Deadly Cheer Mom (2022) Movie Script

Pre-calc blows.
I can't believe I'm failing.
Maybe you should sleep
with the teacher.
Hey, guys, so I got
this new necklace today.
There, now you can see it.
Hey, guys. Hey, guys. Hey, guys.
So you know
how much I love karma...
I need to win
this cheerleading scholarship.
Maybe you should sleep
with the...
Maybe you should sleep
with the recruiter.
I need to win
this cheerleading scholarship.
I'll do anything.
I'll do anything.
What you gonna do?
What you what you gonna do?
What you what you gonna do?
Violet, you gotta pick it up
a little bit.
What you gonna do?
There it is. Great job, ladies.
Excellent job out there, ladies.
You should all be proud
of yourselves.
Right, this is so funny.
Congratulations. It's not easy.
Mom, I think I twisted my ankle.
- Did you hear me?
- I heard you. Walk it off.
Now, before we post
the list of cuts,
I have another announcement.
Rossmore Carmel University
is recruiting
for their cheer team.
They'll be holding
cheer workshops this weekend
to select one senior
cheerleader from our school
to receive
a full-ride scholarship
to the university this fall
because you're state champion...
This is what
we've been waiting for.
RCU is the best school
in the state.
- I know.
- I've always wanted to go there.
First workshop is this weekend.
The head recruiter, Teddy,
is a good friend of mine,
and I made sure
to talk you ladies up.
Now, I'd like to announce
this year's new team captain.
Beth Hartford. Congratulations.
- Congrats.
- Congratulations!
I will fix this.
Thank you, guys. Thank you.
- I made it!
- Oh, yeah!
Um, mom, are you sure?
You were the best out there,
- Guys, just celebrate.
- Shocking!
Coach's daughter makes captain.
Gee, I wonder if you'll get
the scholarship, too,
considering your mom is best
friends with the recruiter.
You're just jealous, Ashley.
I got cut.
Are you crying?
- God! Get a life, Ashley.
- I...
It's funny. She had tears.
Your favoritism is outrageous.
Beth earned captain, Marisol.
And I don't like the way
that you're speaking to me.
I'll speak to you
however I want.
- I can't believe this.
- All the moms agree.
I'm the only one
with the guts to say it.
Hey, that's not true, Marisol,
don't drag us into your drama
just 'cause
your daughter can't hack it.
Don't bring my daughter
into this.
Really? You wanna do this here?
Right now?
- Okay, okay. Everyone cool off.
- Really?
let's talk about this privately?
No need. I'm going directly
to Principal McNamara.
Let's go.
Are you sure
you didn't make me captain
because I'm your daughter?
Being captain is about more
than mastering a dance move.
Ashley is divisive and cliquey.
- You rally the team behind you.
- Thanks, mom.
And don't pay any attention
to Marisol.
She's had it out for me
ever since high school.
You got cheer captain
over her, too, right?
Mm-hmm, she's never forgotten
it. Been after my job for years.
You know, um,
I was thinking
about that second routine.
Yeah, what about it?
That solo performance
after the second chorus,
um, you've got Sarah doing it.
And she's, uh...
You think I should replace her?
Ashley's better for those moves.
Well, you're better than Ashley.
- How about you do it?
- Mom, I...
- I-I shouldn't.
- No, you're doing it.
And you're right about Sarah.
I'll make the change.
Everything all right?
Oh, yeah, just one of my friends
being weird.
Hey, did you talk to your mom
about switching me
in the choreography?
Yes. Sorry.
Um, but she'll totally keep you
in mind for the next routine
or if someone gets injured
or something.
Okay. Thanks.
I'm sorry, Sarah.
Uh, it's whatever, dude.
At least I get to show off my
guns in the final eight count.
I'm gonna post a video
of me killin' it, and you watch!
This girl is goin' viral!
Ladies love it, yo.
At least we didn't get cut
like Violet.
Tragic. She's been on the team
since freshman year.
Heard Melody just broke up
with her, too.
Wait, seriously?
Now I feel even worse.
- Why? You didn't cut her.
- Yeah.
But... I sort of suggested
to my mom
that we keep another girl
over her.
I mean, she is good. She's just
a little socially awkward.
How embarrassing.
How are you?
I'm okay. Thanks.
I'm really sorry
you got cut from the squad.
It's fine. I get how it is.
Are you, uh, going to
the Carmel workshop tomorrow?
I don't know,
maybe this is my sign
my cheerleading days are over.
Oh, well-well, you have to try
or you'll never know
if you could've made it.
Maybe. I mean...
It'd make my mom happy,
for sure.
Thanks, Beth.
It's cool you're so nice to me.
Of course, just 'cause
you're not on the team
doesn't mean
we can't be friends.
- Hey, come on.
- Okay.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, you.
Hey, everyone, I can't believe
tomorrow is cheer workshop day.
I'm a little nervous,
but mostly I'm just hoping
that I have a good day out there
and everyone does their best.
I'll keep you guys updated,
okay? Love you.
Gotta stay hydrated.
Turning in already?
Yup. Big day tomorrow.
Gotta rest up.
Well, good idea.
You'll do great.
- Thanks, mom.
- Yeah.
- Goodnight, honey.
- Goodnight.
Hey, Violet, do you wanna go...
Ugh! There are no cool girls
at our school.
What about Melody?
She's single now, right?
I can't do that to Violet.
Well, what about Violet?
Yeah, okay.
Hey. Glad you snuck out.
- Who wants a drink?
- Me.
Uh, no, thanks. Gotta be in top
shape for the workshop tomorrow.
Oh, right. The recruiting event.
What's wrong?
Grant, I know that look.
What's up?
I'm happy for you, really,
but it sucks that so much
of your time gets eaten up
by cheerleading.
I wish we could spend more time
together, that's all.
- We spend tons of time together.
- Yeah, late at night.
Once you've finished
with everyone else.
Are you really complaining
about this?
Of course not.
I just thought maybe in college
things would be different.
Maybe we do
normal things together.
Watch a football game in the
stands, like a regular couple.
You know, that sort of thing.
You wanna stay together
in college?
Of course I do!
- Guys, we're in public. Please.
- Okay. All right.
That's enough.
You know what?
- One drink couldn't hurt.
- That's our girl.
- To the workshop.
- Mm, may the best woman win.
- I'll drink to that.
- Yup, cheers.
- Mm. Mm. All right.
- We party?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Let's go.
- I'll get another one.
- Already?
- Yeah.
- But you just got it.
Hey, everyone, I can't believe
tomorrow is cheer workshop day.
I'm a little nervous, but
mostly I'm just hoping that
the other cheerleaders suck
as bad as they usually do.
You know
I don't even like cheerleading?
I hate it. I hate my teammates.
And I especially hate
my washed-up mom.
What the hell?
You know I don't
even like cheerleading?
I hate it. I hate my teammates.
And I especially hate
my washed-up mom.
It's so obviously fake,
your mouth
isn't even synced
to what you're saying.
I checked my account, and my
original video is still there.
- Totally normal.
- Maybe it's a joke?
It's a crappy deep fake.
- Violet, you came.
- What's a deep fake?
It's a video that's been
manipulated to make it look like
someone's saying or doing
something they're not.
They're usually a lot better
than this.
Who would do something
like that?
I can think
of at least one person.
- That is one sad girl.
- What should I do?
Honestly, let it go.
She only wants a rise
out of you.
You know, no one's ever
gonna believe that anyway.
It's laughable.
You know what? She's right.
Ashley's always trying
to throw me off my game.
I'm just gonna delete
the entire thread.
Try harder, Ashley.
- Teddy, hi!
- Look at you.
- You're all grown up.
- Yup.
- Feels like it's been forever!
- Oh, I know, it's been a minute.
I'm so glad you're interested
in Rossmore Carmel.
Oh, thank you,
that means so much.
Of course. Now you know,
your mom and I go way back.
So I expect you to perform well,
- Yes, sir.
- Okay.
All right, everyone,
gather around.
Let's get started.
Hope you all warmed up.
Welcome to
the Rossmore Carmel University
cheerleading workshop,
I'm Teddy,
and I'll be judging
your routines along with.
Carmel's incredible
choreographer, my partner.
Give it up for Shauna.
Thank you, Teddy.
All right, ladies,
I'll get straight to the point
with a fair warning to all
of you, this will be ruthless.
Now, we have three workshops
And at the end of this process,
only one of you
will be selected
for the scholarship.
Now, we're not only looking
for the best athlete, okay?
We need a cheerleader
who will be a role model
to the entire student body.
So let's keep it polished
and professional, okay?
I'm sorry, did I,
did I say something funny?
We are giving away a full-ride,
four-year scholarship.
Now with the price of tuition
these days,
I suggest that you all
take this opportunity
very seriously.
And if not, there's the door.
All right, you heard her.
Polished and professional. Okay?
Any questions?
- Um...
- Yes.
I was cut from the team
this year. Can I still try out?
I'm sorry,
the scholarship is only open
to current team members.
You're welcome to watch
from the bleachers, though.
Yeah. I understand, thank you.
Are there
any more questions? No?
Okay, ladies, let's get to work.
Grab your pom-poms.
Let's hustle!
Okay, formation one. You should
all know the routines.
I sent out the video beforehand.
Let's start.
Right foot popped, arms crossed.
Teddy, hit the music.
There is rampant nepotism
on this school's cheer squad.
The coach
made her own daughter captain!
And I stand by that decision.
Beth's the best cheerleader
on the team.
Ashley practices day and night.
Watch her dance sometime.
You will see
that she is obviously
one of the best cheerleaders
in the city.
My daughter is just as good
as Beth, if not better.
Beth has leadership skills.
So does Ashley if you would
give her the chance.
Ashley has never had
the opportunity to shine
that Beth has, Deb gives Beth
all the best placements,
all the mentoring opportunities.
So I'm supposed to hold Beth
back because she's my daughter?
- How is that fair?
- Fair? Let's talk fair.
From what I hear,
Beth is practically
running the team
behind the scenes,
dictating who does get to be
on the team and who doesn't.
- That is not true.
- Doesn't surprise me.
You were the exact same way
in high school.
You're seriously still mad that
I made cheer captain over you?
You two sound like
I will be attending practice
from here on out to judge
for myself whether there's
any favoritism happening.
Well, that's completely
I don't need a babysitter.
Well, then I shouldn't have
to do this too long.
- Here.
- Oh, thanks, girl.
All right, ladies, we are going
to go in groups of three.
Beth, Liv, Ashley,
y'all up first.
- Thanks, girl.
- Yeah.
we're gonna do it to count.
Remember, be sharp, and smile.
- It's all about performance.
- Whoo!
And right foot popped.
And five, six, seven, eight.
Two, three, four, shake, five.
Six, walk, seven, eight. Around.
One, two, swipe, three, four.
Swipe. Five, six, seven, eight.
Pop. One, two, pop, three, four,
five, six, down, seven, eight.
One, turn, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. Down.
One, up, two, three, four,
do five, and six, seven, eight.
And one, two,
and three and four.
- Beth!
- Hey, Beth, Beth, are you okay?
Beth, look at me, look at me.
Keep your eyes open.
Keep your eyes open.
Open your eyes. Look at me.
Beth, you okay?
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Hey! Hey, you're awake!
Hey! Well, we were so worried!
- How're you feeling, sweetheart?
- What happened?
You passed out during a routine.
Don't you remember?
Maybe it was low blood sugar
or something.
Did I get cut from the workshop?
No, but two other girls did.
They're giving you another shot.
- This weekend.
- Okay.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
I wanna take you to the hospital
and have them run some tests
to rule out any health issues.
- I'm sure Teddy will understan...
- No, no, no, I'm good now.
I still wanna take you
to the hospital.
- Yeah, okay.
- Just to be sure.
Just rest,
we'll go in a little bit.
All right, let's go, girls.
- Bye, Beth.
- Bye, guys. Thank you.
Okay, what's going on?
Does my hair look okay?
- It's the video.
- What video?
The deep fake.
Somebody posted it online.
- What?
- It's gone viral.
This time
it's actually pretty good.
Wait, let me see.
Hey, everyone, I can't believe
tomorrow is cheer workshop day.
I'm a little nervous, but
mostly I'm just hoping that
the other cheerleaders suck
as bad as they usually do.
You know I don't even like
I hate it. I hate my teammates.
And I especially hate
my washed-up mom.
I can't wait to win
the scholarship
and quit the cheerleading squad
the second
I get into Rossmore Carmel.
Oh, and...
Is that tequila?
Bridge bay High School
can suck it.
Okay, I didn't say any of that.
In my video
I had a sports drink.
What's so funny?
You're getting
thousands of new followers
based on that one video.
I mean, this is a good thing.
Oh, really? Maybe to you.
Hey, all I'm saying is
that there's no such thing
as bad publicity.
Sarah, did you make that video?
Uh, why the hell would I do
a deep fake?
You're all about gettin' likes
and goin' viral.
Well, so are you.
If you know
the video isn't real,
then why are you freaking out
about it?
I always knew you were fake,
Nice to see
you finally own up to it.
Hey, I believe you. Okay?
And so does Sarah.
We know you would never say
stuff like that.
"Bridge bay High School
can suck it?"
Beth, I'm extremely disappointed
to hear this from you.
I know how this looks,
but I didn't say any of that.
Uh, i-it's not even how I feel.
There's video of you saying it.
It's photoshopped
or something, I...
Somebody took a video of me
off my social media
and altered it.
I-it's a deep fake.
Well, let me see
the original video.
It disappears after 24 hours.
It's already gone.
Someone is trying to burn me,
okay? U-um, I-I have proof.
Uh, here, um, it was a text.
It was, it was a threat. Uh...
I deleted it.
I'm telling you the truth.
I've heard a lot of excuses
in my day,
but "It's a deep fake"
is a new one.
Points for creativity.
I'm not lying.
Detention. Saturday.
But, uh, Saturday's
the next cheer workshop.
There's only three,
I can't miss one.
Well, you should've thought
about that before you
made a video of yourself
drinking tequila and saying
terrible things
about your teammates.
- But...
- No buts.
I'm gonna have to tell
your mother about this.
She said
the most horrible things.
She should be kicked off
the team.
Come on, Marisol.
I mean, she probably
didn't even mean it.
I didn't even say those things.
If Beth says the video is fake,
I think we should
look into her claims.
Yeah. I agree.
She deserves due process.
Please! Fake?
What would you say
if you were a teenager
and you got caught drinking,
Deb? "It's fake."
Well, Beth isn't like
most teenagers.
I told you,
she can't remain impartial.
- I don't even drink.
- Oh, that's not true.
- I saw her drinking.
- What are you talking about?
Oh, okay. Okay. Receipts.
- May the best woman win.
- I'll drink to that.
I can't believe it.
Let me guess.
- That's fake, too?
- Well, is it?
Um, no. That one's real.
Well, Deb, how do you propose
we move forward?
I can't believe
you're demoting me from captain.
And you're suspending me
from the football game?
It's the bare minimum
I could've done.
You saw Principal McNamara
breathing down my neck.
And what's with that video
Ashley had? You're drinking now?
It was one drink, mom.
I was at a party.
Well, I don't recall allowing
you to go to any parties.
Oh, my God, okay, so I go to
a party every once in a while.
So what? I barely drink
and I don't smoke weed.
Do your friends smoke weed?
When I was in high school,
my friends did, too.
It's not about the drinking
or the smoking. It's just...
I thought that we didn't keep
secrets from each other.
You know you can tell me
I know.
What's going on?
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I-I did sneak out
and I did have one drink.
But that video of me online
isn't real. I swear.
- I really wanna believe you.
- Then just believe me.
I have
over 50,000 followers now.
Well, I guess getting tagged
in that video
was good for engagement.
What do you know
about engagement?
I know that you need it to be
an influencer and make money.
I can't believe
Ashley's plan is working.
You really think
she made a deep fake of you?
I mean, think about it,
she's captain now
and I'm probably gonna get cut
from the workshop.
Isn't she failing math?
It's hard to even picture her
at a computer.
- Could've hired someone.
- I don't know, babe.
Sounds a little extreme.
Isn't it possible
that you were drunk that night,
said how you feel
about everything?
You really think
I would say those things?
I'm only saying that...
Doesn't your mom
buy that brand of tequila?
And it would make sense
why you were woozy
at the workshop the next day.
No. No, no, no way.
I-I mean, I got that
threatening text, remember?
The one that you deleted.
Look, if you're really stressed
about missing the workshop,
maybe tell McNamara you did it.
She'll let you out of detention.
You mean, lie?
It worked for me.
Last year she was convinced
that I was the one
that TP'd the quad
on Parents' Day.
I wasn't, but when
I gave her a confession,
she backed off
her suspension threats.
But I don't want people to think
that's how I really feel.
I know.
It's messed up,
but I'm just saying,
accountability goes further
with her than the truth.
And, hey,
I'm sorry that you got demoted
from captain.
But look on the bright side.
We finally get to go
to a football game together.
Yeah, I guess so.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
And now, for your
halftime entertainment,
the Bridge bay Cheerleaders!
The hubris.
Isn't it a little fun?
Eating hot dogs, feeling
the excitement from the crowd?
It's our first
football game together.
It is. I'm sorry.
I know I'm not being very fun.
Well, maybe this will make you
feel better.
I applied
to Rossmore Carmel today.
You did?
How are you gonna afford it?
I'll figure it out.
It's worth it to be with you.
Assuming I get the scholarship.
You will.
Coach's daughter makes captain.
Gee, I wonder if you'll get
the scholarship, too.
All I'm saying is that there's
no such thing as bad publicity.
Someone is trying to burn me.
Burn me.
- Hi, Teddy. How's it going?
- Teddy.
- Good morning.
- Do you like to be called Ted?
Uh, my friends call me T.
Planning to show off
any of your moves today?
Oh, no. I'm leavin'
all the dancin' to Shauna.
- Not as young as I used to be.
- Really?
I was hoping you'd teach me
your famous handspring.
I'd love to. Good luck today.
Look, uh, I'm sorry.
I admit it.
I did make the videos.
Are we ready to confess?
I unfortunately let myself
be peer-pressured
into drinking at that party,
and, uh, I was stressed
about the workshop,
so I...
I vented into my phone.
Clearly, I had
a major lapse in judgment.
And I'm really sorry.
So you lied about
that threatening text message
that you claimed
you received and deleted?
Yes. Yeah. I-I-I'm sorry.
I-I panicked and I-I made it up.
Well, the only way we can learn
from our mistakes
is to take accountability
for them.
That's the first step
in making things right.
So I will allow you
to substitute a week's worth
of lunchtime
trash pick-up
for today's detention.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I really appreciate this.
You won't regret it. Okay.
I'm going to go. Okay.
Like I wanna be here
on a Saturday.
Beth. You're late.
I'm so sorry, I had dete...
A school thing.
This wouldn't have anything to
do with the video going around.
- Would it?
- You saw that?
It was brought to my attention.
Are you really using this
scholarship to get into Carmel
and then planning
to quit the squad?
Absolutely not. I swear.
That video is fake.
I-I know it sounds crazy,
but someone is trying
to make me look bad.
- Do you promise?
- Yes.
- Do you swear?
- Yes.
Believe it or not,
that's not the craziest thing
I've ever heard.
Okay, look, I'll give you the
benefit of the doubt this time,
but I had to convince Teddy
to let you continue to compete.
We don't want any trouble
on our squad, okay?
No drinking, no trash-talking
and no videos.
No. Never. I promise.
Good. Get out there.
And then we hold this
at the end.
- Guess who got out.
- Yes!
- Hey!
- Hi!
Okay, girls, let's get started.
I really appreciate
you all stepping up
to help with
our annual fund raising gala.
Now, there's a lot of planning
to do, so let's get started.
It's a shame Beth isn't here.
She's got such good
leadership skills,
we'd be done in no time.
Okay, who wants to handle
Um, I will.
I'll make one of my famous dips.
Perfect. Dessert?
Janet. Thank you.
And how about adult beverages?
Beth seems to really know
her tequila.
Maybe she should be in charge
of that.
You know,
if you're not gonna help,
you can leave my house.
What? What did I say?
God, Marisol, cut it out.
Nobody wants you here.
- I don't even know what you're...
- Oh, shut it, Rebecca.
- Your dips are trash.
- Excuse me?
Yes, trash.
Someone needed to tell you.
- You guys, should we go?
- Now.
Oh, yeah, baby, we're in!
I can't believe we all made it.
It's perfect.
Along with Ashley.
Okay, no. You know what?
No matter what happens,
let's all promise
that our friendship's
gonna come first. Okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, of course.
Yes, they're disgusting.
Too much celery. Okay?
- Like you have taste.
- Oh, oh, I have...
What the hell is this?
Is that marijuana?
This is obviously fake. Sarah
would never make out with a boy.
Oh, I-I was wrong about Beth.
She is a leader.
Leading her friends
into a downward spiral.
Just.. Shh. Marisol, be quiet.
I can't...
Can you hear
what they're saying? I...
I need to win
this cheerleading scholarship.
I'll do anything.
Maybe you should
sleep with the recruiter.
Teddy? Genius.
I could slip an oxy
into his tea, seduce him.
He wouldn't even know
what hit him.
- This is horrific!
- Well, it's obviously fake.
Oh, yeah, right.
Just like the last one.
She's talking about
committing assault.
Well, Beth would never do that.
Look, Deb, I understand.
It is hard
for any mother to hear
something bad about their child,
especially when said child
is such a perfect little angel.
But a little word of advice.
You might not wanna believe
your teenager tells ya.
What is that supposed to mean?
It means
you clearly don't know
your daughter is up to.
Oh! And I will be going
to Principal McNamara with this.
I hate her.
Well, are you sure?
There couldn't be some mistake?
Okay. Thank you.
I could slip an oxy
into his tea. Seduce him.
He wouldn't even know
what hit him.
- Unbelievable.
- We need to talk.
- What's wrong?
- The doctor's office called.
They said they found Oxycodone
in your system the day you fell.
What? That-that's impossible.
Isn't that what you were
talking about in the video?
- The video is fake!
- Is it?
I don't know what to believe.
Why would there be drugs
in your system?
My water bottle.
I drank it and I started
feeling weird right after.
I think someone drugged me.
You think someone drugged you?
You don't believe me. Of course.
You know, maybe I've been
too lenient with you.
You've always been so good.
But I-I don't know
what to think!
I mean, this is so much
like your father.
I don't have dad's issues, mom.
I know that Grant comes over
late at night.
You sneak out, you drink.
What else are you hiding
from me?
You know what?
Why don't you search my room
if you think I am such a liar?
Good idea.
No, go ahead.
Be my guest.
Like I said,
you're not gonna find anything
because I'm not lying...
Those are not mine.
I swear!
We don't know for sure
these videos are real.
I was thinking of taking them
to the police.
Great idea, Deb.
Get your own daughter
prosecuted for marijuana.
Beth herself admitted to me
that the first video was real.
- She did?
- Yes. In detention last week.
Hey. Sorry I'm late.
Um... Um, okay.
I'll suspend Beth from the team
for two weeks for smoking weed.
That's it?
She was talking about drugging
and seducing a recruiter.
She should be kicked off
the team.
Liv will miss Friday's
football game for drinking.
And as for Sarah,
making out with a boy
isn't against cheerleading
policy as far as I know.
So I won't be doling out
any punishment for her.
Of course, she lets
Beth's friends off easy.
I think these are perfectly fair
considering the charges.
I agree.
Thank you for using your
judgment on this one, coach.
This is ridiculous.
I'm sure this is all
an overreaction. Right?
Who didn't party in high school?
I know I did.
I'm afraid
it's not an overreaction.
What do you mean?
- I found pills in Beth's room.
- What?
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
- Oxy.
And she tested positive for it
the day she fell.
- That's crazy.
- Yeah.
I'm freaking out, Rebecca.
I mean, you know
what her father was like.
The drinking,
the drugs, the lies.
I'm sure it's not that bad.
It's not,
but what if it gets worse?
It's not like Beth at all.
Okay. A couple, okay...
My-my cousin thought
her daughter was doing drugs,
and we got her in counseling,
and it nipped it
right in the bud.
Yeah, I-I guess
it's worth a shot.
Is there someone there? Hello?
One, two, three, four,
five, six...
You're making me see
a therapist?
Your appointment is later today
at the house.
I'll be there, but you'll
talk with her privately.
- Save me, please.
- Hey, you're lucky...
That I didn't tell
Principal McNamara
about everything that I found.
You could be expelled
for having all that.
It's not mine. I told you!
Practice is about to start.
Your appointment is at the house
at 5:00. Don't be late.
I can't believe this,
you are punishing me
for being victimized.
Yes, that's what I wanna see.
Hey, Violet. Can I join you?
Welcome to the no-cheer club.
How you doing?
I saw the videos.
You and everyone else.
My life's a total mess.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay.
Hey, um, I was thinking,
now that I'm suspended,
maybe I could talk to my mom,
see if you could take my place?
No, it's okay, thanks.
- It's really no problem.
- What time is it?
I signed up
for this animation class
at the community college
after school.
Wow! Animation?
That's really cool.
Yeah, it's been great.
I-I gotta go.
But can I ask you a question?
What do you think you'll do
after cheerleading?
I don't know. I never really
thought about it.
Well, I guess you could always
coach like your mom.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- See ya.
- See ya.
Anything else you wanna tell me?
Do you have any questions
for me?
Well, thank you
for talking with me today.
- I think overall you are...
- Are we done?
Yes, Beth. We're done.
How did it go?
Well, either your daughter
is a very good actress,
or she's telling the truth.
You don't think
she has a problem?
I don't. She has straight As.
She's never been
in a bit of trouble.
She seems very well adjusted,
curious, bright.
She doesn't exhibit any of
the classic signs of addiction.
That's such a relief.
She does seem like she's under
a lot of pressure, though.
- What do you mean?
- She's clearly a high achiever.
A pleaser.
She knows she needs this
scholarship to afford Carmel.
It's killing her
that you don't believe her.
But why don't you believe her?
Serena asked me
why I didn't believe you.
You still don't believe me.
No. I do. I believe you.
It's just a lot to take in.
And it's hard
doing this all alone.
Everything's changing,
and you're changing.
I'm just trying to do
the right thing.
I know you are.
And I don't want it to affect
our relationship.
It won't. I promise.
I admit I'm a little stressed
about you going to college.
- You are?
- Of course.
You're my little girl,
you're gonna be moving away,
out on your own, it scares me.
I'll be fine, okay?
Do you like being cheer coach?
Why? Where did that come from?
Um, just wondering,
you know, um...
Did you ever wanna do
anything else?
Honestly, no.
I love cheerleading
and being a coach.
And I love that we get to spend
so much time together.
- Why do you ask?
- I don't know.
I guess I'm just thinking
about college,
trying to figure out
what I wanna do.
Well, it's good
to think about that.
So you're happy cheerleading?
I am.
The question is, are you?
At least
your mom believes you now.
Yeah, but she can't do anything
about my suspension
without proof.
I wish I could just retrieve
that text that I deleted.
It's too bad
we don't know anyone techie.
Wait, maybe Violet? She told me
she's taking an animation class.
Animation? You're joking, right?
Beth, she probably made
the videos.
But why would Violet do that?
I don't know.
Why would Ashley do it?
To knock you out of
the scholarship running, right?
Yeah, but Violet
wasn't even in the running.
She wasn't allowed
to participate.
Because you cut her
from the team.
- Right?
- She doesn't know that.
Or at least,
I don't think she knows.
Besides, Violet's too nice.
I wouldn't trust her.
I don't really know
who I can trust these days.
Hey, you can trust me.
All right?
And we'll figure out
who's doing this, I promise.
But in the meantime,
there's a bright side
to your suspension.
- Right?
- Yeah, what's that?
We get to spend
all this extra time together.
Yeah, I guess so.
Did you make the videos?
- Excuse me?
- The deep fake videos of me.
- Did you make them?
- Of course not.
Why would you accuse me of that?
Oh, right, because I'm taking
animation class
and you think
I'm a computer geek?
- Is that why?
- No, um...
Uh, because, um...
You probably heard
that I'm the one
who convinced my mom
to cut you from the team.
And if I were you,
I'd be pissed as hell.
Violet, I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have said anything
to my mom about your dancing.
- Beth, Beth.
- You didn't deserve that...
- You actually did me a favor.
- I did?
Dude, I am so glad
I'm not cheerleading anymore.
- You are?
- Yes.
Like I told you,
I'm done with it.
Honestly, having more time to
work on other things this year
has been kind of a blessing.
And you and your mom were right
to cut me from the team.
I know I wasn't very good
at shaking my butt around
for a bunch of horny guys
at football games.
For some inexplicable reason,
that just wasn't my deal.
And it's not like I was gonna be
a professional cheerleader
I was really just doing it
Well, I don't know why.
- Right.
- I mean...
Even if you make it to the pros,
you age out at like, what, 23?
And those girls make zero money.
No, thank you.
They're totally exploited.
So for the record, I didn't make
any deep fake videos
to ruin Beth Hartford's
I have more important things
to do.
Are you, um... Are you going
to that fundraiser tonight?
- I mean, I hadn't planned on i...
- Okay, well...
If you decide to come, um,
here's some extra
raffle tickets. On the house.
Ladies, you look amazing!
Oh, my gosh!
Sarah. Oh, hold on,
let me help you.
There you go. All set.
Honey, you... A little.
- Thank you, Ms. Daniels.
- You're welcome. Have fun.
Your mom is, like,
one of the coolest parents
in the entire school.
Everybody loves her.
Yeah, well, she's not always
that cool, believe me.
- Moms. You know?
- Well, I get you.
- I love your dress.
- Thanks.
Late to her own fundraiser.
Entitled much?
You know what I find
interesting, Marisol?
Ashley is the only one
of the four finalists
for the scholarship
that hasn't been seen
in any of those
incriminating videos.
Maybe that's because Ashley's
the only one with character.
Or maybe it's because
Ashley's the only one
that doesn't have the grades
to go to college.
- What did you say? Oh, yeah?
- You heard me.
- Yeah.
- Ladies. Good evening.
- Principal McNamara.
- Hi!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Looking sharp, Sarah.
- Thanks. It's new.
- She always looks good.
- Hi, Violet.
Oh, my gosh! Is that Violet?
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- You look great.
- Thanks.
- Damn! She looks hot!
- Yeah.
Excuse me, everyone! Can I have
your attention, please?
Thank you, everyone, for coming
to the Bridge bay High School's
cheerleading squad's
annual fundraiser.
Your yearly donations allow our
girls to truly make a difference
in the lives of those
less fortunate in our community.
With your help we've purchased
uniforms and pom-poms
for low-income schools
and we've provided
a mentors hip program
for our young cheerleaders.
I've put together a video
of all of the good work
we've done over the last year,
so, without further ado...
We're so close
to getting everyone to believe
those videos are fake,
even if Principal McNamara
doesn't buy it,
I think Teddy will.
Good, because if someone gets
that scholarship over me,
I'll die, mom.
That's not gonna happen.
We just need someone
to pin it on.
Everyone will feel
so badly for you,
you're sure to get
the scholarship.
Ashley. Obviously.
She isn't good with computers.
What about Violet?
Isn't she taking
animation classes?
Oh, that's perfect!
Plus, she's a total creep.
I mean, complete freak show.
Everyone would believe it.
Well, worse comes to worst,
we pull a Tonya Harding
on one of these bitches.
I love it.
Whack 'em in the shins.
It's obviously fake. We wouldn't
say any of those things.
You have to believe us.
I think you both should leave.
Someone is framing us!
Now, please,
before I call security.
Beth, co...
Come on.
This was your plan all along,
wasn't it?
I checked out your account.
You're up 300,000 followers now.
There's hundreds of comments.
Let me guess.
Beth Hartford is a liar.
She's a psycho, she's a freak.
They're not all bad,
except for the fact
that there's a bunch of guys
asking you out.
But it's crazy,
it's like, the worse you act,
the more followers you get.
Okay, the worse you fake-act,
the worse you're framed.
I know the videos are fake.
My life is ruined.
I mean, this kind of stuff
stays online forever.
No college will ever want me.
Or job, for that matter.
I believe you.
That was insane, though.
Tonya Harding?
Whack 'em in the shins?
Whoever made those videos,
we gotta give 'em
extra credit for creativity.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Did you make the videos?
How can you even ask me that?
The other night,
after the game
you snuck in, didn't you?
No, I was home all night.
You planted the drugs
and the tequila.
Beth, do you hear yourself?
You drugged my water bottle.
You wanted me to lose
the scholarship, you wanted me
off the team so that you could
have me all to yourself.
Okay, I know you're upset,
but you sound crazy.
Yeah, that's what you want me
to think, isn't it?
You know what?
Forget it.
Excuse me?
I've been here for you
the whole time.
I've supported you
and haven't wavered.
Do I wanna spend
more time with you? Yeah.
Do I think cheerleading's
kinda stupid? Yeah, I do.
But I can't believe
you think I'd do something
like this to you.
You're not
who I thought you were.
That was Principal McNamara.
You're officially suspended
from school.
Pending an investigation,
they may even expel you.
Teddy texted me, too.
You're no longer welcome
at the scholarship finals.
- Of course.
- It gets worse.
Can it?
The school reported the threats
to the police.
There's an active investigation
into us.
Apparently, someone tipped them
off about the oxy, too.
Oh, my God.
How would they know about that?
Marisol overheard me
telling Rebecca.
Principal McNamara
wants to see me
about my future
at Bridge bay High School.
I'm going to bed.
This is a great resume.
I'm impressed.
Thank you very much.
What is she doing here?
Coach, hi. Have a seat.
You know, given everything
that's happened,
I think it would be best
if you step away from the squad
for a little bit.
Let me guess.
Marisol is the new coach.
She is available and qualified.
What are you doing here?
I thought you were suspended.
Never mind about that.
I just realized something.
That video at the fundraiser,
someone had to upload it
on to the computer that night,
- Right.
- What if we knew who that was?
There's security cameras
in the gym.
What if we pulled up
the footage?
It's kind of a long shot.
Where would we even find
the security footage?
McNamara's office?
You wanna break in
to the principal's office?
Tomorrow's Saturday, right?
No one will be there.
Y-you sound nuts, but I'm
a 100% in. What's the plan?
Okay, so, Sarah and Violet,
I need you guys to keep watch
while Liv and I break in
to McNamara's office
and get the footage.
Why me?
You used to work in the office
as an aide, right?
You're probably more familiar
with the system than any of us.
Come on.
The police
are involved now, Liv.
I really need this
to clear my name. Please.
Okay, okay, I'll help you
only because
orange is not your color.
Okay, okay. Come on.
Okay. Keep an eye out.
Text me if anyone comes.
Got it.
Okay. Uh...
She's still logged on.
We've really got to teach the
Boomers about cyber security.
You know, I-I'm not so sure
about this.
- Oh, where would this be?
- I don't know.
But can we hurry this up?
By the way, uh,
I've been meaning to tell you.
You looked really pretty
at the fundraiser.
It was nice to see you
stand out from the crowd.
You've got style.
Oh! Oh, I-I know. It's more
of, like, a website type thing.
Where is it?
Can you hurry up,
'cause if we get caught,
my mother is going to kill me.
Wait, I think this is it.
Come on.
Go. Go, go, go!
Whoa, hey! You kids
aren't supposed to be in here.
Sorry, we were just practicing
for prom.
You can explain it
to your parents.
Let's go.
Here goes nothing.
It's your mom.
I can't believe my mom would do
something like this.
It doesn't make any sense.
I can't believe it either.
I mean, your mom
is always so... nice.
Maybe we should call the police?
- No. Please, Beth.
- Okay, well...
- Then I'm calling my mom at...
- No! God, please, no.
I know this is terrible,
but can't we talk
to my mom first, at least?
Yeah, okay. We could do that.
Let's go.
What's the matter?
I can't.
I-I can't.
I can't talk to my mom
about this.
You have to do it by yourself.
Liv, I really need you
to come with me.
No, I can't.
You don't understand. I just...
- I ca... I can't do that.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
It's okay.
Okay, my mom's at work.
She'll be home in about an hour.
I'll go to the coffee shop
a couple of blocks over
and I'll wait to hear from you.
Just-just call me
when you talk to her, okay?
All right.
We are totally screwed.
What are you talking about?
You loaded the video right under
a goddamn security camera,
We just watched it
on McNamara's computer.
Okay, who saw this?
Just me and Beth.
God, how could you be
such an idiot?
Don't you speak to me like that.
Besides... you begged me
to help you make those videos.
I was joking! And then you...
You said you'd pay for them,
so I figured why the hell not?
So you shouldn't have
listened to your mom.
Beth knows it was you.
She's gonna talk
and she's gonna tell everybody.
Well, what-what are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
I tell you what you're gonna do.
You're gonna chill out.
That's what you're gonna do.
We hit a bump in the road.
So what?
But do you come in here cool?
No, you don't.
You come in here whining
like the little bitch you are.
What are you, five years old?
Come on, grow up.
This is pitiful.
You're gonna cry? Lovely.
God, you're a disappointment.
You know she's on her way
over here, right now?
Who is?
Okay. I tell you
what we are gonna do.
You are gonna go up
to your room, lock your door,
get your little baby blanket,
suck your frickin' thumb
and I'll handle this.
I should have aborted you
the minute I had the chance.
So essentially what we're
talking about are angles.
Our formations are tight.
I will, uh, catch up with you
in a moment.
Look, I really don't have time
for this...
Beth is in a lot of trouble.
I just have one question.
Did you tell the police
about the oxy?
- What are you talking about?
- The other day.
of the principal's office,
you overheard me
telling Rebecca about the drugs
that I found in Beth's bedroom.
Somehow the police found out
about it. Did you tell them?
Of course not.
Why would I do that?
Because, frankly, I figured
you'd wanna see
my daughter in jail.
my nephew died
from drug addiction.
So I know better than anyone
that the police don't help
with that.
Look, Deb, I don't want
your daughter to fail.
I just want Ashley
to have a fair shot.
So, no, I did not tell
the police what I heard.
The only other person
I told was...
Beth, what a surprise.
Hey, is Liv with you?
She's, um...
She's still at school.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Yeah, of course.
Come on in. You hungry?
Um, little.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
We saw you upload the video
on to the school computer.
Oh, w...
Yeah, of course you did.
Your mom gave me that video.
She told me to put it in.
I did not know what was on it.
So if I call my mom right now,
we can clear this all up?
You know, well, you know Liv
is just as good as you. Right?
When is it her time to shine?
Your mom has always favored you,
always given you
the very best placements,
and you're cheer captain.
You act like you're the coach,
saying who's cut,
who gets to stays.
I heard what you did
to Violet and Sarah,
how you oh-so-casually told your
mom about their dance skills.
- You did it, didn't you?
- You're damn right I did.
You and your mom deserve it.
Why didn't you just
talk to my mom about it?
Or Principal McNamara,
like Marisol did?
And question
the great and powerful Deb?
It wouldn't have made
a difference anyway.
Liv never would've gotten
that scholarship over you.
Liv doesn't even need the
scholarship to afford Carmel.
- I do!
- It's not about money.
It's about prestige and winning.
It's about being on the very
best cheer team in this country.
And it was worth
ruining my life?
Oh. It's a couple of videos.
A couple of videos?
They destroyed my reputation
for years to come.
This is my life!
They got you hundreds
of thousands of followers.
Isn't that what
you always wanted?
To be a social-media queen?
You should be thanking me.
And besides, nothing I did
was against the law.
Yeah, well, we'll see what the
police have to say about that.
It's called cyber bullying.
Put the phone down.
Put the phone down, Beth.
Give me the phone.
- Give me the...
- Don't-don't touch me.
- Stop! No! Stop it!
- Phone! Phone!
Beth, get up.
Beth? Oh, God.
Liv? Liv, come down here
right now.
She fell.
She's still breathing.
Help me get her to the sofa.
Oh, God.
Can't freaking believe this.
You girls and those stupid
videos, I mean, if you had
real talent, I wouldn't be
cleaning up your mess again.
It's just such...
She came in here...
Who's the little bitch now?
Coach, well,
what are you doing here?
- Is your mom home?
- I just got here.
Beth left school before I did,
so I guess she's inside.
It's Saturday. What were
you and Beth doing at school?
Well, that's what
we all need to talk about.
Come on in.
Mom, I'm home!
Oh, my God! Beth!
- Mom!
- Oh, my God!
- Beth! Beth.
- Mom, mom, mom.
Beth, baby.
Hey, Beth... Oh, are you okay?
- Honey, what happened?
- She's not, she's not breathing.
- She's not, she's not breathing.
- Well, call 911!
She's not breathing.
She's not breathing.
- Okay.
- Yes, i-it's my mother.
She fell and she, I think she
hit her head on the fireplace.
Y-yes, we're doing
chest compressions right now.
Come on! Come on!
Please hurry.
Beth said she was gonna go
to my house to talk to my mom,
and then she would call me.
I said I was just gonna go
to a coffee shop
to wait for her phone call,
but instead I just waited
in my car for a little bit.
And then when I didn't hear
from Beth, I came home
and I saw Beth's car
parked right there.
So I put my car in the garage,
and that's when
Coach Deb pulled up.
And we talked for a while and
then we went inside the house
and then that's when we saw...
That's all I know.
Rebecca said she
made the deep fake videos.
She admitted it, so, um,
I-I pulled out my phone
and I started to call the cops.
And, uh,
she-she grabbed my phone
and-and tried
to take it from me.
Uh, we-we wrestled for it,
um, and then all of a sudden
she yanked it out of my hands,
so I-I slipped and...
T-that's the last thing
I remember. I'm...
I'm so sorry,
I-I didn't mean to hurt her.
- I-I-I just...
- Baby, it's okay. Shh.
She's not saying anything else
until we have a lawyer with us.
It's okay, honey. Don't worry.
I'll figure this out.
I love you.
Thank you, everyone,
for being here today.
It's been a difficult,
uh, few weeks, hasn't it?
In my opinion,
every cheerleader in this room
has performed very well.
And awarding this scholarship
to just one of you
has been
the most difficult decision
we've had to make
in quite some time.
You ladies worked so hard,
and I cannot be more proud
of each and every one of you.
So without further ado,
the winner of this year's
Rossmore Carmel University
cheerleading scholarship
goes to...
Olivia Daniels.
Oh, my gosh.
- Wow.
- Congratulations.
Thank you guys so much
for giving me the chance
to study
at your beautiful campus.
Of course.
I, I really couldn't have done
this without all of you girls.
I mean, the harder you guys
worked, the more it pushed me
to be my best.
And I learned so much
from all of you guys.
But I...
I really wanna thank my mother
for always being there for me
and supporting me.
I really loved her, and I'm
just, I'm having a hard time
believing that she's not here
right now.
I really miss her.
How are you doing?
I'm okay.
Food's better than I expected.
What did the lawyers say?
They're saying
it was a bizarre accident.
I mean, both of you getting
knocked out at the same time.
What are the odds?
Mom, come on. What did they say?
The DA is gonna push
for involuntary manslaughter.
You have no priors,
so we're expecting
a reduced sentence.
The lawyer says
you'll probably do a year,
maybe less if we're lucky.
Did you tell 'em
I was cheer captain?
Very funny.
I can't believe
you're able to make a joke
at a time like this.
I'm gonna be okay, mom.
Um, I'm gonna do
a correspondence course
while I'm in here.
Work toward my BA.
I'm so sorry
all of this happened, baby.
It's not your fault.
No. It is.
None of this would have happened
if I had just played fair.
They were right
about the nepotism.
I, I did give you preferential
treatment over the other girls.
Regardless. Rebecca was insane.
She had us all fooled.
Don't blame yourself.
The fact is
um, I screwed over my friends
so that I could be number one.
I'm gonna visit you
every chance I get.
I love you.
I love you, too, mom.
You still owe me money for
the two videos I made for you
and the one I fixed.
I know, I'm sorry,
I'm just having a hard time
accessing my mom's bank accounts
at the moment.
But I'll get you the money
as soon as possible.
Liv, do you ever wonder
if Beth meant to kill your mom?
I mean, I know they said
it was an accident.
But what do you think?
It was an accident.
Let's go party, come on!
What are you doing?
Ah! Let's party!
- Whoa. So good.
- It's so good.
Oh, my God. Hello!