Deadlines (2020) Movie Script

[water splashing]
[funky rock music]
Kill the signal
Rewrite the message
Point the finger
Count your possessions
I hope you sleep tight tonight
The lunatics have
taken over the asylum
I hope you sleep tight tonight
The lunatics have
taken over the asylum
Hate what they tell you to hate
Love when they say it's okay
Still you have nothin' to say anyway
And you don't even know you're a slave
Lies are shinin'
Truth is fadin'
If hope is comin'
I'm still waitin'
I hope you sleep tight tonight
The lunatics have
taken over the asylum
I hope you sleep tight tonight
The lunatics have
taken over the asylum
Hate what they tell you to hate
Love when they say it's okay
Still you have nothin' to say anyway
And you don't even know you're a slave
Erase the painter from the picture
Blame the poor while
the rich get richer
Erase the painter from the picture
Blame the poor
[soft solemn music]
[group chattering]
[bottles clinking]
- Drink to that.
Mm, ngh-ngh, that's not how you do that.
Oh, hey Ray, come on in, man.
How you doin'?
- Hey.
- Doin' great, man.
I had a good day.
Found me a fiver today.
- Hey, that's awesome.
- Good deal.
- Yeah.
- You lucky bastard.
- I'd rather be lucky than
good any day of the week.
What're you drinkin'?
- Here, I think you'll
like this, good stuff.
- You didn't spit in this, did you?
- [Friend] Ray, really, come on.
[Ray chuckling]
Best you ever had.
- Hey, who's that?
- Who's out there?
- Don't just stand there out in the cold.
Come on in here and warm
yourself by the fire.
- Shh.
Shh, dude.
[tense music]
[fire crackling]
What's goin' on here?
- Hey now, we don't want any trouble.
- And we won't back off if there is any.
[tense music]
[fire crackling]
- Hey, hey now, what do
you think you're doin'?
[man breathes heavily]
- What the hell do you want?
[tense music]
[fire crackling]
- Get the fuck outta here!
- What the fuck?
- Watch out, man.
[bottle shattering]
[tense music]
[weapons clashing]
[group shouting]
[knife squelching]
[man groaning]
[tense music]
[man groans loudly]
[tense music]
[chest cracking]
[woman gasping]
- [Man] Run, baby, run!
[ominous music]
- Police in Indianapolis
are reporting attacks
on citizens throughout the city.
- I'm tellin' you, Barry.
There's something more to these protestors
and violence in Indiana
that meets the eye.
- How would you know?
You're seein' the same thing
on the news that I'm seeing.
- 'Cause I got a nose for news.
I can sense when there's a scoop.
One time when I worked in New York--
- Oh no.
- What?
- Not again with the New
York reporter stories.
I'm so sick of hearin' them.
- Jack, I'm only using examples
of what happened to me.
Just like I'm sure you
have fascinating tales
from your days in waste management.
- Fuck you, Deeders.
If you were such a hotshot reporter,
why aren't you still workin' for 'em?
- No.
- You worked for three or
four of the big papers,
didn't you?
- That's right.
- And got shit-canned by all of 'em.
- Well yes, but that was
only because the editors
didn't have the balls to
print the big stories,
and I wouldn't be silenced.
- There's a shocker, you wouldn't shut up.
- Jack, I'm telling you.
If I...
[cellphone chiming]
- [Mayor] Let us handle these problems.
We don't know the causes.
- Well, we're gonna have to
continue this another night.
- Saved by the bell.
- [Kyle] This isn't over.
- Least I don't have to
listen to you anymore tonight.
- [Mayor] I'm asking for your patience.
- Thanks, Jonesy.
- I'm asking for your help.
Please let your elected
government officials
and your local--
- My lady beckons.
- [Mayor] Take care of these
situations as they arise.
May God be with us.
Thank you.
- [Reporter] The National Guard
has been called out to the lookout.
- Asshole.
- To reinforce order.
[cars whooshing]
[Kyle whistling]
[suspenseful music]
- How's it goin' tonight, Jimmy?
- Pretty quiet.
I kept a good eye on your car.
- I appreciate that.
- Thanks, Kyle.
- Enjoy.
- You workin' on any big stories?
- Nothing at the moment.
You hear anything on the street?
- No, like I said, it's been real quiet.
- You have a good night, Jimmy.
- You too.
[engine revving]
[suspenseful music]
- Welcome home, baby.
- I knew there was a
reason why I loved you.
- Only one?
- Oh, I think I can think of a few more.
- I bet you could.
- There's one right there.
- I thought so.
- Your text message surprised me.
I thought you were going
to be at work tonight.
- Oh.
You know the ER was
overstaffed and it was slow,
and so they let some of us go.
So I thought that I'd come home
and make you a home-cooked meal.
- Well, you thought right.
What are we having?
- I'm making shrimp scampi over pasta.
- I can't wait.
- Why don't you give me your
jacket and come outta this tie
and meet me in the kitchen?
- Works for me.
Didn't think I had any
shrimp in the fridge.
- You have nothing in the fridge
but a bottle of creamer
and an old deli sandwich.
- That sandwich is still in there?
- [chuckles] You really
need to start eating better.
- Well, if you would decide to marry me,
then I figured my refrigerator
would be better stocked.
- [chuckles] Is that the only
reason you keep me around,
is for my cooking and cleaning skills?
- Oh, you're so sexy when
you're being domestic.
- [chuckles] Now tiger,
it's the first week.
Ooh, guess you're gonna need
your strength for later.
- Good god.
[phone ringing]
Deeders here.
You got it.
- How's it goin', Kyle?
- Can't complain.
- Got an assignment for you.
The city big wigs are
throwing a fundraiser tonight.
I need you to cover it.
- But don't we have a social
page reporter or something?
- [chuckles] You know we
cover everything around here.
This isn't New York.
- You're right about that.
- Kyle, we newspaper men
are lucky to be employed.
The world is changing.
People want their news
now, not tomorrow morning.
- Yeah, you're right.
But I still say nothing
compares to holding a newspaper.
- I agree with you,
but you and I are dinosaurs
facing extinction.
- Well, I'm not dead yet and
good stories can change that.
- By the way,
great piece on the house
burning down last week.
- Well, thanks.
Hey, since it was so good,
why don't I do a followup
on the fire fights?
- That's a great idea.
- [Kyle] I'll get started--
- Just as soon as you
cover the fundraiser.
By the way,
my ex is hosting.
- Okay.
How do you guys get along?
Will I be thrown out for
mentioning the paper?
- She's my ex for a reason.
But actually we're civil.
We run in the same circles.
She comes from old money, I
run the only town newspaper.
- Are you sure Susan
can't handle the story?
- Susan's covering another story.
Besides, I like the thought of
you covering a social event.
It makes me smile.
- You're killing me.
- Have fun, Kyle.
[soft classical music]
[guests chattering]
- Well, actually education
is one of the very important
parts of my platform.
You know, if there is
anything at all that you need.
- I don't know about my husband.
- Well, we'll worry about
that a little bit later.
Oh, excuse me.
- Mr. Mayor.
- Excuse me.
- Kyle Deeders, Clarksburg Gazette.
Can I get a statement about the gala?
- Of course.
This fundraiser is of huge importance
for improving the quality of life
of every citizen of Clarksburg.
This plan will impact all of
our citizens in a great way.
I want to thank the lady behind the gala.
The lady who opened up
her beautiful home to us,
Mrs. Carrie Andrews.
- Hello, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Thank you, Mayor.
May I take a few photos?
- Absolutely, just make
sure you get my good side.
- Right.
You got it.
[soft classical music]
[camera shutter clicking]
Thank you.
Mrs. Andrews, Clarksburg Gazette.
You have a lovely house here.
- Why thank you.
- Thank you.
- I feel this fundraiser
is going to help everyone
in the community,
from the homeless to the upper crust.
People have been so generous.
In fact, we just received
our largest contribution yet.
- Oh really?
- Yes.
Come with me and I'll introduce
you to the benefactor.
[soft classical music]
[guests chattering]
- I think that your
mission is very important.
- Why thank you so much.
I appreciate you very much.
- Father Michaels.
This is a reporter from our local paper.
I was just telling him about
your generous contribution.
- Hmm, nice meeting you, Mister...
- Deeders, Kyle Deeders.
- Mr. Deeders.
- Nice to meet you.
Can I get your full name for the paper?
- Of course, Father
Sebastian Roderick Michaels.
- Which church are you assigned to?
- None at the moment.
I just recently moved here.
- Well, Mrs. Andrews said you
made the biggest
contribution to the cause.
- Did I?
- Indeed you did.
- Can I get a picture of the both of you?
- I'm afraid not.
- Oh, come on.
It's just one picture.
- No.
- Everybody loves to see the
generous people in the paper.
- I said no.
- Okay.
- I'm terribly sorry if we've
offended you, Father Michaels.
- It is I who am sorry.
In the past, I was a missionary in Africa.
Most people there believed
that photographs steal
a part of your soul.
I'm afraid the superstition
rubbed off on me. [chuckles]
- Father, you sound like
a very interesting man.
I was wondering if I could interview you
sometime for the paper.
- Hmm, as long as there
are no photographs.
- No, no photos.
- That'll be fine then.
Ms. Andrews has my contact information.
- Great, I'll be in touch.
Well, I better get back
to earning my keep.
Mrs. Andrews, thank you for allowing me
into your beautiful home.
- You're welcome.
Good evening.
- Good to meet you, Father.
- Likewise.
- I'm surprised they let you in there.
- Funny.
You know, Barry, I must say I
prefer the atmosphere in here,
even though Jack is here.
- That's why I keep coming back.
- Deeders, I've got more
class than you'll ever have.
- Jack, you've got plenty of class.
It's just all low. [chuckles]
- Asshole.
- You know, I've been in here a few times,
and you always seem to be
running your mouth with this guy.
- Mister, what's your problem?
- My problem is I don't like loudmouths
who think they're better
then everybody else.
- Than.
- What?
- It's better than everybody else.
Not then, T-H-A-N.
[fist bashing]
[Kyle groaning]
- How do you like that,
you egotistical prick?
- Honestly?
Jack, you can hit harder than this.
[fist bashing]
[Kyle groaning]
[attacker groaning]
- Hi, I'm Detective Smith, Clarksburg PD.
Kyle, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- You wanna press charges
against this son of a bitch?
- Nah, just get him outta here.
- You heard the man.
[attacker grunting]
Find somewhere else to drink.
[rhythmic rock music]
[Kyle groaning]
- Well, that was fun.
Well boys, I got a deadline to meet.
Thank you.
Night all.
[dramatic music]
[Kyle shouting]
Oh, how's it goin' tonight, Jimmy?
- I might have somethin'
for you to look into.
Hey, what happened to you?
- Ah, don't worry about it.
What have you got?
- The homeless in town, they're missing.
- Jimmy, you're one of
them, and you're right here.
- No, the others.
Over half of them are gone.
- Gone, gone where?
- I don't know.
They keep disappearing over
the past couple nights.
The rest of us are worried.
- Maybe they left town.
- No, some of them were friends of mine.
Something's wrong, I tell you.
Something's happenin'.
- Okay, okay, okay.
How many are missing?
- 30 or 40.
- 30 or 40?
And nobody's noticed that they're gone?
- How?
Nobody cares.
We're invisible.
- Okay, I'll look into it.
See what I can dig up.
- Thanks, Kyle.
- You stay safe.
- Will do, I've been hidin' at night.
- Good.
Oh, here you go.
- Thanks, Kyle.
- I'll let you know when I find 'em.
[tense music]
[box thudding]
How's it goin'?
- Good, until you showed up, Deeders.
- Brady, saying such things,
and I bring you gifts.
Six of 'em.
Well, five.
I was hungry on the way over.
- What do you want?
- [sighs] I hear there's
a bunch of homeless
around Clarksburg that have gone missing.
- Where'd you hear that?
- I have my sources.
- Well.
Your sources are right.
- Well, what is the police's take on it?
- You have to talk to
Captain Hayes about that.
- Off the record.
- They've moved on.
- Oh, come on, 40 people just moved on?
- Look, they're homeless.
Does anybody really give a
shit if there's less of them?
- They are also people, Brady.
- The matter is under investigation.
We do our jobs, Deeders.
- I never said you didn't.
[sighs] Anything else you can give me.
- We don't have anything else.
- Okay, thanks.
Oh, you've got some stuff on your shirt.
- Asshole.
[man whistles]
[coffee splashing]
[playful music]
[spoon clanging]
- No, no, do it.
No, you don't.
No, no.
- [Together] George, I gotta scoop.
- [sighs] Okay.
- It's a bombshell, I'm serious.
- There's something goin'
on with the homeless
people in town.
They're going missing.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, ladies first.
- But! [groans]
- I just got off the phone.
The homeless in town are vanishing.
- That's my story.
I've been working on it since last night!
- Back off, Deeders.
This one is mine.
You've pushed me outta stories
before, but not this time.
- Easy, easy.
This sounds like a big story.
I want you two to work on it together.
- No.
- No fucking way.
- No, I can't work with him.
He's just gonna try to take
all the credit for my story.
- [George] I want you to
take the personal angle.
Learn more about the missing persons.
Kyle, I want you to do police procedure.
- I can do police procedures too.
- Kyle does it better.
Just like you're better than Kyle at
making the reader feel the story.
- Hey!
- Enough, children.
Get the story.
[George exhales]
[tense music]
[camera shutter clicking]
- Hey, please don't run.
Please, I just want to talk to you.
Just talk, I swear.
Look, how would you
like to have a $20 bill
for just talking to me?
What's your name?
- Ronnie.
- Ronnie.
Do you live here?
- Not any more.
- Why not?
- 'Cause.
- Did something happen here?
Did you see it?
I know this is rough, but can
you tell me what happened?
- I was sleeping.
I used to sleep over there.
I heard Billy and them yelling,
but I stayed covered up.
They started fighting and screaming.
Screaming just went on and on.
I was too afraid to move.
Then it got real quiet,
but I could still hear
people moving around.
I finally peeked out,
and I saw them leaving.
- What did you see?
- I saw women in dresses
and a man in robes.
- Robes.
Like bath robes?
- No, like they wear at St. Vincent.
- [Kyle] Like a priest.
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Do you remember anything else?
- No.
Stayed they're real quiet all night.
Got outta there at sunup.
Ran as fast as I could to the food line.
- Did you tell anybody?
- A few of my friends.
Nobody really believed me.
They do now.
- Why is that?
- A lot more are gone now.
They get them at night.
I sleep at the shelter.
- At St. Vincent.
Thanks, kid.
You did good.
- Thanks, Mister.
[somber rock music]
[cameras shutter clicking]
- Look at this guy.
Rummaging through our crime
scene like it's a yard sale.
- Kyle, don't you have any
respect for the job we try to do?
- Crime scene?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I must have missed the
police tape you guys put up.
And you two are some of
the few I do have respect
for in your department.
- Just 'cause we give you exclusives,
and I yank drunk guys
off your ass in bars.
- Larry. [laughs]
That's not, well that
is kind of true, yeah.
But I still respect you guys.
- So did you find anything?
- You mean I'm really
here before any cops?
- We just got hint of
the case this morning.
- Apparently the other guys were busy,
so we got stuck with it.
- But these people have been missing
for the past couple of days.
Are you saying that no
one's been down here?
- That's not what we're saying.
- Other detectives have been here.
- They find anything?
- No, which is why we're here now.
- I'm thinking some guy
pulls up in a truck,
offers them food and stuff.
If they get in, he hauls 'em off.
- Wrong.
- It's as good a reason as anybody's.
- How about they were
attacked and carried off
by a group of women and
some guy in priest robes?
- That's pretty specific, Kyle.
- Because, Dom, that's
exactly what happened.
- [Larry] And how do you know this?
- An eyewitness.
- A sober eyewitness?
- Yes, she was sober.
- And do you believe her story?
- She says she was here.
And quite frankly, it's as good a theory
as some guy in a truck.
- Fair enough.
- Hey!
- So where is this witness?
- Kid's name is Ronnie.
You'll find her probably at St. Vincent's.
- We'll check out her story.
- So what's the switch up with
the detectives on this case?
- [Larry] Off the record?
- Sure.
- Nobody wants the case.
People don't care if the
homeless aren't around anymore.
- We were told to do the bare minimum
just so we could say it was
thoroughly investigated.
- Are you serious?
- That comes from higher
ups in the department.
- But the homeless are still people.
- I know that, and we're
gonna do the best job we can
to help find these people.
- Well, how did you get
stuck with this job?
- We're in the dog house.
Well, Larry is.
- What did you do?
- The rumor is, and I stress rumor,
that I slept with the
captain's 19-year-old daughter.
- And did you?
- Without evidence, it's just a rumor.
- Captain can't do anything without proof,
but he can give us every shit
detail nobody else wants.
- Maybe if you crack this case,
it'll get you back in his good graces.
- [Dom] You're a funny guy.
- I hope it was worth it.
- It was.
[cops chuckle]
- I'll keep in touch.
- Thanks, Kyle.
- Damn, I knew I came in too late.
- Come here.
I didn't expect to see you here today.
- Oh, I knew you were going in early,
but I just wanted to come by and see
that beautiful face for a minute.
- Aw, that's so sweet.
Thank you.
- It's the truth.
[lips smacking]
- But I've gotta hurry.
I'm running late.
- I know, I just wanted
to come by and say hi.
- [Rachel] How's your story coming?
- Oh, it's got its twists.
I think it could be the one.
Have there been any homeless people
coming into the ER lately?
- Not that I've heard, no.
- [Kyle] So nothing strange?
- Just the medical supply
building got broke into.
- Yeah, what was taken?
- Nothing that I know of,
I just thought it was odd.
- Hmm, sounds like
something to check into.
- I've got to go.
I am running very late.
[lips smacking]
But I am late.
I love you.
I gotta go.
- Okay, go, go.
- I'll call you later.
- All right, bye.
- Abducted by a group of women and a man
wearing priest robes.
- That's what the witness said.
- Did the cops corroborate any of this?
- No, they're doing bare bones on it.
They think no one cares.
- I'm not running this part of the story.
- Come on.
- Kyle, I like the rest of it.
I don't even mind the digs at the cops.
Although you may want
to tread lightly there.
Getting on the bad side of
the police can get dicey.
- I've been there more
times than I care to count.
- I bet you have.
Didn't you get run outta Vegas one time?
- [sighs] That wasn't me.
I've never been to Vegas.
- Oh, regardless, the police
aren't gonna be happy.
- Well, I wouldn't write
it if they did their jobs.
- Why are you so concerned
about these people?
- 'Cause they are people.
- [chuckles] I think you smell your ticket
back to New York if you can
break this as a big story.
- There isn't anything
wrong with that, is there?
- No.
- But think of this, when
the homeless are all gone,
more people will start to vanish.
People that will be missed.
This isn't going away.
- How do you know?
- I've got a sense when a
story is bigger than it seems.
- Well, for the sake of
the people in this town,
I hope you're wrong.
[soft instrumental music]
- Checkmate.
- Oh, excuse you.
- Sorry, Deeders.
Working on a big story.
- Yeah, I know.
My story that you horned in on.
- You pushed your way into my story.
- Facts like yours, your story will
never see the life of day.
- Listen here, Deeders.
I don't like you, I never have.
I can out-write you every day of the week.
And I'm gonna use this story
to prove it to everybody!
- Did you have Italian for lunch?
I'm smelling garlic, maybe some fish.
- Really?
- Gotta go.
- Oh you!
[Kyle groans]
[papers rustle]
[Susan grunts]
[suspenseful music]
[car horn honks]
- So what did the thieves take?
- It was weird what they took.
- What do you mean?
- Well, they took IVs,
plasma and rubber tubing.
- How's that strange?
- Well, we've been broken into a lot.
They always take needles
and such for drug use.
This time, they took a few needles.
But why the plasma?
- You had video surveillance, right?
Did you look at it?
- No, no video at all.
- Why is that?
- Look.
- What did they do, throw rocks at it?
[suspenseful music]
[mysterious whispering]
[suspenseful music]
[boxes crashing]
[suspenseful music]
I'm telling you, those security cameras
are 12 to 15 feet in the air,
and they look like they've
been grabbed and crushed.
- I think you've had one too many.
And, uh.
And where's that guy that
punched you in the mouth
when we need him?
- Jack, you should do stand up.
Your talents are being wasted.
- How did they crush them?
- No clue.
- Who cares?
- That's the thing.
I've got this feeling that it's somehow
connected with the missing homeless.
- How?
- No idea, I just feel it.
- You know what I feel?
I need another drink because bullshit's
getting deep in here.
- Oh.
[suspenseful music]
- Jimmy?
[suspenseful music]
Jimmy, you out here?
[suspenseful music]
[engine revving]
Thank you, Mrs. Andrews, for the number.
While I still have you on the line,
could I ask you a few questions
for the story on Father Michaels?
- Of course.
- How long have you known the father?
- Just a couple of weeks.
- [Kyle] How did you meet him?
- He came to a function I was attending,
and he enlightened my world.
- How so?
- With his teachings, he opened my eyes
to what the world is and
what the world could be.
- [Kyle] What could it be?
- All the pain and hurt
in the world can be gone,
and it can be a world
where the darkest night
could be as bright as the noonday sun.
- Okay.
- Well, I'm not doing it justice.
You'll just have to get him to explain it.
- So you think a lot of Father Michaels?
- Oh yes, very much so.
I would do anything for him.
- Well, Mrs. Andrews,
thank you for your time.
If I have any further
questions, I'll be in touch.
[buttons punching softly]
- Michaels' residence.
- Is Father Michaels available?
This is Kyle Deeders with the Gazette.
- Father Michaels is currently
unavailable right now.
- With whom am I speaking?
- I'm Boris, his personal assistant.
- Boris, Father Michaels
said I should call
and make an appointment to interview him.
- He's free tomorrow
evening, at say 8:00 PM.
- [Kyle] That would be great.
- The address is 796 Roanoke Road.
- Got it.
I'll be there.
Thank you.
[phone ringing]
Oh, hi, Larry.
Did you find that kid?
Not there, huh?
I hope she's okay.
Why would I be interested in a homicide
when I'm working on this homeless story?
Attacked by a group of women?
What's the address?
Got it, I'll see you there.
Kyle Deeders with the Gazette.
- No.
- Do you know who I am?
- Yes, and still no.
Dom, hey Dom!
- Let him in.
- Thanks.
- Asshole.
- Victim is one Dawn Shaw, age 36.
Time of death is approximately 3:26 AM.
Cause of death is unknown at this time.
- Here, here, here, here.
- Did she die here?
- Yep.
[camera shutter clicking]
- What's with the puncture marks?
- We'll have to have the
coroner tell us about that.
- Larry said she was
attacked by a group of women.
- Let the witness tell you.
Whack job, if you ask me.
Name's Chris Shaw, the husband.
This way.
Watch your step.
[footsteps thudding]
- Kyle.
- Larry.
- This is Mr. Shaw, he's
the victim's husband.
- Mr. Shaw, I am very sorry for your loss.
My name is Kyle Deeders with the Gazette.
Can you tell me what happened?
- Dawn was out with her friends.
Every couple of months they
would have a girls' night out.
I'd always wait up and make sure she
made it home before going to bed.
Anyway, Dawn started
screaming and yelling for me.
So I ran into the living room
and they were all over her.
- Who was?
- Those women.
There were seven or eight of them.
They were biting her.
I tried to pull them away,
but they were so strong.
I punched one as hard as I could,
but she just looked at me.
She grabbed me and she
threw me down the hallway.
- Threw you?
- I made that crack in the wall.
- That's gotta be a good 10 feet.
- And when I hit, this fell off the wall.
I grabbed it and it saved my life.
- How, did you use it like a weapon?
- No, It was the power of God.
It kept them away.
- Why is that?
- It's obvious.
[dramatic music]
They're vampires.
- Vam...
Mr. Shaw, are you saying that your wife
was killed by the undead?
By vampires?
- [cries] I wasn't able to save her.
Yes, they were vampires.
- Okay, thank you.
If you can think of anything
else, give me a call.
[door creaking]
[officers laughing]
You guys are a laugh riot.
- When he said vampires,
I told Larry to call you.
- Ah, your face was priceless.
It was all I could do to keep
from cracking up in there.
- So what killed the woman?
- Don't know, but I'm ruling out vampires.
- [Kyle] Yeah.
- I don't know what happened
but it traumatized Mr. Shaw
so much that he made that story up.
- It could be the people that are
taking the homeless though.
Bunch of women attacking someone?
- That's a long shot.
- Maybe.
[cars whooshing]
[distant radio music]
Huh, spot up front.
My lucky night.
[cellphone ringing]
- [Chris] Mr. Deeders, you have
to get over here right now.
- Get over where?
- [Chris] This is Chris Shaw.
Dawn, Dawn is back.
Please come.
- Wait, your dead wife is back?
- [Chris] Yes, I told
you they were vampires.
Could you please come?
- I'll be right there.
Hi, Larry.
Yes, I know what time it is.
Shaw just called me.
Says his dead wife just
came back as a vampire.
He says he has her trapped.
Yep, I'll meet you there.
[suspenseful music]
You boys are fast.
- We got here a little faster when we
found out Mrs. Shaw's body
is missing from the morgue.
- You gotta be shitting me?
- Nope.
- Is it possible she wasn't dead?
- Kyle, you saw her.
[hand knocking]
- This way, hurry!
I have her trapped in the basement.
- Mr. Shaw, who do you have
trapped in the basement?
- Dawn.
- Mr. Shaw, your wife is dead.
- I know that, she's one
of those, those things.
- Tell us what happened.
- I was in bed.
I heard a noise.
I knew it was her, she was coming for me.
She, she wanted to...
I used the cross and backed
her up into the basement.
I locked the door and called you guys.
Up until you knocked,
she's been talking to me through the door,
begging me to let her out.
- Okay, we'll check it out.
You stay back here.
[suspenseful music]
Mrs. Shaw, are you down there?
This is the police.
If anybody's down there,
make your presence known.
We're armed, and we will fire.
We're coming down now.
[suspenseful music]
Deeders, stay at the stairs.
[boxes crashing]
[thrilling music]
- Get on the ground!
Get on the fucking ground,
get on the fucking ground!
[boxes crashing]
[camera shutter clicking]
[Dawn grunting]
[Dawn growling]
[suspenseful music]
[gunshots blasting]
[Dawn grunting]
- Hey, bitch!
[gunshot blasting]
[blood squirting]
- Give me that!
- You shot her in the fucking head!
- Well, that's how you
kill vampires, isn't it?
- That's zombies.
- Well, it looks like it fucking worked.
[sighs] So we all need
to be on the same page
to explain this.
I mean, we saw her dead this afternoon.
- [Larry] You shot her
in the fucking head!
- [Dom] Stop stating the obvious.
- [Kyle] But that's not
how you kill a vampire.
- [Dom] A bullet to the
head will kill a zombie,
a vampire or fucking Mother Teresa.
Can we get on with how to explain this?
- [Kyle] What is there to explain?
She is a vampire!
- [Dom] Right, we'll just tell
the captain she's a vampire.
He'll buy that, no fucking problem.
- [Kyle] Do you have a better answer?
- [Dom] No, but I'm not telling anybody
she's a fucking vampire.
- [Kyle] Was she really dead?
- Obviously not, but she
is not a fucking vamp...
Oh fuck.
[Dawn growling]
[skin burning]
[Dawn screaming]
[Dawn grunting]
- What the fuck do we do now?
- It didn't happen.
- What?
- Did we get our asses
kicked by a dead woman.
- It happened.
- No, it didn't.
Nobody will believe it.
We forget about it.
- What do I do?
- If I were you, I would move.
- So you're telling me she's a vampire.
- I don't want to say that,
but all the facts point in that direction.
- Well, maybe you don't have all the facts
or the facts are different
from what you think.
- You're telling me she isn't a vampire.
- I'm telling you to dig deeper.
Don't just stop at one angle.
We don't know all the facts.
For example, how do we know she was
really dead to begin with?
- She laid there all afternoon.
No pulse, not breathing.
I'd say that was a fair indicator.
- There are drugs that can simulate death.
- George.
- I'm just saying.
Check all the possibilities.
For example, these people
taking the missing homeless.
How do we know the guy was even a priest?
- I suppose.
Oh shit, that reminds me.
I need to do some research
on Father Michaels
before my interview tonight.
Okay, let's see what we can find out
about Father Sebastian Roderick Michaels.
Here we go.
Michaels and his loyal followers
move around quite a bit.
[computer keys clicking]
Halloween come early?
- Ha ha, very funny.
I'm going undercover.
I'm spending the night on the
street as a homeless person.
- You shouldn't do that.
- Why not?
Afraid my story will have
more depth than yours?
- Oh yeah, that's it, I'm so afraid.
No, really, It's too dangerous out there.
- I'm a big girl, I can handle myself.
- I'm sure you can, but
I don't think you should.
Look, Susan, I'm not kidding.
There are things you don't know.
- Then I'm going to find out.
You can't stop me, I'm doing this.
- Okay, I tried.
- And as usual, you failed.
- Whatever.
Have fun.
- Ah.
I'll be bringing back a great article.
- Be a miracle if you come back at all.
[computer keys clicking]
They move around every four to six months.
I wonder.
[computer keys clicking]
No way.
Case closed.
Big Apple, here I come.
- Hello there.
- Well, hello there.
- How are you?
- Hello, you gorgeous thing, you.
- Oh, you're so sweet.
No I don't, uh, uh.
I have to get back to
work, I don't have time.
- I know you don't have time.
- But you texted me to come over.
- Because we're gonna celebrate tonight.
- Really, what for?
- The story about the
disappearing homeless people.
- Mm-hmm.
- I blew it wide open.
- Did you really?
- After tonight's exclusive interview.
- Uh huh.
- It's gonna be everywhere,
and it's gonna be big.
- That'd be so wonderful for you.
- So.
- Hmm.
- Why don't you come there after work.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll swing by and pick up dinner
at Tavola's and some wine.
- Ooh.
- Maybe even some champagne.
- Ah, look out.
You don't have to get dressed up either.
- Oh.
- No.
No, no, I gotta go.
[suspenseful music]
[car engine humming]
- Why doesn't this surprise me?
[footsteps thudding]
[hand knocking]
You know, this could be a bad idea.
New York, New York. [sighs]
[hand knocking]
[door creaking]
- Can I help you?
- I'm Kyle Deeders, the Gazette.
I have an appointment
with Father Michaels.
- Please, come in.
- Thank you.
[door creaking]
- Please wait here.
- Sure thing.
[suspenseful music]
- Oh God, ah!
[man groans]
- Father Michaels?
- Don't understand why
people fear zombies.
They're so slow and weak.
- A Mr. Deeders is here
to see you now, sir.
- Hmm. [laughs]
Thank you, Boris.
- The dead are coming
back to life.
[hard rock music]
- Mr. Deeders, how nice to see you again.
- Likewise.
- Please have a seat, hmm?
- You don't mind if I record
the interview, do you?
- No, not at all, but no photographs.
- No photographs.
May I ask how a priest can afford
such a beautiful place as this?
[Father Michaels laughs]
- I don't own this home.
Ms. Andrews owns this home.
It's been in her family for years.
She's graciously letting us stay here.
- That's very generous of her.
- She's one of several
benefactors from your community
who's pledged financial
donations to my causes.
- What are your causes?
- I like to help
communities grow and thrive.
I like to help the less fortunate.
- Like the homeless?
- Hmm.
Yes, the homeless.
I like to take the
lifeblood of the community
and mold it into a
better living situation.
- Are you affiliated
with a church somewhere?
- My congregation follows me.
They live here with me.
- Wow, how many are there?
- We have 12 currently,
but we're always growing.
- May I interview some of them?
- Mm, I'm afraid not.
Most have physical disfigurements,
and they don't like to be around others.
- I understand.
So I did some research.
You move around every few months.
- Hmm, yes, I like to help
as many people as possible.
Don't you think, hmm?
So yes, we do move often.
- McKeesport, Pennsylvania.
Easley, South Carolina.
North Little Rock, Arkansas.
Beaumont, Texas, and
the list goes on and on.
Very impressive.
- As is your research.
Thank you.
- I also noticed that in those cities
there was a sharp decline
in the homeless population.
- Really, hmm?
Well, I'd assume the work we did
had something to do with it.
- Oh, I'm sure of it.
The homeless population practically
disappeared from each city.
[Father Michaels laughs]
I think that credit belongs to you, 100%.
- [laughs] I can't take
full credit for it.
- Father, you're being too modest.
I've got a gut feeling that you
are the driving force behind it all.
- Mr. Deeders, I find you to
be a very interesting man.
And I look forward to
continuing this conversation
in the near future.
- Continuing the conversation?
- I have a prior engagement
that slipped my mind
until this very moment.
Boris will show you out.
- Well, Father, I appreciate your time.
- We'll finish this
conversation in the near future.
- Have a good night, Father.
- Likewise.
[suspenseful music]
[Kyle exhales]
[suspenseful music]
- I did it.
I got him dead to rights, and he knows it.
I walked out of there all in one piece.
Celebrate tonight, write the story
that's gonna blow this case wide open.
Start looking for New
York job offers next week!
Hi, babe.
I'm on my way to La Tavola's.
Should be there in about an hour.
Yes, it's definitely a celebration.
Love you.
See you in a few.
[suspenseful music]
[car engine humming]
[door bangs]
- Interesting interview,
don't you think, hmm?
- Yes, Master.
- I believe Mr. Deeders thinks
he knows all my secrets.
- Yes, Master.
- Summon the girls.
- Yes, Master.
[suspenseful music]
[Kyle whistles]
- Fuck.
[vampires hissing]
- Take them to his house.
I want you to bring the reporter
to me and I want him alive.
Kat, you're in charge.
[vampires hissing]
- I will not let you down, Master.
- Yes, it's just going very slowly.
These lugnuts seem like they're rusted on.
No, no, no, no, it's okay.
The restaurant is keeping
the food warm for us.
Probably another hour.
Love you too.
Fucking cars.
[wind howling]
[distant banging]
[distant banging]
[distant banging]
[thrilling music]
[branch banging]
[suspenseful music]
[mysterious scratching]
- He must be feeding that
neighbor's cat again.
[Rachel gasps]
[glass shatters]
[women laugh]
[Rachel groans]
[glass shards cracking]
Ah, Jesus! [groans]
[women laugh]
[feet slide]
[Rachel cries]
[women laugh]
[Rachel shouts]
- [Vampire] You're gonna die.
- Oh Jesus, please. [screams]
[Rachel screams]
[vampires laugh]
[vampires hissing]
[vampire hissing]
- What is this, hmm?
[Rachel cries]
- It is his woman.
- Did I ask you for his woman?
- No Master, but he was not there.
So I thought if we took
her, he would come to us.
- So you thought, did you?
Did I ask you to think?
Did I?
[Rachel screaming]
[blood squirting]
[body thuds]
I will miss you terribly.
[head thuds]
[vampires laughing]
[Rachel whimpering]
Yes, he will come for you.
We need to get you ready for
him, don't you think, hmm?
[Father Michaels laughs]
- [Rachel] No!
[suspenseful music]
[food thuds]
- Rachel!
- Okay, one more fucking time.
You can't think of anybody
else out to get you.
- Why are we still going over this?
You two have kept me
here for over 10 hours.
- Deeders, we need the truth in order
to find your girlfriend, man.
- I've told you the truth
over and over again.
- Bullshit, I think you know
more than you're telling us.
- I'm done talking.
Unless you charge me with
something, I'm outta here!
- You're not being charged,
but don't leave town.
- No problem.
- Fucking prick.
[door creaking]
[suspenseful music]
- Kyle, wait up.
- We heard about Rachel.
- I need your help.
- What do you need from us?
- I know who has her.
- Great, did you tell the detectives?
- No, because you two are the only ones
that will believe me.
The leader of the vampires has her.
- Oh, come on.
- You saw one of them, you
shot her in the fucking head.
- Hey, quiet about that.
- Look, I need your help.
If you don't help me, I'm
still going in by myself.
- What do you need from us?
- They have her in a
mansion up by Mulberry Hill.
I need you two to help
me search the place.
We need to be in and out before sundown.
- We'll follow you up there.
- But we're not doing anything
that can cost us our jobs.
- Fine, whatever.
We need to move.
[zipper clattering]
Holy water.
- What are we supposed to do with this?
- You use it to kill a vampire.
You drive it through it's heart.
- No way, we're not killing anybody.
- Take it or don't, but it
might end up saving your life.
- Where did you even get these?
- I had these made before I
had my interview with Michaels.
- Okay, what's the plan?
- We find a way in, find Rachel,
and kill any vampire who gets in our way.
- We can't go in there
without a search warrant.
- What about probable cause?
- You don't have any reason
to believe she's in there.
We could lose our badges.
- How about we just go
up and knock politely.
See if we gain access that way.
- Do what you want.
I'm gonna go around
back and try to get in.
The sun's going down.
They're going to be waking up.
We don't have much time.
[trunk door bangs]
[stake rattles]
- You're not gonna take that?
- Hell no.
[stake rattles]
- All right, I'll see you in.
[suspenseful music]
[zipper clatters]
[tool clangs]
[suspenseful music]
[footsteps thudding]
[fist banging]
Maybe there's no one home.
- Or maybe there is.
[door creaking]
- Hi, my name's Detective Smith.
This is Detective Jones.
May we come inside?
- Of course.
How can I help you?
- We have a report that a
missing woman may be here.
- I can assure you nobody's here
that's not supposed to be here.
- You won't mind if we
take a look around then.
- Actually I would.
You see, Father Michaels
and the congregation
are currently in deep meditation,
and they cannot be disturbed at this time.
- We'll be really quiet.
- I'm sorry.
It's my job to make sure
they're not to be bothered.
I'm gonna have to ask
the two of you to leave.
- My job is to find that woman,
and I'm going to search this house.
- Not without a search warrant.
Do you have a search warrant, detective?
- No, but I've got probable cause.
- I don't think so, nothing
that'll hold up in court.
If you try to search this house,
I will have your badge.
- Listen here, you son of a bitch.
- No, let's go.
We'll get a warrant.
[door creaking]
- We will be back.
- Have a nice day.
[lock clicks]
[fist bangs]
- So what now?
- I don't think we can get a
warrant based on what we have.
- No, I don't think we can either.
But we can't leave Kyle hanging.
- Wait, you see that?
- What?
- Somebody's breaking into
the back of that mansion.
We need to check that out.
- Absolutely.
Oh shit.
- What?
- Look at the sun.
- Fuck.
[suspenseful music]
[door creaking softly]
[door creaking]
[Kyle gasps]
[suspenseful music]
- The sun is gone.
- We're so fucked.
- You still want to go in?
- No, but we've got no choice.
- You got your cross?
- Like I said, we're so fucked.
[suspenseful music]
- [Man] Please don't.
Please don't.
- Jimmy.
- Kyle.
- Do you, you think you could walk?
- I can damn well try.
- Susan.
Susan, can you hear me?
- [Susan] Deeders?
[Jimmy groans]
- Can you get up?
Where's the rest?
- Dead, the fuckers sucked them dry.
[Susan groans]
- They hooked us up to
IVs till those ran out.
- [Kyle] I told you
this was too dangerous.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I got a hell of a story now.
- Glad I could help.
[suspenseful music]
[coffin lid creaking]
[coffin lid creaking]
[coffin lid creaking]
[suspenseful music]
Susan, can you lead them outta here?
- Oh, I think so.
Are you not leaving?
- He has Rachel.
- Oh God.
I can stay.
- You guys are too weak to help.
Just get them outta here.
- Okay.
- I came in that way,
but I can't remember the way after that.
- We'll find a way out.
You just go get Rachel, okay.
- Kyle, thank you for saving us.
- Oh, you would've done the same.
- I want to give you something.
It might come in handy.
- You had this all the time.
Why didn't you try to use it?
- I couldn't reach it.
Good luck, my friend.
- You too.
[suspenseful music]
[door creaking]
- Where the hell is Deeders?
[loud banging]
- What the fuck was that?
- I don't know.
Let's just keep going.
[suspenseful music]
[dramatic music]
[vampire hissing]
[people shouting]
[neck cracking]
[vampires hissing]
Where's that coming from?
- I'm not sure.
[door rattling]
[vampire grunting]
[woman screaming]
[blood squirting]
[vampire grunting]
[door banging]
[people shouting]
[Jimmy shouts]
[head thuds]
[Jimmy groans]
[thrilling music]
[man shouts]
[jaw snaps]
[man screaming]
[limbs cracking]
[Susan choking]
- Let's go that way.
[thrilling music]
[suspenseful music]
Down or straight?
- Down.
[suspenseful music]
- I believe you two are
breaking the law by being here.
- Get back.
- Idiots.
[gunshot blasting]
I'm human.
[gunshot blasting]
- Good.
How bad is it, man?
- It caught me.
He only hit me in the arm.
- Can you move?
- Nah, it hurts like a
bitch, but I'm with you.
[Father Michaels roaring]
[suspenseful music]
- [Father Michaels] Finally
awake, Mr. Deeders, hmm?
All your friends are gone.
No help is coming.
What will you do, hmm?
It doesn't seem fair, does it?
Let it not be said that I'm not fair
when it comes to a fight.
There are your weapons.
Wondering if it's a trap, hmm?
It's not.
Go to them.
They've not been tampered
with, I assure you.
Now, I wasn't totally honest with you
when I said you were all alone.
Enjoy your reunion.
Drink you later. [laughs]
- [Rachel] Kyle, honey.
- Rachel.
- [Rachel] I'm here, my love.
- Are you okay?
- [Rachel] Mm-hmm, I've never been finer.
Father Michaels has shown
me a whole new life.
- Oh God.
Oh, Rachel.
I'm so sorry.
[Kyle cries]
Oh God.
- Please don't cry.
I don't want to see you sad.
[Kyle cries]
Please don't.
Please don't cry.
After last night, I
thought you'd be so happy.
- What did that bastard do to you?
- He took me from the life I knew.
It's okay.
I promise, it won't hurt.
[solemn music]
- I love you.
[Rachel hissing]
[Rachel groans]
- No, no. [groans]
No, no.
- God!
[mallet thumping]
- No, please stop.
[mallet thumping]
[mallet rattles]
[Kyle cries]
Thank you.
- Oh God.
My sweetheart.
[Kyle cries]
Oh, baby. [cries]
[lips smacking]
[thrilling music]
- Kyle!
- Oh, oh God.
Oh, I thought you guys were dead.
- Not yet.
We heard screams.
- The rest of the homeless and Susan.
- Did you find Rachel?
- She's dead.
- I'm so sorry.
- Okay, Kyle, get the hell outta here.
We need back up.
- I'm not going anywhere
until I kill that bastard!
- That's not smart.
- I don't care!
- Kyle, we need more men.
- If we don't stop him now, he gets away!
[women laughing]
- What was that?
- Something not good.
- This way.
[women laughing]
- [Vampire Woman] You're gonna die.
- Not today.
[women laughing]
[women chattering]
Get your crosses out.
- Well, they didn't work on the last guy.
[vampires hissing]
[vampires hissing]
[vampires laughing]
Let's do this, you fucking undead bitches!
[stake thudding]
[vampires grunting]
- Now what?
- I'm not sure.
- Do you have any more stakes?
- I hope.
- Give me another one.
[vampires grunting]
[stakes rattling]
[vampires grunting]
Get back, Larry!
[Dom groans]
[vampires laughing]
[vampire hissing]
[teeth crunch]
[Dom groans]
[vampires laughing]
[vampire groans]
[stake thuds]
[vampires laughing]
[stake thuds]
- [Father Michaels] Enough, leave them!
[thrilling music]
- Hang in there, buddy.
- Is he still alive?
- I think he's in shock.
- Call for help.
These will protect you
until they get here, I hope.
- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna finish this.
[thrilling music]
- This is Detective Smith.
I've got an officer down at my location.
- No, you're not getting away!
[thrilling music]
[Kyle groans]
- You destroyed half of my family.
Did you think I would run, hmm?
From the likes of you?
[Father Michaels laughs]
[Kyle groans]
You idiot, I'm a priest.
We don't fear crosses.
[Kyle groans]
[wrist cracks]
[Kyle groans]
I must say, I find this
immensely satisfying.
- Fuck you.
- What's the matter?
The night did not go the
way you planned, hmm?
- You think you're so superior.
With that smug look on your face.
Someone needs to knock that
smile right off your face!
- And it won't be you.
[head butts]
How dare you!
[head thuds]
[Kyle groans]
[thrilling music]
[shovel clangs]
[Kyle groans]
[body thuds]
[Kyle groans]
[thrilling music]
[Kyle groans]
[Kyle groans]
[thrilling music]
[boot thuds]
[Father Michaels hisses]
[Kyle groans]
[mouth spits]
[Father Michaels groans]
[stake thuds]
[Father Michaels groans]
[Father Michaels choking]
[thrilling music]
[bell tolling]
[hard rock music]
Bless me Father for I have sinned
I find myself in trouble again
I try to fight, it's
spinning out of control
This lust inside of
me, deep in my soul
Please God in heaven, is it too late
Or have I gone and sealed my fate
Sister Christian, take my hand
And lead me onto the promised land
Only heaven knows
Feel your heart beating
as your life slips away
Gotta feed this hunger
before night turns to day
Say it's a blessing,
to me it's a curse
That feeling inside
to quench my thirst
Sweet God in heaven, is it too late
Or have I gone and sealed my fate
Sister Christian, take my hand
And lead me onto the promised land
Only heaven knows
Sweet God in heaven, is it too late
Or have I gone and sealed my fate
Sister Christian, take my hand
And lead me onto the promised land
Only heaven knows
Sweet God in heaven, is it too late
Or have I gone and sealed my fate
Sister Christian, take my hand
And lead me onto the promised land
Only heaven knows