Dead Water (2019) Movie Script

[plane descending]
All right, thanks, man.
[Vivian] Thanks for doing this.
It's gonna be fun.
Thank you.
[John] He was 14 inches from me
in this tent,
trying to bang this chick,
when all of the sudden
the roof opens up
and rain starts pouring in.
He jumped up buck naked
and ran to his truck,
grabbed a tarp, threw it over,
and got right back to business.
You know what he said to me?
"You should have brought
a raincoat."
Best friend I ever had.
To Danny,
best damn Marine I ever knew...
present company included.
- Fuck off.
- [chuckles]
- So when do you go back?
- I'm not.
As of last week,
I'm officially out of the court.
I always pegged you
as a in-it-for-life kind of guy.
Well it wasn't my choice.
What, did they slap
a medal on you
and decide you're a better
showpiece than a soldier?
Oh, fuck the medals.
It don't bring back the guys
we lost
no matter how much
you polish them.
I had enough.
It was time.
Well... I guess Viv is happy
you guys are gonna get to spend
some quality time together.
[bartender] On the house.
I can't have you buy drinks
after all you did over there.
After all I did?
I was just doing my job
just like you should be
doing yours, here.
Hey, relax man. I'm just trying
to show a little respect.
Show some respect
and take the money.
You got it.
I'm sick of that man.
What, free drinks?
I'll take them all day long.
False appreciation,
hiding behind the flag...
It's bullshit.
I just...
want to get back
to some normalcy.
I just wanna get...
back to my life.
How is Viv handling all of this?
It's an adjustment.
I've had a lot on my mind lately
but she's good.
So have you guys gotten back
to business?
What do you mean?
You know,
working on a little mini Coop?
It's none of your goddamn
business, but yes. Yeah.
A lot?
- Yeah. A lot. A lot.
- [chuckles]
[Vivian] Police said at the
early hours of March 22nd,
two owners were found dead
here this morning.
[man] That chick
needs to show me her tits.
[man] Right.
[Vivian] The neighbors
heard a loud noise.
The suspects
are still at large.
[John] Don't even pay attention
to 'em, Coop. C'mon. Coop.
[friend] She needs to do
a report on my balls.
Hey, guys.
I'm a pretty nice dude
which is why
I'm gonna give you a chance
to take back what you just said.
What the fuck is he--
what are you talking about?
I'm saying you can eat
your words
or you can eat this bar.
That's my wife.
Oh, that can't be your wife
anymore man,
that Jack's girl.
Maybe if she's with this guy
I got a chance.
[bottle breaks]
C'mon, Coop.
I don't give a shit
if you are a war hero,
this is my bar, get out.
Just go. Get out of here.
Come on.
Guess those medals
are worth something.
They're gonna look
the other way this time.
Last thing they want to do
is answer questions
about a decorated marine
being arrested
for defending his wife's honor.
Maybe you should talk
to somebody
about whatever it is
that you're going through.
If not for you, then at least
do it for Vivian.
Let's go.
I bought a yacht.
You bought a yacht?
Got to go pick it up
down in the Virgin Islands
over the holiday weekend.
Why don't you
and Vivian join me?
To the Virgin Islands?
Yeah, why not? I mean,
a couple days on the open water,
breathing that fresh salt air.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Big guy, I mean--
Yes, Viv loves the water.
Yeah, she does, yeah!
And then you'll be a hero,
to her for once.
I mean if it's God and country
all the time,
it's no good
unless your wife is satisfied.
I'll think about it.
Fuck thinking about it.
Pack your bags,
come down there,
we'll have a great time,
I promise you.
I will think about it.
I'm going to call Viv.
Go ahead, she's at work.
She's not going to pick up
- I'll call her after work.
- Let's go, I'm-- I'm tired.
[water gushing]
[Vivian] I'm home.
[Cooper] Hey, I'm in here!
You hungry?
Yeah, I am.
- [Cooper] What's that?
- [chuckles]
So handsome.
[Cooper] Oh, thank you.
Did you put him up to this?
Of course.
What happened?
I'm fine.
It's a long story. I'm sorry.
Well we have chicken,
stuff for spaghetti, or...
- pistachio ice cream.
- Give me that.
- I won't spoil my dinner.
- [chuckles]
So John called.
He told me about the offer
he made.
- What offer?
- Come on.
He told me about the boat
and going down to the island.
I think it's a good idea.
I think we could use a break.
I could take a couple days
off work.
I just got home.
This is a break.
I think it would be good for us.
Please just think about it.
Well I guess I could get eaten
by a shark.
We would get a shitload
of insurance money.
- [slaps table]
- I hate when you joke like that.
I'm worried about you.
You don't take your meds,
you won't go to the VA,
I so much as mention you
seeing a psychiatrist
and you say no.
How am I supposed to fix this?
I'm sorry.
No, stop.
I just want my husband back.
Are you awake?
Okay, we can go.
Huh? Go?
Yeah, on the boat
with John, we can go.
[Vivian] Mmm. Good.
- [Vivian] Do you see it?
- What
I don't see it.
[tuts] Is this how
you're going to be?
Look, if you're just doing this
to keep me quiet
and you're going to be miserable
the entire trip
- then let's just go home.
- I'll be fine.
It's just if he asks me
about the war,
- I'm going to jump overboard.
- He won't.
I told him it was off limits.
Are you sure?
It's like he's obsessed
with death and destruction.
He's an orthopedic surgeon
who has a trust fund
and drives a hybrid.
It's-- he just needs
a little adventure.
Well then, he should have
picked up a rifle and joined in.
That would have been a sight.
John Livingstone, super soldier.
[mimics gunfire]
C'mon, he's your brother's
best friend.
He's doing this to help us.
He probably needs this
as much as we do.
Come on.
Come on.
There he is.
[Vivian] It's a little early
for that, isn't it?
Who gives a shit,
we are on vacation.
[Vivian] Yeah.
[John] Not too shabby, huh?
It's a lot bigger than I thought
it was going to be.
- It's a 75-foot Lazara.
- Ah,
- permission to come aboard?
- Oh, how could I refuse,
- look, give that to him.
- Here, I'll take that.
- Let me help you. I got ya.
- Okay. Okay.
- I got ya. [grunts]
- [yelps]
- It's so good to see you.
- You too, thanks, John.
Make yourself at home,
we got beers up there.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
I don't know if it's the boats
or the sea air,
but you look more like a sailor
than a marine to me.
You look more like a nurse
than a doctor, so.
You ready for a weekend
that's gonna change your life?
No kumbaya shit
and yeah, I'll be ready.
Well there goes tonight's
So, you know how to run
this thing?
It's not going to be
a 3-hour tour is it?
No, no, no. This baby's
got four 435 horsepower
Volvo diesel inboards.
Get this on the open water
and this baby is going to purr.
Bella Wood?
There's got to be a story there,
Oh, there is.
But we're going to save that one
for the sea.
Hop on board and let's get
this party on the water.
Yeah, okay.
I got it, I got it.
You sure you got it?
Wouldn't want you
to spill your beer.
This is awesome.
[beer bottles clinking]
Well I guess I should
give you guys the dime tour.
Yeah, let's do it.
All right, we are in the stern
right now.
For you land lovers the stern
is the rear of the boat.
You remember I'm a marine,
Department of the navy?
I just thought
that you might be up
for an education
in the nautical life.
- Always.
- Nautical life?
Since when did he become
Captain Nemo?
Be nice.
Up here, this is the bow
of the boat,
anchor's over there,
plenty of room to lay out
and work on your tan.
Hop up.
Thank you.
Come over here.
This is the portside of the boat
and that's the starboard.
Port is the left.
Starboard is right obviously.
[clears throat]
In here is our salon.
Basically it's your living room.
That the helm station,
nice views, huh?
Yeah, it's beautiful.
Yeah, yeah, close that door,
you sure you don't need help
with the bag?
No, I got the bag.
Follow me. Come down here
and let me help you Viv.
- Thank you.
- Watch your step.
Here we have the galley,
that's the pantry.
It's stocked with beans, rice,
et cetera. Booze.
Oh, yeah. In there,
we've got proteins, meats,
but we'll probably
fish for dinner.
- you guys like seafood, right?
- Yeah, I love it.
All right. And if you
will follow me down here,
this is the cabin.
All right. Now, normally
this is the captain's quarters,
but this weekend it's yours.
No, you don't have to do that.
We can sleep in one
of the other cabins.
You two are my guests.
No, no, no, you take the master,
we'll take one of
the smaller rooms. It's cool.
There's two of you
and one of me,
I'll take the cabin crew.
Let's finish the tour.
Oh, we've got our fishing poles
and life jackets in here.
And, uh, at the aft of the boat
we got our zodiac,
in case we run into any trouble.
- What kind of trouble?
- [John] You know,
if we have to take the zodiac in
to one of the islands
- for supplies.
- Supplies means beer.
You guys ready?
Yeah, yeah, let's do this.
All right, Coop,
you've got the bow line.
It's a forward quarter line.
And the midship line too.
Nothing but open water.
Spooky isn't it?
What's that?
Out here all alone.
Where's Coop?
Manning the wheel.
- You let him drive.
- Why wouldn't I?
Because we have no idea
where we are.
Saybird keys about an hour
that way.
If your marine doesn't mess up,
we'll see it
in about 15 minutes.
- Ah.
- We can drop anchor
and party there for the night.
How does that sound?
[Vivian] Oh, that was so good.
Thank you. That was delicious.
Woah. My bad, my bad, my bad.
Uh, you need another beer?
Yeah. And could you get me
some paper towels.
Here here's a towel.
[Vivian] I'm so full.
- Do you want more?
- Mm-hmm.
There's plenty more below
in my room,
so have as much as you want.
Mmm, thank you.
If we're not hung-over
by tomorrow,
we're doing this wrong,
right Coop?
- [Vivian laughing]
- Right.
Oh. Thank you.
[soft music playing]
[John] When was the last time
you guys had a poker night?
What do you say?
- [Vivian] I'm game.
- [Cooper] You realize
that everything I know
about poker,
I learned from Danny. So yeah,
I'm down to kick your ass.
Well, if Danny boy taught you,
I am upping the ante,
because he was a terrible
bluffer, pitiful actually.
[Vivian chuckles]
Five-card draw, no wild.
So, how are things
at the hospital?
Uh, nothing new.
Same old, same old.
Nothing exciting.
Really? Come on, nothing new?
There has to be something.
Well, if you guys must know,
uh, I am seeing someone.
[gasps] Really? that's great!
Well, it's new.
She's, uh-- she's a resident.
- Oh, well that's not surprising.
- [Vivian] Hmmm.
That's a little young for you,
isn't it, doctor?
Let me guess,
she's a brunette.
Oh, how did I guess?
- [Vivian titters]
- She is. She is a brunette,
and I guess some things
don't change.
Back in my hell-raising days,
which was long before I met you
of course,
me and Danny and John
we would walk into a bar.
Any bar.
- Every single bar.
- Every bar. [chuckles]
And within 15 seconds,
Danny would pick out the girl.
And if Danny was interested,
then John didn't stand a chance.
You're a bastard,
you're a bastard.
It was crazy, it was crazy.
Uh, he had a gift.
He was a ladies' man,
that's for sure.
- Is it mine?
- Yeah.
Yeah, um, speaking of gifts, uh,
can you still hotwire a car?
[scoffs] She doesn't have
to know about everything man.
[John] Oh, come on,
Danny taught him
how to hotwire cars,
and Coop here,
he would take him for joyrides
for hours.
All right,
that was like one time.
Maybe it was five times.
We never got caught never ever.
- Mug-
- Mugshots!
- Or it didn't happen.
- [jeers]
- Here's to never getting caught.
- Cheers to that.
I'll cheers to that. Here.
- And we're back to the lady.
- Hmm.
Coop you making a bet?
I'm never one to run
from a fight so.
[John] Oh, you learned that
from Danny too.
I'm all in.
[Vivian] What?
What's her name, the resident?
I have the best idea,
let's call her.
- Yeah!
- A girl loves a drunk dial
- from the ocean.
- Loves it.
- Come on, come on, call her.
- Sam. Samantha, actually,
but she goes by Sam.
And, uh, I am sorry.
- No dice guys.
- Ah, bullshit!
No, no, we are officially
off the grid. No signal.
- Why didn't you invite her?
- She had to work.
You couldn't pull any strings?
See and call. There.
Come on, all right, dealer.
Show us your cards.
- You sure you can handle it?
- Of course I can.
- Three of a kind.
- [Cooper and Vivian sigh]
That's nice.
[inhales sharply]
But it's not nice enough.
- Straight flush.
- Oh.
- I'm sorry, baby, that's all me.
- It is all you, buddy.
[Cooper] Wow!
You got a picture of Sam?
Bust it out.
Are you sure you didn't
pull that from the internet?
[all laugh]
No, she looks real enough,
kind of, partially.
I mean, she's got a big...
[John] A really big heart.
- She has a really big heart.
- That's what I was going to say.
I was going to say
she has a really big heart.
John always liked a girl
with a big heart.
I always have liked
the ones with big hearts.
Do either of you gentleman
want a real drink?
[Cooper] Yes.
- Yes? John?
- Yeah, sure. I'll have one.
I'm going to go upstairs
for a quick smoke though.
Are you serious?
Did you say a smoke?
I said smoke.
Since when the fuck
do you smoke?
[John] Well, since I met Sam.
[Vivian] There you go.
Since when does he smoke?
He's drunk.
No, no there's something off
about him.
We're just all a little drunk.
[Vivian] John, are we going
to do this? It's late.
Come on.
I'm coming.
- There he is.
- Oh, finally.
What you got there?
This is the Greener mark 2.
Same kind of harpoon gun
that Quint used on Bruce.
The shark from Jaws.
Are we going shark hunting?
You never know what you're going
to run into out here.
I mean, it is open water.
Captain David Cooper,
United States Marine Corps.
Devil Dog.
Killer of all enemies,
foreign and domestic.
- [cocks]
- John, come on.
Come on, Coop, talk about it.
It's therapeutic.
You know,
I almost became a therapist
instead of a surgeon
it would have been
a lot less precise.
Okay. Let's just play cards,
boys. Come on.
Coop, you kill anyone?
Dammit, John, stop it.
- John, stop.
- I am not doing this shit, man.
[Vivian] Coop, sit down.
He's just kidding.
You're kidding right, John?
Come on, it's unloaded.
Fuck off!
I'm just trying to help.
Well, stop, you're not helping.
Come on, Coop,
I was just trying to help.
You know, you act
like a calm ocean
but you are turbulent
Hey, hey.
I've done some terrible,
terrible things, John.
I've seen humanity at its worst
and I don't want to talk
about it.
Okay. okay.
Look, I'm sorry. All right?
You guys are my guests
and I, uh-- I had
a little too much to drink
and I was just trying to help
and I'm sorry. I was wrong.
Can you forgive me?
All right?
Tell you what. Tomorrow,
we can do whatever you want.
All right?
I need some rum.
Um, we have tequila
and vodka and...
Strictly a rum girl. Strictly.
I got a whole case in my--
in my cabin. I'll go get it.
Easy, captain, I can get it.
I'm a big girl.
Just bring two bottles.
[Vivian] Aye, aye.
You know, her tits are real.
I mean, none of that fake shit.
And they're awesome.
Both of them. Just saying.
You know, I, um...
Sorry for asking
about what happened over there.
It's just,
I saw what it did
to your brother.
He bottled it up inside.
You remind me a lot
of how he was when he came back.
I'd hate to see anything happen
to my best friend's kid brother.
I'm not a kid anymore.
I know that.
It's just, you are different.
I'm different.
You mean to say
that war changes people?
Maybe you're the one
who's different.
Maybe we are all
a little different.
You know, more grey,
more wrinkles.
- More loose marbles.
- Mmm.
I'm sorry
for coming at you earlier.
I probably should have
just thanked you
for watching over her
when I was gone, but you just...
No, you don't need to thank me.
You guys are family.
Danny was the only flesh
and blood I had left.
Viv is everything,
and I don't know
what she would have done
without you.
She is a tough chick,
she would have managed.
Yeah, she is.
Well, cheers to that.
What are you guys toasting?
To you. And John.
Oh... Why is that?
- Because we're fucking awesome?
- Right.
[John] Did you find
what you were looking for?
The rum.
Oh, yeah. Um, I'm really tired
all of a sudden.
Coop, do you want to go to bed?
Looks like someone's
looking for a trip
to the Mini Coop dealership.
I want to hear more
about Sam tomorrow.
- [both chuckle]
- Goodnight.
[Vivian chuckles]
Hold on, hold on. Wait a second.
Wait, what's wrong?
Just come here.
It's okay, it's all right.
It's all right.
[sighs] When is not
fucking all right?
It's just...
I'm sorry.
It's not a problem. Okay?
- I'm not done with you.
- Oh, what?
Just because I can't
doesn't mean that you can't.
- Come here.
- [laughing] Oh, no, no.
Why do you still wear these?
They're my dog tags.
They're a reminder
of all the shit you went through
on Anchor.
A leash wrapped around your neck
that won't let you come home
to me.
I am home.
Are you?
How did you sleep?
Like a log.
[indistinct yelling]
[John] Cooper... Sharpshooter...
Did you kill anyone?
[John] Morning, Coop.
[Vivian] Morning, babe.
[John] Are you going to join
your wife and I
for a little swim in the ocean?
Not much of a morning person,
is he?
I'm going to go take a shower.
[John] Hey, Coop.
[shower running]
All right, Coop.
Let's see how well
you can swim, buddy.
- Hey, buddy.
- You motherfucker.
Oh, hey, man. What's the matter?
Did the tide get you?
- The current too strong?
- You fucking dick.
[John] Aw, come on.
No harm, no foul.
Here, let me help you out.
[groans] Nice, huh?
- Woo-hoo!
- [both panting]
That's it...
I'm gonna retire out here.
- You're retiring?
- Yeah.
Look at this. This is the life.
Not a care in the world.
All I need is a good woman
and enough money
to take island runs.
That wouldn't be so bad,
would it?
I guess it wouldn't.
Plus, there's nobody around
for miles.
What about that guy?
Oh, yeah.
Looks like he's trying
to hone in on your action.
- You're a dick.
- I know, I know.
That two-mile swim
made me hungry.
Yeah, it's all done.
Come and get it.
[Vivian] What are we having
for dinner?
- Fish.
- Oh, okay. great.
- I caught that.
- Oh, good.
Have you seen
where that boat went?
I think it went back
for civilization.
What are you two talking about?
There's a fishing boat
out there a little while ago.
- Oh.
- It's no big deal,
nothing to worry about.
I'm not worried,
I'm more worried about you two.
Oh, no need, Mom.
You guys mind
if we do a prayer first?
- [Cooper] Sure.
- Sure.
Dear Lord, master and commander
of the air, land, and sea.
Like your disciples caught
in the fury of a storm
on their tiny vessel,
we come to You for peace
on the remainder of our journey.
We come to You
for love and understanding
as we reestablish
our friendship.
And we ask for your blessing
on this bountiful harvest.
In Christ's name, we pray.
- Amen.
- [Cooper] Amen.
Okay, let's eat.
[Cooper] You said
there was a story
behind the name of the boat.
What's the story?
Bella Wood.
[John] There is,
and it's a good one.
So, I got my love of the ocean
from my pop and my grandpop.
My pop was in the Navy
and my grandpa
in the Marine Corps.
And you were
the only one who sat out?
I had a medical condition.
[Cooper] Eh, that's not the way
Danny said it.
my grandpop,
he served in World War I.
Second Marine Division.
June 1918.
The Battle of Belleau Wood.
You know your history.
So, my grandpa was, uh, Anson.
He was injured in that battle
and he, uh,
somehow, by the grace of God,
found his way
to this rundown hospital
in a nearby town.
And, uh, there he was tended to
by this beautiful French nurse.
Was she brunette?
Oh, and with a big heart?
[Cooper] Oh, did she drive
a Camaro?
Have I told you guys
this story before?
So for some reason or another,
my grandfather
nicknamed her Bella.
Um, this chick didn't speak
a lick of English.
Well, my grandfather
would call out
and have I mentioned to you
how smooth he was?
He would call out "Bella"
and this nurse,
she'd would run to him,
change his bandages,
give him a sponge bath,
and Lord knows what else she did
because whatever it was,
he started dreaming about her.
And how I know this
is his bunkmates told him
that in the middle of the night,
while he was dreaming,
he would call out
"Bella-wood Bella-wood".
So your grandmother's name
is Bella?
- No.
- [Vivian] Oh.
No. Look, my grandmother
was a saint,
God rest her soul.
But I don't think my grandpa
ever got over Bella. [chuckles]
Well, that's understandable.
I mean, she was there for him
when he needed her most.
- [John] Yeah. Oh.
- [phone rings]
[John] Hey, looks like
we got service again.
Hey, it's Sam.
I gotta take this, guys.
- [Vivian] Aw.
- Hey, Sam.
That was such a sweet story.
I don't think it was sweet
for the nurse
that had to change
the horny dude's bandages.
- [laughing]
- Stop being such a cynic.
Viv, do you my have my, uh...
- [Cooper] You want that?
- Ooh, wow. Instant refill.
[Vivian laughing]
You guys want to play
cards again?
Oh, fuck poker.
I got a better idea.
Truth or dare.
Now I know you're really drunk.
No, I'm serious.
I haven't played that game
since like junior high.
That doesn't matter,
you're still fucking brunettes
and I can still hotwire
anything that moves.
I haven't been hotwired yet.
[Cooper] Are you sure
about that?
Yeah, that's not what I heard
last night.
- Gross, John.
- [John] Yeah, you're telling me.
It is gross, my virgin ears.
God, Coop,
this is a really bad idea.
Come on,
we haven't hung out like this
since before my last tour.
What's going on since then
and, hey,
I want to hear
a little bit more
- about that Samantha chick.
- Oh, yeah. Fine, fine, fine.
Oh. Oh, wow.
- I don't even know how to play.
- Oh, it's okay.
I'll break down the rules
for you, it's real simple.
Whosoever asking the question
has complete control.
No question is out
of the question,
not even my time in the service,
but you have to answer
Oh, I can't believe
we're gonna do this.
And if it's a dare,
you have to do the dare.
That's it, that's the rules.
All right, fine. Fine.
- I'm in.
- [Cooper] Yes, we're doing it.
Okay, you go first.
It's your boat, you go first.
Truth or dare?
When did you lose
your virginity?
That's your fucking question?
[John mumbling]
Hey, I don't know the answer
to that question.
- Ah!
- [Cooper] Yes, you do.
It was on our fourth date.
Yeah, I don't think
that's you telling the truth.
Well, it's not your question.
- Well...
- [John] I don't think
that was the rules
as they were explained to me.
You said "honesty."
- [Vivian] Mm-hmm.
- I was 17 years old.
[Vivian] With who?
One question at a time, please.
Okay, my turn, my turn.
Truth or dare, Coop?
Who with?
[Cooper] I said dare.
Okay. I dare you to tell me
who with, truthfully.
Uh, some girl named Amanda.
I played football
and she was a cheerleader
and it was the American dream
kind of, not really.
Amanda Matthews?
One question.
No more questions.
[Vivian scoffs] Amanda Ma--
That is my babysitter!
I mean, she didn't come
to my wedding--
I mean, my wed-- our wedding.
It was a really long time
before you and I met.
How could you?
Was it good?
Was it-- John, ask--
Your turn, ask a question.
Me? I go again?
John, don't do her
any favors.
Ask your own question.
- Anything.
- I'm sorry, Viv.
Did you kill anyone
in Afghanistan?
- [chuckles sarcastically]
- John, really, again?
He said we could ask
any question
even Afghanistan time.
You are so
fucking predictable.
You do not have
to answer this question.
[Cooper] No, it's okay,
I'll answer the question.
It's only fitting
that the good doctor
who is supposed
to be saving people's lives
is so curious about
the other side of the equation.
[Vivian] Coop. Really...
[Cooper] I've been running
from those ghosts
for a long time and I'm sick
of running from them.
So that's a yes?
Thirteen people?
Truth or dare?
How did you get through it?
Knowing I was coming home
to you,
to start a family.
I never have to go back again
and be away from you.
[Cooper] Is it my turn yet?
I haven't even asked
a single question.
[all chuckle]
[John] Yeah, sure.
Thank the Lord Jesus.
Truth or dare...
- Truth.
- [Cooper] Excellent choice.
[John] Dare.
- Dare? Are you sure?
- Dare.
I dare you...
to kiss my wife.
- What?
- [Vivian] What?
You heard me.
[Vivian] I'm not going
to kiss him.
- [Cooper] Yes, he is.
- No, I am not gonna kiss her.
Do I need to recap
the rules for you?
Kiss her.
This is so ridiculous.
[Cooper] Come on.
What's the big deal?
It's not like it means anything,
- What?
- [Cooper] Kiss her.
Kiss her.
Come on, John. Kiss her.
Fine. Viv?
It wasn't so hard, was it?
Viv, come on.
[Vivian] Go away.
[lock rattles]
Come on.
What the hell is wrong with you?
What the hell
is wrong with what?
- With that that stupid game.
- I was just playing around.
That-- Yeah, it wasn't funny.
It wasn't funny.
what is wrong with you?
[Cooper] I'm sorry.
When we get home, I don't care,
you are taking your medicine.
I am taking my medicine,
why don't you count it?
I've seen you
throw them down the drain.
I've seen it.
I don't like the way
that it makes me feel.
Well, I don't like
the way that you make me feel.
I don't care if you take one
or if you take two
or you take
the whole fucking bottle.
Just replace this asshole
that's in front of me.
[pills rattle]
I don't know if I should be mad
at him or you.
[inhales deeply]
[indistinct yelling]
[man] Parker,
get behind that bunker.
[gun clicks]
[indistinct yelling]
[John] Spooky, isn't it?
What's wrong?
She won't start.
Bella won't start,
but that's okay
because you can hotwire
anything, right?
No, no, I haven't hotwired
anything in 20 years
and I sure as shit
never fixed a boat.
Shouldn't be a difference.
Here, help me out
in the engine room.
Come on.
You've got to be kidding me.
Oh, man. You said
you got a steal on this thing.
How much you pay for it?
You're not being helpful.
Where's the radio?
Attached to the computer,
so it's not working.
Engine troubles?
[John] We think it's electrical.
What about phones?
No service.
What does that mean?
It means we're dead
in the water.
John, do you have maps?
[Cooper] What about a flare gun,
you got one of those?
[John] Flare guns,
check in there in the ottoman.
See, the map's here.
- Is your navigation working?
- [John] It's dead.
The whole computer system
is down
But these are all Pacific.
This is not gonna help us.
[John] I think...
Where are we?
I don't know, somewhere.
Somewhere? That is not an answer
that I love.
[John] I think we're--
I think I found it.
That's where we were,
so we're right around here.
[Cooper] What's that?
It's Rum Quay,
there's a supply station there.
About how far do you think
this is?
If I had to guess,
I'd say 15 miles.
Fifteen miles north.
Well, we could uh...
The Zodiac.
I'll take it, I'll go there.
I'll get help.
I'll help you pull it out.
You can't just leave us here.
We can't just stay here
and hope
that someone comes back
and finds us.
Just take us with you.
No, someone's gotta stay here
with the boat
- in case they find it.
- Coop, come on.
No, he's right,
somebody's gotta stay.
I'll go.
- [Vivian] What?
- What?
No, man, this is--
it's my responsibility.
Vivian, it's fine.
I'm gonna take this thing
to the mainland,
John's gotta stay here
and work on his boat--
And try to get Bella
back up and running
- and you'll get the help.
- [Cooper] Let's do it.
John, can you just
give us a minute, please?
Are you sure you wanna do this?
I don't trust him to do it.
- Look, about last night--
- No, I don't.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Here, hold this for me.
Be careful.
I survived fours tours
in Marjah.
This will be cake.
[engine revving]
Are you sure
he's gonna be all right?
Of course he is.
What's your deal?
- What are you talking about?
- I don't know.
You're just been acting
really strange.
What, like pretending?
I mean, we both have.
What are you talking about?
Viv, I mean, come on,
we gotta stop
dancing around like this,
it's not fair to Coop.
I'm not dancing
around anything, I--
Oh, so you're not thinking
about what happened last August
between us?
Coop was right.
This is all making sense.
I mean, why do you have this?
Because we belong together.
[man] What are you doing
in the middle of the ocean
in a rubber raft?
We got some boat trouble.
Who's "we"?
Uh, there's a couple
of us a few miles back.
All of our electric
just went out.
You in the corps?
Why do you say that?
Your ink.
[Cooper] You got a good eye.
Twenty years in the Navy.
[Cooper] All right.
I'm glad to see you then.
I was worried
you might be a pirate.
You're not sporting a peg leg
back there, are you?
No, but you know,
as a matter of fact,
I've got a parrot.
Your cell phone and your wallet.
[gun fires]
Next one's in your leg.
Now your wallet.
- [gun fires]
- [grunts]
That's it?
What, are you just
a one-bullet marine?
Fucking jarhead.
[fires gun]
John, I am married
to your best friend's brother.
I mean, you have a girlfriend,
this is--
Well, Sam's not really
a girlfriend.
[engine revving]
How could you do this?
You brought us on this boat.
- Yeah, I did.
- And then Coop's out there.
- I mean--
- Yeah.
- We're trying to help him.
- Yes, we are.
We're like family!
Why would you do this?
Yes, we are family, all right?
We are family and I love you.
- No--
- No, I love you
and I want--
I wanna to help you.
I want you to have everything
you want.
I want you to be with a man
that will do everything he can
to satisfy you,
not with some limp dick--
When I say it out loud
like that,
it just sounds
like an obvious choice for you.
I have loved you
since the day I met you.
Since the first day I saw you.
Do you know how hard it is
for me--
- Stop! stop!
- You know how hard it is for me
to see you with him
every night-- With him?
- Wait! John, please, no!
- No, I want you!
Wait, what's that?
Who is that?
[man] I saw your distress flag.
What seems to be the problem?
No power, dead in the water.
You know anything about engines?
Twenty years,
Navy mechanic.
Permission to come aboard?
Are you Bella?
No, I'm Vivian.
I'm Samuel.
Nice to meet you.
Have you seen anyone
out on the water today?
What do you mean?
My husband took
the Zodiac looking for help
and I thought maybe
you saw him or...
You're the only one I've seen
the past two days.
The engine's down here.
All right, uh, Viv,
keep an eye out for Cooper,
I'm sure he'll turn up.
[John] It's in here.
This is how I disabled her.
[Samuel] Smart.
That's great.
I did my job,
now you do yours.
That's a lot of money.
I need proof.
I got proof.
- Where?
- The boat.
Front well, you can't miss it.
I'll go check it out,
then I'll pay you.
You pay me first.
It's a pleasure
doing business with you.
I don't see him,
I'm starting to get worried.
Coop will be fine, Viv.
I'm sorry about earlier.
[Vivian] Where are you going?
Uh, he needs, uh--
he needs some tools
to fix the engine.
I'll be right back.
Please, please.
[radio static]
[phone ringing]
Do you have my husband's phone?
I don't know. Well, I do--
- I don't know, is this--
- Why do you have his phone?
- [Samuel] Is this his?
- [Vivian] Yes.
Why do you have it?
Keep your mouth shut.
Watch your step.
That's a good girl.
[radio static]
[static stops]
Shit! No!
[engine revving]
Oh, God, Coop.
John, what are you doing
on this boat
and where's that motherfucker
who shot me?
You're shot.
Where's Vivian?
He took her.
The guy who shot you.
He killed three people
and took Viv.
Why aren't you going after them?
It won't start.
Watch out.
[Cooper] Fuck.
That should do it.
[boat engine turning over]
Take the wheel.
[John] Here's binoculars.
I think its engines are stopped.
[Vivian crying]
Why are you--
you're hurting me.
Why do you have
my husband's phone?
Just tell me.
Ow! [crying]
Why are you doing this?
Where is my husband?
- In the belly of a big fish.
- [Vivian] No, no, no.
No, no, no.
[boat accelerating]
[Cooper] Truth or dare, John?
Come on, Coop.
Did you sleep with my wife?
Do you even know
who you're talking to?
We're family, man.
[Cooper] Come on.
I've seen the way
that she looks at you.
And how is that?
With regret.
And what about the picture?
The one that you tore me
and Danny out of?
Why did you do that?
You know, Viv was right
about you.
You're different now.
Come on.
Answer the question, John.
You were gone for a long time.
You don't even know
what it was like for her.
I don't know
what it was like?
I'm out there getting shot,
We're getting killed,
and what are you doing?
That's what I want to know.
I wanna know the truth.
She needed a friend
and I was there for her
and you weren't.
And that's it.
You were never forgotten
with us.
So, can we focus
on getting her back now?
Is that all right?
[Vivian] No.
Please, just let me go.
We're in the middle
of the ocean, little girl.
No. Please, no.
[Vivian] I'm sorry,
please just let me go.
I was going to use your mouth.
That's a shame.
[footsteps overhead]
What the fuck?
Don't you make a sound.
Dead man walking.
I thought my aim
was a little better than that.
Sorry, I thought I killed him.
[Cooper] Where is she?
Where is she?
Where's who?
Where is my wife?
Oh, she's dead.
Sam, you weren't supposed
to touch her.
- [Cooper] Sam?
- Yeah.
The fuck are you talking about,
He doesn't know.
He paid me to kill you.
He's lying.
You're a fucking liar, John.
I'm gonna blow
your fucking head off.
You trying to get rid of me
so that you could steal my wife.
You're a fucking dead man.
Fucking traitor.
Don't talk to her.
What's going on, Coop?
John hired this piece of shit
so that he can get rid of me
and have you,
it's why he brought us here.
He's not--he's not right
in his head, Viv--
You're a fucking liar!
Coop, Coop,
come on, come on.
Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
Coop, come on, stop.
You're better than this.
Put it down, put it down,
put it down.
Danny would have pulled
that trigger.
- [Vivian] Stop!
- [gun fires]
- [Samuel grunts]
- [gun fires]
[Samuel groans]
I thought you were dead.
You too.
You just won't die.
Don't do anything stupid, John.
You weren't supposed
to come back.
Viv and I were gonna be fine.
No, we weren't,
don't listen to him.
Shut up!
You want to be the hero?
Danny was the hero.
You should've died, not Danny.
You've always been
a lousy shot, John.
John! John!
[Vivian screaming]
- [John grunts]
- [Cooper breathes heavily]
[engine turns over]
[Samuel] Fucking bitch.
[engine revving]
What do we do now?
We go home.
[rock music playing]
Prisms of fire
Dance on a hill
We live in a land where...
Everyone's still
There is no law left here
Left all alone
Crumble through buildings
Everyone's got a home
Let's go, we have to go,
We're on our way
I hope so
Living in the rampart
See the smoke trails
Behind us
Living in this cold air
I'm trying harder
To get there
Let's go, we have to go
[song continues playing]
Two trees
Left standing and...
One on the ground
Three of them fell but...
Only one made a sound
A hole in the ocean
God, it's a swirl
A spinning empire
Expands in the world
Let's go, we have to go
We're on our way, I hope so
Living in the ramparts
See the smoke trails
Behind us
Living in this cold air
I'm trying harder
To get there
Let's go, we have to go, oh
Throw all
Your diamonds and...
Go to the sky
Empty your pockets
Soon too will die
Melt all your silver
Create something new
It's a brand-new time here
It starts with you
Let's go, we have to go
We're on our way, I hope so
Living in the rampart
And the smoke trails
Behind us
Living in this cold air
I'm trying harder
To get there
Let's go, we have to go
Oh, oh