Deadly Desire (2023) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic SFX]
[lion roars]
[suspenseful music]
[engine revs]
[engine revs]
[tires screech]
[car crashes]
[car explodes]
[gentle techno music]
- Oh, I bet you that's over here.
- Oh, baby, look at these right here.
- Ooh, I love that. - Ooh!
- Come on, let's go in. - I know.
- Okay.
What? Babe, you can't afford anything in here.
- [Kevin] I know, but we gonna pretend like we're rappers.
[upbeat music]
- All right.
- Ooh, hoo.
- Lift your hair up, hold it up.
- Ah [laughs].
Oh, oh, this is beautiful. - Amazing.
- Ooh, my swag just changed like instantly.
- Uh-huh, babe, I love that. Yes.
- I wanna show you something really special.
- Okay.
- But I need you to close your eyes-
- Okay.
- Give me your finger- All right, which finger?
- But no peeking.
- No peeking. - Oh, this finger.
- I'll tell you when, I'll tell you when.
What do you think?
- Wow, now that, that's a dream ring.
- [Jeweler] That's a crazy ring.
- Wow.
- [Kevin] It's really nice, right?
- Wow, babe.
- Sophia, from the moment I met you,
I knew that I wanted to marry you.
You've made me the happiest that I've ever been
in my entire life.
Baby, will you be my wife, will you marry me?
- Yes, yes, of course, I do [laughs].
Aw! - I love you.
- Let me see that ring, let me see that ring.
- Aw, look, look.
- Ooh, he got money, he got money.
- He does. - Are we good?
- Brother, I'm so happy for you. Congratulations.
Over the top. - Yes.
- Congratulations. - Thank you so much.
- You, too. - She's worth it.
- She's worth it. Every penny, she's worth it.
- That's the way you do it.
- You happy, baby?
- Yeah, I'm so happy.
- You gonna spend the rest of your life with me?
- Absolutely.
- Forever and always? - Of course.
- Oh, man.
[gentle music]
Mm, morning baby. You're up early.
- Yeah, I have that big meeting today.
- Oh, yeah, that, um, that investment meeting, right?
- Mm-hmm.
He'll be here in two hours
and we have our pitch together.
I just need everything to be perfect.
- Hey. Look at me. - Mm-hmm.
- You're amazing.
You're more than enough.
You a damn good publicist.
But that investor would be crazy not to invest in your firm.
You're beautiful.
You smell good [laughs].
I mean, you give the best kisses, too,
so like, you're already won with me.
- You're the sweetest.
[Sophia sighs]
- I love you, baby.
- You always know exactly what to say.
- Yo, kill it.
I love you, baby. - Mm-hmm.
[upbeat music]
- All right, so, you all ready?
- These are our financials going back
to when you started the company.
- Nice.
- I have already drafted the contract,
set the terms and have all the documents ready
for a formal offer.
- Very good.
- And we're trending on socials right now
because of the Harris collaboration.
We're up 23% on all search engine queries.
- Okay.
- Hold up, is that a rock on your hand?
- Oh, my God, that's huge.
- Were you seriously not gonna tell us
that he proposed?
- Ladies, it happened last night
and I was a little distracted with work, all right.
So, let's get through these meetings
and then I'll tell you all about it, all right.
- Please. - Okay.
- Hi, ladies, are we ready for this meeting?
- Yeah. - Yeah.
- Yes. - Yes.
[gentle music]
[cork pops]
[glass clink] [colleagues cheering]
- A lot of reasons, I need more of this.
- I can't believe we closed that deal.
- Mm-hmm, and I can't believe you got engaged.
- Can we talk about it finally, please?
- My goodness. - I know, I know, I'm sorry.
- It happened all of a sudden
and then we had this work meeting [sighs].
I don't know.
I'll tell you about it soon, okay.
- Okay.
- So, cheers to being bad bitches.
Look me in my eyes, ladies
or else bad sex for seven years, we don't want that.
You can't have that. - No.
- Newlywed. - Right?
- Okay, cheers to being bad bitches,
closing more deals. - [Together] Mm-hmm.
- And all of us getting married next.
Okay? - Cheers to that.
- Cheers. - All right.
- Cheers.
[gentle music]
[phone rings]
- Well, well, well.
It's been a long time since I saw
this name come across my phone.
- I know.
And I'm sorry, I've been a bad friend.
Life's just been hectic.
- Mm, too hectic for you to call your best friend?
- I swear, I've never forgotten about us
and growing up, we were inseparable.
You know I love you, Mel.
I've just been so focused on myself,
I forgot about other things that were important
and I'm sorry for that.
- Mm-hmm. It's okay, babe.
You know, I can't really stay mad at you.
So, what's going on?
What prompt this phone call
because I know it's not just 'cause you miss me.
- [laughs] Well, Kevin proposed and I said yes.
- You're getting married? - I am.
- He's been amazing and I wanted to ask
would you be my maid of honor?
- Of course, yeah, um, under one condition.
- Okay, what condition?
- You let me take you away to a villa,
my treat, I'm a book everything, just one weekend.
- All right, Mel, but nothing crazy.
We can't party like we used to.
- What?
We gotta live it up at least one more time
before you get married.
- Uh-huh, you always get me in trouble.
- Well, that's what best friends are for, right?
- All right, Mel.
Well, I'll see you next weekend and thank you.
I've missed you.
- I miss you, too.
I'll see you soon. Bye. - Bye.
[suspenseful music]
- [Mel] Sophia, I remember in high school
you were the first girl to ever touch me,
the first girl to ever really look at me.
You were my first kiss, Sophia.
- Who's Sophia?
I thought I was playing Sophia.
- You can never be Sophia.
- What's wrong with you?
- You need to leave.
- Whoever that bitch is, she's not that special.
[suspenseful music]
- What'd you say, huh?
You said you were leaving.
- [Lila] Get off me, you crazy bitch.
- I'm gonna miss you, Lila.
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
- What's up, baby? - Hi.
- All right, so, for our reception,
should we just have our families all bring something
like a potluck, what you think?
- Have you had my family's food?
- [laughs] All right, all right.
- Right, dry. - Yep, yep.
- Real bad. - Yeah, you right.
- Catering is is then, cool.
- Yeah, for sure.
- All right, well, babe,
we still need to find a wedding venue.
We gotta find a caterer,
we need a cake, we need floral arrangements,
place settings, I'm just.
- Okay, okay.
I need you to breathe, okay. - M'kay.
- Okay, it's all gonna be okay.
- All right. - All right?
- Yeah. - Look, I got you, okay?
- Okay.
- You know I can help you out when
you on your vacation.
- Babe, no. - Yeah.
- I can't let you do this.
It'll be another burden
and I know how demanding your job is.
- Come on, you know, it's my wedding, too.
As long as got some Henny and some fried chicken.
- You better not.
- Some greasy fried chicken and some Henny.
- You better not, no sir, nope, nope, nope.
- You know what?
- You gonna do it, that's what's up.
- Get dressed, I wanna take you somewhere.
- Where are we going?
- It's a surprise, come on.
- Kevin, you know I hate surprises.
- Well, guess what?
You gonna have to love it today.
Let's go.
Come on, come on, come on.
- [Sophia] You're so precious.
[Kevin laughs]
[gentle music]
- It's nice, right? - Yes.
- This is beautiful, where are we?
- You'll see.
Okay, baby.
- Wow.
- It's crazy, right? - It's amazing.
- Huge. - Wow.
- You know what, you know what?
I wonder how much a house like this
in a neighborhood like this costs?
- Mm, you know, actually, um,
I spoke to the realtor and- - Kevin!
- Listen, if you want it, then it's ours.
[Sophia laughs]
- No way. - Yeah.
- No way. - Yeah.
- I just wanted to give you
the stability that you always asked for, you know.
And I just thought to myself,
why have this big wedding in a year.
We can have like a small wedding.
- Yeah.
- And then this big beautiful crib
could be the reception, you know.
- It'll also be like a housewarming.
- You're so amazing.
- Wait, wait, so what does that mean?
That means yes, means I like this, this our house?
- Yeah, I love this [laughs].
- Okay, let me show you the kitchen,
come on, come on [laughs].
[gentle music]
- There she is.
Oh, my goodness, oh.
- Oh, it's so good to see you. - Hey, Mel what's going on?
- Kev.
- Look, make sure you take care of my baby, okay.
I need her in one piece when she comes back, all right?
- Oh, I will.
- Mel, have you seen the pics of the new house yet?
- Yeah, it's beautiful.
- Isn't it amazing?
- But I thought you wanted to live on a ranch,
not some house in the city.
- Yeah, that used to be my dream, but when I was 14.
- Oh, so now you all bougie
and you done changed on me, huh?
- Well.
- What is that supposed to mean?
- Nothing.
- Babe, take a walk with me, will you?
Mel, can you watch my suitcase?
Take a walk with me.
She didn't really mean anything by that.
- Baby, yes, she did.
It's obvious and you know that.
- No, she just doesn't know you yet like I do.
- I don't trust her. - Okay.
- But will you trust me? Please?
- You know you're lucky you're cute.
[Sophia laughs]
Okay, it's the only reason why-
- Okay, okay, all right, you can talk
about making babies later.
Can we go, please?
- I gotta go, babe.
- Hello, we're on a time crunch.
Got a time crunch, let's go. - I love you.
- Let's go. - Okay.
- Thank you.
- Let's go, let's do this. - All right.
- You putting this away?
- Yeah. - Okay, awesome.
- Hey, y'all.
So, don't be mad, but I invited some
of my girls from work.
- What?
I wish you would've told me.
I don't even think there's room at the villa.
- No, no, no, I called the villa
and I booked all their rooms, it's good, we're good.
- [Mel] Well, sure, I guess.
The more the merrier. - Yep.
- I mean, if this is gonna be
a real bachelorette party, why not have all
of the people that are important to me.
- How you doing. - Hey, girl.
- Hey. Hey, Lilian.
- Thanks for coming. - Girl, oh, my God.
- [Sophia] Y'all, this is Melody.
[upbeat music]
- Wow, you like it?
- So beautiful.
- Yeah, I knew you'd like it.
- You really do know me, huh?
- You're my day one.
- Feels like so long ago.
- Not to me.
- Uh-huh, I'm sure.
- Come on girls, hurry up.
- Oh, come on, come on, come on.
- Perfect.
So, Sophia's bachelorette. - Let's do it.
- [Rose] Let's go get some shots.
- [Sophia] Let's do it.
- [Lilian] This is great.
[gentle music]
- I just wanted to take a minute
to show you ladies around our presidential suite.
It sleeps up to five guests comfortably
and features world class amenities.
And the three additional rooms you reserved are back
at the main property.
[Sophia laughs]
- You really went all out, Mel.
- Well, I mean, it's not every day
your best friend gets married, right?
- Congratulations. - Thank you, thank you.
- And thank you for all of this
and I'm sorry I haven't been doing so great
at keeping in touch.
- It's all right, life happens, right?
- Well, I'll leave you ladies to it.
Enjoy your stay.
If you need anything at all, just call the main desk.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
- [Host] You're welcome.
- [Sophia] Wow.
- Yeah, take it all in. - Yeah.
- Check this out, look at this bed.
- [Sophia] Mm.
- Go ahead, feel it, go ahead.
- All right. - I bet it's soft.
- Okay.
Ooh. - Uh-huh.
[Sophia laughs]
- So, what's up with you, what's new?
Are you still in nursing school?
- Girl, I finished nursing school
before the pandemic.
You know I've been traveling around
the country with the hospitals.
Yeah, I didn't think it was gonna pay this much,
but it's given me so much time
that now my big hustle is making CBD oils for massage.
- Okay. - Uh-huh.
- Wait, you graduated. - Yeah.
- Congratulations. I'm sorry, Mel.
- Don't worry about it, life happens right.
- [Sophia] Yeah.
- Besides, you clearly been booed up.
- Yeah, but, you know.
I don't mean to miss out on things with you.
- It's all good.
What happens in three years?
- Dang, it's been that long?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
- Can I, can I say something?
- Yeah, sure.
- I just, I didn't think you'd end up
with somebody like Kevin.
- Really? Why?
- Sophie, he's boring.
He's everything you always said you never wanted.
- Okay, Mel, but things change.
He's sweet, he's thoughtful and he's a great guy.
- And you're spontaneous, you're adventurous.
I just wanna make sure you're not settling.
- Settling?
Listen, I love Kevin and I'm marrying him,
not because I have to, but because I want to.
- Okay.
But does he know about us?
- What? No, there's no us.
- If he doesn't know about us,
then he doesn't know the real you.
- Yes, he does.
Like what we do, it's fun, that's it.
- Okay.
If you say so. - Mm-hmm.
- Mm. - Yep.
- Yep, smells good, don't it?
- Okay, so massage oils, huh.
- [Mel] Uh-huh.
- And you know how to use them?
- I made it.
- Word.
Let me see.
- [Mel] Oh, you wanna try it.
- I do, let me see. - Okay.
- Let me see what you got.
- Oh, you wanna see what I got.
- [Sophia] Uh-huh.
- You know what I got.
- Yep. - Mm-hmm.
[sensual music]
- Everyone's all checked in their rooms
and the plan is for us to all meet
for brunch in the morning.
- Okay, cool.
So, you ready for your massage.
- You have no idea.
[sensual music]
- You know it's been a long time
since you felt these hands.
- So sensual.
- Yeah.
[sensual music]
[Sophia laughs]
- Wow, this feels so good.
[Sophia moans]
- I've been told I have magic hands.
[Sophia moans]
- Who told you that? - Somebody.
- Mm, okay.
So, um, where you sleeping tonight?
- I thought I was over here with you.
- I need a little bit of space.
But, thank you for the massage, Mel.
- What?
- Mm-mm.
No, it's time to go.
Go ahead, Mel. - Really?
- Go!
[gentle music]
[phone rings]
Hey, babe. - Hey, baby.
- I miss you.
- I miss you, too, baby.
- [Sophia] You got a few minutes?
- Of course.
[gentle music]
- [Mel] Morning.
- [Sophia] Good morning.
- Well, I got keys to everybody's room
because I know there's gonna be a lot of drinking
and I didn't want to have to worry
about anything on your big day.
- You're so smart.
You always take such good care of me.
- I know. - Mm-hmm.
- You're up early. - Yeah.
- Don't wanna be late for brunch.
- So, you, um, you think we should talk about last night?
- Oh, about what?
- [laughs] About the moment between you and me.
- Right, the massage.
It was nice.
Look, I'm marrying Kevin.
- [scoffs] Okay, so, you can have a massage
from me, get turned on and that's it.
- Of course that's it.
We just can't anymore.
- You don't love him.
I know you don't.
- Yes, I do.
- Well, he was the last person on your mind last night.
- Well, I called him as soon as I left.
- You mean, after I gave you a massage.
- Mm-hmm.
See, your hands, they did something for me,
so I went to go call him so we could have video sex.
It was great, Mel [laughs].
Felt like we were young again [laughs].
- Well, at least one of us got off.
- You were always so good about introduce me to new stuff.
- We're connected.
We are always gonna be connected.
- And we'll always be best friends.
That's never gonna change.
Come on, Mel, let's go to brunch, come on, let's go.
[Sophia laughs]
Come on, Mel.
[all laughing]
- Oh, my gosh.
- So, what's the agenda for the day?
- Well, we have a hike after lunch
and then a spa day. - Ooh.
- Then, tonight, we're going to a strip club.
- A strip club? - My idea.
- [Lillian] I don't think anyone is surprised about that.
- That's true, but, y'all, I don't know
about going to a strip club.
It's not really my thing.
- Girl, it's your bachelorette party.
A strip club is essential.
- Yeah, I don't know.
- Oh, come on, what do you think Kevin's doing
at his bachelor party, hmm?
Drinking tea, playing golf?
No, he's being grinded on by a flock of women.
- Yep.
- Okay, yeah, but Kevin's not like that, so.
- He's a man, isn't it?
He's got a dick?
Then he's exactly like that. - Mm-hmm.
- I doubt it, but okay [laughs].
- You know, I gotta say,
I'm just so surprised that she ended up
with someone like Kevin.
- Hmm, what do you mean?
- I mean, he's not her usual type.
- What is her type then?
- Well, in high school and college,
she liked the bad guys, you know.
The kind that went for freedom instead of stability.
- Hmm. - Mm.
- So, you like 'em dangerous
and full of red flags.
It's okay, I can relate.
- Yeah.
- In high school, her boyfriend, Sam,
he was her first love
and that boy was a handful.
- Hmm.
- Captain of the football team
and his dad was a rancher.
All he ever wanted was to play in the NFL
and buy a ranch of his own.
- Did he ever play in the NFL?
- He died senior year.
- What? Oh, my God, how?
- He was in a car accident.
- He took a corner too fast
and the whole car just blew up.
- Oh, my God. - It was awful.
- That is terrible.
I'm sorry.
- Um, it was a long time ago and I've changed.
You know, Kevin is perfect
for where my life is headed.
Structured, consistent, organized.
Exactly what I want for my life.
- And he's hot. - Yeah, he's cute.
- Too much.
- He is, he's sweet.
- So, how did you two meet anyways?
- Well, funny enough, when I started
the firm about 3-1/2 years ago,
Kevin actually worked for the law office
that was helping us with all of our paperwork.
- Okay, so, who courted who?
- He did, every day for about a month.
I finally let him take me out
on like a little date.
- That's so sweet. - That's cute [laughs].
- So sweet. - He's great.
- Ladies, do you need anything else?
- [Together] Shots.
- A whole round, we're ready for that.
- All right. - Let's do that.
Do it, do it, set it off
Do it, do it, set it off
Do it, do it, set it off
Yeah, do it, do it, set it off
The truth it never be pretty
You get the facts when you hear me
I turn my back on envies
You catch a smack you come near me
Don't be thinkin' all friendly
'Cause that approach won't impress me
If you ain't talkin' about bitches
You speaking foreign comprende
I'll make a call to my tribe
I got a jumble of brothers
And I ain't got nothin' to hide
I let the world see my colors
Take 'em all on a ride
And they will surely discover
I'm on a whole nother level
I'm nothing like any other
Don't wanna see you be great
Go ahead and brush off the hate
I got a life full of haters
You just gonna have to wait
If they ain't stoppin' your driver
They ain't pumpin' your gas
If they ain't payin' your bills
Tell 'em to kiss your ass
They ain't bringin' the bag
Tell 'em you ain't got time
And if they ain't on the grind
Tell 'em you'll be just fine
So lock and load and explode
When they open up the curtains
'Cause one thing for certain
That you got put that work in
Set it off, do it
Like there ain't nothin' to it
Set it off, do it
Like there ain't nothin' to it
Set it off, do it
Like there ain't nothin' to it
Set it off, do it
Like it ain't nothin' to it
- So, how do you two know each other?
- We grew up together.
- Oh, that's right, you said that.
- Sophie's never mentioned me?
- I'm sure she has.
I just probably forgot.
- So, what is it that you do?
You work at the firm, right?
- I'm the CFO.
- Oh, well, that's impressive.
- It's boring, really.
I'm just an accountant with a fancy title,
but I'm good at math.
- So, what's the deal with these two?
- Kylie, she's our accounts manager.
She's in charge of bringing in new business
to the firm.
- [Mel] And what about her?
- Rose, she's in charge of our social media.
She does all of the socials.
- Makes sense.
- [Rose] So, are there any male strippers coming?
- Who cares?
- All right, ladies and gentlemen.
I need y'all to make some noise
for the bride to be in the house.
[crowd cheers]
Yeah, we got something special for you.
Check this out, Miss Foxxy.
She's an ice bomb
Her body is so funk, ew
The rappers only like her
Because she acts like a total
Where the hoes, bring 'em on
Yeah, go on, make it bounce
Make 'em send the cash
Zelle your account
Hold up a minute
Do it real slow from a distance
Now they come takin' your drift
And shouting I ams
I don't care if this from my mama
Once she been poked with syringe
And shows to the surgeon
Yeah, she brought her body
To check the bounce and it's working
They offer in person
Lord, so she twerkin'
Shake like she awfully nervous
If you're married, she gonna cover the service
'Cause your wife ain't a true freak
You boy your rang, nigga, you sleep
She threw that thing like a QB
Three step drop
Wifi mama need that wop
Gotta take the Benz to the detail shop
My name bring the females out
We got some H-O-E-S-I-N-T-H-I-S-H-O-U-S-E
Where the hoes, bring 'em on
Yeah, go on, make it bounce
Make 'em send the cash
Yeah, Zelle your account
It got them R-E-A-L-F-A-Cs
I-N my 2 P-A-Cs
Water on my nigga tub
Bitch I'm P-A-C
I don't give a fuck if that shit F-A-K-E
I said is that shit for real
She told me, no, it's Brazil
She asked me do you
- Congratulations on your engagement.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- Looks like you were having a good time with Foxxy.
- Oh, yeah, she was real good.
- Look, I'm sorry it's so dead tonight.
Usually when there's no customers for the girls
to make money, we just close early.
- That's all right, I was, um,
I was thinking we could have an after party
at my suite in the villa.
- I'll ask the girls, but is this work
or are you asking us to party?
- Well, y'all wanna work or do y'all wanna party [laughs]?
- There's no one here.
They want fun and excitement.
- All right, what can 2 grand get me?
- Whatever you like.
- Well, I'm a give the address.
It's the villa suite, all right?
- We'll be there.
- What are you doing?
- Livin' it up like I said I would.
What's the problem?
- Sophia, don't do this.
- It's done [laughs].
Mel, Mel, Mel.
- Bathroom?
- Does Melody seem off to you?
- What do you mean?
- I don't know, her vibe just felt off tonight.
- Well, you know, it was a long drive.
She's probably just tired.
- I guess you're right.
- All right, ladies, we gotta go.
Let's catch up.
- Okay, let's go.
- Did those bitches really leave us?
- I guess so.
- Fine, I'll call an Uber.
It's cold.
- These look like room keys.
What are these?
Da, da, da, da, da, da
Uh-uh, uh-uh
Da, da, da, da, da, da
Uh-Uh, uh-uh
I just wanna get close
- You see something you like that don't like you back.
Everything I know
[suspenseful music]
I love us
I love, I love, I love, I love, I love, I love, I love you
I love, I love, I love, I love, I love, I love, I love you
I just wanna get close
I just wanna be close to you
[suspenseful music]
- Shit, it is so cold out here.
Where's MY vape?
Where the fuck is my vape?
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
oh, shit, you scared me.
I thought you were gonna be some type of creep.
My vape died, do you think I could hit your vape?
[suspenseful music]
Okay, blow smoke in my face, did you hear me?
Okay, I don't know what's going on with you,
but you're really starting to freak me out
[suspenseful music]
- Oh, whoa, oh.
[Sophia vomits]
Killed it harder than you remember it, huh?
- What are you doing?
- Somebody spilled wine on my purse last night.
I'm trying to get it out before it stains.
- What time is it?
- 5 a.m.
- I don't even remember coming home from villa.
- I'm not surprised, you were turnt.
You know what?
Why don't you let me get you some water
and put you in bed?
- But the girls.
- They girls are fine. I got 'em.
- Y'all seen Foxxy?
- [Mel] It's okay, I got you.
I'm always here for you.
That's right, come on.
[water flows]
- Who's idea was it to go hiking
the morning after drinking?
- Mine, cardio's the best way
to get all the alcohol out of your system.
- This is taking everything out of my system.
I feel like I need to throw up.
- Fine, let's take a break and hydrate.
- Hey, is that Melody?
- I think so.
I texted her earlier to invite her.
- Maybe she's looking for us. - Yeah.
- We should go see.
- Let's check it out.
- Melody? - Hey, girls.
- [Mel] Hey.
- We were looking for you.
- Yeah, yeah, I was looking for you, too.
I just came down here 'cause I thought I put
my workout clothes in the trunk,
but I can't find them, so,
they're probably in the room or something.
- We're heading back up.
Sure you don't wanna join us?
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm just gonna look here,
check in the room or something
and check on Sophia later.
- All right, see you later for dinner?
- You bet.
- Great. - Bye.
- Bye.
See you guys.
[suspenseful music]
- Okay, so after dinner, we're gonna grab
some drinks and I have a sightseeing tour scheduled
for us tomorrow.
- Yeah, I don't know if I'm up
for drinks again tonight, y'all.
- Honestly, me either.
That's why I'm drinking water.
And I can't find my bank card.
- [Lilian] You can't find your bank card?
- No, I thought I just left it in the room somewhere,
but I looked everywhere.
- Maybe you left it at the strip club.
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
- You know what?
When I was trying to catch up to y'all,
I probably left it with the bartender.
- Well, we need to get over there tonight,
make sure they still have it.
- I definitely need it.
- All right, well, let's go.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
You stay, I'll go.
I'm not messing up your weekend plans.
- Alone?
- No, I'll go with her. - Okay.
- You sure?
- Of course, it's fine.
We need to stick together.
- That's right, safety first.
- See y'all later.
- Pray you find it, find it. - Good luck, girl.
- I really hope she finds that card.
- Yeah. - Wow.
- [Kylie] All right, time to dig in.
Is any of this good?
- It's okay, my chicken is pretty good.
[upbeat music]
- Hey, you remember me from last night?
- Hi, Rose.
- So, I think I left my card here.
It's red.
- Yeah, we got it, it's in the back.
Hey, Lauren, make them a dirty martini
and a strawberry margarita.
- Thank you.
- Damn, this place is dead.
- I know, weird, ain't it?
Thank you.
- The manager wants to see you.
- The manager?
- Follow me, ladies.
[upbeat music]
- Ladies, come on in, have a seat.
I heard you guys had a fun time the other night.
- Uh, yeah, why?
- Well, listen, have you seen Foxxy?
- Foxxy?
- The dancer that went home
with your friends the other night.
- No dancers left with us.
- [laughs] That is not true.
How is it, Trixie?
- I took her and a couple of the others back
to their suite at the villa.
When we woke up, Foxxy was gone.
- We have it all on security cameras.
- Well, to be honest, we don't know
which one was Foxxy.
They were all gone this morning.
- So, you haven't talked to your friends
or you haven't seen them?
- What's this all about anyways?
- Well, Foxxy's one of our most popular dancers.
She's been here for a long time, practically family
and tonight is a money night and no one has seen her.
- So, what?
You think we kidnapped a stripper?
- No, of course not.
Listen, we're just trying to find answers.
I wanna say thank you, ladies for your time
and if you see your friends,
have them tell Foxxy to check in.
You guys have a nice day.
- This way, ladies, we can use the back door.
- You lost her, you find her.
- [Lilian] Geez.
- So, that was weird, right?
- Extremely.
- I mean, Sophia, yeah, I saw her leave
with a dancer, but do you really think they hooked up?
- There's no way.
What do you think about Melody, though?
- I don't know, I haven't really spent
much time around her, why?
- There's something off about her.
- What do you mean?
- I can see it in her eyes, she just seems-
- [Rose] Her eyes?
- It's just the way she stares at Sophia.
- I hadn't noticed.
- This might sound a little crazy,
but do you think she could have anything
to do with the missing dancer from last night?
- Why would you think that?
- It was the way she was staring at her
when Sophia was getting a lap dance,
this morning in the parking lot.
It's just all so awkward.
- I mean, yeah, but awkward and murderer?
That's a big leap.
And why would she come
to her best friend's bachelorette party just
to kill some random dancer?
Who does that?
- I know, I'm probably overthinking things.
- Just a little.
[suspenseful music]
- [Sophia] Did you get Rose's card?
- Yeah, we did, that's what I came to tell you.
You dropped the key cards
in the strip club parking lot.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, it's probably nothing.
- Don't do that.
Tell me what's going on?
- Where's Melody?
- She's upstairs in the shower, why?
- When we were at the strip club,
we spoke to the manager.
- Okay?
- The dancer that came back here last night seems
to be missing. - Missing?
- The manager caught her on camera leaving
the club with you and Melody.
- I don't even remember coming back here.
- Did Melody mention a dancer named Foxxy staying over?
- [Sophia] Honestly, I can't remember.
- What's going on?
- Did we leave last night with a dancer named Foxxy?
- I don't know, we left with a lot of dancers, why?
- The manager pulled Rose and Lilian inside his office.
He has security footage of a dancer leaving
with us last night and he said she's missing.
- It's been like a day, she's probably sleeping it off.
- [Sophia] Right.
- I don't know.
I got the sense that this is out
of the ordinary for her.
They seemed concerned.
- [Melody] She's a stripper.
I doubt this is the first time she's going missing.
- I guess. - Yeah.
- What's the deal with her?
- She's just a little rough around
the edges sometimes.
We had a tough life.
- How so?
- Her dad, just not a good man.
We'll leave it at that, okay?
- That's awful.
- Yeah, and she's been there with me
through every major life event.
- [Lilian] I know you too are close, but just-
- Just what?
- When I said the girl is missing,
she had no concern, nothing.
- Okay, why would she?
- [Lilian] Because she's a human being, that's what we do.
- Okay, but do you have concern when you watch the news?
- I know you two are best friends,
that's what's blinding you.
There's something up with her, I can feel it.
- You don't know her
and you don't even know me.
- Just be careful around her, Sophie, please.
- Look, I told you I'm done with the conversation.
And maybe I need to be careful around you.
Time for you to go.
[suspenseful music]
- So you really think Melody is dangerous?
- [Lilian] I don't know.
I just know something's not right.
- All right, well, look, we're only here
a little while longer, let's just stick it out.
When we leave here, we'll never have to see her again.
- I guess.
- You going to the pool this late at night?
- Yeah, the water calms me.
By product of growing up on the coast.
- You need me to go with you?
- Nah, you can come if you want.
I won't be much company.
I just really need to clear my head.
- Okay, so I'll just call it a night then.
See you at breakfast?
- Absolutely.
[water splashes] [suspenseful music]
Fuck, Melody.
- So, you don't trust me, huh?
- That's not what it is.
It's the way you are with Sophie.
Something's not right.
I know you had something to do with that dancer.
I could feel it
and I'm gonna figure it out.
[Lilian screams]
[suspenseful music]
[Lilian gasps]
[suspenseful music]
- I'm excited about dinner.
I hope that have that meatloaf they had-
- Like you. - Thank you.
- Ladies, ladies, I'm so sorry.
I'm afraid that the restaurant, the pool
and the workout facilities are all closed.
- Why? - Why?
- It was due to an unfortunate accident.
- Accident, what kind of accident?
- We had an accidental death in the pool.
Our techs are just cleaning up the area.
- God.
- Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Oh, my God, a drowning?
- Has anybody heard from Lilian?
- [Rose] Last night, she said she was going to the, oh, no.
- No, no, no, could we- - Ladies.
- Ladies, please wait, wait, please.
We'd like you to step back.
- What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
[friends scream]
- Ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies.
- [Mel] Okay, I got you.
- I just, I can't believe she's gone.
- [Melody] I know, it's crazy.
She was so nice.
- You did this.
- [Kylie] Rose, what are you talking about?
- Yeah, what are you talking about?
- [Sophia] Rose, you're being emotional right now.
- Lilian didn't trust her
and then the next day she ends up dead.
- They said it was an accident.
- Bullshit.
- She slipped and drowned in the pool,
that's what the investigator said.
- You really believe that?
- I mean, what else is there to believe?
- That she did this. She's crazy.
[Mel laughs]
That's probably why they can't find the dancer.
Psycho bitch.
- Bitch? I'll show you a bitch.
- What? You gonna kill me, too?
- All right, y'all, y'all, come on, calm, calm down.
We gotta be together in this, okay?
- I can't fuckin' believe y'all.
- I'll go talk with her.
- What was that about?
- I don't know.
She better figure it out.
- She's just frazzled, we all are.
- Yeah.
- We haven't had time to process anything.
- Yeah, you're right.
So, what should we do?
- Well, the police asked for us to stay
a few more days until they finish
the full autopsy in case
there were any more questions.
- Questions?
They said it was an accident.
- They did, but Rose has been really adamant
about something else terrible happening,
so they just wanna double check.
- Mel, where are you going?
- It's, you know, it's been a lot today.
Your friend attacked me and people dying.
I just, I'm gonna take a walk and clear my head.
- Mel, just take your phone just in case.
- Thanks. - I get it.
[Rose cries]
[phone buzzes]
- [Guard] Security.
- I'd like to report an incident.
I have information about what happened at the pool.
- [Guard] Ma'am, we're aware of the incident,
please stop calling.
- No, no, no, no, I got a text.
I got a text and I have information.
[suspenseful music]
I'll go do it myself.
- It's looking like a dead end.
I'm gonna keep looking for about another hour,
but I don't know, it's not looking good.
[suspenseful music]
Is that you?
[suspenseful music]
- You wanna tell me what that
was all about earlier?
- You know what it was about.
- Why would you think Melody is some sort of-
- Psycho? Because she is.
- She's not, she- - She killed Lilian.
- That's not possible, Rose.
- How do you know?
- I just know and why would she?
- That's not good enough, Sophia.
- Okay, well, I don't know what you want from me.
- I want you to listen.
- Talk.
- I've seen the way she looks at you.
There's something you're not telling me.
- It's nothing.
Look, Melody and I hooked up a few times growing up
and that's it.
- So, do you think she's in love with you?
- What? No, of course not.
- Think about it.
It makes sense.
If she's in love with you,
she would try to take out anybody
that gets in the way.
- That's ridiculous Rose.
- Is it, though?
- Yeah, I mean, I've known her pretty much
my whole life.
She's been there for every boyfriend,
every heartbreak, every problem.
She's always been there
and she's never hurt anybody.
- That you know of.
- I know her heart.
- You also know Lilian.
She was the most responsible out of all of us.
There's no way she would just go
to the pool drunk enough to pass out.
You know that.
- Okay, yeah, it was kind of out of character.
- Exactly.
- Yeah, but that doesn't mean I agree with you.
- Listen, Lilian was telling me
that she did not trust Melody.
She didn't like her, think about that.
- Listen, Rose, are you gonna be okay?
- I really, really need you
to think about what I'm saying and be careful.
[suspenseful music]
- Hey.
- Hey.
How was your walk?
- It was good, necessary.
- Where'd you go?
- The trails. Why?
- No reason, I was just curious.
- Okay, clearly there's something on your mind,
so just say it.
- Are you in love with me?
- [laughs] What?
What are you talking about?
- Rose has this crazy idea
that you're in love with me or something.
- Why would that be so crazy?
- Because we're best friends.
And, I mean, I do love you, but not like that.
- Not like what?
- Romantically. Yeah.
- Of course. Okay.
- 'Cause that would be crazy.
- Yeah. Would. - Yep.
- But why is she asking you if I'm in love with you?
- Well, Rose has this crazy notion
that you're some weird serial killer
that's obsessed with me. - What?
- Yeah, she thinks that you're out to kill anybody
who gets between you and I
and that's why she thinks you killed Lilian.
- So, she still thinks I killed that girl.
- Yeah, yeah, I know.
I told her it's impossible.
- Thank you. - Yeah.
- But I do have something to ask you.
- What?
- The night Lilian died, you weren't in the room.
I woke up and went to the bathroom
and you weren't there.
Where were you?
- I couldn't sleep.
I went for a walk.
- Did you hurt Lilian?
- What?
How could you even ask me something like that?
- I know- - What is wrong with you?
- I know it's stupid, I'm sorry.
- Really, so you think I'm just out here killing people.
- No, no, of course not, I'm sorry.
- I cannot even believe you would, why?
- Rose is obsessed.
She's been harassing the villa security.
I'm sorry, Mel.
I know, I'm sorry.
It's been a hell of a day, so I'm just.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
- Get in the hot tub.
[suspenseful music]
- Melody?
- Rose, I swear.
It's not what it looks like.
- I knew it.
And now I get proof.
- You should've stayed out of it, Rose.
[Mel grunts]
[rock bangs]
[suspenseful music]
[Mel grunts]
Oh, bitch.
[Rose cries]
[bell rings]
- Hello?
[suspenseful music]
- [Mel] Hey.
- Hey.
- I just wanted to stay I'm sorry
for the way I blew up.
- God, what happened?
- What?
Oh, I was on my walk again
and there was this rock on the ground
and then I tripped over it and fell
and hurt myself, so stupid.
- You've always been a big clumsy.
- Thanks.
- Remember in high school
when Anna Saunders dared you
to break into that abandoned house in Van Nuys.
- Oh, my God, of course,
and I thought I was some super agent
and I tried to bust through the window
with my elbow.
- Oh, man, you had so many pieces
of glass hanging out of your arm,
I never seen so much blood.
- I had like 12 or 13 stitches.
- Uh-huh.
- We've really been through a lot together.
- Yeah, we certainly have.
- Two peas in a pod.
- I'm sorry about earlier.
- Don't worry about it.
- You always know how to make me feel better.
Hey, sleepyhead. - Hey.
- What are you doing up?
- I'm gonna go check on Rose real quick, that's all.
- Why?
- She was a little raw last night
and she's not responding to any of my texts,
so I'm a little worried.
- She's probably ignoring you.
- Maybe, but she also hasn't been on socials today
and you know that's her world,
so that's a little weird.
- Oh, my God, you are not her mother.
- Okay, but those girls helped make me
who I am, Mel.
They helped build my firm.
- Whatever.
Can you please just get back in the bed?
- Look, I'm gonna go check on Rose
and when I come back we can go to breakfast
if you want.
- I'm not hungry, just do your thing.
[birds chirping]
- Rose, Rose, are you okay?
Have you seen Rose?
- No, not since last night.
I mean, I was just coming to check on her.
- Yeah, she's not taking any of my calls
and I'm starting to get worried.
- Well, I'm sure she's fine.
I mean, obviously she was really close
with Lilian, so she took her death hard.
- Yeah, and the whole blow up with Melody.
- Yeah, that was something else.
Where is Melody anyways?
- She decided to sleep in
and I wanna call Kevin,
but I wouldn't even know where to start.
- Wanna go grab breakfast?
- Um, sure.
I can't help but be worried about Rose.
- Yeah, she was definitely having a hard time.
She didn't seem sad.
She seemed angry and motivated.
- Yeah, I saw her later
and she had this crazy notion
that Melody was some sort of killer.
- Yeah, she was definitely adamant
that Melody was behind Lilian's death.
- I just, I just wish everybody would get along,
especially considering everything going on right now.
- Could I ask you something?
- Yeah, sure.
- How come none of us knew about Melody before?
- What do you mean?
- Come on Sophia, we've all worked side by side
for three years,
but you never once mentioned her.
- Honestly, I don't know.
I mean, I guess I just had so much going on
and even more in my mind that time just kind
of slipped away.
- That makes sense, I guess.
It's just strange.
- Strange how?
- For three years without her, your life grew,
business, friends, relationships.
Everything went perfect.
She's back into the picture and now all of this.
- So, what?
What you're saying she's evil
or some sort of bad omen?
- No, that's not what I'm saying at all.
What I'm saying is our souls know
what kind of energy we need in our lives
and when our souls thrive
in the absence of another,
but dims in their presence, that's a sign.
- I wouldn't say that.
I mean, she was really important to me growing up.
She still is really important.
- Well, I can't speak for you.
I can only tell you what I see.
- Okay.
- Still nothing from Rose?
- No, nothing.
- What should we do?
- Don't you have an extra set of room keys?
- Oh, yeah, I found their spare key cards.
- Let's go check her room.
[suspenseful music]
Do you think she's really gone.
- Looks like it, goodness.
Oh, well, she left a note.
- All her stuff is gone.
- I couldn't stay in the same place
where Lilian died.
I'm sorry for any trouble that I caused, Rose.
- What? What the hell.
That seems a little strange
because Rose is fiery and last night
she was not runaway sad, she was ready to fight.
- True.
I mean, but all of her stuff is gone.
- Maybe someone from the security office saw her leave.
- Let's go check.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
- Hi, good afternoon, ladies.
- Our friend, Rose, all of her luggage
is gone from her room and she left a note saying
that she's checking out.
Do you know if she left?
- I mean, if she left a note,
she probably left, yes, you could just call her.
- She's not answering her phone.
- Could you just look and see if she checked out, please.
- Yeah, of course, who's name was the room booked under?
- [Sophia] It's under mine.
- Can I see your ID, please? - Sure.
- Thanks.
[suspenseful music]
There's no record of anyone checking out
of any of the rooms listed under your name.
- That's weird.
- Did you happen to see a woman check out
at all late last night?
- I didn't.
- I didn't work last night, no.
The guy who did, he'll be in around 8 p.m. tonight.
You can ask him, though.
- Okay, thank you.
Come on, let's go.
- Still nothing? - Nothing.
- Maybe her phone died.
- Come on, you know her.
She lives on that thing.
She has backup chargers for her backup chargers.
- So, she's either ignoring us
or something bad has happened to her.
- Something bad has happened to who?
- Rose.
She's missing.
- Yeah, she's not answering her phone.
- She's probably still asleep.
- Well, Kylie had extra room keys,
so we checked and all her luggage is gone.
- Yeah, the only thing she left was note.
- What'd the note say?
- She said she was leaving early
and she's sorry for any trouble she caused.
- Well, that seems pretty straightforward to me.
- No, the front desk has no record
of her checking out.
- Well, if she left at night,
nobody would see her checking out.
- You don't know Rose.
This isn't like her at all.
- Okay, y'all, that's enough.
Speculating isn't gonna help anything.
- Good evening, ladies, can I help you?
- Yes, were you working here last night, sir?
- [Guard] Yes, yes.
- We're looking for our friend.
She left us a note saying she was checking out
and now we just can't get a hold of her.
- Okay, well, I can check the records here
and see if she checked out.
- Oh, we did that last night
and the clerk said there's no record.
We were just wondering maybe you saw something.
- I don't recall seeing anything
or remember anyone checking out last night
on my shift, but- [phone buzzes]
- Excuse me, did someone turn in a cell phone?
I just dialed our friend's number
and there's ringing coming from the office.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, a hiker found one
on the trail by the villa.
He turned it in.
We're charging it so people can track it.
- [Kylie] Okay, when was it turned in, when?
- It was early this morning.
- [Sophia] Can we have it, please?
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
- Perfect, shit, what's her birthday.
- October 22, 1994.
- That's not it.
Any other significant event dates
or favorite numbers.
- Her mom died, I think, April 4, 2021.
- [Sophia] That's not it either.
- Hey, try 96551.
- Shit, I'm locked out.
- You're certain that it was found outside the resort?
- Oh, that's what the gentleman told me
who turned it in.
- We need to go out there and look around.
- We have to go.
- Now, now, it's not really safe
out there at night, ladies.
Tell you what, I'll go out there
with you, okay? - Okay.
- Thank you. - Thank you, sir.
[friends chattering]
- Go for Marrero. - Copy.
- Hey, keep an eye on the front desk.
I'm gonna go search the perimeter.
- [Marrero] Roger that.
- Okay, let's search the area here
and see if there's any sign of Rose, okay?
- I think we should split up.
- Sophia, you go with the security guard.
I'll go with Kylie.
- Okay.
- Everybody okay with that?
- Yeah. - Okay, okay.
[suspenseful music]
- After you.
[suspenseful music]
- Rose?
Are you out there?
Are you seeing anything?
Okay, well, I'm just gonna backtrack
and try and cover where we haven't been yet.
[suspenseful music]
Oh, my God, Rose, Rose [cries].
Rose, wake up [cries].
[Kylie grunts]
[Kylie screams]
[Kylie gurgles]
[neck cracks]
- Rose!
You recognize this?
- I've never seen it,
but that's definitely not Rose's.
- Yeah, there's something weird going on out here,
something real weird.
Hey, Marrero. - What's up?
- I'm a need you to get down here quick
by the old Oak grove. - On the way.
[suspenseful music]
- Does that look strange?
- It looks like the ground's been turned over or something.
Maybe somebody buried something, I don't know.
[suspenseful music]
Oh, Jesus.
[Sophia screams]
Hey, is that your friend?
- No, it looks like the dancer from the strip club.
- The dancer from the strip club.
- It's a long story. - Okay.
- All right, look, we need to call the cops.
Come on, let's get outta here.
- Oh, my God. - Let's get outta here.
- Oh, my God. - Come on.
- Come on. - Oh, my God.
- [Guard] Come on.
We're gonna call the police.
- I wouldn't do that if I were you.
- Melody, what are you doing?
- I'm sorry, baby.
I wish things could've been different.
I really do.
- All this was you? Why?
- I did this for you.
For us.
- Us, why do you keep, what are you talking about?
- Sophie, you're in denial.
You're trapped.
Don't you see?
They wouldn't let us be together, all of them.
Your friends, your fiance, the stupid whore.
They don't care about you.
They're using you.
I'm protecting you.
- Protecting me? From what?
- Sophie, you've always loved me.
They just wouldn't let you say it.
They never allowed us to be together.
But I found a way.
- Mel, Mel, you killed all my friends
and some innocent dancer.
- I did what I had to do.
- What happened, what's wrong with you?
- There's nothing wrong with me.
I've always been protecting you.
Just like I did with Sam.
- Sam?
[engine revs]
[tires screech]
That was you?
- Sophie, he was cheating on you.
- Mel, it doesn't give you a right to kill him, Mel.
Is Kylie dead?
- She got in the way.
- Oh, my God, no, no.
So what? So what, Mel,
you're just gonna kill me now, too?
- That's not what I wanted.
This isn't what I want.
- What do you want?
- I want what I've always wanted,
for you to love me.
- I do, I love you, Mel.
- See, see, that's why I had to kill them.
So that you could see.
- See what?
- We belong together.
No! [gun fires]
[Sophia screams]
- Officer Douglas, Officer Douglas.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
[gun fires]
[Sophia cries]
[suspenseful music]
- Sophia, come on, don't run.
[suspenseful music]
Open up the door, Sophia.
Open up the fuckin' door.
[gun fires]
Why are you running, huh?
Didn't I tell you we're connected?
I told you we're connected.
It's you and me, baby, forever.
[both grunting]
[suspenseful music]
[punch strikes]
[glass breaks]
Bring your ass over here.
You know you love me, always.
This is good for you soul, say goodbye.
[Sophia grunts]
- Come here! - Bitch!
[Sophia cries]
- Yes, someone's dead.
At the villa, someone's dead.
[Sophia cries]
Oh, my God, why.
- Hey, baby.
I'm about to head to the store
and get a few things.
Let me know if you need something.
- I'm good, babe.
I'm just gonna work on our wedding registry.
- You sure you should be jumping right in
to planning a wedding right now?
- Yeah, why?
- Honey, I'm just saying like given everything
you been through, you think you should jump
into planning a wedding?
Don't you think you need a little more time?
- No, babe, I don't need more time.
I need this and I need you forever.
- Come here.
Let me ask you a question.
- Okay.
- What if you and me went
to the justice of the peace tomorrow.
- No way. - And we just got married?
- No, way. - Yes, yes.
- You down? - Yes, I would love to.
- You promise?
- Honey, of course.
- You cool with that?
- Yes, Kevin.
- You and me forever.
- Yeah.
- All right, I love you.
All right, I'm headed out to the store.
Let me know if you need something.
- Grab us some champagne so we can celebrate tonight.
- Oh, we poppin' bottles tonight, baby.
We poppin' bottles, baby.
- Good.
- [Kevin] We gettin' hitched.
- I love you. - I love you, too.
- [Kevin] We gettin' married.
- Oh!
- You thought I was gonna let
you have my Sophia?
You're never gonna have it.
Call Sophia.
- Sophia!
- Call her again.
- Sophia!
- Yeah?
Kevin [screams].
- Hi, Sophia, you miss me?
- How did you get out?
- Be quiet!
[Sophia cries]
That's why you went and found
this motherfucker who look just like me.
Say goodbye, Sophia, say goodbye.
- No [cries]!
[suspenseful music]
- It's you and me, baby forever.
[engine revs]
[car crashes]
[both grunt]
You were gonna hurt me?
Fucking bitch.
[both grunt]
[bat strikes]
- Kevin.
Wake up, Kevin.
[suspenseful music]
[Mel grunts]
[Sophia cries]
[Mel gasping]
[gentle music]
[gentle music]
[gentle music]
[gentle music]