Deadly Ex Next Door (2022) Movie Script

- Allan!
- yeah?
Is this a bad omen or what?
Well, these are
my latest pieces.
Working title vanity kills.
You thought I was serious.
You know, I almost forgot
what your laugh sounded like.
-I'm always laughing.
But this was your real one,
not your professional one.
Not everyone can hide
in a private studio all day.
Yeah, well, maybe with some
space and privacy of your own,
You can be on for yourself
for a change.
Or me. You know,
I'm always on for you.
Hm! Oh, we just did it
this morning.
What can I say, I mean, you
wear plaid, you drive me wild.
Hi, chester.
-You spill some paint or what?
-No, it's a commission piece.
A banker up north
wants to decorate his house
With an evil mirror motif.
What do you think?
I don't get it.
-but I do get this.
Wanna keep me company?
oh, come on, chester.
Sell your cottage to us.
You can move to florida
and retire.
I moved out here
to retire.
Why do you want my place anyway?
We hope to start
an artist retreat.
A sanctuary for the soul.
I knew I was in trouble when
you hippies moved in last month.
But I love it here too much
to sell.
Ah, I understand. I fell in love
with this lake back in college.
Oh! Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
-Oh, a-a-all right, all right.
-Think I got somethin'.
All right, all right, wait,
wait. Just-just take it easy.
You have to t-take it easy,
you just, just relax.
-Just-just relax. Don't panic.
-Just let me...
-Don't try to roll... All right.
-Oh. I'm sorry, I...
Okay, stay there, stay there,
I'll get it.
Hold on to this.
Don't lose this one.
- I won't.
- sorry. Are you sure?
yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're the second person
this week
Asking to buy my place.
- really?
- Yeah.
A lady called up yesterday
Offering a ton.
And you still said no?
Let me get this.
Thank you. Sorry, chester.
I said no
Because this is my haven.
No one can put a price
on peace of mind.
- what-what's happening?
- Ooh. Ah.
it's electric.
No, no, stop, stop,
if you touch the wire,
You're gonna get electrocuted,
just, just go
Call 911, I'll figure it out.
Go, go, elise!
go on!
instead of rejecting
the past and treating it
With disdain,
Let's embrace it
like an old friend.
Perhaps the past
Isn't a scary place to visit
after all.
Yesterday is a gift
To our future self.
may I help you?
I did not recognize you.
Um, sorry my dad and I keep
rescheduling the dock repairs.
No problem.
What is this?
It's a shock detector.
You put the thing-ama-jig
in the lake,
Uh, to see if the water
is electrified.
And, uh... If so...
Don't worry,
it was just a test.
-See, look, the water's safe.
Was there no detector here
No, there was,
but it was broken.
I still...
Can't believe that happened.
I don't think
I'll ever forget how--
I got the perfect thing.
I took your advice, "busy hands
help with busy brain."
-It's for you.
-Thank you.
I-I made a vision board
as well.
I wanna go to berlin
a-and learn how to ride a horse
And, and see stevie nicks live.
Uh, something like that probably
shouldn't go on a vision board.
But it, it's just
such a big part of my life.
Thank you for the wreath.
I'm not hearing
any hammering.
These the lights
you have in mind?
They're perfect.
I thought some light
could help revitalize--
I think that's a great idea,
um, but then again,
All your ideas are great ideas,
Syl, can you grab the stepladder
from the truck, please?
Uh, yeah. I'm sorry.
If I need to tell her
to cool it, it's okay.
No, no, no, I was,
I was really hoping to make
new friends moving out here.
And after the accident,
I couldn't get sylvia
To leave the house.
Now that she's met you
and read your book,
She's almost herself again.
So, thank you for giving me
my daughter back.
If she gets to bother you,
let me know, okay?
Sylvia can get a bit,
uh, fixated.
Mm, plucked those yourself?
-Sylvia made it.
-Of course.
How many times
your number-one fan
Dropped by this week? Three?
I don't mind her visits.
She's been through a lot.
Okay, well,
when we start up our retreat,
We should invite her
to join for free.
If we get our retreat started.
Well, is it right to try to buy
chester's place now?
It's only been six weeks.
Thought the entire reason
we moved out here
Was to build our retreat.
Okay. I will give
our real-estate agent a call.
-I like your new neighbors.
On my way. Gotta go.
Uh, what are you doing here?
we just moved in.
Don't tell me
you live here, too.
I, I picked up the phone,
You know, a thousand times
to call you, but I...
I never knew what to say.
Elise, I'm so sorry.
Oh, uh, don't be. Thank you.
But... What good
does an apology do now?
well, we hurt you.
I hurt you.
And we wanna make things right.
I made peace with what
happened a long time ago.
I suggest you do the same.
Please, elise.
Can we just talk? I...
what's wrong?
You see a bear or somethin'?
They're here.
-How did they find me?
My ex-fiance and the friend
who ran away with him,
They bought the cottage next
door and they're right there.
I do not wanna talk to them.
Hi, I'm geena fellers.
This is my husband, lee.
-We're old friends of--
-I know who you are.
-Um, I'm allan. Hi. Hi, hi.
-Good to meet you.
-Can we come in?
Yeah, sure, of course,
come on in.
I, uh, I know
she wants to be left alone,
But we wanna talk.
you said it
in your last book,
Better to rip the band-aid off
Than let emotional wounds
Spoken like a true disciple.
I've always admired
elise's wisdom.
You also seem to like
her style, too.
Oh, um...
We used to dress alike
in college.
We shared each other's clothes.
Uh, you know what,
I'm just gonna take this out.
-Yeah, yeah. Sorry.
Could you please
come back another time?
I need to think about this.
Oh, my god!
You still collect the bottles.
This is the first one
I ever gave you.
You don't hate me, or else
you wouldn't have kept it.
Come on, geena,
let's give her some space.
Not until I know we're okay.
I want... No.
I need to be friends again.
Hey, do you have
any extra tra...
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know you had company.
Uh, we were actually
on our way out.
-Uh, I'm sylvia.
-Uh, lee and geena.
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
-We just moved in next door.
Nice to meet you.
Elise, you have new neighbors?
- We actually go way back.
- oh!
Uh, yeah,
they went to college with elise.
Well, that's fun, um...
When's the welcome party?
You can use the dock.
I don't think
that's such a good idea.
But the party lights
are all set up
A-and dad made sure
everything was safe and...
E-elise, you always said
treasure friendship.
"address tomorrow's regrets
I have never had my words
used against me so much before.
Fine, well,
let's, let's have a party.
Uh, can I speak to you,
just one...
Sure you wanna do this?
How can I be writing a book
About forgiving the pain of the
past if I won't do it myself?
It's been 15 years,
and, obviously,
The universe is putting us
together for a reason.
-Oh, come on.
I can't run away forever.
I hope you two like steak.
Thank you so much
for giving us another chance.
You won't regret it.
Okay, um...
-It was really nice to meet you.
-You, too.
-Yeah. Come on.
-See you later.
So what do you want me to cook?
Wait, you're coming
to dinner, too?
-They're my neighbors, too.
-Actually, um--
I-I could just help serve
or-or clean up
Or whatever you want.
That is
a very, very sweet gesture,
But I think
it should just be us.
-Thank you, though.
Yeah. Yeah. Okay.
I'll get the barbeque fired up.
Tell me lissa told you about the
day her bikini top ripped off
The first time
we water-skied out here.
Yeah, her name's not lissa.
Didn't just rip off,
but flew right into the face
Of some poor woman
floating in an inner tube.
Yeah, and then
she wouldn't give it back.
Mm, she spent
the rest of the day topless.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-Did you?
I don't remember.
I was very different back then.
Mm-hm, sounds like you were
a lot of fun back then.
-I, I'm still a lot of fun.
Dinner's over and we've barely
put a dent in this bottle.
-No, uh, and...
-Please stop calling me that.
-Call you what?
-Uh, you keep calling her lissa.
-I do? Oh!
It was lee's pet name
for your wife back in college.
-Of course.
-I guess it still is.
Duck season's started. I was
gonna go shooting this weekend.
-You wanna join me?
-Uh, no.
-I don't hunt anymore.
-Actually, I was asking allan.
-He doesn't hunt either.
-I might wanna give it a try.
Really? Well,
you've never mentioned it.
Well, sounds like we've both
kept some things to ourselves.
uh, toast!
To living on the lake
like we always dreamed.
I still can't believe
lee and I got the place.
How, uh, how did you
get the house?
I didn't realize
it was on the market.
I've been, uh, trying to buy
the place from chester all year.
He would never sell.
And then he died.
Still see
your talent for putting a damper
On a party hasn't changed.
I wouldn't really call this
a party.
Is it odd for you, allan,
Meeting the other man
in your wife's life?
Maybe this should be
your last glass of wine, geen.
- sorry.
- Excuse me.
There is no other man
in my life, geena.
Lee and I are history.
Then why are you blushing?
I am not blushing.
I'm irritated.
I was only teasing.
Better keep an eye on these two.
Hey, allan,
don't forget light bulbs.
On it.
Forget something?
Allan, did you take my robe?
Someone here?
Geena? Not this again.
are you gonna sleep
all day?
what time is it?
Did I miss class?
We're at the lake.
Oh, easy. You hit your head.
Uh, uh, the doctor's on the way
to check you out.
Lee, what are you doing here?
I went into the woods
looking for geena,
But found you instead.
Geena, yeah. Um...
I think she was in the house
trying to mess with me.
-What, like a prank?
-Yeah, except, it wasn't funny.
-Not at all!
-Okay. It's okay.
I'm sure she didn't mean
any harm.
She just wants to make things
right with you, elise.
We both do.
Am I interrupting?
Uh, the doctor's on the way
to check her out.
Why, what's wrong?
I, um...
I fell in the woods. I guess
I was knocked out for a bit.
I brought her back here. I'll go
outside and wait for the doc.
-Hi. Are you okay?
How, how long was lee in here
with you?
Uh, he was here when I woke up.
He must've carried me in
from the woods.
So he just found you
after you fell?
That's pretty heroic of him.
Uh, no, I'm not being sarcastic.
It's just a, just a crazy
coincidence, is it not?
I think
geena was trying to scare me.
After you left, someone was in
the house moving things around.
-How do you know it was geena?
-I don't.
But she makes the most sense.
Not your super fan, sylvia?
let's run through this
one more time.
You were taking a shower
when someone moved your robe,
Stole a bottle of perfume. Hm.
Nice perfume?
It was an antique
perfume bottle.
Geena gave it to me
a long time ago.
She commented on it when
she was over here yesterday.
I found her scarf in the woods,
And she used to pull pranks
like this in college.
When was the last time
you saw her?
Last night.
Okay. I think I've got
everything I need for now.
Your life unlived.
Did you write this?
My husband loved this book.
He read it all the time.
Then he left my son and me
to go find himself in sedona.
Lives with two women now.
Changed his name to seven.
Take it you're not a fan
of my wife's work?
I-I'm not a fan
of over-dramatics, you know?
While misplaced perfume bottles
may be a big cause for alarm--
Hey, she was knocked out
in the woods, okay?
Are these the boots
you were wearing, ms. Edgemont?
with a heel?
They aren't really great
for hiking, are they?
Thank you. Sorry to interrupt.
I just came by to drop off
some get-well flowers.
-Aw, thank you, sylvia.
Do you need me to make dinner?
I can run to the drugstore.
I can even stay over
and just check on you.
That won't be necessary, thanks.
You're so lucky
you didn't get hurt worse.
That gulch is very deep.
How, how do you know
where I fell? Were you there?
Uh, on my way over here,
I saw the doctor drive away,
And he told me what happened.
Sylvia, did you sneak
into our house today?
You've been visiting a lot
If you were here,
you can, you can tell us.
I wouldn't have heard you
Knocking when I was
in the shower.
I give you flowers,
and instead of saying thank you,
You accuse me of sneaking in
on you in the shower?
How about I drive you back
to your dad's? We can chat.
You know, I'm just trying
to be a good friend.
But if that makes elise
too uncomfortable,
Then, you know what,
just forget about it.
Let's-let's save
the drama program
For the community playhouse.
-I'll be in touch.
-Thank you.
Gotta keep an eye on that one.
Boo! Oh!
Sorry. Bad joke.
What is wrong with you?
I, uh, I can be a real jerk
-Yes, you can.
-I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to burn you.
You know...
I'm glad
That you found me yesterday.
But I do find it a bit odd
How you just showed up.
I told you I was looking
for geena. It was a coincidence.
Should I have left you there
on the ground?
Why were you looking for geena?
I was afraid she may have tried
to sneak in to your house.
I was right.
Please don't tell the police.
Why should I cover for her
when she broke into my house
Just to mess with me?
Can we talk inside?
No. Let's stay out here.
I was heading down to the dock,
I used to think her
kleptomania was simply a quirk.
Like a nervous tic.
She doesn't steal anything big.
It used to be harmless.
Well, I've seen
this type of behavior before.
She's most likely stealing to
give herself a sense of control.
Does she seem tense lately?
I-I try to make her happy.
And that's why we moved out
here, to start fresh.
This place was so good for us
in college.
I wanted to recapture
some of that.
Look, I have to tell
the sheriff.
No, but she'll arrest geena.
Maybe that's a good thing.
No, help her! Don't punish her.
-Uh, take her on as a patient.
-I'm not a therapist anymore.
And even if I was...
I don't wanna see geena
get hurt.
You had no trouble hurting me.
No. I am not doing this. I'm
not crying about you anymore.
No, it's okay. Get angry.
-Yell at me!
-I've already dealt with this.
No, if you're crying about it,
you're clearly not as over it
As you say you are,
so deal with it.
What have you
always wanted to tell me?
After you left, I had
to check myself into a clinic
So I wouldn't hurt myself.
But you were always so strong.
You left a week
before our wedding, lee.
I bought a dress.
I had a shower.
People were flying in
from all over to see us.
My dad went to physical therapy
for an entire year
So that he could walk me
down that aisle.
Do you know how hard that was
on him?
-I know, I know. I'm sorry.
-No, enough.
Uh, I was scared of you.
Right. The offensive linesman
was scared of little old me.
I was, all right,
I was a masochistic jerk
Threatened by any woman
I thought was smarter than me.
But I've grown up, and now
I know what I felt for you
Wasn't intimidation,
but admiration.
I don't care!
I don't care!
I want nothing to do with you.
You have no idea
what you did to me.
-Stay away from me.
And stop calling me that!
I didn't even like it in college
and now it's just absurd.
The woman I used to be is gone.
You need to accept that
and move on.
Lee told me you hit your head.
Are you okay?
I made some cookies for you.
Do not give me that
sweet-as-sugar routine, geena.
This isn't a college dorm
where you can sneak in
And mess with my things.
We are adults now.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
I know about
your little kleptomania problem.
-You told her?
-She was gonna tell the cops.
I, I didn't steal anything.
Please. All you do
is steal from me.
Mm. I thought we were past that.
We had such a fun time together
at dinner.
-You, you were so nice to me.
And look how that turned out.
You know what?
You want it so bad, take it.
Pack it up with your things,
because you're moving. Okay?
let's go home
and make some plans.
No way. You're gonna let her
push us around like this?
-Come on.
We have every right
to live here, too.
Well, you have to move, I know
That might sound insensitive,
But I don't care.
You can't live next door to me.
Allan and I will buy you out.
It's not for sale.
You owe me this.
And you still wonder
why lee left you for me.
-Hey, geena.
-No, she needs to hear this.
Someone needs to show this...
What a monster she is.
I'm not listening to this.
Yes, you are!
Yes, you are.
And if anyone
Is making somebody move,
It'll be me
Kicking you and your husband
out of here.
So you better think
long and hard about
Whether you wanna make me
your friend or your enemy.
We'll get out of here.
I'm sorry.
lee, now.
Lee, you can't keep coming
over here.
I told you
I don't want to see you.
I'm not here to see you.
Hey, is allan ready?
Lee asked me to tag along.
So I can show the fellows
the best spots.
Right here. Had to make coffee.
I'm going hunting, remember?
Actually, I forgot my vest.
Why didn't you tell me?
I just want to sort some things
out with lee.
I've got a bad feeling.
I'll be back by dinner, I think.
I don't know, I've never really
done this before.
Hey, it'll be fine, I promise.
And murray'll be there, too.
Besides, it'll give me a chance
to talk lee
Into giving us a good deal
on the house.
They're still moving, right?
That's what he said yesterday.
Look, if it really bothers you,
I can bail.
But it might be my best shot
At talking to lee
man to larger man.
you know?
I can see much better
with this one.
Uh, hold it.
And don't worry,
I talked to geena,
And I just want to let you know
we're on our way out.
I promise.
She really admires you, elise.
She'll do anything for you.
Come on, lee. Time's a-wasting.
Startin' to rain.
Sylvia, I didn't see you there.
Your dad and the guys just left.
If you hurry,
you can catch them.
I prefer to hunt alone.
Thank you again for the wreath.
Thank you
for making sheriff brant
Give me the third degree
about breaking into your house.
How could you think
I could do that?
I didn't.
I mean,
at first I, I didn't know,
But now I know it wasn't you.
Are you sure about that?
Or is your husband
gonna make you blame me again?
-I'll talk to sheriff bra--
You can't say anything to her.
Elise, I mean it, I've already
been to prison once,
And accusations like yours
will put me right back in there.
Why don't you come inside
a-a-and we'll-we'll talk?
Talk to yourself.
If you don't trust me,
why should I trust you?
so, uh,
are you really gonna move?
Don't pretend you're not happy.
A bit relieved, yeah.
I mean, you gotta admit,
the situation's a bit awkward.
In other circumstances,
we probably
Would've ended up good friends.
Then a drink to what almost was.
To our wives.
Geena, what are you doing?
Geena, stop!
-Giving up already?
Just gonna take a leak.
Go ahead.
-Ask me why I did it.
You wanna know why I left elise,
I, I was never that curious,
But now that you bring it up...
When we were in the thick
of wedding planning...
Elise and I got in a fight
And I spent the night at geena's
to get some space.
After a bottle of wine
And hours of complaining
about my relationship...
We slept together.
I thought that was gonna be
the end of it...
But she told me she was pregnant
a week before
I was supposed to marry elise.
But I don't think
she was ever pregnant.
It was a lie to get me
to run away with her.
Obviously, it was for the best.
I mean,
you're both still together.
Has elise ever hit you before?
No. God! Why?
Don't tell me elise hit you
when you two were dating.
No, of course not. Elise
is too sweet to hurt anyone.
But, uh, geena...
Lee, you're twice her size.
Oh. No, trust me.
That doesn't matter at all
once that woman gets angry.
Put that down!
When did you become such a wuss?
What are you doing to my trees?
Our trees.
The trees between our houses.
You're moving.
Lee told me so today.
and you believed him?
Allan and I will give you double
what the cottage is worth
If you will just go away.
Lee might be moving,
but I won't.
Why? Because I live here?
Please, elise.
Get over yourself.
Then why do you try
to look like me?
Think about it. Who would
want me to look like you?
Last night she had every reason
to be furious with me.
And so do you.
Why would I be upset with you?
I'm only telling you this
Because if you hear it
from geena first,
It will sound a lot worse.
And she just loves
holding stuff against me.
Last night
I called out elise's name
While geena and I made love.
I'm not listening to this.
Hit a nerve?
Perhaps because you haven't
gotten over lee either.
I got over lee a long time ago.
I'm married.
And very much in love.
They why do you want us to move
so badly?
See, I think you wanna remove
any temptation.
Believe me,
I am not tempted.
And even if I was,
I would never be unfaithful
to my husband.
What if allan died?
Then you'd be free to go after
any man you wanted.
What's wrong with you?
What kind of question is that?
An honest one.
What if allan died today?
Would you want lee back?
This conversation is over.
Why? Because you're afraid
of the answer.
I just wanted
to be honest with you in case
Geena says anything,
because it's the kind of thing
She'd bring up.
Do you understand?
W-what should I understand?
You wanna sleep with my wife?
No. That geena confused me.
-On purpose.
Last night geena was wearing
the same perfume
Elise wore in college.
I mean, she's tricked me before.
The way she styles her hair,
her clothes.
Uh, geena tries to confuse me
on purpose,
Only to use it as an excuse
to fight later.
Okay, look,
I think I've heard enough. Okay?
Was I wrong to have told you?
I don't know, man, like...
Maybe, maybe
I'll say thank you later,
But right now...
You know,
I can't even look at you.
-Help! Quick, call an ambulance!
- Murray's been shot. Elise!
- what? How?
-Put him down.
-What? What? Happened?
Okay, okay, just put, just put
some pressure on the wound.
I need an ambulance.
This just doesn't make
any sense.
-You didn't see who it was?
I just heard someone running
towards me.
Was someone aiming for you?
Why? Who'd wanna shoot me?
Why don't you ask her yourself?
-I will.
-Thank you.
I'm sure murray will be okay.
-And about what I said--
Lee, shut up.
We're not supposed to talk
to them anymore, remember?
No, mr. Edgemont.
Just your wife.
Well, you keep me on my toes,
ms. Edgemont.
A shooting and a harassment
charge on the same day?
Murray, obviously,
takes precedence.
My grievances against geena
can wait another day.
Unfortunately, she may not
give you the same leniency.
Leniency for what?
Bribing her to sell her home.
Threatening to come to me
with trumped-up charges
If she doesn't.
What, now she's the victim?
She's the one harassing me!
Did you try to buy
chester's house before he died?
but he didn't want to sell.
That's convenient.
-It was an accident.
Just like today's shooting
was a hunting accident.
Or it-it would appear so.
Okay, well, it wasn't allan.
He's never owned a gun.
Where were you today
when it happened?
I was at home.
Ask geena. She was there.
-Anybody else drop by?
I tried to make things better,
But she left to go hunting.
With a gun?
This wouldn't be
the first accident
That sylvia's been involved in
Where somebody ended up dead.
Should you even be discussing
this with me?
I mean, I-I'm not a detective.
No, but you are someone
sylvia confides in.
-I mean, more than anybody.
-Yeah, and she adores her dad.
I agree, so that means
either it was an accident
Or murray wasn't
the intended target.
-Where's my dad? Is he okay?
-He's still in surgery.
As soon as he's conscious,
He can shed some light
on who shot him.
It was obviously allan or lee!
Were you there when it happened?
Where's your gun?
I didn't shoot my dad!
I'm not saying that you did.
Ms. Edgemont told me that
you went hunting this morning.
I told you,
stop talking about me!
Okay, sylvia,
bring the volume down.
No, I wanna know
what her problem is with me!
What did I do to you?
You're a fraud, elise edgemont.
Okay, okay,
go, sit and calm down.
-As for you...
Geena has agreed not
to press charges of harassment
If you'll leave her alone
And you stop trying
to make her sell her house.
Okay. What about my charges
against her?
The most you're gonna get
is a restraining order.
Come on, it's not worth it.
Thank you.
Do you want to, uh...
Whose are these?
-Aren't they yours?
-No, they're not my brand.
I found them under the bed.
Who left them here?
-come on, elise. Think quick.
-If you think they're lee's--
-whose then? Murray?
You're accusing me of cheating?
I've seen lee in our bedroom.
The two of you together
holding hands. It's not a reach.
I am not sleeping with lee!
I knew we were in trouble
the minute I saw him.
Why don't you believe me?
your ex-fiance's underwear
Is in our bedroom, elise.
And he already told me
he fantasizes about you
When he's in bed with geena.
-He what?
-I wasn't gonna say anything.
Because I didn't wanna make you
feel uncomfortable.
But, obviously,
that's a moot point now.
Okay, come on, allan.
I don't know how those got here.
So what happened then,
the window was left open
And they just blew in?
- Well, she must've done it.
- geena.
She broke into our house,
stole the perfume bottle,
Hacked the trees
just to piss me off. Come on.
Doesn't it make sense
that she would do this, too?
-Allan, you have to believe me.
Because we're married and I have
to believe anything you say?
Because we need
to talk this through.
What else is there
to talk about?
You know, I'd understand
if it was just sex, okay?
I know I can't
physically compare to lee.
-Are you really that insecure?
-Yeah, of course!
Of course, I'm insecure about
your hunky ex that's around
All the time. Am I not entitled
to my own feelings--
-No, that's not what I meant.
-That's what it sounds like.
You know, look, it's obvious
Something is going on
between you two.
And I'm not supposed
to be angry about that?
that you're gonna end up
With the man
you first fell in love with?
I don't love him.
Allan, well, look at me,
look at me.
Look at me.
I love you.
-Please don't do this.
-I just...
I just need to process this,
I just, I just need to go.
Are you out here?
I didn't know where else to go.
I can't drive anywhere.
She hid the keys.
Look, I promise I won't come in.
Can I just wait out here till--
-Get off my porch!
-I had to run away from her.
You can't be here. Go home!
I can't! She'll hit me again.
I don't care! I can't care!
Allan left because he thinks
you and I are having an affair.
What, allan's gone?
You're ruining my life again,
I tried to stop you,
but you're doing it anyway.
No, it's her!
It's all her, I swear.
Why did you go along with it?
-Why did you move here?
-I told you!
I had no idea you lived here!
If I'd known,
I would've never moved here!
Shut up!
I don't believe you!
All you have ever done
is lie to me.
When you told me you loved me,
When you asked me
to marry you...
When you told me
there was nothing
Going on with you and geena.
Is this just all a lie, too?
-Is it?
He's gone.
Allan is gone.
And I don't know if he's coming
back, and it's all my fault,
Because I should've
packed up and left
The moment I saw you two.
Just get inside.
As much as I hate you right now,
I can't let anyone
stay out in this.
You can dry off in the bathroom.
The one down here.
-Do not come upstairs.
-O-of course not.
You can sleep on the sofa,
but as soon as the sun comes up,
And I mean,
the minute it's dawn, get out.
She really do that to you?
You need to get away from her.
You need to grow up
and do something.
-Dare come up there.
-I know, I'm gonna leave her.
I'm going to bed,
I'm locking the door.
And if you try
to come up there...
I promise, I'll stay down here.
it's a black jeep
with a namaste bumper sticker.
My husband won't answer
his phone,
And with the bad storm
last night, I, um... Uh...
Thank you
for keeping an eye out.
Yes, I will have my phone
on me. Bye.
I said to be out by dawn.
-Allan never came home?
-I just called the police.
But they're overwhelmed
dealing with the storm.
Um, allan won't answer his phone
and I can't help but think...
You want me to help
look for him?
But put some damn clothes on.
Oh, geez.
Was this my fault, too?
Of course this isn't your fault.
How's your dad doing?
They put him
in a medically-induced coma.
Sylvia, I am, I'm so sorry.
Do you mean it?
Or are you just saying that?
Of course I mean it.
Look, this...
This isn't the time, okay,
for that.
Allan didn't come home
last night.
Do you miss him?
Are you worried?
Of course.
Then why is that man
in your house?
To be completely honest,
it doesn't concern you. Okay?
I'm really sorry
that I ever accused you
Of doing anything bad,
Because now I know
what it feels like...
When you haven't done
anything wrong
And people still blame you.
Especially, the people you think
Would never doubt you.
Elise, I'm so sorry
for being so cold.
I, I'm not really good
at being a friend.
None of us are. We just
make it up as we go along.
Nice to see you two
getting along again.
We're having a rough day.
'cause you can't find
your husband?
Don't worry. I did.
-He's in my car.
Found him last night
at jj's bar and grill
Getting very rowdy
and very drunk.
Figured with the storm, best
to just let him sleep it off
In the drunk tank.
We're not pressing any charges.
Everyone at the lake is allowed
one drunken night out.
But just one.
-Next time...
-There won't be a next time.
All right.
-You okay?
Allan! Glad you made it back.
Oh, I let lee spend the night
Because him and geena
got into a-a fight.
Geena gave me quite the shiner.
It doesn't sting as bad anymore.
And the storm was horrible
and he had nowhere else to go.
-So you let him stay here?
-On the couch. I was upstairs.
Lee, you have to go. In fact,
you promised to be out by dawn.
No, you know what, I think
I'm the one that should go.
-Allan, no!
-This isn't what it looks like.
Then why are all my instincts
screaming that it is?
Elise, I tried, okay?
I-I-I tried not to get jealous,
but, but I can't okay? I just...
A-a-and maybe,
maybe I need to be more mature,
But seeing you here with him,
again, alone in this house...
I-I, I-I can't do, I can't
do this. I can't do this.
-I'm sorry, lissa.
I-I keep making things worse,
don't I?
Just get out.
You're exhausted, okay?
Everything seems worse
when you're overtired.
-Okay, look.
Why don't you take a shower?
A nap!
And when you feel better, we can
finally take those kayaks out.
-We're not going kayaking.
We live on the lake, and we have
hardly even enjoyed it.
Elise, stop. Just stop already!
I'm gonna move back to the city
for a little while.
-No. No.
-Okay, we should've just left...
As soon as that
poor man died in--
-Then we'll both go together.
-No, no.
A little separation
will do us some good.
Okay, I need some perspective
right now.
Look, I know
that we can get through any--
Hey, hey, hey, listen,
this is just what you wrote
In your book, okay,
how couples in crisis--
We are not a couple in crisis!
And I do not care what I wrote.
Hey, don't go.
-I just don't even know what--
-listen to your wife, allan.
No, don't go.
Don't let geena win.
This is what
she wanted to happen.
What do you mean
this is what geena wanted?
What, did she think
by moving here
She could just
blow my life apart?
I-I didn't want to,
but she sold all of our things.
She controls our finances.
So none of this
was a coincidence?
No, she knew you lived here
the entire time.
She wanted to cause trouble.
Elise, you can't go over there.
Of course I can.
We're neighbors.
Hey, you.
That was some storm, huh?
What do you want from me, huh?
-What do you want from me?
-What do you mean?
Lee told me everything.
Was that before
or after you slept with him?
I didn't sleep with lee.
I saw you two together, elise.
I knew the temptation
would be too much.
I wonder
what your fans would think
If they found out
the truth about
What their self-help guru
was really like.
Maybe I'll write my own book
And tell them exactly
what a hypocrite you are.
-You don't like that?
What happened to you?
You always liked
to push buttons.
This is different.
The threats.
-The violence.
-I haven't laid a hand on you.
The same cannot be said
about lee.
And I am prepared
To stand by him
if he presses charges.
I hurt lee?
How? The man is a goliath.
What will you accuse me of next?
Trying to shoot your husband
in the woods?
Did you?
Are you crazy?
oh, my god!
Am I cra... No.
You know, I thought
I wanted you back in my life.
But now I know the moment
we stopped being friends
Was a gift from god
to be free of you.
-You need help, geena.
-Stop trying to gaslight me!
No one is trying to gaslight you
or trick you.
The only enemy you have here
is yourself.
-Get out of my life!
-No! What are you doing?
-Hey, hey.
-I'm so sorry, elise. No, no.
-I wasn't gonna hurt her.
-You still love her, don't you?
-We'll move out tomorrow.
-No! We're not moving!
-Yes! Yes!
We'll sell the cottage to you
and allan if you still want it.
-We'll never bother you again.
-No, we're not moving.
I'm sorry we moved here
in the first place, elise.
why are you always
taking her side?
I'm not gonna let you
push me around anymore, geena.
I hope you both die
and rot in hell.
You didn't leave?
can't leave even if I wanted to.
The jeep is still parked
at the bar from last night.
Lee and geena are leaving.
I know. He told me.
Lee agreed to sell us
the cottage.
You still going back
to the city?
I love you, elise.
More than you can even imagine.
And I owe it to myself
to make this work.
Thank you.
uh, yeah,
that's not really necessary.
I... Okay.
Yeah, yeah, we'll see you soon.
The sheriff is gonna drop back
the jeep to us personally.
Wanted to make sure
you were still here.
-Why me?
-She didn't say.
-Can I talk to your husband?
geena, what do you want?
we have to talk
if you're serious
About buying the cottage.
Now do you and allan
want it or not?
Geena, we don't have time
for games.
and I'm not playing any.
Lee's already packing our stuff.
He told me
it's him or the house.
Do you wanna make a deal
or not?
-Fine, uh, we can be over--
Only you.
I never wanna see elise again.
I know she talked lee
into this.
Let me speak with lee.
Yeah, allan, look,
we just wanna get out of here.
no more drama.
Okay, I'll-I'll be right over.
So, like, do you really think
they're gonna sell?
Guess I'll find out soon enough.
And you're sure
this is a good idea?
It's gonna be fine.
Do you offer all your
constituents these services?
Only the ones who own jeeps
that I envy.
-Shall I drive you back to town?
-No, uh...
My deputy'll be here
in about half an hour,
So gives us some time to talk.
Yeah, sure.
Come on in. Thank you.
-Too sweet?
uh, just a little.
What's in it?
Uh, it's a coconut-passion-fruit
As a tribute to lee's decision
to move us to the caribbean.
- oh!
- Uh, it's not my decision.
- It's our decision.
- is it?
Because I don't think
your mandate is the same thing
As our decision.
Look, thanks again for agreeing
to this quick sale.
You know, otherwise we wouldn't
be able to afford the move.
Yeah, maybe we shouldn't
be moving.
But if it makes you happy...
I'm happy.
-Here you go.
So, tell me,
Does this arts-and-crafts voodoo
Really work?
I think so.
I mean, usually we make
vision boards for ourselves,
But this time
I wanted to make one for geena,
Show her the life
that I want her to have.
It's not healthy for me
to hold on to resentment,
So I guess
it's more for me than her.
oh, you think
I'm wacky, don't you?
I-I would like to believe
That pretty pictures and fancy
words can change the world,
But I was raised to be a cynic.
Sylvia told me
that murray is in a coma?
Yeah, if he doesn't
pull out of it,
We may never know who shot him.
I can't imagine why anyone
would wanna hurt that sweet man.
Hm, I mean, maybe another hunter
shot him by mistake
And then they ran off.
That's what I hope happened.
Well, 'cause if it was
That means
the shooter's not done.
So it's just a matter of time
Before they go after
someone else.
And soon.
- oh, I'm sorry.
- No, no, it's okay.
-Are you all right?
-It's okay.
Yeah, I'm...
I'm not feelin' very well.
I'm gonna...
Maybe I'm just gonna go, okay?
Here... Hey!
-What did you put in his tea?
Why are you always
trying to blame me
For every stupid little thing
that happens around here?
Guys, it's all good,
it's all good. We'll...
-We can talk tomorrow, okay?
-Or maybe we don't do it at all.
Geena, we already decided.
Allan, listen to me.
Don't buy this house.
Lee is going to divorce me.
And when elise finds out,
she won't hesitate
To divorce you as well.
They don't want us, allan.
We were only substitutes.
for their broken hearts.
You know what would be ironic,
If you and I
were to end up together.
Elise was right about you.
You only want the things
that she has.
Why does everyone
keep saying that?
That's not true. Please, allan--
-Just stay away from me!
can I ask you a favor?
Only if it's legal.
Would you go over there with me
right now
When I give this to her?
Do you think I would miss that?
Besides, it'll give me a chance
to say goodbye.
Well, you should see how that
lake looks at christmas time.
Oh, I would love to do
a resolution retreat
The first week of new year.
Do people still make
Of course they do!
You're gonna tell me that you--
-Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
-Whoa! Whoa!
Hey, I tried to stop him,
but allan kept hitting her.
-Yeah. He just kept hitting her!
-Dispatch, I need an ambulance.
-Allan was hitting--
Geena. Hey, geena.
Drop the weapon!
-Mister, get back! Stay back!
Mr. Edgemont, get down
on your hands and knees.
- no...
- get down!
No! Allan!
Five minutes, that's all.
Allan, look at me.
I bla... I blacked out.
I-I don't remember anything.
Did I, did I really do it,
Did I kill geena?
The lawyer will be here tomorrow
And we will get this
all sorted out, okay?
Don't need a lawyer if I did it.
I can't believe
I'd do something like that.
W-why can't I remember?
Lee said she slipped something
into your tea.
-Why would she do that?
-I don't know.
A lot of reasons
for her actions.
-You should go.
You're my husband.
And everything that happens
to you, happens to me.
There is no me anymore. I...
Because if, if I beat a woman
to death like they said I did--
I know you didn't do this, okay?
You were drugged.
-I don't know...
-I do. I know.
Uh, but whatever the reasons...
I can't live with myself
if I killed someone.
You understand?
Please, go.
I love you.
I am not gonna leave you.
We're gonna go through this
together, okay?
If you love me, you'll go.
Get out!
-I'll stand by you.
-Get out!
-Allan... Just one minute.
-Just take her away.
-Ms. Edgemont.
-Please, please, he's...
He's not, he's not okay.
I need to talk to him.
You'll talk later.
You sure you're comfortable
I don't think
either of us should be alone
After what happened today.
It-it'll be okay, you know,
They'll find out
what geena put in his tea.
And release him of all charges?
What happened today?
You saw it happen
with your own eyes.
No, I was in the back
getting some forms
When I heard her get hit by a...
It's okay.
Let it out.
But that's just it. I can't.
And why not? My wife is dead.
And I can't even cry for her.
The grief will come
when you're ready for it.
Did I make all this happen?
Hey, what do you call it
when you create stuff
Just by thinking about it?
You know, did I manifest this
To be free of her?
Because I feel so free
knowing that
Geena can't hurt me anymore.
God, I'm a terrible person!
You're just confused.
We're both out of sorts.
Have you eaten at all today?
I haven't.
I don't know, I, I can't eat.
You need to. We both do.
I'll order takeout from jj's.
No, I'll cook.
You still like stroganoff?
I hope your recipe has improved
since college.
I don't have much.
The dock lights are on.
I'm just...
It's probably from the storm.
I'm gonna go unplug them, okay?
No, I-I can do that for you.
No, I insist.
Um, go ahead with dinner.
Quiet! Or you'll be dead next.
I've been watching you tonight,
To see if you're in on it
with lee.
Lee shot my dad. He told me
tonight at the hospital.
Lee was chasing allan
in the woods
And my dad got in the way,
And then he shot him instead.
Do you believe me?
You said that we were friends.
It's the only reason why
I'm telling you this.
Why didn't you go to the police?
go, go, go...
What's going on? Did I hear you
talking to someone?
Uh, only myself,
I was just really mad
About how the storm
destroyed everything.
Uh, the steak for the stroganoff
is a bit tough.
Needed tenderizing.
You know, I-I'm actually
not that hungry.
-I think I'll just go to bed.
-Oh, no.
I can fix anything you need,
and you need to eat.
It's just been
a really terrible day--
I know it has, which is why
We'll get through it together.
Lee, please.
Why're you acting
so scared of me?
I'm not scared.
Then what's wrong with you?
Stay away from her!
So you were talking to someone
out here. Why'd you lie to me?
No, lee. Why did you lie to me?
You shot my dad!
Don't deny it. He told me.
You're gonna believe
a crazy ex-con over me?
Yeah, just like I'm gonna
believe my husband over you,
Because I know
he didn't kill geena.
Okay, let's just
talk about this inside.
All right, you, too, sylvia.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
if you wanna talk,
We should have
the police present.
What would I tell the police?
The truth!
You mean, the truth about the
awful accident you had tonight?
What accident?
Don't screw this up, elise.
I worked too hard
so we can be back together,
So I can make up
for abandoning you like I...
Lissa! Lissa!
it doesn't have to be
this way!
Let me explain!
I wanted to save you,
have you back.
Be like it was with us
Before geena tricked me
into leaving you.
It's the worst thing
I've ever done.
And the worst thing
you've ever done...
Is marry
that disgusting old man.
How could you love that guy?
It was our dream to live here,
not his.
This should be our house.
Isn't that what you want, too?
Yes, yes, it's what I want.
It's what I want.
I want that with you.
You used to lie
better than that.
I know you don't wanna kill me.
I know you don't wanna kill me.
You're right. I don't.
I love you.
-But you don't love me, do you?
-I do.
Just not in the way
you want me to.
But I'll get you help.
I'll talk to the police.
I'll tell them
that geena abused you.
You still believe that?
Is my black eye
really that convincing?
You won't tell the police
to help me, you'll
Tell them to punish me.
You'll never get away with this.
Not if they think
you killed yourself,
Like you tried to do
when I left you the first time.
-Help! Help!
-Shut up!
I followed all your advice
to a tee, and I guess it worked,
'cause here you are,
back in my arms,
But not the way you should be.
It doesn't have to be this way,
please, lee.
No, no...
No. No!
Don't fight it!
- don't come any closer!
- This is the way it has to be!
-Don't make me do this!
ah! Ah!
Help! Help!
-Can I open them now?
-No, no, no, no, no, not yet.
We're almost there.
Almost there.
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
What do you think?
oh, allan.
I love it.
a pretty snazzy sign.
Murray! You're walking already!
I wouldn't really call this
It's more
of a sophisticated limp.
-Oh, let me get you a chair.
-No, don't, please don't.
I've been sitting too much.
I was saying to sylvia,
I just wanted to come down
And see for myself all this
hard work you've been up to.
Well, our first retreat
is this weekend
And we still have...
so much to do.
Um, to wish you luck,
I-I thought I'd be radical
And make you something
I didn't have to pluck first.
-Thank you, sylvia.
Anyway, I'm sure
you have a lot to do.
I-I don't wanna be a nuisance,
No, actually...
I was hoping that you would
spend a lot more time out here.
Allan and I over-committed
ourselves with the retreat--
That's an understatement.
I really need to hire
an assistant.
I want my assistant to be you.
You really think
I would do a good job?
-Well, then, yes!
Good. Good, good, good.
So we still have remodeling
to do.
And one of the things that I
really need to get rid of is--
-The dock.
-The dock. You read my mind.
What if we just tear it down
And the we can put together
a little refuge space
For the ducks, you know,
a place where no hunters can go?
And then
that way the little ducklings
Can have a place to grow up in.
That probably sounded
really silly.
-No. I love that idea.
The lake was always
meant to be a sanctuary.
And it has seen
enough death and destruction.
Well, we should probably
get a move on.
Morning's almost over.
It always feels like morning
at the lake.
That's why I like it so much,
'cause no matter
what happens here,
You know it's never too late
to start over.
Let me show you
a couple of things.
So after
we finish removing the dock,
I want to build an area
for the artists to paint.