Deadly Matrimony (2018) Movie Script

From this day forward...
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death do us part.
Ahem. I, Randall,
take Maisy to be my wife,
to have and to hold,
from this day forward,
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death do us part.
See what happens when I
meddle in other people's lives?
I owe you big time. I'm aware.
That's quite the understatement.
I only landed you
Prince Charming
and happily ever after.
Hands down,
best maid of honor ever.
You're welcome.
So, I still need to work out
the final details,
but let's talk honeymooning.
Were you leaning more towards
Antigua or Maui?
You're gonna get great sushi
either way you go.
Leo's big on doing
something adventurous.
Like rock climbing,
scuba diving, zip lining.
I am honestly so surprised
that you're down for that.
Looks like Mr. Carpe Diem
has really rubbed off on you.
The man survived
stage-three cancer.
He's challenging me
to live dangerously,
and you know
how I love a challenge. So...
Well, maybe not scuba diving.
'Cause aquatic life
freaks me out,
and I don't like being
in a disadvantage.
Your fear of sharks is both
unparalleled and, oh, so unreal.
I can't believe
any of this is real.
I can't either.
You jumped into this marriage
faster than I ever jumped out of
any one-night stand.
Three months isn't really
considered rushing, at her age.
Not if you're on lesbian time.
That bartender over there
says it's time for some refills.
If I didn't know any better,
I'd think she was the one
getting married.
Hey, it's a good day
for her, too.
She's the one that
introduced us, remember?
Oh, right. So she's responsible
for my big, fat Jewish wedding.
Hence, why I didn't get asked
to be the disgruntled
man of honor.
Hmm. I think you forget
sometimes I'm your boss.
Hey... if you're happy,
I'm happy.
You know I love you.
I know.
Do you really think
it was too fast?
What do I know?
The closest I've ever been
to true love is Britney Spears.
Come on.
Oh, baby.
- Hi!
- Hey!
Oh, my gosh. I'm so happy
for you. Congratulations.
Thank you so much
for coming, Sondra.
- You look beautiful.
- You look beautiful.
Oh. Thanks.
Mwah! I'll see you out there.
- Bye.
- Little dancing action.
Are you okay?
Can I get you anything?
It is my time to slow down.
This night is perfect.
But then, we'd be
delaying the best part...
for the rest of our lives.
I hate it when you're right.
I think your friend over there
has feelings for you.
Kyle? No way.
We're business partners,
and nothing more.
Plus, I was kinda hoping
he'd ask Parker out,
now that her divorce is settled.
Oh, yeah.
- So it's all taken care of, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, good for her.
It's the least I can do
to thank her
for introducing me to you.
- I agree.
- Hmm.
Oh, boy.
Hey, um...
do you mind if I butt in?
Oh, well, I guess
for a couple of minutes, hmm?
I think I'd miss her too much.
I think I'd miss her too much.
What does he do
when you're at the office?
Don't be jealous
if some of us are loved.
Mm-hmm. Yup. Yup. You know what,
you know what?
He does seem to have the perfect
response, doesn't he?
If I didn't know any better,
I'd say that he was
a politician, or maybe even
a huge-ass salesman.
- Uh...
- Oh.
You only wish
you were Wordsworth.
Yeah, I didn't know that
Princeton was a charm school.
Leo went to Cornell.
Honey... Uh, no, I just wondered
if it was Princeton.
Yeah, wait. No, it's because
we've talked about Jersey.
With the, uh, holiday banquet.
- Hmm. You know what they say.
- What?
An Ivy League's an Ivy League.
That is literally the first time
I've ever heard that.
- It's not a thing.
- Yes, it is.
But, seriously, congratulations.
I'm very happy
that you invited me.
'Cause I know how much you
don't like to mix
business and pleasure, so...
Um, yeah. 'Cause I had to
prove your theory wrong.
- I do nothing but work.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you certainly shelled out
the cash to prove me wrong,
which is pretty typical.
You would do anything
to be right.
Leo... who is that?
Must have been a caterer.
Never mind.
You're dancing over here.
Watch out, y'all.
Grayson's got some mooooves.
We did it.
We consummated
the marriage. It's official.
I'm really happy we decided to
lose our virginities together.
Come here.
I'm sorry we had to
delay the honeymoon.
No. This case is too big
for you to pass.
Oh, I saw earlier
that Trey was passing out
these crazy things
on social media.
His lawyers and publicists
must be going crazy.
But I hope he keeps it coming.
Shine. Just adds shield
on the fire.
But... I think
Antigua sounds better.
We have our whole lives
to travel together.
Till the death do us part.
- Sweet dreams.
- Good night.
This place is incredible.
And why aren't we
moving in here again?
I thought we agreed
you wanna live closer to work
since I travel so much.
You never visited me here once.
And I even offered
to make you dinner.
Hey, it wasn't
for lack of trying.
And I can't help it
that you love to live
so much closer to the airport.
Well, and your bed is comfier.
Whoo! That was easier
than I thought.
Shall we go grab Thai?
Ah. Whatever you want.
I'm gonna run in and do one last
look through, okay?
- Boo!
- Geez, Leo.
Don't sneak up on me like that.
- What are you doing?
- I...
Uh, I'm just trying
to close this box,
and your little black book
wasn't fitting.
This fell out.
Oh, well...
I haven't seen this in years.
Who is she?
She's my little sister, Daisy.
Well, is she on the East Coast
near your parents?
I mean, why didn't we invite her
to the wedding?
No, we had a falling out.
Look, I don't really like
to talk about it, okay?
- No, no.
- It still makes me sad.
What happened?
We had problems...
with our parents' estate.
They left it to us
after they retired,
and she wanted
to keep the place...
and I didn't.
We sold it, eventually.
And then she stopped
talking to me.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
It's fine.
I should've told you
about it before.
We just never had
the sibling conversation.
You know, since you don't
have any of your own.
It's okay.
Come on.
Let's go get some Thai.
Look, we'll never
get him on murder.
I think we should
take it off the table.
Okay. The trial remains,
at least they're gonna
hold the jury.
But he didn't mean to kill her.
- Well, he did if we say so.
- I want a lesser charge.
We have a slew of other things
that we can take to hick at him.
What, you don't think he meant
to take her out?
We have all those texts.
It was a sloppy revenge scheme,
and she was a casualty of it.
Reminds me of my parents' case
all over again.
Wait, I thought your parents
died in an accident.
But this accident was, in fact,
caused by an angry
teenage driver
who my dad pissed off
on the road
when he accidentally
bumped them from behind.
Sara, I am so sorry.
Yeah, well...
Because they were popular,
and had good grades
and a good reputation like Trey,
they were acquitted.
Who wants panini?
What, should I have
brought martinis?
Thanks. Let's go.
And your card was declined
at the dry cleaner's
for some reason.
My card was declined?
That's weird.
Well, it's probably 'cause you
were having the wedding
in two hours from now.
It happens all the time
when I travel.
You got to watch out for those
wayward travel companions.
- So I used the company card.
- Mm-hmm.
- I hope that's all right.
- It's fine.
Kyle uses
the company credit card
for his coffees all the time.
And hence, I bought you over
an amazing wedding gift.
So, thank you.
So, how's married life?
It's fine, gentlemen.
Just fine?
It's the same. It's supposed to
be drastically different?
Oh, yeah.
He's not annoying you yet?
Not like you are.
- So, what'd I miss?
- Mm.
She wants to lessen the charge.
Because we need to be realistic.
It's not the worst idea.
It's impossible to charge
with anything these days.
- Let alone murder.
- Is that still a thing?
I say we OJ his ass
and slam him
for everything else, instead.
Thank you.
I don't know why
you keep calling me,
but I can hear you on the other
end of the line, asshole.
Is this Sara Ross?
Speaking. Who is this?
He's not who you think he is.
Excuse me? Who, who are you
talking about?
And why do you keep calling...
- So, how was your day?
- It was fine.
Well, with the exception of some
strange phone calls,
earlier tonight.
- Who was it?
- No idea.
Sounds like a woman.
What'd she want?
She said, uh...
"He's not who you think he is,"
or something cryptic like that.
Probably some deranged Trey fan.
I've had harassment
over high-profile cases
like this before, so...
Yeah. I guess
going after your hero
does puts you
in the cross hairs, huh?
another lovely perk of the job.
I don't like knowing that
you're here spooked
all alone while I'm gone.
I think we need
a security system.
And I know just the guy.
And this is non-negotiable.
You're under
enough stress already.
- Hello?
- Sara Ross?
Uh, yes, this is Sara Ross.
This is Tracy Williams,
and I'm calling
in regard to your complaint
with Greenfield Credit Union.
Can you verify
who I am speaking with
with your case number, please?
Uh, yes. It's 0-6-2-8.
Thank you, Miss Ross.
The check you questioned
was authorized
with your electronic signature
to a private business account
in Costa Rica.
What? That's a mistake.
I don't have a bank account
in Costa Rica.
I've never even been there.
We've reviewed the copy
and it matches
previous signatures used.
I did not authorize
or sign a check for my account
to be wiped clean.
I don't have time for this.
- Seriously?
- What?
- You got hacked?
- It appears that way.
Ah, at least
the company isn't going under.
That's good to know.
Sorry, only teasing.
That sucks big time.
I don't know what happened.
Well, what about your boy, Leo?
Did you give him access
to your accounts?
Grayson, that's ridiculous.
And, no.
Leo has plenty of money
on his own.
Stranger things have happened.
I don't think he would do that.
Think? You don't know?
I know he wouldn't.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
So, Sara's husband
might be a con man.
What? Is this a joke?
But my account was hacked into.
It could be Leo.
The timing is sort of
What do you think?
Well, I'm a civil attorney,
so... I know
that people are capable
of anything.
Now he wants me to attend
the annual convention in Boston.
That's a good sign.
These guys go all out
taking full-fledged vacation,
all expenses paid.
When is it?
I imagine you won't be
able to make it.
But this case keeps
going waited now,
and I'd be worried.
Everything okay?
Yeah, my head's just pounding.
Oh. I'll give you
a massage when I get out.
Aw, thanks. I'll take an aspirin
and see if that works.
- Huh?
- Nothing.
So annoyed that Trey rejected
the plea deal, is that right?
Part of his ongoing
innocence tour.
I hope there's a picture
of you on the news.
I mean, with Kyle
standing next to you.
Looking like a desperate pup
waiting to be pet.
Sad, sad guy.
- You okay, babe?
- Yeah, it's all right.
I'm just so clumsy sometimes.
I'm sorry.
I've still got a headache.
I'm just really tired.
You got a lot on your plate.
It's fine.
Did you hack into
my bank account?
There's a lot of money missing,
and my PDF signature
is on your laptop.
Just... please be honest
with me.
You know...
I really thought I wasn't gonna
have any trouble this time.
What are you doing?
Why do you have a knife
in our bed?
I was using it
to cut open boxes.
A butcher knife?
Are you scared?
Wait. You didn't think I was
gonna use this on you, did you?
I just thought that...
it'd be kinda hot, you know...
to play with it.
Leo, you're scaring me.
Don't be scared.
It'll only hurt for a minute.
Okay, it's super easy to use.
Just remember to hit pound
after you punch in
the code to leave.
When you're coming or going,
you have 20 seconds to reset.
Got it.
If you need anything
while I'm gone,
you don't hesitate to call.
The service down there
is shoddy,
Leave a message. You'll get back
buto me when you have Wi-Fi...
I know the drill.
Have a good trip.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
So, when does Leo get back?
He is gone till Monday morning.
He said, he was at your office
the other day?
Yes. He wanted to look at
new places for the honeymoon.
Yeah, I saw the brochures.
You know, but I was wondering,
actually, like,
what were his travels
before we got married?
Why does that matter?
Leo wants to help.
He knows how hard you work,
so why don't you
let him do the planning and stop
being such a control freak?
Because it's not in my nature
to let someone take the wheel.
I know.
I admit that, that was
the one thing
I was worried about
with you two.
You both like to control.
You don't think
that's gonna be a problem
in your marriage, do you?
I hope I didn't screw up
setting you guys up.
No. Mm-mm. No, it's fine.
We'll be fine. It's just...
I don't know, I just feel like
he's been keeping
something from me, lately.
- Really? Like what?
- I don't know.
Or maybe it's just me
getting worked up,
because I have someone new
in my life
so constantly now, but...
You don't think
I rushed into this, do you?
I know Kyle and Grayson do.
I think if you have
real concerns
about your new marriage,
you should speak up now
before stuff gets real.
Yup, you forgot your...
Can I help you?
Uh, hi, Sara,
my name is Melinda Wells,
and I promise I'm only here
to help you,
but I need you to listen to me.
Your husband's away now, yes?
Wait. I recognize your voice.
You're the one
that's been calling me non-stop
over the past week, aren't you?
Yes, I kept deliberating
how much I wanted to share.
I wasn't sure you deserved
to be helped.
But... with the work
you've been doing
with the Trey Thompson case,
I felt like...
What do you have to do
with the Trey Thompson case?
Besides wanting to see the man
be put away forever?
This isn't about
the Thompson case.
What the hell
is this about, then?
This is about your husband.
Leo Friedman. May I come in...
I'm sorry, but 11 o'clock at
night really isn't a good time.
I don't think
you understand, Sara.
You may not have much time.
- What are you talking about?
- He's gonna ruin you.
Do you understand me?
How do you even know Leo?
I know him because I'm his wife.
What? I'm sorry,
that's ludicrous.
- Leo is married to me.
- Yeah.
And Sam is married to me.
So, unless they're twins,
go figure.
Fine. Tell me what you think
you know about my husband.
My marriage to Sam...
Leo, whatever his name is now,
lasted only
three and a half months.
During our downward spiral,
I found out I'm sadly a hell of
a lot more impressionable
than I used to think.
Okay, but what happened?
All my money...
stocks and bonds,
savings, business accounts,
all drained in two months time.
Sam always had the right words,
did the right things.
He even pretended he was gonna
help pin the culprit.
And why wasn't he arrested
when you found out what was
really going on?
Because he was gone
before I could.
Okay, wait,
how did you find us now?
He was making so-called
business trips down here.
Left and right.
And I recalled him saying
how pretty you were,
one night on the news...
when the Trey Thompson case
first hit headlines.
When I read
you were getting married,
I had to come down to LA
and see for myself.
He may have gotten
around you publicizing
your engagement photos...
but I'm not as dumb
as he thought.
You were at my wedding.
You were that woman
crying in the bathroom.
Yeah, I snuck
a bottle of whiskey
from the caterer stash out back.
I was emotional. What can I say?
And where did you
come from again?
San Francisco.
- You live in San Francisco?
- Now I'm in Oakland.
My life's over.
Then why are you here, Melinda?
I mean, why not just
call the cops when you realized
that Leo was down here now?
Because I want him to pay...
every last cent,
every single thing
he took from me.
I don't want it to get caught up
in a courtroom
for the next five years.
I want my life back,
and I want it now.
And what if
the money's gone already?
Then I'm gonna make sure
he never does this
to any other woman ever again.
And how are you
planning on doing that?
I'm willing to do
whatever it takes.
I don't really feel comfortable
with this discussion anymore.
I'll let myself out.
My number's on the back
when you change your mind.
- Afternoon.
- Hi.
Yes, I'm here to see Sara Ross.
Do you know who this woman is?
Never seen her before
in my life.
Probably another sucker.
Never seen Sam
this happy before either.
He told me it was his sister.
Doesn't look much like a sister.
That's what I thought too.
What else do you know
about Leo... Sam?
What does it matter?
If he changes his life
every time
he bounces off to a new broad,
there's no way of knowing
anything he says is true.
But if we're gonna take him down
and get back
what he took from us,
we have to find out
everything about him
that we can.
That's the only way we're gonna
find out where our money is
and what he's going to do next.
Before I came down here,
I got this number for a guy
from an old friend
who was having her
husband watched,
she thought he was cheating.
He's mobile.
Up and down the West Coast.
- Maybe he can help us.
- Okay.
Perfect. What have you been
waiting for? Let's call him now.
I haven't called him because I
haven't been able to afford him.
But now that we have you,
I will.
He only does face to face,
So I will send him
a message later
and see if he can meet up
with us tonight.
I just need you
to bring the cash.
Fine. How much?
Hey! What... What the...
What the hell is wrong with you?
You're out there yelling.
I don't like to draw attention
to myself.
Who the hell are you?
Sara, this is Raymond Heath, PI.
Are you with
some sort of department?
No, not in years.
It's a long story.
Short story is,
I don't play by the rules.
But I assure you, I'm a pro.
And how do we know that
you're not another con man?
He helped my friend get dirt on
her cheating husband. Remember?
And Mel here, now wants
some dirt on your husband.
He's... my husband, too.
That's filthy.
I'm into it.
Give me 72 hours, and I'll know
more about your...
her... your collective husband
than either of you do.
I'm a civil attorney.
Please don't tell me,
you don't rob or steal
or do anything violent
or immoral, do you?
Based on your standards
of morality
being an attorney and all,
no, I suppose not.
Let's start at the beginning.
What do we have on this guy?
Uh, copy of
our marriage license,
some pictures, business card.
- This is really all.
- Mm-hmm.
I can't wait to take down
this monster.
So, you have been here a while.
It's better than my place
in Oakland. Trust.
All right,
I got everything I need.
Easy peasy.
And the hunt... shall begin.
I can taste his blood already.
Oh, right, right.
If you shop around,
you'll find that, uh,
my prices are a steal,
and, uh, woman,
I've seen you on TV,
so I know you ain't hurtin'.
Not yet, anyway.
Ladies, I thank you
for your time.
- Good night.
- Wait-wait!
Don't I get your number or some
sort of receipt or something?
Yeah. Don't worry...
I'll find you.
So, are you still
coming home this evening?
Yeah, I was supposed to,
but it looks like
I might be here
a couple more days.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry. Is that okay?
Yeah, it's okay. I understand.
I miss you, though.
No more creeper calls?
Um... No, all is good,
everything is quiet again.
But, hey, I'm actually
at a lunch meeting right now,
so can I call you later
this evening?
A lunch meet with Kyle?
- Oh, come on, don't be jealous.
- Hmm.
Nah, he can never compete with
what we have. We all know that.
Right. He'd be a fool
to even try.
All right, I'll let you run.
Love you the entire world, baby.
Yeah, love you, too.
Umm, so things were all good
with hubby?
I don't know where to begin.
Okay, why don't you just begin
where you feel comfortable?
There's so much I still don't
know about him, Kyle.
I'm scared Grayson was right
about everything.
I moved too fast, I jumped
in head first without thinking.
I never do that.
You... still think
that he's a crook or a con man,
don't you?
And in a few months,
these files will
probably be about me.
- No.
- Yeah.
After my body is found
throw over
some jagged cliff in...
No. Come on, relax,
it's not gonna be that bad.
Anyway, I would never
let anything
like that happen to you.
Well, I never thought
I'll let anything like this
happen to me, either.
Look, so what?
You fell in love, okay?
You wanted
happiness and adventure.
I mean, we all do.
Some of us just lack the courage
to go at and get it
before it's too late.
Someone else just come in there,
and, like...
take it away.
Anyway, I'm sorry for bringing
my personal drama into the case.
No, that's...
You know what,
the parallels are probably
aiding us in our pursuit.
So, alibi speculation. Let's go.
So, where is he again?
You know, I feel like
I really know him anymore.
- Wait, didn't you book it?
- Uh, no.
Not this time, I didn't.
Maybe the client's
assistant did?
I don't know,
it's a possibility.
Why don't we hang out then,
before he gets back?
We never got to see each other
again last weekend.
Yeah, I'm sorry,
the case got a little
away with me this weekend.
- What did you end up doing?
- Uh, nothing.
Just hung out.
- With a boy?
- Maybe.
Mm. You have to tell me
all about him.
Why don't I come over tonight?
I'll cancel my date,
and I have got wine!
Uh, you know what?
I-I can't tonight. I'm sorry.
- Uh, what about tomorrow night?
- Sure. Whatever. Let me know.
You know, I've actually got to go
now. Um, Leo's calling.
- So...
- Okay. Talk later?
Hi. Hi.
- Hey, can I help you?
- Hi.
I'm sorry for dropping in
like this, but, um...
Yeah, I was knocking
at your door,
and then I heard the music.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Um, can I see...
Are, are you running this house?
I mean, last time
I checked, I owned it.
Well, actually, my dad does.
Uh, you are...
Sara Ross.
I'm, I'm, I'm an attorney.
Cindy Steele.
Am I in some sort of trouble?
No, no. No, no,
not at all. I'm-I'm...
You know,
I was just wondering...
can we maybe chat for a second?
Yeah, sure. Come in.
Hey, do I know you
from somewhere?
Uh, maybe. I mean, I do a lot of
pro-modeling, commercial work.
Wow. You're the face
of that popular detox drink.
"Green Juice Goddess."
I love those. Thank you.
No problem. You get tons of
stuff free all the time.
Mm. Nice work perks.
I wish it was high-priced
handbags, though.
Uh, don't we all?
So, um...
what was it you wanted us
to talk about?
I, uh, wanted to ask you,
have you had any tenants
living here recently?
A tall, handsome,
Jewish man, perhaps?
It's Alex
do you wanna know about?
Why? Did something happen
to him?
- This Alex?
- Yeah, yeah.
What happened to him? What,
is he arrested or something?
- I mean...
- Cindy, I know Alex as Leo.
He's my husband.
Your husband?
How long have you guys
been together?
- For about eight months now.
- Whoa. I mean...
Can I ask you how long
you two are together?
We were together
for about four months,
but that was last year.
I mean, I haven't seen him
for a while.
And you haven't
seen him recently?
No, I, I think he was here
when I was in Milan
for Fashion Week.
He had a key, came around. He
just got the rest of his things.
I know, 'cause I was with him
when he came.
That's how I know
about this place.
He claimed that he owned it.
My God.
He wanted to get
married, I said yes.
But then, he couldn't
wait to have kids,
and I didn't wanna give up
my modeling career.
- And that made him mad.
- Yeah. Yeah.
He was treating me like a child.
Wanted my dad
to stop being my manager,
and in control of my finances...
He had "smarter ways" for us
to invest, or so he said.
Cindy, listen, you and I
aren't the only women
whose finances he's tried
to get himself in control of.
Oh, my God.
My mum's ruby necklace.
It went missing.
He said it was the maid.
He knew how much it was worth,
and how much it meant to me.
- Have you seen it?
- No.
But, listen, if I do, I promise
I'll get it back for you.
Parker! Nearly gave me
a heart attack.
Sorry. I didn't mean to
scare you.
I know you said,
"Don't come over,"
but I wanted to anyway.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. It's just...
Everything's fine.
Wine makes everything fine.
- Were you expecting anyone else?
- Hmm.
Come on.
- Why so worked up?
- Ugh!
It was such a long day.
I've been getting
some harassment lately
with the Trey Thompson case.
- That's horrible.
- Hmm.
Is it just you or is Kyle been
getting harassed, too?
I don't know,
but it feels like it's only me.
- I'm gonna stay here tonight.
- You don't need to do that.
I want to.
So, tell me about this guy
you've been seeing.
It's weird. Uh...
I'm falling so fast for him.
It, like, doesn't even
feel real.
I'm happy for you.
So, what does he do?
Oh, he's, um...
He's an entrepreneur.
We have a lot in common, and...
I don't know. It's so new.
I shouldn't even
be talking about it.
Enough about me. Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I think I just need
a good night's sleep.
If you're waiting to hear
from Leo,
why don't you just call him?
No. No, it's not that.
I've just been waiting to hear
from this guy
who's been helping with my case.
I'm sorry.
I, I know I intruded. I just...
You sounded down on the phone,
I wanted to help.
You're fine.
And thank you, seriously.
You just scared me
earlier though.
- Can we...
- Yes, please.
Hey, Sara,
do you have
an extra phone charger?
There's another one?
Her name is Cindy Steele.
And she lives right here
in the city, in Leo's old house,
or what I thought was his house.
Anyway, I wondered if he was
hiding out there,
so I went by, and there she was.
- This hot model.
- So, what'd she say?
Same kinda thing
the last one did.
All right,
so there's no way of knowing
how many women
he's pulled this crap on.
You've spoken to him? Do you
know when he's coming home?
Who knows?
I haven't talked to him
in over 24 hours now.
He didn't respond
to my last text.
That wasn't him?
Okay. What about Parker?
She doesn't know anything?
I thought she booked
both your travel.
I haven't told her
about any of this yet.
I mean, she's the one
that introduced us,
so I didn't want to get her
in the middle of it.
I just feel like he knows
I'm up to something.
Have you called the police?
Not yet.
Well, I needed someone who is
willing to cross the line.
So I found a guy
that could handle it.
What do you mean
"hired to handle?"
It's a private company.
It's a private eye?
Well, you're mixing it up.
I see that he's...
You know what, you never fail
to surprise me.
Can we just get back to work?
Our real case
needs our attention.
Mm-hmm. Fine.
But, um, just know that I'm here
if you need me, okay?
And change the alarm code,
'cause it's not his home
I wanna know everything.
You're not hungry?
Not really.
Huh. I thought you said
72 hours.
Yeah, look, this man is
sicker and slicker
than either one of you
ever imagined.
I needed another day.
How're you holding up?
You look terrible.
Guys, this is Cindy.
Leo's last girlfriend.
Hey, guys.
Sam dated you?
How old are you?
I'll be, uh, 28, next month.
And he went by "Alex" with me.
And why didn't you marry him,
like the rest of us did?
'Cause, clearly, she wasn't as
foolish as the rest of us are.
Or were, in the red head's case.
- What are you talking about?
- Sit down.
We got a lot to tell you.
I need to warn you ladies.
Some of this stuff
is very troubled.
Randall Scott, 37.
Married four times
in the last five years.
Some various copies of marriage
and driver's licenses.
Wait. So, he's not even Jewish?
I've linked him
to seven different aliases.
Yeah. He's been charged
with check fraud,
money laundering, tax evasion,
and felony assault.
Oh, my God.
And his cancer?
Randall is the cancer, Sara.
All that's a real cakewalk
compared to what
I'm about to show you.
Oh, God.
Maisy Summers.
Married to Randall Scott
for one day.
Her mutilated body
found the morning after,
still in her wedding gown
in a Vegas hotel.
Randall, nowhere to be found.
How could he get away with it?
He was the top suspect,
but the murder weapon was found
in the custodian's closet.
Janitor already had a record
for prior sexual assaults,
and Randall's alibi
with an alleged prostitute
checked out.
Wonder how much he paid her.
He's always
two damn steps ahead.
Well, not anymore.
Did you hear from him?
Where is he?
No idea.
He's gone MIA
for the past 36 hours.
He must know we're onto him.
I did tell him that someone was
calling and warning me.
Maybe he realized
it was about him.
Oh, my God. He's gonna try
and kill us all.
If he is onto you ladies,
then it might not be safe
for any of you
to be out and about,
at night alone
without someone present
for a while.
Have you seen where I'm staying?
A mouse could kick in that door.
Probably has.
You can stay here tonight,
up in the guest room.
Well, I do not wanna drive back
to my empty house.
I mean, he could be outside
Both of you can stay.
You want me to stay here
in his home?
I don't think so, dear.
No, we had a new
security system installed.
I changed the code
earlier tonight.
He can't get in.
All right.
I'll park down the street.
I'll keep an eye on things
out front, tonight.
- You'd do that for us?
- For a nominal fee, of course.
I'll get you the cash tomorrow.
I can't believe you're letting
Barbie crash here, too.
You don't even know her.
Oh, come on, I barely know you.
At least I've seen her face
on billboards and in magazines.
You are the one
who was stalking me.
Yeah. You're welcome.
It's not like you
didn't need me to.
How else could you have
afforded Raymond?
Yeah. I know.
But thank you.
I don't know what
your intentions were
for coming down here,
but... I'm grateful for it.
You gonna be okay down here?
Yeah, sure, I'll be fine.
Thanks for letting me stay,
I was just too freaked out
to go home.
Of course. I'm glad you stayed.
Let me know if you need
anything, okay?
- Hey, Sara?
- Mm.
Do you think he ever
loved any of us?
You know,
I've been such a... workaholic
over the years
love isn't really my area
of expertise.
But... I do remember
how my parents were
toward each other
over the years.
So, based on what
I know about love...
it's not it.
Not even close.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, my God.
Guess he came home after all.
When was he allegedly
going to return?
I'm not sure.
I haven't heard from him
in over 48 hours.
Do you know where he was going?
Costa Rica, I think.
You think?
It's like she said, lady,
the man is a lunatic.
He's very smooth.
And we know he's been laundering
money down there.
Check his records.
This isn't the first woman
he's killed.
And how do you know all this,
Miss Wells?
I have my sources.
And what was your relationship
to Miss Steele?
Same as hers.
We were all married to or dated
this psychopath,
the one who killed her
last night,
while we were asleep.
And how well did you know
Cindy Steele, Mrs. Friedman?
Not that well.
I just met her the other day.
And you invited her
to stay at your home?
Yes. She said she was afraid.
Officer, do you seriously think
one of us did this?
You said you changed
the security code yesterday.
So, how would your husband
have even gotten back in
without setting off the alarm?
I'm-I'm not sure,
but clearly he did.
we'll check out the knife,
see what we can find,
as far as prints go.
Yes. Please.
Check for prints,
anything you could find,
just check anything.
We certainly will.
And until we have more
information, Mrs. Friedman...
It's Ross.
Please call me Sara Ross.
Please stay in the county area
while we investigate,
Miss Ross.
I can't believe
I'm actually a murder suspect.
And what the hell happened
to Raymond last night?
Said he never saw or heard
So, how did he get
into the house?
What? You think I did this?
This is clearly the work of Leo,
who is trying to frame me
so that he can
get access to my accounts again.
Look, all I know is
I'm not staying here.
This place isn't safe.
And if you're smart...
you'll leave too.
Kyle, what are you doing here?
I could've asked you
the same question.
I told Grayson to tell you
I'd be phoning in
to work for
the next couple of days.
And you also told him
that you would
be staying at
an undisclosed locale.
Which I told him
not to tell you.
Yeah. And we are talking
about Grayson here,
who is a Chatty Cathy.
Never tell him anything
unless you get him to sign
an NDA first.
So, where are we going?
- We?
- Mm-hmm. We're partners.
And we're in the middle
of one of the biggest
civil cases of our lives, so...
wherever you go, I go.
Parker got me a cabin
30 miles north of here.
Right. And you think
that's smart.
To go to a cabin
in the middle of nowhere,
by yourself,
when a woman
has just been killed,
mostly likely the work
of your ex-husband.
How'd you hear about that?
I didn't mention that
to Grayson.
Um, it's all over the news
'cause Cindy
is a well-known model, right?
Did they mention me? At all?
No, I mean, I just put
two and two together
and figured that's why
you're choosing to escape now.
You know, it's part
of the deductive reasoning
of our job.
Why? Why would they mention you?
'Cause it happened here, Kyle.
At my house.
I'm sorry.
It's a good thing we decided
to bring my car,
'cause there's no way yours
would've made it out here.
Parker sends here low-income
honeymooners here all the time.
Right. Low rent
and romance for the masses.
That is very classy.
Well, we really are
out here, huh?
- Yeah. It's what I wanted.
- Mm.
If you have to go to trial,
then we'll get someone
to take over the civil case,
and we will focus on
defending you.
It's as simple as that.
My fingerprints are on
the murder weapon.
Yeah, and so are Leo's,
and they're gonna find her DNA
all over him.
Don't forget, your record
is a lot cleaner than his.
Look, if they find
him, he's like a fox.
He's not sloppy, he's smart.
Well, he's not smart
enough to remember
which Ivy League
he imagined he attended.
I can't believe I did something
so incredibly stupid.
Yup. I know that feeling.
What did you do
that was so stupid?
I married a con man
and a murderer.
I didn't stop you.
Kyle? Kyle!
Someone, some...
Oh, Kyle!
Sara? Sara!
You okay?
Hey! What are you doing here?
I could ask him the same thing.
Um, hello to you, too.
I thought you could use
some company,
but it looks like you've already
been enjoying some.
Are you okay?
What? Why?
You look like
you've been crying.
Nothing serious.
I mean, that guy... broke up.
I'll be fine.
Are you okay?
What is that?
I was attacked here last night.
What do you mean "attacked?"
there's a lot of stuff
that's been going on
that I haven't told you about.
About Leo and me.
He's the reason
I had to leave town.
You told me it was because
you were getting harassed
over the Trey Thompson case.
Well, the truth is...
I have reason to believe
that not only
is he stealing money from me,
but that he also murdered
an ex-girlfriend of his
in my house the other night.
And now he's trying
to frame me for it.
Sara, what?
Someone was murdered
in your house?
I... Come on,
I'm your best friend.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I knew that you
were friends.
And I didn't want to say
anything until I was sure.
But I know now
he is not safe for anyone.
Not even you.
Sara, Leo would never hurt you.
He loves you.
He's your husband,
he cares about you.
Regardless of whatever is going
on between you and Kyle...
Me and Kyle? There's nothing
going on with me and Kyle.
Did you ever tell Leo
I was coming out here?
'Cause you're the only
person that knew.
Of course, I didn't tell him
you were coming out here.
He doesn't even know
where this place is.
So, it obviously
couldn't have been him.
Did you even think
of calling the cops?
Where'd you get that?
It's a necklace
I've had for ages.
Apparently, I'm not the only one
who is hiding things
from their best friend.
Parker, where the hell
did you get that necklace?
What does it matter?
It was a gift.
It matters because
it belongs to the woman
who was murdered
in my house, Parker.
Did you kill her?
I didn't kill anyone.
Then how did you
get that necklace?
Leo's been staying
at my house, okay?
Parker, how... how could you?
I'm sorry. Okay?
But you've been having an affair
behind his back, too.
At first, I didn't believe it,
I was so naive.
I kept saying, "No."
Sara would never do that.
"She's so much better than me."
But look at you!
So, don't judge me!
I am not judging you,
and I'm not jealous.
I don't care about Leo.
He is crazy, all right?
And you have no idea
what he's capable of.
- He told me he loved me.
- Of course he did!
He's trying to get in your head,
like he did to all of us.
He came home that Monday night
I stayed at your place.
I went out to my car, and he was
lurking in your backyard.
He looked like he'd been crying,
and he said that he found out
you were having an affair.
I did not hear
from you all weekend,
so I believed him.
And then what?
And then he asked if he could
crash at my place
while he figures things out.
So you let him stay.
I've always had a crush on him.
And he was never
interested in me.
The first time
he came to my office,
he saw a picture of us
on my desk.
He looked at it,
he was only asking about you.
Yeah, well, that's before
you became rich
from your divorce settlement.
I never told him
you were coming out here.
Could he have found out if
he had access to your computer?
Uh... Sure, I guess so.
And I told you the new code
to the security system.
Did you ever write it down
anywhere at home?
I am so sorry, Sara.
I never meant to hurt you.
I was freaking out last night.
He wanted to get married.
I told him
I felt way too guilty,
and I would never
do that to you.
He, he asked you to marry him
when he's still married to me?
He said you never turned
in the license,
and he didn't bother to
once he found out about
your infidelity.
Yeah, that would've been
the best silver lining ever.
But it's a lie.
How could we be so stupid?
If I hadn't let him in,
none of this would've happened,
and that girl
might still be alive.
No, Parker, if you didn't fall
for his lies,
I might already be dead.
Look at me.
He has done this
to a lot of women.
Not just us.
But it's only
because we let him.
Not anymore.
We have to call
the cops right now.
Send them to my place
and bring him in.
I will testify
he left last night.
And he was gone
the other night, too,
when he killed that other girl.
No, if we do that,
it'll still be his word
against ours.
We got to start thinking smarter.
We need a solid confession
from him first.
How are we gonna do that?
If we confront him,
he is gonna try and kill us.
Maybe not.
He still doesn't know that
you know anything, right?
He wants another wedding?
Let's give him one.
You are going to marry
Leo this weekend.
And I have some honorary guests
who would love to attend.
Where are you getting married?
Those shoes are the worst.
What's up with the toothpick?
I quit smoking.
Good for you.
Today is the day...
Randall, Sam, Leo, Scott
stops dictating
what kind of choices
I make for my life.
For all our lives.
Are you okay?
He's here.
They just walked in.
You guys are ready, right?
Let's get married.
Women take forever, huh?
Ah. Yes, they do.
But they're much worth the wait.
Don't you agree?
- Who the hell are they?
- Sorry, honey.
I figured we needed a couple of
witnesses for the ceremony.
Okay, but why do they have
their faces covered like that?
What's going on?
You're not supposed
to see your wife...
Right before the wedding.
Melinda! You brought a gun?
You all know we can't
trust this man.
Hold it right there, honey.
You're not gonna
shoot me, Melinda.
I'm not the same woman
you remember. Truss.
- Don't try me.
- Fine.
What do you want? Hmm?
You want my money?
Our money, asshole.
Leo, I'm confused.
I was hoping for an answer.
Did it slip your mind
you already have a wife?
You never really loved me.
You're in love with him.
So don't try and play like
you're a victim,
because none of you are.
You all used me
just as I used you.
And please, do tell,
what did I get
out of marrying you?
A break... from your miserable,
little lonely existence.
All of you did.
I'll admit.
You sure do know how
to charm a woman.
But then again,
why shouldn't you?
You've had so much practice.
Too bad you got nothing on Kyle.
Parker, look at these women,
they're insane.
But you... sweetheart,
we can still be together,
you and me.
We can get past this.
I'll forgive you,
if you'll forgive me.
Forgive me? For what?
For doing this.
After all the plans
that we made,
you betrayed me.
But I will... get past this,
if... you come with me
right now.
- Melinda!
- Sorry.
He moved, I told him not to.
Fine, just let me go. Okay?
You'll never see me again.
All right?
I'll be out of your lives
I will let you leave.
But you have to admit
something first.
Tell them that you killed
Cindy Steele.
Everyone accused me.
Tell them the truth, tell them
what you did to Cindy
and what you did to Maisy.
Sorry, I can't do that.
Not with you hiding that
recorder right there.
Go. Go, go! Call the police!
Wait! We got to get the keys.
I'll go get the car,
and we'll go find Kyle.
What? No! He's gonna kill Kyle.
Do we know that?
- Come on!
- Come on!
You know what?
I'm gonna need these bullets.
But I'll be back for you.
I got it. Here.
- Shh!
- Okay.
You got cold feet already?
Oh, shit!
Oh, no!
Sara, I was really hoping
things would be different
for us.
Hey, honey!
How's that for nuptials?
- You guys all right?
- Yeah.
- Behind you!
- What?
Stay right there.
Come on.
Oh, my God!
You think you know my life?
You think you know
what I've been through?
No one cares to know
who you are, Randall Scott.
Because you only care
about yourself.
No. That's not true.
I loved that girl.
She was very sick.
She had bone cancer.
Doctors only gave her
a couple months to live,
so we decided
we were gonna get married.
But then, something happened.
Suddenly, she was better,
she was in remission.
We decided we were gonna go to
Vegas, anyway, and elope.
Yeah, well, you murdered her.
I found out... that Maisy
had been with a lot
of other guys
before she was with me.
In fact, I met one of 'em
that day.
And that's when I knew.
She didn't really love me.
She only wanted to marry me
because she was ill
and depressed.
She was using me
just like you two
would've used me
if I had let you.
So Maisy...
got exactly what she deserved.
Leo, Randall,
whatever your name is,
not every woman is
what you think.
And you're a fool
if you believe that.
And you know it's not true.
They're not all like that?
Didn't you, deep down,
love Kyle,
but pretended you didn't?
You see...
they are all like that.
And you two... are going to get
exactly what you deserve.
I think I'm ready
for another divorce.
Get off her!
Get off her!
Oh, God.
An annulment
would've been easier.
Hey, we did it, you guys.
Trey Thompson's behind bars,
and I need a bonus.
So we got another crazy ex
that bites the dust.
How do you feel?
Like celebratory drinks tonight
at Riva Bar on 3rd.
- Who's with me?
- Huh.
I was talking to Sara.
Feels good. Onto the next one.
Kidding. You're only kinda
crazy, which is cute.
Anyway, we do need to find
someone for Grayson,
now that you're officially
off the table.
- So... I'm in.
- Good.
Maybe we should invite Melinda,
so she can flirt with
all the straight bartenders.
I hate to say it, you guys,
but love looks good
on the two of you.
But how do you know
what love looks like?
You said you've
never been in love.
Because love is love, right?
And when it is real,
it sort of shines.
Mm-hmm. Right?
- Oh, I love both of you.
- Aww. Come on.
I mean, I love him
a little more, but...