We have to go and
find him ourselves.
A rescue mission.
Who's in?
I'm coming!
I'm coming.
No way. You're too drunk.
Dude, Jake's my best friend.
Okay you can come.
What's that?
My Dad's rifle. Just in case.
For protection.
Oh, we forgot snacks.
Get up. We got work to do.
Get up.
Throw that piece
of meat overboard.
He's stinking up my boat.
Help her out smart-ass.
Go on, pick him up.
Is he dead?
What are you doing out here?
I told you to stay down below.
You didn't say anyone
was going to die Bobby.
Bobby all respect,
shut her blow hole
or I'll shut it for you.
He's too heavy, I can't.
Looks like smart-ass can't pull
his weight around here Cap.
I guess he needs a
little extra motivation.
No, no, we can do this.
We can do this.
Nicky, you have to help me okay?
It's Carson!
They did this to him!
I know. I know.
But it's like we're
burying him, okay.
That's it.
A burial at sea for the Big Man.
Come on.
Anybody have any final words
for the dear,
dumb-ass dead departed?
Sorry Big Man.
It was all my fault.
Love you, Carson.
Personally I thought
he was a pussy.
Well it's not
really a party until
a rich prick falls in the drink.
Both of you. Down below.
You too.
Hey, how we
supposed to find them?
Look at him crawling around
like a lobster, Krista.
Crawl! Crawl! Crawl!
Crawl lobster, crawl like a
little lobster that you are.
C'mon crawl, crawl, crawl.
Stop it! Leave him alone!
Say, "I'm a lobster."
Say, "I'm a lobster!"
I'm a lobster!
Not to me. To the lobster.
I'm a lobster!
I'm a lobster! I'm a lobster!
I'm a lobster! I'm a lobster!
I'm a lobster! I'm a lobster!
Yeah you're a lobster.
He likes you, he likes you.
Look, he thinks you're cute.
Give him a little kiss.
Little kiss.
No please, no, no, no.
You don't like the
little lobster boyfriend.
You don't like it?
You don't like it?
Then shut up.
Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up!
I think it's time to
have a little party now.
No Bobby, don't do it.
Shut up, lobster!
Over there!
Please! I can't!
Help me.
Oh, oh, that's right,
I remember when
your face lit up when
Krista mentioned heroin.
That's your drug, isn't it?
No, please.
No stop it.
This is called Steel Cake.
And you're going to snort it.
Bobby! She can't snort all that.
Shut up!
Not enough of a choice?
How's this.
Get off of her.
Now, you can snort this,
or you can suffocate.
Ashley! Ashley!
She's overdosing.
We have to help her!
No we don't.
You're a bastard!
Yeah. I am.
Krista give me the gun.
I was saving you for last.
All good things...
Stone? Stoney you up there?
Stone's dead.
Jakey? That you?
Back from the dead?
Get up.
I got smart-ass here, Jake!
I'm gonna put a
couple holes in him!
Your girl is ODing on heroin.
Back to her old ways.
C'mon Ashley.
Hey! Wake up!
Wake up Ashley.
Wake up.
Ashley, wake up.
Here. Give her this.
What is that?
It's Narcan.
Spray it in her nose and it
counter-acts the opiates.
Okay. Just spray. Go ahead.
Okay. Now let's get
her on her side.
Thank God!
Ashley, hey, you're okay.
You're okay.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Hang tight.
I gotta get Nicky.
Thank you.
Good night Jake.
That guy's shooting at us!
We have to call the police!
Harry Fellows to
Block Island Police! Come in.
I can't get a clear shot!
Say goodnight Jakey.
No! Don't shoot him!
Is everybody coming back
from the dead tonight?
Bobby please,
I will do anything!
Well Jake I think I
have one more thing
I want you to see
before you die.
Admit it. You want this.
I don't like you anymore Bobby.
You know why you second
guess yourself Jake?
Because you're a killer,
I can see it in your eyes.
You're a killer just
like me only it scares you.
But second guessing isn't
gonna change who you are.
It's just going to be
the edge I need to kill you.
Shoot him!
What? You can't shoot me!
I'm invincible!
Hey Bobby!
Killer. I see you killer.
I see you.
We need to get every
one off this boat. Now!
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.