Dead Space (1991) Movie Script

Oh my God.
Dr. Darden! Dr. Darden!
The experiment's going
through another change.
All right, we'll be right there.
Don't touch anything.
This whole goddamn thing's
going down the tubes.
What, what's going on?
Don't worry. I had accounted for this.
But you didn't account for this.
Commander Krieger.
We're getting a distress call.
Put 'em through.
It's coming from the research facility
on the planet, Fabon.
We've had an accident!
It's out of control!
We need help!
We've had an accident!
Anyone, respond!
Please, respond!
Get 'em back.
The transmission has cut out.
I command you terminate. RNR immediately.
Commander, there are
three unidentified vessels
approaching our ship.
Your presence on the bridge
would be appreciated.
This whole thing's not going smoothly.
Throw up the deflectors.
I'll be up right away.
-Nice of you to join us.
They penetrated our sector
three defense shields.
Divert power to the lasers.
That wouldn't be my
first choice commander.
Well do me a favor. Try it.
Go evasive, re-target the
lasers, use a random pattern.
-Now what?
-It's not my fault.
Well who's fault is it?
It's gotta be the main
connection under the panel.
I told you to get it fixed this morning.
Some of us have other
responsibilities, Commander.
I'm gonna have to hold
it together manually now.
Fire when I give you the command.
Unless you've got a better idea.
All right.
Good shot!
Two down.
Not bad for a human.
Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire,
fire, fire, fire,
I don't wanna distract you
from some very important business,
but we got a problem.
Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire,
fire, fire, fire, fire, fire,
Fire, fire, fire, fire,
fire, fire, fire, fire, fire,
fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire,
Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire,
fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire,
fire, fire, fire.
How's the ship?
Defense shields are out. Lasers are out.
Generators at 30%.
Where did you say that
distress call was coming from?
From a research lab
on the planet, Fabon.
It's not far from here.
Well we'll have to risk
it. Set course for Fabon.
How much trouble could
a couple of scientists
get into anyway?
You call that a landing.
I'm Commanders Steve Krieger,
freelance controller,
responding to your distress signal.
This is my second in command, Tinpan.
What seems to be the problem?
Welcome to the Fabon
Research Laboratory.
I am Dr. Emily Stote, head of research.
This is Dr. Salinger.
Marissa Salinger, genetics.
The call was a little
premature, Commander Krieger.
If our radio hadn't gone out-
- But we're happy you're here.
Wait a minute.
Are you telling me this is a false alarm?
There is no immediate danger.
If you follow us commander,
we'll show you to your quarters.
Nice going. False alarm.
Well, this is very nice.
I don't believe this. You happy?
You satisfied?
You brought us all this distance
and they don't even need us.
There does seem to be
some dispute in that area.
-Dr. Salinger
thinks it's very important we stay.
I'll tell you what I think, sport.
We get back to the ship.
We make it operable.
And we're in the star
charge. We're outta here.
We're history.
-Oh, there you are.
-Oh, hi, doc.
We're ready
in the conference room.
We need to talk.
Let's talk on the way.
It was hard enough getting
Emily to have this meeting.
Not so fast.
Why don't you give it to me straight.
What's going on here?
Well, Frank, Dr. Darden
is very committed to this experiment.
And Dr. Stote? What about her?
She and Frank go way back.
It's a real love-hate relationship.
I meant what I said about
being glad to see you.
It's been three years since I've talked
to anybody from outside.
I'm surprised you all
haven't killed each other.
There's time yet.
See if we can't get this
bucket up and running again,
I'm getting a bad
feeling about this place.
We have a problem with the vendor.
And you can't fix that?
Well that answers that.
Commander Krieger,
this is a high security
research facility.
We're stationed on Fabon
because we can experiment
and take risks here that
would be unthinkable on Earth.
What kind of experiments?
Genetic engineering,
bacteriological velocity,
-but not in this case.
-What's this case?
-Excuse me.
Should have been looking
where I was going.
It's all right. Aren't
you headed the wrong way?
Just gotta go to my
room and get some stuff.
Tim, don't leave.
Commander Krieger, please, come in.
Everyone, I would like to
introduce Commander Steve Krieger
and his executive officer Tinpan.
Steve, Tinpan,
this is our chief
bacteriologist, Frank Darden,
Jill Tollman, computer
electronics specialist,
Sal Dickens, engineer,
and Devon Letham, the sole survivor
of the Astro Lab 6 incident.
Please sit down.
As we all know, our
objective here on Fabon
is to find a cure for the Delta-5 virus.
Oh shit.
I'm very sorry to
hear you feel that way,
Commander Krieger, but
you can rest assured
it wasn't my idea to bring you here.
Well whose was it then?
I get the distinct
impression you're in charge.
I sent the call.
And I don't think it was premature.
Well that remains to be seen.
We had an emergency on
our hands and still do.
-It was not an emergency.
-It was a problem.
And that problem has been solved.
Commander, I'm sorry if
we've wasted your time.
Both of you, sit down.
One of our research assistants
has contracted a very rare disease,
possibly transmitted
through one of the viruses
that we have been experimenting with.
Why didn't you tell us this before?
Marissa and I have
discovered that the only way
to combat an aggressive virus like Delta-5
is to create an even
more aggressive virus.
One that will single
out and destroy Delta-5,
which renders our immune
systems so helpless.
And yet co-exist with our benign cells
in a symbiotic relationship.
But we ended up creating a monster.
It is not a monster!
Well then what the hell do you call it?
That is a bit melodramatic, Marissa.
However, Joe-
-Research assistant.
-Contracted dengue fever
under admittedly suspicious circumstances.
I can't believe this.
There is no evidence.
Joe was in the lab
checking the conditions
in the incubator.
Just before we discovered
him taken with the disease,
he told us the liquid in
the Petri dish was bubbling.
And shortly after it
did begin to change.
it appears to be a metamorphic mutant.
A what?
An ordinary mutant is
genetically different
from its parent.
A metamorphic mutant changes
its genetic structure,
mutating as it grows.
We needed a virus that could adapt
as Delta-5 through up its defenses.
And this new virus is our
most promising project yet.
Does it work?
Do you mean kind the mutant
virus kill the Delta-5 virus?
Unfortunately, no.
But it can be harmed by it.
Jill, why don't you
pull up the file for us.
It'll be on the room monitor.
This is the Delta-5 virus.
That's our virus moving in on Delta-5.
Notice the speed of infection
We've created the only
organism that we know of
that Delta-5 can't infect.
As a matter of fact, the only way Delta-5
can harm our virus is if it found a way
to get inside it and vice versa.
I think it's time I took
a look at your monster.
Meet our monster.
Well this is not a Petri dish of liquid,
bubbling or otherwise.
It began cocooning a few days ago.
You can bombard it with lasers or x-rays
or whatever you've got and kill it.
That's exactly what we don't want.
-Frank, you're blind!
-This virus is dangerous.
And this is not a debate.
We don't have sufficient reason
to terminate the experiment.
For all we know, it could
be the very breakthrough
we're looking for.
If you don't wanna kill it,
what am I doing here?
You are here because
Marissa acted rashly
and sent out a distress call.
I have explained all this out of courtesy,
Commander Krieger, but quite frankly,
you and Tinpan are free to go.
-Well, we can't go.
-My ship's been damaged.
I used up the last of
my power getting here.
Watch out!
No, no!
-Stop, get away!
-Stop it!
-Stop it!
-Stop it!
Where is it?
Frank, Frank, what's happening?
What is it?
Goddammit! Grab her, grab her...
-Oh God.
Oh God, this is, we gotta
get her, get her out of her.
-You can't help her.
-Prepare for surgery.
-We've got to contain it.
-Contain it?
This experiment has gone belly up!
This way! Come on!
What's going on with Devon?
What is happ, Marissa,
what is happening here?
Why isn't anybody telling us anything?
We have a right to know.
I can't believe Dr.
Stote kept this from us.
-It wasn't just Stote.
-The old man knew too.
You knew too, didn't ya?
What? You knew and you didn't tell us?
We didn't want anybody
to get hysterical.
-We had to keep things
under control.
Oh, this is unreal.
How can you let this happen?
Okay, look, it's my fault.
I should have done something.
I don't know what I should have done.
It's all right, Marissa.
Look, you called Krieger.
Yeah, a lot of good that did.
I don't know, maybe Stote and the old man
will get that thing out
of Devon and kill it.
Maybe it'll work out.
How's she doing?
Ah, she's stable.
Heart and oxygen level.
Of course, the brain is gone.
We knew that before we started.
The cerebrum has been eaten away.
There's also partial collateral sulcus,
fourth ventricle collapse.
But there is
life in the cerebellum.
Heart is still pumping.
Fatty tissue seems about-
- I don't know why
we are wasting our time.
I thought we were being so careful.
We still
might be able to capture
this thing, study it.
Find out where we went wrong.
Millions of lives are
depending on this research.
We have got to keep it alive.
This is not personal, Frank.
It killed Devon. It probably killed Joe.
We've gotta find this
goddamn thing, terminate it
before it kills anymore.
We got muscle spasms.
That's what you call a muscle spasm?
That's what I call science.
Your computerized vent
control system won't work!
Now I need those vents closed
so I can flood this thing
with gas and poison it!
Jill, get the damn computers going
-and see if it's possible.
-All right, all right.
This thing is tough and adaptable.
And it's growing at an incredible rate.
But if it can't find another host,
it won't keep evolving.
Is it possible we're thinking
about this the wrong way?
Maybe it attacks because
it feels threatened.
Maybe we give it some food
or whatever attracts it,
help it escape through the atmosphere.
How does this thing operate?
It's like any other virus.
A simple organism composed
of a protein coat.
Cut the shit.
It's capable of growth
only in other living cells.
He means us. It wants to kill us.
Want is not quite
right. It exists to kill.
I'd say it's high time
we adopted the same creed
Can we at least locate this
thing in the air vents?
Maybe, we have a system
for detecting debris
in the vents when they get backed up.
But it's not the best.
Get it on the computer.
That systems
in the control room.
Look, I don't mind going,
but I'd really rather
if someone watch my back while I work.
We've gotta get
those vents sealed so
the thing can't get out.
Well, the only way to do
that is to get those vents
closed manually, one by one.
Great. At least this place
is only built on one level.
Tinpan and I'll start at the
back and work our way forward.
-I called you here.
-I'll start on this end.
No, I'll go.
Look, I know exactly where
those vent locks are.
I'm going to. I can handle myself.
I was in LiveCore.
All right.
Give me the gun.
-This way.
-Clear this way.
-20 closed.
-All right, 19 closed.
-18 closed.
-17, get it.
-17 closed.
-16 closed.
15, make sure you get the main vents.
-All right, let's go!
-Main vent closed!
Any progress?
This thing's so slow.
C-vent is closed!
Watch it.
Give me the gun.
Be a girl.
What's on your mind, Commander?
That girl.
She was a survivor of
the Astro Lab 6 incident.
What does the Astro Lab 6 accident
have to do with this situation?
That was no accident.
I nuked that lab.
And everybody in it.
What happened?
It was termed an unavoidable
biological incident.
All that means is they had an experiment
that went wrong
Just like this.
Where are Marissa and Sal right now?
They're in the hallway near Tim's room.
Krieger and Tinpan
are in the genetics lab.
All right, Frank. What's on your mind?
Now what's on my mind, Emily,
if you continue. to let this space cowboy
take over control of this
project, he'll kill it!
He hasn't got the
sensitivity to understand
what we're trying to accomplish.
I have no intentions of
giving up control to anyone,
but I also have to consider
the safety of everyone here.
What about the safety of
the people with Delta-5?
What about their lives?
Punch in C3937.
Commander, have you asked herself,
why Dr. Darden doesn't
terminate this experiment?
Can I help?
Yeah, right.
Last time you helped,
we lost three programs.
All right. Both of you, keep it civil.
Back to work, Jill.
This is my room.
Come on.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Oh God.
His blood's not circulating properly.
The soft tissue is deteriorating.
We can't stop it.
He'll be dead soon. Like the others.
So, what now?
This thing is sealed
up in the vents for now.
So may I suggest that
we all take advantage
of that fact by pairing up
and taking turns getting some rest.
I don't think that this is a-
- Marissa.
We all need some rest.
Krieger, obviously you and
Tinpan should stay together.
Frank, you and I will go back to the lab
and we will conduct some-
- Doc, why don't you get some rest too?
We'll convene back here at 0700. Okay?
These are my quarters.
You gonna be okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
You know, you were very good
in there with Stote just now.
Does that surprise you?
Bring him here.
Well why don't you
try to get some sleep?
I'm not very tired anyway.
Forget it.
I couldn't even sleep now if I tried.
Look, why don't you just sleep
and I'll read or something.
I got a better idea.
This doesn't sound like-
- Mm, just give it a try.
I wanna do this for you.
Try to relax.
I haven't heard that one before.
That oughta do it.
Here, take a view position.
Here are the schematics
for the most of the station.
Thanks. This could give us an edge.
Not that this has gone good.
We could use a strategic advantage.
What do you mean?
It's big and it's bad-tempered.
That's all we know about it so far.
It's got us cornered.
At least we've got the
lay of the land on paper.
And what do you think our chances are?
I wouldn't make any long-range plans.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
It's just that Sal was my friend.
I know.
It's hard to lose a friend.
It's, it's such a waste.
And what for?
You're getting worse.
You've known?
You have the classic symptoms, doctor.
Nervousness, quickened heart rate.
I found out I had it shortly before
I volunteered for this assignment.
And why didn't you tell me?
I wanted to keep working.
Oh, Emily.
If you had known, you
would have discharged me.
And it was my only chance.
This may be our only chance.
I wouldn't have done that, Frank.
Who knows? Maybe we still have a chance.
Marissa. Marissa.
Are you all right?
Mm, yeah, yeah, I'm all right.
That's okay.
It was just a dream.
Yeah. A dream.
-I'm gonna go find it.
-Tinpan, alert everybody.
You better take this. Go with him.
Get up! Let's go!
The creature's out! Get moving!
Come on!
Let's go! Come on!
Let's go!
Where are you going?
I'm going after Steve.
What are you doing here?
I thought you might need some help.
Why aren't you with the others?
They got me into this. I
don't trust them to get me out.
Stay close.
Look out!
Marissa! Krieger!
-In there!
-No, no, no,
-wait, wait, wait!
-What, what, what?
We've gotta check their conditions.
What happened? Are you all right?
The thing escaped through the glass.
The room is sealed now.
It's huge. It's growing.
It's bigger than I am.
You know it's out of the lab now.
I mean, maybe we're okay.
What are the chances it'll survive?
Well, there's your answer.
This thing you've created,
it's gonna destroy your lab
either from the inside
out or the outside in.
Let's go make an executive
decision of our own.
He's a fool if he thinks he can stop it.
He's not the only fool.
I'm afraid you were right, Marissa.
Here, let me fix this.
I don't know why I bother.
You old T2 models are
always falling apart.
Thanks for getting me
out of the junkyard, Steve.
Well, you hold your resale value.
Tim, can you give me a hand over here?
I need the code for
the external monitors.
Will we be able to follow him?
Every move.
I'll let Krieger now.
The external monitors are still working.
So we'll be able to watch your back
the whole time you're out there.
-You're in luck.
-That's not luck.
Luck would be that this thing disappeared
off the face of the
planet, that'd be luck.
How long can I exist
out there in this thing?
You've got 20 minutes
without any problem.
After that, the suit will deteriorate.
Similar to it. And just as dramatic.
At first it's a high and
then it will kill you.
Sounds like fun. Let's go.
Good luck.
Oh God, Frank.
Let's get to work.
He's gotta be out here some place.
There's a lot of territory to cover.
All right. Let's go look for him.
There they are.
Stupid robot.
It's just gonna slow him down.
This way.
Here he comes.
Oh goddammit.
This confirms it.
Confirms what?
It's incredibly simple.
There he is.
Let's go.
Look at that.
And we know the guns don't work on it.
What else is he gonna do?
Why is he going up there?
I think he knows what he's doing, Tim.
It copies there.
Whereas Delta-5 only makes
us susceptible to disease,
this virus actually is disease.
God help us.
He fell! He fell off the rocks!
Did you get a shot at him?
No, it moved too fast.
Help me up, all right?
Oh God, ow!
He's going into a cave.
Well, I don't think he's
gonna find it in there.
Tim, I don't understand this.
Why are you being such a jerk?
What's your problem?
I mean, it's obvious this guy is an idiot.
My problem is I can't believe
I just slept with such a worm.
I mean, is this all you can do?
Stand around and criticize the guy
who trying to save our lives?
God, I must be
getting really desperate.
Well you're not the only one.
I gotta get some rest.
I think it's best to stay
until the storm passes over.
Oh yeah. I think I broke
something when I fell.
Krieger, Krieger!
Can you get him back? Jill?
I can't. I lost him
when he went in the cave.
Try him on another frequency.
-It's not working.
Go! Go!
Can't kill it.
Something's different, Steve.
What are you talking about?
-After my last overhaul.
-Something has changed.
Confidence is something you
T2 models were built with.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
There it is. They need help.
No, Jill, you stay
here. We need you here.
Tim, you go.
There's no time.
Come on!
-Come on!
-No, not my friend!
He's a robot! Come on!
Get away from there!
Get back!
Where's Jill?
She's dead.
It dragged her down the main air shaft.
Oh God. Oh God.
Tim, Tim, locate the
main shaft in the files.
And tell us where it comes out.
Pull it up on the computer, Tim.
Now track it. The main air shaft.
It leads to the control room.
Okay. Let's take a
sample of the pancreas.
It's back! It's in the control room!
Oh God.
You're gonna have to do better than that
if we're gonna stop this thing.
Be careful with that.
Be careful?
Why don't you tell it
to Sal and the others!
What do you mean, Marissa?
As head of research, I have done
what I thought I had to do!
The hell with research!
I'm talking about survival.
It's Jill!
Tim, don't touch her! Get back!
Get away! Don't touch her!
-Let's go!
-Don't, don't touch her!
Help me get Sal off the table. Come on!
Get back!
-Get her up on the table.
-Help her on the table.
Goddammit Tim, get away! She's diseased!
What do you mean she's
diseased? She's hurt!
No, made a mistake. The
virus, it carries disease.
Every disease we've ever known.
Kill me. Please.
She's not gonna make it.
I can't.
I'm gonna go look for it.
Krieger? Krieger?
-Where did he go?
-I don't know.
Oh, I gotta save him. Okay.
Tim! Tim!
Tim! Tim!
Don't, don't, don't.
Don't, Tim.
Come on. Tim.
-It's okay.
Keep moving. Come on.
Oh, Tim! Help, Tim!
-Tim, Tim, get the gun!
-Get the gun!
Tim, shoot! Shoot it!
Shoot it!
What are you doing, Tim?
-Shoot it!
What are you doing? Tim!
Emily, I've got an idea.
You've got to help me.
What is it, Frank?
Delta-5 and this virus
are hostile to each other,
yet neither can penetrate
the other's defenses.
Now, I am afflicted with Delta-5
If we can get this creature
to ingest some of my tissue...
We'll fill up the dart guns with my blood
instead of the tranquilizer
and then we'll shoot
this bastard and just see what happens.
-Frank, you are too weak.
And you can't stand to lose any blood.
Emily, I am not weak.
I'm dead.
You okay?
Now please give me this much.
-It's gone.
-What's that?
I don't see it.
Where is it?
Krieger, wait! Don't!
-It's gotta be here.
-Don't, don't!
No, don't do it.
Look out!
Steve! Steve!
Get out, get out, get out! Go!
Let's go! Let's go!
I told you to get out!
Oh God!
Steven, Steven, Frank has the disease
that will kill this thing!
His blood is infected! We've
got to shoot it with these!
Oh, Frank! Frank.
Goodbye, Frank. Goodbye.
Oh goodbye, my darling.
Steve! Steve!
No more!
No more! No more!
No more!
No, no, no!
Well, I guarantee you
I'm gonna think twice
before I ever answer
another distress signal.
Consider yourself lucky, Commander.
You came out in one piece.
How are you doing?
Another 14 days and I'll have
you back to base operations.
I don't wanna go to base operations.
Let's go home.
This is my home.