Dead Within (2014) Movie Script

Hey, you.
Hi, Teddy.
Hi, guys.
How was traffic?
Well, it wasn't so bad
once we got out of the city.
Come hold your baby
so Kim can have some wine.
Want to go to Daddy?
There you go, Lily.
I mean,
why spend half your time
traveling when you can
spend 30 minutes in the car?
Yeah. We're in the middle of a mountain.
You can hear the creek
and the crickets every night.
Oh, that's so wonderful.
You do what you got
to do for your family.
Over here. Look.
Hold on.
Come on, help us.
Let us in.
We know you're in there.
I can see you moving.
They're out here.
They're coming.
We're okay.
We're not infected, I swear.
Our eyes are good.
Open the door.
This is the only secure
house we've seen in days.
They're all over the place.
Please, just for tonight.
We should let them in.
They're going to kill us.
Open up or we're dead.
We're worse than dead,
and you know it.
You know what will happen to us.
Just let her in, please.
We're not bad people.
Open up!
Open this fucking door!
I'm getting in there,
you hear me?
Open this fucking door now!
Come on!
Let us in!
They're going to kill us!
Get away from me!
Shh, okay, honey, okay.
What are you doing?
You're asleep.
Just sleep. I got it.
I got it.
Can you watch the door?
Should we say grace?
I was kidding.
Did you season these?
I'm hungry.
Don't eat my peach.
I didn't eat it.
Kim. Kim. Kimmy.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done that.
Anyone out there?
Anybody out there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Anyone out there?
If you can hear me,
we're safe.
We need batteries.
There are trollers around.
We're up Canyon Road. Follow the two oak
trees. Don't tell them where we are.
If you keep traveling...
Don't tell them where we are.
We got to give them
a chance.
Idiot. You don't want
anyone to find us.
We need batteries, food.
Are you crazy?
Speak up if you're out there,
you hear me, assholes?
What's gotten into you?
We need help, Mike.
Hey, don't tell them
where we are.
It's you and me, babe.
Don't forget dish soap
if you find it.
What if I came with you?
I don't think
that's a good idea.
It's dangerous out there.
Then don't go.
Then we'll starve.
See you tonight.
Be safe.
You, too.
Can anyone hear me?
Did Erica sound infected?
Do they ever sound infected?
Maybe I'm infected.
Stop it.
Maybe I am.
Don't say that.
I'm the one who's
going out there every day.
You could be.
Then we're
all fucked, hmm?
I need to show you something.
What is it?
It's not in the water.
What is this? I found these news
reports in a house on a printer.
They're not dated
that long ago, okay?
It's new information.
It's all we got.
"No hope.
Communication's down.
Virus spreads.
Paranoia in unwitting hosts.
Avoid anyone with black eyes
or black blood.
It might be you.
I know.
Take solace in death."
I mean...
It's not in the water, though, look.
What the fuck?
It's not water?
What are you talking about?
Look at what this says,
"No hope from CDC.
There's no hope. Too late.
I know, but... Listen. Wait.
Communications down."
This is what it keeps saying. Shh.
It keeps saying we should
keep holding on. For what?
What the fuck's the point?
Keep it down. Just keep it down.
I haven't been out there
in six months.
I have no idea what it's like.
We've been through this.
Every time I walk out the door I
don't know if I'm coming back.
I could go with you.
And do what?
I could bring back more food.
What, do you think,
I'm hiding something from you?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
I haven't been out there.
I'm doing this for you.
Doing this for us.
Every mark on that fridge
is one of them.
I'm going out
to the Canyon Market.
I hear these noises, right?
I'm coming down the aisles.
I'm backing away and this,
like, hissing, this growling...
I whip around
and it's this little girl,
she's coming at me
and she's fast.
I hit her in the face.
And then she's up
and it didn't even phase her.
She's clawing at me,
she's hissing at me,
she's drooling.
I grab her hair and I...
I just grab this penknife...
I just, I just
jabbed it in her chest.
Just wouldn't go in.
She was just still with the
black eyes and the hatred and...
We don't know how many
of them are out there.
All they want to do is kill you.
That's it.
That's all they want to do.
You can't go out there, Kim.
I can't let you go out there.
Hello, hello?
Anyone out there? Hello?
How was your day?
What did you get?
Batteries, good.
batteries, radio...
Dish soap,
did you get dish soap?
Oh, fuck. No.
I totally forgot.
I'm sorry.
You didn't get dish soap?
I wrote a list.
I know we need it. I...
I didn't even see it.
I don't think they had any
where I was anyway.
We'll probably get
three days out of this.
Close your eyes.
I got you...
the most beautiful...
You're going to love it.
Probably needs to be washed.
It's nice, right?
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
How's your hand?
Mm, it's fine.
I thought you took care of her.
I thought I did, too.
Teddy, go away,
honey. Go away.
Go away, Teddy.
What are you doing?
Smoking a cigarette.
They'll smell it.
Quality of life.
Okay? These freaks
aren't going to smell it.
Get up here.
Quality of life, my ass.
I'm so hungry.
I'm so hungry.
I'm hungry.
I'm so hungry.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Baby, maybe we're
just both crazy.
What if we're, like,
in The Truman Show?
There is...
There is no plague.
there's cameras
And they're
just watching us.
Everything we do?
Ed Harris is the voice of God.
Ed Harris
is the voice of God.
Hold on.
Sitting on a park bench.
Hey. Jesus!
Do you trust me?
Trust me?
Do you trust me?
Do you trust me?
Say it.
I do. I do.
I keep having to
go further and further.
Just not a lot
of food out there.
What do you think? Hmm?
You always get this wrong.
It goes like this.
What would I do without you?
I got it wrong.
Nice and pink.
It's almost like champagne.
It's a ros.
Ages well.
That it does.
I think we should
start hunting again.
No way.
I'm not eating coyote.
Any animal meat could be infected.
It was three months ago.
No. No way.
That was one random event.
It doesn't matter.
It still could be contaminated.
Look at what happened last time.
If I kill it and it doesn't
come back to life,
that's good enough for me.
I was in here.
And then...
What if he took them
and he's...
not coming back?
He didn't know about the toys.
No, I kept very good
care of them.
- Hello?
- Hello? Hello?
- Can you hear me?
- Hello! Yes!
- Can you hear me?
- Yes, we can hear you.
Who am I speaking to?
This is Kim.
Listen, this is Ranger Mark Rand.
I'm part of a rescue team.
We've been running sorties up and
down the coast looking for survivors.
Kim, how many people
are in your party?
There's two,
there's two in my party.
Have you been exposed
to any infected?
Anyone with black blood
or eyes?
Delusional, distrustful
of loved ones?
Kim, I'm going
to need specifics.
What are your names?
I'm with Mike.
Where is Mike, Kim?
Mike is in the other...
Mike is not here.
Is Mike hurt, Kim?
Where did Mike go?
Mike is outside.
You have to find Mike, too.
Are you sure
he's not infected?
Can you tell me where you are?
Do you know where I am?
I'm in a... I'm in a house.
Kim. Kim.
I'm going to need you
to relax, Kim, okay?
It's perfectly normal to be scared.
Where did Mike go, Kim?
You're going to have to tell us.
Where did Mike go?
I don't know where he went exactly.
There's a large community
of us, survivors.
We're going to bring you to them.
Okay, okay.
I'm here.
How long have you been alone, Kim?
I don't know.
The sun was not...
very high when he left
and it's...
four hours maybe?
Five? I...
I don't know.
I don't know how long
I've been here.
Kim, stay on this channel.
I'll call you once
we know you're secure.
Are you there?
Did you take anything this
last time before you went out?
No. What?
I'm just missing something.
No, I didn't.
Because everything is...
I know where everything is so I
notice when something's gone.
Did you take something?
Are you sure?
One of the cabinets,
there's some...
No, they're all empty.
I don't... No. Why?
You know what
I'm talking about, Mike.
It's not fair.
It's not fair that you took them.
Why did you take them?
Tell me what you
did with them.
I buried them.
With our baby.
Wait, no, maybe...
- Maybe there's another way...
- Stop doing this, okay?
Stop doing this to yourself. It's too late.
She's gone. They'll find a cure.
I have to do this.
You know I have to do this.
I forgot the words.
Where did I put that?
I'm just going to...
Did you see anyone?
A few.
Three more.
I just saw someone outside.
Just a minute ago.
I didn't see them.
The water's out, too.
I was washing a dish
and it just stopped.
What happened? What did you do?
What happened?
I didn't do anything.
I was doing the dishes and it just stopped.
It might be just a pipe thing. If it
lasts for a century, this reservoir...
I don't know if it would
last for a century.
It's just what I said.
I'm sorry.
It'll be fine.
It'll be fine.
I'll fix it.
I'll fix it.
What do we got, this?
I'll fix it.
We can't keep doing this.
What if this is it?
Don't say that.
You go out every single day,
you've never seen a survivor.
You keep coming back
with less batteries,
less bullets, less food.
You say there's no order.
There's nothing out there.
What if this is it?
We have a responsibility.
What are you talking about?
You know, we're young,
smart, we're healthy.
We survived.
Are you kidding me?
The only way to win is to,
is by outlasting them.
Okay, so now you're going to quote
Darwin on me? Man had a point.
Crisco and lasagna,
that's my meal for today.
Out survive them?
You're insane.
You totally fucking lost it.
It is insane out there.
And now you're totally fucking insane.
No. No, this makes sense.
No, it doesn't make any sense.
This is why we're here.
No, there's no reason...
Keep your voice down.
You totally fucking lost it.
You go out every single day and you
come out just a little bit more insane
every single day.
This is why we're here.
We're human beings.
This is why we're here.
Tomorrow I'm going to
go out to that Toyota,
I'm going to drive
to the ocean.
I'm going to find
one of those
big fucking five
bedroom houses, okay?
And it's going
to be full of clothes
and food and Ensure
and baby food.
We're going
to live by the ocean.
I'm going to get us
one of those.
We can run a generator.
We'll have electricity.
Nobody will hear it over the waves.
It'll be okay.
Don't leave me alone.
I won't leave you alone.
We can do this.
Be safe.
Keep moving.
When I come back,
I'll be bringing you back
to our new beach house.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Smoke on the Water.
Just in case.
Take them all.
Do you remember the song?
Were you listening?
You're right.
He's going to come home.
What do you mean,
why am I not doing anything?
I'm keeping watch.
I can protect this place.
You don't need a gun.
I've got...
a tennis racket and...
a wrench.
I have two machetes.
a bat.
You can kill with a bat.
Teddy. Shh.
Teddy, Teddy...
Go away, honey, go away.
Oh, g...
This is Ranger Mark Rand.
Ranger Mark...
This is Kim.
Can you hear me?
Kim? Kim, are you there?
Yes, yes, I'm here, I'm here.
Kim, are you okay?
I'm okay. I'm...
My dog's outside.
Did you hear me?
My dog's outside. Forget the dog.
Okay. Where are you?
Hello? Where are you?
you need to do us a favor,
we can't help you.
You have to tell me,
can you describe yourself?
I am... I'm five seven,
I have blond hair, and...
blue-green eyes, and...
Wha... What do you need?
Are you fat?
I mean, I haven't eaten
in, like, six months.
What are you talking about?
How can you...
how can you tell me that you're...
Can I call you Kimmy, Kim?
My name is Kim.
My name is Kim.
I want you to...
Tell me about your dresses,
It's nice to feel pretty,
isn't it, for a woman?
I want you to start
calling me Kim! Kim!
I wouldn't make so much noise,
Kim, that attracts attention.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm quiet now.
I'm just looking
out for your interests.
I'll be quiet.
I am going to be quiet now, Mark.
Please, are you there?
I don't want you
to leave me again.
He just went away for a second.
I think he's going
to come back.
Hey, honey.
How'd you get in?
I didn't.
I'm not here.
When are you coming home?
Oh, I'm never coming home.
I was going to wait up for you.
I don't know why you do that.
Good night.
You should try
and get some sleep.
Why did you kill us?
Why did you kill us?
Why did you kill us?
Why? Why?
Why did you kill us?
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Attention, Kim.
Are you there, bitch?
Who is this?
You're a fucking liar, Kim.
A fucking liar, aren't you?
Are you happy, you bitch?
Does that mean you're starting to see
what a bad person you are?
I am not a bad person.
You're not a good person, are you, Kim?
I am...
Ranger Mark,
I am not a bad person.
Kim, just admit it.
You killed Todd...
then you killed Erica...
and then you killed your child.
No, Ranger Mark.
No. Mike killed Todd. No wonder
Mike left you, you psychotic bitch.
And then I...
Who are you?
Do you feel safe?
I don't know.
I don't know if I feel safe.
Which dress are
you wearing right now?
Which dress
is your favorite dress?
There are people outside
all around the house.
There are trollers.
Do you think I'm a troller?
Hello. Is anyone there?
Hello, Ranger Mike?
Mark, Mark, Mark.
Yeah, you.
Yeah, you.
You stop!
You got the knock wrong.
What? Let me in.
No, do it again, do it again.
That's the knock. Sitting on a park bench.
No, we changed the song.
What are you fucking talking about?
That's the knock.
No. It's not the knock.
I don't remember the fucking knock.
What is it, Iron Man?
You never forget it.
You never fucking forget the knock.
No, that's not right.
I'm fucking here.
Let me in.
Let me fucking
in the door.
What is the song?
Let me in.
What happened to your arms?
Let me in.
What happened to your arms?
Where's the shotgun, Mike? Where's the
shotgun? I lost the fucking shotgun.
Goddamn it, let me in.
Are you fucking kidding me?
I'm right here. Let me come in.
What happened to your arms?
I was attacked at this house.
They had plenty of food, everything.
These five freaks jumped me and
I had to jump out the window.
Just let me in.
What happened to your arm?
I told you.
Look, I jumped through a fucking window.
Did any of them touch you?
Did any of them touch you, Mike?
Did any of them touch you?
No, nobody touched me.
I'd be fucking bat-shit crazy by now,
you know that.
Look, baby, honey,
you can interrogate me when I get in.
What's the song?
Honey, you got to let me in.
I can't.
Honey. Honey, they're out here.
You got to let me in.
Open the fucking door.
You know, I think
you would appreciate
my fucking anxiety out here.
Your anxiety out there?
Look, I'm not... You don't
know my anxiety in here.
You don't know what
happened here last night.
Baby, you can trust me.
I'm sorry I left, okay?
I'm sorry I fucking left.
Let me in.
We're going to get our fucking
shit and get out of here.
We'll burn this
fucking cabin down.
Let me in the door.
Let me in the door!
you did a real good
job last night, okay?
Let me in.
I'm right here.
I'm going
to take care of you.
I'm not going to let you in.
I don't remember
the goddamn knock.
I don't remember
the goddamn knock!
You never forget the knock.
Just do the knock.
Kimmy, you know
what this reminds me of?
Huh? What? What?
What does this fucking remind you of?
Freaking Rosarito.
Oh, God, shut up, shut up.
Remember that?
We drank, like,
two cases of beer.
You peed on the fucking bed. You were so
annoyed with me. You peed on the fucking bed.
You peed on the bed.
You peed on the bed.
And you were
so fucking annoyed with me
I left and I got clean sheets
and then you fucking passed out.
And you locked me outside.
Honey... I can't.
You don't know the song.
Honey, they're out here.
Just... Honey, they're out here.
You got to let me in.
I'm going to break down the fucking
door if you don't let me in.
Kim, let me fucking...
Let me in the door.
Shit. Okay.
Open the door, huh?
I told you to let me in.
What the fuck
are you doing?
Oh! Kim!
Move this fucking table!
You fucking bitch!
Let me in this fucking room!
Thanks for the bandages.
Look at your blood, Mike.
Because you cut
my fucking fingers off.
Look at it.
It's black, Mike.
The blood is black.
Baby, it's not.
You're seeing things.
No. Unh-unh.
Baby, you got to let me go, okay?
You tried to kill me.
What are you talking about?
You tried to kill me last night.
You came in through the window.
I saw you come in through the window.
No, no, no. Calm down.
That wasn't...
I wasn't even here.
No, it was you. I saw it.
Why did you come
last night, Mike?
That wasn't me.
We got to be rational here.
Okay? Kimmy... Don't tell
me to be rational, Mike.
You tried to fucking
kill me last night.
I don't have to be rational.
That wasn't me.
I feed you.
I kept you safe.
I never get to leave.
You get to leave.
You leave me every day.
I'm here all alone.
All alone. You don't know what
it's like to be here all alone.
Without Lily.
Baby, hey, hey...
Stop talking.
Just stop talking!
I need to figure this out.
Come on,
let's work through this.
We can work through this.
Okay, you and me.
We've always
worked through it.
I'm trying to fucking think.
Shut the fuck up!
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I am not incapable, Mike!
I can leave this goddamn cabin, and I'll
be fucking fine! I do not need you!
You kept me in here for the
past six fucking months.
Yes! Yes, babe.
Yes, yes, yes, you have.
Yes, you've kept me in here,
like a fucking caged animal.
You've turned, Mike.
You're not who you think you are.
No I haven't.
Unh-unh. Look at you.
No, I haven't.
There's fucking black blood
all over you.
What happened?
I came back for you.
Baby, I love you.
Look into my eyes.
What do you see?
What am I looking at?
Right there.
What? What?
Your fucking eyes.
Tell me what you're seeing.
Look at your fucking eyes!
I'm in pain, baby.
Come on, you got to let me go.
You can't leave.
You can't leave without me.
Baby, come here.
Come here. Come here.
What do you see?
I see black eyes.
I don't see the person
that I used to love.
I look at everything we had and I know
it's not you. Had, had, had, Kim, had.
I found a place for us on the ocean, okay?
We're going to go.
Baby, I'd never hurt you.
You know that, right?
Baby, I love you so much.
You cut off my fucking fingers.
Let me out of this chair.
Don't do it.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Don't. Don't, don't, don't.