Deadly Girls Night Out (2021) Movie Script

(moody electronic music)
- So, here's the thing
about ladies' nights.
They were never actually meant
for the ladies to begin with.
Yet, here we are, participating
in one of our nation's
Longest-running marketing
gimmicks that is basically
A sad batman call for
fellas to come prey on women
Who wouldn't give
them the time of day,
If it wasn't for an endless
stream of pretty cocktails,
Filled with crappy vodka,
designed to make mr. Yuck
Look like mr. Yum
all the quicker.
And that's my sign to call
an uber. Be smart, ladies.
(brooding electronic music)
it's been a long night
(horn honks)
black skies glowing
we're loosing light
(door slams)
where am I going?
(ominous tones)
black skies glowing
the wind blows high
winter's line
cold and dry
- Oh, this is adorable.
Yeah, I bet you are.
(muffled clunk)
(ominous tones)
the wind blows high
(lock clicks)
- (gasps) oh, my god.
What the hell are you
doing in my house?
(festive jazz music)
- I love my job. I love my job.
I love my job.
You are not going to
cry tonight. Hear me?
No tears.
You are going to be strong.
You are going to be jolly and
you are going to be happy.
Santa's happy little helper.
Happy, happy, happy.
- Are you crying again?
- Um, no, no.
I am totally fine.
- Well, there's no crying
in santa's village.
- Yeah. No, they're happy tears.
- (scoffs) yeah?
Well, your happy tears
look like somebody
Ran over your childhood pet.
- I'm sorry, it's just
this time of year always-
- Reminds you of
your mom. I know.
We all know. Dolorous
from toledo knows.
Jesus, look, I'm sorry, okay?
But I just don't think
this is gonna work out.
- What? No, um, why?
- Because emo-elf was not
on the job description.
Jolly, yes. Emo, no.
- No, no. Yeah, I can be jolly.
Please. Just let me show
you how jolly I can be.
I can... (giggles)
- I think you need to
go home immediately.
- I don't think that
would be very good.
Good for my health.
- You don't think it's
good for your health?
- Mm-mm, because I'm like
living out of my car right now
Because my apartment's
being fumigated.
- Don't you have any friends
that you could stay with?
- They all went home
for the holidays.
- Hey, well, there's an idea!
Why don't you go do that?
Take a stroll down
nostalgia avenue.
That sounds nice, doesn't it?
- Honestly, I'd rather be
dumped into a pool of sharks
With a bucket of chum.
- Really?
(willa sighs)
(horn honks)
(somber music)
(lights thud)
- You gotta be kidding me.
I know. I know, I will get
it to you by the first.
I just need two
more weeks and...
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Please don't hang up, please.
(phone bleeps)
Merry christmas to you, too.
(brooding music)
And here we are.
(sighs) okay.
Okay, okay, okay,
okay. You got this.
- Justice for briana!
- Here we go.
- Justice for briana!
- [willa] god, that poor girl.
- [protesters] free
briana! Free briana!
Justice for briana! Free briana!
Justice for briana.
- Oh, I have a feeling
this is a really bad idea.
(somber music)
(door closes)
(breathes deeply)
Excuse me?
- Oh!
Hi! (chuckles)
- Um, hi.
- You're here, in the flesh!
I feel like I should hug
you. Come here! (chuckles)
I just, I'm doing
it. Is that okay?
- Um-
- sorry.
- I'm sorry. Um, who are you?
- I'm darcy.
Darcy macdonald.
I'm a friend of your dad's.
- Willa?
(chuckles) my god,
what are you doing?
- Are you engaged?
- Uh, I was gonna
tell you after.
- (sighs) after what?
After you sold the house?
- After the holidays.
- You didn't think
that was something
I might want to be part of?
- Oh, that is so sweet.
But it was nothing, really.
I mean, it was something.
It was, it was magical
and it was special, but-
- I think she's talking
about the house, sweetheart.
- How long has it
been on the market?
- Just a couple of weeks.
Look, I promise I
had every intention
Of asking you to
come home to help.
It's just, I know how
you feel being here
During the holidays.
I felt it was just best to
do it after the new year.
- Well, I'm here now.
- Yes, you are. (chuckles)
- And just in time
for the holidays.
- Really is a beautiful
ring. Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me.
(brooding electronic music)
(spectators cheer and applaud)
- [woman] help me! Someone!
Anyone! Help me!
Someone call 911!
Get out of my house! Stop!
I need somebody!
Anyone, help me! Can
anyone hear me screaming?
Go away!
Get out of my house!
- Hello?
(woman screams)
- Help!
- Is everything okay?
- [woman] help me!
Somebody help me!
Call 911!
- I'm calling 911!
- Get out of my house!
Help me! Someone help me!
- [operator] 911.
What's your emergency?
- Willa! Oh, my god!
- Hello?
What's your emergency?
- Never mind.
(naomi and tia yell)
You know, next time you're
auditioning for a horror film,
You might want to
alert the neighbors.
- Oh, they're used to
the screaming. Trust me.
- Ha-ha.
Is red okay?
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Perfect.
- So, how long are you
in town for this time?
- Just till after
christmas. Thank you.
- So, is living in the city
just like the greatest ever?
- The constant
distractions are nice.
Yeah. It explains why you
haven't been home in years.
- Yeah, or called.
- I'm sorry.
- No, don't apologize
for doing you, boo.
We're just happy
you're here now.
- Me, too.
- To old friends.
(glasses clink)
- Oh.
- I didn't know you
were still acting.
- Yeah. On and off.
I'll send an audition
tape in, here and there,
If I get bored enough.
- She gets bored a lot.
- Bitch.
- So what's new?
- Yeah, you aren't on any
of the socials. Fill us in!
- Work life? Sex life?
- More like no life.
- Oh, you know what? That
explains the complexion.
- Tia!
- What?
Girlfriends are supposed to
be honest with each other.
- Ignore her.
She just started a
boutique a few months ago
And she's been
insufferable ever since.
- Oh, thank you. That
was really sweet.
Yeah, we're strictly
e-commerce right now,
And the plan is to specialize
in variety of treatments,
Like tanning, hair, makeup-
- Here comes to pitch.
- And I actually just came
out with my all-natural
Beauty line last month.
- And there it is.
- Wow.
Well, congrats.
- Thank you! Thank you.
It's been like a whirlwind,
but like a really good one.
- Yeah. You should stop
by while you're here.
- Yeah. Yeah, maybe.
- Oh, yes. Yes.
It would be like a spa
day. Prom all over again.
Except for, we don't have to
sneak in the alcohol this time.
- Speaking of alcohol,
we should go out tonight.
- Yes.
- Yes, my husband is
gone until tomorrow.
We can pregame here.
- You know, I was actually
thinking about just hanging low.
- Sorry. Did I say
attendance was optional?
- I don't, I don't
think she did.
- No, I don't think
I did, either.
- Okay, fine. (chuckles) my god.
- Yay!
(upbeat music)
- But I'm not wearing heels.
rolled out of bed, don't
got a chip on my shoulder
yeah, I work so hard
and all I got was older
- I can't do this.
- We're having fun!
- [willa] this is insane.
You do this all the time.
- [tia] I told you we
should've left an hour ago.
(willa sighs)
stop whining.
- God, I can't feel my toes.
- They'll numb. Don't worry.
Besides, it's not a
real girls' night out,
Unless one of us drunk-stumbles
home into a bush.
- Finally. (chuckles)
Come on.
- New plan.
What do you say we take a
stroll down memory lane?
- The condom aisle at
rutter's food mart?
- Who hurt you?
Come on.
- (chuckles) come on.
- [naomi] come on! Let's move.
- [willa] ow, ow,
ow, ow, ow, ow.
(women laugh)
(upbeat music)
- My master plan!
- Edgewater high school.
Well, this place gives
me instant anxiety.
- That's because
you're still sober.
Come on!
- Wait, we're just gonna pretend
like that sign's not there?
- Since when are
you a rule follower?
- Since I'm on the verge
of being our generation's
Next great girl boss.
We cannot be arrested out here!
- I love the delusion
you bring to my life.
- [tia] no.
- (runts) come on!
Do it!
(willa groans)
(women laugh)
- You're never gonna
let that go, are you?
- No, I'm just saying,
she was always there.
Opening night, front row.
- That was me.
- Such a good friend.
- Okay, until she dropped
off the face of the earth.
- Hey, I don't blame you.
Anyone who puts this
place in the rear view
Deserves a standing
ovation, in my opinion.
- Oh, no, no, no. Trust me.
There is absolutely
nothing about my life
That is applause-worthy.
Did you know that I
spent the last decade
Hopping from job to
job, just like hoping
That I'd find something
I actually like doing?
Because, you know, that's
what the articles say you do!
You, you, you keep looking
for something you love doing,
And if you do that, you'll
never work a day in your life.
But, you know, they
do leave out the part
Where you accumulate
massive amount of debt
And zero health
insurance along the way.
But I guess, you know, a single
unemployed 30-year-old woman
Just doesn't quite have
the same click-bait appeal.
- Hey, hey, hey. Look at me.
- I'm looking at you.
- Are you looking at me?
- Yes, I see you.
- Okay.
Do you know what has
endless possibilities?
- Straight white cis males.
(tia giggles)
- Close.
A blank page.
- Wow.
(tia laughs)
(door thuds)
(women gasp)
- Oh, go, go, go.
- [tia] (yelps) oh, my god!
'cause my lifetime
comes for you to know
- Whoa. Hot teacher alert.
(naomi gasps)
- no, look!
That's milo daniels.
- Get out!
(women gasp)
- Glad I'm not the only one
burning the ol' midnight oil.
(women gasp)
- He was the it nerd
from back in the day.
- Wasn't he like
obsessed with you?
- He wasn't obsessed with me.
- Please, he couldn't
keep his tongue
In his mouth when
he was around you.
- Thought he'd be running
silicon valley by now.
- Hello?
(women gasp)
every thing you read
in the newspaper
or on the tv screen
(women laugh)
as the nighttime comes
- Oh, my god.
Oh, we made it.
(somber music)
(muffled tires screech)
(muffled car smashes)
- Hey.
Come on. Let's get outta here.
- (sighs) yeah.
Sorry, sorry.
- [tia] it's okay.
(ominous tones)
(women scream)
- Creepy, much?
- Aww, don't listen to them.
You are supposed to be
here and we are not.
Thank you so much.
Have a great night.
(women giggle)
(women laugh)
- It's this one on the right.
- Woo!
(slurred chatter)
- Thank you so, so, so
much. Have a good night.
- You're my favorite
driver I've ever had.
- Hey, hey.
If you chicas have
fun without me,
I promise you, I'm
gonna find out.
- Oh, whoa!
(women laugh)
- Goodnight!
- I love you!
- Raymond, let's go.
(willa and naomi laugh)
- [willa] oh, that's
it. You're cut off.
- When the husband's
away, the wife will play!
And my husband's away a lot.
Never marry a lawyer.
You hear me?
The loneliness is suffocating.
- I don't like that.
- Come here.
(willa moans)
- I love you.
- Thank you for
coming out tonight.
- Oh, thank you for forcing me.
- [naomi] you look so
beautiful in your heel.
(willa laughs forcibly)
- Ciao, girly.
I'm fine! Everything's fine!
- Naomi, hold up.
- There's no need to worry.
- I got you.
Wait for me.
- [naomi] it's fine. I'm okay.
- [willa] I got you. Come on,
quick, before the car comes.
- Oh, this is my house house.
- (laughs) it sure is.
- I'm home?
That was...
Come on.
(naomi and willa chuckle)
Oh, my god. Who put
all those stairs there?
- I don't know, what
would you do without me
To help you up your
precarious stairs?
- Oh, my bed!
- And here it is.
(naomi groans)
Oh, where do you
keep your aspirin?
- Drawer.
Oh, this is nice.
(willa sighs)
(ominous music)
(pills rattle)
Mm, thank you.
- Oh, water.
- Second drawer.
- (chuckles) what?
(chuckles) are you kidding me?
- [naomi] but I get thirsty.
- Ridiculous.
- What happens when
you wake up thirsty?
(willa grunts)
- What was that?
- Big house, makes lots
of noise. I'm used to it.
Will you stay until
I fall asleep?
- Only 'cause I like you.
(naomi chuckles)
- I like you, too.
Promise me you'll keep looking.
- Looking for what?
- For the thing that
makes you sublimely happy.
- I'm not sure that exists.
You'll find it. I
found mine, once.
- What happened?
- Same thing that
always happens.
There's something
I need to tell you.
(car alarm wails)
- (sighs) oh, god.
I'm sorry, I think that's mine.
(groans) I gotta do this.
I'm so sorry, hold that thought.
I will be right back, okay?
- Okay, I might
definitely be asleep.
(willa sighs)
- [willa] I can hear you.
(car alarm wails)
(door slams)
(car bleeps)
(somber music)
(door closes)
(ominous tones)
(gun fires)
(tense music)
(moody guitar music)
- And you're her father, right?
- [emmett] yes.
- Did you notice
anything suspicious?
- [emmett] no.
- Anything particular
about her behavior tonight?
- Willa.
- The back door was open.
- What?
- When I came inside,
the back door was open.
- We'll look into it.
Why don't you go home
and get some sleep?
We'll be in touch if we
have any more questions.
- Thank you.
Let's go home. Come on.
- So what do you think?
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's she doing?
- She hasn't moved
in a half an hour.
Come in.
(eerie music)
(door closes)
(dramatic music from tv)
- [anchor] we come to you
with an exclusive this morning
As news breaks that a
two-year-old girl was abducted
From her home in cobra
county last night.
Investigators say
the young girl was-
- Brought you the good kind.
Not the crappy
rub-your-nose-till-its-raw kind.
Made that mistake last night.
- Have you heard from trent?
- His plane landed this morning.
He's been at the police
station ever since.
- Is that normal?
- Nothing about this is normal.
- The body of popular
youtuber briana diaz,
Who achieved viral success
with her "get organized" videos
Remains to be found.
Authorities are asking for
anyone in the community
With any information on this
case to please come forward.
Kpil news. Back to you.
- I guess suicide isn't
as sexy as murder.
- "go home for the
holidays," they said.
"it'll be fun," they said.
- Just like doesn't feel real.
You know, that she's gone.
- It will.
- Willa.
Hey, willa!
(ominous music)
I didn't do it.
(willa breathes heavily)
(brooding music)
(car door slams)
(door opens)
- Hey.
(willa gasps)
Don't do that.
- What do you say
we get outta here
And go see a movie or something?
Sorry, honey. Are you okay?
(suspenseful music)
(trunk door slams)
- Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just
Not really in a movie mood
right now, if that's all right.
- There's a new museum that
I thought that we could, uh-
- I'm good.
- There's a showing
later on today.
(chuckles) okay.
I can cancel. No big deal.
- Where are you moving?
- With darcy.
She has a condo on cradle lake.
Three bedrooms.
It's big.
It's nice.
She's nice.
I really think you'd like her.
- Is that why you
never mentioned her?
- I tried.
But you barely answered my
calls in the last two years.
- We text all the time, like...
I mean, here and there.
- I really don't think
that's the kind of thing
To text about.
- Just feels like a
weird thing to hide.
- Well, there's pictures of
us all over social media.
Nobody's hiding but you.
I'll be downstairs,
if you need anything.
(door closes)
- What're you up
to, trent adler?
(birds tweet)
(lock clicks)
(door closes)
(keys clink)
He didn't see you.
(sighs) god. There's
no way you saw you.
(doorbell rings)
(suspenseful music)
- Whoa. Didn't
mean to scare you.
Uh, you must be willa.
I'm trent, naomi's husband.
Sure wish we were meeting
under different circumstances.
- Me, too.
- I'm really sorry you
had to see all that.
Crime scene photos
are a big part
Of being a defense attorney,
But I'm sure it's not a sight
you'll be able to forget for-
- Ever.
- Right.
Did she say anything
before it happened?
- Not really.
- Nothing about her or-
- Or who?
Or you?
- I knew she was
unhappy. I just...
You never imagine
the person you love
Is capable of
something like that.
- What if she wasn't?
- Wasn't what?
- Capable.
What if somebody else was in
the house with us that night?
- Someone, besides you?
- We heard a noise.
- What kind of noise?
- In the attic, creaking.
Like the floorboards
or something.
- Did you go to the police?
- Not yet, but the
back door was open,
When I came inside the house,
somebody could've came in.
- Oh, it does that. The door.
Sometimes it's not fully shut.
The air pressure
from the front door
Causes the back to
open, it happens.
- Okay, well that doesn't
explain the creaking.
- I'm sure it was just
the house settling.
- What if she
really didn't do it?
- Then she wouldn't
really be dead.
- She just didn't seem
like the suicidal type.
- People aren't
always what they seem.
- Okay, well, I'll let you know
if I remember anything else.
- Before you go, you
wouldn't happen to know
Where naomi's cell
phone is, would you?
- It's missing.
- Wouldn't be the first time
She lost it after a
night of drinking.
I just thought I'd ask.
(phone vibrates)
Oh, I should take this.
It was nice meeting you.
(door slams)
(brooding music)
(seatbelt clicks)
(car starts)
(willa sighs)
- That explains that.
Never having kids.
(muffled music)
What kind of husband comes home
After his wife
just kills herself
And he starts browsing the mail?
- One that's not eager
to go back inside.
- You know who he reminds me of?
Like a yuppie psycho
from one of those movies.
Cold, materialistic, conceited.
Secretly kills people.
- Seriously?
- What?
- I mean, don't get me wrong.
He can be rude sometimes.
And he's definitely
lost a sensitivity
chip, but a murderer?
Come on.
- People aren't always what
they seem. Dude said so himself.
- Didn't the cops say that he
had an airtight alibi, though?
- Yeah, but it doesn't mean he
couldn't have hired somebody.
- True.
Did he ask you if
you'd seen her phone?
- Yeah, he did.
- That's weird, right?
- No, I just think that he
was trying to figure out
What type of head
space she was in.
- Yeah, maybe.
Or maybe there's something
incriminating on it.
- Are you trying to start
a podcast or something?
- I need to think
about these things!
'cause if I don't think
about these things,
Then I think about my
things and I'm actually
Really trying to avoid
spiraling at the moment.
- Well, I think
that's a requirement
Of coming home for
the holidays, but-
- Distraction, my friend,
is the key to happiness.
- I don't necessarily
agree with that.
I think happiness
is when you let go
Of the things that
are holding you back.
- You know, isn't this
the same shopping center
That your dad used to
have that restaurant in?
- Same shopping center,
same storefront.
- I'm guessing that
wasn't a coincidence.
- Yeah, well, when the
bank seized this place,
I knew I wanted it someday.
Less pad thai this
time around, but,
Same last name on the lease.
- He must be really proud.
- I'm gonna make
you a goodie bag.
- Oh no, no, you
don't need to do that.
- Oh, your skin's
gonna thank me later.
- Emmett!
(keys clink)
(suspenseful music)
- Here it is! (chuckles)
- oh.
- How's your dad holding up?
- What do you mean?
- Him and naomi were close.
- They were?
Like, close how?
- Like he would go
over there often,
When trent was out of town.
He'd help naomi with
household things.
You know, she always used
to say that your father
Was more of a husband to
her then trent ever was,
And that would drive
trent crazy. (chuckles)
He never mentioned that to you?
(suspenseful music)
- God!
(laughs) oh, god!
You scared me to death.
- What you doing?
- Nothing, I just, I didn't
know if you were in there or-
- I've just finished.
- Oh, well, great.
Perfect timing. (chuckles)
- guess what?
- What?
- I made dinner
reservations at henry's.
- Oh, aren't you fancy-schmancy?
- I'm a fancy-schmancy
kinda guy.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
So how was your day?
- It was good.
- Yeah?
- It was busy...
(peaceful guitar music)
- [willa] oh, thank you.
- Willa?
- Milo.
- Hey. Oh, my god.
Wow. Holy moly, it's
been a long time.
And I can't believe I
just said "holy moly".
- No judgment, I promise.
- So how long have you in town?
- Just until after the holidays.
- Oh, that's great.
You know, I did some it stuff
for your dad over the summer
And he said that
you were starting
To get your real estate license.
I love houses. You know, real
estate porn, yes, please.
Sign me up for, you know,
all the homes. (chuckles)
- Yeah, I mean, I was doing it,
But I kind of changed
my mind last second.
- Oh, yeah. Oh,
that's that's cool.
I get that.
One time, I stood in line
For 12 and a half hours
to get a video game
I realized I didn't
actually give a crap about
Until like the minute it
was time for me to buy it.
And I was like, is this really
worth a bladder infection?
(chuckles) and it,
uh, well, it wasn't.
So, I just walked away.
(willa laughs)
Oh, but I'm fine now.
I mean, my bladder's
fine. Infection free.
- [willa] that's good. Yeah.
- Can you tell I only talk to
the children? 'cause I can.
Oh, I'm a teacher
now. I teach kids.
That's what I meant
when I said...
This was significantly awkward.
- No, no, it was, um-
- Painful?
- A little bit.
But it was also kinda nice.
- Yeah, it was, wasn't it?
- Yeah, I um, I gotta go.
I think you're up, though.
- Yeah, ah-
- It's good seeing you.
- You too, yeah.
- Let's catch up some time.
- Definitely.
I could give you my...
I could give you my, uh...
(car door closes)
(car starts)
and that tracks.
I promise I'm not a virgin.
(brooding music)
(willa sighs)
(car door slams)
(suspenseful music)
(window scrapes)
(bauble cracks)
(ominous tones)
(suspenseful music)
(door opens)
(ladders creak)
- God!
I'd buy that.
He's home.
- I don't care what his
attorney thinks of me.
This is not a
popularity contest.
No, I was paid to do a job and
to the best of my abilities.
That's what I'm doing.
(suspenseful music)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah. I know, I know.
Do we have an understanding?
Yeah. Yeah, fine.
I'm gonna call you back.
(bauble clacks)
(ladders squeak)
(suspenseful music)
(door closes)
(tense percussive music)
- (gasps) the hell is that?
(trent breathes heavily)
(door slams)
- [darcy] did you also
get my favorite dessert?
- Oh, you know I did.
(willa pants)
- [darcy] hi.
- We brought home some cheese
ravioli with meat sauce.
You still eat meat sauce, right?
- I told him, text and
ask first, but he didn't.
- I got it on the
side, just in case.
- Why didn't you tell me
you were close with naomi?
- I wouldn't say we're close.
- Well, tia says that
naomi used to joke
That you were like
a second husband.
- (chuckles) second husband?
Second dad, maybe, but husband?
(scoffs) I used to do
work around the house
When trent was away.
He asked me to. That's
how this all started.
- Well, why didn't
you say anything?
- I didn't think
it was relevant.
(willa sighs)
- Well, you're
friends with him, too?
- Barely know the guy.
- Did she ever talk about him?
- Wait.
What's going on here?
(willa sighs)
- I don't think that
naomi killed herself.
- What?
- I think that somebody
broke into her house
And saw that I was there
and took a baseball
And threw it up my car so
that my alarm would go off.
- Why would you think that?
- Because my back
window was broken
And I found a baseball on
the floor and it's the same
Exact kind that trent
has in their attic.
Somebody saw that I was in
the house and needed me out
So that they could kill her.
- How do you know
what's in their attic?
- Well, why does
that even matter?
- You broke in, didn't you?
- Do not make this about
something that it's not, dad.
- Willa!
- He's hiding something.
I know it.
- You're not a kid anymore.
You can't just break
into people's houses.
- This is nothing
like before, dad!
Somebody killed my
friend, and I know it!
- Willa, she wasn't
a happy person.
- Yeah.
Well, who is?
(footsteps recede)
(emmett scoffs)
(eerie music)
- Dead girl sandwich.
So who are we avoiding today,
the ghost of christmas past,
Or the ghost of
christmas present?
- You're not real.
- Oh, yeah. No kidding.
Dad's mad.
- He'll get over it.
- Why didn't you ever tell
me you broke into houses?
- It was just a couple
times after my mom died.
Turns out rebellious teen
wasn't really my vibe.
- That and commitment.
I didn't kill myself.
- I know.
- Then what are you waiting for?
- [tia] looks like
he's headed upstairs.
- [willa] I'm crossing
the street now.
- I know. I'm literally
like watching you do it.
And remind me again why
I have to be the lookout?
- [willa] gotta protect
our generation's
Next great girl boss, remember?
(tia chuckles)
- [tia] oh, he's in his bedroom.
- [willa] okay.
Oh, gosh. Okay.
I'm going in.
- (chuckles) godspeed.
- Okay.
- [tia] what exactly
are you trying to find?
- I don't know.
But if trent or whoever
killed naomi came under here
After the cops arrived, then
maybe left something behind?
- Only to find that
they've been overtaken
By a giant family
of brown recluses.
- You know, why don't you
see the stand-up routine
For when I'm not fighting
off a panic attack?
- [tia] forgive me for
trying to have a little fun.
- Wait. I think I
found something.
- What?
(distorted chatter)
A soul patch?
- No, a soft patch.
Like loose dirt?
I think there's something
buried under here.
- I didn't hear
what you're saying.
I think you're breaking up.
- [willa] you're breaking
up, you're breaking up.
- Can you hear me?
- [willa] tia, can you hear me?
- Willa?
How about now?
(phone bleeps)
(willa sighs)
- [willa] damn.
(distorted chatter)
(water splashes)
Come on.
- Sorry! Sorry!
- [willa] what the
hell is wrong with you?
- Well, I was trying to
make sure you weren't dead.
You're welcome, by the way.
(willa pants)
- What happened to
keeping lookout?
- Well, he's taking a
shower upstairs. We're fine.
(suspenseful music)
- [willa] I think there's
something under here.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
What is this?
(tia screams)
- It's fine.
I don't think he heard us.
He's upstairs. He's upstairs.
It's fine.
We're fine.
- It's an earring.
- So you think it's naomi's?
- Something tells
me she didn't spend
A whole lot of time down here.
- Yeah.
(muffled clunks)
(willa and tia gasp)
- Is he coming out
here? Is he coming?
Okay, we have to go.
- Go, go, go, go.
- [tia] oh, my god. (pants)
- What? What, what, what, what?
It's naomi's phone.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- It's dead.
(muffled clunks)
(both gasp)
- So are we, if
don't get outta here.
- Okay. Go, go, go, go.
(suspenseful music)
He's gone.
- No, no.
- He's gone.
- No, I'm getting out of here.
No. No, no, no, no, no.
- Tia!
- Come on!
- No, tia! No, tia!
Where are you going?
- Willa?
Willa, what is going on?
- Trent, I can explain.
- Yeah, no, like
seriously, she can.
- You're under my house. What
are you doing under my house?
- What? Are you gonna shoot me?
(distant siren wails)
(dramatic music)
- Hey, no! Come on, stop!
(siren chirps)
- Arms in the air!
- On the ground, now!
- He has a gun! He has a gun.
- Who has a gun?
- That would be me, officer.
I'm the one that called you.
These can broke into my house
And I was lawfully defending
my property and my life.
- Ask him what's
buried under his house.
- What?
- He killed his wife
and he hid something,
Maybe evidence under
there, go take a look.
- I have no idea what she's
talking about, officer.
- He's lying. There
is a cardboard box
buried under there.
- It's true. We saw it.
- You mind if we take a look?
- Be my guest.
(brooding music)
- Stop worrying.
It's gonna be fine.
- You don't know that.
(door opens)
(door closes)
- You don't remember me, do you?
Well, you're in luck.
Mr. Adler has agreed
not to press charges.
- What about the box?
- Dog bones.
Probably from the
previous owners.
I suggest you two
Leave the police work
to the professionals.
- She didn't kill
herself. I know that.
- Stay in your lane, beck.
- Hey.
Are you really gonna
let some old rivalry
Stop you from
solving a homicide?
- Takes two to have a rivalry.
- Oh, right!
So I'm guessing all those tears
after I kicked your butt at
The state championship were
because you were happy for me?
- You were better than
me. I can admit that.
But look at you now. Not
doing so hot, are you?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- There is hotel surveillance
footage of trent adler,
Two states away, 20
minutes before she died.
Whatever you think happened in
that house, he didn't do it.
- He could've hired someone.
- You need to let this go.
- That's not gonna happen.
- You don't get it, do you?
You're the last person
on earth who wants this
To turn into a
murder investigation.
- And why is that?
- Because the only other
person inside that house
The night she died,
Was you.
(dark music)
- It's okay.
- [willa] I can't.
(door closes)
(katz sighs)
- Let's keep a patrol unit
out front for the night.
Make sure she doesn't
try anything else.
- You got it.
(katz sighs)
(suspenseful music)
- Gotta get that phone.
- Got room for one more?
- It's your house.
(emmett sighs)
Remember when we
used to come out here
And watch for shooting stars?
- Yeah.
- I miss it.
I missed you.
I guess the elf gig at the
restaurant didn't work out.
- No, I got fired
for crying too much.
- Well, you always get extra
emotional this time of year.
- It was her favorite.
- It was yours, too.
For a while.
I know trent's not acting the
way you think he should be.
Grief affects
people differently.
I chose anger, at the world.
At your mother.
Society tells us that we
shouldn't be grieving.
So you feel that you
can't talk about it.
You feel alone.
So you withdraw and
you put up walls
And every day, those
walls get a little higher.
- It's not your fault that
I made the choices I did.
Will you just make sure to
keep climbing those walls?
- Oh, you better believe it.
Shooting star.
- You're a liar.
(emmett laughs)
(phone alarm rings)
(phone alarm rings)
(sighs and groans)
(phone alarm rings)
(tense music)
- Sorry, sorry.
(chuckles) I didn't mean
to scare you, again.
- What are you doing here?
- Can I just come
in for a minute?
- You know, now is actually
really not a good time.
- I'm sorry about overreacting
the other night, and look,
I get it, you don't like me.
I'm sort of used to
it. Comes with the job.
People see a nice suit and
a flashy car and they think-
- Was there something
that you needed?
- You're not the only
person having a hard time
Wrapping their head
around all this.
I don't blame you for wanting
what happened to be untrue.
I wish it was.
But right now, I need to trust
What the professionals
are telling me,
Or else how the hell am
I supposed to ever heal?
- You're right.
I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
Like I said, I get it.
It's nice to know she
had such good friends.
Guess I'd better get back to it.
- Sounds good.
- See you around.
You were headed out?
- Yeah, yeah.
Right, um, I was just...
It's mail. I was just
getting the mail, so...
- Take care.
- Mm-hm, you too.
(suspenseful music)
Come on. Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.
Tia, come on, just
think about it.
You guys are
practically sisters.
You don't remember her passcode?
- What part of "leave
the police work to us"
Did you not understand?
- Uh, the part that
I didn't agree with?
- If anyone figured out
what we did last night,
I would be
hemorrhaging customers.
- Tia.
Nobody is going to find out.
There's no way he's gonna talk!
It'll just make him look guilty.
- I believe that
you believe that,
And I really want to
believe what you believe,
Like with every
fiber in my being,
But I need to focus
on these orders.
I'm trying to mourn
my best friend.
This place is all that I have!
This place is all
that my family has
And you just need
to let me focus.
Just let me focus, please.
- Yeah, no. Um...
Of course.
- Thank you.
(somber music)
- Absolutely loving this new
concealer from montage beauty.
My skin feels fantastic.
I'm such a fan.
(bell dings repeatedly)
(muffled festive music)
oh what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way
oh what fun to ride in
a one-horse open sleigh
jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way
oh what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way
oh what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
(ominous tones)
(ominous music)
(tia screams)
- No! Let me go!
(brooding music)
(willa sighs)
- Enter!
(door creaks)
- I thought I might
find you here.
- Hey, willa.
- Hi.
I'm sorry. I know this is
like totally weird of me.
- It's okay. I like weird.
You know, like, like good-weird,
Not like
Like the right amount of weird,
you know? Quirky, really.
Anyways, you were saying?
- Is there any way that
you can hack into a phone?
- Whose phone is it?
- Naomi adler's.
But it's for a good
reason, I think.
I hope.
- Yeah, um, okay. Sure.
- Really?
- On one condition.
- I can't believe they're
allowed to still serve this.
- (chuckles) hey, come on.
It's a rite of passage.
Straight to clogged arteries
and possibly diabetes.
- You know, I used
to eat lunch in here,
Whenever musical
theater would rehearse.
Watch naomi boss people around.
- It's great that you
guys got to stay so close,
After all these years.
- We didn't really, actually.
I mean, not for lack
of trying on her part,
But when I left, I didn't
really take a rear view mirror.
- I mean, I get that.
When I left for palo alto,
I couldn't say
goodbye fast enough.
- Can I ask a personal question?
- Boxers or briefs?
- Oh, obviously.
Briefs, with prints.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
(willa giggles)
(brooding music)
- Hi.
Everything okay?
- Do you have a moment to talk?
- Yeah, of course.
Why? What's wrong?
- We're not releasing this
information to the public yet,
But naomi's death is no longer
being considered a suicide.
The medical examiner
found evidence
Conclusive to a homicide.
- Oh, my god.
- Why did you come back?
Why edgewater?
Why here? (scoffs)
- You ever feel like
your brain is stuck
In the wrong place,
in the wrong time?
Like, no matter how far you run,
Or how many new people you
surround yourself with,
You're always still living
in the shadow of your past.
- Yeah, I mean, I thought
that's how all brains work.
- Like I thought I wanted
a big city and a big life,
But it turns out all I
was doing was searching
For the exact opposite
of what I had here,
Which turns out,
ironically, is pretty great.
I get this surge of happiness
every time I help a kid
Overcome the same challenges
I faced when I was their age.
It's healing.
It makes me stronger.
- (chuckles) well, you're
definitely stronger than I am.
- Okay.
You won the state
taekwondo championship,
Three years in a row for
edgewater in high school.
You are definitely the
stronger one in this, uh...
This, whatever this is.
- Cheers.
(suspenseful music)
(both chuckle)
- We don't have any suspects
yet, but we're looking.
So if anything, or
any one comes to mind,
Even if it doesn't
seem relevant,
I want you to give
me a call, okay?
In my experience, there's
always someone who knows
More than they're letting on.
- I'm probably
gonna regret this.
(sighs) I don't know if you'd
consider this to be relevant.
- I'm gonna need you to
send me these right away.
(keyboard clacks)
(gentle piano music)
- Don't you need to like plug
her phone in or something?
- No. Remote hacking is very
real and very scary thing.
You just have to, uh,
know what you're doing.
Okay, there you go.
Text, photos, emails.
You want me to
send you the link?
- You're the best.
I'm sorry. (giggles)
- It's good, uh...
- Hey, guys!
I'm so excited for you to
meet my new best friend!
- Hey, guys!
- Briana diaz!
What are you here
to do for me today?
- Today, I'm going to
organize naomi's pantry.
- She's about to change my life,
And she's kind of a big deal.
I don't know if you
know much about her,
But she's kinda famous.
- Hey.
Your dad said you used
to be quite the athlete.
- Yeah.
I used to be a lot of things.
- My nephew is taking a karate
course at his high school
And apparently, they're
looking for a new coach,
So, if you want it, I could
put in a good word for you.
- I don't.
But thanks.
- Well, you must really
miss it though, right?
- I miss my mother more.
(door closes)
(somber music)
- I'm sorry, I... (sighs)
(door closes)
- [naomi] seriously,
my pantry...
I just want to stand here
for hours and look at it.
Like, look at all my animal
crackers. My snacks, my pasta!
- There's gotta
be something here.
- [naomi] briana, take a bow.
(briana laughs)
Look at you. Ladies
and gentlemen, the
woman of the hour.
(door opens)
- Hey. Dinner's ready kiddo.
- I'll be right there.
- Okay.
(door closes)
- I do not know where I put
the keys, honey. I don't know.
- Well, you'd forget your
hands, if they weren't attached.
- I resemble that remark.
(emmett chuckles)
- Speaking of missing things,
that missing girl briana diaz.
Did either of you know her?
- No, I didn't.
But it's so sad. I mean, they
still haven't found her body.
- Yeah. No, it's really awful.
What about you?
- Did I?
- Know her?
- The missing girl?
No idea.
Can't imagine what her parents
are going through, though.
- Yeah, no, just I know that
naomi did like organizing work
For her so I just wasn't sure
if maybe your paths crossed.
- Nope.
(willa chuckles)
(water splashes)
(muffled electric saw whines)
(suspenseful music)
(muffled hammering thuds)
(muffled electric saw whines)
(willa sighs)
- Well, your guess
is as good as mine.
I have no idea what
he's doing in there.
I'm still trying to
figure him out. (chuckles)
- Me too.
- So I don't know if your
dad told you or not, but,
I was married before,
to a not-so-great guy.
I mean, I thought
he was great, but,
My mom said I was never really
a good judge of character.
"you always see what you
want to see." (chuckles)
That's what she said.
Anyway, it took me
a really long time
To learn to trust again,
and it's been two years
And I still get butterflies
when I'm around him.
Your dad, not my ex.
Sorry. (chuckles)
(muffled electric saw whines)
Is that silly?
- Uh, no. Whatever, whatever
makes you happy, I guess.
- Um, maybe we could be friends.
I mean, it's probably gonna
take a really long time,
But maybe...
Maybe someday.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I'd like that.
- Okay.
- I need to finish the dishes.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, go!
Go, go do the dishes. Thank
you for doing the dishes.
(suspenseful music)
(door opens)
(door closes)
(keys clink)
(lock clicks)
(door closes)
(switch clicks)
(suspenseful music)
(keys clink)
(muffled footsteps)
(willa gasps)
(keys clink)
- Got ya!
(willa gasps)
(intense music)
(willa screams)
(willa gasps)
(willa pants)
(door slams)
(willa pants)
Hey, what's going on?
- You lied about knowing her!
- Knowing who?
- Briana!
I saw you in a video
with her and naomi.
- Look, I can explain that.
(willa gasps)
- Did you kill them?
- What?
What are you talking
about? Of course not.
open the door, right now!
- You're lying!
- Look, I am your father!
I would never lie to you.
Willa, open the door!
(muffled sirens wail)
Open the door.
- Hey, look, you-
- are you listening to me?
You're making a huge mistake!
You realize I'm an
attorney, don't you?
You think I'm gonna let
this slide? No, sir.
(willa gasps)
(car door slams)
(willa breathes heavily)
- Dad?
(door opens)
(door closes)
- Good evening. Sorry
for the disturbance.
Willa around?
(door opens)
(door closes)
It looks like I
owe you an apology.
I don't know if
you've seen these.
(willa gasps)
(dark music)
- [willa] that's
trent and briana.
- We've got him.
(willa gasps)
- Dad, I'm so sorry.
- The arrest of the
suspect, trent adler,
Who we learned earlier
today was having an affair
With missing
persons briana diaz.
We believe adler killed
diaz late in the hours
On December 2nd and later
staged his wife's suicide
When she became suspicious.
Our search for diaz's
remains continues,
But we have found what we
believe to be the murder weapon,
Hidden inside the
suspect's attic.
- I hired briana to
help me design this,
Before she went missing.
Darcy's always wanted
a closet and, uh,
I wanted to finish
this before christmas.
If I said I knew her, darcy
would've asked me how.
Would've ruined
the surprise and...
Clearly it's not done, but do
you think she's gonna like it?
- I think she's
gonna love it, dad.
- (sighs) thank you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
It's so good to have you home.
(water splashes)
- I think they found
the murder weapon.
- Well, um...
- [reporter] hidden a
chest discovered by police,
Tucked inside the
attic was a nutcracker
With the victim's
dna, but so far,
No dna from potential suspects.
- I guess you're right about
the whole psycho thing.
- It was planted.
- What?
- Somebody put that there.
I searched that entire box
the day after she died.
I think I would've noticed
the bloody nutcracker.
- He probably moved it
around like a million times.
Can you imagine how
paranoid he must've been?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you're probably right.
- [tia] I'm always right.
(willa sighs)
(ominous music)
(eerie music)
- Tia.
(tia chuckles)
What is this?
- I have a present for you.
It's in front of you.
(giggles) no, he's not dead.
- Tia, what's happening?
- What's happening is your
deranged boyfriend over there
Is going to take your
life, and his own.
Unrequited love.
(chuckles) I mean, it
happens all the time.
Everybody knows he's been
obsessed with you since, like,
I don't know, before
you were born?
Sick creep.
- What are you talking about?
- Senior year, wasn't
he voted most likely
To murder someone before
his 30th birthday?
(giggles) it was bound
to happen at some point.
- Tia.
Why are you doing this?
You are being insane.
- Yeah, I'm not
really in a reflective
Type of mood right now.
Believe it or not, I'm
not necessarily happy
With how everything unfolded.
So let's just skip the part
where I tell you my master plan
Long enough for someone
to come and save you
And let's just chalk it up to
a really bad domino effect?
(chuckles) yeah.
- You were sleeping
with trent, weren't you?
- You really want the
story, don't you? Fine.
(sighs) here's the cliffsnotes.
Naomi knew trent was cheating.
Okay, the only question was who.
So, we followed trent to
brianna's house, and bam,
(chuckles) they're
doing you-know-what,
all over the place.
But naomi ran back
to the car crying.
I took pictures
because, a, brilliant,
B, blackmail.
- Blackmail for trent?
- Blackmail for briana!
God, you're obsessed with him!
You know what? And
you're annoying.
You've always been annoying.
Anyways, cut to a week later,
Homegirl here has a
marketing stroke of genius,
Because I'm brilliant,
And I asked brianna if she
would review montage bar beauty.
And she said yes, and then for
a totally unrelated reason,
She like broke out and got
like a rash or whatever.
- My skin feels like
sandpaper, like-
- God dang, dude!
You're so annoying!
Like, actually, when
you speak, it hurts.
- Don't talk to me that way!
I literally have like
pimples everywhere
And it's literally
because of your product.
- Which had absolutely
nothing to do with my makeup.
Like, like zero. (chuckles)
And then like, she's like,
she calls me on the phone.
She's like, "my followers
deserve my truth."
And I'm like, "okay, so
then tell them the truth."
"this is my truth!" (chuckles)
I mean, honestly.
I told her, "we are both
businesswomen here, okay?
Can you just wait
until after christmas?
Because I already
have over 100 orders."
That's totally
reasonable, right?
Yeah, it's reasonable.
Yes, yes, I agree.
And she refused.
She refused, so I visited her
And I whipped out
the photo and I said,
"I don't know how your
suburban demo
Would feel about you being
a home-wrecker." (chuckles)
She did not take that well.
So she yelled at me, I
yelled at her, and then...
She pushed me first,
and then I pushed her,
And let's just say
the nutcracker thing
was a self-defense.
- She attacked you?
- She attacked my
business, okay?
That's not only attacking me,
It's attacking my entire family.
- I don't really think that's
how self-defense works, tia.
- You're getting caught
up in the details.
- [willa] what is that?
- Your ultimate demise?
(muffled scraping)
(suspenseful music)
(willa breathes heavily)
To be continued.
Don't make a sound.
(keys clink)
Hi! (chuckles) hey, hey.
- [willa] god.
(breathes heavily)
(suspenseful music)
- What's your name again?
Nevermind. Okay, listen.
I know we're not supposed
to be here, but um,
It's our anniversary
and we actually met here
At edgewater high,
can you believe that?
So I just, I had this amazing
night planned out for us,
But, um, find it in your
heart to let us stay...
Yeah, I mean, it just feels
like yesterday, right? Huh?
You have not aged
at all. (chuckles)
(willa pants)
- Milo. Milo, come on, wake up.
- Okay, I know you
don't remember me,
But I remember you and I want
you to know that I always
Thought that you never got
the credit that you deserved.
Okay? And it's...
Okay. (giggles)
Well, um, you just have a
good rest of your day, okay?
(ominous tones)
(door closes)
(suspenseful music)
Willa! (chuckles)
Willa, where are you going?
I'm not gonna hurt ya.
Oh, willa!
(chuckles) seriously?
You practically begged me to
confess my long list of crimes
And now you're just gonna
walk out halfway through?
I mean, how rude
are you? (chuckles)
(gun fires)
You know there's only one
way out of here, right?
Okay, where was I? Uh, yes.
If everybody just
wasn't so obsessed
About what happened to her,
Then I wouldn't have
had to blame naomi.
And if you weren't in the house
at the time, then I would've
Had time to write that
stupid suicide letter.
Maybe I would've
written something like,
"hey, briana, I'm sorry.
(grunts and yelps)
(gun fires)
Looks like someone got
their fight back, huh?
And if you wouldn't
have run up the stairs,
Like a speedy gazelle,
forcing me out of the window,
Spending half of the night
underneath the house...
Thank you, by the way.
And after I figured out
That the cops ruled
naomi's death a homicide,
I knew I had to go back
to my original plan,
Which was framing someone!
And me, being the
amazing friend I am,
I decided to pick trent!
(tense music)
- Locker rooms.
Man down. Gutierrez,
check him out.
Hammonds, you're with me.
- [tia] any questions?
(dramatic music)
- [willa] don't get up.
(tia pants)
(body clunks)
(tia pants)
(keys clink)
(somber music)
- Police!
You okay?
Looks like you handled this.
Get her cuffed.
(brooding music)
- Hey.
The last truck just pulled out.
- You know...
I spent last two years
searching for something
That made me feel half
the joy that I felt
When I was training with mom.
All this time I was so scared
to do it, to fight, because,
I was just so terrified that
I would see her face again
And hear her voice.
Just feel that pain.
The irony being that when
I was forced to fight,
This time for my life, I...
I did see her face.
And I heard her voice.
But it wasn't pain I
felt at all, it was...
It was love.
But it was mom.
In a way that I thought I
lost forever. (chuckles)
- She was just waiting
for you to come home.
- Yeah.
(upbeat electronic music)
- Hey, coach!
Usual spot?
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah?
All right.
(somber electronic music)