Deadly Eyes (1982) Movie Script

Despite our bonded technology
there are 24 rats for
every man, woman,
and child alive today.
In our country alone,
they will destroy
over one billion dollars
worth of property annually
and consume one fifth
of all the food crops
planted in the world.
So why is the war on
the rat being lost?
Because of our total degradation
of the environment and their presence
serves to remind us of
failures we'd rather ignore.
Oh yes, man has made
the barren valleys bloom
but now there are new
deserts of his own creation.
He's learned to make the
rivers run backwards
and move mountains.
But he has ruined the air and even
threatened the oceans with destruction.
This ecosystem that we live in is
a bewildering complexity
of action and reaction.
A delicate balance of nature.
We dare not alter without
first understanding.
Now in considering the environment
and mankind's relation
to it here today.
Let me conclude with an expression,
familiar to all of you I think,
Quite plainly, indeed
"It isn't nice to
fool Mother Nature."
Thank you.
I know we're all grateful to
Doctor Spencer for his time
and for his insights today.
While we're waiting for the buses,
I'd urge you all to take a few minutes
and look around the museum.
Thank you.
Well, they all seem to
be paying attention,
with the exception
of a few I noticed.
You know something?
Your lectures get better
every year Lewis.
Nonsense, you just
didn't listen to them
when I had you in class, that's all.
No, that's not true.
Well, thanks again for letting
me bring the kids here.
It's the only time I get
to see you anymore.
- I know.
- How's Nina?
Well, I don't see her too much
except to talk about
lawyers and child support.
Sorry about that.
I was hoping you two would get
things worked out together.
Yeah, me too.
- See you.
- Thanks a lot.
Bus is leaving.
You better get moving Trudy.
I'll be right with you.
So, where's Liz today?
She was going to cut school
while her parents were gone.
Got to make him forget he's a teacher
by reminding him that he's a man.
Then something they call animal
magnetism is supposed to take over.
Mind if I sit here?
No, not at all Trudy.
You and Trudy doing anything tonight?
I don't know, she's been
acting really weird lately.
Chicks can be weird.
Yeah, I now but she's
up to something.
I just haven't figured
out what it is yet.
Okay, Charlie, we can go.
I thought that that was a
fascinating lecture Mr. Harris.
Well, I'm glad you liked it Trudy.
Especially what he said about
how civilized man has lost touch
with his basic animal self.
I mean, don't you sometimes feel
that there's an animal inside you
just waiting for a chance to escape?
Well, I suppose we all
feel like that sometimes.
I want a department truck and two
crews down here this afternoon.
What are you going to do?
You're in violation of at least
six health department codes.
I'm going to half to
condemn all of this corn.
Come on. It'll be shipped out
of here in a couple of days.
It's a health hazard.
It's infested with rodents.
It's all going to have to
be destroyed immediately.
- All that stuff too?
- All of it.
This corn's going to Africa.
It will help a lot of hungry people.
Are you kidding? This is animal feed.
You can't feed this to human beings.
It's full of steroids.
- There are no steroids in this grain.
- There are steroids in the grain.
It's not going to be
shipped anywhere.
We'll see what my lawyers
have to say about that.
You may get all the
lawyers that you like.
This grain is a threat
to public health.
There isn't a court in the
country that'll back you.
Look, Miss Leonard,
I've got a lot of money
tied up in this inventory.
I could make it worth your while,
if you give us a break.
There will be a department
truck here this afternoon.
Well, guess we'll get down.
Would you mind turning
down the stereo?
We can hear it all
over the neighborhood.
No problem.
Thank you.
Hey, when did Liz say her
parents were going to be back?
I think she said in about a week.
That's good.
The neighbors will be
cooled off by then.
Hey, are you off in the ozone again?
You're not still hung up on
that Mr. Harris are you?
I'm not "hung up."
I just sometimes wonder whether
if I'm missing out on something
by being with Matt.
I mean, he can be so boring.
Mr. Harris is really exciting.
You have your own car,
you're a cheerleader.
What else do you want?
But he's so sophisticated.
He's been to Europe.
He's even been married.
He really understands women.
- Listen to this.
- What are you doing?
Calling his answering machine.
Hello, I'm Paul Harris
and I'm sorry I missed your call.
Is that a voice to die for or what?
At the tone,
please leave your message
and I'll get back to you
as quickly as possible.
Thank you.
Does Matt know about this?
No way.
He's old enough to be your father!
Oh, he is not.
Besides, I bet it would be
great with an older man.
I bet it will never happen.
How much? A month's allowance?
You're on.
Where are you going?
I've got to feed the baby.
Hi sweetie.
Guys, could you turn it down please.
Yeah, I'll get right on it Liz.
Yum yum.
One more.
There we go.
Let's see if Caroline can
eat by herself, okay?
While big sister makes
sure her friends
don't completely destroy
mommy and daddy's house.
You guys!
Turn it down!
Just my parents went away,
not the whole neighborhood.
Relax Liz.
Yeah, c'mon in.
Hey Hose!
How ya doing?
Where you guys been?
Oh, we were down
at the bowling alley.
We stayed late and played a
couple games of space invaders.
And, of course, I beat
the high score again.
Well, what do you want to do now?
Let's go upstairs.
I think I'll go.
All right. What do the rest
of you want to do then?
Well I'm starved.
I'm stoned.
Well, then, it's time
for a burger run.
I got to stay here with Caroline.
Come on, she'll survive.
Are you sure you don't
want to come along?
Go on. Besides, I haven't
even started my homework.
Do you want us to bring
you back anything?
No thanks.
Caroline? Caroline!
Caroline! Caroline!
Caroline! Caroline!
One of this days you're going
to get that pretty little ass
of yours nailed to the wall.
But Nell, the placed looked more
like a wildlife refuge
than a grainery.
It was crawling with rats.
I'm telling you it
was a disaster area.
I'm sure it was. But that didn't
mean you had to go rolling
in there like a panther division.
You know the financial
crunch this city's in?
Money's tight.
The Mayor doesn't want to do anything
to make the business community edgy.
That doesn't change the law.
Do you know what they call that
Grey area between the letter
of the law and the spirit of the law?
No, politics.
It's a concept I suggest
you learn something about.
Mayor's kind of angry
but you'll be seeing him on Saturday
so you can apologize in person.
The opening of the new subway spur.
I am flying south to terrorize
the bass population.
So you represent the department.
You don't actually expect me
to apologize to him for that?
I'm on your side dear
but after 15 years of
running this department,
you develop an instinct of
when to keep your mouth shut.
I can't believe you're eating
three hamburgers before practice.
It's a perfect motivational food.
C'mon, let's go.
Here hold this for me.
Okay, sure.
What's the matter?
My hand.
Something bit my hand.
Are you okay?
Let's get the hell out of here.
Okay, let's do it again
and this time...
We're not talking to each other.
- All right.
- Five, six, seven, eight.
Okay, that's it for tonight.
Well, what?
How'd it go with Harris.
Oh, he gave me a list of books
to read because he thought I
was so interested in the lecture.
Well, you did lay it on pretty thick.
I'm just going to have to
try a more direct approach.
What are you going to do now?
I don't know.
Hi Mr. Harris, mind if we watch.
Not at all. We could use
a little encouragement.
All right. Set up a 2-1-2 zone
and let's see a little defense.
And I want to see you hustle, Matt.
All right gentlemen. 20 laps.
Hey, "Teach," his hand.
What happened.
Kind of had an accident.
Something bit me.
That's going to need some stitches.
You two guys take him
to the emergency room
The rest of you clowns
hit the showers.
That's it for tonight.
Did you see that?
Right down to the bone.
Hi Matt.
I'll see you guys later, okay.
Was it something I did?
Come on, this cold shoulder
routine the last couple of days.
If I did something wrong...
- You didn't do anything wrong.
- Then what's your problem?
My problem?
Why is everything always my problem.
Look, I just want to
know what's the matter?
You are my girlfriend.
Oh, you make it sound
like some goddamn honor.
You don't own me you know.
Sometimes I wish you'd
just leave me alone.
You want to be alone? Huh?
Okay, that suites me fine then.
Goodnight coach.
Goodnight Steve.
Good coverage out there.
Mr. Harris?
I have to talk to you.
I gather it's something that
can't wait until third period?
No, it can't.
Mr. Harris
I think I'm falling in love with you.
Trudy, I'm flattered but
I'm not entirely sure you know
what you're talking about.
I do, I do. I think about you a lot.
Just because you think
about somebody a lot
doesn't necessarily
mean you love them.
It's the way I think about you.
The things I imagine
us doing together,
like sometimes late at night
Trudy, sometimes when you
want someone very badly
and you can't have them,
you want them even more
but that's not love.
What do you call it then?
A crush.
Can't that turn into love?
Yes, if two people want it to.
But you don't?
Trudy, you're very young.
You have your whole
life in front of you.
What about you?
Call me in about 10 years, all right?
Good night Trudy.
Trudy, good night.
Good night Mr. Harris.
Will power Harris.
- Hello Bill.
- Hi Paul.
How's Logan?
Well, anytime you're dealing with
an animal bite you've
got a tricky situation
because of the threat
of secondary infection.
Now, since we don't
know what bit David,
I've started him on
the Pasteur vaccine
as a precaution against rabies.
You have no idea at
what got hold of him?
Well, the close set punctures
would indicates some kind of rodent.
But the bite itself is much larger
than anything I'm familiar with.
Now, if I had to guess,
I'd say something
in the order of a Great Dane,
except that dogs don't
have the jaw pressure
to snap through those
metacarpels that cleanly.
He's in here.
Hey, Hose.
Hey coach.
I can see you're being very
well taken care of here.
- We were just talking about you.
- You were?
How are you doing? I'm Paul Harris.
- Hi, Kelly Leonard.
- Nice to meet you.
I hear our patient here is
quite the basketball star.
Yeah, he is when he
shows up to practice.
That's from the guys.
Hey, thanks.
Kelly's from the health department.
She's trying to answer
that burning question,
"Just what bit David Hoserman?"
So far we're not having much luck.
A lot of laughs, though.
Well, I'm sure you two have a little
strategy you'd like to talk over,
so I'll leave you to it.
If either you or your friend think
of anything that might help,
- just give me a call at the office.
- Okay.
It's nice to meet you.
Yes, you too. Take care.
Hey, Kelly.
It's been real.
Good night Henry.
Good night, Catharine.
You're a half an hour late.
Aww, come on Kelly.
The boss has been gone
for a long weekend
and when the cats away,
the mice are supposed to play.
You understand what I mean?
I understand what you mean.
Since you're such
an authority on life,
I have a job for you.
Come look at this.
The phone's been ringing
off the hook all morning
with reports of rodent damage
all through this area.
18th Street sewer line.
That's right, and it
empties right there.
The grill.
So you think they're coming
uptown through the sewer
and you want me to go down
there and check 'em out?
I'm tired of crawling underground.
That's your job.
You're a field inspector.
Well, maybe I should find
me some other kind of work
because it ain't like the old days
when I started in pest control.
It's gettin' bad, and dangerous,
and ugly down there Kelly.
Would you believe that other
day I saw a rat this big?
Are you through?
Naw, I mean it. He was this big.
Well, while your checking into
other career opportunities,
perhaps you could go and check
out the drain for me please.
That sucker was this big!
Okay, buddy.
Oh, c'mon dad.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hope you're not
stopping on my account.
No, we've reached the end
of the line, thank God.
Can I go and play hide and seek?
All right. But don't go too far.
Do you come here a lot?
Well, this is our turf,
you might say.
Timmy lives with his mother,
but I get him on weekends.
He knows a lot of the kids here,
so this is where we come to play.
How old is he?
Well, if you ask him,
he's about five and three quarters.
But he's really about
five and a half.
He's pretty tall for his age,
It won't be long before
you have him out in the courts
trying out for the pros.
Oh, I don't think so.
He has his heart set on
being a railroad engineer.
He knows just about everything
there is to know about trains.
You a jogger?
A runner, please.
A runner.
No, actually,
I'm an ice cream addict.
This is my penance.
Mississippi one, Mississippi two,
Mississippi three, Mississippi five,
Mississippi six, Mississippi eight,
Mississippi 10.
See you around. Take care.
Nice to see you again.
You in for it now.
Because I got some shit in my truck
that's going to get
rid of all you asses.
When I get through using this shit,
you're going to wish you never
ran into the George Foskins.
I bet there's a nest of
these bastards down here.
Ain't this a bitch.
Damn, I could have sworn
I heard somethin'
Son of a bitch.
Sons of bitch!
Get back. I'll get your ass.
Let's go pal.
Gee Dad you're pretty
good at this game.
You bet I am. C'mon, let's go home.
Mrs. Trumbull,
You look great. Did you do
something different to your hair?
Thank you Kelly.
Yes, I did as a matter of fact.
I have a hot date tonight
so I got a permanent.
Like it?
Looks fabulous.
It must be a serious romance.
I don't know about that.
I just think at 75 I ought
to be sewing my oats instead
of sitting around my apartment.
Looks don't last forever you know.
Well, that's true.
Well, enjoy yourself tonight.
I'll see you later.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Let's see, preheat
oven to 400 degrees.
Pull back foil to expose dessert.
Place frozen dinner in oven,
for approximately 40 minutes.
Harris, you're a damn genius.
Hi, Paul? It's Kelly Leonard calling.
The woman you met this morning
and can't seem to get rid of.
How you doin'?
I'm not sure how to ask you this.
No, I don't think you're carrying
any communicable diseases.
I was wondering if you might
have dinner with me tonight
if you're not doing anything else?
Well. Actually, I do have
dinner plans for the evening but
I believe that I can change them.
As a mater of fact,
I'm sure that I can.
I will pick you up at seven.
Great, all right. Okay, bye bye.
I'm right in the middle.
My oldest sister is a doctor.
My younger sister's a lawyer.
You'd think my mother would
be pleased about this, yes?
No, no.
My mother is deeply disappointed
that none of her daughters
are dental hygienists.
It's true.
When my younger sister Lois
went to Harvard Law school,
my mother cried thinking she
had deliberately disobeyed her.
You don't look as lonely as
you did in the park today.
Did I look lonely?
A little.
You thought you'd be my angel
of mercy and rescue me.
No, I saw the same look in my eyes.
You sorry I called?
Not a bit.
You want to come up.
You bet.
Why don't you build a fire,
there's some kindling there.
Would you like a drink?
I'd love a drink.
What'll you have?
Brandy if you've got it.
Well, you've got it.
What's wrong? What's wrong?
Jesus, wha... where?
Okay, I'll be right there.
Paul, Paul.
The phone company guy
found him this morning.
We won't have positive
ID until the autopsy but,
it's definitely Foskins.
What was the cause of death?
Hard to say.
Rats got to the body before
the coroner did,
so there wasn't much left.
Come on, let's go.
I just keep thinking about something
George said the other day.
And I... I thought he was joking.
He told me that he had seen
this colony of rats that were
bigger than normal.
Oh, come on.
Well, what if he was
telling the truth?
Do you think it's possible they
might of attacked him or something?
It's hard to believe that rats,
even sewer rats,
would attack a grown man.
They're scavengers, not hunters.
My guess is, that he just picked a
very bad place to have a heart attack.
That's all.
I suppose you're right.
I wish we could be
sure about it though.
Isn't there somebody
in your department
that knows about this sort of stuff,
an expert or something?
I'm the expert.
I know everything there is
to know about cockroaches
but I'm completely over my
head in something like this.
Maybe I have somebody
you should talk to.
You can never eliminate
a rat population,
you can only manage it.
Now, from everything you've
told me I'd have to say that
when those feed lots down
at the harbor were burned,
the colony was dispersed and went
looking for another food supply.
And the sewers became
their new runway?
Do you go the same way
to work every morning?
Most of the time, yes.
Well, rats are much the same.
The path they take between their nest
and their food supply
is called a runway.
Do you think it's possible that this
steroid feed could have spawned
a new strain of rat?
I mean what happened to
George was incredibly brutal.
You always hear stories
about super rats.
As far as I'm concerned
they're just stories.
None of which has never been
supported with hard data.
No, I'm afraid that Mr. Foskins died,
from whatever cause.
Nature took it's course and he became
an unfortunate source of protein
for a colony of very
hungry scavangers.
Brutal, yes.
But not unusual.
Well, at least you now know
what you're up against.
Since you already know
where the runway is,
it shouldn't be difficult
to wipe them out.
Well, we will probably use Rotenone,
it's a zinc phosphide compound.
Very effective.
But make sure you've got that
sewer line completely sealed
because if there is a way out,
the rats will certainly find it.
Given enough time, they can chew
through a quarter inch steel plate.
Thanks again, Dr. Spencer.
- Thanks Louis.
- Glad to be of help.
What are you doin' down there?
All set.
Well, this has been a
hell of a first date.
I hate to leave you but
there's a certain little boy
who's wondering why I haven't
taken him to the park yet.
Oh, that reminds me.
I'm supposed to go to the
opening of subway spur tonight.
I thought maybe because Timmy's
so interested in trains,
the two of you might
like to come along?
Well, Timmy would love it and...
I believe I could be persuaded.
I'll call you from the office.
You're back.
I suppose you heard?
Oh yes, I heard. I certainly heard.
The Mayor called,
long distance for God's sake.
Told me to get my ass back here.
He wanted to know why an
emergency order had been issued
to fumigate the sewers
just when those Washington
honcho's were here for
the subway opening?
Did you hear about George?
Yes, I heard.
After the Mayor read me the riot act.
He read me the report you wrote
about George's mysterious death.
For Christ's sake,
what's that suppose to mean?
What happened was...
I don't care what happened.
I just want to know
why you had to call out
everything but the Marines.
I mean, how are we supposed to keep
business here when you circulate
reports making a heart attack sound
like something out of
the Twilight Zone.
Are you through?
For now.
After the ceremony, the mayor
wants to see you in his office.
And don't think it's for cocktails.
All right pal, into the shower.
But mom just made me
take one this morning.
It's not going to kill you to
take another one, you know?
I want to watch cartoons.
I don't like you sittin' there
watching television all the time.
All right, I'm going to grab a
quick one before Kelly gets here
but then you're going to take one.
What the hell are you doing here?
I had to see you.
How'd you get in here?
Landlord let me in.
I told him I was your niece.
Get your clothes on
and get out of here.
Right now.
Close that door and get back
in front of the television.
But you said you didn't want me to.
Get back in front of that
television right now.
You didn't come home last night.
What the hell business
is that of yours.
Now, get out of here.
But Paul, I love you.
Oh, hi.
Timmy, do you remember me?
You should be with someone
your own age, Trudy.
But you're so much
more sophisticated.
So much more mature and...
Older, Trudy, older.
It all comes with age along with
worries and backaches and wrinkles.
Is your daddy here?
He's in there but he doesn't
want to be disturbed, he's busy.
I'll sit and wait for him.
It's nothing magic about
getting old, believe me.
Come on.
I see why you didn't
want to be disturbed.
I didn't know you were here.
This is Trudy White,
Trudy this is my friend Kelly.
Your zipper is undone.
Trudy is one of my students.
I'll bet.
Believe me, you have
this all wrong, Kelly.
I know it looks bad, but there's
a very simple explanation.
It doesn't look bad, it looks
like you were having a good time.
Thanks for everything Paul.
I mean, Mr. Harris.
Maybe you should get dressed.
Are we still going on the train ride?
I don't see why not.
C'mon we have to hurry though.
Get your scarf.
Hey, where are you going?
I'll bring him back
after the dedication.
Wait a second.
"Hello, this is Paul Harris,
"please leave your message
"and I'll get back to
you shortly, thank you."
Paul, your lady friend was
absolutely right about the rats.
What about me?
Well, you're hardly dressed
for the occasion and I'm late.
Besides, you must be
worn out, poor thing.
I can explain.
You don't owe me an explanation.
Just another good time.
Come on!
"Paul, your lady friend was
absolutely right about the rats."
"I found teeth marks in the
basement of the museum
"they were huge,
bigger than anything I've seen."
"Paul, they've gotten
into the subway."
"And with those tunnels as a runway,
those rats can go anywhere."
Subway tunnels.
Come on!
I don't have to tell you
what this subway extension means
to the people of this city.
Today, these tracks will take us
to the new State Street station
but more than that,
they'll carry us headlong
into the future.
Let's all go aboard.
Hang on your honor,
just a couple more please.
Thank you.
Oh, sorry.
Glad you could make it.
Ladies and gentlemen.
The mayor's train has just left
and will be arriving
here in a few minutes.
Your mom said I'd find you here.
What's this for?
I'm finished with older men,
too much hassle.
What happened?
I don't want to talk about it.
So, you're here by yourself?
Here, hold this a sec.
Skip asked me out. I mean sort of.
He said I could tag along with
him and Matt if I wanted to.
Matt's going to be here?
What am I going to say?
What am I going to do?
Matt, I'm sorry.
You guys, you're going
to miss the beginning.
We better get in there.
Listen, Skip's probably
going to be late anyway.
As usual.
You guys go on ahead
and I'll wait here.
One popcorn.
Has the mayor's train left yet?
It left five minutes ago.
Do you have anything in a red?
These don't match my uniform.
Saw you coming. Here you go.
Have a nice day.
Before you go,
take a look at number five.
The pin setter is jammed.
Listen, I was supposed to be
out of her 10 minutes ago.
Then you only owe me another 20.
You were a half hour
late this morning.
What the hell is that?
What the hell is this?
The investigation continues
into the death of an elderly man found
in Ranger Park early this morning.
Police have cordoned off the area
and aren't commenting
on the cause of...
Ladies and gentlemen.
Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen
could I have your attention please.
We're sorry for the delay but...
we'll be getting underway
in just a few moments.
Thank you.
What the hell is the matter?
Power's out, there's probably a
short in the line somewhere.
I don't care what it
is you have to do.
Just get this train moving,
Oh, Matt.
Oh God, I missed you.
All units.
Emergency code three.
Hutton bowling alley.
Requesting all available medical
personnel and facilities.
Unit's five and six responding
at Foxhills shopping mall.
All fire units and repeat,
code three request
for any additional medical personnel.
Fire sections 10 and 12
respond to Crest Theater.
Reporting many critical and dead.
Ladies and gentlemen.
We are sorry to announce that
the Mayor's train has been delayed
due to mechanical difficulties.
We ask that you please bear with us.
Attention please everybody.
Because of our power outage
I'm afraid we'll be unable to
to continue to our destination.
We must, therefore,
ask your cooperation
in evacuating the train at this time.
If you will please exit through
the doors at this end of the car,
Transit authority personnel
will be there to escort you
to State Street station.
We apologize for this inconvenience.
I didn't spend a hundred million
dollars of taxpayers' money
to arrive at the ribbon
cutting ceremony on foot.
Now I warn you,
get this train moving.
I'd like to help you, your honor,
but I just talked to the
people at headquarters
and they don't know how
long it will take to switch
this line over to
another transformer.
It could take 10 minutes...
could take 10 hours.
Hey, Pete.
You're not going to hold us all
hostage down here are you?
We're going to get a chance
to walk in the tunnel?
Sure are. You hold my hand
when you get down there.
Sorry sir, this is a private party.
This station isn't open
to the public yet.
I have to go in there,
it's important.
Take it easy, pal.
The train's broken down so there
isn't anything to see anyway.
Broken down where?
In between stations.
They're evacuating
the passengers now.
You don't understand officer,
I have to go in there.
No, no, no.
Hey, come here.
Give it up buddy. C'mon, give it up.
In single file please.
Kelly, I'm kind of scared.
This isn't so much fun after all.
We're almost there.
How much did you say
this new line cost?
I'll be lucky if it doesn't
cost me the election.
Get back on the train.
It's not safe here.
Kelly, you were right.
They're down here.
Who the hell are you?
Don't argue, just get
back in the train.
Careful, he's got a gun.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
Quick, over here.
Hurry, this way.
Let's try it.
Now they turn the lights on.
We can't get through there.
Oh, Lord, it's their nest.
Get in.
We'll be all right.
They're getting in down there.
It won't hold.
What are these things?
Maybe that'll work.
Hold it for me.
Let's try to get out of here.
C'mon Tim.
Stay behind me.
Keep moving.
Kelly, hold the torch
I've got an idea.
Kelly watch the gasoline.
I'll help you daddy.
Let's go.
- Tim!
- Keep going I'll get him.
Kelly move, he'll be all right.
Let's go.
They're all dead.
Nothing could have made
it through that explosion.
It's all right.
Timmy, you're about to see how good
an engineer your old man really is.
Why the hell isn't this thing moving?
You have to release the breaks.
Here we go.