Deadly Intent (2016) Movie Script

Come on!
Come on, move yourself!
DEADLY INTEN Come on, James.
Time for bed.
Do you want a story?
All right, bed.
You can play again
in the morning.
Sleep tight, tiger.
For god's sake!
You're up early.
All right, now,
I'll push it now then.
Here we go.
Push, hold on.
You're getting soaked!
Inside, now!
Come on.
Let's go and get you dry.
My god, what
have you done now?
This thing weighs a tonne,
you could have been hurt!
I'm sorry, James.
I didn't mean to shout.
I just don't understand...
Leave me alone.
Please, James, just talk to...
Leave me alone.
James, I think it's time...
My god.
James! James!
Why the hell do you do it?
I didn't do anything!
Well, someone turned
those taps on, James,
and it wasn't me!
I told you, I didn't...
God, you're nearly
gonna get us electrocuted!
How could you be so stupid?
Can you see?
Can I help with that?
Come on.
I could put them away.
Fuck off! Fuck off!
God, I am sorry, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't expecting you.
Of course, if you'd
been here last night
for dad's do, then you'd know
they didn't wanna
leave the house empty
while they're away.
God. I forgot.
You don't say.
Hi, James.
We need to
stay for a few days,
bit of a plumbing problem.
I can take over, if you like.
No way.
I wasn't trying to
kick you out, Lise.
And it's a try!
Come on.
Gonna get back, yeah?
Take you to another match.
Here we go.
Here it comes, where's he going?
He's going!
Come on, mate.
What's up, mate?
How long are
you gonna be away?
get the job done,
then I'll be back.
See that boat over there?
What's that thing sticking
out of the side of it.
Dunno, could be anything.
Looks like it's
sinking though, look.
Want some chips?
Last one there then!
I'm gonna beat you.
What were you thinking?
It was dad! I saw him!
You can't have!
I saw him!
For Christ's sake,
James, your dad is dead.
That was a bit brutal.
He has to accept it.
I just don't know how
to get through to him.
Therapist isn't helping then?
Nothing helps.
Have you tried talking to him?
Okay, okay.
I'm sorry, tiger.
I didn't mean to shout earlier.
This is Ollie.
He was mine when I was little.
I loved him very much.
When I was sad, I used
to hug him really close.
Look, I don't want to
interfere or anything...
Then don't.
Listen, lise.
I'm the only parent
James has got,
so the sooner he accepts
that, the better it's gonna be
for both of us.
Honestly, James is fine.
Don't worry.
You okay?
It's fine.
What's the matter?
I need
to do something.
Like what?
Fucking anything,
I don't know.
It's nearly midnight.
Shall I get you a drink?
No, just fucking leave it.
Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Very funny.
I was just trying
to lighten the mood.
For fuck's
sake, grow up, Lisa.
Bryony, you're
gonna be late for work.
What time is it?
It's 8:30.
Thanks, Lise.
What the hell have
you been doing?
I'll see you later.
Bye, James.
Hi, James.
Can I see?
Is that your dad?
You know, soldiers
don't just kill people.
Sometimes they try to stop
them from getting hurt.
That's what your dad was
doing last time he was away.
He was angry.
Do you ever think he
might have been sad as well?
Sometimes what soldiers
see makes them sad.
No, not sad. Just angry.
Hi, Lise.
Is this yours?
Why has he done that?
James, open the door!
Try talking to him.
I mean it, James.
Open the door now.
Calm down,
this isn't gonna help.
I need to talk to you.
Please, James.
Leave him. He
can't stay in there forever.
Your dinner's nearly ready,
I want you downstairs now.
Sorry I didn't eat much, but...
Come on, James, your
mum's really worried.
James, you
can't cut me out like this.
Look at me.
Look at me. Why did
you bury my bear?
Dad doesn't like girly toys.
Didn't like. Your
dad's gone, James.
No! He's watching me.
You said was watching
me from heaven.
Maybe I did say that...
Soldiers keep us safe
by killing the bad people.
That's right, isn't it.
Hurry up, I can't
be late again!
Come on, can't leave you here.
Yeah, you can.
I can teach him how
to make explosives
from easily obtainable
household ingredients.
Just go, we'll be fine.
Are you sure?
How could he?
No way, I've just
come up, they weren't there.
They must have been.
I think I
might have noticed.
That's lethal, he
could have killed me.
It wasn't James, it
couldn't have been.
It must have been.
It can't have been.
What are you doing?
I'm calling in sick.
I can't leave you with this.
With what?
With James, god knows
what he's gonna do next.
I told you, it wasn't James.
Look, just go, we'll be fine.
No, I'm not happy
leaving you here.
Bryony, you need
to go to work.
Just go.
Go! Come on.
Hi, Mike.
Yeah, yeah, I'm good, thank you.
Yeah, actually, I
was just wondering
if there was any chance I
could borrow some of your kit.
So what?
So how's he been?
Yeah, fine.
Hasn't murdered
anyone that I know of.
No, don't joke about it.
So, what's he been up to?
He has been helping me.
After the marbles this morning,
I thought we better be prepared.
Do you wanna see?
Come on then.
My god.
It's great, isn't it.
James helped me set it up.
For Christ's sake,
this is the last thing he needs.
Come on, kids love
this sort of stuff.
Listen, Lise, he's
not like a normal kid.
He doesn't need any
more crap to deal with.
True, but if it is crap,
then he won't have to
deal with it will he?
My god!
Why does he do these things?
You don't
know it was James.
Of course it was.
Yeah, but look,
its not smashed.
It's like it's melted.
I so don't need this.
Good morning, sleepyhead.
Do you want some breakfast?
What is it?
We've got cereal,
toast, porridge?
Well, what do you want then?
Can I have some of that?
Yeah, go on then.
Grab out a plate.
Have you tried cooking?
You should, you'd love it.
Dad made really good curries.
Yeah? Nice.
Promised he would teach
me when I was older.
Promised lots of things.
Here, have a big bit.
You're not going back, are you?
No, son. I'm not
going anywhere.
Hate it when you
leave me behind.
You're the only good
thing to come out this mess.
No, son, I won't be
going anywhere, I promise.
What is that?
Hi James.
It's a dream catcher.
A what?
A dream catcher.
The Native Americans used them.
But what's it for?
To trap evil spirits.
Dunno, just think
it looks cool.
It is him.
It is James.
I told you!
No no no, not
like that though.
I don't think he even
knows he's doing it.
How do you mean?
Okay, this morning
we were at breakfast
and James got upset,
and then suddenly
all the cutlery just jumped
off the draining board.
By itself?
Yeah, he scared
the crap out of me.
So, what are you saying?
I dunno exactly.
Look, James didn't do
anything physically
but I'll swear it was him.
So, you didn't actually
see him wave a wand
and shout, "Leviosa!".
I'm not making it up.
All this stuff James
has been going through,
all these emotions,
maybe he's bottling them up
like volcano, and...
All that leaves
whatever's happened, it's real.
Exactly, this is real.
I read this article
about this woman
and every time she got upset,
all the fuses in her house
just blew out.
Children have very
powerful psyches and...
Cut it out, Lise.
You're not a child psychologist.
You're not even a proper
teacher for god's sake.
No, I'm a teaching assistant.
My job may not impress anyone
but at least I'm
not ashamed of it.
Right then,
tiger. Time for bed.
Come on.
James, please don't start.
I'm not
going up there.
Auntie, can I sleep
with you tonight?
No, of course you can't.
Please, auntie.
You heard your mum, James.
Come on, now.
Come on, James.
I don't wanna go.
Please, auntie.
I don't wanna go up there!
It's time for bed.
Please, auntie!
Give me your hand.
Get off, I don't wanna go.
Get off me!
You have to go to bed, James!
Get off, get off.
I hate you!
Why do you do this
to me every time?
James, come
on, I'll take you up.
Come on.
All clear, not a thing.
You know, James,
nothing can hurt you
when you're tucked
up in your bed.
Sleep tight, I'll see
you in the morning.
Don't, Lise.
I didn't say anything.
You don't have
to say anything,
I know what you're thinking.
Look, Bryony, I just...
Just leave it, Lise.
that's better, is it?
Pretending everything's okay?
life is cruel,
and hateful, and there's nothing
you can do about it.
Well, maybe not,
but you don't have to
let it destroy you.
It's my fault, is it?
Well, look at yourself,
Bryony, you're a wreck.
James needs you,
can't you see that?
It's okay, tiger.
I think you've just
been sleepwalking.
I saw something.
Auntie, I saw something!
It's okay, James.
Maybe it was just a dream.
Come on, let's get
you back to bed.
Do you want auntie Lisa
to take you back to bed?
You're right.
I'm a rotten mother
and a crap sister.
And there were times
when I needed a sister.
Me too.
I've told you, you're
not going anywhere.
How can I look after you
both if you're not here?
I'm sorry, Steve.
You both need me.
I'm sorry, Steve.
I can't go on like
this any more.
Fuck off then, go.
Go on, fuck off.
You're not taking my boy.
You are not taking my
boy, you fucking bitch.
Come here.
I'm sorry I...
You still don't get it, do you.
This is what sisters are for.
It's as though
he blames me for everything.
Well, you're here.
He can't take it out on Steve.
Does he have any friends?
He's not much good
at friends any more.
Friends don't have
to be other kids.
Who was my best
friend when I was 10?
do you like him?
Come on, he's so cute!
He needs someone
to look after him.
Do you wanna hold him?
Hey, that tickles.
He's gonna need a name.
Why Frodo?
Look, hairy feet.
Auntie, can Frodo
live in your room?
My room? I thought
you liked him.
I do.
Then why do you want
him to live in here?
I just think he'd
be safer with you.
then, see you later.
Be good for your auntie, okay?
What were you expecting
to see with the camera?
Dunno, just
thought it'd be cool
if we saw something weird.
So, you do believe
there's something.
Do you?
I believe there are a lot
of things in this world
we don't understand.
What if they're bad things?
There are no bad
things, only our fears.
And I think the
best thing to do,
if we're afraid of something,
is to go straight up to it
and look it right in the
eye, don't you think?
James? You hungry yet?
Hey, slow down.
searched everywhere.
When did you last see him?
Was he upset?
He seemed fine, but, you
better see for yourself.
What the hell is this?
It's my fault, I told him
he needs to face his fears.
My god.
I think he's trying
to protect himself.
My poor boy.
He's terrified.
Why didn't I see this?
Honestly, I have
looked everywhere.
I don't see how he
could have got out,
all the doors are locked.
And the windows?
Shall we call the police?
Why not?
Are you joking?
Everyone thinks I'm a
train wreck. If they see...
Well, is there
anywhere he'd go?
How? You said all
the doors are locked.
Well, they are.
Then he's gotta
be here somewhere.
James? James?
Where is he?
Is that you, James?
Make it stop,
make it stop, make it stop.
Make it stop, I don't like it.
It's okay, I'm here.
Make it stop.
Hey, make what stop?
Sometimes I hear things,
it's like they're in my head.
And sometimes things
happen, like the bookcase
but you never believed me!
I do believe you. God.
I'm so sorry.
God, I should have
listened to you.
I've not been much good
lately, I know that.
But I do love you, and
you must know one thing,
I will never ever let
anything hurt you.
Spiders, needles,
being all alone.
That's mine, done.
When I was little and
I used to get scared,
this is what me and
your grandad used to do.
Okay, your turn.
I can put anything?
Anything you like.
You haven't forgotten anything?
It wasn't me!
I know, I know.
What was it, mum?
I dunno, honey.
You felt it?
Yeah. I felt it.
What is it?
All I know is
there must be an explanation,
and we'll find it somehow.
No, I told you,
it's only when he gets upset.
He was having a nightmare,
you heard the scream.
But I'm still not convinced
that that's the reason.
It's obvious.
Look, some people have more
psychic energy than others.
In some cultures it's
considered quite natural.
But if James is causing
these things to happen,
how do we stop him?
No, we can't. It
has to come from him.
He has to learn...
Hello, you.
James, you know all this
stuff that's been happening?
Have you noticed it's
only when you're upset?
Look, do you ever feel
any sort of energy?
You think it was me?
No, no one's blaming you.
No, it's not a bad thing.
Think of it as
something special.
But I didn't do anything.
We know you didn't.
You need to see it as a gift.
All right.
Just trying to help.
So, what do you
wanna do today?
Can we go out somewhere?
Yeah, I guess.
Probably something
on for half term.
You do know what his
means though, Bryony?
We're gonna have to be
really nice to him all day
in case he gets upset.
You're teasing me.
Yeah, you're
right, I am teasing you.
I mustn't, you might make
all the lights go out.
Sorry, James. No more teasing.
From now on, you get
my proper respect.
How about that?
Yeah, cool.
Where's he gone?
Here, try bending this.
No, not like that!
Use your mind.
I keep telling you,
I can't do anything.
You're nuts, you are.
I'm just envious, I've
always wanted to be psychic.
Mind, I did know my last
boyfriend was cheating on me.
But how cool would it have been
if I could have made the
ceiling fall down on him.
Don't abuse it though,
you mustn't become
a bully or anything.
Only use it for good, like Yoda.
May the force be with you!
Told you it wasn't me.
We need to call the police.
No, the police can't help.
Why not?
I'm scared.
It's all right, sweetheart.
Nothing's gonna
hurt you, I promise.
Lise, take him up to bed.
No, what if it's...
No, it's all
right, sweetheart,
it's just a mess. That's all.
But I don't...
Let's do as your
mum says, come on.
Where's James?
Steve I was... I
was gonna make...
Where is he.
He's not here.
Where's my fucking boy!
Where's my fucking boy,
you bitch? Where is he?
Where's my boy!
At my dad's.
You shouldn't have
fucking taken my boy!
Bryony, what are you doing?
I need to do something.
But a ouija board?
It's Steve. He's here.
Bryony this, this
is a really bad idea.
I have to
do something, Lise.
So, am I doing it by myself,
or are you doing it with me?
Steve? Are you there?
Is there something
you want to tell me?
Is there something
you want me to do?
I don't think...
This is ridiculous.
This is no joke
any more, Bryony,
you've got to get
away from here.
What's the point? You
can't run away from a ghost.
Well, how do you know?
Maybe he's just here.
No, he's here
because we're here.
If we run away, he'll follow us.
Just like before.
How's the pizza?
It's fine.
They only had pepperoni,
they didn't have
ham and mushroom.
Won't matter what your mum did.
Didn't even have a
chance to say goodbye.
Come on, drink up.
I'm not thirsty.
Go on, son, get it down you.
It tastes weird.
It's what
all us soldiers drink.
It'll make you big and strong.
That's it.
Am I gonna be
staying with you now?
Yeah. Told you,
you and me forever.
Not here though.
There's nothing for
us here any more.
What about mum?
Don't worry about her,
she can look after herself.
You all right, son?
I feel funny.
Just close your eyes.
I'll get in the back with you,
and then you can have a nap.
All be better soon.
Are you hurt?
James, what
happened to Frodo?
He said I could
take him with me.
Who did?
I don't know!
He was in my head.
He said I had to go now, but
I could take Frodo with me.
You mustn't listen to him!
I don't
understand! What's happening?
We're leaving.
Right now.
I don't understand,
why won't it open?
Try the back door.
Why won't it open?
Stand back.
It's okay, James.
What's that noise?
He's getting stronger.
Who is?
Come on.
It's okay, here.
Hurry up, Lisa!
Are you okay, mum?
James! No!
No! James!
James, hold on!
James! Bryony!
Mum, help me!
Mum! Mum!
Leave James, please!
Steve, stop this!
Please, let him go.
If you do this, he'll hate you!
You'll lose him forever!
I'll be back, promise.
Hello! So what you
gonna call him then?
maybe Luke Skywalker.
the lady in the shop
didn't know if it was a boy.
Maybe it should
be Princess Leia.
No way, I'm not having
a girl in my room.
Luke Skywalker it is then.