Deadly Manor (1990) Movie Script

Thanks a lot!
So, Mr. Navigator,
how long before we get to this lake?
I don't know. I don't think
it's gonna be too much longer, but...
Maybe a little longer
than expected.
Shit, Tony,
I thought you knew this area.
Hey, to say I know the area well
is pushing it a bit.
I mean, I was up here once last year,
but I was on a bike.
Here, now, let me see this.
Now, what's the name
of that famous lake?
I don't know. It's... Wannapoppy
or... Manawatta...
I don't know.
It's something like that.
How are we supposed to find this place
if you can't remember the name of it?
Lake Wapakonope!
Wapakonope, popey!
I can't find that here.
Well, it's really small.
It's probably not even on the map.
Small, select, not even on the map.
That's us, for sure.
What are you doing?
- Hey, do you know your way around here?
- Sure do.
Do you know where Lake Wapa...
- Wapakonoke.
- Yeah, where Lake Wapakonoke is?
- Yeah.
- Great. Alright, hop in.
So, are we heading in the right direction?
Yeah, but it's a ways off.
A couple of hours anyway.
Tony, I thought you said
we were close.
So I made a mistake!
Who am I, Jeane Dixon?
You're impossible!
Great. We've been driving all day,
and still we're hours away!
- What's wrong?
- Shit!
Flat tire.
This is not Lake Wapakonoke.
- You guys alright?
- Yeah, just shaken a little.
I hope you have a spare.
Anybody want to light up?
It'll ease the tension.
- So who's tense?
- I am!
So who's this guy you picked up?
Just a hitcher. He seems to know
the area pretty well, though.
He's kind of weird-looking, though.
- He is different.
- One more, one more. Easy, easy.
Ah, there...
OK, that's it.
- Are you kids alright?
- Yeah, yeah, just a flat tire.
Are you all traveling together?
Yes, sir, Officer.
We're going camping
at Lake Wapakonoke.
Yeah, thanks for the concern.
Appreciate it.
That tire won't pass inspection.
Oh, well, that's just a spare.
We plan on getting a new one on Monday
when we get back.
Yeah, first thing.
You know, there's a simple way to tell
if a tire needs to be replaced or not.
It's called the penny test.
See, if the tread doesn't come past
Lincoln's neck, tire needs to be replaced.
Best check 'em every 10,000 miles.
Just takes a sec.
That's very interesting, Officer.
Well, we better be going now.
Oh, we will make sure we get
that new tire when we get back.
- Right.
- Bye now.
- Thanks a lot.
- Bye.
"And if the tread doesn't come
past Lincoln's head...!"
How much further
before we get to the lake, do you think?
I don't know.
We still have a ways to go.
God, I'm tired.
Hey, buddy, where are you going?
Look, we're all tired and it's a long ways
before we get to this lake.
It's almost nightfall.
Let's just stop here for the night.
Do you know
where this road leads to?
Yeah, off the highway.
What are you
doing to us, Rod?
Don't worry.
Out of the way is my spcialit!
Hey, look out!
Whoa! There's off the highway
and then there's out of the way.
- Where's Peter and Anne?
- They're right behind.
- Don't fall off, Peter!
- Hold tight, Anne!
Where are you taking us, Rod?
Into the deep, dark,
depraved depths of the woods.
Whoo! Can I pick 'em or can I pick 'em?
This place is perfect!
- It certainly looks empty.
- It's just run-down.
Must have been
a great house.
- In its day.
- And that's a lot of days ago!
Whoo! Hello?
Holy shit!
Guys, I think
you better take a look at this.
- What is it?
- It looks like some kind of monument.
A monument? Sure, to Saint Bubba
of the Demolition Derby.
It must be a joke.
I don't think so.
I don't like this.
Listen, I just want to get
a closer look, OK?
What the hell...?
- What is it?
- It's a shrine.
Wow! Customized interior!
Major weird!
What are those dark patches there?
They look like... bloodstains.
OK. I've seen enough.
- Tony!
- What?
- Someone's in the house.
- Where?
Up there.
Someone just closed that window.
- Are you sure?
- There's no one there now.
I saw that window close.
Someone's inside.
Let's just go check it out.
- Anybody in there?
- Knock once for yes, twice for no!
It's deserted.
Someone's up there.
I saw them.
Oh, yes, Helen.
Probably a bio-hazard mutant zombie!
I'm not staying here.
Helen, for Christ's sakes!
It's getting dark, it's getting cold,
and it's gonna rain.
Come on, there's a roof here.
- Zombies or no, I'm staying.
- Smart move, Rod.
Zombies never touch the braindead!
Tony, please,
can't we just go anywhere else?
This house scares me!
I mean... just look at this place.
Something's wrong with it.
Can't you feel it?
We can't stay here!
We just can't stay here!
Helen, you're not making any sense.
There's nothing here that's gonna hurt us.
Look, Helen, this house is dry,
it's warm and it's roomy.
Do you expect all seven of us
to sleep in the car
just because you saw the wind blow?
It wasn't the wind!
Someone was up there.
I don't care what you guys are doing,
but I'm going back to town.
Jesus! Are you serious?
Helen, don't be silly.
Nothing's gonna happen to us here.
I'm sorry.
What is the matter with you?
Yeah, could you at least tell us
what's bothering you?
- Yeah, please, tell us.
- This house is evil.
Oh! An evil house!
Hey, maybe you'll spit up pea soup
and your head'll turn around!
- Are you coming or not?
- No! I'm staying here and so are you.
Maybe we should just go with her.
She'll be back before dark!
Maybe we should go after her.
It's a long way back to town.
You know,
she pulls this stuff all the time.
Get into a fight, she'll walk off
for a while and be all melodramatic.
In about an hour, I'll go and find her
and be sensitive and all apologetic.
That's you!
Then everything will be fine again.
It's like foreplay.
Hey, come on,
if we're gonna stay here,
we better find a way to get in this place
before it starts to rain.
Come on,
let's check around the back.
So how do we get
into this zombie house?
- Why not use a skeleton key?
- Peter, were you born this way
or do you make it a conscious effort
to be an asshole?
This one's locked, too.
I guess that means
we'll sleep in the car after all.
- That should make Helen happy.
- Wait a minute, you're kidding?
You'll sleep in the car
just because the door's locked?
Well, what do you suggest we do?
I could have done that!
- This is dreary!
- Well, at least it's dry.
I hear coffins are pretty dry, too.
Give it a rest, Peter.
Sorry. I thought it was a bat.
Bats in the belfry!
Watch out, Dracula lives!
Maybe he'll come out
and give you a good suck!
This is interesting.
- Oh, wow! A dungeon.
- This will definitely scare Helen away.
Yeah. If she ever comes back.
- Tony, are you crazy?
- Yeah.
Come on, guys, it's just a cellar.
Where's your sense of adventure?
- Oh, Jesus!
- Wow!
Coffins! Those are coffins.
There are coffins in the basement!
Peter, would you shut up?
Maybe Helen's right.
Maybe we should sleep in the stables.
Or leave this place altogether.
Would you guys just chill out?
They're not coffins.
They're coffins.
But I'm sure they're empty.
Of course they're empty. I just don't wanna
be here when the owners come back.
Look, I'll prove it to you.
Tony, this is gross!
There's nobody in there! See?
Hey, Tony, come on.
Don't do that.
Come on!
There's nobody in there.
- Ah, shit.
- What? What is it?
I lost my ring.
Does that mean you and the corpses
are now going steady?
Come on, Tony.
You can look for it in the morning.
Helen gave me that ring.
If I lose it, she's gonna kill me.
I just hope we're not going to be sorry
we stayed here.
Tony, are you planning to stay down there
for the rest of your life, or what?
- Isn't that your car horn, Rod?
- Not by a long shot.
Maybe it came from the wreck.
Maybe it's Helen playing a joke.
- There's nobody here.
- Except us chickens!
That's it. That's the one we heard.
It had to be this car. We're too far away
from the main road to hear any other cars.
Well, what's going on here?
I don't know, but whatever it is,
I don't think it's funny at all.
- It's a joke!
- Very funny.
Maybe it's a sign.
Helen didn't like this place,
and I'm beginning to think she was right.
Me, too.
Oh, come on, girls!
There's no reason to panic.
A horn beeped, that's all.
A horn doesn't just beep by itself.
Someone was here
while we were at the house,
which means this place is not
as abandoned as we thought it was.
We should have listened to Helen.
I'd better go find her.
I'll be back in a minute.
Alright, let's get our stuff
and unpack inside, huh?
Do you believe in premonitions?
If I did, I don't think
I would've stayed.
I would've gone with Helen.
Eww, I bet there's mice in here!
Rats, probably.
I'm not going to sleep in here
if there's mice.
Got any better suggestions?
Poor Tony.
He is gonna get soaked.
- Do you think it'll stay dry in this place?
- I doubt it.
Gonna see where this leads to.
Jesus Christ!
It's like a museum.
Hey, look. It's the same dame
that was in the car.
Hey, guys.
Here we celebrate with champagne.
Looks like a cult figure.
There's some nice shit in this house.
Can't wait to see the rest of it.
Look, let's get one thing settled
right from the start.
We came to this house looking for
a roof over our heads for the night.
And we found it. That's it.
Sure thing, pal.
Hey, alright! A fireplace.
This is disgusting. There must be
30 years of dust in this place.
Someone was here recently.
This is yesterday's newspaper.
Someone was here yesterday?
Do you think they're still here?
Come on, let's check it out.
Alright, but let's stick close.
It's stuck, too.
Come on.
Maybe we shouldn't do this.
Again? This woman's
all over the place.
Yeah, kind of egotistical,
don't you think?
She looks cruel.
Real cool.
Oh, baby!
Whoo. Who could live
in a place like this? It's insane.
The wrecked car, the coffins...
These walls covered in pictures.
All of the same woman.
Oh, it's like a weird shrine,
dedicated to this woman.
Who do you suppose
lives here anyhow?
I don't know and I don't care, either.
I just hope this night goes quickly,
so we can leave this place
without finding out.
- Hmm, I hope so, too.
- Me, too.
Well, what's so terrible about it?
We just want a place to crash for the night.
Come on, let's go.
Jesus, Tony!
You scared the shit outta me!
Chill out, Peter. You're so jumpy.
Gimme that flashlight.
I'll show you jumpy!
- Hey, where's Helen?
- I thought she was up here with you guys.
Maybe she finally wised up
and left you for a real man.
Pretty nice, huh?
Oh, great!
The fireplace still works, but we'll need
a lot of wood to keep it going.
- And to keep the undead at bay!
- That's enough, Sir Galahad.
You practically
shit in your pants upstairs.
Hey Peter, let's move this.
Hey, there's probably
some wood in the stables.
Let's go check it out.
What sign are you?
I don't know.
- Astrology isn't one of my strongpoints.
- Well, when were you born?
Does it matter?
- Yeah, if you want to know your sun sign.
- But I don't.
Hey, Tony, come on.
You can look for your ring tomorrow, huh?
I'm not worried about the ring.
I'm worried about Helen.
- I wonder where Helen is now.
- Give the girl some credit, huh?
She said she'd hitch back to town,
and I'm sure that's exactly what she did.
She, uh... She probably stopped a car
on the highway.
Yeah, a body like hers
can stop a lot of cars.
- Ha-ha.
- Very funny.
So, uh... Jack...
Where can we
drop you off tomorrow?
Lake Wapakonoke will be fine.
I'll get another ride from there.
So, where are you headed, Jack?
- Anywhere.
- On the lam, huh?
- My parents are hard to stand, too.
- Yeah, I'll bet.
Has anybody noticed that wall?
Looks like water from somewhere's filtered
through and eaten away at the plaster.
- It happens in these old houses.
- Do you think it's gonna collapse?
Everything collapses sooner or later.
It's just a matter of time.
You know, it's weird, but this is
the only wall in this whole goddamn house
that's not covered
with pictures of that woman.
What is it?
- A snake!
- Where?
It's harmless.
What's the big deal?
It's a snake.
Eww, it's repulsive!
And it's in the same house I am.
That's the big deal.
Give her a break.
She's been dating Peter for two years,
so she hasn't seen
anything that big in a while.
I'll have you know the term
"hung like a horse" was created
as a descriptive term
for my grandfather.
Hey, guys, check this out.
What is it? Oh, Christ!
- Those are human scalps.
- No way! They can't be.
- God!
- What the hell have we gotten into?
This could be a lot of different things,
you guys. Maybe it's a collector.
A collector?
Tony, people collect stamps,
baseball cards, ancient Incan artefacts.
- No one collects scalps.
- No one normal.
- Peter, take it easy.
- Take it easy? Take it easy?
There's a smashed car outside,
coffins in the basement,
and scalps in the closet.
You tell me to take it easy?
What's next?
Uncle Fester on the patio?
Rod, I'm scared.
- Me, too.
- Me, too.
Let's leave.
Let's sleep in the car,
in the barn, or anywhere.
There's not enough room in the car
for all of us and it's freezing in that barn.
There's nothing here that can hurt us.
Let's just chill out, you guys.
I mean, let's just stay here tonight,
and in the morning, we'll leave...
whatever comes first,
sun up or the rain stops.
- Alright.
- Yeah.
Come on.
I wonder what spooked Helen.
You know, she did this once...
once before. Sensing danger.
It was about a year ago.
We were at Six Flags and she warned me
not to go on the Black Hole.
But I went anyway.
Yeah? So, uh... what happened?
I threw up.
No, really, I...
I wonder what she sensed.
- I don't know.
- Superstitions.
Or maybe there's something
we don't know yet,
like, er... electronic fields
or magnetic forcefields or something,
that can make a place literally evil.
Yeah, I remember this book
called "Homicidal Homes",
about this house in Boston
where seven brutal murders took place,
over a period of 40 years.
It was like the house was haunted
with some kind of an aura.
That's just superstition.
No, I don't think so.
It really happened.
They found scientific evidence of...
I don't know, some kind
of magnetic forces operating,
making people crazy.
There must be some truth to it.
I mean, even superstition
has to be based on something.
I'm sure there are houses
with good luck, too.
Yeah, maybe, but this certainly
doesn't look like one of them!
What was that?
I don't know.
It sounded like it came from that wall.
The heat from the fire
must be cracking the wall.
- Yeah, it's getting bigger.
- It's just a crack. A crack is a crack.
It's so weird. It sounds hollow.
- I wonder what's behind it!
- Please, I don't want to know.
Really. We've discovered enough
for one evening, thank you.
You can either come out now...
or you can crawl into
one of these coffins for good.
- What are you doing down here, Jack?
- No, Tony, I think that's my line.
- I'm looking for my ring.
- It's a hell of an hour for that, Tony.
Did you find anything valuable?
Just the fact that this coffin was closed
when we got to the house,
and now it's open.
Bullshit, Tony! You've been
up and down this house all night.
I wanna know what you found!
- You're wrong.
- I don't think so.
So, what are you gonna do, Jack?
Are you gonna shoot me?
That's right.
I know about the gun.
I saw it when we picked you up, Jack.
I also saw the way
those troopers looked at you.
You're on the run.
Hey, stop me if I'm wrong.
Look, Jack, I don't give a damn
what you do.
As far as I'm concerned, come tomorrow,
you go your way, we go ours.
End of story.
So what's all this, then?
What's all this?
I don't know what this is.
I can't even begin to explain
what this is.
But listen, Jack,
the others don't know about you.
Keep it that way.
You stay away from them
or you're gonna answer to me.
You think you can take me?
Let's just hope
we don't have to find out, Jack.
It's cold.
Yeah. The fire's almost out.
- I'd better go and get some more wood.
- Wait.
What's up?
Hey, what's the matter?
I'm worried about Helen.
I feel responsible.
Would you stop that?
She's a grown girl.
She can take care of herself.
She'll probably sleep in a place
a lot more comfortable than this tonight.
I wonder who could live
in a place like this?
Search me.
But that paper that Jack found
was yesterday's edition.
It was... probably left by somebody
who camped out here just like us.
Nothing more. Who knows?
It's strange, but I feel
like somebody's been watching us.
You watch too many creepy movies!
It's probably that woman
up there on the wall.
Hey, babe, come here.
You know, um...
We could go upstairs to the bedroom.
I love you.
Well, how about a visit
to the bedroom?
- It's an idea.
- Oh, it's more than just an idea.
Hey, Jack and Tony have disappeared.
- I wonder where they went?
- Who cares?
- Oh, shit, Sue!
- Hmm?
- Oh, you're gonna kill me.
- What a way to go!
No, I forgot the rubbers.
They're outside.
You're dead.
- Ugh!
- They're in the glove compartment.
I'll... I'll be right back.
It'll only take me a second to get 'em.
OK. Well, you might as well
bring some more wood in.
It's getting a little cold in here.
Oh, fine. Wood and condoms.
What else does a young couple
need in the '90s?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Hey, Jack?
Where are you, guys?
What's wrong?
You afraid of me?
No, I just saw a woman
with a mask on.
I don't see anybody.
I saw a woman in that window
with a mask on.
It was like... like an illusion.
Quite an imagination.
I swear to you,
I saw a woman with a mask on.
Why are you smiling?
What do you know about this house?
What are you running away from?
It's a long story. Complicated.
You could tell me.
I could try to listen.
You wouldn't understand. Even if you did,
there's nothing you could do about it.
I could try.
You're a sweet girl, Susan.
Helen? Helen!
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Oh, God!
Helen! God! Oh, God!
Peter... Peter!
- What?
- Peter, please, wake up.
What's going on?
I don't know, like...
I just heard someone screaming.
Where is everyone?
How the hell should I know?
Go back to your sleep.
It's just your imagination.
I'm scared, Peter.
Something's wrong here.
It's not my imagination.
Did you hear that noise?
Yes, it's probably Rod and Susan.
They're already in bed.
They don't waste any time.
Peter, for once in your life, listen to me!
That was not Rod and Susan!
Don't you think it's a little odd
that Tony and Jack are missing, too?
Someone goes out to take a leak
and you think they've been killed.
Peter, if that was the case,
they would've been back by now.
Something just doesn't feel right.
Picking up that guy Jack
was a big mistake.
- Now do you believe me?
- Alright, alright.
Maybe it's not your imagination.
Let's go check it out.
- My God!
- Tony!
Helen's dead.
- She's been murdered.
- No!
She was in that damn car!
She knew something was gonna happen.
She even came out to warn us.
This is my fault.
I thought she was kidding.
I thought she was just being silly.
Tony, where are Rod and Susan?
They're not in the house!
And where's Jack?
Tony, listen to me.
We're all in danger now.
We have to get out of here.
Where are Rod and Susan?
We have to find them.
I don't know. I thought that...
they were in the house.
They might be... They might
have gone upstairs to the bedroom.
The bedroom?
I wouldn't put it past them.
- We have to find them.
- Fine!
Fine! We'll get everyone together
and get the hell out of here!
What about Helen?
We... we can't just leave her here!
We'll bring her to the car.
- What the hell...
- What is it?
Looks like your bike.
It's a graveyard... for bikes.
I don't know,
nothing in this house makes any sense.
Oh, Jesus!
- What is it?
- It's my bike.
They've smashed it up, too!
What the fuck is going on here?
The car...
What is it?
The battery is gone.
They took the goddamn battery!
- We're stuck here.
- What the fuck is going on here?
How the hell should I know?
Well, maybe we can run to the highway
and flag down a car.
I'm not leaving
without Rod and Susan.
We don't even know where they are.
OK, fine.
You guys get to the highway.
Maybe you can flag down a truck
or something. I'll find 'em.
Are you sure?
I know the house pretty good.
Here, take the flashlight.
I'll meet up with you later.
Look at that!
There's someone in there.
Maybe it's Rod and Susan.
Let's go see!
Please, no, let's just get away from here
before it's too late.
Rod, is that you?
Jesus Christ!
You son of a bitch!
Are you in the cellar?
Come on.
- Come on! Come on! Stop!
- Stop!
Stop, stop, stop!
We have to get to the police.
Someone's been murdered.
And there may be more.
A friend of ours was murdered
at that house,
and three more of our friends
are missing.
We have to do something.
- It's fucking awful!
- We were lucky to get away.
Hey, mister, what the fuck are you doing?
The town's back there!
He's heading back to the house!
- Shh, calm down!
- He's taking us back to the house!
- Relax!
- You seem to be very excited.
Oh, you're very young, both of you.
Yes, it often happens
with you young people. You...
You become excited, you...
You get carried away,
you do foolish things.
It's normal to do foolish things
when you're young.
You're frightened, aren't you?
See that? Oh, it's her!
- It's the woman from the house.
- Listen, what the fuck...
No... no!
Oh, no... No!
No, no...
Oh, God, no! No!
Don't fool around.
Where are you?
Oh, no!
- Susan!
- Anne...
Susan, where are you?
Answer me!
Susan, is that you?
Yes, it's me.
I was beautiful, wasn't I?
Why are you doing this to us?
Why? Why? Because of this!
I was beautiful once, you know?
Just as beautiful as you are now,
but that was before.
Before the accident,
before you made me into a monster.
You did this to me!
Don't you understand?
You destroyed my whole life,
my whole world.
And now you have to pay for it!
But why? Why us?
Because you all deserve to die!
You're insane!
You've created all this madness
in your mind.
We are not responsible
for your delusions.
We haven't done anything to you.
- It's not our fault!
- Yes, it is!
No, no!
Alfred! Alfred!
Uh, uh!
Calm down, child.
Please calm down.
Nothing's going to happen to you.
I promise.
Stay away from me!
It's terrible how easily youngsters today
lose control and commit... madness.
No! No, no, no, no, no.
Don't worry.
Oh, I'm not like her.
Poor Amanda.
I sometimes think that the pain
she has suffered has... unbalanced her.
It's understandable.
Oh, my Amanda was
the most beautiful woman I had ever met.
I'll never find another
as beautiful as she.
That... accident destroyed everything,
I'm sure you understand my feelings.
That's all I'm looking for -
a young person
who understands
all the pain we've suffered.
I understand, I do!
And I'm sorry about what happened
to your wife. Really I am.
But I had nothing to do
with what happened to her.
I just want to go.
Go? You want to go?
Well, why?
You're not like the other children.
You remind me of my dear Amanda
when she was young,
beautiful, so fragile.
I wouldn't have hurt you, you know?
- No, please!
- You could've stayed here.
But you wanted to leave,
and now you've made Amanda angry.
- No!
- Kill her, Alfred, kill her!
- Now! Now!
- No!
- Alfred, now!
- No!
- No...
- What are you waiting for? Kill her!
No! Help me...
Alfred, kill her!
- No...
- What are you waiting for? Kill her!
No! Alfred!
No, Alfred!
No, you killed my husband!
Get away from me!
- No, Alfred!
- Come on, let's go!
No! Get away from me!
It's OK. It's over.
It's alright.
It's alright.
It's over, it's over.
Are you alright?
The hitchhiker you picked up yesterday
was an escaped convict.
We got word of his escape
soon after you left us.
It took us this long to get here.
I'm sorry.
We should've been here sooner.
But... but they're all dead!
Oh, God.
I'll kill you, you bitch!
I swear I'll kill you!