Deadland (2023) Movie Script

First saw it when I was
stationed at Fort Clench.
A bit of an eye opener,
even for Florida.
Saw it again in Afghanistan
chasing insurgents
around mud holes.
Now it's here.
See, everybody thinks that
they're entitled to respect,
a house, and even a pair
of damn tennis shoes.
You know what happens then?
- What?
- Gratitude goes out the window.
- ( radio chatter )
- Thank God.
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
Could've sworn that was
another one of your bad jokes.
I'm serious, man.
I pulled a woman and her boy
out of a sinkhole
in Alpine last month,
both of them nearly dead
from dehydration.
I remember.
You think either one of them
said as much as a thank you?
Probably didn't speak English.
She sure as hell
didn't say gracias.
The Spanish she was spitting
to me was 100 proof.
( radio chatter continues )
Well, they're never happy
to see the uniform.
Yeah, but this uniform
saved her life.
And instead of
a simple thank you,
she looks at me
like I'm the enemy.
No gratitude.
Check it out.
Well, I'll be damned.
Let's go get 'em!
Angel: Be careful.
That dust is kicking up.
All right, break right.
Break right.
Watch that corner.
I'm coming up, Angie.
He's gonna end up
flipping that thing.
We're braking, we're braking.
Vaquero! Hands out now!
- Buenos dias, seor.
- You fucking kidding?
Looks like we got ourselves
the head honcho
of the whole organization, huh?
What should we do
with El Chapto here?
Steal his load,
feed him to the coyotes?
- I know the rules, white bread.
- Hey, easy.
Well, goddamn.
We got ourselves
a real vaquero here, huh?
You see, they make these... fit little
mules like you.
Chapto didn't say thanks.
No, he did not.
Bravo 6-Fox-40,
sensors are picking up
a 10-60 in your sector.
- Copy, Romeo. Coordinates?
- At 17:43 hours.
Number 103 chirped
about 20 minutes later.
Heading due north
toward the pass.
Could be a thirsty critter.
Hasn't rained in the basin
since I can remember.
Omaha 10, 6-Fox-40,
you airborne?
Omaha 10:
Negative, 6-Fox-40.
We're wings down
for the night.
Hope that doesn't
leave you in a lurch.
Not at all, Omaha.
Romeo, I'll go ahead
and take a look.
No, no!
( grunting )
Romeo 2, Bravo 6-Fox-40.
Do you copy? Over.
Do you copy? Over.
( distorted radio chatter )
Cruz, do you copy? Over.
( distorted chatter continues )
( grunts )
Hannah: Angel.
Angel, are you there?
S, amor. I'm here.
I tried calling your cell.
No reception.
I'm in the field.
I'm on my way over
to Presidio right now.
- You okay?
- You have to come home.
- Is it the baby?
- It's not-- that--
- Not--
- Hannah?
( Stranger singing
in Spanish )
Hannah: Angel, are--
( continues singing )
( continues singing )
( gasps, moaning )
( groans )
( wheezing )
Romeo 2, Bravo 6-Fox-40.
Do you copy? Over.
( continues wheezing )
- ( radio static )
- Cruz, do you copy? Over.
Veracruz: 10-2, Bravo 6.
Go for Romeo.
I'm 10-92, heading your
direction with one IA,
condition critical.
Get the trauma cart together.
Veracruz: 10-4.
- You should've called for
a Care Flight. - No time.
- Never treated a floater
before. - You got him?
- Come on, bud.
- Well, he's lucky to be alive.
- Just don't let him die again.
- All right.
Hey, listen,
I got a problem at home.
Is everything okay
with Hannah and the baby?
They're fine,
but it can't wait.
- All right, bagging him up.
- Got him.
- You got him? All right--
- One, two, three.
Is that necessary?
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- I owe you.
- Uno, dos, tres.
( moaning )
Stranger: El Paso...
Veracruz: Tranquilo,
tranquilo, tranquilo.
All right, I'm gonna
go run his prints.
I can't find his fucking veins.
It's like working
with a sponge or something.
- Check his other arm.
- Really?
Shh, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.
( whispering in Spanish )
Shit. Hitch?
Ay, must've hit a rock
when the river pulled you under.
( old man muttering
in Spanish )
( muttering continues )
- Hannah? Hannah!
- ( muttering )
- Hannah: I'm here.
- ( continues muttering )
- Who is this? - Look,
I'm not-- I'm no too sure.
- Why'd you let him in?
- I didn't let him in.
When I got home, he was just
sitting there. It's all right.
- He's not well.
- ( continues muttering )
I was gonna call
an ambulance until...
...he gave me that.
He says he's your father.
( muttering )
I'm taking him to the station.
Run his prints,
find out who he really is.
Okay, are you sure
you wanna do that?
What if he really
is your father?
So he's got
an old photo of mom.
- Doesn't mean anything.
- Angel!
You really think they'd care
about some old man?
- There is no "they," Hannah.
- ( laughs )
Just a machine with no soul,
no heart,
but a very good memory.
Okay, but what happens
if he gets deported?
Because he needs
medical attention.
Who the hell is gonna
take care of him
on the other side?
He seemed to do just fine
on his own until now.
Angel, you there?
- Answer your phone.
- ( phone vibrating )
What is it?
You need to get your ass
back here, pronto.
- What's wrong?
- Everything.
- I have to go in. I'm taking
him with. - No, no, no.
I think you're
making a mistake.
Amor, there is
not a way in hell
I'm leaving him
alone with you.
- Okay, why not?
- Because it's not safe.
Take a look. Look at him.
- ( whispering )
- He--
- Honey, he's helpless.
- Well, I see a man
that's out of his mind.
- That makes him dangerous.
- Okay, I-- I don't.
I don't.
I don't see it that way,
and I can take care of him.
( continues muttering )
I just need you
to give it some thought.
- Fine.
- Jesus Christ.
He moves? Shoot him.
Love you.
Speak English.
What happened?
He just came off
of the gurney.
So you shot him?
Not me.
You shouldn't have taken
the damn cuffs off.
Damn it, Cruz.
You know procedure!
You gonna lecture me
on procedure?
He was critical!
You should've taken him
to Presidio,
but you dumped him on me
and cut outta here!
- Where the hell were you?
- Doing fucking paperwork
instead of watching this guy.
I'm not the one that lost
control of my weapon.
He was out cold. Next thing I
know, he has me on the ground.
- Did you see the gun in
his possession? - They
were fighting for it.
Did your weapon
leave your holster?
- Did your weapon leave
your holster, Cruz?
- I don't think so.
- I don't think so.
- It's a simple yes or no--
I don't remember, okay?
I-- I don't remember.
Did any of you call it in?
We're fucked.
We're all fucked.
( coughing )
( sighs )
The hell are you
doing in there?
Just getting used
to the feeling.
( sighs )
Listen, if it went down
like you said... saved
your partner's life.
Internal Affairs
will clear you.
You don't get it, Angel.
I've already got a bad jacket
from back in Nogales.
What do you mean?
I read your file when you
transferred in. It was clean.
That AFGE lawyer got
it suppressed pending
a final determination.
Got what suppressed?
Take a fucking guess.
Got what suppressed?
An excessive use of force
Oh, fuck me.
( groans )
Don't tell me you used
your service weapon.
Sure as hell didn't
tickle him to death.
Cruz was right, you know?
You could've just taken him
to Presidio.
Go easy on that shit, Hitch.
He didn't have an ID on him?
Pockets were empty.
- And you didn't file a report?
- No time.
That means El Paso
doesn't know we had him.
The system doesn't
even know he exists.
What-- what are you saying?
Your mom is sick, Cruz.
Who's gonna take care of her
when you're in prison, hmm?
Hell, I grew up
without a father.
There's no way
I'm doing that to my son.
No, sir.
( sighs )
What is it, Cruz?
- This doesn't feel right.
- Which part?
- When he took your gun or
when I saved your life? - Hey.
This was an accident.
No one's at fault, okay?
Maybe we should just report it.
No one's reporting shit.
We all know who's gonna
take the fall for this,
- and they're not gonna
make a fucking example
out of me! - Hey, hey!
There's enough finger pointing
and fuck ups to go around.
There's nothing we can do
to bring him back.
This is the kind of shit
that will follow us forever.
Or we can lay it to rest
and put it behind us.
But we have to agree.
These shovels break ground,
and we're all in.
Is that understood?
Hell yeah, man.
Entiendo, Cruz?
I wanna hear you say it.
- Yes.
- Good.
( old man muttering
in Spanish )
( muttering continues )
( wind chimes ringing )
( muttering continues )
( muttering )
He goes by Tito.
Why did you cross
the river into Texas, hmm?
No, mija, I am in El Paso.
- In El Paso.
- No.
You speak English.
El Paso.
- El Paso.
- Hannah: Tito.
Why did you cross the border?
She's pregnant like you.
Who is your love, Tito?
Hey, you have her ring, okay?
- Her ring to give to her, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
You-- you-- you have my suit.
Your suit? I do. Yeah.
Yeah, I will have it cleaned,
pressed, ready to go.
- Mm-mmm.
- I got it. It's okay.
( sighs )
Mi Margarite.
- ( speaking Spanish )
- Why'd you disappear?
Hannah: Angel.
He can't stay here.
I'm taking him back
to the hospital tonight.
( ghostly whispering )
( muted screeching )
Veracruz on radio:
Angel, you there?
Angel, you there?
Get your ass back here.
Internal Affairs
just pulled in.
- ( engine starts )
- Oh, no fucking way.
Look, I'm not here.
I'm speaking to a lawyer
before I talk to anyone.
Hey, we don't even know
why they're here.
Officer of the year, 1984.
There you are.
Oh, yeah. There you are.
- Angel: Gentlemen.
- The bad boy list.
- ( laughing )
- How may I help you?
Well, this is Felix Navarro.
And I'm Charlie Hobbs, IA.
( clears throat )
You know,
I used to run this outfit,
30 years ago, give or take.
- Both of you worked here?
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
Still got the same
shit brown carpet.
Exactly how I remember it.
Little different
on the outside though,
with all the drugs
and killing and whatnot.
What brings you back
to the frontlines?
Eh, you know, same
horseshit, different horse.
Hell of a drive down
from El Pas.
You get up that way much,
Angel... Waters?
Just answer the question.
Family name. Mother's side.
I do get out to El Paso
from time to time.
But you like it down here?
Quiet life, keep to yourself?
I go where they assign me.
You know, back in the day,
it was kinda nice
not having folks looking over
your shoulder all the time,
kinda do what you want.
Parents still with us, Angel?
My mother isn't.
Never knew my father.
Why do you ask?
You only knew him growing up
or never knew him at all?
I never laid eyes on him.
He left my mother
before I was born.
Hobbs: You ever try
to track him down?
Angel: No, sir.
My wife likes to watch
those investigation
shows at night.
There's this one where
these kids were adopted,
grew up in a good home.
But when they got
to be adults,
they just wanted
to track down
their biological parents.
Just wanted to see why
their real parents
gave them up
in the first place.
You ever watch
one of those shows?
Can't say I have.
I don't watch much television.
Well, ICE had a detainer on
an illegal over in Presidio.
They found him wandering
the streets half naked.
Checked him into
the hospital for evaluation.
Poor guy couldn't recall
his own name for the
better part of a week.
Until he recalled yours.
Angel Coronado.
They're coming, mija.
Haven't heard
that name in years.
Men of bad faith, mija.
The men on the radio?
- They are close.
- No, no, no.
Tito, they're with Angel
at his work.
It's just the radio you hear.
No, mija.
( muttering in Spanish )
Yeah, we got an ID on the guy,
and he was Ignacio Coronado.
- That ring a bell?
- No, sir.
We couldn't get much out of him,
but what we gathered from him
is that he was in and out
of psychiatric hospitals
in Mexico
for the last 30 years.
I'm sorry,
I can't seem to understand
what any of this
has to do with me.
Is that right?
Well, just as ICE arrived
to take him into custody,
Mr. Coronado just up and
wandered off from the hospital.
Angel: Like I said,
never laid eyes on the man.
Hey. Hey, hey.
No one knows that dude was
ever even in custody, okay?
Just try to stay cool
and it'll keep that way.
He's gonna fuck us.
No. Shit!
Listen, listen.
No, I did nothing wrong!
( knocking )
Hi, Mrs. Waters.
We're with Immigration
and Customs Enforcement.
Oh, my God. Is it Angel?
- Did something hap--
- No, ma'am. Not at all.
Sorry. Probably
should've led with that.
We've got a warrant
to search the premises.
I'm sorry. A warrant?
The fuck are you
talking about?
It's a deportation warrant.
Deportation? Right.
Well, that's a mistake.
Do I look Mexican?
No, ma'am.
This is for Ignacio Coronado.
- Sorry, who?
- Your husband's father.
All right, well,
I'm screwing up your day
'cause he doesn't--
he doesn't have a father.
Excuse me.
Watch your toes.
Come right in.
- You know the drill. Gotta
follow all the leads. -
( fax machine whirring )
- Yes, sir. - Any idea
where he wandered off to?
( beeps )
Angel: No idea.
Well, I'm sorry
I can't be more helpful.
Well, if you hear anything,
give us a shout.
Family's important, Angel,
I understand that.
But you're a sworn United States
Homeland Security officer.
If you are found to be aiding
and abetting an illegal alien,
there will be
oversize consequences.
- There will have to be.
- Ignacio?
( speaking Spanish )
Would anyone like some tea?
I work with your son Angel.
Oh, no, ma'am. Thank you.
( dialing phone )
He asked us to come
check on you, Ignacio.
( phone vibrating )
Mitch, what you got?
We're clear down here.
Mitch: All right,
I'm heading down.
Well, Mrs. Waters,
looks like we messed up
your afternoon
for no good reason.
I feel terrible about that.
We do apologize.
( panting )
- Anything I can do to help.
- ( phone ringing )
Hold up. Hold up.
Yeah, what do you got?
House is clean. 0-6.
All right, copy that,
Alpha-2-4, yeah.
- Have yourself a good
afternoon. - Take care.
You know that cabrn
is lying.
Well, way out here
it's easy to develop
a false sense of independence.
You oughta know.
IA doesn't drive all the way
down here for no reason.
I told you, it's got
nothing to do with this.
- You processed him in?
- What?
How did they get this?
It just came through
the fax machine.
Oh, well, now we know
why they were here.
- It is not why they were here.
- You said you deleted the file!
And I did!
I have no idea where
the hell this came from.
It's not good, Angel.
It's not good.
You said we were
in this together.
And we are. We fucking are.
And I'm protecting you both
by not telling on you.
Fucking trust me on this.
That's rich, Angel.
That's really fucking rich.
( speaking Spanish )
Ignacio, come on.
Ignacio, let's go back
to the room.
I spent my whole life
looking for him.
Waiting for him
to come home.
And when he does,
he's still not here.
I wonder what happened to him.
IA says he's been in
and out of institutions
for the past 30 years.
Well, he needs somebody
to take care of him.
You know he can't
stay with us, right?
We can't take care of him.
And you know he'll go to
one of those institutions
again if they deport him.
What's this?
It's an immigration lawyer
in Presidio.
He's got a reputation
in the migrant community.
Yeah, I've heard the DA
talk about him... he's spitting out
broken glass.
Sounds like a hell
of an endorsement to me.
Lawyers aren't cheap.
We'll make it work.
We always do.
Just shadows.
There's nothing there, Ray.
There's nothing there.
There's nothing there, Ray.
There's nothing there.
Just shadows.
There's nothing there, Ray.
It's shadows, Ray!
There's nothing there.
There's nothing there!
What were you thinking, huh?
This is on you!
Do you know
what blood looks like
in a black and white video?
- Shadows! Shadows!
- ( gunshots )
( TV chatter )
El Paso.
( wind chimes ringing )
Yeah, she's close.
Look, crossing the border
without documentation
constitutes a crime,
and it continues
to be a crime
as long as he remains
on American soil.
Now what can you do
to get around it?
Well, we just set it up so
they officially escort Ignacio
onto a five-minute
bus ride to Juarez
where you and Hannah
will be waiting.
You'll take him out
to a nice meal, cervezas,
stay the night at La Quinta.
And then first thing
in the morning,
you meet me in El Paso
at the consulate,
and we'll file
our petition to expedite.
Everybody's happy.
And then?
Well, given his medical
condition and your cooperation,
I don't see why
Janet'll put up much of a fuss
about one clearly ill old man.
Best case scenario, the whole
thing blows over in 24 hours.
Long term, it's gonna be
a bit of a process.
It'll be a haul.
But as long
as they keep the process
at the bottom of the pile?
( Walter laughs )
Amen to that, Agent Waters.
You do understand
how the system works.
- Pleasure. Yeah.
- Appreciate it.
Dispatch: Bravo 6-Fox-40,
you back on deck?
Got a 10-60 in your sector.
Copy, Romeo, go for 6-Fox-40.
What's your coordinates?
Sensor 29.321264
tripped at 06:43 hours.
Down by the pass?
Just north of it.
Copy. I'll check it out.
You think you're loyal, Cruz,
and that's a prize.
But loyal's loyal when
it flows in both directions.
And loyal's naive when
you're being played for a fool.
And you know
what that makes you?
- A fool? - No, that makes
you worse than a fool.
That makes you a sucker.
I'm not the weak link
in the chain.
When was the last time
you slept?
I'm not the one that's dealing
dirty with the rat squad here.
We don't know that. You
need to get your head right.
If Angel's so clean, why's
he been meeting with a
lawyer all morning, huh?
What lawyer?
I got a phone call from
a buddy up in Presidio.
Saw it firsthand.
You ever considered
for a second
that maybe Angel isn't
the friend you thought he was?
Get the fuck out of my face.
( man muttering
in Spanish on radio )
( muttering continues )
What the hell is that?
I have always been with you.
( speaking Spanish )
Agent Hitchcock.
How are you doing?
You got time for a--
for a chat?
Relax, Ray.
We're all on the same team here.
We just have
a few questions for you.
You ever seen this guy?
- In or out of the station?
- No.
No, I haven't.
How long have
you known Agent Waters?
Long enough to consider him
a friend and an asshole.
You know, you got
a good thing going here
except for this excessive use
of force complaint.
Play ball with us, you
could be running this
whole outfit out here.
And this goes away.
El Paso, por favor.
( Stranger humming )
( humming )
( continues humming )
Hey, um-- hey.
Will you process
our friend here?
Hitch ran his prints.
This came back.
No. This can't be right.
I thought you deleted him
from the system.
I did.
( Stranger singing Spanish )
( continues singing )
( humming )
( humming )
( continues humming )
Angel, Angel, Angel.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
( continues humming )
( singing in Spanish )
It could be the guy's cousin
or something, you know?
Or even maybe his brother.
You didn't watch the blood
drain out of his face.
Don't tell me that
that wasn't the same guy.
Then you tell me something.
How's that possible?
How is what hell
you're saying possible?
- Maybe the coyotes got to him?
- Coyotes?
How's it you're
always standing up
when the shithouse
gets knocked over, huh?
What the hell
is that supposed to mean?
You ain't gonna pin this
on us, Angel.
You think I did this?
I'm just trying to figure out
what side you're really on.
( both grunting )
You gonna shoot me, too?
I want answers,
and I want 'em now.
The answers are sitting in
the holding cell at the station.
Get the fuck up.
All right, asshole,
here's the deal!
You're gonna tell us...
Y'all, I swear to God
I locked it.
To hell with this.
( muttering )
What is he...
What happened?
It just won't go away.
No matter what I do,
he just keeps going back.
- All right, and who's that?
- This migrant.
I thought he died in the river.
But somehow he's still here,
like a...
What you're experiencing,
it is-- it's common in my field.
EMTs, doctors, ER nurses,
we're all haunted by guilt
from time to time.
But the truth is you can't save
everybody who tries to cross.
Hannah, where's your ring?
I sold it... pay the lawyer.
Why would you do that?
Hannah, that was mom's ring.
Let her help us.
( phone vibrating )
- It's time that we sort
this out. - No, not tonight.
And why?
You got a date with the DA?
- Who was that?
- Hitch. Work.
Hannah: He still slumming
at the motel?
Yeah, I'll drop by
in the morning.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- Okay, easy.
( engine sputtering )
- Tito, you can't be out here.
- Come inside, Tito!
No, go away.
Go away, go away.
- Open this door!
- No, no, go away.
- Out of the car now!
- ( speaking Spanish )
Tito, stay inside!
- You trying to get us all
caught? - ( speaking Spanish )
- Inside now!
- Okay, hmm?
Hannah: Angel!
Let's get something
fucking straight.
You don't get
to call yourself my dad,
and I'm trying to help you,
but you're making it
really fucking hard.
- Angel!
- Mom was wrong about you.
You see this right here?
You don't deserve her.
You never did.
Wait, wait.
Who did he see in the desert?
Angel, who did he-- fuck me.
- ( speaking Spanish )
- Come on, sweetheart.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's all right.
- ( speaking Spanish )
- It's okay. It's okay.
Lying, lawyered up,
no good...
( ghostly whispering )
( Stranger chanting
in Spanish )
( ghostly whispering
continues )
( Stranger continues
chanting )
( ghostly whispering
continues )
( Stranger continues
chanting )
( chanting,
whispers echoing )
( Ignacio singing
in Spanish )
( singing continues )
Did you ever stop to think
maybe he was also looking
for you all these years?
( singing continues )
God damn it, Hitch.
God damn it, man.
Hitch? Sh--
How? How?
I'm sorry, Cruz.
Shit don't make a lick of sense.
Hitch wouldn't--
Hitch wouldn't do this.
Not in a million years.
I just can't stop seeing
his face, you know?
It was your idea
to break protocol.
It was your idea
to bury that guy.
Hitch knew
you were setting us up.
- What are you trying to say?
- You do this?
You think I'd do this?
Why are you all lawyered up?
- Where'd you hear that?
- Is that true?
Hannah and I have a visitor.
- What?
- The guy says he's my father.
But you--
you told me you never
knew your father.
I don't. I didn't.
Until now.
Hitch was right.
He was right.
All you do is lie.
I tried to--
Only the best for you.
( phone ringing )
Hannah Yeah?
Listen, Hitch is dead.
- What?
- Suicide.
- I found him this morning.
- Oh, my God.
I'm not gonna be able to
go down to El Paso with you.
I have to stay here
and hold down the fort.
- Yeah, okay. I'll handle it.
- I talked to Walter.
Everything's set up.
He'll meet you there.
Let me know, okay?
Hobbs: You have any reason to
suspect that before his death
Agent Hitchcock might've
been involved with anyone
or anything unusual?
Where's this coming from?
Well, it might not have been
a completely honest suicide.
You mean someone else
strung him up?
Evidence suggests that
someone else was in the room
shortly before
or after the deed.
There might've been
a possible sign of a struggle.
It doesn't look like a
cartel hit. Not their style.
Was Hitchcock as odds
with anyone?
Hitch, uh, had a way of being
at odds with everyone.
That was a part of his charm.
Well, post-mortem tox screen
will probably show
more than that I suspect.
Ray-- Ray had some
personal problems, yeah.
But otherwise he was a solid.
Yep, working out here has a way
of getting under your skin.
Yeah. You ever lay eyes
on this hombre?
No. Who is he?
An illegal we had
in custody in Presidio.
- Escaped last week.
- You think he's involved?
Can you give us a moment?
( indistinct whispering )
You've been
with Border Patrol...
12 years, sir.
12 years. Solid record.
Yes, sir.
What does that
have to do with anything?
We can make it something.
Be a shame if she had to live
alone or be put in a home.
You're a strong woman.
You might be able to handle
a stint behind bars,
but the real loser
in this scenario
is tu madre.
I think you should
talk to Angel.
Angel? Um, Bravo
6-Fox-40, you there? Over.
Go for 6-Fox-40.
What's your 20?
I thought you were gonna
bury this thing.
- Is this your father?
- Where'd you get these?
The prints,
they're an exact match.
This has to be a mistake.
Dispatch: 6-Fox-40,
this is Bravo.
Sensors are picking up
a 10-60 in your sector.
- Number 103 just chirped.
- You think that's him?
Copy. Coordinates?
Sensor 29 tripped at 11:43.
103.208377 chirped at 12:32.
Heading north,
towards the canal.
- You're not going out there.
- I have to.
You copy, 6-Fox-40?
Please just stay away from him.
- Angel.
- ( engine starts )
Ah, mi Margarita.
( singing in Spanish )
( speaking Spanish )
( continues singing )
What is it, Tito?
It's a song
that I wrote for our son.
( speaking Spanish )
You can't exist.
I saw your grave.
I prayed for you.
You will understand, Angel.
How do you know my name?
I chose the name for you.
What do you want from me?
I only want
what I've always wanted.
What's in El Paso?
( static )
There is a tree with
the branches that
grow out to the sun,
but there's also
the unseen tree,
the upside down root tree
growing the opposite way.
What the fuck?
Stranger: The branches
don't know much about the roots,
and the roots don't know much
about the branches,
but all the time
they are connected.
I don't think I understand.
You will.
Officer Navarro.
- It's gonna be good.
- Case number 72832,
United States
versus Ignacio Coronado.
- Please approach the bench.
- ( grunting )
- Tito? Tito?
- Hey. Hey, hey.
- Tito! Sit him up, sit him up.
- Hey, we need some help here!
You know that face?
Where did you get this?
I just wanna do what's right,
no matter the consequences.
Are you sure you wanna go
on record with this?
( gunshot )
- She's not some kind
of illegal! - She knew.
Fuck! Fuck, Charlie!
( vibrating )
Stranger: Men like you...
...they tried to stop me.
They took my mind...
...but they could not
take my heart.
( phone vibrating )
I've always been with you.
( EKG monitor beeping )
I'm sorry, baby.
He went into convulsions.
- I couldn't do anything.
- It's okay.
When you were born in El Paso.
I was here, mijo.
( EKG monitor flatlining )
( whispering in Spanish )
( flatlining )
We gotta finish this.
- We don't got a fucking choice.
- Roger that.
Dispatch, you got a 20
on Agent Waters?
- What the fuck?
- Hey, look out!
( crashing )
( explosion )
( flames roaring )
( grunting )
( groaning )
I watched you die.
( grunts, coughs )
Help me!
Help me!
( grunts )
( groaning )
( crying )
Hannah: Angel.
- Yeah?
- You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Go back to sleep.
What about you?
- I'm gonna wait.
- For what?
For the sun to come up.
( music playing )
Same sun, same moon
It's an open afternoon
Five fingers
Through the sand
I am where I am
Just look up to the sky
And look where you stand
You are where you are
No land
Belongs to a man
No land
Belongs to a man
Lay down your head,
you'll see
Same sun and moon as me
We share the same old land
I am where I am
Just look up to the sky
And look where you stand
You are where you are
No land
Belongs to a man
No land
Belongs to a man
No land
Belongs to man
No land
Belongs to man
No land
Belongs to man
No land
Belongs to man
No land