Dead Trigger (2017) Movie Script

His name was Walker,
and finally they got a grip
on what was happening.
An outbreak.
Many died or wouldn't.
Highly-trained units
were formed
to kill the infected.
Contagion special units.
CSU. Those with an
appetite for blood
and guts and killing.
Walker was a police officer
in Terminal City
for many years,
till things went south.
But I got my own problems.
My parents,
they got infected early.
The world went to hell
for me years ago.
I lost everything,
thanks to this outbreak.
Step! Step!
Stay in step, maggots!
Keep in step, you maggots!
Since the outbreak,
our company has become
the biggest supplier
of personal weapons.
Every household owns at least
12 guns made by Cyglobe.
And our TV network
is the most watched worldwide.
It really is one world.
One Cyglobe.
Aren't you proud?
Well, of course, we're proud.
Yes, ma'am.
We're very proud.
But the truth is
we need to expand.
We can only sell guns
for so long.
Which is why
finding the cure is the key.
The cure?
To the outbreak?
If we could control
the cure's roll out,
we can set the price
and the release date.
Yeah. I mean, do we really
think that we're
going to find a cure?
I've heard nothing from our...
We have labs in Terminal City.
That's true.
Our stock prices are gonna soar.
This is why I am in
a pay grade all by myself.
We got an email
from Terminal City.
Tara Conlan at the lab.
Okay. That's it, gentlemen.
Thank you.
- What did the email say?
- To call her right away.
- That's it?
- Oh, she mentioned
they may have found
the sequences.
So why didn't you start
with that information?
I... I'm sorry.
Okay. Get the general.
Yes, ma'am.
Chris Northon?
What can I do for you guys?
We're CSU,
Contagion Special Unit.
Why... There's no one
infected here.
That's for sure.
Chris, we're here to offer you
a once-in-a-lifetime
Have you heard of the
Dead Trigger Initiative?
Yeah. I know about it.
I've seen the commercials.
We only select the best.
And, Chris...
you are the best.
We pay generously.
Have you been to Hawaii?
What do you say, kid?
You wanna be a hero?
Yes. You will generously pay me.
Now, tell me more about Hawaii.
There you have it.
Today's winner, Samantha Atkins.
And that's how
you win a damn show!
So where's my money?
Well, as I was trying to say,
we'd rather give you
a lifetime membership
to the club.
Where's my cash?
Well, there wasn't
enough spectators.
You can either take the coupon
or not. It's up to you.
Or, you know,
maybe we can work out
another way for you to make
a little additional money.
She robbed me.
- Shit.
- Well, if it ain't
little Ms. Atkins.
We almost gave up
looking for you, Sam.
We've got a nice comfy bed
for you downtown.
Samantha Atkins or is it Sam?
We're CSU.
You've got quite an
impressive rap sheet.
Lot of thefts,
lot of assaults,
obstructing three officers
from performing their duties.
- Wow.
- Four. Have I won something?
Perhaps. We can wipe
your record clean.
Would you like that?
Well, let's get out of here.
Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go.
Guys, no. You have to...
Wait for me.
No. Stop, stop, stop.
Here we go. Here we go.
Yeah. Yeah.
You're a big guy, aren't you?
We're looking for Daniel Chen.
Daniel? What he do now?
Daniel's not in trouble.
We're CSU.
You're stepson has been chosen
to join an elite group
of soldiers.
Him? He's lazy.
All he does is play
video games in his room
ever since his mother
was killed by those...
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
I'll kill every
last one of them.
Slow down, dawg.
You're gonna give yourself
a heart attack.
Listen, you really don't
wanna do this.
Why is that?
I've been training.
Do you want a shot at the title?
I crack myself up.
You know, funny thing is,
I'll knock your big ass out,
but we're not in
the same weight class.
You got that right,
punk-ass little thief.
Only training you've been doing
is you've been playing
those games all day.
Look at you.
You stole goggles
and LV420 from me?
- You know what this shit costs?
- My mom needed it.
I don't give a shit.
You wanna try us?
Who the hell are y'all two?
By the looks of things,
your new best friends.
- Look, I don't need your help.
- Calm down.
We're looking for you,
Gerald Jefferson.
- What'd I do now?
- Nothing yet.
That's the point.
Would you like the opportunity
of a lifetime?
How the hell do you do
that trick, Walker?
It ain't a trick.
Just luck.
Goddammit, Walker.
That ain't funny.
Recruits, on your feet.
Good morning, recruits.
My name is General Conlan.
I'm the commander in chief
of the CSU base.
Five years after day zero.
the first outbreak,
and our world is still at war.
Before you now are two
very important men in your life.
Captain Rockstock.
Captain Kyle Walker.
These men will be your
from here on forward.
Okay, rookies...
time to get your hands dirty.
Chen, do you wanna become
food for the undead?
No, sir.
Well, I suggest
you spend less time
with your computer
and more time on cardio.
Sir, how long
do we have to do this?
As long as it takes.
What the hell does that mean?
These are
your new best friends.
Learn to know them well.
Your very lives depend on it.
Uh, I've never shot a gun
Speak for yourself.
Back in Texas,
I won the DeSoto Rifle
Range Championship at 16.
You're here for one thing
and one thing only...
to kill the dead.
And it's our job to teach you
to kill the dead...
before they kill you.
This is Second
Lieutenant Marchetti.
She can tell you more
about this guy.
One bite, one scratch that
draws blood and you are done.
However, there is a very small
window of opportunity.
Immediately after being bitten,
the infected body part
must be cut off.
That's gross.
we're training live
with real weapons...
and a real undead.
We'll use weapons
depending on the mission.
Probably an M4 carbine
and colt 911 pistol.
Anyone care to take a shot?
I hear you're quite a shooter.
Impress me.
It's a fine-looking weapon,
Oh, shit.
Holy shit.
Shika, let me see what you can
do with that sword of yours.
It's not CSU-issue,
but, uh, prove to us
that there's a reason
you're here, soldier.
Be direct.
Be aggressive.
Or be dead.
Now, I know you how you
lost your family.
Use that pain.
It will save your life one day.
You're next, Eric.
Bring me the next one.
These beasts have nothing
against a natural-born soldier.
E, behind!
- No!
- Hold him tight.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Hold still.
No, no, no.
I mean, what the hell was up
with that Walker dude?
Dude is a stud.
Dude is nuts.
We all better sleep
with one eye open.
He's more like a tortured soul.
How's that?
He's famous.
He's killed more zombies
than anybody.
How do you know that?
I hacked into the CSU system,
looked at all of your records,
including you.
What the hell are you
looking at me for?
Look, I didn't steal that shit.
My cousin did, okay?
This is First Lieutenant
And this is Russian GM-94
grenade launcher.
Unfortunately, the CSU
has a limited supply,
so only one per unit.
It uses a thermobaric grenade.
Blast ranges over ten feet,
6,000 Fahrenheit.
The key is make it count.
Send them in.
Lieutenant Martinov's gonna show
us some special skills
that we can learn
in the short time we have here.
Yes, sir.
Recruits, if you do not have
a weapon, you must become one.
go have a look.
You don't have to tell me twice.
Anything breathing?
Get a grip, soldiers.
Woo! Now,
that's what I'm talking about.
I'mma go freshen up.
I advise y'all do
the same thing,
'cause you smell
like zombies ass.
Guys, lots of
improvement today.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
- You coming, Daniel?
- Uh, no, I'm good.
I'm gonna get some
extra study in before bed.
- Are you an expert yet?
- I'm getting there.
Come on, Chen,
we got to get away
from all this messed up shit.
No. You guys, I'm fine.
- Go on ahead.
- Dude, you might miss
- something awesome. We insist.
- Gee, okay, fine. Jesus.
- Hey. You okay?
- Yeah.
Tequila time.
Right in the middle pocket.
- Nice shot...
- Right.
...for a girl.
This shot's gonna be
even better.
Our boy, Chen, is wasted.
I think this is his first bar.
It's about time
you kids headed back.
Shouldn't you be in bed already?
Excuse me, sir,
I hate to bust your bubble,
but this is no longer
the 1800s.
They got two
free tables over there.
There's plenty of room
for all of us.
Yeah? Well, this is a bar
for real soldiers.
We're soldiers just like you.
No. You're not soldiers.
You're Dead Triggers.
Where do you think
the name comes from?
See, you're Dead Triggers
because you are exactly that.
You are dead already.
What do you mean?
What I mean is you kids
have no chance.
Dead Triggers, you have
the shortest life expectancy
out of any unit.
Dead Triggers, dead meat.
We're an elite unit.
You are the CSU's suicide squad.
And you just keep coming,
don't you, son?
Come on, Bobby,
spank that ass.
Recruits, back to base.
Yeah. Why don't you
put them to bed, Walker?
Yeah. Especially that one.
It's not your world anymore.
This enemy is like no other
this country has ever faced.
Our friends, neighbors,
our families.
These kids are the only chance
this country has to survive.
Give them credit for that.
Everyone is dead.
Professor Adler is missing,
and so is his team.
And what's left of them
is outside this room.
And I have no way out,
so I will no doubt
be joining them soon.
Signing off.
Recruits, your training
has been cut short.
We have a situation.
We lost contact with a CSU unit
and several scientists.
They were spearheading
an investigation
on Terminal Island.
Due to recent deployments,
you're the only ones
available for this mission,
to search for and to rescue
the missing team.
As you know, ground zero is the
first place the virus appeared.
The island has been cut off.
We should always anticipate
heavy contact.
There are thousands
of infected in the city.
We couldn't cleanse it with
nuclear or incendiary weapons.
There are still pockets
of survivors there.
People still actually
live there?
An unknown number.
Those who couldn't be saved
or refused to leave.
There are other reasons why
we don't wipe out the island.
Ground zero holds many secrets
that could lead to a cure.
It could reveal its origin.
Terminal City is one big science
experiment gone horribly wrong.
We head into ground
zero by the end of the day.
Are you ready to rescue
your CSU brothers?
Sir, yes, sir.
Now, on a more personal level,
my daughter, Tara,
is part of the research team.
She worked with Dr. Adler
for the last year.
Find my daughter
and bring her home safely.
Yes, sir.
Okay. Listen up.
We go in,
search for the missing team,
get them and our asses
out of this damn place.
Stay focused on the mission
at all times.
We try to avoid contact,
so fire only at my command.
I don't want any gung-ho
shooting off widely.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
This is the real deal.
If you stay close to me,
and Lieutenant Martinov,
if you know how to follow
we're all gonna get out safe.
Remember, no shooting.
We don't wanna wake up
this entire infested city.
Chen, directions?
I don't know, Captain.
Take a deep breath
and concentrate.
Okay. Okay. Uh, I got it.
It's coming from a building
about half a mile north of here.
Move out.
What the hell are you firing at?
I... I thought I saw something.
What did I say?
No shooting.
Thanks a lot, Daniel.
Captain, we got company.
They're everywhere.
Move out.
Chris, keep up.
Left. This way. All right.
Barricade the door.
Let's go.
Barricade the door.
Get in here. Get in here.
What about the missing team?
Picking up a signal?
It seems to be
coming from upstairs.
What happened here?
Looks like we
found the missing team.
Captain, they're coming.
You follow me, upstairs.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go. Go!
I got it.
I could use a little help.
Have a nice flight.
Nice timing, Captain.
Next time, stay in formation.
Anyone wounded?
Any bites?
Sir, this is a suicide mission.
We should get out of here.
We're here on a mission,
to complete the mission.
Excuse me, guys?
Now, what is it, kid?
Uh, we're getting
another signal.
There's labs on this floor.
The signal is coming
from over there.
All right.
We still got
possible survivors.
Everyone ready?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
All right, Dead Triggers,
show me what you can do.
Let's go.
More target practice.
I say it's time we kick
some undead ass.
Are we close?
The signal seems to be
coming from over there.
- You think or know?
- Yes. Yes, it is.
Get in.
Go, go, go.
Hey, buddy.
He was the doctor
we were searching for.
So now what?
Weapons down. Don't shoot.
To say I'm glad to see you
would be an understatement.
Hi, Kyle.
Hey, Tara.
Thank God you're alive.
- Anyone else?
- No.
We have to get this data
back to my father.
- What is it?
- Complete DNA sequencing
for Asclepius.
Cyglobe named their cancer cure
after Asclepius,
the Greek god of healing.
He also had the power
to raise the dead.
He did that, for sure.
So is it
the cure?
It's a start.
It should show us
how all this began.
How it mutated.
So what about we get you
out of here?
You'll need this.
How about that?
You know how to use it?
Reluctantly, since I was seven.
Having a general for a father
sometimes has its advantages.
Chen, I want a short and safe
passage out of the building.
There seems to be
an exit outta here.
- Where?
- Let's see.
Behind that wall.
- Shit, it's here.
- What?
- Subject zero.
- Subject what?
Chen, no. Come back!
Atkins, no!
Martinov, the wall.
Let's go, go, go.
Get through.
Come on.
Atkins, get back here.
I can't.
My leg's broken.
Leave me.
I can't walk.
Go! Go!
Make it count.
Come and get it, baby.
She's gone.
Move it up, soldier.
- Samantha!
- Move it up!
Captain Walker, this way!
Jefferson, get back here!
Are you okay?
What was that thing
back there?
The first human
experiment with the mutant DNA.
They got their cancer cure
but it came at a price.
Were you involved?
This was strictly
Man playing God
creates monsters.
- What's new?
- Not man. Cyglobe.
We need cover.
Over there.
Let's go.
I don't wanna get
lap dance with this girl.
Command, this is Walker.
Command, do you read me?
Come in.
Come in, Walker.
Report your status.
Found the missing team.
All was killed.
She's alive.
The only survivor.
Thank God.
Thank you, Walker.
Get her out safely.
Get our coordinates
and send a chopper.
Proceed to plan B
for departure.
Get us
out of here now, General
It's a no-go.
Cannot explain now.
Proceed to Plan B.
- That's an order.
- Copy that.
- And Walker?
- Yes, sir?
Take care of my daughter.
Get her home safe, please.
Copy that, sir.
I'll do my best.
Walker out.
That wasn't so hard, was it?
This will end badly
for you, Russo.
Oh, highly unlikely.
If you harm
my daughter, I...
You'll what? Hmm?
It's very touching,
you playing
the sentimental father,
considering you've been
taking my handouts for years.
You won't get away with this.
Oh, I'll get away
with anything I want.
I always do.
Any bites?
What'd they say?
When will they fly us out?
They won't be sending a chopper.
That's crazy.
Soldier, get a grip.
We'll proceed
to perimeter location.
Remember your briefing.
Yeah. Plan B.
That's what we're doing.
Why would my father do that?
I have no idea.
You see that?
Is that back up?
That's not close
to the perimeter.
What do you think, Lieutenant?
it could be survivors.
We stand a better chance,
the more we are.
That's a lot of ground
to cover before dawn.
Spread out.
Look for ammo. Anything useful.
Captain, look out!
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
They aren't going anywhere.
Who would do that?
Must be somebody's sick
idea to keep them like this.
It's torture.
This is our place.
You are trespassing. Go.
Wait. Wait.
I know you.
They call them The Twins.
They're zombie hunters.
Twins? They don't
look like twins to me.
It's their nicknames.
These girls are legends
in Terminal City.
They probably killed
more zombies than you have.
Not just zombies.
You have 10 seconds
to go out the way you came.
Or what?
You're seriously outgunned.
You sure about that?
If you like
killing zombies so much,
then help us
get off this island.
Or you can die right here.
Seems like my new job
is saving your life.
I can take care of myself.
Oh, so you do like me?
Contagion Special Unit.
You sent up a flare.
Open up!
Come in. Quickly.
Quick. Quick.
Come, come, come. Quickly.
Welcome to
the Church of New Hope.
I'm Father Julian.
Please, lower your weapons.
This is sacred place.
I'm sorry, Padre,
damn mutants don't care
if this is a church.
I need to get these people out.
Can you help us?
Really wish I could.
Well, I have a truck
in the back,
but just no way of protecting
ourselves out there.
- Please.
- This is my wife, Loretta.
You got to help us
out of here.
I'll tell you what,
you let me use the vehicle
and we'll come back
and get you.
- Okay
- Thank you.
What are you looking for?
Quickest way out here.
Maybe those twins can help.
Conlan's daughter
seemed to think so.
I'll go for the truck.
You just make sure everyone else
is ready to move out.
Copy that.
Northon, you're gonna
back me up.
- Can you handle that?
- Yes, Captain.
Martinov, you're in charge.
be careful.
I'll pull up in front.
Be ready to move.
You think it will start?
Let's find out.
Excuse me, Captain.
What was it like being a cop
in Terminal City?
What was this place like
before the outbreak?
Just get in there.
You hear that?
Try it.
I think they're gonna make it.
Move away from the door.
Move away.
Lower your weapons.
Nice and easy.
Nice and easy.
This one.
Nice, nice, nice.
You, come here.
I need something from you.
The DNA sequence,
the antidote, yes.
Good girl.
You know what this is?
This is my new life
on a paradise island
with no infected scumbag
chewing at my ass,
living like a king
with my kids.
Please don't do this.
You'll never get away with it.
Out of chaos...
comes order.
And Cyglobe...
will bring order
back to the world...
with my help.
Try it again.
All right.
Do you really think
Walker will let you live?
Cap, we got company.
Keep it running.
Dasvidaniya, Captain.
That's enough, Captain.
If he moves, kill him.
Sorry, Captain.
Bad luck.
Hey, what's the matter, kid?
What, are you a tough guy now?
You okay?
Never better.
The prototype treatment.
One dose left.
All the more reason
to get us out of here.
So then you were bit.
Three months ago.
I know about LV420.
I've been administered it
many times.
Then I don't need to elaborate.
You know it's temporary, right?
That's why we need to nail
what happened with Asclepius.
I don't give a shit
about any DNA sequence.
You will when you start turning.
Oh, it could happen.
If I can't do it,
you'll do it for me.
Promise me that.
I promise.
And I expect the same of you.
How long has Cyglobe
been slipping your paycheck?
You need to open
your eyes, Walker.
Once this disease is cured,
everyone will have to do
business with Cyglobe.
Even you.
By the way,
that's why no helicopter came.
I was Cyglobe's
insurance policy.
It was a lousy policy.
It didn't pay out.
If they don't get
message from me,
they will send more mercenaries.
Either way, you're all dead.
- Stay with me now.
- Okay.
They are growing in numbers.
They're pure evil.
It's a DNA mutation
controlling their bodies
they're not evil.
You just look in their eyes.
You see demon.
Each and every one of them
Sorry, Padre.
They were created by men.
He says there's a cure,
is it true?
Well, we found a DNA sequence
that should help us
create a cure.
That's what we have
to bring back.
Take us with you now.
Look, I wish I could.
Father Julian,
in here we are done for.
We have to get out.
Make it for the perimeter.
And deliver the cure.
Shut him up,
get him out of here now.
I'll be back, I promise.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Can you shoot?
I used to be against
all things violent,
but not anymore.
How did you think I have
survived here all this time?
I was meaning to ask that.
The power of the Lord,
and the might of the sword...
take vengeance
against all adversaries
and rise up victorious
against all demon warriors.
Isaiah 27.
Whatever you say, Padre.
I never thought
I'd be in combat.
My father wanted me
to join the military,
but I always wanted
to be a scientist.
Combat's not for everyone.
at least I know how to shoot.
It's not enough
knowing how to kill.
You have to enjoy it.
Do you?
We're gonna head to a crossing
on Obama Bridge.
If we can make it there...
your father will get us out.
Captain, do we have to fight
our way out of here?
That's correct, soldier.
Let's go!
I fancy a bottle
of that Irish whiskey.
I have been too long with that.
This is our home.
This is God's home.
And I intend to protect it
till I can no more.
Now, it says in the Bible
that the dead will rise.
This is my purpose in life.
And I thought it was yours, too.
I'm sorry, I do not know
what you're saying.
Now, I have no judgment of you.
Only dislike.
You are right, Father,
you are right.
We are sitting
in a trap in here.
It's only a matter of time
until they get in
and massacre us all.
Your people.
They should have a chance,
they should have
a chance to live.
Now, if you don't stop
I'm gonna have
to put that gag back on you.
You're right, Father,
you're right.
Help yourself, Father,
and help your congregation.
They're the ones priority
in here, not us.
Now, why are you telling me
all this?
Because I wanna help you.
I wanna help.
I agree with you.
Just help me.
Father, help yourself
and help your congregation.
They're the one,
the top priority, not us.
And why, pray tell,
should I trust you?
Because I'm the only one
who can get you out
of Terminal City.
Father, I'm just trying to help.
I don't know how to...
Thank you.
This is my missionary,
and nobody said...
it was going to be easy.
You're right.
Amen, Padre.
I'm authorizing an airstrike.
- Where?
- Terminal City.
I want the entire city wiped off
the face of the earth.
we got people in there.
Yeah, I don't give a shit
about your problems.
If we don't stop this now,
we're gonna lose the war.
Like I said,
we have men in there.
They are my men,
let's get that clear,
because you work for me.
Or have you forgotten that?
No, ma'am.
Are you going
on record with this?
You bet your ass.
- Execute.
- Yes, ma'am.
What happened to the world?
Nature can be surprising.
Death was taken away from us,
our right to die.
Is there anything
human left behind?
Well, somewhere in here
is human consciousness
flowing through billions
of neurons,
but zombie consciousness
only has enough brain activity
for bodily functions.
What happens to the person?
I don't know, something like
being in a deep coma, maybe?
And the more we kill,
the more we set free.
Something like that, yeah.
Captain Walker, how much further
to Obama Bridge?
Three clicks.
We made it.
Not yet.
You heard him,
three more kilometers to go.
How much longer
are you gonna keep up
this lone wolf act?
For at least
three more kilometers?
So when we get there,
drinks are on you this time?
Padre only left us
with eighth of a tank?
All right.
Get your gear ready.
We're gonna walk from here.
Let's go.
Tara, up here.
Marchetti, behind me.
Behind me, thank you.
Stay in the line, please.
Now we're even.
Watch out!
Behind you, Captain!
Fall back, fall back!
Fall back.
- We got to help them.
- Made a promise,
I intend to keep it.
Now, let's go!
Let's go!
We can't just leave them.
You heard what the captain said.
Okay, ladies. Take five,
inside the building.
I'll be right back.
So, what are you gonna do
with the cure when we get out?
Well, technically
I still work for Cyglobe,
but after today, that changes.
What do you mean?
My father never
would've left us in here
without a damn good reason.
Think about it, Cyglobe
doesn't want this war to end.
War is expensive.
And they sell all these guns.
Exactly. I think
they somehow got to my father.
Stopped him
from trying to help us.
Command, this is Walker,
come in, command, over.
Command, this is Walker,
come in, command, over.
Don't move.
We just want the stick.
- Asclepius.
- I don't have it.
I gave it to Walker.
Okay. Kill her.
One last chance,
you don't have to die.
At least not by us.
No can do.
They work for Cyglobe.
Stay close.
Don't worry, we'll find them.
You okay?
Did anyone ever tell you
you talk too much?
My parents. Before.
And my little sister
used to make fun of me
for always telling stories.
- What stories?
- All kinds.
I used to pretend that...
That I was
Alice in Wonderland.
I would imagine going down the
rabbit's hole.
I close my eyes and tell them
everything I could see.
But things changed after...
You miss them?
I do.
Things are gonna change
after this.
What? Do you think
they're gonna give us medals?
I'd settle for Hawaii.
Coming with?
So, that's your move?
No, get out!
- It's too late!
- You can make it!
It's too late!
I'm not leaving you!
This is for my family.
You know Walker before?
- Before CSU?
- Mm.
He ever talk
about his family?
He used to. I remember one day
after a mission
he, kind of, opened up about it.
He, uh, came home after work,
found his wife and daughter
had turned
and, uh, they attacked him.
And, uh, he had to shoot them,
he didn't have a choice.
Right there in the kitchen.
- It's awful.
- Yeah.
Worse part about it
is there are probably
thousands of stories out there
just like it.
Command, this is Walker,
do you read me? Over.
Command, this Walker,
do you read me? Over.
Any idea why your father
would go silent on us?
Like I said, it's got to be
Russo and Cyglobe.
Wait here.
Watch our six.
You must really hate me now.
Don't fight it, Walker.
Don't fight it.
Soon, you will see your wife
and your kid.
You never get over losing them.
Especially you are the one
responsible for putting a bullet
in each of their heads.
Don't fight it.
Told you having a general
for a father has its advantages.
Enough of this shit.
That's the last of it.
Look, I can get to work
on saving you
as soon as you get us
out of here.
There's nothing for me
beyond this city.
you didn't have a choice.
They were my family.
My responsibility.
The outbreak caught us
all off guard.
You can't blame yourself.
Blame isn't my game.
Well, regret
shouldn't be either.
You've sacrificed enough.
More than most.
I lost everything
when it started.
My family, my city...
my soul.
It's up to you now to save
what's left of humanity.
The part that still has
a fighting chance.
I belong here.
Where's Marchetti?
All right. Move out.
Get a grip, soldier.
Let's go.
- Is that it?
- It's not far now.
I was hoping
it wouldn't come to this.
What? A way out of here?
Ever heard
of the gauntlet?
I have, of course.
Somebody want to clue me in?
The gauntlet is our last chance
to get out of Terminal City now.
No. That's not a way out.
Why did they call it that?
When the outbreak started
everyone tried to get out
that way.
It was a bloodbath.
More like a shooting gallery
for zombies.
So we got zombies waiting for us
if we go this way?
Our army made a stand.
They lost.
A lot of civilians
died there, too.
they're still hanging around,
waiting for more victims.
Anybody ever made it through?
None that I know of.
Check your ammo.
Eagle Four,
this is command.
ETA to drop, 90 seconds.
Command, this Eagle Four,
copy that.
Eagle Four to command,
Eagle Four to command,
- come in.
- This is command.
Abort the airstrike.
Abort the airstrike.
Say again?
I have located three targets
in the strike zone.
They are human.
I repeat, they are human.
Targets are human, confirm?
Confirmed. I have them in sight.
They're in the gauntlet, sir.
Copy that,
airstrike aborted.
Poor bastards.
Watch out.
This is our chance, let's go!
Who the hell are you guys?
Captain Kyle Walker, CSU.
General Conlan sent you?
You guys were lucky,
I'm the last
of a recon unit here.
We lost contact with Conlan.
Any word from him?
No, sir.
Captain, you were about
three seconds
from being blown all to hell.
So much for plan B.
What kind of recon
were you doing out here?
I was monitoring Terminal City
for any warm bodies.
We were tracking a mission
a couple of days ago.
They disappeared.
We were sent in to get him.
You weren't told about us?
There are no new missions
scheduled for this area.
We were set up.
Cyglobe, Russo.
Look, we can debate
about this shit later, okay?
Right now,
we need to evac.
All right. You heard him.
Load up.
You're not coming?
Made a promise to those people
at that church.
I got to go get them out.
This one's
the number one priority.
She might be able to end
this damn war once and for all.
Yes, sir.
You know, I realized something.
What's really left
of our humanity,
it's us.
The humans left to fight.
Because despite everything,
we still care.
Tara, I don't think
all of that's gonna fit
on my tombstone.
We need to go, now.
Chris, come to dinner.
All right, guys, we'll pick
this up tomorrow, okay?
All right. Next time.
Oh, yeah. Thanks.
Thanks, Chris.
You just ruined it
for everybody. Okay?
All right. See you later, guys.
Good game.
Thanks for leaving
me with Subject Zero.
It's getting cold.
Coming! I'm coming.
I didn't know it then.
That was one
of the last dinners I ever had
with my family.
The real outbreak
started two weeks later.
Many died.
Most armies were overrun.
Cities were wiped off
the face of the Earth.
So the powers that be
began looking for us.
Kids with skills.
Anyone who played their games.
We became their new army.
We became...
the Dead Triggers.
Stay in step, maggots!
Keep in step, you maggots!