Deadly Midwife (2023) Movie Script

- I've haven't seen
these in forever.
Is that you?
You look so young.
- Hey, I still look young.
- I'm sorry, yeah, you do.
- Oh, I was there for your
mom during her pregnancy,
as her midwife with
you and now here I am.
For you and this little one.
You know, she's
watching over you now,
keeping both you and baby safe.
Whatever happens, I'll
always be there to help.
- I know you will,
you always have.
All right, I should
probably head home,
Anthony probably
doesn't know where I am.
But thank you for the tea
and the delicious cookies.
- You know what, before you go,
can you do me a small favor?
- Okay, I think
that should be good.
- Thanks for helping
me with this.
A little extra security
never hurt anyone.
- Yeah, not a problem.
It's actually a good thing.
All of the footage is
gonna download itself
straight to your laptop.
- Hm, you make it sound so easy.
- Okay, now everything in here
should sync up to your phone.
- Like that.
- And so it did.
No idea how you did that.
- Pure genius over here.
- Yes, of course.
So Anthony's work
is, is going well?
- Yeah, yeah, it's going
great, he's super busy.
- You know, there's something
I, I need to tell you.
- Julie, is
everything all right?
Are you expecting someone?
Oh, gosh, I-
So many orders lately.
Oh, and there he is.
the delivery guy.
- Oh, well done.
Oh, delivery, um, this, I
ordered the same thing for you.
- What?
I want you to
install it at your house.
- We live in a really
safe neighborhood, I-
- You know what, you
can never be too safe,
especially with baby on the way.
- Yes, okay, thank you.
- Hello?
Is anyone there?
Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!
No, no, no!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
No, no, oh!
- And there's your baby.
Oh, see that? There's the feet.
that's the head.
- Oh, it looks like
there's a nuchal cord.
- What does that mean?
The umbilical cord
is wrapped around your baby.
It's just something
to keep an eye on.
How have you been
feeling, Lauren?
- She's been having
a lot of nausea.
Ah, I can speak
to the doctor about that.
- Julie should really
be here for this.
Can you try her again?
- Yeah, can we do it after this?
- So is everything else looking
healthy other than the cord?
- I'll have to have your
doctor review the photos
to answer that, but I
can tell you the gender.
- No, no.
- Yes.
- No, Julie has to
be here for that.
- Right.
Okay, yeah.
We'll wait.
- Ah, Julie is your
midwife, correct?
- With a high risk
pregnancy like this,
I do recommend
having one available.
If you're having trouble,
the hospital actually
has a program,
that would be perfectly safe.
- We have a midwife.
- Right, of course.
- Can you try her?
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
I'm just
gonna stop in and say hi.
- Oh, you haven't been
feeling good all day.
I'll go in and check on
her, you stay in the car.
- I'll be quick, I just need
to make sure she's okay.
Julie, we're coming in!
Did you hear that?
- Hear what?
Maybe she's not home.
- I'm just gonna check upstairs.
Hello, Anthony!
- Lauren?
- Someone's locked me in here!
Help me!
There's somebody
here, help me, please.
- Hey, hey, what's wrong?
- There's somebody in the house.
The door slammed behind me,
there was somebody there.
- Oh, oh, are you okay?
I-I didn't see anyone.
- No, you have the
door slammed behind me
and someone locked it,
the door was locked.
There's someone in here.
- There's no one here.
- Thanks.
So we did a brief walkthrough,
and there was nothing
obviously stolen or damaged.
No sign of struggle,
the back door was open,
but it doesn't look like it
was forced open by any means.
- Julie would never
leave her house
with her front door unlocked.
- Well, it's common for
people who live around here
to not lock their doors.
They move here for the
safety of the neighborhood.
- There was someone in
the house, I'm sure of it.
- Did you get a look at them?
I, no,
but I heard them.
- What about you, Mr. Campbell?
- I-I didn't see anyone.
- Officer Brooks, to be frank,
we know Julie very well.
She delivered Lauren and was
like a second mother to her.
She's been our midwife
for the past six months.
We came to her house,
because she stopped
answering our calls.
Regardless of whether or not
someone was in the house today,
we think something may
have happened to her.
- Well, you did the right
thing by calling us.
We'll ask her neighbors
when they saw her last.
If it's been more than 24 hours,
we'll ask you to come
down to the station
and file a missing
persons report.
Thank you.
- Okay.
In the meantime, try
to get some rest.
I'm sure we'll track down Julie.
you feeling okay?
- Yeah.
I'm fine.
- I'm just worried that what
happened at Julie's house
might've triggered
some of your anxieties.
- You really didn't see
anyone in the house?
- You're exhausted and stressed
and probably remembering
everything that
happened with your mom.
- What I heard was real.
- I never said it wasn't.
I think we should
take a couple of days
and spend some
time at the cabin.
- It's too soon, you know that.
Thank you, I know you're
just trying to help.
- If you're stressed,
I can help you unwind a little.
- Okay, we should stop, we,
honestly, we should stop.
We need to be careful.
If anything were to happen,
Julie would be here
in five minutes.
I can't stop thinking
about her, Anthony.
The last time I saw her,
it was like she wanted
to tell me something
and then held back like she
was scared to stress me out.
- Well, people sometimes
hold back the truth
from people they
don't wanna hurt.
- She's never had to hold
back anything from me
in her life, ever.
- If she thought it would
hurt your feelings, she might.
People are wired to
circumvent conflict,
it's called avoidance coping.
- Okay, just stop.
- Maybe she no longer
felt up to be your midwife
and rather than be honest
with you, she left.
- She would never.
- Stop.
You're being argumentative.
I'm sorry, you've never been
anything but patient with me.
That's why you're gonna
make such a great mother.
So thoughtful
and loving.
- I hope so.
- All I want is
to be a great dad.
So let's be safe,
rather than sorry.
I'm calling the
hospital tomorrow,
there's gotta be another midwife
willing to take on a
crazy couple like us.
- I just want Julie.
- And you'll get her when she
comes out of the woodwork.
But we are in the
final stretch now,
the due date is a few weeks
away, we need someone here now.
- Yeah, her first name is Julie.
No, Julie, J-U-L-I-E.
you hold for a moment?
- Yeah, I can hold.
Have you heard anything
from Detective Brooks?
- It's only five o'clock.
If he hasn't phoned by eight,
I'll call the station and
see if there's an update.
If you're feeling anxious,
remember the five
steps of mindfulness.
- Hey, stop it, I'm not
your patient anymore.
That stopped the
second we got married.
- Maybe so, but the same
techniques still apply.
- Hi, Mrs. Campbell.
- Oh, hi.
Yes, I'm still here.
Sorry, there's nobody
by that name here.
- Okay, yeah, thank
you for trying.
Have a good day.
- You too.
no sign of her?
- Oh, I've literally called
every hospital in the city,
and I forgot to set the
timer for the chicken, oh!
Ah, you know, I don't
know if I can do this.
- I talked to the hospital
and they said that she's
the only midwife available
for immediate and
full-time work.
And for all we know,
she'll be your new best friend.
- I don't need a best friend,
you're my best friend,
and whoever she is,
she's only temporary.
Hi, I'm Lauren.
- Hi.
- You must be Olivia.
- Yes.
Wow, you have such
a beautiful home.
- Thank you.
- I'm Anthony.
- Hi.
- Come on in.
I run an art gallery, or I
mean, I did until.
My mom used to run it, and
it was her pride and joy,
and then now I run it for her.
- That's so lovely.
And what do you do?
- He's actually a Professor
of Psychology and
Ethics at Weston.
No way. Wow!
- So I, I just wanna make
sure that you understand,
that this position is
most likely temporary.
We had a midwife with us
for the entire pregnancy,
and if she comes
back wanting her job.
- No, I completely understand.
- We're also willing to
pay whatever it takes.
I just need to make sure that
I can call you day or night,
and that you have the
skills to protect our baby,
if complications occur.
- I can do you one better.
I can promise to save
you and your baby,
and you'll be my only priority,
I won't take on
any other clients.
- Well, I think you're hired.
- Well, a toast.
- Yeah.
- To new relationships
and creating miracles.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Sorry.
Oh, Lauren, seriously?
- Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.
- Lauren.
- I'm sorry.
Um, it's the detective.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah, it's just, um,
I just need to go take a call.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, you
stay put, I'll step out
and I'll bring some towels back.
Thank you.
- Okay.
- Hi, Mrs. Campbell,
it's Detective Brooks.
We found something, a string
of emails between Julie
and a man named Harrison
Chambers, does that ring a bell?
- Harrison? Yeah, that's
Julie's ex-husband.
They divorced a few years
ago, he moved back to London.
- Well, it looks like they
got back together again.
She took a one-way trip
to London two days ago.
Is that around the same
timeframe she went silent?
- No, there's no way
that she would fly
across the world for
him, and even if she did,
she would return my
calls and my texts.
- Well, I can't
explain her motives.
I just wanted to tell you
that it looks like she's okay.
- Well, are we sure that a
string of emails is proof?
I mean, have you
actually spoken to her?
- I assure you that we
made every effort possible
to reach out to her personally.
Sometimes people don't
want to be found,
and the way that Julie up and
left, that might be the case.
- No, it's not, she is not
like that, I promise you.
- Lauren, look at
this as good news.
Your friend is alive and well.
- Come on, baby, we got good
news today, Julie's okay.
- Then who was in her
house when I was inside?
- You didn't
actually see anyone.
- So you think I'm making it up?
Listen to me, Anthony,
I swear on my life,
on our unborn child's life,
Julie wanted to
tell me something.
- A couple of weeks ago at
your doctor's appointment,
I overheard Julie talking
on the phone to Harrison.
I got the gist of
the conversation.
I knew she was
planning on leaving.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I was, I was hoping I
could change her mind.
I knew her leaving in the
middle of your pregnancy
would break your heart and
cause you even more stress.
I didn't wanna risk anything
happening to the baby.
- So she's really gone?
"Dear Lauren, I'm
so sorry about everything.
I shouldn't have left
without telling you first,
but there was an emergency
with Harrison's health
back in London, so I've
popped off to take care of him
and support his family.
We were together
for so many years,
I can't just abandon
him in his time of need.
You'll have to email me
if you need anything.
My cell doesn't have
an international plan.
Love you, Julie."
- Have you, really?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God, here?
Never to be heard
from again.
- This is my secret recipe.
It's packed with
whole foods, vitamins
and all the things you
need for nice hair,
strong nails, and a
growing a healthy baby.
- Well, I hate to
break it to you,
but I'm not the
one growing a baby.
- Good morning.
- Mm, that is amazing.
- I have a smoothie for you too.
I was hoping for our
first day together,
I could get you set up
on this maternity app.
Oh, my God, Mrs.
Campbell, are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm just feeling
a little nauseous.
I think it's the anxiety of
having a new midwife, I just-
- Oh, and I have to get to work.
Are you two going to be okay?
- I don't think I
can do this today.
- Hey.
- We'll be fine, Anthony.
Really, but I can give you
your space if you need,
but I think you should
try my signature smoothie.
It's been a dream for mothers,
who struggle with
late term nausea.
- Okay.
It's nice, but I don't
think it's a miracle cure.
Actually, I'm feeling
a lot more settled.
This is delicious, thank you.
- As you've experienced,
anxiety and uncertainty
can trigger nausea,
but mild foods help keep
the stomach acid low.
And I also know some
breathing techniques
to help with anxiety,
it's all here in the app.
- Oh, well, then
I will head out.
- Okay, bye, honey.
- Bye, I hope you're
feeling better soon.
- Thank you, have a good day.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Okay, so let me download that.
- Okay.
- Awesome.
Okay, so do you wanna just type
in your birthday and stuff?
- Yeah.
So cute, right?
So what are you gonna do?
While you and Anthony
are figuring it out,
should we pick a letter?
- Yeah, let's pick a letter.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Wait, let's start here.
- Okay.
What's that?
- Ah, nothing.
Would you mind
finishing the crib?
There's just something
I need to do.
You leave the country
without your favorite purse
and your wallet,
where are you?
Hi, you've
reached Anthony Campbell.
Please leave a message
and I'll get back to
you as soon as I can.
- Anthony, why aren't
you answering your cell?
I think they don't know
about her security camera.
Who are you?
- I'm...
Um, Rachel, um.
IT sent me, something's
wrong with the computer,
but seems to be fine now though.
- Where's Anthony?
This is his office.
- Professor Campbell
no longer works here.
- Excuse me, what are
you talking about?
I'm his wife, I think I
should know where he works.
- You're his wife?
- What are you really doing?
- Ah, you know, you know what-
- Okay, I guess you won't mind
if I call security down
here to double check.
- No, okay, I'm sorry,
okay, I'm sorry.
I wasn't doing anything bad,
I'm just worried about
a friend of mine.
I-I didn't do anything
to his computer.
Please don't tell
anyone I was here.
- I won't.
Thank you.
- So what do you mean
Anthony no longer works here?
- The police asked me
not to talk about it.
- The police?
- I'm sorry, I've
said too much already.
You should talk to your husband.
- Wait, wait, are you actually
good at this IT stuff?
- Why?
- Could you track an IP
address for me from an email?
As a favor, please?
Since I won't tell
anybody about this.
- Fine.
- Anthony?
- Hey.
Everything okay?
Why aren't you at work?
- Looking over some case
studies from home today.
- Is there anything
you wanna tell me?
Like the fact that you don't
work at Weston anymore?
- I didn't want to tell you.
So it's
true, they fired you?
- Calm down, they
didn't fire me, I quit.
- Then what was the whole thing
about the police being involved?
Hey, guys.
Everything okay? Did
I come at a bad time?
Ah, Olivia, do
you mind giving us a minute?
- Yeah, for sure.
Who did you talk to?
- Why does it matter
who I talked to?
Some girl named Rachel.
Rachel, of course.
I didn't wanna stress you out.
- Can you stop?
Just cut the crap.
Tell me what happened.
Be honest.
- I had to file a restraining
order against her.
She was obsessed with me,
acting inappropriately,
following me back to my office,
I wasn't even her professor.
She just came to me as
the guidance counselor
for a couple of
- She was in your office today.
- Again? I am so sorry
you ran into her.
I got so uncomfortable and
I've been wanting to go back
to private practice
for a long time.
It was easier to just quit
than to keep dealing with her.
I was worried she was
gonna start showing up
at the house or something.
- Then why on Earth
did you not tell me?
What if she did show
up to the house?
What was I supposed to do?
- I know and I'm sorry.
- Look, with the pregnancy,
I knew any amount of
stress could hurt the baby.
- Yeah, well, what about me?
- Come on.
- You're lying to me.
It's like, I don't even
know who you are anymore.
- Listen to me, Lauren.
- I need time to think.
I don't wanna talk to you.
- Lauren.
- Stop it.
Do not follow me.
- Sorry.
Come on.
- Gimlet, okay.
- What are you doing?
- Ah, I'm so sorry,
I was just surprised,
I didn't know you
went to Weston.
I thought maybe you
had mentioned that,
considering Anthony's
a professor there.
- Why didn't you mention
that on your resume?
- It's just one class
a week on nutrition.
I really didn't think
it was relevant.
Really, I-I didn't think
it was that big of a deal.
- It's not.
Oh God, it's Bailey's cabin.
- I have to go.
What's wrong?
- Um, my client just
went into labor.
I'm so sorry, Lauren,
I really have to-
- Wait, no, I
thought we discussed,
that you wouldn't be seeing
any other clients, only us,
especially this close
to the due date.
- It's not my client,
it's just another patient.
I'm on call at the hospital.
She's in labor, you guys,
I'm so sorry, I have to go.
- Why are you so hard on her?
- Don't you think she's
acting a little strange?
Not mentioning that
she has other clients,
not mentioning that she
went to your school?
- Lauren.
- Don't Lauren me,
you're not my doctor.
- I'm just worried about you.
You've been acting
a little on edge,
overreacting about
insignificant things.
Who cares what school
Olivia goes to?
And maybe she is just
on call this week.
- I need you to stop
worrying about me
and start being honest with me.
I can worry about myself.
Help, I need help, stop!
Oh, God, oh, thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
No, no, no!
- Hey, where's Lauren?
- Probably at the gallery.
- So I just found out
the sex of the baby.
Do you wanna know what it is?
- Tell me.
It's a boy.
- Hey.
Ah, I just got this
notice in the mail
saying we're late
on the heating.
- Lauren, you
shouldn't be standing
for long periods of time.
The position of your son could
put pressure on the arteries-
- My son?
- My God, I-I thought
that she knew already.
- No, it's okay,
really, it's great.
- What?
- We're having a boy.
It's okay. Lauren!
Where are going?
- Finding out the gender
should have been our
moment, not hers.
- Baby, come on.
She just made a mistake,
don't be like that.
I need to clear my head.
- You're overreacting.
- Hello?
Who is this?
- It's Rachel from Weston.
- Right, Rachel, I'm sorry,
but I don't actually think
we should be talking.
- Finally talk to
your husband then?
I have the IP
address you wanted,
but if you'd rather
not speak to me.
- Wait, no, no, no,
what-what did you find?
- I tracked the IP address
the email was sent from.
That was fast.
- All the information
is accessible
from your email provider
if you know where to look,
but it was definitely sent
from someone in the city.
- So she's not in England?
- She wasn't when she sent this.
Then where is she?
- No.
- Detective Brooks.
- Mrs. Campbell,
how have you been?
- I traced the IP address
of an email that Julie sent,
and apparently she's not in
London, she's still here.
- Slow down, you
traced an IP address?
- Yeah, well, not
me specifically.
- Well, IP addresses can be
changed using a proxy server.
- Yeah, Julie wouldn't
know how to do that.
I don't even know
how to do that.
- Many people who are
trying to run away
or disguise their current
location might choose to-
- When are you gonna
give up the idea,
that she left voluntarily?
- Mrs. Campbell, you're
gonna need to trust us.
- Stop!
You shouldn't be
exerting that much force,
please, it's too risky.
- Olivia, what are
you doing here?
- I came to apologize about
the gender reveal earlier.
I really thought that
Anthony had told you.
I'm so sorry, Lauren,
I never meant to take
that moment away from you.
- Did you follow me?
- Yeah, I saw your location
on the maternal app.
- The app tracks my location?
I thought it tracked
my pregnancy.
- It's important that we always
know where each other is,
in case of an emergency.
If you went into labor
and I couldn't find you,
I just have to go to-
- What do you mean,
you thought Anthony
already told me?
- I found out a few days ago
and he asked me to tell him
so that he could surprise you.
But I guess he hasn't
gotten around to it yet.
What's going on? Seriously,
Lauren, you can talk to me.
- I feel like everything
is falling apart.
- It's totally normal
to feel like that.
I mean, you have a
lot on your plate.
- It's not normal, I feel
crazy, but I know I'm right.
I know something bad
has happened to Julie.
- I thought she was in the UK.
- No, she's not in London,
she's still here somewhere.
- Lauren, I know it's
hard to think about,
but the police have
been looking for her.
- No, I had someone
trace her IP address
and she is definitely
still in the city.
- Who traced her IP address?
- Long story short, do you
remember that girl, Rachel?
The one from Weston, the
one that Anthony and I-
- The one that Anthony has
a restraining order against?
- Yeah, well, I didn't
know who she was
or what had happened
when I talked to her.
I just figured she was
good with computers
and I was desperate.
- You need to stay
away from her.
I don't think that you
should contact her again.
I don't want her to show up
at your house or anything.
I-I can't believe that Anthony
didn't warn you about her.
- You're right, it was
stupid, I shouldn't have.
I just, I don't know
what's happening.
I feel,
like Julie's hurt or maybe
she's hurting herself.
- Kind of like
what your mom did?
- How...
How did you know that?
- I got access to
your medical records,
when I became your midwife.
Lauren, all this
paranoia and anxiety,
that you're feeling
is totally normal,
especially after the trauma
that you've been through.
But you need support.
Have you spoken to
Anthony about this
or talked to your
doctor about it?
I'm sure Anthony knows
some great psychologists,
that can help you.
- I'm fine.
I have a psychologist,
thank you.
- Okay, when was the last
time you talked to them?
Lauren, I really think,
that you should talk
to someone about this.
I'm starting to get worried
about you and Anthony is too.
- I need to go home
and I need you to back off.
- Did Olivia find you?
You shouldn't run off like that.
- You knew the
gender of the baby?
- I am sick of arguing with you
over things that don't matter.
- No, you don't get to do that.
What is going on with you?
You're going behind my back.
You're making shit up, you're
lying straight to my face.
- I have only ever done what
I thought was best for you.
Yeah, you wanna
know what's best for me?
I want you in the guest room.
- Lauren.
- Stop it, Anthony, you're
not allowed to do that.
I'm serious, I'm done.
am done with this!
- Hey, Julie.
Do you think this
looks convincing?
I need Lauren to take
poor little me in.
- Lauren will never
fall for that.
- No, Julie, she already has.
- Olivia, hey.
- Hey.
- Listen, I'm really
sorry about earlier
for blowing up at
you like that, I,
it's been a really stressful
time lately, I'm sorry.
- That's okay, totally forgiven.
- Olivia, what happened?
What? Who did this to you?
My boyfriend.
Can I stay here a couple
of nights?
Yeah, no, of course.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
You can stay in the guest room.
- The guest room I'm
supposed to be staying in?
- We have a couch.
You're staying.
Thank you.
- Of course.
Anthony will go with you in
the morning to get your things.
Oh, you
two are heaven set.
- No, I'm just, I'm
glad you're not leaving.
- Yeah, me too.
Oh, Lauren, do
you have anywhere,
that I could get
cleaned up tonight,
and maybe have a shower?
- I can get the guest
bathroom set up for you,
but feel free to pop over
to our en suite tonight.
- Thank you so much.
Get a good sleep.
You too.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Hello, Mrs. Campbell.
Are you doing
okay in there, Olivia?
- Oh, yep.
I'm ah,
just finishing up.
- With everything
we talked about,
I'm worried about you not
taking your prescription.
You've lost 5% of
your body weight,
which is the threshold
for hospitalization
with hyperemesis,
and you're still vomiting.
- But the meds make
me feel so groggy,
I can barely move and the
tiredness is excessive,
I feel like I'm sleepwalking.
- That's a common side effect.
At this point, bed
rest is good for you.
- Well, I also feel like I'm
fighting my antidepressants
and my anxiety just keeps rising
and it just keeps
getting worse and worse
the more I can't think clearly.
- Well, your electrolytes
are all over the place,
which exacerbates the anxiety.
- And new mothers are
often anxious, right?
- Justifiably.
- Yeah, I understand,
Dr. Nelson, thank you.
But I actually don't think
that I need extra medication.
- Let's just give it
one more week, okay?
- Yeah?
- Okay.
It'll all be okay.
- Good morning.
- Oh, good morning.
I put pineapple in
it, you should try it.
- You know, you don't
have to keep making these,
if it's too much.
- If you like them, I will
always keep making them.
- Well, I would love
to stay with you today,
but building a practice from
the ground up takes diligence.
So duty calls.
What time is it?
- Late.
I'm just having a shower,
I'll sleep on the couch.
- I need some water.
Olivia, what are you doing?
- I'm a sucker for
a late night snack.
Can I get you something?
You can't be
walking around the house
like that, it's inappropriate.
- It's late, I didn't think
anyone would be awake.
- It doesn't matter,
it's inappropriate.
I have a husband.
Your husband has
more restraint than that.
You can trust him, can't you?
- This is my home,
I'm not asking.
- You're right.
- Good morning, Lauren.
- Oh, I don't, oh,
I don't feel good.
- Well, maybe you just
need something to eat.
What happened?
- Hey, your water broke.
The hospitals won't admit you,
until you're three or
four centimeters dilated.
That's okay, 'cause
I'll be here with you
every step of the way.
- Where's Anthony?
- He's having breakfast,
I'll let him know.
But you should just try and rest
and eat something if you can.
I can't,
no, I can't, I can't.
- You need your strength.
- Okay.
Have some more.
- No.
- Congratulations, baby,
we're gonna be parents,
but you should be
in bed resting.
- No, I saw you.
- Saw me what?
- Cut the shit.
You know what I'm
talking about, I saw you.
Baby, you don't look good.
Hey, hey, hey, you
need to lie down.
I'll go get Olivia.
- No.
I don't want her
anywhere near me.
I want her out of the house.
- She's gonna keep our baby
safe, Lauren, we need her.
- She's 10 centimeters dilated.
I-I think it's time
for her to push now.
You need to breathe with me,
in, out.
You need to push, Lauren.
- Why-why aren't you
taking me to the hospital?
There's no time,
honey, this baby is coming now.
Oh, God!
Oh, God, I can't, I
can't do this, I can't.
- Yes, you can, you have
us, we can do this together.
Now push.
- Oh, he's coming.
Our baby is coming.
- Okay.
- One more time.
Here we go. Ready?
My baby.
Okay, I'm gonna
go finish cleaning him up.
Why don't you stay with Dad.
- No, where is she, where's
she taking our baby?
- Everything is okay.
- No, where's she going?
What's she doing with our baby?
- Just calm down,
Lauren, just calm down.
- What's she's
doing with our baby?
- Calm down, honey.
Hey, hey.
I'll go get him, okay?
- No.
- I'll go get him.
I'll be right back.
- Don't go, don't go.
- I'll be right back,
I'm gonna go get him.
- Don't go, please.
- I'm gonna go get him.
I'll be right back.
- No.
- I'll be right back.
- No.
Mercy General Hospital.
- Hi, my name is Olivia Wright,
I just gave birth at home
and I'm wondering how I can
get a birth certificate.
Congratulations, Olivia.
You'll need to fill out a
certificate of live birth
and register it with the
Department of Vital Records
within the next 10 days.
- Okay, thank you.
you have any questions
with the paperwork,
come into the hospital,
we can help you with everything.
- Thanks so much, I'll
be sure to come in.
- You looked that
information up weeks ago.
- Yes, but now there's a record
of a phone call
with my voice on it
and this little guy's
cries in the background.
- Clever.
- I'll be sure to bring
him into the hospital too.
The more people that see
me with him, the better.
- Yeah.
- Here.
- Oh, hey.
- Watch his head.
- How's our baby,
is everything okay?
- Everything is great.
Now he's just
stopped struggling.
Olivia took him to
get cleaned up is all.
- Oh, my gosh, baby, hi, baby.
Oh, he's beautiful.
- He's perfect.
- Yeah, he is.
I checked all his vitals,
he's strong and healthy.
- Have you thought of a name?
- Oh, I don't know yet, I just
was so excited to meet him.
Well, there's plenty of
time for that.
Um, do you mind
if I get a photo?
- Ah, yeah.
It's okay.
Baby, it's okay.
Good morning.
Hey, Mama Bear.
- You are so full of shit.
- What?
- I saw you walking through
my house naked again.
- I was just using
your en suite bathroom,
because the drain in the
guest bathroom was clogged.
- I want you out.
Thank you for your services,
but your work here is done.
Thank you, bye, leave.
- Have you been taking
your medication? Here.
Get out of my house!
- Why would I
leave my own house?
- Your house?
- Oh, my God!
Don't touch him.
- What is going on?
- I came into the kitchen
and Lauren had Liam
underneath the sink.
I think she was
trying to drown him.
- What?
- And then I tried
to take him away and
she threw a glass at me.
- You bitch!
She's lying, I would
never hurt our child.
Why is she calling him Liam?
- Anthony, check her pill
bottle, it's almost empty.
- Anthony, get her
outta this house.
I think she's
been over medicating.
- No, I-
- Lauren.
- Okay, I would
never hurt our child.
Anthony, hey, look at me,
I would never hurt him.
You can't believe this.
I don't, I don't know
how those got in there.
I have not been taking those.
- I can't believe you
tried to hurt our child.
- She's lying!
- Clearly, it's gone too far.
- Anthony.
- What, are you gonna try
to tell me that
I'm lying now too?
I mean, you've been off
lately, always sleeping,
accusing me of random things.
No, I just didn't
wanna believe it.
What are you doing?
- Hello, Dr. Nelson.
- Please.
Anthony, please.
- Anthony Campbell.
- No, stop.
- Yeah, I think it is time.
- Please, please help me.
- I'll be right behind you.
Please, please.
- Thank you so much for
seeing to this personally,
Detective Brooks.
- She'll be taken
to a psychiatric
ward for 72 hours,
put on a 5150
mental health hold.
- Thank you.
- How's my son?
Has anyone checked on him?
- He's safe at home.
You have a call waiting.
- Hello.
Hi, Lauren.
- Why are you doing this?
- You know I never
wanted a baby.
It's a shame that
Liam is so breakable.
- Please, please don't hurt him,
I will do whatever you want.
- Sweet little Liam is
motivation enough, isn't he?
But I also have your friend.
- Hm, he looks just
like his daddy.
He's perfect.
And so are you.
She'll be back after three days.
That's as long as they can
hold her involuntarily.
- The plan's going to work.
And then
we'll be forever.
are you feeling today?
- I need you to believe
me, Detective, please.
I would never hurt my son.
Olivia is making
this entire thing up.
- I wanna believe
you, but I need to get
a better understanding of what's
happening under your roof.
- She's trying to
take over my life.
She's trying to steal my
husband, steal my baby.
I saw them kissing, I
saw her leave my bedroom.
I just, please, she's making
this up to make me seem crazy.
- Hey.
So listen, any frantic
or unstable behavior's
just gonna make them
keep you in here longer.
So you need to calm down.
- Calm, calm down?
I can't calm down.
There is a crazy woman who has
my baby, has my best friend.
I have no way of knowing
if they're even okay.
I can't, I can't
breathe in here.
- All right.
Let me do a little research,
see if I can put
your mind at ease.
Where did you meet Olivia?
- I met her through the
hospital midwife program.
- Had you met her before?
- No.
- Full name?
- Olivia Wright.
- Okay.
Let me dig into this
and see what I can come up with.
- Thank you.
- Try to get some rest.
- Hi.
Could I make a call?
- You get one call per
day, make it count.
- Okay.
Hi, Rachel, it's me, Lauren.
Anthony put me on a psychiatric
hold, I need your help.
Thank you so much
for coming here.
- What are you
doing in this place?
- Long story short,
Anthony thinks I'm crazy
and he's locked me up in here.
I thought I could trust him,
but it's like I don't
even know who he is.
- And I can't believe
you ever trusted him
after what he did.
- What does that mean?
- You don't know?
I thought you talked to him.
- Know what?
- Anthony was fired for sexual
misconduct with students.
This was weeks ago, just
before we met the first time.
- Who filed the charges?
- I did.
- What?
- I didn't know he was
married, but I rejected him.
I just wasn't interested.
Then he got angry, manipulative,
threatened to fail me if
I didn't sleep with him.
He gassed me, he said he would
get my scholarship revoked.
- Get good grades.
I wish I'd
told someone sooner.
- When he first came on to
me in our therapy sessions,
I thought I was special.
I, I didn't realize.
I am so sorry.
What made you
finally come forward?
- He started doing the
same thing to another girl.
My old TA, Olivia.
- Olivia Wright?
He's known her the entire time?
- Olivia took an interest
in my thesis over the year.
Doing such a good job,
I really appreciate it.
Anthony was never my teacher,
I'd been seeing him as
a guidance counselor.
I referred Olivia to him.
She was going through
a really tough time.
- Hi, Olivia, TA?
- Yeah.
- I'm Anthony.
- Nice to meet you.
- Very nice to meet you
too. I'm a professor here.
- No, please.
Hey, hey.
It's gonna be okay.
Do you trust me?
- Olivia, it's wrong!
He's a faculty member and
he's manipulating you.
- You're just jealous that
he loves me and not you.
- Olivia!
Our friendship never recovered.
Then when Anthony was
fired, she vanished.
That's why I was in
his office that day,
I was trying to find out where
Olivia went, if she was okay.
- Olivia is our midwife,
Anthony is the one who
convinced me to hire her
and she's the one who
convinced him I was crazy
and he believed her, I can't
believe he was in on it.
I, they're working together?
Can you break into a laptop?
- Why?
- My friend, Julie, she
had a security doorbell
and I think something really
bad has happened to her
and I'm afraid that
Anthony and Olivia
are responsible for it.
- Well, I probably
could. Where's it?
- It's under my
bed in my bedroom.
Try the doors off
the bedroom patio,
he usually sleeps with them
open and forgets to lock them.
- Okay.
- You don't think
I'm crazy, right?
You believe me?
- I do believe you and if
nobody else believes us,
maybe we need to serve him
some justice ourselves.
- I'm sorry, visiting
hours are over.
- But I'm in, I'll call
when I have the laptop.
- What did you say to her?
- I told her everything
that happened between us.
Let me out, Anthony.
- I can't let you leave.
- Hello.
I had an at-home birth
and I was hoping
you could review
my request for a
birth certificate.
Somebody's got my baby, please!
Please, please.
That's my baby.
Please, my baby's in there,
I can hear my baby, please.
- Ssh!
- No, I can hear my baby.
What are you doing?
You're a professor,
not a murderer.
You saw to it,
that I would never
be a professor again.
You're the reason my
life is falling apart.
You just
had a beautiful baby,
you don't wanna do
this, just let me go.
I promise I won't say anything.
- You've made that
promise before
and we both know
you can't keep it.
- Hi.
I'm here to speak
to Rachel Davis.
- Sorry, she was only
conscious for half an hour
and even if she was still awake,
she's really in no place
to give a statement.
- All right, thank you.
Actually, there's
one more thing,
I'd like to talk to you
about your midwife services,
in particular, Olivia Wright.
- I'm not familiar with her
name. Let me look her up.
Doesn't look like
anyone by that name
is registered with
our midwife program.
- Are you sure, W-R-I-G-H-T?
- Sorry, nope.
- Okay, thanks.
- I don't believe you're
currently a danger
to yourself or others.
Now it would be my advice
for you to continue
your stay with us.
- I wanna go home.
- Well, that is your right.
I'll have to note that it
was against medical advice.
And your medications?
- I'll have Anthony give
them to me every day.
I know the drill, Dr. Nelson,
I just, I need,
I need to go home.
- Mrs. Campbell, you're
released from the hold.
- Thank you.
- Should I call your husband?
- Yeah.
- Are you absolutely sure you
can't keep her in here longer?
I'm worried that she'll
try to hurt herself
or the baby again.
- 72 hours is the longest we
can do for an involuntary hold.
Monitor her, if you notice
any erratic behavior,
just give me a call.
- Right.
- It may be time
to talk about you claiming
power of attorney.
I'll go get her now.
- Thanks.
Dr. Nelson, I can hold
onto that for you.
Of course.
- Darling.
- Thank you.
- Hi.
- Where's our son?
- At home with Olivia.
- Tell me where Julie is.
I will leave you, Olivia
and the baby alone.
You'll never hear from me again,
just tell me where she is.
- Now, I'm glad you finally
realized what's best for you.
Come on.
Take it easy.
- I just need to grab my
things and then I will go.
But I need to say
goodbye to my baby.
- So you're finally
starting to see some reason?
- Tell me where Julie is
and I will leave you
two alone forever.
That's it, you'll
never see me again.
I don't think she
can be trusted with Liam.
- Please, I just
need five minutes.
- I'll be right
outside the door.
- Hi.
Hi, baby.
It's okay, your daddy loves you.
He'd never do anything to hurt
you, you're gonna be safe.
You're gonna be safe
until I'm back, okay.
It's okay.
I love you so much.
I love you so much.
You're gonna be okay.
Mommy's gonna come back,
you're gonna be safe.
- Is she dead?
- Is who dead?
- Your new little
friend, Rachel was shot,
some kind of carjacking,
apparently, a horrible accident.
- You're a monster.
- Rachel's dead?
I'm sure she won't make
it through the night.
Where's Julie?
- She's at your
mother's old cabin.
If only you would've dealt with
your grief a little sooner,
you might have been
able to find her.
Exactly as we knew she would.
- We should get going, we
don't wanna be too far behind.
- Julie?
Julie, it's okay.
It's okay, I'm here.
I'm gonna get...
- Oh, thank God
you're all right.
- I'm sorry I
didn't come sooner.
I can't believe they
did this to you.
- Lauren, Anthony,
I saw him with her, with Olivia.
He was cheating and I
should have said something.
- It's okay.
- But you just seemed so happy
and I didn't wanna ruin
everything for you.
Before I could fix it all,
he took me and
locked me up in here.
- Anthony's the
one who took you?
- At first, then it's
been Olivia ever since.
I have no idea why
they're keeping me here.
Oh, my God.
Oh God, it's her.
- It's okay.
Pretend that you're
still tied up.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- I'll be right back.
- Be careful.
Get off!
- No.
I've been looking
forward to this.
- No!
- I said I would
leave you alone.
That was part of the deal,
if you let me save Julie,
I would leave you alone.
I'm calling the police.
- Actually, we're gonna
be calling Dr. Nelson.
It's pretty messed up for you
to hold Julie hostage
in your cabin.
But now we understand,
why you didn't want
Anthony coming up here.
It's a shame that your
depression got this bad,
killing your friend and
yourself at your mother's cabin.
- He's never gonna believe you.
- Won't he?
You're the only one with
the psychiatric record
and a history of harm.
- We knew that you would come
running here without thinking
as soon as you found out that
your friend was in danger.
You played right into our hands.
- Anthony, we have a son.
Can you really
live with yourself?
- We've been over
for a long time.
- How long have you
been planning this?
- That doesn't matter.
How long?
- Ever since my heart
met its other half.
- Anthony, stop.
Anthony, stop.
Anthony, you shot Rachel and
then you put our son in danger.
- I was never gonna let
anything happen to Liam.
That was all I ever wanted,
to be a father, you knew that.
We tried,
for years
and nothing.
And then I finally
meet someone perfect
and all of a sudden,
you're pregnant,
and I have to put up with
you for another nine months.
At least I won't have
to put up with you
for the rest of my life.
Olivia will make a better
mother than you ever would.
- You will never be my
son's mother, never!
- According to the
paperwork, I already am.
- What?
- When I met Anthony,
we both knew that we were
meant to be together.
I ran away from Weston for him.
- You know, Rachel
was worried about you.
She was worried something
bad happened to her friend.
What would she think of you now?
- I did what I had to do, I
made my own perfect little life.
You had it all, a beautiful
house, a gorgeous husband,
a perfect little life.
And then you ruined it all.
What a waste, sitting
around moping.
I know that I have it
because I deserve it.
- What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do now?
- No, no, Anthony!
No, no, no, no, no!
No, Anthony!
Just die!
- Olivia, this is over for good.
Mrs. Campbell,
your son is waiting for you
in the car directly out front.
- Baby, hi.
It's okay, Mommy's here.
It's okay, hi, Mommy's here.
It's okay, hi.
Mommy's here.
- Lauren Campbell.
I don't know if I should
congratulate you on your bravery
or apologize for
your circumstance.
I deeply apologize, I'm sorry
I didn't take your concerns
more serious when you
first voiced them.
- Is Julie gonna be okay?
- She's in rough shape,
but I think she'll be okay.
- And what's gonna
happen to them?
- Well, Anthony will be charged
with first degree attempted
murder and conspiracy
and Olivia will be
charged with everything
from impersonating a
midwife, kidnapping,
abuse, and attempted murder.
They have a long stay
in prison ahead of them.
- It's okay.
Is there any update on Rachel?
- Looks like she's
gonna pull through.
- Oh, thank God.
You might wanna let Olivia know.
- They were friends once.
you think she'll care?
- Maybe.
- Okay.
- It's okay, hi.
- Lauren wants you to
know that Rachel is alive.
- Nobody's ever gonna hurt you.
One, two, three.
- So do we finally get to
know what name you decided on?
- His name is Bailey.
- Just like your mother.
That's so beautiful.
Hi there.
- Suits him.