Deadlock (2021) Movie Script

[crows cawing]
[Tanner] It was literally
one of the most traumatizing
I've ever had in
my whole goddamned life.
[person] Turn that shit down.
Ain't gonna tell you guys again.
[Tanner] It was probably my 8th birthday.
My mother was yelling at me.
She was like, "Hey, you clown. Why
don't you go to the fucking clown prison
or the circus is gonna come
over here and take you away
with all the rest of you
and the rest of the clowns."
That's what she kept telling me,
because my mom was a clown,
just like you two clowns,
playing this NSA bullshit.
That's what it is, you clowns.
Two fucking clowns!
Goddamn it,
I gotta take a shit.
[rock music playing
on speakers]
All right, you guys ready?
Rakestraw, you and me,
we're taking the front.
- Bledsoe, Manningham, around the rear.
- Copy.
Let's take these fuckers down.
[Fulbright] Hey!
Get down, get down, get down, get down!
- Get down, get down, get down!
- [gunfire]
Get the fuck down!
Get the fuck down!
Put your fucking hands
in the fucking air!
Shots fired, officer down.
Officer down.
[helicopter whirring]
- [chattering]
- [police radio chatter]
One more step.
[radio chatter continues]
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
[Rakestraw] He had a gun.
Not on us.
No, wasn't our fault.
[Rakestraw] We were just
doing our jobs.
Just doing our job.
[newscaster] Breaking news
coming out of Fitzgerald County.
Cops performed a drug bust on a
suspected meth house earlier today.
A small team
led by Sergeant Fulbright
found the tenants armed
and were fired at upon entry.
Fulbright and his team
returned fire,
killing three of the four
One officer was injured,
but is in stable condition.
Located at 1308 Peach Avenue,
officers say the drug
was one of several
on their list of targets.
Sean Whitlock
was taken into custody,
facing charges
of drug possession
and assault
with a deadly weapon.
Sean's brother Kyle Whitlock
- was among those killed in the gunfight.
- [knocking on door]
Sources say they lived
in a two-family home,
sharing it with the other
two suspects killed on sight.
- An investigation is ongoing.
- [knocking continues]
Ronald Whitlock?
- Maybe.
- I'm not sure if you heard,
but there's been an incident.
Is there a problem, sir?
What kind of
question is that, son?
There's no need
for the attitude.
Cops killed them.
A bit more complicated
than that.
It's crystal clear to me.
I think both of you should
get the fuck out of here
before I... I do something
really bad.
[officer groans]
I got a wife and two kids.
So did I.
- [alarm beeping]
- [Mack groans] Oh, my head.
- [seagulls squawking]
- Ooh my, this is a bad one.
Hey, Cal, how much did we drink
last night, baby?
You didn't get in no fight,
you didn't make out with nobody.
And we didn't drive.
That's a win.
Oh, this is a bad one, Cal.
Oh, come on, man.
Fuck it.
- What's up, Mack?
- [ship horn blows]
Come on, Tanner.
You look like shit.
Said the crackhead
on the front porch.
What the hell you want?
Seeing if I could bump a smoke,
grab a few bucks.
You ever think
of getting cleaned up?
[Tanner] Yeah.
Did you hear the big news?
Nah, what?
The cops,
they arrested the wrong guy,
Kyle Whitlock,
he's innocent, man.
And they killed Sean, dude.
Oh, yeah?
How you know that?
I was there.
It's a cover-up.
And the aliens are
taking over the government.
Man, is it cool if I hang out
here for a few hours?
Thanks, Mack.
You got it, Tanner.
[no audible dialogue]
Right, let's keep moving it.
Roll on, roll on.
Oh shit.
Hey, man.
Morning, Mack.
Good to see you, man.
I heard you
tied one on last night.
- Well, good morning to you too, Decks.
- [chuckles]
Hey, you let me
see your badge, man.
- Let's get you in here.
- All right.
There you go.
All right, let me see.
Okay, now... Oh, shit.
Wait a minute.
It says your badge
is expired today, man.
If you're gonna stay on,
you're gonna need to go see
human resources
- and get a new badge.
- Oh, come on, Decks.
Ah, you can handle that, man.
That's how it works.
All right.
Have a good one.
All right, next.
Roll on, roll on.
Come on, let's go.
Here we go.
Good morning, Mack.
You still here?
Oh yeah.
Loving every minute of it.
Damn, girl, you about to pop.
Any minute, I'll tell ya,
just over here, having a ball.
[Mack] I'll bet. Hey, Paula.
You tell your old man for me,
I ain't paying that speeding ticket.
All right, Mack,
I'ma tell him.
No, no, for real.
Oh, come on.
- Well.
- Yeah.
Come on, let's go.
Keep it moving, keep it moving.
This is not your first rodeo.
There we go.
There we... Holy shit.
Look who it is.
M-A-C-K Karr,
Mr. Touchdown.
What up, baby?
You know,
last night,
you were ranting and raving
about how you're about to
light up for the territories.
I know what I said, Blaylock.
I was there, damn it. Just...
- you know, had a change of heart.
- Change of heart?
- Since when? Since last night?
- Oh. Ha-ha!
Come on, let's go, keep it moving.
This ain't your first rodeo, there we go.
I did not think I'd see
your ass in work today.
You were saddled up with me
at the bar last night.
And I only remember
drinking beer.
Oh no, brother,
we went hard after that.
I didn't know any better,
I'd think somebody slipped me
a Mickey.
Why don't you take the day off?
Go home.
Oh come on, Boone.
We're cut from tougher cloth than that.
Rangers lead the way, brother.
All the way, baby.
[phone ringing]
- [Skip] Security.
- [Cranbrook] Hey, Skip. Cranbrook.
Fitzgerald Hydroelectric.
how is it looking, man?
Good, really good.
Except one small school bus
coming in.
That's about it.
[Skip] All right,
I got eyes on you, man.
Great. Appreciate you.
[people chattering]
Uh, look at that.
Bummed me
with a pair of twos.
What'd you get, Cranbrook?
- Howdy, Mack.
- Oh hey.
What they got you on today?
Well, they got me over at
Floodgate 8.
Did you hear back from UGA?
- No. Guess I'm just gonna have to keep welding by day.
- [Sophia] Hey, Amy.
Did you hear back from GT?
- I'll see you around, Mack.
- Yeah.
I don't know why
she does me like that.
Well, GT is Georgia Tech.
So, Amy's hoping for Georgia
Bulldog Graduate School.
I heard you made a scene
last night at the juke joint.
A scene?
Moi? No.
Hollering about leaving.
Mack, you've only
been back for a month.
- Did you get the box I sent?
- Yeah.
I mean, did you have to send
all the pictures, Soph, I mean?
You know, didn't you at least
wanna keep a couple?
I kept one or two.
Just in case you don't come back
from one of those trips
you take with
your old Special Forces buddies?
Well, we all can't be
corporate types like Smith,
now can we?
- Mack, don't start.
- Now I get it.
- So if I had learned just a little bit less than you...
- Okay, stop.
- About running this place...
- Mack, stop.
No, no, and gone head to
head with you
for the position
of plant director,
and beat you out...
then we'd be together.
- Is that what you're telling me?
- No.
If you had just stopped
being a dick,
then we'd be together.
- Oh.
- But we both know that's not gonna happen, now do we?
I'm so much more qualified to run
this place than him and you know it.
You left me, remember?
Is there a problem here?
No, we all good.
Who ate your breakfast,
Come on, now.
Have a great day.
See you later.
[students chattering]
Come on, hi.
Okay, welcome
to Fitzgerald Hydroelectric.
Raise your hand if you've
ever been inside a dam?
Okay. Who's ready?
- Hey, you got this, 'cause I got to hit the john?
- Right on time.
Hey, you gotta keep it
regular, right?
Base, this is Checkpoint Alpha.
We got anybody else
coming in today?
Hello, Base?
Are you there?
Base, do you copy?
Hello? Hello?
What the hell?
[shouts] Base?
Tried to get you
to join the team, Jared.
Boone's on line.
[guard] Wait, you... Ah!
- What the hell is going on?
- Call Cranbrook. Tell him to put us on a Level Three alert.
And tell him to call
Homeland Security.
This is Smith,
get me the NSA immediately.
[phone ringing]
Pick up.
Pick up, pick up.
Cranbrook, answer, goddamn it.
Get up! Get your hands up!
Hurry up, move, move!
- Move your ass downstairs!
- Hurry up!
[both] Get your hands up!
Get your fucking hands up!
Move, move, move.
Hey, motherfucker,
hands up, hands up!
Hands up.
Downstairs, get downstairs.
[phone ringing]
- Hey Skip. Cranbrook.
- [Skip] Smith was trying to call us, but his line went dead.
- Everything good?
- [Cranbrook] I saw the deactivation, sorry about that.
We had one more school bus trickle
in that we didn't know about.
- [Skip] Weird, hopefully they aren't in the way too much.
- [Cranbrook] Yeah.
[Skip] Well, holler
if you need anything.
[Cranbrook] Yeah,
should be back on now.
All right,
you have a great day.
Holy shit.
Okay, okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay.
Oh no, mm-mmm.
I did not sign up for this shit.
Especially not for no
whack-ass dam, mm-mmm.
- [soldier 1] Let me see your hands!
- [soldier 2] Against the wall!
- [soldier 1] Get your hands up!
- [soldier 2] Against the wall!
[soldier 3] Against the wall,
hands up!
Don't you say a word either.
You just stand there and shut up!
[soldier 4] Let's go, let's go, come on.
Against the wall.
You wanna tell me what
the hell is going on here?
You'll find out
soon enough.
Who's got eyes on Smith?
I wanna talk to him.
I wanna talk to him right now!
Tried to warn you about
that last union contract.
I got him.
It's not personal.
This is Smith,
the police are on the way.
[Ron] Oh Smith,
this is our first disagreement.
A few more and it won't be good.
Show me Paula.
Paula Fulbright.
[Boone] Phone down!
Come on, get out, get out.
Please, no.
Jesus Christ, Boone,
what the hell are you doing?
She's pregnant
and there are kids here today.
Your point?
You're not as tough
as you think.
Two for flinching.
Hey, come here.
Take this, take this.
You, watch her.
- Get in here.
- Grab her.
Get over there,
against the wall.
Against the wall.
Both of 'em.
[Ron] Round 'em up.
Including the children.
- Move, move, move, move!
- Let's go, move it.
Move. Come on, let's go.
- Hands up.
- Hands up.
[Boone] Get 'em down here now!
Get 'em down!
Get over here.
- [soldier] Get in there!
- Get these kids over here right now.
Move your ass.
I said, move your ass.
- Hey! Hey!
- Move it!
- How could you do this?
- What happened wasn't right.
- You know that, too.
- Were you there?
Now's not the time
to get smart with me.
Get the fuck out of my face.
Get these kids over there!
- Get over! Move!
- Move right now!
[soldiers shouting]
Get down on your fucking knees!
Get on your knees!
Now you listen to me.
If I see one small move,
we're gonna be sending you home in a
body bag to your mama and your papa.
You hear me?
We are not joking!
Are you okay? He needs help.
Boone, Boone, he needs help.
What do you want me to do, huh?
- I don't...
- [Ron] Bring me Smith.
Roger that.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You got 'em.
[Sophia] It's okay.
We're gonna get you help, okay?
We're gonna figure this out.
Is everyone okay?
We're gonna be okay.
All right, tough guy, you're up.
- Where are you taking me?
- Shut the fuck up.
Hey, get me!
[Gator on radio]
Holliday, Connecticut...
Dam teams, check in.
Holliday, Connecticut,
dam team, check in.
Anybody got eyes on
Connecticut or Holliday?
[Boone] Move.
I said, move your ass.
- All employees are now hostages.
- Good.
I want a head count.
Make sure my men are here
and accounted for.
Make sure we have a perimeter.
I don't wanna have
any cops here.
- [Boone] Roger that.
- All right.
[soldier 1] Where'd he go?
[soldier 2] Let's check
over here.
[soldier 1] Anybody see?
- [metallic clanking]
- [soldier 2] He's not here.
[soldier 1] Clear up here.
Check the stairway.
[soldier 2] Got it.
Nothing on 'em.
Shut up, shut up.
Shut the fuck up.
Sorry, brother.
Whoa, whoa,
don't shoot, it's me.
Blaylock. What the hell are you
doing in the damn bathroom, man?
I don't know,
I was in here doing my business.
I heard gun shots,
so I popped my head out.
And I'm seeing soldiers
pushing people around.
Some security guard you are.
They got guns.
You got a goddamn gun.
Yeah, but they got better guns.
- Did you call it in?
- [Blaylock] Got no signal.
Shit. They must have jammed it.
I mean, what the hell
do these guys want anyway?
How the hell am I
supposed to know?
Fuck! I didn't sign up
for this shit.
What are we gonna do?
Aren't you like ex-military or something?
And then some.
Come on.
Hey, Cranbrook,
where you at?
Just chilling at Starbucks,
you want something?
Where the fuck
you think I'm at?
Where's the welder?
[Cranbrook] Welder?
Yeah, fucking Mack Karr,
where's he at?
I know what's going on,
you fucked up.
Mack Karr's not supposed
to be here today, idiot.
[Gator] You look at those
fancy screens in front of you?
I ain't seeing shit, Gator.
Fuck, waste of time.
I'm going to the dam. This is useless.
- We got kids here today?
- Yeah.
- How many?
- I don't know, about 20.
Shit. Sophia with them?
I believe so.
[Smith] What is it?
- We can work something out.
- [laughs]
- Listen, my family...
- I know about your family.
I don't want your damn money.
You're an entitled little prick,
like a... an annoying rich kid.
You think soldiers are free?
I got plenty of money.
And I'll spend all of it.
That's who the fuck I am.
All right.
So all this is
about you fighting the system?
That's right.
Something you know
nothing about.
Enter your override code.
[Smith] Excuse me?
You heard what the fuck I said.
Enter your code.
[Smith] And what if I don't?
If you don't enter your code,
I'll make a small gesture
with my finger like this.
And then you'll have
a nice little bullet
rattling around in
your fucking skull.
Get the fuck over there.
Do it.
There's a good boy.
Now, pull up
the floodgate override.
I strongly advise that
we don't do that.
- Open Gate 3.
- [Smith] That will cause flooding.
The water level will raise too much.
Please don't make me do that.
Did it sound like
I was asking you?
Listen. There are 100,000
people that live in this county.
Families, homes, businesses,
they will all get destroyed.
Do you understand
people will die?
Good. This is my legacy.
Your legacy?
- You're a fucking crazy man.
- [Ron] Thank you.
You should try
a little bit of crazy.
I'll flood this whole place.
[grunts, coughs]
See now, I told you,
two for flinching.
Now, open the fucking gate.
[person on phone] Operations.
Yeah, this is Smith, 4-7-6.
Open Gate 3.
I just caused a lot of damage.
That's right.
Your daddy could have billions more...
it still wouldn't help.
I would flood this whole
fucking town.
Everyone would drown,
even me.
You're a sick man.
Yeah, we'll talk
about that later.
Will we?
Oh, I already mentioned that.
Roll the camera.
I want all of 'em to see me.
Here we go.
Live from Bumfuck, Georgia.
All right, everybody.
I hope you're settled in.
If all goes well,
the floodgates will be closed.
if things don't go to my...
my satisfaction,
it's gonna be Hurricane Katrina
all over again.
But this time,
here in South Georgia.
Let's get on with it.
Ms. Fulbright.
Where you at, Cankles?
All right. Let's go, Paula.
No! [sobbing]
Package is en route.
- Outstanding.
- [door opens]
Three of ours are KIA.
Two workers are unaccounted for.
What did you do?
You recruit pussies?
Mack Karr, Army Ranger.
- Is it real?
- Yeah.
Working at a fucking dam?
I'm just now hearing
about this guy?
Why don't you ask
your inside man?
He won't be a problem.
[Ron] He's already a problem.
Yeah, he wasn't in my sector.
- Kiss my Cuban ass.
- Shut up.
Yeah, you sissies wanna
fight in a playground?
Fine, find him.
Right now.
Roger that.
[Gator] Hey.
What's with you
and Mack Karr?
There's nothing with me
and Mack Karr.
What are you guys,
butt buddies or something?
Whatever Ron's paying you,
it's too much.
Do you know who I am?
I don't know you at all.
You're just collateral damage.
Boys, let's get her a phone.
An outside line
and a box of tissues.
She's gonna need it.
[soldier on radio] All available
sentries move to the junkyard, now.
Move, move, move. Move it.
- Come on, let's go.
- Move!
You should have seen my wife
when she was pregnant.
She was nearly bedridden.
No way, she couldn't have
handled this.
Boy or girl?
It's a girl.
[Mack] Watch the sniper.
Come on, Blaylock!
Come on, Blaylock, take cover.
Where now?
There's a boat,
there's a boat.
Mack! Sniper on the roof!
- Untie the fucking boat!
- Yeah, I'm trying, just give me cover!
[Blaylock] Why don't we go to
the other side and just get help?
[Mack] We leave now,
them kids' chances go from slim to none.
- [coughing]
- Just breathe, just breathe, okay?
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck is this?
What is this, show and tell?
Get the fuck back!
You want me to show you what
a bullet can do to a human body?
He's dying, Boone.
We need to call an ambulance.
That can't happen, not yet.
Can I get someone
from the medical team
down to the cafeteria
You disgust me.
[both panting]
[soldier on radio] They got off the
dock at the other facility. Move in.
Got it, I'm on it.
You got a name?
Either Lynn or Laura.
Oh, that's beautiful.
It was my sister's name,
she passed away.
I'm... I'm very sorry.
Natural causes?
It was a drunk driver.
Hit and run outside Austin.
That's terrible.
Did they get the guy?
It was a she.
And yeah, she's up for parole
in five years.
Stings, doesn't it?
I need you to do me a favor.
I need you to call your husband.
You tell him exactly what I say.
[phone ringing]
- Hey, babe.
- [Paula] Hey.
I need you just to stop
by the dam real quick
- when you get a chance.
- [Fulbright] Yeah?
Um, yeah, yeah,
I guess I can swing there.
Everything all right?
- We've gotten some calls about the water levels rising.
- Yeah.
- Everything's fine.
- All right, sweetie.
- I'll see you soon, okay?
- Okay, see you soon.
Hey, chief. I'm gonna head up to the
dam, take my wife something.
[chief] All right, be careful.
Call you if I need you.
Copy that.
I appreciate that, Paula.
Do you have, uh, a preschool?
Well, you gotta get on that.
All right, gentlemen,
what's the latest on the welder?
Take that ladder.
Come on.
- Come on, man.
- Yeah, man, I'm trying.
[Gator] Mack!
Where are you, you annoying bastard?
Fuck that.
Hey, you go up there,
he's gonna pick us up
one by one.
Hey, Mack Karr!
You hear me,
you son of a bitch?
How about you, Tommy Blaylock?
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
[soldier on radio]
Hold your fire. Let's move.
Gator, boss wants an update.
He's not my boss,
he's my client.
Do you have eyes on Mack?
He's idle on the plant.
We go up there,
we're sitting ducks.
Then I suggest you find
alternative access, hoss.
That guy.
[Cranbrook] Gator, Fulbright's
approaching the gate.
Don't let the welder move.
I'm gonna take care of the cop.
One cop?
They sent only one cop?
You gotta be shitting me.
And it's Fulbright?
That son of a bitch gave me
a speeding ticket last week.
Bet he's in on it.
[Gator] This is Red Five,
got a present for you Alpha.
What was that?
I'm just a security guard.
[Mack] Hey, hey, hey.
- You're not just a security guard, man.
- I'm not?
- No, Blaylock, you're the fucking man.
- I am?
That's right. And that's why you're
gonna take this walkie-talkie
and you're gonna go
and you're gonna get that bus,
and you're gonna take the bus,
and you're gonna go to the front entrance,
and you're gonna get them kids
out of here.
- By myself?
- That's right.
- Why?
- Because I'm the man?
Because you're the fucking man.
And when you get there,
you're gonna go to channel five
and you're gonna
call me till you get me.
- You're the fucking man.
- I'm the man.
I'm the motherfucking man.
- [soldiers shouting]
- Hey, hey, hey, what the hell's going on?
Remember me?
- Ah, fuck.
- Let's go, buddy.
Get off me, get off me.
- Get the gun!
- Get the gun!
Take him.
Talk to me, Red Five.
- [Gator] Got Fulbright.
- Outstanding.
Bring his sorry ass here.
The main computer room.
And hurry up.
I got a bone to pick with him.
[all screaming]
[all murmuring]
Um, sorry, kids.
you scared the shit out of them.
I'm kind of
winging it here, Soph.
So, got your little fucking
piggy over here.
Come here, sit down.
Fucking piece of shit cop.
What is this?
You're a fugitive,
you killed two cops.
Yeah, hard to change it.
We have that in common.
[Fulbright] What the fuck
are you talking about?
You remember my son?
You do, don't you?
You remember Kyle Whitlock?
How about Sean?
You remember him?
It was an accident.
[screams, groans]
You motherfucker.
Oh shit.
You motherfucker,
you're gonna fucking fry.
You want anymore?
Do you want it?
- Well, get the fuck up.
- [shouts]
- [Fulbright] Fuck you.
- No.
He lied once.
Don't do it again.
Tell me, what really happened
on July 25th?
Tell me!
[Fulbright] Go, go, go!
[police shouting]
- [Rakestraw] Hey, hey, hey!
- Get the fuck down!
These are kids.
These aren't our guys.
- Put your fucking hands in the air!
- [gunfire]
- [officer] Hear that?
- [Fulbright] What is that?
It's a fucking duplex.
It's the wrong
fucking place, man.
- [Fulbright] Wrong fucking address.
- Fuck.
All right, come on, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
I want you to say his name.
Say his name!
Kyle. Kyle Whitlock.
That's right.
- Kyle Whitlock.
- He had a... He had a gun.
[Ron] He had a gun
to protect himself.
You fucked everything up.
Piece of shit.
[Fulbright] Hey, you listen.
Hey, hey, you listen to me.
You can hurt me.
But if you touch her,
I swear to God,
I will go to my grave
with my thumbs in your eyes.
You're not in a position
to fucking say anything.
Don't... Don't, please.
I got a baby.
I got a baby coming.
Please, I got a little girl.
Change your ways.
You change your fucking ways
or I'm putting the right one
in your head.
Tell me what I want to hear!
Okay, fine.
I'm sorry,
that what you want to hear?
Hey, I can get you a plane,
all right?
I can get you a plane,
I can get you out of here.
I can get you money, I can get you
whatever you need. What do you want?
Is that what it is?
[Fulbright] Sorry.
Yes, I'm sure you are.
Everybody's sorry.
He was a good boy.
And you took him away.
You killed one son.
And you locked the other one up.
- Don't.
- [Paula] No!
[all screaming]
[Paula] No!
[Ron] Move her out of the way.
I'm not done yet.
You... You're a monster!
Feed him to the gators.
Rogue hostage?
[Gator] Last I heard he was
cornered at the top of the plant.
Good, good job.
You have to know
he's lost it, right?
I mean, is this going
the way you thought it would?
The way that he said it would?
I think he told you one thing. I think
he told you to come in, guns a-blazing,
get some revenge,
get paid,
but that only the bad people
would get hurt.
Does that sound about right?
Shut up.
It's not going that way, is it?
I said, shut up.
Did you know that
years after Katrina,
there are families that are still
trying to get back on their feet.
I know what it means.
I know what it means.
Oh man.
It's just too dangerous.
Did you just see what I just saw?
This guy's out of his mind.
There's no telling how many
people he's gonna kill.
Moving them is a risk.
Staying here is a risk.
Now, I can get them kids on the
bus and get 'em out of here.
Who's gonna drive the bus?
I really need to
use the bathroom.
- Listen, no.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Now go.
Shut up and don't move!
Okay, okay, I'm going,
I'm going, I'm going.
Ah, my nose.
Who's the man?
Yeah, who's the man?
I'm the motherfucking man,
Y'all good? Everybody okay?
Let's go, come on.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Hurry up, get in the bus.
Let's go, let's go!
Come on, let's go.
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
Let's go, here we go.
- Yes!
- Let's go.
All the way to the back. Here we go.
Get on the bus, here we go.
I'll be damned.
Here we go.
[engine starts]
Hey, yo, Mack,
this is Blaylock.
I'm on the move,
heading over there now.
Uh, kids, gentlemen.
What I need you to do is,
I need you to get up.
So I need everyone
to stand up, come on.
[soldier on radio] Boone,
both hostage teams aren't checking in
and Mack can't be found
on the plant.
Shit. Watch him.
It's okay, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go, let's go, come on.
Come on, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, get out.
Oh, come on.
Get this over with.
[engine starts]
Oh, fuck.
Stop right there.
You know the drill.
Fuck, Mack!
You. You, Boone?
You're a part of all this shit?
You weren't
supposed to be here.
Oh, that's right.
That's right,
the bar last night.
I should have known
something was wrong
the minute you said
you was buying.
Come on, tell me. Why?
They killed
his fucking kid, Mack.
What, they killed his kid,
so you're gonna blow a dam
and kill 100,000 people?
It wasn't supposed to
go down like that!
Well, how the fuck
was it supposed to go down?
You took a fucking oath
to protect this country
against all enemies,
foreign and domestic.
Against who?
People like you.
Oh, brother.
Do the right thing, man.
Not a good look.
No, no, no, Sophia,
you're supposed to be on the bus.
Now what are you doing here?
I ain't gonna leave you.
That was not part of the plan.
And you're supposed to
be with Blaylock.
You're supposed to be safe.
- Okay, so now what?
- I don't know.
I know.
The security hub,
maybe Cranbrook's not with them.
Let's go.
Killing that cop didn't feel
as good as you thought, did it?
We gotta end this, Ron.
We got passports, new names.
We can get the hell out, call this a wash.
That cop looked at me
square in the eyes
and he lied.
[Boone] How do you know that?
[Ron] I thought you were
with us the whole time.
Never figured you
for a fucking psycho.
Come on, man.
And I...
need your strength...
and how you're gonna help me,
and how you're gonna
fucking help me bring along...
- You're going to fucking help, all right?
- Listen...
we go a way back, okay?
Yeah, damn straight.
And you know, I'd do anything for you.
Anything in the world.
But I didn't think you'd escalate
this shit to this degree.
I mean, come on, man.
Take the L.
He didn't know they were cops.
[Boone] How do you know that?
What if your son
was the one that lied?
And what if the cops did identify
themselves? And what if he shot first?
He didn't shoot first.
[Boone] How do you know?
'Cause I know my son.
Well, to prove it, it doesn't mean you have
to kill every motherfucker swinging dick
that had something to do
with it, does it?
[Ron] Answer me this.
Did we find who was
related to Larry Rakestraw?
Amy Rakestraw.
Listen, apple pie.
Why? You like 'em feisty
or some bullshit like that?
Yeah, something like that.
- Cranbrook?
- Mack.
Quite a mood this morning,
Don't tell me you in on
all this shit.
Come on, Mack. You know
me better than that, but...
This town's gone crazy.
I played football in high school
with this guy.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
He always gave me
the heebie-jeebies.
Open another gate, now.
[newscaster] If you're coming out
of Cherokee County, stay at home.
Reports are coming in the hydroelectric
dam is not able to keep the gates working.
So I assume you know
why we're here.
And here I was thinking
you had good intel.
Detective Rakestraw.
You're not related to him?
Unfortunately, that feckless
piece of shit is my brother.
[Ron] So my intel was spot on.
But if you think that no account son of
a bitch is gonna come running down here
just 'cause I call him,
your intel's for shit, hoss.
Is that right?
He's a low-life, dirty cop.
Shit, he's probably
worse than Fulbright.
Fulbright, he was just roped in
on this whole damn thing.
He's nothing but a follower.
He's just loyal to a fault.
I got that feeling.
Most people in this town think it
was bullshit what happened to Kyle.
Kid, he stayed to himself,
never bothered anyone.
Went to school.
I didn't know him. But...
But he seemed like
a real good kid.
But there are better ways
to get justice than this.
I wish that were true.
I live in the real world.
Which is why you should know
just as good as anybody
that bad, god-awful shit
happens to good people
all the damn time.
But the difference between
you and them
is that you think the answer
to the fact
is to just wash it all away.
I like you, Amy.
I hate to have to kill you.
Call the detective now.
I bet you a million bucks I ain't
got, this dickhead don't answer.
Did you cut it off
or cut it back on?
[cell phone vibrates]
Well, how long did you
leave it off?
Well, sweetie...
Look, I think we reached the apex to my
knowledge of the subject of your Wi-Fi.
- [horn honking]
- No, I know we have.
I gotta go, I gotta go.
Babe, we'll look at it when I get home.
Well, howdy, officers.
I don't have my driving license,
but I got a bus here of kids
that need some help now.
Jesus Christ.
[Ron] Again.
Get an ambulance for the driver.
- Call these kids' parents.
- Let's go!
Calm down,
we got you, calm down.
Calm down? I just told you
there's a bus full of kids.
I'm pretty sure I know
why you're calling.
Do you have the phone?
and you need to come alone.
[Blaylock] Amy, hey, Amy.
Hang up the the phone 'cause we need help!
He's on his way.
[Gator] Mack Karr!
Drop the gun.
You must be Gator.
Yeah, I bet
you're a big Florida fan.
No. Bulldogs.
No shit, me too.
Yeah, I've been
waiting for this.
I'm gonna get you Mack Karr.
[karate grunts on video]
[phone ringing]
[Skip] NSA Security,
this is Skip.
- Skip, Officer Bledsoe, Fitzgerald Chief of Police.
- Okay.
We met at that mixer thing at the Civic Center,
where you all walked us through the...
Oh yeah, it wasn't really a mixer. It was
more of a safety protocol seminar, but...
Yeah, well I just want to let you know that
your safety protocols are for shit, hoss.
Excuse me?
[Bledsoe] Copy that.
Easy there, Eastwood.
- Did you get him?
- No.
Bunch of assholes out there
trying to interfere with me.
Check it out.
Rakestraw. What the hell is going on?
Why are these cops showing up one by one?
First Fulbright, now him.
I'm sure Blaylock drove
straight to the police station.
Right, right,
so if the police know...
- NSA knows.
- So where the hell are they?
They sure are taking their
sweet-ass time getting here.
I gotta figure out a way to get in
that control room and stop this fool.
- I'll be back.
- I'm coming with you.
Oh no, you're not.
Mack, I can help you
shut the dam down.
Sophia, no, you are not.
You're a detective now?
Your sister confirmed
what I already know.
I bet she did.
We're in agreement.
You are the sorriest sack of
shit in the whole damn county.
- [chuckles]
- You wouldn't have the whole truth
if it bit you on the ass.
Let's just say I beg to differ.
Sorry to keep everybody waiting.
Ron Whitlock, former head of
security, Fitzgerald Hydroelectric.
And from what I can tell,
there's a rogue hostage with
some sort of military background
who has helped us to free the kids.
Or else the whole dam
might already be under water.
It is my high recommendation we make
this a full-scale military operation.
We get in, secure the facility,
and get out.
Is that understood?
- Then let's make this happen.
- [helicopter whirring]
[Amy gasping]
I'm a cop.
Don't fucking shoot me.
They're gonna
fucking kill you, man.
[soldier] Where are they?
Get to the manual overdrive.
Go, go, go.
[Mack] Let me guess, Gator.
You mama name you that
or come up with it on your own?
Well, why don't you
come out here and find out?
[Mack] I'm out of ammo.
Mano a mano.
Hand to hand, man to man?
You got it.
Sorry, dude,
got a town to save.
I'm hearing chatter.
What kind of chatter?
My guess is the NSA's been mobilized.
We gotta go.
Like hell.
Listen, man, we tried,
this is over.
We... We can't.
You don't fucking do anything
unless I'm fucking talking
about that.
Do you understand that?
I'm calling the shots.
Me, that's it, that's it.
I don't wanna have
any problems from you.
Let's just wash
the whole thing away.
Smith, open another gate.
Hey! Now!
Think about what you're doing.
I mean, do you even care
that you are gonna
completely destroy
an entire county?
Just shut up.
This is not gonna
end well for you.
You don't give a shit
about anybody but yourself.
That is beautiful.
You just want to see this
whole place wash away, right?
We're all gonna drown, Jesus!
Boone, we gotta go.
We can't leave these people.
We can and we will.
- You gotta close the gate.
- I can't let that happen.
Close the fucking gate!
I only wanted one cop
to admit that they fucked up.
And they can't do it.
They'd rather
destroy their town
than clear my son's name.
Well, now you've killed
them all, so it's on you.
I'll bear that burden.
It's what makes me different.
I'll own it!
Get him out of here.
Now... Now y'all pissing me off.
Oh, man, I hate this thing.
Team, deploy.
Move, move, move!
Deploy west, B Team.
Move, move!
Go, go!
Move to side entrance,
go, go.
It's over, Ron.
You make a move, slim, the boss gets it.
- The rogue hostage?
- [Mack] That's me.
Rogue hostage, rogue welder,
rogue just about everything.
- You look it.
- Thanks.
I read your file, I served also.
Yeah, no shit. Kind of figured
that part out on my own, man.
I thought all this
meant something.
Move your ass!
You'll kill everybody, you know.
Even if you can control
the flood.
Yeah, I know.
I read your story, man.
I know what's got you
all riled up.
- Don't start with the bullshit.
- [Mack] No, no, no, I'm not.
A friend of mine was there that day who
saw what really happened with your son.
He says he's innocent, man.
I swear it, soldier to soldier.
Come on, man.
Fucking come on, Ron.
Call 'em off, man.
Where is this guy
you were talking about?
[Mack] I know where
to find him.
And I promise you,
if you call off your men,
I will make sure that
his story gets out there.
I heard that before too.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Fuck. Fuck!
You need to close them
fucking gates right now.
[Ron] Gates stay open.
Tell that bitch to stop trying
or Smith will be next.
Sophia, listen to me, do not close
the gates. They are going to kill me.
Take your hands off the wheel,
do you understand?
Are you serious?
They're gonna flood
the entire county.
No, we have to close the gates.
Are you serious?
[NSA soldier] Hands up,
the power's being shut down.
Close the fucking gates!
- Put your guns down!
- [shouting]
Don't shoot!
Surrender, surrender.
No, don't shoot.
Don't shoot, Ron.
Tell your men to
put the gun down.
Come on, man.
Ron. This is no way to go out.
Come on, man, put the gun down.
Put the gun down, it's over.
Come on, man.
This is no way to go out.
It's over.
Just make sure that
my son gets out.
Soldier to soldier, okay?
[newscaster] As Fitzgerald
County tries to heal
after last week's dam
hijacking, all eyes turn towards
the wrongful death case
that sources say
caused the incident.
Following new
eyewitness testimony,
Sean Whitlock has been released
and cleared of all charges.
But he was back in court today,
as his brother's case is heard.
Prosecutors hope
for a swift end to the case
as the community will be feeling the
effects of that fateful raid for some time.
Whoa, look who it is,
Mack Karr.
Chief of security now.
Man, shut up, Blaylock.
- My man.
- No, no, no, the man.
- That's right, baby.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Trevor, must be struggling, brother,
here we go. Come on now, Trevor.
[Sophia] I love you.
[Mack] You do?
Wow, that's nice.
Hey, Calvin. [clicking tongue]
Come on, baby. Calvin.
- Calvin.
- Calvin, come on, baby.
Come on, baby, come on.
Hey, you.
Come on, Calvin, up, up, up.
- Oh, there we go.
- Yeah. So cute.